Saturday, September 19, 2009

100 Monkeys at Neptoon Records Tonight

I sold my tix to tonight's concert because I am going tomorrow, I needed some down time, and I didn't want to cram into Neptoon Records - - -

Anyways - Here are some pics from ppl who are there...

(That photo may not work all the time - for some reason with twitpics it won't load everytime - try refreshing this page or go check out RobPattzNews has them on twitpic

I love Jackson's look - I wonder if he worked today? I know Rob, Ashley & Peter did. Jackson has said in interviews that he loves doing a show after filming because he let's the hair people do crazy stuff with his mane... like when he came to Backstage Lounge to perform with a huge mohawk... hot!

Jackson's style is great he has that old school classic rock look.... very sexy man!

Apparently the Show started late, it is cramped, it is basically an "in-store appearence" but 100 Monkeys always put on a great show so I am not doubtful that everyone there is having a great time.

I have also heard of some special guests were there to watch. Ashley Green and Xavier Samuel popped in to show support for their cast mate and his band.

One tweeter said:

ashley was standing behind me then ppl started the pic taking and she left

Another tweeted:
Just met xavier aka riley he is super nice!

Glad that some of the Twi Fans got some Twi-Cast fix... I always wonder who 100 Monkeys feel knowing that majority of their audience is there because of Twilight... I mean.. they are selling more records, getting more exposure and making more money because of it - - - but I am sure they would rather have an entire audience there just for their music.... which is awesome live.... I LOVE 100 MONKEYS

Anyways - More tomorrow Night - I will tweet LIVE from the concert :)

Rob Arrives on Set September 19

Peter Tweeted:

At work on Eclipse.Playing in the woods again.Time 2 Put the fight training to work. Getting on a plane to NY later tonight.

I believe this is at the same set I was at earlier this week when they filmed the fight training. I didn't go check because I was having a Saturday in with my family after a busy week.

Anyways I jsut was surfing websites and found these photos from today - - -

[via Mr Pattinson]

Wolf Pack Photos from Set

@MapleWalnuts was one of the lucky fans outside Jacob's House last night [still kicking myself for choosing sleep over set] who met a whole ton of cast! Here are her great photos :)

**Please note twipics don't always work as links in my blog for some reason but click her twipic or twitter name to go see them on her page!)

Wolf-Pack taking photos of the fans ha ha

Chaske Spencer aka Sam)

Alex Meraz aka Paul

Amd if one wolf on your arm wasn't enough....

Kiowa Gordon aka Embry

Bronson Pelletier aka Jared

Alex Rice aka Sue Clearwater

Booboo Stewart aka Seth Clearwater

Tyson Houseman aka Quil Ateara

Tinsel Korey aka Emily

What a great Experience!!!

You can see all her photos and photos from other cast encounters on her twipics here

Peter Facinelli has a magic finger...

I don't know why but I love this heh heh

See More of this here

TwiCrackAddict and also EclipseMovie labelled it "PFach says Fach You" ha ha ha!

Robert Pattinson in Vancouver Rain Last Night

See more photos at Robsessed who posted:

Twitter IS evil and resourceful :) At least 3 separate witnesses confirmed that Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz (maybe more from the cast) were at a private party last night.

Open bar and dance floor...

No pictures...

Good to know the cast had fun without the paparazzi :)

Pretty Awesome Party to have gone to eh?

BooBoo's Hair Cut

Booboo Tweeted:

Wolf Pack with Fans on Set

I just got texts from some fans at the set.... and also some other fans have been tweeting.... They met the wolf-pack outside the set !!!

I didn't go to the set tonight - I am too tired from a long week.

I worked yesterday and today very long shifts at my "real job" [the one that has become less dominant in my life lately - but I don't regret it... I am so thanksful I have the flexibility my job offers so that I can fully enjoy the awesomeness that is Twilight Filming in my own back yard]

Anyways - I know they started filming around 6pm and the fans on the north side of the set were able to get a great view of the fire and filming until about 11pm when they were moved back away from the area they had been standing so that the crew could set up for a new shot.

Fans who were on the South side of the filming were able to watch the cast vehicles come and go for filming, lunch, etc. from the set to the circus (hair/make-up etc.)

Many fans met most of the wolf pack including Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer.

I can't wait to read about their experiences tomorrow - I am kicking myself now for not going...I debated it for a while [and I am still debating] but just decided I had too much other stuff to get done at home... sleep included, yet I have obviously neglected that one ha ha!

