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A-Team Vancouver

Here is your very first look of the new movie adaptation of A-Team starring Liam Neeson (as Col. John “Hannibal” Smith), Bradley Cooper (as Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck), Sharlto Copley (as Capt. “Howling Mad” Murdock) and Quentin Jackson (as B.A Baracus).

“If this movie works, it’ll have the feeling of older buddy action movies like Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop,” Cooper tells EW. “It’s always been a dream to do an action movie. I love sports and I love pretending to fight.”

I have seen the A-Team sets around, but not any of the stars sadly.... Bradley Cooper is DREAMY.... maybe I will get a chance to meet him.... *hopes*


Good Bye Anna Kendrick and Christian Serratos

Twilight costars Anna Kendrick and Christian Serratos roll their luggage behind them as they arrive at Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver on Friday afternoon (October 23).

Anna, 24, was spotted arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles a few hours later. The two Twi-humans just wrapped up filming Eclipse. Christian tweeted, “Picture wrap! Eclipse was so much fun. Lets celebrate!”

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I will be there.

I will tweet live.

You will love it.

This Week's Filming Summary

It was mostly studio once again with the exception of Wednesday when they filmed outdoors with most of the main cast.

Studio shots included the Cullen House shots, Tent/Fight shots as well as the graduation party shots.

The outdoor shooting was more battle in the forest on private property.

David Slade tweeted Wednesday that it was "Last day on the battlefield, shot a huge day, tomorrow there may be a party, while battles ensue on mountain tops..." and then He also tweeted today that it was almost a wrap on Eclipse

On Wednesday Jodelle Ferland tweeted it was her last day, while Christian Serratos tweeted Thursday she was wrapped and Peter Facinelli tweeted tonight he was wrapped.

It is all coming to an end rather quickly isn't it?

I will miss doing my set reports, but will keep up with Twilight News, Post-Production Updates and Summaries and any other interesting Vancouver News.....

Few More Days till it is all wrapped.... wow!

New Clipse mean New Stills

This was my fave shot from the new clipse.... it's just - awesome!!!!

[Thinking of Rob via NewMoonMovie.Org]

Win Edward's Volvo - or one just like it

I posted earlier this week about the contest to win Edward's volvo. It seems the advertising is well under way... very cool.

Jackson Rathbone's new movie Girlfriend coming next year

New Moon-er Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale)has been keeping busy lately. Not only is he in the band 100 Monkeys, and has finished up filming for the Twilight Saga – Eclipse. He is also in the movie Girlfriend. The above picture was posted by the official Girlfriend movie Twitter Account! It is a set picture of Jackson with director Justin Lerner.

According to IMDB Girlfriend will be released in 2010. However, they show no set release date.


Charlie Bewley out and about in Rome

I would love to keep him company...

See 27 HQ Photos over at TwiFans

Chaske Spencer filling in for Kellan Lutz this weekend

Chaske Fills in for Kellan at Peoria Rivermen Hockey Game Saturday. Film is almost wrapped... last days of shooting require adjustments. I have witnessed fans ask cast about these switches (ie - "Last month you were going to make an appearence then cancelled") and have heard from multiple cast that they are kept so busy with appearences and filming that sometimes things have to change and they are very sorry to the fans when that happens.

MTV Interview with Jackson Rathbone - "Whats the Deal with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?"

MTV News posted this:

BOSTON — When we got the chance to talk to "Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone on the set of his new movie "Girlfriend," we couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask someone deeply involved the biggest question surrounding the franchise: What is the deal with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?

After a brief pause Rathbone carefully replied, "What's the deal with them? Oh, they're not actually vampires."

Despite our faux disbelief that Pattinson wasn't actually Edward Cullen, Rathbone insisted, "No, he's actually a really nice human. It's crazy, I know. I know. But yeah, the guy's a great guy."

Before "Twilight" had even debuted last November, there were rumors circling Stewart and Pattinson, with tabloids trying to figure out whether the two were romantically involved like their characters. And the fact that director Catherine Hardwicke said the reason she cast the pair was because of their potent sexual chemistry while doing a kissing scene on her bed — not to mention that Pattinson has admittedly proposed to his co-star four times — doesn't help.

"Everybody always asks me those questions about that, and it's one of those things — it's none of my business. I stay out of it," Rathbone said.

Good Answer - It's no one's business... though it makes me think more and more there is something to talk about when cast mates won't say anything about it... who knows.

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David Slade Tweets as the end is near

David Slade tweeted:
  • Wrapped five actors tonight, its getting a lot less crowded in Forks.

  • Best wishes now and into the future to all those who finished work tonight. Just a few more days shooting left. Finish line is approaching.

  • ..and then there's post production to start, 8 months of it....

  • Will keep tweeting through post... Its not over until the film is in cinemas.

    Indeed... it isn't over until the film is in cinemas..... I can't believe how long we have to wait for eclipse... *sigh* At least New Moon is coming out in a few short weeks *squeee*
  • Regis & Kelly Dates- Twilight Stars Promote New Moon

    Recently posted on Regis & Kelly Twitter is information noting that Kristen Stewart will be on 11/18, Robert Pattinson on 11/19, and Taylor Lautner on 11/20

    Can't Wait to see all the talk show spreads.... I mean Kristen & Robert are always entertaining to see speak live.... Taylor is always so composed and friendly and prepared but Kristen and Rob... well... I am sure they are being trained ASAP for the media blitz so they they can answer every question like clock-work.

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Charlie Bewley video


    Vanessa Hudgens leaves Vancouver too

    Bundled in a blue scarf, Vanessa Hudgens grasps onto her phone as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on early Friday morning (October 23).

    The 20-year-old actress has been working hard in Vancouver on her upcoming action flick, Sucker Punch.

    Maybe since Charlie St. Cloud had their wrap party, and her boy Zefron won't be filming in Vancouver, she will be heading to L.A. more often?

    Read More at JJJ

    Eclipse Title Photo Released from Official Twilight Twitter

    The Official Summit Twilight movie Twitter just released this photo and tweeted, “Just for our Twithards! We still have something special in store for 200K, tho! Eclipse title treatment!” Originally we were supposed to get this when they hit 200,000 followers on Twitter. They are roughly 80,000 shy of that mark. Wonder what we’ll get when it hits 200K?

    It's not anything major in my opinion - I mean - it's consistent with Twilight & New Moon.. I like the "Eclipse" that is happening with the "P" and also someone mentioned on twitter the fire/ice concept that is particularily interesting... overall... pretty exciting!!

    [via TwiLex]

    Jimmy Kimmel Shows New Moon Clip ha ha

    Robert Pattinson on Ellen?

    Gossip Cop has learned that Robert Pattinson will be a guest on “Ellen” in a new episode airing November 20, the day “New Moon” hits theaters. A highly, highly placed source confirmed Pattinson’s appearance to Gossip Cop. The interview, however, will be taped on November 17.

    Did you see him last time he was on? Freakin' ADORABLE!!!! I hope he is really going on again - I love Ellen and Rob!!!! Remember him talking about the "scrapers" for the is a clip from his last appearence on her show:

    Edward's Cracked Face

    "At one point, Edward's head gets smashed onto the marble floor and his vampire skin appears to crack, along with the floor. It seems Edward is done for, but this wound suddenly heals. "I said to Chris, 'Isn't healing more of a wolf thing?'" Mac Leod recalld. "And he said, 'Yeah, I'd better call Stephenie.' So he called Stephenie and got her approval to crack and heal Edward's face! Any ideas or questions would always go through Stephenie, because she has the whole mythology in her head." [p.127, New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion]

    I love that they did this, in fact, it was the one thing I commented on in the video spoiler clip of the volturi fight... I couldn't see it well enough to see if it cracked and to what extent. It shows his skin is like marble.


    Summit To Market 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' With 15-City Cast Tour

    At each of the 15 city stops along the tour, there'll be other activities and prize giveaways related to the film as well as the cast Q&As. Select cities will feature the soundtrack band performances. Fans who acquire VIP credentials on October 31st will be granted access to a special event with select New Moon cast members at their respective malls. (Summit is telling fans that, for the chance to register they need to visit Hot Topic or select Nordstrom stores at 8:00 AM on October 31st at one of the participating mall locations. They will be given access to return and meet select cast members at that same mall on the assigned scheduled date and time. VIP credentials provided on October 31st are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis to those who make qualifying purchases. VIP credentials are non-transferable. Visit Hot Topic and Nordstrom websites for more details.)

