Saturday, August 27, 2011

#bb13 Spoilers - Aug 27

Who did the new HoH put up? What new twist changed the game? and what happened duing the Pov? SPoiler Alert -

More... Porsche is HoH, there is a twist that put them in pairs (kal/por, shel/adam, jor/rach)

Jordan and Rachel are up but Rachel won PoV and the twist says they both come off, So Shel/Adam will go up and SEEMS like SHel would go.. but I am not sure...

Loosies Poster

Thursday, August 25, 2011

#bb13 Spoilers - Aug 25 11pm

Tonight Sucked! Dani was sent home over Kalia.
Kalia won HoH
Nominated Rachel and Jeff
Porsche won Veto
Did not use it
Jeff went home


After the show more happened... but it's spoiler so only click if you wanna know!


Porsche won HoH


Shelly is totally on Kalia/Porsche's side now.
Adam seems to be "with them" also.

Jordan and Rachel are bawling, crying, sad.... and likely going up...

Worst Day Ever!

Contagion Pre-Screening

My husband and I went to the pre-screening of Contagion and I have to say , it is not at all what I expected.

I thought it would be a thriller about a dangerous disease that spreads and kills many people. It was.

But it was also unintentionally funny, slow paced, yet chilling.

This could happen. This does happen.

Of course the film is a "worst case scenario", but it is easily relatable as references to SARS and H1N1 are used to compare the reality of this potential, which makes viewers nervous.

It has the feel of an indie film but with all-star cast.

Camera angles on things as simple as grabbing a glass of water, holding a bus pole, pushing a s stray hair off your face, imply the ease in which diseases can spread.

I applaud the writers for explaining some background on how and what determines different types of diseases danger, as well as comparing past epidemic's to this fictional one.

What lacked for me was the seemingly scattered sub-plots that never fully developed, nor connected.

Matt Damon's family suffers from the disease, Lawrence Fishburne supports Kate Winslet's character at the CDC and makes difficult and morally questionable decisions. Jude Law is a freelance writer who is on top of the story from day one while Marion Cotillard finds herself in a precarious position admist the quickly spreading disease and Gwenyth Paltrow's character seems to hold the key to where it all started.

The stories of these characters are cleverly told from Day 2 onward showing how the disease affects their lives. It also explores how the world reacts to the news, how governments try to deal with the disease and how the vaccinations are developed and distributed.

Overall, I do not reccommend this movie to anyone with even a touch of germ-a-phobia. But, if you are interested in science or an interesting film that is chilling in a most unusual way - check it out! The acting is great, it has an indie-movie feel and some suprises as well as some unexpected (and perhaps unintentional) humour.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn Premiere Information

Summit announced today that the L.A. Premiere will take place at Nokia Theatre on Monday November 14, 2011.

Professional Premiere Campers wrote this:

With LA Live being private property, you can be assured that we will be receiving rules for line up and camping. This is the same location that housed the 'Eclipse' premiere. It was not a favorite amongst fans for camping (read their blog with pros and cons here), but fans did love that with a theater that seats 6500 people, fans did like that a lot of fans did get to see the movie premiere in the same room as the stars themselves. Very cool for Summit Entertainment to do this for fans.

There have also been rumours that a Breaking Dawn Convention will take place Friday November 4 - Sunday November 6, 2011 in L.A.

Of course, after the premiere there is speculation that the promotional tour will head east for some NYC press on such shows as Regis & Kelly, Letterman, Today and so on. Nothing confirmed yet.

Within an hour of this announcement I got an email from the group I had planned to room with along with the hotel booking confirmation. Looks like I will be in L.A 9-15th at least. Possibly sooner if I can somehow swing the convention as well (depends ENTIRELY on work and time off) and hopefully a few days in NYC if I can.... already have a friend who will share the hotel, as well as a couple other friends who are planning to go....

How quickly things fall together eh? All we were waiting for was official confirmation, and I thank Summit *gasp, yes I said it* for providing the information today!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SYTYCD Canada Results Show

I apologize for not listing the bottom 3 or who I thought would go home in last night's performance show post.

I wasn't entirely sure how it would look because of the individual voting, also, I was pretty tired from driving 5 hours in the rain on scary highways from Kamloops to Vancouver.

Moving on....

Here is tonight's results.

Top 10 Group Routine - Sabrina Matthews
"Heavy in Your Arms" - Florence + The Machine

This was awesome. They all looked nude, wrapped in tape. It was really well choreographed and danced. I will post it once I find it on youtube.

Female Results:

Lindsey - Safe
Denitsa - Not Safe
Yulia - Not Safe
Melissa - Not Safe *gasp*
Jordan - Safe

Male Results:
Christian - Not Safe
Shane - Safe
Francois - Not Safe
Adam - Not Safe
Matt - Safe

Denitsa - "Born This Way" - Lady Gaga
She did very well, but she always does in her genre and her solo's, trust me as we have seen her "dance for her life" numerous times.

Yulia - Not sure the song
She had feathers all over her outfit, danced like a bird and looked kind of strange to me. ANother we have seen too often "dance for her life"

Melissa - "Swans" - Uncle Bob
Shocked to see her in the bottom, but Jordan was there once also. I thought it would be Lindsey or Jordan only because we needed a bottom three. Was nice to see her solo, such talent!

Christian - Not sure the song
Danced amazingly well as I imagined he would.

Francois - Not sure the song.
He danced well. I didn't expect him in the bottom based on last night but based on the whole season so far it didn't surprise me.

Matt - "Fix the World Up for you" - James Morrison
So great to watch, really talented and powerful dancer!

In the end it was Yulia & Francois who went home.
It is going to be tough next week as we get down to the best of the best, or Canada's most favourite!

Lindsey, Jordan, Melissa are so talented! Denitsa is also, but I think she is a one-trick show for the most part. I would LOVE Jordan to take it but I think Melissa may.

For the men, at this point, I feel bad saying that they all blur together still. I mean Shane is the clear front-runner for me, but Christian, Adam and Matt are all very talented, I would have a tough time putting one miles ahead of the others. I just feel Shane is amazing!

Who are your bets to take it all the way?

Side Note: It drives me NUTS when Leah Miller says "Why are you so..." last night she said it so many times.. "Why are you so good?" or "Why are you so in shape?" and "Why do you have to stop?" I can't stand her! She comes across so condescending! Between her and Jean-Marc I almost can't stand watching the show! I usually just watch the dances and maybe a guest judge or two, thank goodness for PVR (fast-forward the annoying parts)

Last Night Leah Miller:

Twoilet in Forks Wa. - Funny

This cracks me up because I may or may not have had too much to drink in FOrks last year with Twitarded and possibly had to pee on the walk back to the hotel. I will leave it at that but it was sacrilege and these port-o-potties will be good for my next Forks Trip end of September... Twoilets ha!

The members of West End Business & Professional Association and Forks Chamber of Commerce have gone in together on two Sanicans placed downtown for the summer tourists. Merchants in the area of the stoplight had been complaining about Twilight visitors using their restrooms which are usually back in store rooms and not meant for public use.

So a regular sanican was delivered first and when the folks at West Waste and Recycling delivered the second one it had a custom paint job, I call it the "Twilight Twoilet."

Now Forks visitors have their pick: regular or Twilight!

[Via Twifans

Marisa Quintanilla cast as Huilen in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Marisa Quintanilla is now officially listed on in that role!
follow on twitter: @ MarisaQActress .
their official website at


Get GLue Breaking Dawn Stickers

Cool? I use Get Glue but have never ordered my actual stickers, I should!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

SYTYCD Canada Top 10 Performance

Tonight's judges were Jean-Marc, Tre Armstrong, Stacey Tookey and Mary Murphy.

Tonight the dancer's had new partner's as well as solo's to perform as we start voting for individual's not couples this week.I think this will really show us who Canada likes and not mask poor dancers with partner's who are favourites.

First of all I will do the Ranking of the Coupled Dances:
1. Jordan & Christian
Jazz - Sean Cheesman
"Skin" Rihanna

*CTV Has more photos that are amazing*
I know not everyone will agree with me but this routine was sexy and amazing. The start with one on each side of the wall yet still in sync, the spins and back flips and all that skin. It was sexy and my favourite of the night, but I think Canada may place them lower than I do.

2. Shane & Melissa
Hip Hop - Luther Brown
"The Time" - Black Eyed Peas

I really loved this routine also, but hip hop sometimes scores lower with Canada's votes. Melissa gotr her 6th standing ovation from the judges and she really worked this routine hard.

3. Lindsey & Adam
Contemporary - Blake McGrath
"Remember When it Rained" - Josh Groban

This was an amazing routine. It was my favourite when it came on but after the whole episode I felt stronger about the Hip Hop and Jazz routines, though I could be wrong. Honestly, all three of these routines were just absolutely fantastic!

4. Yulia & Matt
Contemporary - Sabrina Matthews
"My Love' - Sia

I love this song and was impressed with Yulia despite her uncomfortableness with the routine. The fact is, to go further she needs to be able to step outside her genre, and she realyy doesn't do that well. Tonight was good, but I think others were better.

5. Denitsa & Francois
Mambo - Gustavo Vergas
"Bemba Colora" - Ceilia Cruz

There were some nice moments and they are both ballroom so it was well done, but it was the first dance of the night, and not that memorable. Denitsa's scarf didn't come out and she almost dropped the one Francois threw to her to use. There was great partnering but overall it was just not as memorable or entertaining as the others.

Now for Solo's, I don't actually like the dancers in this order at all, but based JUST on what I saw tonight here are my thoughts...


1. Shane

2. Francois

3. Adam

4. Christian

5. Matt


1. Melissa

2. Lindsey

3. Jordan

4. Denitsa

5. Yulia

PLEASE comment with your toughts, I could be way off, but based on tonight's show this is how I feel. I do not know how the eliminations will go tomorrow, but I will post results tomorrow

[Photo Source: CTV]

#bb13 Spoilers Aug 22

Veto Ceremony Results

More... Jeff has veto and used it to save POrsche and put up Dani.