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More Hunger Games Casting Calls - Extras Needed

Based on this I would guess they plan to film the Capitol and the parties (fashionable people, unique characteristics) How exciting - I would love to be a part of it!!

* African American Adults & Teens. Must be of SLENDER build. Will work 1 -2 days in August.

* High Fashion Male and Female Model Types -18 -70. Must be available 4 -8 days in August.

As well as those that appear to be well taken care of and attractive. All ethnic backgrounds needed

* Adults with unique Facial features, or facial hair. Adults who are extreme characters facially and or physically. All shapes and sizes. Must be available 4 -8 days in August. All ethnic backgrounds needed.

Submit current snapshot, name, age, phone number, height, weight, clothing sizes and city and state you reside in to us at

Your submission heading should read -Your gender and age. Examples -Male 27 yrs, Female 42 years.

Submission must include all information in order to be processed.


Please DO NOT submit if you do not live in easy driving distance to Charlotte (Anywhere in NC, SC, or poss. GA & TN are fine)

Hunger Games Boosts Economy

Small Towns bring in big bucks when major motion pictures come to town. This is one reason the first Twilight did not film in Forks, it was simply too small to accomodate cast, crew, equipment...

Vancouver, already a large city, definately felt a boost in tourism when the Twilight films came to town....

And now, Hunger Games is experiencing the boost...

Citizen Times writes:

Restaurant owner Chris Canoutas can measure the impact of a big Hollywood movie production in straightforward fashion — by the number of pepperoni slices, pounds of pizza dough and jars of tomato sauce he goes through.

Those numbers have been up dramatically over the past few weeks, according to the owner of Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille in downtown Shelby, an hour’s drive east of Asheville.

“I would say I’ve seen about a 20 percent increase in business from the construction guys coming in and building the set, then the shooting and now the tearing down of the set,” Canoutas said.

“We’ve sort of been their spot for coming in to wind down,” said Canoutas, who serves up brick oven pizzas and craft beers, including Asheville-brewed Highland Gaelic Ale.

“It’s made a good month great, and it’s still going on,” he said.

The increased pizza production is just one small example of the big economic ripple effect that the filming of “The Hunger Games” is having statewide, including Western North Carolina. Around the state, the $75 million production is pumping cash into small town restaurants and antique shops, putting money in the pockets of technicians and setting the stage for a future boost in tourist spending

I would go down if I could...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fan Story - Water For Elephants Premiere in Berlin

My friend Barabara sent me this a few weeks ago, and I have been so busy I forgot to post it. My apologies, as it is a great story and some great photos from the Water for Elephants Premiere in Berlin.

Rob signs fan autogrpahs
Setting up the night before

Read her fantastic story by clicking the link....


I went with a friend of mine to Berlin the day before the premiere of „Water for Elephants“. We headed straight to the Sony Center and saw that the preparations had already begun. The sponsor wall was there and the red carpet but no fences. We had a pizza there and watched for a while. The first fans prepared for the night to stay there. We drove home to the familiy of my friend. They were so kind to invite us at their place. Thanks!

Next morning we arrived at half past nine at the Sony Center. There was a little crowd at two places, let’s say north of the carpet (I don’t know whether this is correct, but we will need the position). No need to hurry. We decided to place ourselfs near the cinema after the sponsor wall south of the carpet. But they began to build a fence there for the press area. So we moved a litle bit further to the entrance of the cinma. An hour later they started to shut the whole side south of the carpet in front of the cinema for VIPs. Of course now the north side of the carpet was crowded. It was about 10 rows. No chance there!
So we went to the other side of the sponsor wall, again south of the carpet. On the north side was only a short space directly on the carpet with many folks. There was the driveway for the cars aswell. The south side was devided into two areas by another drive way. So we stood firstly near the sponsor wall directly at one of the drive ways. We made nice contacts and watched the elephant to be brought in.
Then we figured out that we stood on the way out, not in. So we moved on the other side of the way out opposit of the crowded north of the carpet with a good sight on the carpet and the sponsor wall. Later we had to move a little bit further again and were then in a small official fan area. Woohoo!

We spent the afternoon with nice chats. At 6 p.m. started the radio show. The hosts heated up the fans by giving away tickets for the premiere screening. This made everybody greedy and was not to my liking. The stars arrived over an hour later.

First was Francis Lawrence. The incoming cars stopped nearly in front of us. Lawrence had a lot of fun. He started with the autographs at our side. He was very gentle and asked me if I wanted my book signed on the cover or inside. I wanted it on the cover and so he did. He made his round and was enjoying himself a lot.

Next came Christoph Walz. He started on the north side. When he came to us he only gave about every 10th the honor of an autograph and I was not with them. The girls to our right asked for a picture what he refused. Mr. Waltz is not everybody’s darling.

Then came Rob and the Sony Center was exploding! He left the car and was already on his way to the north side giving a short wave in our direction. But then, he was turned around, guided round the car and started to sign on our side about 5 meters to the left! But I didn’t see anything because of all the books, magazines and cameras that were held up for Rob. He came along very slowly because he signed every single item and made photos with everybody, who wanted one.

Then Lawrence came back with a little camera in his hand. Obviously he wanted to document the crazyness for Rob. He wanted us to wave and shout. Of course we did and he took photos or a video. This man was having fun a lot! I took a photo from him too!

When Rob came nearer I managed to take a photos from him two steps to my left. And then he was there! Right in front of me. And suddenly I nearly didn’t see anything because of about 100 arms that came from behind me holding stuff to sign and cameras to take photos. I struggeld for sight an position and managed to give him my book and asked him in english to please sign. Perhaps because of that he looked up: straight into my eyes! An arm length away from me. OMG! He smiled and signed my book on the cover as well. Suddenly I was very busy not to pass out! But it was so crowded now that it would have been impossible to fall down. I was barely standing on my toes because of all the pushing.
Rob is really someone to look at. And he ist tall and well built. Not to speak about his face and eyes and hair. But I was most impressed by his personality. Rob has an adorable aura that can fill empty halls. You could feel this. He looked not 100% at ease. You could see that this situation in general is no favorite of his. I could watch him sigh once when he was a bit further to my right. But he gave his best. I think everybody in our row got his autograph or photo. The girls to our right made photos with him. So we could enjoy his presence a little longer. Then Rob went to the sponsor wall for the press. We could see him there but it was far away and very crowded. And that was it with autographs from Rob for normal fans. He could not go to the north side or the other side from the drive out where we stood in the morning. And from what we learned, after the press he just gave some autographs to the winners of a magazine in front of the cinema (the VIP area where we stood first) and was quickly directed in. He wanted to come back for the fans on the other side of the carpet in front of the cinema but wasn’t allowed to, somebody told us.
Rob waved from the balcony of the cinema before the beginning of the screening. At about 9 p.m. he left for the after party, what we watched from a distance.
My friend and I sat down again at the Pizzaria and watched them tearing everything down. We kept telling each others that this was true. She got her autograph too. We have been so lucky! Afer a long day in the right place just by chance! This was the jackpot! I will never forget!
It was absolutely crazy coming from Munich and near Frankfurt to Berlin to experience this premiere. We did not care to ask for more than beeing part of this and maybe see the stars (what not everybody did from the 1000 fans who were there) and feel the athmosphere of such an event. And we have been rewarded so much. THANKS!

Thanks to Barbara for sharing her story and photos!

True Blood Season 4 Posters

Aren't these amazing? I can NOT wait for Season 4 True Blood!

[Via Source]

June 9 Cosmopolis Set Photos

BTS NM Screen Caps

Screencaps from BTS on New Moon - these make me remember the crazy fun while they were here filming..


Hunger Games Filming - News Video

Offical Breaking Dawn Page up

Breaking Dawn Official Site

I had seen this before the MTV Movie Awards when they were testing it. It is how I saw the trailer before the awards... tee hee!

