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Darren Criss cast in 'Imogen'

Glee, Broadway and now a movie? Darren Criss has come a long way since youtube ;) and I am thrilled! He is so talented and sexy... I can't get enough of him!

Darren Criss will co-star opposite Kristen Wiig in the comedy Imogen, which is shooting later this summer. He will play her potential lover! Bow chicka wow wow!

Kristen Wiig is a playwright who fakes a suicide to win back her ex-boyfriend and then must go back home to New Jersey to live with her mother (Annette Beninh who will "chanel her inner snooki". Darren Criss will play a new (and younger) love interest, and hopefully the sparks will fly.

[Source & Source]

Reality TV Update July 29 2011

I just updated a few days ago but obviously, this week's results were not posted... so here is a mini-update basedon the past few days - but read here for a more detailed updatedon last week's Reality TV Shows.

Bachelorette - Sunday is the Men-Tell-All and Monday is the finale. Can't wait.

Bachelor Pad - Starts next week, should be exciting!!

Hells Kitchen - Chino went home. I wasn't too shocked, though Monterray could have gone. Also Elise and Carrie had a show-down. Elise asked Chef Ramsey to ask "everyone" who should go her or Carrie... everyone said "Elise" it was pretty funny. Next week they serve children. Fun!

Masterchef - President Obama had a speech so they re-aired the Top 10 and we got to see Guiseppie go home again. Then the next night was a new episode and Alejendra went home.

More details here

SYTYCD Canada - Results HERE.

SYTYCD USA - I am really upset Jess went home. I really felt that Ricky was the weakest performer, even more so than Tadd. At this point, I am rooting for Marko and Melanie, though I do like Tadd also...

Love in the Wild - I thought it was funny how Ben and Brandee didn't choose each other until the end. I thought it was adorable that - - - of course I can't think of her name now - - but she left because her partner hurt his foot and left.... cute!!

Challenege - RIvals - I haven't seen this week's yet.

More here

Big Brother - My latest update here but I post every few days so scroll down to see.

More Next Week!

Friday, July 29, 2011

SYTYCD Canada Season 3 Alumni at Vancouver OUTgames tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Vancouver OUTgames Closing Ceremonies. It is an action - packed day of activites that will conclude with a concert from Dragonette and Ace of Base.

I won tickets to go!

I was looking at the schedule of events and this caught my eye....

Vancouver 2011 OUTgames closing ceremonies listed this:
The Diver sity Project Association is dedicated to promoting Love and Compassion through Diversity, Edu cation, and Understanding for all walks of life. They are excited to work with the OutGames by bringing them a not to be missed flash mob dance during the closing ceremonies on July 30th with guest dancers Mackenzie Green and Nathalie Heath from So You Think You Can Dance Canada, season 3

Here they are from last year's SYTYCD Canada Show:

Totally Psyched! If I can get pictures I will share them :)

BB13 Updates July 29

Thursday night DOm was sent packing and an endurance HoH began... I watched on live feed to see who won and today who was nominated.... spoilers after the cut - you have been warned


Adam fell off first and opened a snowball to be awarded an elf suit. It is actually really cute on him - he looks like one of Santa's helpers! Ears, bells, a hat, it is funny!

Lawon fell off next and got a Have-Not Pass.

Brendon fell off next (yup! tee hee!) and got a Have-Not Pass.

Jeff fell off next and got $10k - woot!

Jordan fell off next and got a Have-Not Pass.

Porsche fell off next.

Shelly fell off next.

Then Kalia and Dani made a deal - a dumb deal.... Kalia will never win anything... Dani should have let Kalia win this one - because she doesn't know what next comp will be and NOW Dani can't compete in it...

Yes, Dani won HOH!

Got her HOH room - awwwwkwarddd! After the house fight, some of which was aired Thursday evening. It was lame seeing them all, not even TRY to seem interested in her HOH room - also Dani refused to read her letter from home out loud!

Anyways, Kalia was all up in Dani's grill - new besties... Lawon is parading around in the HOH Robe, the vets are debating how the throw down will go and Shelly is listening and floating around cleaning.

Jingle Bells - Adam's elf suit really is cute!

Anyways, today was nominations and Dani put up Brendan and Rachel.

