Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Vampire Diaries at Comic-Con #SDCC

Today The Vampire Diaries Panel at Comic-Con took place at the same time as the Snow White and the Huntsmand Panel, leading Ian Somerhalder to tweet:

"If snow white takes our panel attendance I am going to cry..."

Videos from The Vampire Diairies Panel are here or read on (click more) for live blog details.


Cinema Blend live blogged:

3:33 They don't waste any time and get right into screening the exclusive comic-con sizzle reel.

3:38 What a sizzle! The panel is introduced with cast members Joseph Morgan, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Candice Accola and Paul Wesley as well as exec producer Kevin Williamson are in attendance.

3:41 On the numerous deaths, Williamson says that "Jenna's was very hard for me," before Somerhalder adds "its one of those things, you become so close to people and reading about when Vicki dies was heartbreaking. Seeing it and being there was worse."

3:44 It's Paul Wesley's birthday and the crowd, with Somerhalder, erupts into singing happy birthday. Wesley says he hates birthdays and changes the subject, saying he's happy to begin embracing the darker side of Stefan.

3:48 On which of her dual roles she prefers, Dobrev says "Everyone asks that question but... I get the best of both worlds. I get to be the bad girl, the good girl. Have flashbacks, bite people. I can't pick one because they are both challenging and awesome. They'll kill me one day." Regarding the transformation, Somerhalder interjects "she just turns into a raging bitch."

3:53 Ian Somerhalder is always suggesting foreign locales for an episode, because "when you're used to living in Los Angeles where there are no seasons and then you shoot in Atlanta, and read night exterior... shirtless, it kicks your butt."

3:55 "Am I crazy?" says Somerhalder. A fan yells, "no, you're hot!"

3:58 What other character would you like to play? Morgan opens with "I'd like to play Damon, with all the fun he's having," Somerhalder chimes in, "it can be, at times it can be." Then Somerhalder, Williamson and Wesley all agree and answer "Klaus" simultaneously. Finally, Accola says, "I like being Caroline."

4:01 "At the end of the season Elena says it's okay to love both of them. We'll wait and see what that means," says Williamson. And asking if the actors feel the difference when Nina is Elena versus Catherine somehow devolved into Somerhalder saying, "Catherine in a leather one piece, swimming through jello." Yeah, I don't know how it got there either. Wesley gives a fan his name place card.

4:04 Wesley, "I'm feeling naked without my name sign," so Williamson moves Somerhalder's over and Ian says, "here, take a better one buddy."

4:07 Nina is asked who would you choose, Damon or Stefan? And you have to answer. She says, "the problem is," Somerhalder "oh, here we go" and then she continues, "half the room would get mad if I said one, half if I said the other. The beauty of this situation is I don't have to choose."

4:09 Dream guest stars? Morgan, "Fabio." Accola thinks Kevin would want Taylor Swift. Nina says "Justin Bieber wanted to be on our show." Finally Kevin Williamson gives the adult answer, "we're not big on stunt casting, we just write genuine characters and find the right actor to play them."

4:12 The final fan in line, "Happy birthday Paul, my question is for Ian." Wesley repeats it, sounding wounded. Somerhalder answers, "I wouldn't change a damn thing about Damon."

4:15 Lastly, Somerhalder pulls out a team Stefan shirt and Wesley has his team Damon one ready as well. The writers, "love all their children equally" showing shirts that say team Stefan, Damon, Catherine, Elena, Klaus and Caroline.

See more video's here

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