    So it looks like you have to go buy stuff on Halloween to get your VIP ticket to be able to attend the appearences.

    Clever way to make money in sales of Twi-Merch.... the mall in Washington is the one I go to everytime I am in Seattle visiting my husband's family.... I am considering sending my mother-in-law to spend moolah Halloween morning and getting me a VIP ticket... though she'd want to go too - she's such a twi-hard ;) LOL

    THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON cast tour will visit the following mall locations:

    November 6 – Hollywood & Highland Center (Los Angeles, CA) *

    November 8 – Park Meadows (Denver, CO)

    November 9 – Natick Collection (Boston, MA) *

    November 9 –Mall Location TBD – Check for update (Chicago, IL) *

    November 9 – Fair Oaks Mall (Washington, DC)

    November 10 – Houston Galleria (Houston, TX)

    November 11 – Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN) *

    November 11 – Cherry Hill Mall (Philadelphia, PA) *

    November 11 – Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco, CA)

    November 12 – Mall of Georgia (Atlanta, GA)

    November 12 – Westfield Southcenter (Seattle, WA) *

    November 13 – Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)

    November 13 – Scottsdale Fashion Square (Phoenix, AZ)

    November 14 – Fashion Place (Salt Lake City, UT) *

    November 19 - Times Square (New York, NY)

    *Denotes a performance by a band featured on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON soundtrack.

    [Read More]

    Another New Moon Preview - TV Spot

    Vanity Fair - Wolf Week - Chaske Spencer

    I love Vanity Fair's Wolf week. This 3rd part features Chaske Spencer - here's an excerpt:

    Let’s do some wordplay. Please give one word to describe each of the actors you work with in New Moon, starting with Alex Meraz [“Paul”].


    Bronson Pelletier [“Jared”].


    Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].


    Gil Birmingham [“Billy Black”].


    Tyson Houseman [“Quil Ateara”].


    Kiowa Gordon [“Embry Call”].


    Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”].


    Love the word association game - hehehehe

    More here

    Q&A with Volturi & Melissa Rosenberg at Rome Film Festival

    Find more videos like this on Twifans

    Find more videos like this on Twifans

    Find more videos like this on Twifans

    [via twifans]

    More Rome Film Festival Photos

    Photos from The Rome Film Festival's red-carpet with Charlie, Cameron, Jamie and Melissa as well as Jaime Campbell Bower out and about are up at Radar Online....

    More here

    New Moon clip - Extra's few second parking lot / birthday clip

    Sex in The City meets Twilight.... Kristin Davis talks about Taylor Lautner

    I saw this over at RobstenLovers

    Kristin Davis knew Taylor Lautner long before he was the beefy heartthrob from the "Twilight" flicks. The "Sex and the City" star worked with the 17-year-old when he played Sharkboy in 2005's "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D," and like any proud mom-type figure, she's happy to see how far he's come.

    "Oh, the youngster! He was the Sharkboy, and I played the mother of the other kid who imagined Sharkboy and Lavagirl in Robert Rodriguez's movie, and I met him down in Texas. He was a kid," she enthusiastically told MTV News about her former co-star. "He was a kid and he didn't have those muscles, and I don't know what happened. I see these pictures [now and] I can't believe it."

    Davis may still be trying to take in Lautner's transformation from a scrappy child star to a full-fledged Hollywood hunk, but she definitely feels that the young actor deserves all the success he's been earning.

    "He's a great kid and he works really, really, really hard and he had a great professional ethic when I worked with him," she said, adding that he was neither spoiled nor bratty when they worked together on the kid-friendly action flick.

    "[He was] nothing of those negative things that you think of with child actors. So for anyone to be succeeding, I'm happy for him," she said. "I'm just a little ... I feel protective, like what is he doing without his shirt on? And then I hear he's dating people and I'm like, 'Ahh!' "

    Although Davis, who is currently shooting "Sex and the City 2," admits to never having seen "Twilight," she's planning to catch up with the vampire series soon.

    "I want to see it. I'm behind. I'll just need to do deep breathing. You know, they grow up so fast," she joked. "But I'm really happy for him, and he is adorable."

    If you are in USA go to RobstenLovers to see the MTV Video Clip that can't be viewed in Canada BOO!