Here is how I hope it plays out from here:

#1 Option - no veto used
#2 - if veto is used Rachel comes off, Brendan goes home (whichmay mean putting Jordan up since no one will vote her out?! Too risky?!?!)

I want Brendan gone because I predict there will be an America's vote to bring back a HG.

Noone wants Keith, Cassi would be fun but I think Dom leads the votes to return based on the three gone... however, if a vet or a likable person leaves this week - then Dom wouldn't be voted back in, the new likable vet would...

Jeff or Jordan - America loves and would vote in over Dom.
Rachel - America loves to hate and MAY vote back in over DOm
Brendan - no one likes and Dom would probably be voted in before he was

Lawon, Kalia, Porsche, Shelly - would also stay gone over Dom, but I don't think Dani would nominate any of them as replacements - who knows!

Brenchel is all dramatic - I may not see my fiance alll summmer wah wah wah


Not a Fan!

So that is what happened - what do you think????

I can't wait for Thursday's eviction and new HOH and TWIST!! I may be out of town so I will be anxious to see results!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More of the Hunger Games Boys - EW

These are some low-quality cans but better than nothing...


FIRST LOOK at Gale and Peeta from The Hunger Games

When casting was originally announced I thought they mixed up Gale & Peeta. People claimed "it's just hair colour" but now seeing the photos with the swapped hair colour, I can say - it was not just the hair colour...

EW writes:

We sat down wth Josh Hutcherson, the 18-year-old actor whom director Gary Ross fought hard to cast as the deeply decent Peeta Mellark, at a cozy diner in Asheville, N.C., where The Hunger Games shoot was mid-way through filming. His hair was dyed blonde; his newly pumped-up biceps could believably belong to that of a baker’s son. And while Hutcherson (The Kids Are All Right) understands fans’ hand-wringing online, he’s here to assure you that Lawrence will not in fact tower over him on screen. “Jennifer’s not two feet taller than me!” he says with his easy laugh. “If anything, maybe she’s a half inch taller.” And Ross assures devotees of the books that 21-year-old Liam Hemsworth, who’ll play Katniss’ righteous childhood confidante Gale, is more than just some Australian beefcake who starred in Miley Cyrus’ last movie. “On first glance he’s such a hunk that it’s easy to just sort of ascribe a hunk-like simplicity to him,” says the director. “But this is a phenomenally subtle actor.”

Although Peeta and Gale circle each other warily throughout the series, it turns out that Hutcherson and Hemsworth bonded hard during their six weeks together on set. So much so that Hutcherson brought Hemsworth along on a weekend visit to his hometown in Kentucky to relax with his family and sample his grandmother’s famous fried chicken. “I think it’s going to blow people’s minds when they see that Peeta and Gale are actually best friends in real life,” says Hutcherson.

For more on The Hunger Games, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands July 29.

EW Cover featuring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

See more Casting here

Finally Big Brother 13 Drama - House Fight

Today at 1:04 on Cam 1 a house fight began to brew.

By 1:28 pm (Quad Cams) It was in full force with Kalia and Jeff being most vocal to start, but Jordan and Dom getting in on it and finally Dani - ha ha! By 1:38pm name calling and shouting was in full force :)

If you don't mind spoilers click for more details...


Essentially they all called each other out with the intent to showcase Dani's manipulative ways. They keep talking about "someone" planting seeds of doubt in everyone's minds.

Dani tried to get Brenchel to backdoor Jeff and Jordan, and Brenchel considered it because of lies Dani told Rachel and Brendon to try and turn the two couples against each other...

Dani's "big plan" backfired and now she is busted but not taking the blame - instead letting the rest take the blame.

All I can say is WATCH the flashback if you have live feeds and if not - I am certain parts will air on CBS, without the cursing ha ha.

Finally, Dani starts to come clean about trusting Brenchel and seeing Jeff as the biggest threat of their 5 person alliance.

In my opinion Dani made a good move trying to get Brench vs JeJo but I think it was simply too soon an dbackfired.

I think she should have confronted her "alliance" of five saying "I want a partner, Dom will stick with us" instead of "let's backdoor Jeff, oh and keep Dom"

Ah well, DOm will go home tomorrow I think - and if a vet wins then Dani will go up... if Dani goes up, she will likely put Brendon and Jeff up...

