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Bobby Long Vancouver Show July 4, 2010

Bobby Long returns to Vancouver!

Sunday July 4, 2010
Backstage Lounge
1585 Johnston Street
Granville Island, Vancouver BC

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Thanks to everyone who entered - Here are your winners:

I plugged all commenters and tweeters into draw then used to choose winners..... and here they are...

1 Grand Prize Pack:
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-Autographed Dangerous Summer Tour CD
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Winners - Let me know if you won't be at the Bobby Long Show July 4 in Vancouver and we will make other arrangements or re-draw

I just entered to win @BobbyLongNews Prize Pack @mandysmind See Bobby Long July 4 in Vancouver #BLVAN

Twilight Cast visit fans at Eclipse Shows

Friday Night has several cast at theatres across North America:

Charlie Bewley in Mn

Cameron Bright was in Atlanta

Kiowa Gordon=Las Vegas

Tinsel Korey was in Nashville

Julia Jones was in Chicago

Dakota Fanning was in Los Angeles

Justin Chon in Orange County

Tyson Houseman was in Vancouver

Gil Birmingham was in Kansas City

Here's what Twilight Lexicon posted:

Appearances that are scheduled today and tomorrow:

Peter Facinelli=Hawaii

Tinsel Korey=Phoenix (aacording to Tinsel’s Twitter)

Jodelle Ferland=New Orleans

Ashley Greene=Jacksonville

Charlie Bewley=New York (According to a comment to a fan in Minneapolis) (No idea if that is the Long Island or the NYC sites)

[Source: Twilight Lexicon]

Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon on Water for Elephants Set

Here is the sexy Rob & Stunning Reese filming WFE


What items Twilight cast want to keep from set

InStyle posted what cast members would most like to take home from set:

Robert Pattinson
"I keep everything from the set. I've stolen all of Edward's clothes."

Elizabeth Reaser
"My original Esme bracelet. I've seen reproductions of it in stores,
but I want to keep the one that I wear once we finish [filming]. It's mine!"

Taylor Lautner
"All my character wears is jean shorts, so I'll have to go with those.
That's my only option!"

Kellan Lutz
"Emmett's Jeep! I've wanted it since we shot the first movie.
I keep saying that, but nothing's happened. I'm still waiting!"

Peter Facinelli
"Carlisle's ring! It has the Cullen crest, the symbol of the whole family, on it. I'd like to take it home and keep it in a drawer somewhere.
Once, I couldn't get it off my finger, so it did go home with me."

Julia Jones
"Leah's cut-offs!"

See what other cast members would like to take over at InStyle.

Leg Hitch Gif

Leg Hitch!

How people are preparing for Eclipse

This is hilarious

[Source: Twilightish]

EW Outtakes


Nikki Reed leaving studio


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HIlly-Bomb - THe Runaways Parody by Hillywood

HIlly-Bomb - THe Runaways Parody by Hillywood

Eclipse Soundtrack Scene by Scene (Spoilers) *Updated*

I posted the soundtrack details from New Moon and since I was lucky enough to see a screening of Eclipse while in L.A. I thought I would post a similar one for you all.

This contains spoilers and it is not 100% complete.

**Updated, I've seen it three times now and with the help of others also this list is now complete.

Here it is:

1. Metric “Eclipse (All Yours)” –
Instrumental played in last meadow scene as well as various other points in the film at various speeds. Regular version in credits.

2. Muse “Neutron Star Collision ( Love is Forever)” –
2nd song played during graduation party at Cullen's house.

3. The Bravery “Ours” -
1st song played during graduation party at Cullen's house.

4. Florence + The Machine “Heavy in your Arms” -
Credits. Sadly. I think this song is a fan favourite and we all had high expectations for it's placement. Then again, a song gets more playtime in credits.

5. Sia “My Love” –
Leg Hitch Lovin' rawr! At the Cullen house in Edward's new bed. This is when Bella wants to have sex and they make-out then Edward rejects her telling her he is old fashioned.

6. Fan Farlo “Atlas” –
Plays briefly in Edwards car when he drives Bella to drop her off with Jacob.

7. The Black Keys “Chop and Change” –
This is in the opening when Riley leaves the bar and the shadow version of Victoria bites and changes him.

8. The Dead Weather “Rolling in on a Burning Tire” –
Victoria and Riley under the bridge (well it just looks like a bad part of town)

9. Beck and Bat for Lashes ” Let’s Get Lost”-
Bella reading the letter from Jacob and going to her truck only to find Edward has made it so she can't go anywhere.

10. Vampire Weekend “Jonathon Low”-
Edward drops Bella off to go hang with Jacob and they go to Sam & Emily's place.

11. Unkle “With You in My Head (featuring The Black Angels)” –
Fight training with the Cullen's and the wolves.

12. Eastern Conference Champions ” A Million Miles an Hour” –
In the school parking lot when Jacob is on his motorbike as Edward and Bella arrive.

13. Band of Horses ” Life on Earth”-
Bella & Edward in Bella's bed discussing "You'll always be my Bella""

14. Cee Lo Green “What Part of Forever” –

15. Howard Shore “Jacob’s Theme”-
When Jacob tells Bella "Choose Me" also when they kiss before battle and finally when he is injured at the end in bed and she visits him.

Also Bonus Tracks:

"The Line" by Battles
I don't know when

"How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep" by Bombay Bicycle Club
During Cafeteria Scene?

"Clair de Lune"
When Bella arrives at Edward's house before the leg hitch / bedroom scene. Also when Edward gives her the diamond heart to add to her bracelet.

What else?

Ashley Greene disses LA Twilight Fans?

July 2, 2010 -- Ashley Greene insults 'Twilight Eclipse' premiere fans who camped out for days at the LA Live just to see the Twilight cast. In London today she told reporters that the London fans were definitely more excited to see the cast members and went out of her way to describe the fans in Los Angeles as 'jaded'.

'I keep saying our European fans, in general, rival LA. I feel like LA is jaded or something. Everyone seems so excited to see us so they are up there, definitely high up.' Ashley Greene tells the media.

Her exact quote gives the impression that she doesn't appreciate the loud screams on the red carpet in Los Angeles last week. Or even the fans who camped out to see the stars walk the red carpet at the premiere in LA. How much louder could the fans scream to get her attention of the sincerity of their love for Twilight?

Really Ashley, you don't think American fans of Twilight are very passionate? Have you looked at the Internet lately?

Comparing the camps of fans is sort of insane really. Everyone pays good money to see a movie they love, but to insult them is way uncool. Does Ashley not realize that most people of the world have Internet and this quote will be seen by American's who love Twilight? Definitely not.


David Slade "Outs" Robsten

Lexicon and MSN SUperfan Meet with MOviefone

Laura and Myriam!!!

UK Fans felt "Robbed" without ROb at Premiere

mg src="" width=400>

Twilight fans have warned the main three characters of the movie saga not to shun a UK premiere again.

No official reason was given as to why Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner did not attend.

However, it is thought Robert is filming in LA and was unable to break his schedule.

Fans at the premiere told Newsbeat that hundreds more would have camped out and attended if the three main stars had come along.

The stars that did attend included Xavier Samuel, who plays newborn vampire Riley, as well as Kellan Lutz who is one of the Cullen family members.

Also there was Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen, Edward's sister.

'Completely shocked'

She said: "You know what, because we have so many fans in so many places they've had to split us up across the world and so, unfortunately we can't all make it to everything.

"But they seem pretty excited, the fans, so that's a good sign."

While Nikki Reed who plays Rosalie Hale was pleased with the turnout: "I'm feeling great. I'm completely shocked. I had no idea.

"This feels just as big as the LA premiere. I'm surprised so many people turned up and Rob isn't here.

"I know Rob would have loved to have been here, but he's shooting a movie in LA and I don't think he was allowed to come."

Twilight fan Alison, 20, admitted that Robert's absence was a bit of a let down. She said: "I'm disappointed, but I think the cast is so big, they've got so many of them coming it's going to be fantastic regardless.

"We should be prioritised though to be honest. At the end of the day Edward is British. Robert Pattinson's British, he should be here."

Some fans had even camped in London's Leicester Square, staying for more than 30 hours, to make sure they got a good spot along the barriers to see their favourite cast members.

Seventeen-year-old Ben had travelled down from Newcastle and said he was secretly pleased the top stars hadn't come.

"I am very disappointed. It would have been nice to see them. But I'm also glad because there would have been millions of other people here and we wouldn't have got such a good spot."

Mandys - Mind - Get over it people! The movie is more than just the main three... granted, if you were TOLD ROb would be there and he wasn't that is one thing but you weren't and if you were a hard-core Rob fan you would probably have known he is filming Water for Elephants and has a very strict schedule which didn't even allow him to do much promotion. Canada didn't get anything... many cities got nothing, so be happy you got some amazing cast members to fly half way around the world from their busy lives to see you... also Ashley loves you more than LA fans so there ya go ha ha

[Via TwiFans]

Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli on Lopez - videos

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse IMAX

I went to see Eclipse for the 3rd time today and |I brought my husband and daughter. It was my first time viewing as IMAX and here are my thoughts:

This movie has a lot of close-ups

I didnt realize it in regular theatre, but on IMAX it was very obious... there are a lot of close-up shots which is nice because the picture is crip and clear but the idea of IMAX to me is more wide shots of everything... not that I am complaining about seeing Robert Pattinson that big, nor did I mind Taylor's abs that clear and big.... but I just don't think it's really an "IMAX" movie.

Action Shots were intense

I knew how intense the fight scenes were and also heard that in IMAX thispart was challenging to watch so I sat as far back as possible and it was ok. A lot of looking around across the entire screen to see different parts.

Scenery is beautiful

I lovced the mountains and the wide shots of the land. Not just because it is my neighbourhood but because it is pretty and to me IMAX is more about those kinds of shots.

Loud Sound

I really loved that it was super loud because it tuned out any and all chatter and commentary and laughter around me. The first viewing in LA was a Team Edward theatre, at the Rio it was a Team Jacob theatre, today it was a Team Silent Theatre... or at least it felt that way because the IMAX sound was so loud.


I thought the make-up was so much better in Eclipse versus Twilight and New Moon. In IMAX however, some of the make-up was more noticable (Rob's 5 o'clock shadow, vampires cake noses) not bad - I am just nit-picking honestly.... though Jacob's moustache was obvious and kind of gross... even my 7 year old daughter said "Jacob has a moustache mom" ha ha


I noticed strange details, like Billy Burke has a Seattle Mariner's t-shirt under his shirt in the kitchen, more details on the quilt from Bella's mom, hair lines of less-than-perfect-wigs, the extra's (a few I knew were in the film so I could see them better) and so on. Definately neat to see at least once.


Seeing hotties crisp, clear and EXTRA LARGE was worth it - once - but for my 4th viewing I will go back to regular theatre....

Watch Eclipse with the Cast

The Eclipse Movie Official Website posted this:

Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Clifton, NJ
Cleveland, OH
Dallas, TX
Detroit, MI
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO/KS
Kona, HI
Las Vegas, NV
Long Island, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Manhattan, NY
Minneapolis, MN
Nashville, TN
New Orleans, LA
Orange County, CA
Paramus, NJ
Phoenix, AZ
San Francisco, CA
Toronto, Ontario
Vancouver, BC
Washington, DC/Northern Virginia

Now I am not sure who will be here in Vancouver. Charlie said he is in Vancouver MONDAY so that won't work.

They haven't said which theatres in each city or which cast so I guess we will just have to see.

Based on casts tweets here are some guesses:

Charlie - Minneapolis Friday, NYC Saturday and Sunday.
Tinsel - Nashville Tn (She tweeted about Grand Ole Oprey)
Chaske - Said he was off to Montana 2 days ago... not sure

Ashley, Booboo, Nikki, Xavier, Alex, Kellan and David Slade are all in UK so not sure where they will (or if they will) show up.

If you hear/know let me know :-)

UK Eclipse Premiere Videos

Kellan Lutz:

Ashley Greene

Alex Meraz:

Nikki Reed:

Booboo Stewart:

Xavier Samuel:

UK Eclipse Press Conference

See More Here.

UK Eclipse Premiere

Eclipse Premiere in the UK

And this got tabloids running wild about a possible relationship between Nikki & Jonas... who knows but I hope not LoL

[Eclipse Movie Via Twifans]

Taylor Lautner in his grey spandex wolf suit

We saw and heard in interviews that Kristen didn't want to pet a faken wolf so she pet Taylor - and Rob made fun of his lil grey spandex suit so here we get a view of him in it - hilarious!


Taylor Lautner on Letterman

Letterman annoys me most of the time but I tune in occasionally for Twilight Cast ha ha

Jackson Rathbone on Good Day New York

Wyck Godfrey talks with Collider - Breaking Dawn Louisiana and Vancouver

Here’s a synopsis of the video below from Steve “AKA Frosty” from Collider:

Producer Wyck Godfrey

•Didn’t we just talk…he talks about the crazy production schedule
•Says he is very busy prepping Breaking Dawn. Says they are shooting in Louisiana
•1:00 – What was the biggest hurdle to overcome on Eclipse
•1:45 – How involved is he in the IMAX release
•2:15 – How much talk was there to do Eclipse in 3D. Says they are talking about it for Breaking Dawn. How does he feel about post converted 3D?
•3:20 – How much got cut out of Eclipse that will be on the DVD/Blu-ray. Says at least 3 scenes that were either cut or cut down
•4:00 – Has there been any talk about doing an ultra box set for all the Twilight movies on DVD/Blu-ray
•4:25 – Do they have anything that they’re saving for the big box set
•5:05 – Bill Condon talk. How surprised was he that they got him for Breaking Dawn
•6:05 – Are they planning on changing stuff out of Breaking Dawn the book versus the movie
•7:20 – How long does he think each Breaking Dawn movie will be? Will they both be 2 hr movies?
•8:02 – Says they are shooting Breaking Dawn in Vancouver and Louisiana
•8:25 – What else is he involved with? Talks about his Wizard of Oz project at Warner Bros./New Line. Says his film is a faithful adaptation of the book
•9:15 – With two competing projects happening does he think whichever one goes first will get made
•9:45 – Talks about a Channing Tatum 10 year High School reunion movie that he’s working on. Also a Janice Joplin movie with Amy Adams directed by Fernando Meirelles

Here's the video:

TWILIGHT Producer Wyck Godfrey TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWN - More amazing videos are a click away

[Via Twilight Lexicon]

Robert Pattinson Stills from 'The Summer House'


WFE Set Photos - Rob in a suit

Actor Robert Pattinson continues work on the set of "Water For Elephants" in the downtown area of Los Angeles, CA on July 1, 2010. A
few bodyguards who blocked the actor from the fans and paparazzi rushed
Robert into the location. Robert had his hair slicked back and was
wearing a suit, what could this scene be?


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Missing Scenes from Eclipse

I mentioned many of these already in my intial review but some more were noticed the 2nd time around.

Bella & Angela do invitations and talk about boys.

Edward with red eyes (Some said as a volturi?)

Outside after graduation.

Bella's dream about a life with Jacob.


In Rosalie's Flashback didn't include Vera and her baby.

DVD Extra's? I asked a Summit rep at the LA Screening and he said David Slade had said in press interviews that he wanted Bella's vision of her life with Jacob on dvd therefore it likely will be (YAY!)


Tonight's So You Think You Can Dance

Tonight was awesome, Alex's routine with Twitch was amazing. Leave it to NappyTabs to create such a fantastic routine. And Alex is stunning.. he and Robert and Billy are my faves, though I do love JOse and Kent they are more for personality than dancing though they are fab dancers also. The girls aren't as great in my opinion and I agreed with the judges that Christina should have stayed last week but c'est la vie.

Here is Twitch and Alex dancing to Napoleana nd Tabitha's routine.... amaze!

Eclipse opens with $30 Million +

Twilight Saga Eclipse is off to a fantastic start and I predict massive box office numbers come early next week.

IMAX is even moreincentive to see this movie more (Regular and IMAX).

Personally I saw Twilight twice in theatre (Three times after last night) and New Moon three times in theatre (four after last night) and plan to see Eclipse four times (twice so far) in theatres.

That idea of seeing the newest film at least one more time than you saw the last is what will help box office sales increase with each movie. That and new fans discovering the series constantly....

Here are some numbers so far...
According to BoxOffice Mojo:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ripped into the record books with its midnight launch, grossing over $30 million at more than 4,000 theaters. That surpassed The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s previous benchmark of $26.3 million. Included in Eclipse‘s sum was a new IMAX midnight milestone of over $1 million at 192 venues, topping Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘s $959,000.

The vampre(sic) romance sequel had already cast the widest opening net ever, biting into a whopping 4,416 locations (more theaters are expected to be added on Friday). Iron Man 2 previously held that title with 4,380 locations, while Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince holds the record for highest location count ever at 4,455. Eclipse‘s count includes 193 IMAX venues, which is just shy of Shrek Forever After‘s 194 record.

See more on Box Office Mojo

Twilight Lexicon posts:

The thing to keep in mind is that this figure only counts sales in the USA made through 3:00am this morning. It does not count the sales that are picked up during the day today through 11:59pm this evening. Once those figures come in tomorrow afternoon to reflect the first day’s complete total that number should be $150,000,000. This will solidly put Eclipse opening in the top ten movies of the year.

The big question is going to be if Eclipse can get to the 300,000,000 million mark. New Moon was just shy at circa 296,000,000. No matter what it is going to continues to smash records for what is a predominately female driven enterprise.

Further more @Larry411 writes:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has opened to a record $30M+ overnight from approximately 4,000 screenings, beating the record $26.27M set by New Moon. This is an estimated total from all midnight and 3:00 AM shows. The film also set a new IMAX overnight record, with $1M at 192 locations beating the recordholder Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with $959K.

As I posted below, Twilight opened on November 21, 2008 at 3,419 theaters, taking in around $7M in midnight screenings (which was considered stratospheric at the time). Its first weekend total was $69.64M. The Twilight Saga: New Moon opened on November 20, 2009 with $26.27M from 3,514 midnight screenings at 4,024 locations on its way to a first day total of $72.7M (more than Twilight's entire opening weekend). Its first weekend total was $142.8M, making it the #3 all-time and #1 non-summer opening weekend of all time.

The Dark Knight had a $18.4M midnight debut (3-day weekend) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince took in $22.2M on a Tuesday night on its way to a 5-day weekend total of $158M. The Dark Knight went on to take in $67.17M that opening day, dropped 29.1% from Friday to Saturday to bring in another $47.65M, and ended with $43.6M on Sunday for an opening weekend total of $158.4M.

What to watch for: We won't be able to measure per theater averages until we know exactly how many showings there were. That will be a better indicator of how well Eclipse did vs. New Moon. The film's opening day total will be released tomorrow afternoon, Thursday 7/1. More theaters are expected to be added on Friday. The Independence Day holiday weekend is tabulated starting Friday, so the 3-day weekend totals will not include today and tomorrow's numbers. Therefore, it's possible that Eclipse may not set a holiday weekend record. Wednesday and Thursday's numbers will still count toward the film's total box office although they will be included in the week of Friday 6/25 - Thursday 7/1.

Collider interviews Tinsel Korey

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, actress Tinsel Korey reprises her role as Emily Young, the fiancee of Wolf Pack alpha Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer). As part of another love triangle in the film – this one between Emily, Sam and his ex, Leah Clearwater (Julia Jones) – the storyline brings a heightened tension to an already more intense film.

During an exclusive chat over coffee at a Hollywood Starbucks, Tinsel Korey talked about playing a visibly scarred character, seeing herself in the make-up the first time, what it was like to work with Kristen Stewart and all the guys in the Wolf Pack, and realizing just how big the Twilight saga had become when she heard Oprah talk about the films. She also talked about playing a schizophrenic serial killer in the upcoming indie Stained, and how she hopes to do more comedic roles in the future. Check out what she had to say after the jump:

Question: How did you originally get involved with the Twilight films? Did you just go on an audition?

Tinsel: Yeah. My little sister told me about the Twilight books and what a big fan she was. She said, “It’s like Harry Potter in love,” which it’s not. So, when the audition came up, I wanted to get the film for her. It was great because I got to take her to the premiere. She got all dolled up and was treated like a princess for the day. But, yeah, it was just the regular audition process. There were a couple people telling me about it and that they were looking for the actors, but my manager is pretty good at sorting that out. And, (casting director) Rene Haynes cast me in Into the West, and she’s always kept in touch and been a real big supporter of my career.

Read the entire interview here

Metric - Eclipse (all yours) Soundtrack

KStew back at LAX

Welcome home for Eclipse Day - - - Kristen back at LAX


Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel in Belgium for Eclipse Premiere

Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel in Belgium for Eclipse Premiere

WTD Ashley? Dress Fail in my opinion...

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Charlie Bewley and Booboo Stewart on Lopez

Jackson Rathbone describes Eclipse Cast in a word

Pretty Little Liars

I have a few new shows on my PVR... one I wanted to share and see who else watches....

Pretty Little Liars... filmed locally and starring a few hot young actresses as well as some seasoned faves.

I love the opening theme song... The Pierces, "Secret."

Lucy Hale was on "Privleged" a show I really liked. I remember a twitter friend saying she was at Cactus Club several months ago and that was when I first heard about Pretty Little Liars. Other young actresses include Bianca Lawson (Emily on Vampire Diaries) and Tammin Sirsok (Colleen from Y&R)

Then there is Laura Leighton who I first loved on Melrose Place, the original! Ha Ha (Yes I am old) and Holly Marie Combs from Charmed.

The story is basically a bunch of snobby high schoolers with a secret that is haunting them... a friend is dead and they are gettng mysterious messages from someone which leads to a twisted though predictable plot of secrecy and paranoia.

It is cute, quirky, I am enjoying it so far - have you seen it?