    **spoiler** from Rome Film Festival

    youtube is shutting them down fast - here is a new one still up (thanks RobstenLovers)

    Mitchell Musso I only know who this kid is because of my kiddo

    I took my kiddo to see this kid sing live this summer - it was insane - i mean pre teens and elementary children screaming their heads off....

    Mitchel Musso will “Shout It” and bring some magic to the 2009 Magnificent Mile Lights Festival in Chicago next month.

    The 17-year-old musician will kick off the holiday season in the Windy City along with Radio Disney host Jake and will also welcome contest winners aboard the Disney Prep & Landing float presented by Radio Disney for the tree lighting procession down Michigan Avenue.

    Disney Prep & Landing is a new holiday tale that tells the never-before-told story of an elite unit of elves known as Prep & Landing. Every Christmas Eve, this high tech organization ensures that homes around the world are properly prepared for the annual visit from The Big Guy, their code name for Santa Claus. Prep & Landing premieres Tuesday, December 1 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC.

    Beginning this week, Radio Disney listeners can enter to win “Disney Prep & Landing” prizes and one lucky National Grand Prize winner will receive a three-night trip for four to Chicago to meet Mitchel and be the special guests of Radio Disney during The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.

    Mitchel’s concert is open to the public and will take place on Saturday, November 21 @ 1:30PM on the Harris Stage in Pioneer Court (401 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL). For more information, check out


    Kellan and Kola his doggie

    Another day, another Twilight cast member on a magazine cover, but this one is decidedly awesome. Kellan Lutz and his dog Kola posed for Doggie Aficionado, which is just too adorable. In the interview he talked about what adopting his pet has meant to him and what she has taught him over the years. Kellan has come a long way in his career and is looking hotter than ever — check out some highlights:

    On adopting Kola: "I have always been a huge advocate for saving animals, so I found it fitting, when I was ready for something new in my life, to look around the local animal shelters. . . . She looked me in the eyes, bowed and slowly and softly licked my open hand. As I pet this beautiful dog I realized how soft her multi-colored coat was, and felt her desperation for a real home. Our connection was so strong that it was like fate bringing us together. I knew she was the one. That was three years ago."

    On what he has learned from her: "Kola has taught me to be a man. I hope I have given her some deserved happiness."

    Read More Here

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Colin Egglesfield leaving Melrose - No Auggie Stay.Please.

    Man, life is rough.

    One day you're happy as a clam, working as a castmember on a prime-time network drama, and the next day someone's feeding you a line about changes in your show's "tone" and shuffling you off to Buffalo.

    That's what just happened to departing Melrose Place star Colin Egglesfield, who sums up his rollercoaster Thursday this way: "I've had better days, to be quite honest."

    We just spoke to Colin exclusively to find out why he's being pushed out of the show, not to mention where Auggie fits into the show's big murder mystery, and despite what you may have theorized, Auggie's not getting killed off, and despite what you may have been told, this exit was not planned from the beginning: "[They said it] was a network decision and obviously the ratings aren't what they need or want them to be, so they're going to try things to shake things up."

    So what really happened today, and what's going to happen next on Melrose Place? Here's what we learned from Colin:

    You were initially hired to be an ongoing series regular on Melrose Place, right?
    Yes, definitely, I was slated to be in 10 of the 13 first episodes, but I had a multiyear contract.

    What happened to change that? How did you learn they weren't going forward with you and your character?
    I got the call this morning from our producers, Todd [Slavkin] and Darren [Swimmer]. They were really saddened, and you could tell it was difficult for them to break this news to me. They said it was a network decision, and they said the network thought Auggie was a little too dark, with his alcoholism. They felt like in the landscape of Melrose they wanted to change the tone of the show. So that's the explanation that they gave me.

    And this morning was the first you'd heard of it?
    They said that it wasn't anything against me or my talent or anything. There was never any discussion that they weren't sure what they were going to do with me or my character. And it wasn't like I was getting in fights with crew members or punching people out.

    It's an odd decision, because we did just did a poll yesterday about favorite Melrose Place characters that aren't Ella, and Auggie was the winner.
    That's the thing—I don't know. It's kind of crazy. It's like, How?! Why?! I'm not spending too much time thinking about it, because it'll just drive you crazy, if you try to figure something out that you're never going to figure out. I'm just focusing on [other stuff]. I've already got a bunch of auditions lined up.

    Was your agent or manager told anything else or anything different about what happened?
    No, that's what they were told as well: that it was a network decision and obviously the ratings aren't what they need or want them to be, so they're going to try things to shake things up, but why they chose this, I don't know.

    Storywise, there's the murder mystery, although I could have sworn we already absolved Auggie of killing Sydney Andrews. Is this a twist thing? Are you the killer of Sydney Andrews who must be punished?
    The way in which I'm leaving the show, I'm not being killed off, I'm just leaving. It keeps the door open for, potentially, my character to come back, but who knows?

    Based on what we've seen so far, Auggie's feelings for Riley and his mentorship of Violet are his main storylines—do those continue or does Auggie turn in another direction?
    Auggie's relationship with Riley (Jessica Lucas) comes to a head next week. She feels like hanging out with me puts too much pressure on her relationship with Jonah (Michael Rady), so that makes me upset. And then something happens at work where I get in this fight with Marchello, the head chef, my boss. So, a relationship with a girl that I am in love with isn't working out, and my career is not working out, and the only other thing Auggie has is his alcohol, so we see Auggie face the decision of whether or not to hit the bottle again. And, of course, Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) is in the mix. She always seems to creep up, you know, in all the different weird places—and she does that here, too. So there's a lot of really cool stuff coming up.

    Are you done with the show for now, or are you still in the middle of production?
    I'm shooting one more episode, and we start shooting that on Monday.

    Do you have anything you want to say as a farewell to the fans and the people you've worked with?
    Todd and Darren are great, I love those guys and they've always been straightforward and straight shooters and just great people to work with. I respect the decision that they had to make creatively to do what they need to do, I'm just frustrated that I'm not going to be a part of the show, because it was such a great job and a fun place to go to work every day. I'm disappointed to be leaving because I became really good friends with not only the cast of Melrose Place but many of the crew as well, so that's sad, to not be able to go see them at work. But hey, I'm still friends with them, and I'd just like to say to everyone out there who's been watching and supporting, thanks from the bottom of my heart, because this is something that I love to do.

    So, what do you think, kiddos? Did the network slaughter the right sacrificial lamb in their attempt to appease the TV gods and redeem Melrose Place? Could they have done something different or better with Colin's character? Are you feeling better or worse about M.P. right now? Hit the comments below!

    Um - OK - so Auggie could have had a storyline change.... there's a million things they could have done, at least he isn't being killed.... he CAN return... I'd have taken off almost anyone else before him - - - seriously - - he's HOT!


    Twilight Twilight Twilight how I do nit-pick thee

    Ok - this is not hot to me - this is the worst angle ever of Rob.... wtf?

    This looks like an o-face from Kstew

    No words for this one....

    This whole deleted scene shouldn't have even been a deleted scene, it should have been a not ever made scene - it makes no sense.... he can't kiss her cuz the scent is too strong, but he can TASTE HER???

    Makes no sense - whatsoever.... and the hospital scene where there are a bunch of inconsistencies with her breathing tubes and how Edward is sitting....

    Just like Victoria chillin' by the punch bowl at prom in Twilight - as *IF* Edward wouldn't SMELL her - - - oh I can't wait for New Moon.....

    Alex Meraz in Saturday Night Magazine

    Stepping into the Twilight world of vamps, werewolves and rabid fans might not be daunting for some actors, but 24-year-old Alex Meraz is more than ready to step into the spotlight as Paul, one of Jacob Blacks's wolf pack buddies, in the much-hyped sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. We caught up with the soon-to-be heartthrob to talk wolf postures and whether he has better abs than Taylor Lautner.

    There must have been some fierce competition for those four new werewolf roles. What was the audition process like and how did you finally land the role of Paul?

    It was an intense process. When I received the call for submissions, I had already started working out because I knew it would be physically demanding. After a couple rounds of callbacks, I was lucky enough to land a role.

    What can you tell us about Paul?

    Paul is the "bad boy" of the wolf pack. He comes across as volatile, but I think he's misunderstood. He is just very proud of being Quilete and is unapologetic about being a protector for his people

    Did you and Taylor get at all competitive in terms of shirtless attributes?

    First day I met Taylor I overheard him ask Edi Gathegi [who plays Laurent] if I was bigger than him. Edi answered, "He's just wider". I teased him about overhearing it and from there we became gym buddies and shared workout tips with each other.

    Are you prepared for the hoard of female fans you’re about to gain?

    Bring it on.

    How did you approach the role in terms of playing a werewolf? Did you do any kind of research or physical prep?

    I looked at books on wolf pack mentalities and how the chain of command is governed by looks and postures, so I wanted to use some of those attributes in playing my role.

    To read the rest of the article, click here.


    Charley Bewley on ETalk

    I love love love him


    Behind the Scenes Video - New Moon Filming in Italy


    NEW Extended Break Up Scene from New Moon

    Have tissues ready?


    Seventeen Magazine During New Moon

    I got an email from MyRobPattinson and a few other fansites regarding this special. Many of us met during New Moon filming and this guy was interviewing people for a feature.

    Seventeen Magazine Twilight Special

    Fans slept on collapsible chairs with comforters to stay warm, but it paid off: Some lucky fans were used as extras for a parking lot scene.

    And some lucky fans got to meet Peter Facinelli, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rahtbone... outside the Cullen House.. back in the days of New Moon ;)

    New Moon TV SPOT clip - Wolf Action

    Win Edward's Car - or one just like it - through Volvo

    Not only is Volvo offering the chance to win a pair of tickets to the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, but it is also going to be opening up a contest to win a brand new Volvo XC60!

    Starting today, fans can visit the website (here) and enter to win a pair of tickets to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon's premiere in Los Angeles, California on November 16th. The contest runs until November 9th, so you'll have plenty of time.

    Winners will be selected at random on November 10th, and announcements will be made on the same day. The prize package will include hotel, airfare, the ticket costs, and it will also come with a meet-and-greet session with some of the New Moon cast!

    Starting on November 1st, fans will be able to enter a contest to win the same car that Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) drives in The Twilight Saga: New Moon! More details are expected to come soon on this contest, but for now it is known that the contest will involve letting Twilight fans play puzzles and trivia for the chance to win.

    In the meantime, the website is also expected to feature the film trailers, downloadable wallpapers, and photographs of the cast.

    Stay tuned, and be sure to enter at for your chance to win tickets to the premiere!


    Charlie St Cloud a Wrap Bye Zac Efron

    Ever since I met Zac Efron in Vancouver I have decidedly been a fan of his prettiness... prior to that he was just a Disney Kid my daughter loved....

    Well, it seems his days in Vancouver are numbered, as his recent film The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud has wrapped and they celebrated with a party Monday Evening.

    While watching Bella's house be taken apart the other day a local guy came to chat with a crew member about the wrap party he had attended the night before.

    He was talking about the wrap party for Charlie St. Cloud and how crazy it was. He spoke of eclectic outfits, eccentric personalities and plentiful food and booze.

    Sounds like my kind of party.

    JustJared Reports:
    The 22-year-old actor was celebrating the completion of his new movie, The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud, by attending the wrap party at Watermark Restaurant on Kits Beach.

    What an amazing few months we have had... super stars galore here in our city!!!

    Read more: here

    Slight Rant about Eclipse Wrap Party Rumours

    Twitter and Twi-Fans are a buzz, anxiously trying to get their last chance with Eclipse filming in Vancouver.

    The latest is the "Eclipse Wrap Party" that fans and paprazzi alike are hoping to get wind of and go to for a last chance to see their fave stars in Vancouver.

    I posted this on twitter this morning in response to numerous DMs and @messages about this "wrap party"

    since everyone is asking me-i have no idea if ppl SAYING they have eclipse wrap deets R lying or not-nor do i care-if they know&go-so be it

    ALSO-There are crew wrap parties and that is a separate (but awesome) party at the end of any movie/series/season they may/may not incl cast

    Either way if people know anything they won't tell you and they shouldn't rub it in your face they know (unless they're lying for attention)

    *I*do*NOT* know of a CAST wrap PARTY - - - and if i hear anything I won't tweet it because I don't think it's fair/safe/nice-JUST my opinion

    **end rant**

    I do not belive anyone who says they are invited to the wrap party. Maybe I am wrong, but it is my opinion that they are full of shit. It doesn't seem plausible to me that a major wrap party would include these kinds of people, though I don't know them (nor want to) very well - it is clearly unlikely they would be on the elite guestlist.... and if they were, they'd be taken off pretty quickly for bragging about it publicly... ha!

