Saturday, August 8, 2009

Video of Eclipse Cast Arriving in Vancouver last week....

Canada Graphs was able to get some video footage of Bryce, Kellan, Nikki, Ashley, Elizabeth and Xavier arriving at the Vancouver airport last week. He also has regularly posted blogs about his encounters with the stars (notonly Twilight) in Vancouver.

Nikki & Taylor Signing Autogrpahs...

Twilight-Gossip had the opportunity to get video footage of Nikki & Taylor in Vancouver the other day as autograph "hounds" I believe the term is, stopped them to get some photos signed.

It never ceases to amaze me how amazing the Twilight Saga Cast can be... seriously, three or four guys each getting 4+ items signed by them and Nikki & Taylor just keep signing ... and with a smile !!!!!

Fantastic... here is the video you can also see at their site as well as a blog about their encounter Read Here

TayTay arrives in L.A.

I think he is looking cute, even though I am not a fan of the shoes and his tee is stained.... whatevs - - -

They are filming the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow and it will air Monday Night... if you are a teen - go vote!!!

More Pix of lil wolf-pup at Socialitelife

Is This Creepy? Photos of Rob (&Kristen) in L.A.

So Kristen and Robert hung out alot the past few days checking out the Bobbly Long show and the Marcus Foster staying at the Chateau Marmont... lot's of creeper pics but here you have it anyways...

Does he look *AT ALL* Happy about any of this? poor guy... I really do feel bad for him.... sheesh!

Sources Say - Rob sitting on stool. Woman in yellow is Stephanie Ritz (Agent) Kristen is hidden sitting 2 the left

Pix Pulled from varies sources via TwiFans

So You Think You Can Dance Eh? New Blog

I recently started helping out with a So You Think You Can Dance Blog Site.

My first post was published and I would love for you to go check it out:

So You Think You Can Dance Eh?

As a fan of SYTYCD and as a Canadian, I was thrilled when they brought the show to Canada last year. I was hopeful it would not be like Canadian Idol (which in my opinion showcased an eclectic group of Canadian Musicians as opposed to could-be pop-stars frequently seen in the American Idol Shows.) I was elated to observe the talents of dancers such as Nico Archambault (Season 1 winner), Allie Bertram (Runner-Up), Miles Faber, Natalli Reznik and so many more.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jeanine Mason, SYTYCD 5 Winner, a twilight fan....

My Worlds Collide.... SYTYCD winner Jeanine is a Twilight fan :)

Twilight Lexicon had this post:

Last night Jeanine Mason won So You Think You Can Dance, and she got to co-host a morning program where Ashley Greene was interviewed. Jeanine is the second person in the top twenty dancers to declare her Twilight love. Fellow contestant Randi professed her Twilight love on her Facebook page. On a side not the entire admin team LOVES So You Think You Can Dance. We wonder, can they do a tribute to Twilight dance on their upcoming tour! Seriously, Jeanine would make a great Bella. Kayla would rock as Rosalie. Any other thoughts?

Nico & Natali at MMVA's in June

2009 Much Music Video Awards, held in Toronto June 21, featured some amazing performances and all the stars were out.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada's Nico Archambault and Natalli Reznik worked the read carpet and then danced onto stage to introduce Billy Talent's rooftop performance... awesome!

Nico and Natali at the Much Music Video Awards

Nico and Natali answer questions

Something about Nico... I just love to Stare look at him....

So You Think You Can Dance Eh?

Are you as excited as I am?

So You Think You Can Dance Canada (or "So You Think You Can Dance Eh?" as was joked about on twitter recently) starts on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST and Wednesday, August 12 at 8 p.m. EST.

I love that it is only a week after So You Think You Can Dance (America) ends season 5. No waiting until September for some dance lovin'

I love that Blake McGrath, from SYTYCD, is in charge of "boot camp" routines.... you know, those dancers who aren't automatic "in's" to next round but aren't total "rejects" yet either... fun!

Judges are no surprise...Jean Marc Genereux and Tré Armstrong with guest judges Luther Brown, Mary Murphy (our fake Canadian ;) ha ha) Blake McGrath, Stacey Tookey, Sean Cheesman, Melissa Williams, Mia Michaels and Lil C

Of course... love her or hate her, Leah Miller from Much Music is back as the host....

CTV News says:
  • Tuesday, August 11 at 8 p.m. ET (two hours) - Toronto Auditions
  • Wednesday, August 12 at 8 p.m. ET (two hours) - Vancouver and Saint John Auditions
  • Tuesday, August 18 at 8 p.m. ET (two hours) - Montreal and Edmonton Auditions
  • Wednesday, August 19 at 8 p.m. ET (two hours) - Finals Week

    I will be blogging about all the episodes, including music, rankings, opinions and some behind the scenes details I can find and share :)


    I sure am :)
  • Teen Choice Awards

    E! Online Marc Malkin has some insider info on the upcoming Teen Choice Awards.... like *gasp* Robsten sitting side-by-side.... well after they shared a TAXI *omg-omg-omg* they HAVE to sit beside each other eh? *eye roll*

    Sorry, I don't buy the Robsten thing, I've said it a few times and I shall say it again... they may have banged, but if they WERE together, wouldn't they ANNOUNCE IT?!?! I mean, Summit would LOVE it... Edward & Bella... real life romance...


    Teen Choice Awards are taped Sunday and Broadcast Monday

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be sitting next to each other. Also in their row: Jackson Rathbone, Justin Chon, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed. Director Catherine Hardwicke is directly behind them, as are Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz and Hugh Jackman. Sadly, it looks like Rachelle Lefevre will be skipping the festivities.

    I am not surprised... If I were Rachelle I'd not bother with it either... focus on her new career outside of Twilight Saga... just me?

    Other interesting deets...

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be sitting next to each other. Also in their row: Jackson Rathbone, Justin Chon, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed. Director Catherine Hardwicke is directly behind them, as are Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz and Hugh Jackman. Sadly, it looks like Rachelle Lefevre will be skipping the festivities.

    We also know Jonas Brothers host and Britney Spears is scheduled to get some award and perform... pending any crazy break down before then ;)

    So - Sunday Night is clear to wander downtown Vancouver without thinking you see a vamp on every corner... and Monday Night - well - have your PVR set for the Teen Choice Awards... even if you are nearing 30 like me ;)

    Bobby Long Concert in LA Last Night... Robsten Appearence

    Letters to Twilight has a real (albeit blurry) photo of Rob & Kristen hopping into a taxi after Bobby Long last night.

    @melindagale was at the concert and with all of the twitter issues.. I tried to tweet on her behalf.... she chatted with Bobby and had great things to say :)

    As the rumours begin (and will continue) to fly... let's think for one hard second.... do you bang every person you share a cab with?

    JUST SAYING...........

    Thursday, August 6, 2009

    Fan Site Fridays Starts Tomorrow :)

    Twilight Lexicon mentioned their "Fan Site Fridays" which starts tomorrow....

    The five fansites that participated are His Golden Eyes, Imprint Podcast/Twilight Source, Twilighters Anonymous, Twilight Moms, Twilight Series Theories.

    As many of you know, I had the pleasure of spending the day with the ladies of Lexicon when they were visiting Vancouver during New Moon.

    We spent the day chatting and I showed them all the sets... I'm very excited to see the video footage and photos they share on their site from that day, as well as the cast interviews and live set filming details they experienced while in town.

    They are wonderful ladies and very knowledgable about everything Twilight... can't wait to see what they experienced on the set of New Moon

    Channing Tatum & GI JOE ... um, rawr

    GI JOE comes out this weekend... I promised my husband I'd go see it with him and he is not home this weekend sooo... I must wait grrr...

    Channing Tatum is *MY* Edward...

    I adore RPattz and have recently came out of my "wolf-pup" closet.... but when it comes down to it.... Channing Tatum is *the* definition of sexy...

    in fact.... when I met my husband, his resemblence to Channing Tatum was an obvious perk...

    figures now, my husband is less a fan of the guy... might be the puddle of drool (and possible other bodily fluids - - um... did I jsut type that... ah well)

    Moving on....

    With GI JOE coming out, Channing is *finally* getting some very much deserving coverage on late-night tv, news magazines and internet... YAY

    Last night he was on Jimmy fallon... see it?

    I can't find it on youtube (yet) but here's a link to a clip about *sob* his wedding and "mini-moon"

    Also a lil interview with him & his co-star Sienna Miller

    Watch CBS Videos Online

    The Dirty Dancing Spoof is pretty horrible until the dance part at the end....LOL But, it has topless Channing sooo... defo go check it out ;)

    Here's what else he has been up to - - - ok I just wanna look at lot's of pictures... mmmm

    After leaving New York yesterday, Channing Tatum made a pit stop in route to tonight’s Los Angeles premiere to attend an early screening for some very special fans. Chan and Marlon Wayans continued the ‘G.I. Joe’ world-wide press tour by honoring local service men and women through a Hometown Hero Screening of ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra in San Diego, California.

    And most importantly (to tie back into Twilight.....) When he was rumoured to be up to play Riley in Eclipse I was SOOO excited....

    Granted, he is too big, old and WAY TOUGHER than "Edward" - - I just wanted Channing in Vancouver, close to me ;)

    Here is a funny video where he is asked about Twilight and also his (now-wife... shuddupinyoface) is asked about Robert or Channing...

    frankly, I share her answer (SHHHhhh... don't hate me... I just love my Chan!)

    More Vancouver Vampalicious Shots

    Last Night was Cast Dinner... and I was out in the 'burbs drinking stiff bevvies, eating 5 cent wings and watching topless bullrider.... geez!!!

    I love how TwiCrackAddict refers to Lainey as Vlaineymort (of course a play on Voldemort from Harry Potter *teehee*> when they say:

    Vlaineymort shares that the Eclipse cast (Taylor, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Bryce Dallas Howard, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson and Xavier Samuel) enjoyed a nice long dinner out together last night!

    See Lainey's stuff HERE

    And today... rawr...

    See more of this muscle-man at Splash News

    SYTYCD Season 5 Finale

    First and Foremost - Congrats to Jeanine.....

    She was not a favourite from the start for me, though I always found her stunning, but she worked hard and definately pulled ahead. And 21.6 million votes came in... amazing!!!

    If twitter's trending topics had anything to say about it (and really, they do when it's a fan voting based show) Jeanine was predicted to win as of last night when she was ahead of the other four for trending topics.... and then today when her name was the only one still in trending topics....

    It was an amazing Top 4 and I was really thinking Kayla could have won but Brandon would, simply because men always seem to win on that darn show.

    I have to say I really thought Brandon would win it... I am so glad Jeanine did... was shocked Kayla came in 4th, however, she is such an amazing young lady I see a bright future for her regardless.....

    Evan... oh Evan... underdog since day one and a HUGE fan fave...

    Pure SYTYCD had an insider tidbit from the Performance show last night:

    “…the amount of criticism the judges gave Evan became torturous (they cut a lot of it from the actual show) to the point where everyone felt so bad they started chanting Evan’s name. Sympathy win is more than possible – its likely. However, Jeanine had the most fans there. I would love to see her win it.”

    I love Evan and can't wait to see his brother on Season 6 startnig in September.

    Other highlights from the finale of course include:

  • Amazing favourite dances from the season
  • Judges included in part of one routine
  • Preview of "Fame" which Kherington stars in and Debi Allen also stars
  • Seeing all the top 20 dance
  • Lot's of tears and ovations
  • Tyce's friend Michelle (whom he choreographed the "breast cancer" routine for) is cancer-free :)
  • 5500 people at the theatre live

    If you missed it - you missed a great episode.

    Congrats again to Jeanine.... amazing woman!
  • Fan encounter with Nikki & Taylor....

    While I was in the 'burbs at a local honkey tonk eating 5 cent wings and wathcing mechanical bull riding *don't judge* The Eclipse Cast was out for dinner...

    Earlier Nikki & Taylor were out walking downtown and there were some great photos taken....

    The whole story was up at Twilight-Gossip where a video encounter will be posted tomorrow. Here is what they had to say today:

    So here I was driving on my way home when I saw Taylor and Nikki walking down the street!

    Driving driving downtown and trying to find parking can be tough during rush hour. Luck must have been on my side, because I was able to find a parking spot right away! Not knowing when my next opportunity would be to ever see them again, I grabbed my camera from the car and started taking pictures from across the street.

    Anyhow, after that was done, I crossed the street and was able to catch up to them! Thank god for those autograph guys who stopped Nikki and Taylor, I was able to say hi and grab a video.

    Enjoy the pictures of Taylor and Nikki. Tomorrow I’ll be uploading the video!

    How Exciting... I am almost jealous...

    Last Time they were all in town for New Moon, I did not even *TRY* to meet them at first... in fact, it was almost a fluke that one of the sets was very near my house and so I checked it out and ended up seeing Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner... and then the next day Kristen and Rob.... from there... well... we allknow what happened next... I was hooked and soon was able to meet almost all the cast a few times :)

    So - that being said... I am in NO rush to get downtown to the hot spots and search... however, I will be downtown a few times in the next week and I will keep my eyes peeled ;)

    Should I see anything - you will be the first to know ;)

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Vamps out&About in Vancouver

    Great seeing them out and about already... it is my theory that they aren't permanent yet... awards show in LA soon and so perhaps their current location is not the one they will stay at... we shall soon see...

    I absolutely *ADORE* Peter.... so sweet.... and SO sexy!

