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Fan Made Video - Scenes from Twilight and New Moon to the song ‘Tonight” by Lykke Li.


Remember Me Slide Shows

Remember Me Unofficial Fan Site posted some awesome slideshows....

1) Slideshow #1: Remember Me officials stills

2) Slideshow #2: Rob and Ruby slideshow

3) Slideshow #3: Screencaps from official trailer

) Slideshow #4: Tyler slideshow from images shot this summer

See Slide Shows here

More cast listings for Twilight Saga Eclipse

Twifans posted this:

From IMDb, in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse page, we can see a list of the cast, and there are 3 actors that we did not know of. Here they are:

Monique Ganderto

She appears as a Beautiful Vampire.

Ben Geldreich

He will play the role of John.

Justin Rain

e is going to play the role of a Quilieute warrior.

What do you think?

Mandy's Mind - I love that Twilight Fans are caring about minor characters, I mean, getting known is how actors make it and paying attention to these minor characters is awesome in my opinion... I especially like that New Moon & Eclipse were filmed in Vancouver and cast quite a few Canadians and moreover local BC actors... yee-haw!

100 Things I learned watching New Moon

100 Thinks I learned did a post about New Moon Lessons... they are hilarious, here are a few...

1) Werewolves, by definition, must have six pack abs and take every possible opportunity to show them off, even if it means standing in the rain topless waiting for someone to randomly stop by. ~ Adam

2) Vampires, while easily killed by werewolves and other vampires, have not figured out how to kill themselves without traveling to another country and going through an elaborate judicial process. ~ Adam

4) There are man-eating “bears” in your area, and your boyfriend and best friend have left you. Go hiking. ~ Wayward Warrior

5) Werewolf First Aid Guide-Motorcycle Wrecks. Step one- Remove shirt. ~ Blank of BBS

12) When transforming into a werewolf, remove your shirt so it won't get ripped apart. Don't worry about the pants though: they will stay intact and magically reapear once you transform back. ~ SainaTsukino

14) Vampires aren't allowed to kill in a way that will attract a lot of human attention, unless it involves killing entire groups of tourist at once. ~ Adam

23) A movie titled "Face Punch" will have nothing but gunshot sound effects. ~ Adam

24) That creepy biker guy whose Harley you just jumped on the back of? Yeah, he’s just going to let you off at your earliest convenience. ~ Wayward Warrior

38) Love spelled backwards is "love" - not "evol." ~ Adam

39) Just because she'll die for you doesn't mean she'll marry you. ~ WatcherAngel

57) You can fall off a motorcycle that is skidding sideways and only get a few cuts, without bleeding, but when you get a paper cut you bleed all over yourself. ~ Shauna

76) You're cooler than Elvis if you can walk in slow mo'. ~ Pleiades Rising

[via RKL]

Interview with Xavier Samuel in his hometown this week,

Xavier Samuel that plays Riley is home for the holidays and his hometown paper got a chance to chat him up as he was getting a haircut.

This week he was enjoying some downtime in his home town, where he caught up with mates at Rundle St spots The Exeter and Sugar nightclub, before spending Christmas relaxing with his mum Maree and dad Clifford, brother Benedict, 21, and sister Bridget, 28.

"It's a bizarre thing, the whole celebrity phenomenon," Samuel told the Sunday Mail.

"But to see it in action is another thing. It's a little strange having someone follow you to get a coffee.

"I wasn't used to that sort of attention, so I just took it in my stride, I guess.

"I think Robert and Kristen do a really good job in dealing with fans.

"They seem to handle it really well, so if I can take a leaf out of their book I should be OK."

Meanwhile, Samuel has an obvious tip for Twilight fans wanting the inside scoop on the new film: "If you want to know what happens in the movie, just read the book."

Read whole story here


Booboo Stewart volunteers Christmas Eve

Boo Boo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) attended Christmas Eve at the Los Angeles Mission in California. Boo Boo volunteered serving holiday meals to the less fortunate.

[source and source]

Dakota Fanning & Lil Sister out in Studio City

New Moon’s Dakota Fanning was spotted with her little sister Elle were spotted hitting up a nail salon in Studio City, California December 24.

She looks tired... I would be too on her schedule... I love that they are in flip flops in December... tee hee.. course it is Cali... cute!


Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!!

I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas!!!

[Pix from RKL]

Robert Pattinson still rules the vampire world, Alexander Skarsgård a close second?

I would like to say they are both DAMN hot - - - rawr!

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson still rules the vampire world, topping True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård and “New Moon’s Taylor Lautner by a wide margin in an Improper poll.

Skarsgård has been developing a dedicated following just like Rob ever since being cast in 2008 as the sexy vampire Eric Northman in the hit HBO series “True Blood.” But TheImproper wanted to know: Who’s hotter?

The poll also included “New Moon’s” Taylor because of the outstanding job he did in the “Twilight” sequel and the rise of “Team Jacob,” the legion of fans who support the hot young actor.

But when it comes to fans, Rob’s are still the most dedicated and most active. According to preliminary poll results Rob received 72 percent of the votes cast. Alexander received 26 percent of the vote and Taylor came in a distant third with only 2 percent of the vote.

The online poll asked: Which star of a Vampire Show or Movie Star is Hotter?

While the “Twilight” series is probably better known, Skarsgård has been building a growing following on the hit HBO series, and in many ways his career trajectory and popularity is the same as Rob’s.

For one, they both play vampires! But there is no question at the moment that Alexander has not reached Rob’s level of hotness, or at least his fans are not as well organized. Rob is besieged everywhere he goes, and Alexander is seeing some of the same fan enthusiasm.

At 33, however, Alexander is a decade older the Rob and is better prepared mentally to deal with the overwhelming attention of his fans. So far, he says he’s been able to grounded by ignoring the media hype.

“I never read fan sites or blogs,” he says. “I don’t think it’s good for me. If it’s negative I know it will get to me. Or you just read positive things, your ego sort of explodes.”

Like Rob, he also vows not to change: “Nothing would hurt me more than if [my friends] said that I have changed,” he says. “After all, I was over 30 when things started to happen in the States.”

The gorgeous 6′4″ Swede will show off his superfit physique this season as his bad-boy character has more provocative sex scenes with both male and female characters. Rob also has a bad-boy aura that makes him irresistible as Edward Cullen.

Fans are rooting for him to hook up with Sokie in the upcoming season, which Alexander promises will be racier than ever, including ramped up nude scenes. Look out!

“There’s a lot of nudity [in Season 3],” Skarsgård promises. “There’s going to be a lot violence and a lot of sex [for Eric] — with women and men! So it should be interesting.”

Season Three of “True Blood” begins filming later this month and airs on HBO in June 2010. “Twilight” sequel is in theaters now and the next installments “Eclipse,” and “Breaking Dawn” will appear in the summer and fall of 2010.


Robert Pattinson Book Scans

It's a whole book about Robert Pattinson... info, bio, pix....

Go see them all Here

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Charlie Sheen Arrested for Domestic Violence... but....

Reports came in initially that Charlie Sheen was arrested for domestic violence... however... as more details comeout, the story doesn't seem so clear cut....

The sad Christmas tale of Charlie Sheen arrested and charged with a reported two felonies and one misdemeanor charge of domestic violence against his wife Brooke Mueller Sheen in Aspen, Colorado is gaining clarity.

After accounts that Charlie Sheen would not be able to post bond after his arrest, reports that he paid $8,500 after talking to a county judge. He's out of jail.

Moreover, his wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen, was given a breath test to determine the level of alcohol in her body relative to her blood; the percentage was .13. By contrast, Charlie Sheen was given the same test and posted .04. TMZ wrote that law enforcement sources say Brooke Mueller Sheen was "legally drunk" when she called 911.

In a way, this is beginning to read like the Tila Tequila / Sean Merriman incident all over again. In that case, an intoxicated Tila Tequila called 911 reporting that Sean Merriman allegedly assaulted her. The San Diego County District Attorney dropped the case after witnesses and Merriman claimed he was trying to stop her from driving while drunk.

The difference here is there are no reported witnesses as of this writing, just Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Sheen.

Charlie Sheen said Brooke Sheen was the agressor and he was trying to defend himself. Again, that's very similar to the Tila Tequila / Sean Merriman disagreement.

Stay tuned.

Mandy's Mind - Christmas & Booze & Fighting is NOT a good combo... I won't hold judgement on this issue.... wait and see what happened...


Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins breakup after 23 years

People posted this via Susan Sarandon's publicist:
"Actress Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins have announced that they separated over the summer. No further comments will be made."

Lainey Gossip posted this:
It’s been months. And the timing, and at the holidays, and she’s been so public lately promoting The Lovely Bones…gulp. I don’t want my smutty sense to tingle but it’s tingling. Yours?

Sigh. They were so good. It was 23 years. Or maybe I’m too cynical a bitch. Because 23 years is a really, really long time. Longer than almost anyone else in that business. And why does it have to be forever? Why can’t it be a good long ride that runs its course and that doesn’t mean it’s not a success? A much more pragmatic, realistic, approach. I think I prefer it.

Crazy?! I just don't get why celebrities can't last - - - I mean 23 years is amazing in non-celebrity standards these days... but my grandparents met in 10th grade and have been in love ever since... hell, even my baby sister met her husband when they were 15... ten years later they are still together, mind you married with a kid now, not just holding hands at the movies... still... celebrities never last this long, and after all that time what makes them call it quits?


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Hilarious - Cullen Family gets Elfed... and Gets FUNKY!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Enjoy your day with friends and family.... I will be with mine and while a few posts are scheduled, I won't be back live posting until Boxing Day (December 26, 2009)

Much Love,

I vote my house Rob....


All I want for Christmas is... Taylor... the video....

Ok - his birthday's soon right? couple more months... OMG - I am having a celebration February 11 2010... Legal Taylor Day (though, as I ALWAYS point out... he *IS* legal in Canada.... tee hee)

Sorry to obsess but...

0:25 hottie
0:35 tease
0:42 cutie
0:53 rawr
0:57 seriously?
1:04 i am died
1:12 love it
1:22 athletic beast
1:35 omg
1:51 droolz
2:03 adorable
2:21 rawr
2:32 THUD
2:59-3:03 mmm that's my forest
3:08 come hither
3:21 so sophisticated
3:32 yum

All I want for Christmas is... Rpattz... the video....

Saw this over at RobstenLovers

I have to admit, as I hit play to this video I was thinking, whatever, Rob Pix, we all want Rob for Christmas (or any day really) but as I watched the pics scroll by.... I remembered WHY we all want Rob for Christmas... or any other day - DAYUM that boy is delish!

Sorry, it's not like I had forgotten.... I just... hadn't obsessed recently... *sigh*

that is all....

Merry Christmas!

12 Things Summit did that really pissed me off.... by TwiSoup.

These guys are HILARIOUS!

**Warning - Language is not suitable for all ages... if you're allowed to use the F word (and I don't mean Forks) then you can watch this, if you aren't allowed... then don't.... deal? ok... I am trusting you... don't betray that trust people@**

It starts off good, then it gets better, and by the end I was crying it was so hilarious.... great work ladies!

Twilight Lexicon does "12 days of Twilight"

This is hilarious.... Love the Lex Gals.... they are so amazing, intelligent and hilarious... I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...

UK Glamour Magazine Shots - HOT!

Seriously, I have been waiting for these... the Jackson/Ashley making out pics are HOT! Seriously, Jackson looks so smoking, these are the pics that made me have "those dreams" about Jackson ha!


Kellan and Nikki look good also, but Ash/Jackson together = steamy... and Jackson PERIOD is STEAMY!


Happy Birthday Stephenie Meyer

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephenie twice this year and it was a major highlight of my year (if not life)

She brought the Twilight world to life through her books and because of those books and now movies I found a rewarding hobby and met so many interesting and amazing people.

Happy Birthday Stephenie, I hope you have another fantastic year!


Anna Kendrick Pix from Up in the Air Press Conference

See more at source

The Runaways - Rated R

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning’s soon-to-be-released movie “The Runaways” has, according to The Hollywood Reporter received the MPAA rating R (Restricted) for language, drug use and sexual content – all involving teens

Are we surprised? I'm not! It would be completely unrealistic to have anything less for a movie about The Runaways.

Taylor Lautner's Dream Xmas Date

Kellan Lutz featured in Hillary Duff's Music Video

TwiFans posted these stills, with a few additions ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Revised Release regarding Auction to Breaking Dawn Set.

I removed the original post upon request.

Here is the "approved text" regarding the auction held last month, sent to me by a representative at Lawlor Media Group which represents Opus Hotels and helped put on the charity auction and movie screening.

[which apparently was in no way associated with Summit]

November 20, 2009: Last night at the private screening of the highly anticipated New Moon, hosted by the Sunflower Children charity, the lucky ticket holders received an unexpected surprise when the film paused mid-reel and cast members Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, and Elizabeth Reaser entered the theater. The three “Cullens” thanked everyone for supporting the film, Sunflower Children, and Malaria No More. The evening culminated with a live auction that included a visit to the set of the Breaking Dawn and a hotel stay and dinner for four at Elixir Bistro, courtesy of Vancouver hotspot, the chic OPUS Hotel Vancouver.

Apparently, my original post contained "incorrect information" so I apologize for that. These links were on my original post.

Photos from Event.

Facebook Event Page for Opus Hotel. (Scroll Down to see info)

Outtakes from Interview Magazine with Kstew


Want Eclipse Trailer? David Slade doesn't even know when it will be released...

The Runaways Comparison Photo

Pretty good casting if you ask me <3 [source]

Catherine Hardwicke may not be doing next Summit Movie says LA Times

LA TIMES writes:

Catherine Hardwicke may not be working on a new movie for Summit Entertainment after all.

The "Twilight" director, who parted ways with Summit on its vampire franchise in late 2008, had since struck a deal with the company to direct "If I Stay," another dramatic film with a teenage girl at its center.

That movie, based on Gayle Forman's young-adult novel, looks at a 17-year-old who is perilously injured in a car crash, floats out of body, and then spends the arc of the story deciding whether she wants to live or die. (Sounds like "The Lovely Bones," but we'll reserve judgment.)

However, sources close to Hardwicke say she is poised to commit exclusively for a period of several months to another project -- the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced "The Girl with the Red Riding Hood" at Warner Bros, which would take her off "Stay."

"Riding Hood," a gothic update of the classic fairy tale, is a priority for Warner Bros. The script has a shiny pedigree -- it's from David Johnson, the writer behind the sleeper horror hit "Orphan" -- and the studio is awaiting a revised draft, which is due in January. With strong teen characters and gothic elements, you might be excused for thinking it could be Warner Bros.' "Twilight." (With the studio's eagerness to lock up Hardwicke, it looks as though Warner Bros. is thinking that way too.)

A year ago, Summit decided not to re-up Hardwicke for "Twilight" sequel "New Moon," bringing on director Chris Weitz instead. But several months later the company quelled rumors of bad blood with Hardwicke when it hired the director to develop "Stay." If the director did indeed leave the Summit project, it won't be the result of any rancor, though the move means that the company and the director will not be reprising any "Twilight" magic in the near future.

You can read the rest of the article HERE!

Interview with peter Facinelli - Mention of Taylor vs Rob fights and Robsten Rumours

ivillage interviewed Peter Facinelli recently...

"I told my wife [Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jennie Garth] the only gift I want is to be able to be with my family," Peter Facinelli recently told iVillage while filming Nurse Jackie (the Showtime drama starring Edie Falco) in New York. "I wrap up the second season today, and I head home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a break and just spending some time with my family."

It's no surprise that the dad of three looks forward to a little downtime with his loved ones in their L.A. home. In addition to his role as Dr. Fitch Cooper on Nurse Jackie, Facinelli also plays vampire Carlisle Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight films. Anticipating his holiday break, the 36-year-old took a moment to chat about a beloved Christmas tradition, New Moon fan requests and why he's in favor of a fifth Twilight movie.

Who would win in a fight between Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson?
In real life? Well I'd have to go Taylor all the way on that one, just because he's been taking karate since he was in his mother's womb. And I've seen him do some back flips and some high kicks. I think that Taylor would win the fight between him and me, too.

Alright, give us the scoop. Are Rob and Kristen Stewart dating?
You know, I don't know who my costars are dating, and I don’t ask. I mean, I don't know who Edie Falco is dating either.

Do you get tired of people asking you that?
Yeah, I get tired of people asking me who Edie Falco is dating all the time!

Read it all here

PopSugar's "Saga's of the Decade"

Twilight, Harry Potter and LOTR Are Sagas We Love

The first Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings both came out at the end of 2001 and easily established their series' place as some of the biggest of all time. Throughout the subsequent installments, box office records were smashed around the world and the awards came rolling in — LOTR even racked up an impressive 17 Oscars between the three films. In 2008, Twilight became the latest book-to-movie saga sensation thanks to the millions of fans and, of course, Robert Pattinson. Twilight and Harry Potter both have movies to come, which means more world domination on the way!


Memorable Moments of 2009 features Rob

In this year of Balloon Boy, Twitter, Gosselin mania and vampires, we decided to let you, the E! Online reader, pick the best scandals, movies, tunes, stars and styles.

So it’s no huge surprise that the Best of 2009 winners list is dominated by a little movie called New Moon—and whoever was in it.

Here’s what E! Online readers picked as the Best of 2009:

Best of 2009: Celebs of the Year #2 Robert Pattinson

Best Movie: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Most Memorable Photo: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart holding hands

[via RPL]

PFach's Twitter Fascination & Nurse Jackie

Question: So you’ve just screened the first two episodes of Nurse Jackie. Got any info for us? –Jamie

Ausiello: Here’s something I did find amusing: Producers incorporated Peter Facinelli’s Twitter obsession into the show. Turns out that Dr. Coop has become what Jackie affectionately refers to as a “twittering f—ing d—khead.”

[source via Robsten Lovers]

Bryce Dallas Howard discusses replacing Rachelle on The View

Bryce Dallas Howard has done a lot of great things in her acting career, but no role may get her more recognition then playing Victoria in The Twlight Saga: Eclipse. Sadly though she says that it wasn't easy to accept the role.

Howard was a guest on The View on Tuesday morning and was asked by co-host Sherri Shepherd if there was any pressure on stepping into the role of Victoria.

Howard responded unexpectedly, "Yeah, yes, very much so."

Rachelle Levere had played the role of Victoria for the first two films in the franchise. Back in July, Summit Entertainment announced that they had parted ways with Levere and that Howard would be stepping in for the part. Even though the studio and Levere had public disagreements over her dismissal, her emotions never turned an ugly head towards Howard.

"I felt really grateful to the cast and to everyone and actually Rachelle herself just was so gracious," Bryce said. "Really, the intention is just to make the best film possible and you know, it was really terrible what happened but I did my best."
Eclipse hits theaters June 30, 2010.

See video HERE


Rob with Kstew's Daddy...

Apparently this is Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewarts dad (John Stewart)



Nikki Reed in 2005 Music Video (Carlos Santana and Steven Tyler)

In 2005, Nikki starred in the video “Just Feel Better” by Aerosmith.

“Just Feel Better” was the second international single to be released from Santana’s 2005 album All That I Am. The song features lead vocals by Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. The song is produced by John Shanks and written by Jamie Houston, Buck Johnson and Damon Johnson. The single achieved reasonable success in Australia, debuting at Number 8 on the ARIA chart and receiving significant airplay. In Australia it has been on Rage (ABC) and videohits (channel 10) a number of times. (Wikipedia).


Twilight Saga Eclipse Synopsis Released (Same old still)

The Twi­light Saga: Eclipse

* June 30, 2010
* Action/Romance
* Directed by David Slade
* Screen­play by Melissa Rosen­berg
* Based on the novel “Eclipse” by Stephanie Meyer
* Cast — Kris­ten Stew­art, Robert Pat­tin­son, Tay­lor Laut­ner, Ash­ley Greene, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Eliz­a­beth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kel­lan Lutz, Jack­son Rath­bone and Dakota Fanning

In The Twi­light Saga: Eclipse, Bella once again finds her­self sur­rounded by dan­ger as Seat­tle is rav­aged by a string of mys­te­ri­ous killings and a mali­cious vam­pire con­tin­ues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friend­ship with Jacob — know­ing that her deci­sion has the poten­tial to ignite the strug­gle between vam­pire and were­wolf. With her grad­u­a­tion quickly approach­ing, Bella is con­fronted with the most impor­tant deci­sion of her life.


20 Most beutiful people of the decade - Rob & Ashley Featured


With five films scheduled to come out in the next year, it’s safe to say that Ashley Greene is riding the momentum from the absurd Twilight wave. The young vampire with the psychic abilities—she also has the power to make girls literally break down in tears in public—has already survived a sex-tape scandal, so that’s out of her teen idol system. But how far into her own future can she see? From where we’re standing, the near-future, at least, looks promising.

ASHLEY GREENE: “I grew up in a house that would be perfect to set a horror movie in. It was out in the country, right on the water. I’m glad I never got to see scary movies when I was young. Otherwise I would have imagined things coming out of the lake.


A bit of Brando, a twinge of Dean, the Twilight star possesses that slightly strange alien quality that turns brooding good looks into the iconic. He has just enough edge to make teens and tabloids go into "crazed hunter" mode—have you seen Robsessed?—but also a disarming, slightly crippling self-awareness. It's early yet for Pattinson, but we're eagerly awaiting part two of his entertaining saga.

On life before Twilight:

"We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night... "I don't know if that counts as ‘struggling.'"


Set Pix from Eclipse Filming

No clue how/why these are just making rounds now... especially because awesome Nat posted them in September.... but here you have them again

See more pics from the set that day HERE

Also see Nat's original post here