ANYWAYS, not much up yet - but in time.... woooo! We are getting closer...

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Hunger Games Wraps in Shelby NC

Less than two weeks after turning the P&M Warehouse into a futuristic coal town and attracting worldwide attention to the City of Pleasant Living, the cast and crew of ‘The Hunger Games’ appear to be on their way to the next filming location.
Lafayette Street, between West Marion and Sumter streets, was shut down Saturday for filming. An off-duty police officer working as security for the film indicated it was the last day of filming in Shelby and that scenes were being shot inside one of the buildings.
RVs and tractor-trailers were parked on both sides of the road. What few pedestrians were out at 4 p.m. were instructed to walk only on the east side of the street.


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True Blood Season 4 - Episode 1 - First 6 minutes - VIDEO

Hottest Vampire and Werewolf Contest

Kristen Stewart at UK Glamour Awards - PHOTOS

She is looking great.... Always a fashionista non?

Also, one of her Twilight co-star and Harry Potter star JCB Jamie Campbell Bower is there!

See Kristen arrive at London airport this morning


Kristen Stewart arrives in London for UK Glamour Awards

See dozens more atHERE

See Kristen on the red carpet HERE!!

Sign Edward & Bella's Wedding Guestbook

Sign Here

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Twilightish on the Red Carpet - Interview with Breaking Dawn Cast

Twilightish was on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards and has some great interviews up on their site. I know many of the lovely ladies who run Twilightish and am excited to share some of their interviews from the red carpet. For more interviews, news and updates check out their site here.

Rami Malek (Benjamin)

Billy Burke (Charlie Swan)

Noel Fisher (Vladmir)

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale)

Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen)

Tinsel Korey (Emily)

Their youtube has more interviews and videos of celebrities walking the red carpet!

Robert Pattinson Arrives back in Toronto for Cosmopolis Filming

See more here

Dakota Fanning graduates

Congrats Dakota Fanning, growing up so fast!

Tom Felton at MTV Movie Awards 2011 Red Carpet

Twilight Examiner looks closer at the Breaking Dawn Trailer

Since the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer came out Sunday, fans have been watching, re watching and analysing it's every frame... So much excitement and favourite moments!!

We should remember this is still considered a "teaser trailer" and not the first trailer - technically... we have a few months for THAT!

Till then we can rewatch, over and over and explore every detail....

Twilight Examiner writes:

Aro’s Announcement:
It’s fairly hilarious that the Volturi receive not an invitation but an announcement of Bella and Edward’s wedding. It’s also addressed to “Resident” rather than to Aro himself. Aro’s smile upon receipt says it all: he understands that the transmission method is not accidental. This really sets the stage, early on, for the overarching conflict that exists in the story of Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward are not cowering to the demands set by the Volturi, at least not right away, so a game has been put into motion. Bringing the story of Breaking Dawn to life on-screen promises the opportunity to see some of the Volturi’s behind-the-scenes motives – this being the start of one of them . . .

Mixed invitation reactions: In the trailer, we see several characters react to their wedding invitations: Charlie, Renee, and Jacob. Two of those people are clearly unhappy about the news, but one seems utterly delighted. Charlie wears and pensive and worried expression as he reads his, but Jacob takes his dismay a step further by throwing his to the rainy ground and taking off in wolf form (abandoning his pack, presumably?). Renee, meanwhile, prances around with hers in-hand. This is a great introduction to what we will see from these characters in Part 1. Having their reactions tie in together in this way for the trailer was clever and quite resourceful, really.

The wedding: We already know through the first glimpse we saw of Bella and Edward’s wedding indicated a few choice cameos by Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godfrey, and Melissa Rosenberg. Also, thanks to the sneak peek we saw last week, we know that Edward’s tux is suitably old-fashioned and that Carlisle and Esme are the ones who stand next to him at the altar. What the full trailer reveals, however, is Bella’s face. So, so lovely, right? We still haven’t been shown the full dress just yet, but having seen this, we can certainly know she will be beautiful.

