Thursday, May 10, 2012

Date Night in London for Rob and Kristen

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Who wishes they were in London?

Apparently this was taken on a flight from LAX to London, so one might assume that Rob will be at the SWATH premiere on the 14th (Monday)

Let's hope!

Kristen hopped on a private jet with Charlize (and her kiddo) to London today also!

Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Met Gala in NYC - Kristen Stewart

A closer look at Kristen's style...

Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel wearing....

I think it looks like something I'd wear to an ugly Christmas Sweater but of course Krisbians (some who are my most fave friends btw) will argue with me about hwo hot she looks so let's just say - I think it's ugly, but she looks fine.

Xtina is the Bitch in 99 Problems...

The feud began weeks ago on The Voice... the diva Xtina didn't even recognize ex-castmate from MMC Tony Lucca...

Perhaps he wouldn't date her back then or something and she still holds a grudge?

Anyways, since then Xtina has called him "one dimensional" then pointed out how celebrities and past MMCers such as Justin Timberlake may be tweeting promotion and support for Tony Lucca, but that she hoped this is really a contest about the voice...

"You've got me and your old Mouseketeer buddies behind you – and Justin in particular," she said. "I hope this is really a contest about the voice. I think there are just better voices on the show, rather than a celebrity sway kind of thing."


THEN, he sang Britney Spears "hit me baby" and it seems the "feud" as only escalated since then... I am so over Xtina and her BS


Xtina says Tony Lucca's song choice (Jay-Z - 99 problems) is degrading to women?

Didn't she sing (and dance) to "dirty" and "rub me the right way" ???

She is totally a positive role model for women right?

Also, is she in love with her contestant Chris Mann?

She was eyeing and crying and hugging him like he is her next baby daddy?! "This is a real man, who respects women" she says (another dig at Tony)

Then when Tony thanked ALL FOUR judges at the end - Xtina was texting...... ignoring...... gah she is sucha a bitch!

I am so over her on the Voice!

I would love Tony Lucca to win.... take that Xtina! She is always about herself, her her her and I am so sick of it!

As much as I love Tony Lucca for the win,, I have to say all 4 finalists are absolutely talented and bound for major success - far more than last year's contentants even!

Netowrk Pilots & Renewals Update 2012

Deadline discusses the 2012 network pilots. I have to say with the unnamed titles, I have no opinion on them since I don't even know their name - or topic.

But, what I do know are the shows that I watch now and some of the good ones are being cancelled, which upsets me.

This site has a great chart that outlines all the networks, what is officially renewed, cancelled and at risk.

Shows I watch "on the bubble" (at risk) or cancelled:


I love this show, Poppy Montgomery plays Carrie Wells, who has a photographic memory and is a cop. Dylan Walsh is also into it (Nip/Tuck) and the show is cleverly done with a mystery/crime each episode as well as whole season conflicts and subplots.

-A Gifted Man
I stopped watching after a few episodes. An interesting premise but I couldn't get into it.

-CSI Miami & NY
I don't watch. I've only watched regulsr CSI and Miami back in the day when Horatio was in charge.


-Body of Proof
I stopped watching after a few episodes. It was good, but I didn't get into it.

-Pan Am
Probably cancelled, I really liked this (and Playboy Club) to do well when they started, but sadly neither were successful.

-Missing, GCB, The River
I didn't watch any of these, though I had planned to, so I am glad I didn't get attached to them

-Desperate Housewives
We have known this is the final season for a while. Not a big shocker.

***Thrilled Revenge looks to be on the to be renewed list along with Once Upon a Time love these new shows.


-PLayboy Club
As I mentioned, sad this was cancelled

-The Firm
I love this show, though I guess it would be tough to continue

-Are you there Chelsea?
Hilarious, but didn't expect it to last

I love this and hope it continues. I want answers before it ends. A man lives in two realities one where his wife sruvived an accident, one where his son did. the filmography is great with brighter tones in one reality and blue tones in the other. He has therapists in both, he works as a cop and uses things from one reality to help solve crimes in the other. I love it - and I hope it continues


listed as pretty much dead, this upsets me because it is a locally filmed show and actually pretty awesome! Escaped prisoners from Alcatraz are among us in modern times committing crimes and a secret facilitiy has secrets as to how and why they are here now, unaged.

listed as cancelled, I liked the show a lot, but it is expensive to produce and would have needed a lot more viewers/following to maintain.


I stopped watching, not sure whats going on with it now but it is at risk of cancellation

-Secret Circle
I'd like to see at least another season of this. it is filmed locally, so I am bias, but it is a great show my daughter and I watch every thursday together.

-Hart of Dixie
I LOVE THIS SHOW! I will be so upset if they cancel it! It is so quirky and fun!

See all the shows on the chart here

Kristen Stewart in NYC May 7 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami - Sexy Screencaps and GIFS

KStew in NYC May 6 2012

Kristen Stewart at JFK Airport May 6 in NYC


Also here she was leaving LAX

WTF Rihanna on SNL

So first Rihanna skips dress rehersal, then her performance is shit.

The one thing I did like, was the elaborate sets for her performances. I mean, it is SNL, usually they are pretty basic sets - but this girl went all out. I guess it was good, because her voice wasn't that great, and her slutty moves did nothing for me.

How many times do you need to tap your vag girl?

And why is cake a metaphor for your down-there-regions?

I am so over this chick!

I once felt bad for her after the Chris Brown thing, but now she collabs with him and acts all hard and gangsta and - I just don't care anymore...