    I'm not sure much more needs to be said on that issue?


    Demi Lovoto with her mommy

    My daughter LOVES Demi Lovota.... so I kind of pay attention to what she is up to - mainly in Toronto filming Camp Rock 2 and possibly dating a Jonas Brother... I dunno which one, the one that's the "coolest" apparently....

    A sleepy Demi Lovato snaps a pic with her mom Dianna De La Garza outside LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (October 21).

    The 17-year-old, who just wrapped Camp Rock 2, will be headlining the Concert of Hope this weekend with BFF Miley Cyrus and Jesse McCartney.

    The Concert for Hope will take place at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. LIVE on Sunday, October 25 in Los Angeles. The event will benefit lifesaving cancer research and treatment programs at City of Hope, one of the nation’s leading cancer centers. Get your tickets at!

    JJJ has more

    Win Taylor Lautners Jeans

    This deffo caught my attention then I thought about it and felt all kindsa dirrtay!!! ha ha ha!!!

    Robsten Lovers has details.

    Earlier this month, Taylor Lautner rolled up his pair of Paige Premium Denim “Normandie” jeans in Holster while being photographed for his Rolling Stone cover shoot. is giving away TWO of the same pairs of PPD jeans for free or you can order them yourself at!

    HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and TWO winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. This contest ends on Thursday, October 29 @ 4:59PM EST. Enter as many times as you want!!! Good luck!

    Volturi Scene - NEW CLIPS

    New Moon - Volturi fighting scene @ Yahoo! Video

    This is awesome - See it Here

    I can't tell but is this when his head smashes with the marble? OMG OMG OMG Can't wait for this movie....

    Rome Film Festival - New New Moon Clips *SPOILERS*

    Here is a photo from the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival. They showed a new clip of New Moon and here are some spoilers....

    UPDATES via @yunfa

    Clip1: behind the scenes of the Volturi cove, more Robward @ the ground, the fight & Aro talking..Scary!

    Clip2: Edward leaving Bella in the woods. Very very long dialog, "I won't come back" & more. It's gonna be SO good!

    Clip3: motorbike scene from ComicCon we already saw..

    Clip4: Montepulciano, Porsche, fountain, naked Robward we already saw in the trailer. Still very hot!

    Clip5: best one. Behind the scenes in Itay, R&K talkin bout the experience: R says he's happy we clapped him!

    From Rome

    - They showed 3 unseens. Edward leaving Bella, from when he was waiting for her at home, untile he leaves, then a featurette of Bella running toward Edward and hugging him in Montepulciano, in the Volterra scene and another featurette showing the Volturi hall, without the CGI decorations

    First scene - SPOILER ALERT

    Edward leaves Bella:

    Edward is waiting for Bella at her house, because they need to talk. He tells her he needs to leave Forks because Carlisle is raising suspicions in town.

    At first Bella is convinced that Edward wants to take her with him, but then starts realizing that's not the case.

    She asks Edward: “What do you mean by “us”?”. He responds: “Only my family.”

    Bella gets upset. Tells Edward again that the incident with Jasper was nothing, and Edward answers that is exactly the problem: “Nothing compared to what could have happened.”

    He tells her she doesn't belong in his world. Bella answers “Well, that changes many things.”

    That is when Edward says line we've seen in the trailer “This is the last time you'll see me.”

    Bella tries to convince him to stay, that she's not afraid to lose her soul, but Edward doesn't give in.

    The scene ends with Edward leaving. Screen then goes to black and we see Bella fall to the ground.


    Charley Bewley on ET Canada

    Alexander Skarsgård Gucci Gorgeous Indeed

    True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard celebrates a private party celebrating the Gucci Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker Store in New York City on Saturday night (October 24).

    During the event that hosted by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and DJ Mark Ronson, the 33-year-old actor spent most of his time sipping champagne and talking with his Swedish friend — in Swedish.

    Alex is in town just for a few days. He told, “After filming Straw Dogs in Shreveport, Louisiana, I flew to L.A. for a few days and I’m on my way to Sweden now because I’m working on a project there. I just took a few meetings here"

    I <3 Eric on True Blood and Alex is SO FREAKING HOT~!!!!