    Got Peter (untagged) pic from TwiFans

    My Wolf-Pup Tay-Tay is in town *SQUEEEEeeeee*

    And Taylor, my lil-wolf-pup, has arrived in Vancouver

    This was him leaving LAX

    Radar Online has a video it is brief but Taylor says he is "VERY EXCITED" to get back to work in Vancouver on Eclipse... the end as Taylor walks off escalator you can hear some lady asking "who is this" and "taylor?" and "twilight?" LMFAO

    Here is a crappy quality version of the video

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Have Robert Pattinson's Baby? or a look-alike.... EW!

    OKay, in regards to the title of this post - I don't think Robert look-alikes would be gross, however, I agree with ROB MY WORLD that if I *WERE* too have a Robert Baby, I'd wanna do it the *RIGHT* way.... you know... bow-chicka-wow-wow....

    Anyways - these people are selling sperm claiming it comes from celeb look-alikes....

    See entire post here

    A sprem bank called Croybank in Los Angeles is offering a new featured for interested future mommies…celebrity sperm! It is not REALLY celebrity sperm, but sperm from men the bank apparently deem as celeb look-a-likes. And one of the specials is, of course, Mr. Robert Pattinson.

    First off, this is extremely disturbing. If I’m having little baby Pattinsons, I’d prefer to get my sperm from the source, the old fashioned way!

    Rob was a cute kid... he's an even cuter adult ;)

    Where Rob Grew Up...

    RobbedMyHeart tweeted me this pic she got "scanned from 'Film Fantasy' mag"

    See full size HERE

    Raised by artsy parents, Clare and Richard, in a quaint, upscale neighbourhood in the Barnes area of London, this charming lad is sure to have American fans flocking across the pond for a trip to his hometown.

    It also shows some Quick Facts and Highlights including:

  • Robert spent 6 years (92-98) at London's Tower House School, a theatrical prep school for boys ages 4-13
  • Barnes is home to the Olympic Sounds Studios, the most famous London Music Studio. The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Oasis and Arctic Moneys have all recorded tracks there.
  • Rob travels through Heathrow Airport typically, which is the busiest airport in the world
  • Another New Born Vamp Cast - Jodelle Ferland

    Variety reports that:Jodelle Ferland ("Silent Hill") is the latest addition to the "Twilight" franchise, joining "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" as a vampire who has just been turned.

    Who got it right?

    You can go vote Here at NewMoonMovie.Org for which version of each character you like better... Twilight (Hardwicke) or New Moon (Weitz)

    More Arrivals to "The Couve"

    Peter Facinelli tweeted he was heading to Vancouver after very little sleep - and - well, quite honestly, that may be why he seems a tad... well... not himself in these photos posted on Lainey's Site.

    Ah Well - we met him a couple times during New Moon and know how kind, compassionate and fan-friendly he is :)

    Also there are reports that K-Stew had wig fittings and medical check (mandatory before you start a film, not because she is pregnant with RPattz baby ;) lmao) in L.A. today

    Lastly, reports came in from RadarOnline that Rob was in L.A. also - - -

    I wonder if the two will come to "The Couve" for rehersals this week... or (my prediction) wait until after the Teen Choice Awards next Monday....

    Already getting a ton of DMs and EMAILS and requests.. I guess because of my successes last time, people are anxious to hear about my adventures this time around also... but if you recall, last time I didn't get "out there" until about a week or so into filming... and I am in NO RUSH this time either....

    Good Things Come to those who wait...

    and who aren't crazy-obsessive-psycho's ;)

    that's my quote of the day ;)

    New Wolf-Pup Calendar Pics *droolz*

    And the long hair doesn't do it for me - but whatever...

    Sorry to pic spam a bit - I know he is *ONLY* 17 but... day-um RAWRNESS!!
    Go see a slide show over at MTV of all the 2010 Calendar Pics ;)

    Also JasperCullenFan scanned in all the verticle pics for the 2010 Calendar :)

    Monday, August 3, 2009

    Eclipse Cast Arriving in Vancouver

    As rumours poured in - I was sceptic, I;ll admit it, I thought perhaps the cast would pour in next week, after the Teen Choice Awards.. but I was wrong, and I am ok with that... in fact, more than ok - I am THRILLED they are here early and also that I was sceptical... cuz, that is what I do best... not believe until proven to be true... which is why I am an awesome person when it comes to gossip, celebrity news and of course... "set-stalking" tee hee

    Ok, enough about me, let's get to the good stuff... arrivals.... departures... and UPDATES!!!!


    Something tells me she will need a *few* more pieces of luggage for the lengthy stay in Vancouver ;)





    (Elizabeth, Nikki & Paris in this one)


    Still haven't seen Charlie Bewley Pics.... anyone?


    Thanks to RobPattzNews& RPLife &