Headboard!: This one really needs no explanation. Wasn’t this moment fantastic?

Edward versus Jake: Note the blood on Edward’s lips as he slams Jacob into the wall. One can guess what has just been done by both to cause the fight, right? This scene is going to be epic.
Pregnant Bella: Edward’s expression in this moment is priceless. The menace in his eyes is undeniable.

Dialogue: We get two precious pieces of dialogue in the trailer. What do you think of the lines?

Edward: “No measure of time with you would be long enough, but we’ll start with forever.”

Bella: “It’s impossible.”

Tagline: Finally, we see that tagline you all loved so much ("Forever is only the beginning") interspersed with the trailer footage. As good as it was standing alone, it seems even better cut between the moments presented in the video.


MTV Movie Awards

It was another great year for the MMAs. It often felt like the Robert Pattinson Awards, but I am certain there aren't too many complaints about that one.

Some fave moments:

-Intro featuring Taylor Lautner "Missing" This incorporated current events, top movies, upcoming movies, and celebrity gossip all into one funny skit.

-Rob wins Best Male performance. He cracks jokes that Zac Efron cried and he thought he would win. Short and Sweet... the least awkward of all his appearences of the night ha ha!

-Kristen wins Best Female Performance. For once she is less awkward than Rob at an awards show. She looks good, she is still her usual nervous self but sweet and endearing. She thanks the other ladies in the category and says Twilight fans are amazing, poking fun at how cliche it sounds to say it.

-Best Kiss Award. Kristen was nominated twice. Once with Taylor Lautner and once with Robertand atinson. Of course she and Rob won and after multiple wins in this category, each time avoiding the fans desire for a re-enactment of a kiss... I really believed they would FINALLY do it... but instead, something better happened... Rob ran out and kissed Taylor Lautner... it was a hilarious make-out session... then, after returning to the stage, there was a play fight for the award and Rob said "I'm going to take you backstage" which was hilarious and cute. Later beackstage photos were seen of them holding hands... adorable non?

-Best Fight Award. Robert Pattinson vs Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard. To be honest, I knew they would win. Not only because they were THERE but it really is the "Twilight" Awards. Xavier delivered a good thank-you, ROb kind of stumbled saying Xavier had pretty much covered it, Bryce apologized for trying to hurt Rob and he, in classic Rob form, said "It's ok I ripped your head off... and now you're pregnant" - - - awkward silence - - - wait what? Cameras show Kristen covering her face with a WTF - - - epic! I want a t-shirt that says "I ripped your head off and now you're pregnant" ha ha

-Rob, Kristen and Taylor present the Breaking Dawn trailer. Bloggers are now "allowed" to share online ;)

-Generation Award to Reese Witherspoon. Patrick Dempsey and his hair say some nice words to Reese, then there is an awkward, mix-up when it is ROb's turn to speak... the teleprompter says he is to Ad Lib... um, who decided that? Do they KNOW Rob? He pulls out his piece of paper, Patrick cracks a joke about where he is staying, Chelsea admits "this is the worst" Rob begins... a general "boring" intro, then some michmash of random things that one can only hope are inside jokes of some sort... cut from Vanity Fair, WFE, mom to lover, the "beep" is too late in blocking him dropping the f-bomb, something abour girdles, tequila, and 33% lesbianism - - ha ha the whole thing is a hilarious, but endearing, train wreck!

Rob presenting Reese her Award by myrobaddiction

-Best MOVIE goes to Eclipse. The entire cast (no joke everyone was freaking there, yet David Slade was not invited... strange non? At least Xavier Samuel thanked him during Best Fight win!) Nikki Reed was sporting some bling on her finger (engaged!) and there were so many people up there it was ridick... Taytay did the acceptance speech on behalf of the cast.

***More Coming Tomorrow***

More Top moments: