Saturday, June 12, 2010

L.A Day #3 - Part 2

Well I can't be exactly sure where I left off the last post but I assume after allthe speakers.... so since then I had a lil rest to charge batteries and then went down and got autographs from Kiowa, Tinsel, Justin, and Mike.

I did get multiples because I want to have plenty for our amazing |||||||Twilight \triple feature at the Rio theatre in |Vancouver on June 2 - be sure to get tickets - there is a link at the top of my blog.

Then we got all dolled up for the VOlturi Ball. After some drinks, dancing and chatting with new and old friends we went BACK up to the hotel to prepare for the karaoke and then we danced and sang our heartsw out with Mike and Kiowa...

I actualy got up to sing - tho with a ton of people - SHOOP by SaltNpepa

I hear there is vifeo footage *hides* me+booze+karaoke=trouble ha ha

I had a ton of fun and I do have so much to share but anyone who has been at a Twilight Convention knows that it is so action packed that you don't have much time for anything....

I am currently uploading 600 photos from one camera and 200 from the other plus some of that is video. There is novideo of the Q&A however, I did take video of karaoke while my friends sang....m hilarious! Kiowa was there for parts but Mike |Welch was singingand dancing and entertaining the entire time!

He is awesome!

OK - I need sleep- - anyone who is at or planning to be at |Twi_Tour Saturday please come say hi to me :-) I love meeting new people and seeing familiar faces and I promise I don't bite!

More tomorrow - ok myabe not Sunday for sure I will have TONS AND TONS of posts and photos...

Thanks for your patience

Friday, June 11, 2010

L.A Day #3 - Part 1

Wow, L.A. is being good to me. I have been trying to tweet but the convention room is on the bottom floor so service it tough to come by. I am still writing it all down (well typing) so I can post later.

I am taking a ton of photos also - thanks to my friend Elyse for lending me her much better camera than mine.

|Today I woke up and went over to the mall for some shopping. Once registration started I helped out with wristbands, which was awesome because it allowed me to meet a lot of the fans as they came in and see tons of familiar faces!

Hillywood introduced everyone and we have had Tinsel Korey, Kiowa Gordon, Mike Welch and Justin |Chon as well as Booboo Stewart on stage so far.

|There's a short break right now with Lot's of vendors and cool artifacts in the vendors room. This Convention is so amazing, even better than past conventions if you can believe it.

In a half hour there are autographs then preparation for the VOlturi Ball.

There will also be Karaoke tonight which should be awesome.

I am recharging batteries in cameras and cell phones or I would post photos now but I promise to get some teasers up asap and twitpic as much as the cell reception will allow.

Thanks for following me on twitter and keep checking back here for more updates tonight| and all week.

Twilight Convention Preparations

This room WILL become the main theatre with rows of chairs it was being torn down yesterday from a conference and last night the set up was starting, it looked fabulous! AND BIG!

Who's excited? We start this afternoon! How exciting!!

L.A Day #2

Another great day in L.A.

It was so long but exciting. We woke up and had breakfast then went back to the airport to meet a friend. The three of us taxi'd to the Hyatt.

The hotel is beautiful, as is the weather and the view from our room.
There are 5 pools and a hot tub, an outdoor mall around the corner and so much to do within walking distance.

After settling in the three of us went to shop. I mostly browsed as I am on a tight budget but |I did get a few things for my kiddo as well as a few cute sun dresses on sale. Also, in borders I saw "Love Bites" an unofficial Twilight book, and I was shocked to see photos a friend of mine took including one I am in! Wow!

We popped by a grocery store and stoked up on veggies, dips, multigrain tostitos, salsa, yogurts, cheese, alcohol, mixers and such. It was warm out and I even got a sunburn just a bit on my shoulders!

We enjoyed lunch on our patio that overlooks the pool (Photo above)

We relaxed, awaiting others arrivals. I saw an old friend from Georgia who texted me upon arrival and then our other roomie arrived and Christy's roomies from Arizona and a new friend from |Tenessee..we all hung out. Then a few went clubbing and the rest of us piled in a cab and went to Hollywood to check out the touristy sites.

We saw so many stars - I took photos of tons but wil upload those to facebook because honestly they look just like this but with different names ha ha ha..

This is Grauman's Chinese |Theatre, very cool - and after walking up and down the street we went by and saw all the hand and foot prints in the walkway entrance - so very cool.

El Captian Theatre which will host the Toy Story 3 red carpet premiere this weekend

Jimmy Kimmel Live - I walked by about when his ticketing website shut down. Ha Ha!
Here is the Harry Potter Cast in the cement. |There were literreally dozens of different stars from as early as the 1930s (that I noticed, maybe earlier) I snapped photos of tons and even put my own hands in their spots... including Johnny Depp, Shirley Temple (m grandparents used to let me watch her) and many others. I will post more photos once I am home next week or to facebook this week if I get time. FOr now it is mostly teasers I suppose ;)
Pretty Woman.... we drove down Sunset Blvd and |Rodeo Dr. and saw so many famous hot spots. We were too tired to wander around but saw a ton of amazing places we hope to check out more thoroughly later.

We walked through a ton of awesome areas and snapped a lot of photos but it's 2am and my roomies are trying to sleep so I shall share more tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Eclipse Clip - Bella with the Wolf Pack

L.A Day #1

I am in L.A. This morning I woke up early and took my kiddo to school.

She suggested I "pack her" in my suitcase and bring her along... I sure wish I could have brought her, done Disneyland and Knott's Berry and all the fun stuff.

After taking her to school my hubby took me to meet friends and head down to Bellingham. We had a few pit stops including the nail salon. It wasn't my usual nail place and sadly they weren't very good, especially under the time brunch - so instead of getting a black french manicure with the Eclipse red ribbon going through it but they were not very artistic so after seeing the hideous attempt at the ribbon I opted to not do it. Maybe I will find a talente4d nail artist in L.A. -n otherwise, it is still cute.

I was worried about my luggage being over 50lbs.

(IT's the purple one) Luckily it was 9.2 lbs (Thank you to my hubby who told me to re-pack a few items which were just enough to save me the massive overweight fee)

Christy and I had 2 hours at the Bellingham airport and even though it is an international airport, it sure didn't feel like one. It was so tiny and didn't have gates, you walked outside and up to your plane! Reminded me of |Mexico.

We had a short flight (2.5 hours) and |I slept most of the time.

It was amazing coming to L.A. seeing just how BIG the city is - and how smoggy! yuck!

We landed and our plan to celeb-search & relax quickly passed as our luggage was a lot heavier than planned. We used the handy computer phones to browse a few hotels and call about rates, availability and ammenities.
We found a cheap hotel and waited for our shuttle - which took a lot longer than it should have but at last it arrived and took us to the hotel. We checked in, settled in, then went for a walk to a local Sizzler - that's right ladies and gents - ok mostly ladies.... $9.99 for a dinner AND all you can eat salad and appie bar... mmmm!!!

We stuffed our faces with salad and tacos and just everything!

Our walk back to the hotel was a lot slower than our walk there but we enjoyed the fresh air and the giant airplanes flying overhead. DOwnside to a airport hotel is the loud planes.... but up side is we don't have to get up too early to get ack to airport to meet friends tomorrow and head to the Hyatt where we will stay the next few days and where the Twilight Convention will be held Friday - Sunday.

So much happening in the next week - I am so glad I have this lap top to keep you updated!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week - I wish you could all be here with us to enjoy the excitement!

Nikki Reed Single

See bottom for my opinion....

Nikki Reed spoke to Marc Malkin at the MTV MOvie Awards and admited she was indeed single again.

Nikki Reed is done with dating.

Not forever, but the Twilight beauty has officially confirmed to me that she and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis are dunzo…

"I'm not going to be with anyone for a very long time," Reed said at the MTV Movie Awards. "It's about time that I focused on me.

"In the last four months, people have been reaming me to know what's happening in my relationship world," she continued. "You're the only person I've said that to."

As our E! pals over at The Awful Truth first reported, Reed and Latsis began dating in the beginning of 2009. Reed didn't reveal why they split, but did say that her older brother, Nathan, has helped her get through the rough patch. He was living in Brazil when she came calling.

"He quit his job and came back [to L.A.] two days later and I was like, 'So, you're going on a two-month tour with me,'" Reed said. "He's awesome."

And hot, I can tell you. He accompanied his sister to the Movie Awards.

Nikki said, "He's single!"

Mandy's Mind - I am sorry to hear Nikki is experiencing heartache BUT I am glad she isn't with Paris anymore, he seems kinda douchey - I mean he dated Paris Hilton.... hello?!?! I think Nikki Reed is so incredible sweet and beautiful and if this news of her being single is true, I hope she enjoys it and eventually settles down with someone who is amazing and treats her the way she deserves, sorry I just really adore Nikki she has been nothing but sweet to me each and every time I have met her - sending positive vibes her way!

Water for Elephants - Robert Pattinson in a suit on set

He sure looks stunning - I can't believe I am going to be only a short distance from this amazing set.


David Slade Interview - Eclipse

Blood is |Thicker than Water - |Eclipse Clip

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Draw Winner - Sabrina

Congrats to Sabrina who won the first draw - a personalized autograph which I will get from Twilight Convention L.A.

Thanks to all who have donated. The next draw will be the end of June. Check back for more information.

Twilight Calendar

COming Soon

Eclipse Trading Cards

Eclipse Trading Cards are available. There are lot's but here are a few with scenes I hadn't seen yet or especially liked...

TwiFans has tons of them in their album here

Amazon has all different kinds available including the signature ones:

Monday, June 7, 2010

20 New Eclipse Stills

Wow I am so excited to be posting this (albeit slower than usual) from my laptop! Yes, I have one finally - - - *squeee* takes getting used to different keyboard - but here you go some great new photos from Eclipse!

Photo: Kimberley French
© 2010 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.

[via TwiFans.Com]