Things are FINALLLY getting interested!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reality TV Updates - July 26, 2011

See my previous update here


I have to say, I was shocked that Constantine lasted as long as he did, so was not surprised he would be going. I was surprised on HOW he went home. I am glad he was honest, and also glad Ashley had to rethink this whole "I am the Bachelorette" thing - I am not a huge fan of hers, in case you couldn't tell from past posts. I still think she will end up with JP, though I want her to be with Ben. I think it is a better fit and I really want to see JP as a Bachelor in the future.

Speaking of future Bachelors, that clip of Ryan on Bachelorette Monday sure sounded like an ad for the next Bachelor no? I have heard rumours he or the rejected Bachelor on next week's finale may be the next one... thoughts? I think Ben is too boring, so it he ends up with Ashley, then JP would be great! Ryan is too corn-ball for a whole season. Ames, William or Blake would be interesting, but we will see them starting in two weeks on B-Pad.

Bachelor Pad

The countdown is on the ads are getting me hyped. I mean, Vienna with new "guard and protect my heart" boyfriend in a house with Jake. Then there is Gia as well, who was dating *ahem sleeping with* bad boy Wes, but rumoured to split because Vienna slept with him? The drama is never-ending and I can't wait to see it.

Here is the list of cast this season

Hell's Kitchen

I have to say, I am happy to have twice a week episodes versus two hour episodes like last time. The drama tonight was awesome! I knew Carrie and Elise would stay simply for their catfights. Elise and Carrie are at each other's throats constantly, and then tonight getting the sous chef's pissed off - wow! I love seeing Chef Scott mad and I thought he was going to deck Monterey!

I am still a fan of Jonathan and Jamie out of everyone. Was shocked to see Brendon go home so soon, especially with the sexual chemistry with Carrie, would have made good tv.

Meet Season 9 Hell's Kitchen Contestents here


Suzy really pisses me off. I was so glad to see her fail today, her and Christian are so cocky, but at least Christian (usually) has reason to be. I mean Adrian beat him (barely) and got to pick the ingredients tonight, but even giving Christian pork cheeks, yes, CHEEKS, Christian made one of the best dishes! Amazing! I am anxious to see him get put in his place though, yes, he is good, but such a jerk to everyone else! Also I love the guy with the colourful chef hats, I can't think of his name at the moment, but he just cracks me up! Double dose of Chef Ramsey twice a week makes me a happy camper!

We are down to the Top 16 after tonight and I have to say I have been pretty good at predicting Canada's vote. I am still rooting for Jordan, but really love Joey and his new partner Melissa. It is still a long way from the win but those three are shining stars in my books! I loved seeing Nico guest judge, he is my most favourite dancer!

Getting close now and the all-stars are apparently changing each week. That works for me because there are some all-stars who didn't dance last week that I hope to see again before the season ends. I am still rooting for Mel and Jess, though I think it owuld be a long shot for Jess to win it all unfortunately. Broadway folk generally don't. We will see, still a ton of talent on that stage every week! I am hoping for some Nappytabs choreo soon, I miss them when they are gone too long.

Love in the Wild
Well things are still going the same, challenges, drama, very little connection or love forming, but time will tell. I think this is just one of those things that sounds good but doesn't work so well. Jason and Jessica went home most recently, Jason couldn't connect with ANYONE and Jessica almost had a chance with Steele but he couldn't risk sending Erica home and so off Jasonand Jessica went. Jessica drove me kind of nuts anyways. Ben and Brandee looked to be having trouble in paradise but stuck it out. No one else can connect with Ben anyways, I am still shocked Brandee can! Everyone else stayed together - wah wah wah...

Challenge: Rivals
Well Mandi won a challenge, which was shocking. I love her but she just isn't really much of a winner. I have a feeling she gets cast for "other" reasons ha ha. In the white water rafting challenge it was Sarah and Katelyn who were in the bottom due to a DQ when Sarah toppled out of the raft and Katelyn stuck around to make sure she didn't drown - how dare she? Of course the rest nominated newbies Jonna and Jasmine since they didn't vote with the house last week. Jasmine and Katelyn left with host DJ earlier in the day and at challenge there were two giant stacks of hay, in them were buried boxes containing their partners - the trick, you didn't know which stack/box had which person. Of course Sarah got to a box first, it was Jasmine so she went to the other, which actually didn't even give the newbies J&J a lead on the puzzle. They had to move pieces from pole to pole, yada yada and first to finish would win. Sarah and Katelyn, the self-proclaimed "puzzle masters" ended up going home... on a puzzle challenge. Newbies Jonna and Jasmine remain in the house! And after a week of Jonna's b.s. I am certain everyone is so thrilled *eye roll*

Expedition Impossible
I am so behind on this show - - - Nothing to say on it right now

Big Brother
Well things are looking interesting. I am on live feeds a lot, finally some drama in the house woot woot.

I have posted several spoiler posts if you wish to see them here

What I want to discuss is the golden key. I mean, the blessing and curse is obviously you are safe for 4 weeks but can't compete. But I predict something more... I WISH it was that golden key holders had a chance to open a pandora's box - - prize or punishment, you never know! Prizes could be money, trips, items to help in the game, luxury items... punishments could be slop, have not, returning houseguest

I have heard the evicted HGs have been sequestered, and since Dick left, it gives them an extra week to play with so a returning houseguest seems ENTIRELY possible!

I am still rooting for Jeff and Jordan.

anyways, that is all for now... did I miss anything? Feel free to comment on your ideas, thoughts, opinions...

See my previous update here

SYTYCD Canada - Top 18 Results - now we have 16

Tonight we said good-bye to another pair of dancers on SYTYCD Canada.

The opening number
Last night Leah Miller was raving about the opening number tonight and I have to say, it was good, but she really over-sold it. There was tango, there was ribbon acrobatics in the air, it was very cool, but not jaw-dropping.

CTV describes it:

The choreographer of “Jersey Boys” and “Memphis,” Sergio Trujillo, created this incredibly dramatic Argentinean tango number that saw the dancers suspended and spinning from the red fabric.

For the music lovers it was from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack:El Tango de Roxanne by Ewan McGregor , Jose Feliciano and Jacek Koman

Geisha & Adam - no safe
Jordan & - safe
Shelaina & JP - safe
Francois & Yulia- not safe
Melissa & Joey - safe
Shane & Lindsey - safe
Denitsa & Matt - safe
Carlena & Kevin - safe
Teya & Boneless - not safe

I have to say, I was really unsure about my power rankings last night, but seems I was right on target - yay me!


Geisha - Unknown song
She did well, nothing mind-blowing, in fact, I felt it was pretty average and she may be the one to go!

Yulia - Tuttie Frutti - Little Richard
She did well. She always does in her style, but I feel like doing well in your genre will only take you so far. After Leah said she looked nice and she said, "I made it" (referring to her dress) I don't know Yulia just rubs me the wrong way.

Teya - Party ROck Anthem - LMFAO
I actually liked her solo, it was old-school hip-hop, very cute, but not very complex. Super fun though!

Adam - Dancing Machine - Jackson 5 (I think, based on lyric search)
Lot's of rolls and flips. Overall entertaining.

Francois - Uknown Song
Like Yulia, he is very good in his style, but comes across a bit cocky in coversation and attitude.

Boneless - Teach me how to Dougie - Cali Swag District
Like Teya, very entertaining. He did popping and some fun moves.

In the end
Teya and Boneless went home. Judges said it was unanimous for Teya but not for Boneless. Carlena lost it, like shaking violently as she cried, when they announced Teya. Leah Miller said he whiney sympathetic goodbye.

Music for the "look back" video montage:
Life After you - Daughtrey

Now we are down to 16 dancers who will perform next Monday, August 1, 2011.

Walking Dead Show Runner, Frank Darabont steps down

Only days after appearing with the Walking Dead panel at SDCC, Frank Darabont, has stepped down as 'show runner'. Deadline reported that is is unclear if he will stay on the show in some capacity or not... More...

Deadline writes:

The news is even more surprising given the fact that Darabont was on hand for Walking Dead's Comic-Con panel just this past Friday alongside fellow executive producers Robert Kirkman, on whose graphic novel the series is based, and Gale Anne Hurd and appeared excited about Season 2. There is speculation that Darabont might be off the show completely, but I hear talks are still ongoing about him possibly staying on in some capacity. Darabont, who spent five years trying to get a TV version of the zombie saga off the ground and wrote and directed the AMC pilot, hails from the feature world, and I hear that he never quite adjusted to the daily grind of producing a TV series. Last December, he considered forgoing a writing staff for Season 2 and assigning scripts to freelancers but ultimately went for the traditional writing staff model recommended by the network and tapped Glen Mazzara as an executive producer and his No. 2. It is unclear if The Shield alum Mazzara, who has showrunning experience, would now step in to run Walking Dead. I hear that the behind-the-scenes turmoil has not affected production on the show, which continues as scheduled.

Reuters writes:
It's uncertain why Darabont -- whose other credits include screenwriter and director for 1994's "The Shawshank Redemption," and writer and producer of 1999's "The Green Mile" -- vacated the showrunner role.

It's also unclear as to whether he will stay on as executive producer for the series, which he created.

Darabont's decision to step down as showrunner comes as a surprise, as he had just appeared at the Comic-Con panel for the series on Friday, with fellow executive producer Robert Kirkman and series stars Andrew Lincoln, John Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies.

It's also not yet clear who will replace Darabont as showrunner.


Nikki Reed signs on for Creation's Twilight Convention

IN OTHER BIG OFFICIAL TWILIGHT FAN CONVENTION NEWS: the amazingly talented NIKKI REED (Rosalie Hale) has signed on to appear at two upcoming tour dates:

DALLAS on DECEMBER 3-4, 2011 where Nikki will join already announced Charlie Bewley, Chaske Spencer, Guri Weinberg, Patrick Brennan (Liam in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2), and Tyson Houseman (Quil of The Wolf Pack). Pick out your GOLD WEEKEND SEATING or come general admission for under $20 a day: check out the details on what is going to be the FIRST convention right after the eagerly awaited release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (we can't wait).

ORLANDO on DECEMBER 9-11, 2011 at The Hilton in the Walt DisneyWorld Resort! Nikki Reed headlines our already super list of celebrities including Charlie Bewley, Patrick Brennan, Bill Tangradi, Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call of The Wolf Pack), Bronson Pelletier (Jared of The Wolf Pack) and Judi Shekoni (Zafrina, a member of the Amazon Coven of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), Make your stay into a full scale vacation: last year was awesome and the hotel is in the heart of all the cool tourist attractions. GOLD Package Seating (where you can actually pick your seat) are available NOW with more ticket options to follow.

And don't forget the rest of our 2011 visits to BOSTON on AUGUST 19-21, 2011, CINCINNATI on AUGUST 27-28, 2011, BALTIMORE on OCTOBER 8-9, 2011! Visit for details!

The Clip non-sdcc peeps have been waiting for - honeymooners

Honeymoon Clip from BD - ENJOY

I don't know how long it will last... so enjoy while it's there, the quality is not great but comapred to audio only it is super!

Monday, July 25, 2011

SYTYCD Canada - Top 18 Performance Show

Tonight the Top 18 dancers performed with new partners. The change up worked well, I think, and allowed dancers to shine and showcase their talents for viewers.

Judges:Jean-Marc, Tre Armstrong, Luther Brown, Mary Murphy, Nico Archambault.

Here is a summary with some thoughts about the evenings show. At the bottom I attempt to power rank, though I am not feeling entirely confident on my rankings this week so PLEASE feel free to comment.

Christian & Jordan
Paso Doble - Francis Lafreniere & Natalli Reznik
La Crimrosa Dominae (Firebender) - Serge Colbert / Jeffrey Fayman, Yoav Goren - Immediate Music

It was an end of the world theme and was very powerful. I love choreographers/past contestants Francis and Natalli. Jordan is my favourite and I was worried for her being in this routine, but they pulled it off amazingly. The Flip & Drag was stunning and the lift and split at the end - wow!