    See More Photos at JJ

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Joshua Jackson is Awesome

    Today - I met Joshua Jackson....

    I had the day off so I went with a friend to check out Bella's House and it's deconstruction and on the way back we saw Fringe signs and decided, what the hey?

    So we followed the signs to the crew park but didn't see a set, so we were heading back to the highway (though a different route) and saw a fake Police Car... and who was standing in front of it?

    Joshua Jackson!

    We parked and quickly went across the street and he had just gotten into his car. The security said "How's it going?" and I said "We just saw Joshua Jackson and were going to say hi" and then Joshua Jackson says "hi" from his car, window down!!!

    He leaned out to shake our hands and we asked if we could take a photo of him. He said, "Sure no problem" and then he actually hopped out of the car (we were ecstatic, we really thought we'd just get a photo OF him ha ha)

    He hopped out - boy is he taller than I imagined... He joked a bit and gave us hugs and was super duper sweet and chatty. We each got photos with him and I seriously can't even explain how SWEET he was!!!


    Pix on my friends Cam so hopefully post them tonight or tomorrow :-)

    Pacey Rules!!!!

    PS - The photo above has me cropped out because - it's a bad photo of me but those of you who are my facebook friend can see the whole pic in my album "Other Random Filming Encounters"

    Wednesday Set Report

    Just when we thought they were only in studio from here on out, the production team moved back outside to a familiar past set.

    Based on location and who was there - they were likely filming some more battle scenes.

    Despite the rain, then sun, then fog, production started early and while some cast were off by mid-day, many stayed quite late.

    I can't wait to see Eclipse... it was my favourite of the books and I am anxious to see David Slade's work on the big screen.

    Jodelle tweeted today:
    Last day on Eclipse....=/

    While Anna Kendrick tweeted today:
    On hold in Vancouver today. The Informant! A Serious Man. Where the Wild Things Are. All in all, not a bad day. Last day of shooting tmrw.

    **EDIT - add-on**
    Finally David Slade tweeted today:
    Last day on the battlefield, shot a huge day, tomorrow there may be a party, while battles ensue on mountain tops...

    It was, as I mentioned previously a long day for some cast.... I am guessing this "party" is the graduation party (the last scene Anna Kendrick has to film here in studio) while the other scene will include the tent battle scene they recently shot (perhaps follow up? reshoots? in studio again or elsewhere?)

    **End Edit add-on**

    It is true, it is all about to come to an end.

    What an exciting ride it has been :)

    Another New New Moon Clip

    This is awesome, I seriously can't even wait!

    New Rob Interview with Total Film

    Rob + Interviews = Unknown.... you just never know what the heck he will say do you?

    How was it reuniting with Kristen Stewart for New Moon?

    "There’s a natural chemistry going on with Kristen. Even doing this sequel, it’s so easy…

    I was really worried that I wouldn’t know how to do it again, but it’s so easy to play off her.

    She always says that she pretty much got me the part – though I don’t really believe her!"

    What sort of arc does Edward go through this time?

    "He’s always talking in the first one. “I need to make the right decision. I need to do stuff for you, for you, for you.” And he makes a decisive move, which is to leave her, and he completely believes it’s for her own good.

    But in his heart, he obviously realises it’s completely wrong. And it takes him the whole movie to realise the profundity of his mistake. So that’s what his arc his.

    The world forces him to realise he needs to be with Bella, and there’s no way around it"

    Read More Here

    Rob Mask - Creepster


    New Nikki Reed Photo Shoot

    Nikki Reed has such an amazing beauty..... So many people criticize her for not being the "perfect" Rosalie, but she has her own beauty that is so amazing... I think she is so sweet and sexy.... I <3 her.


    Anna Kendrick in Vancouver for final Eclipse Scenes

    Modeling a cute cap, Anna Kendrick stops by the currency booth to exchange monies as she arrives back in Vancouver to finish filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Tuesday afternoon (October 20).

    The 24-year-old actress is set to film the graduation party held at the Cullen family’s house during the week.

    Anna’s new flick, Up In The Air, is getting a lot of Oscar buzz. Opening in selected theaters on December 4th, check out the clip below featuring Anna and costar George Clooney.

    Click here to see the clip and other photos at JJJ.