Good Night

Thanks for Reading :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

More photos from Jacob's House Set

A few more photos from Jacob's House sent to me via @amyburrows

You can see more photos of the vehicles on set from yesterday's post

24 hours security

Bella's Truck

Jacob's Rabbit

It's too bad that I had to work again all day today - I reallllllllllly want to go see the cars... I know... I am weird... shuddupinyoface (How To Be Quote for those of you who can't keep up with my insanity ;) lol)

Next Up for Filming

I predict they will have Saturday/Sunday off .... then back to work Monday... especially since 100 Monkeys have their shows this weekend... though I am a tad annoyed with that. I will see them at least once this weekend and also see alot of the cool people I have met through this crazy experience :)

Rachelle Lefevre was devestated but just keeps swimming

100 Monkey Venue Drama

I heard earlier today that 100 Monkeys wouldn't be at Anza Club (from a friend who knows the owners of the venue) I promised not to say anything until it was officially announced because #1 - We hoped they'd figure it out or #2 - We hoped they'd just announce a new location....

Sadly it was #2 and a HUGE downgrade....

They are going to try to pack 100 people into Neptoon Records which is a store and a small one at that. Last time they did a brief concert and autograph signing there I did not go but heard it was fairly chaotic.

I have met the manager (Bananager) and actually given him shit over the venues he books. I mean BackStageLounge I get... but it's small and the air circulation is crap. Rickshaw was an epic fail as far as putting all-ages in there, no air circulation, located in the WORST part of Vancouver [no joke] I actually joked with Marty that he needed to book better venues...

I thought since Sunday sold out so quickly, adding the Saturday Night Show would be awesome. Especially since it's a nice venue. But now we all paid $25 to go to a store to watch them play - a store that they played at a few months ago for free - and worst of all - store that has no booze!!

Call me a whiner - i don't care.... I would much rather them honour our tickets for a rescheduled show at the venue they were supposed to be at Saturday - or another location of equal fun....

and for people from out of town coming for Saturday's show - let their ticket act as a VIP express entry and everyone else can come in for free or $5 after them.

that's just how I would do it - I used to book bands and still do event planning (5000 person events!!!!) so I have some experience with these things....

Ah Well - it will be fun for who ever goes - maybe I am just a 100 Monkey Snob lmao! I don't think I am along though... #reschedule100Monkeys made it's rounds on twitter LOL

Are you going to any of the Vancouver Shows? What are you thoughts on it all?

Rob Pattinson Tweets

Peter Facinelli reached 1 million followers.... and as per his deal, he had Rob tweet:

I would have rather had a twitpic ;)

Though I found this over at TwiFans

Relax it's a manip

Overnight Shoots for Eclipse.

Last night's shoot was indeed the scene where Bella arrives at Jacob's after the battle. Carlisle is leaving and has just fixed up Jacob. See all the news on that shoot here

Gil Birmingham tweeted:
Worked til 4 am. Good shoot. David Slade has a great vision for the film. Whole puppy pack here and new ladies Tinsel and Julia. Still rainy…getting ready for another night shoot. Hope it doesn't rain. Exhausting but it's all good!

Peter Facinelli tweeted:

I didn't go to last night's set but I had photos emailed to me earlier in the day by @amyburrows and they can be seen here

A friend was at the set last night till almost midnight and said there was L.A. Paparazzi there on ladders, while another fan reported they were creeping through the forest. I am very familiar with Jacob's house and surrounding area as it is in a regional park and has many hiking trails, HOWEVER, the forest surrounding Jacob's House is all private property right out to the two roads on each side (it is located on a corner of two roads) so these guys were deffo trespassing if they were indeed creeping through the bushes!

Anyways - These are the photos that emerged...

They are in robes likely because it was a chilly evening and they likely had little to nothing on (being wolves and all ;) tee hee) Peter looks pissed... I don't blame him - there's David Slade talking to them and preparing to shoot a scene and some dude with frosted tips is tippy-toeing on a ladder over the privacy screens flashing in his face.... *sigh*

***EDIT*** See another photos of Peter [giving the middle finger!] here

Next up is another overnight shoot with a giant bon fire and the telling of ancient Quileute legends. *squeee*

This scene is important because it is how Bella learns about "The Third Wife" and ends up using herself as a diversion later during a battle. [They have already shot the third wife legend, so tonight will be just the group sitting around the fire telling the legend I believe]

Again, this is mostly piecing together clues, not 100%

[Photos via TwiFans

Alex Rice as Sue Clearwater

Alex Rice has been cast as Sue Clearwater in Eclipse and is in Vancouver to film.
The rest of the Clearwater's are already in town

They are doing such a great job casting in my opinion!

[via EclipseMovie

Christian Serratos talks to Life & Style Magazine

Christian Serratos (aka Angela Webber) spoke with Life&Style during the grand opening party for Mi-6 Nightclub in West Hollywood.

On her favorite scene in the film: “When Bella, who’s played by Kristen Stewart, helps Angela address graduation invitations and opens up about Edward wanting her to stay away from dangerous Jacob.”

On the prep time for her character, Angela: “I spend about an hour and a half in hair and makeup. I get really anxious and want to jump right into my scenes.”

On the new actors in the flick: “Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel [right] are really great to have on set. Everyone is so professional and nice. It’s become a really huge, fun family.”

On what she does during her off time on set: “I brought Titanic with me this time. I’ve also been listening to a lot of MIA.”

On who hangs out with who: “I usually go with Mike Welch and Justin Chon. The last time I went out with Kristen, Rob Pattinson and Ashley Greene, it took Rob almost an entire hour longer to get there because it took him so long to get out of the hotel!”

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More 100 Monkeys in Vancouver

This weekend 100 Monkeys are doing *TWO* shows in Vancouver.

Saturday September 19th at the Anza Club.

Sunday September 20th at the Backstage Lounge.

Neither are all-ages. Neither are in a scuzzy part of town. Both should have fans or a/c. Both will be a blast.

I plan to attend both and tweet from the show about the show.

I have to admit their live show is better than their c.d. (Sorry 100 Monkeys and 100 Monkey fans... I only speak my opinion) and although I have their c.d I *MUCH* prefer their sound live.

I hope they have a Banana Suit.

Props on Set - Twilight Vehicles at Jacob's

These photos were emailed to me from @amyburrows .... I am not gonna lie - totally jealous I wasn't there but I had to work... C'est la Vie!

These vehicles were all parked outside Jacob's house. Seriously!!! All of them!!

  • Bella's Truck
  • Motorbike
  • Carlisle's Car
  • Edward's Car
  • Jacob's Car
  • Billy's Truck
  • Blue Tarp... what is underneath? hmm...

    Judging by whose vehicles are there - there are only a few scenes they could have filmed.

    My best guess is when Carlisle comes to fix up Jacob's injuries. That is why his car is there. Bella arrives and goes into see Jacob.....

    You can read the summary of this scene at Twilight Lexicon:

    ...the Quileutes managed to overcome their prejudices enough call in Carlisle. Edward was there too, and Charlie grudgingly admits to being pleasantly surprised by his solicitude for Jake. ...Bella arrives at La Push to find the Cullens gone and Jake awake....When Bella enters Jake’s room, he’s waiting for her, carefully composed.

    ok, ok - enough with my analyzing and guessing - - - on with the photos!!!!

    See? The volvo *IS* grey.... not black!!!

    Can you see the rabbit in behind there?

    Closer look at the Rabbit

    I love seeing the vehicles - since they were made to be so important in Stephenie Meyer's books. I think I am a strange fan... maybe because I met the cast already, or perhaps because I know how hounded they are this time... or more likely because I LOVED the books so much.... but seeing the CARS gets me excited... seeing the FAKE TREES and VAMPIRE EXTRAS makes me excited.... I am sucha Twi-Dork!

    There was also a fire at Jacob's (you can see smoke from behind the house in many pf the photos) I don't know if that was for filming or not.... could be since @GilBirmingham tweeted:

    Long hours, but very rewarding. Great 2 be back with cast and to meet the new cast members...looking forward to the telling of the legend :)

    *Squee* this is all so very exciting - - - - I can't wait to see all the Twilight Movies, it is killing me being this close to the third movie being filmed when I haven't even seen the 2nd yet.... too.long.too.wait.

    **For anyone hoping to see filming at this location - whenever they film here they block off the entire street [much like they have at Bella's] so you can't see anything... I would suggest going when they are NOT filming to get the best look at and photos of the house and possibly left over props.

    Stephenie Meyer's Post on the vehicles from Twilight
  • Kellan Working Out in the 'couve

    Sexy Kellan working out

    I think I could stare at this all day....

    See more at Lainey

    Leah & Seth Clearwater in Vancouver

    Eclipse brother and sister Julia Jones (aka Leah Clearwater) and Boo Boo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) have arrived in Vancouver to begin filming Eclipse.

    See it all at Lainey

    Gil Birmingham arrives in Vancity

    Gil Birmingham (aka Billy Black, Jacob Black’s father) has arrived in Vancouver to begin filming his part in Eclipse. He was on set today and tweeted about it

    See More at Lainey

    Chaske Spencer takes a walk in Vancouver

    Chaske Spencer (aka Sam)was seen out and about in the 'couve

    See it all at Lainey

    Wolf-Pack walks in rainy Vancouver

    Wolf-Pack on the Prowl - rawr! Alex Meraz (aka Paul), Bronson Pelletier (aka Jared) and Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry) don't mind a lil' rain.

    PunkD Images over at Lainey

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Becoming Vampires - Bryce Dallas Howard becomes Victoria, Xavier Samuel becomes Riley

    Found this over at EclipseMovie.Org

    A fan transformed Xavier Samuel into Riley from Eclipse, using Photoshop while tapping the process.

    Now – that very same fan has done the same with Bryce Dallas Howard, transforming her into Eclipse’s Victoria.

    It would have taken quite some time to do. The time was sped up on the video, which is less than 2 minutes long.

    What do you think of the results?

    Here is the Riley one they also posted:

    More Photos From Wednesday's Set

    I posted the majority of my photos from Wednesday's Set here

    But I here are a few more from a different angle.

    Riley in the water leading the newborns

    Also VanCityAllie has some great shots of this set: