Saturday, January 26, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 Stills

Is it March yet?

I can NOT wait for more Game of Thrones... while I was late to hop the fan wagon, I am fully in love with this show. Last year at SDCC I was so excited to hear the panel and enjoy the Q & A with the cast, who were all so amazing!

Here is my fave... Khaleesi.....

See more new stills at HYPABLE

Warm Bodies Premiere in NYC

Who is going to see this next weekend? I feel like I need to go again, because I saw it in November at Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere and was not in the right mind set to appreciate it..... I hadn't read the book, I was in Twilight mind-set and found it off beat, goofy, ridiculous at times and the group I was with were giggling non-stop which got me into the giggles and we spent most the movie making Twilight connections....

I thought Nicholas Hoult was hot.... even as a zombie... I loved the juxtaposition of comedy and gore.... and love... it is like nothing you have seen before and I think people will love it

Here are some pics from the premiere in NYC: