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Comic-Con Part 3

Are you sick of all this yet? I never thought I could get sick of it - - but after so lil "TwiCracK" lately - this is severe overload... not that I am complaining... it's just exhausting... ;)

Entertainment Weekly has interviews with Chris Weitz and the cast of New Moon - and I can't embed it but I can link it - -

See it Here

Kristen is soooo awkward!!! and I love how Robert starts his equally awkward (ok slightly less) rant and Kristen and Ashley totally distract him LMAO -- TWICE!!!!

"complete animosity" - - yuh-huh - - more like silly siblings non?!?!

Also think Chris' joke about "turning to Computer FZ to change Taylor into a werewolf" ha ha ha

Anyways - cute video - enjoy it!

There are TONS of videos, pics, reports... check out TwiCrackAddict or Twilight Lexicon (my fave go-to sites)


Comic-Con Part 2 - Press Conference Deets

Part one was here

Anyways... ET PRomised Live Streaming Video - - and didn't deliver... EPIC FAIL!!!

However, via Twitter we were able to read tweets updated regularily on all the happenings, and by now, there are video clips all over youtube... go nuts...

HitFix blogged live from the press conference... highlights included:

:58 a.m. "It would look probably pretty cheesy if it were just my voice, so they've done these hallucinations, semi-visible apparitions," Pattinson says, explaining how he's able to be in the movie when Edward is largely absent from the book.

9:59 a.m. Proteins, good carbs and cut the sugars. That was Taylor Lautner's secret to become the buff Taylor we see before us. That and months and months and months with a personal trainer.

10:00 a.m. "There's more to think about. It's a more mature part. She's older. She has more to deal with. Yeah. That's it." That's how Stewart attempts to express how Bella is different this season.

10:01 a.m. "I'd like to think that I haven't changed that much. Within myself, I don't think I've changed. When I'm walking down the street, I look down a lot more often," Pattinson says, explaining how his life has changed. He adds, "It seems to keep building, the magnitutde of this franchise."

10:02 a.m. Lautner says he's been so busy working and publicizing. "It's crazy. None of us saw it coming. I don't think any of us saw it coming."

10:03 a.m. How has Stewart changed? "I cut my hair off."

Here is a video clip of it too - -

Part Three of my reports is HERE

Overwhelmed by Comic-Con? Me too - but here we go - PART 1

I wish I had gone.. because witnessing all the chaos myself would surely be more enjoyable than sitting at work today glued to my blackberry, constantly RTing on twitter.... I follow and am followed by a LARGE majority of Twi-Fans so you can imagine how BESERK it was today for the Press Conference, New Moon Panel and then Twilight Screening... all of which had the actual, yummy cast THERE!!!

I already blogged about the New Moon Booth and the

Long Waits but what else is there to discuss?


First and foremost the Press Conference.

Twilight Lexicon gives a full report on the press conference as well as a full report on the Panel Discussion Q&As

After sitting through some great footage of A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland, and yes Tron, as well as listening to the Q&A with Bob Zemeckis followed by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, we finally got to hear the Summit panel.

I am sooo jealous - I was sitting at work thinking... JOHNNY friggin' DEPP ?!?!?!


One of the most memorable questions was when they were all asked about what they were looking forward to doing in future films. Ashley said she wanted to do the heavy fight scene in Eclipse. Taylor said he was looking forward to the deeper love triangle and the tent scene. But it was Rob and Kristen’s answers that really got the crowd reaction. Kristen said she couldn’t wait to REALLY get pregnant, putting a jib in the many media outlets that was posted rumors to the fact that she was already pregnant. Then Rob said he was looking forward to the cesarean birth in Breaking Dawn. Much laughter will be heard on our footage once we get it uploaded.

This was all over twitter - I think it's great to hear these responses... gets me excited for a film that hasn't even started filming!!! Also hints that Breaking Dawn is indeed a go-ahead... which was assumed...

On another note, the same guy from the press conference who got in a supposedly “screened” personal question again showed up in Hall H (how he accomplished this when Pel couldn’t even get back in is beyond us). His question this time was about how they managed to portray Dracula… and he said it with plastic fangs in his mouth. Not even cool and the panel pretty much just moved on.

This makes me mad - I am mad Pel couldn't get back in and I am mad that they let the loser even be anywhere NEAR the cast... psycho....

The two clips that were shown… and I state this now that there are spoilers here… were of Bella and Jacob and the motor bikes and Bella trying to save Edward before he steps into the sun.

Now I had tweeted in response to this - KStew said she didn't ride the bikes but we have video and photo proof she *did*

THEN - I clued in that the clips had JACOB AND BELLA on bikes... the footage and photo and live filming we had seen was Kristen with *SPOILER ALERT* the bike-gang member at the bar after the movie with Jessica... THEN she rode, albeit, on the back with a driver....

Moving on...


This is from Twilight Lexicon's report - and they have more details but there are a few i just *MUST* post in order to comment on ;)

She apologizes for the blood, to which he says, “it’s only blood, Bella,” and removes his shirt so he can use it to clean her up. Bella gives him the once over and tells him he’s kinda beautiful. He then asks her is she maybe bumped her head too hard.


Hello - I need *NEED* to see this - - - my wolf-pup... mmmm i mean.. ya...

I love the "it's only blood" and the fact that he takes his shirt off.... hello?!?!

I swear - Taylor Lautner is so eloquently spoken, has a great smile, and after New moon where he is the star.... well... I think there will be more Team Jacob fans out there :)

The 2nd clip was Volterra, Alice and Bella drive, Bella runs, reunites after a brief frolic through a fountain - most of us saw these "spoiler" photos a while back - - remember I wanted to be the man holding Robert up ;)

Anyways - - On to the NEXT REPORT - PART 2 Comic-Con

Then PART 3

How long did YOU wait to get inside Hall H

I read over at NewMoonMovie.Org :

Aura Reynolds and Liberty Griffen nabbed the first spot in the long line by getting here Tuesday night at 9 p.m. with their daughters Rebecca and Kristen. Their yellow and blue tent marks the beginning of rows upon rows of tents, chairs and blankets that form the twisting line outside Hall H.

New Moon Booth at Comic-Con

So if you waited in a long enough line at Comic-Con you got to spin this here wheel and win some cool Twilight Saga Swag - also there was the Volturi Throne which you could sit in for a photo which would have the New Moon Italy background edited in and sent to your email :)

[via Twitter @TwilightLexicon]

Burger King Lets You Show which team you are on....

Lynda sent TwiCrackAddict this photo.... Mmmm I wanna WHOPPER... WITH CHEESE!!!

At comic con right now and they're giving away burger king crowns for team Edward and team Jacob. Yay!

InStyle shows More New Moon Clothing...

I want one of these - though I refuse to declare "TEAMS"

My kiddo wants this:

See it all here

SYTYCD this week - - - 100th episode

So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Top 8 couples music Wednesday Night:
Janette Manrara and Evan Kasprzak danced Jazz to the music “Move” (Metronomy Remix) —CSS choreographed by Sonya Tayeh

Janette Manrara and Evan Kasprzak danced Rumba to the music “Heartless” —Kris Allen choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

Jeanine Mason and Brandon Bryant danced Waltz to the music “May It Be” —Hayley Westenra choreographed by Hunter Johnson

Jeanine Mason and Brandon Bryant danced Pop-Jazz to the music “Battlefield” —Jordin Sparks choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson

Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi danced Cha-Cha to the music “Yeah (Como Goza Mi Morena)” —Chino Espinoza y Los Dueños Del Son choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi danced Contemporary to the music “This Woman’s Work” —Maxwell choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Kayla Radomski and Jason Glover danced Broadway to the music “Mr. Monotony” —Kim Criswell choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Kayla Radomski and Jason Glover danced Hip-hop to the music “They’re Everywhere” —Izza Kizza choreographed by Shane Sparks

So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Top 8 solo music:
Kayla Radomski: “The Moment I Said It” —Imogen Heap

Jason Glover: “…Slowdance On the Inside” —Taking Back Sunday

Janette Manrara: “Seduces Me” —Celine Dion

Ade Obayomi: “Hater” —Various

Melissa Sandvig: “Heads Will Roll” —Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Evan Kasprzak: “Old Devil Moon” —Jamie Cullum

Jeanine Mason: “Let the Drummer Kick” —Citizen Cope

Brandon Bryant: “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” —Robert Randolph and the Family Band

My opinions -

Loved Jeanine and Brandon to Battlefield, Jeanette and Evan's 1st routine, Melissa and Ade's 2nd routine (how could you not - sooo moving - it deffo saved them i think!) and OF COURSE Shane Spark's routine for Kayla and Jason.

Bottom 4 were

Jeanette and Kayla - SHOCKING!! They were my top 2 and I thought Melissa and Jeanine would have been bottom two with jeanine going home - though I love them all at this point...

Jason and Brandon - SHOCKING.... I thought it would have been Evan and Ade with Evan going home.

So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Top 8 Results Show / 100th Episode:

Group dance: “One” – A Chorus Line (Contemporary; Choreographer: Mia Michaels)

Musical guest: “Get Happy” — Judy Garland Tribute by Katie Holmes

Guest dancers:

“The Chairman’s Waltz” from Memoirs of a Geisha — Jaimie Goodwin & Hokuto “Hok” Konishi (Choreographer:Wade Robson)

“Calling You” – Celine Dion — Travis Wall & Heidi Groskreutz (Choreographer:Mia Michaels)

“Ramalama (Bang Bang)” — Róisín Murphy (Choreographer: Wade Robson)

Solo Music:

Kayla Radomski: “The Moment I Said It” —Imogen Heap

Jason Glover: “…Slowdance On the Inside” —Taking Back Sunday

Janette Manrara: “Seduces Me” —Celine Dion

Brandon Bryant: “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” —Robert Randolph and the Family Band

My Opinions -

Glad Kayla and Brandon stayed, though I didn't think the bottom 4 was correct -hope voters get their shit together for next week!! Hate to lose absolute winners due to silly voting!!!

LOVED Ramala & Travis/Heidi - - Hok was good to see again too - - -

While my cable got shoddy during Katie Holmes thing - I wasn't too terribly upset, whatevs... though it's all for a great cause - - Please visit this site if you would like to learn more details about DFF. A fantastic Cause!!!!

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Holy Robert Sexiness.... Photo Spam!!

I could stare at these all day Great Robert Pattinson Photos from US Magazine here

On Nov. 6, 2008 -- 11 days before Twilight premiered -- photographer Theo Wenner spent five hours in NYC snapping the 23-year-old star for Rolling Stone magazine.

"They threw a bucket of water on him!" a source on set told Us of the wet T-shirt look. "He was willing tot do anything. Didn't complain at all."

"The pretty-boy thing isn't easy for me," the self-deprecating actor has said. "I literally have to be filmed from the right angle or I look deformed."