Matt & Denitsa
Contemporary - Sabrina Matthews
Can't Breathe - Can't Breathe - Joy (Deluxe Edition) Fefe Dobson ft Orianthi

This was emotional and well done, but not as powerful as most of Sabrina's routines. I really loved the spin lift and thought the pair were well matched. I usually fast forward through Jean-Marc's comments but forgot to on this one and had to witness him talking about "Dreams" of Denitsa - he is so pervy... reminded me to remember to fast forward his comments the rest of the show!

Carlena & Kevin
Hip Hop - ShoTyme
Clear - Clear! - Clear! Kardinal Offishal

This was fast and hard hitting, but it was also out of sync and noticably so because of the hard hits. Carlena was obviously better as it is her genre, but Kevin did well overall. He had fake tattoos on his arms and it was a nice edgey look for him.

Lyndsy & Shane
Disco - Melissa Williams
Shake Your Groove Thing - Shake Your Groove Thing - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Peaches & Herb Peaches & Herb

This was amazing! I usually enjoy the fast disco routines, but this one was out of this world! I loved her look, especially her eye shadow, and the way they moved around the dance floor, was fun and precise and - just fantastic!

Adam & Geisha
Jazz - Blake McGrath
Who's That Chick - Who's That Chick? (feat. Rihanna) [Single Version] - Who's That Chick? (feat. Rihanna) [Single Version] - Single David Guetta and Rihanna

This routine was fun! It didn't look difficult, but the judges made a point to say it was. The costumes were bright and fun, neon and even glowing - they took the lights out and the black light colours of their clothes and body painted glowed.

Yulia & Francois
Mambo - Gustavo Vargas,
Mambo Gazon - Mambo Gozon - Mambo Birdland Tito Puente

The outfits were hot, the moves were sexy and overall this was a spicy routine. I did notice the tough lift they were practicing in rehearsal clip did not happen in the routine, which makes me feel like they couldn't get it and had to make the routine "easier" I don't know much about Mambo but this was pretty hot!

JP & Shelaina
Bollywood - Longinus Fernandes
Baawre (Lucky By Chance) - Baawre - Luck By Chance Loy Mendonsa & Shankar Mahadevan

This was a pretty amazing puppet style Bollywood routine. They were in sync, they had the look and did wonderfully. There was a slight wardrobe issue where Shelaina got caught up in her skirt, but she recovered well and kept smiling.

Boneless & Teya
Crump - Lil C
Get Krazy - Buckmouth

This was hard hitting, but not hard enough. Crump is rough and these guys were too soft. Not only that, but the song was kind of rough and tough to follow - it felt scattered.

Joey & Melissa
Contemporary - Mandy Moore
I Wanna Dance With Somebody - I Wanna Dance With Somebody - 14 Side Project

This was beautiful. The story was about being swept off your feet and Melissa was literally swept off her feet, floating through the air. It was emotional and absolutely peaceful! Love Mandy Moore, Love Joey and now I love Melissa.

Top 3
-Joey & Melissa
-Lindsey & Shane
-JP & Shelaina

Middle 3
-Carlena & Kevin
-Christian & Jordan
-Matt & Denitsa

Bottom 3
-Adam & Geisha
-Yulia & Frencois
-Boneless & Teya

We will see. I really don't know this week

What do you think?Stay Tuned for Results tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 8pm Local time on CTV. I will post the results here tomorrow night.

Everything SDCC 2011

This will be the top post for a few days with links to all my SDCC posts (twilight and otherwise)

Scroll down for non-sdcc posts and other news.

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Scott Westerfeld's 'Uglies' in Pre-Production

Variety has reported that ‘Uglies’ is back on it’s way to theaters!

John Davis and the founders of Lola Visual Effects are financing, developing and producing a live-action feature based on Scott Westerfeld’s 2005 futuristic novel “Uglies.”

Westerfeld disclosed the “Uglies” project during his panel at Comic-Con on Sunday. The filmmakers have also acquired feature rights to Westerfeld’s “Pretties” and “Specials,” the second and third installments of the “Uglies” trilogy published by Simon Pulse with total sales of over 3 million copies.

“Uglies” will be produced by John Davis and Jordan Davis along with Colin and Greg Strause via their Hydraulx Entertainment banner. Lola’s Edson Williams and Thomas Nittmann will exec produce along with Adam Schroeder.

Jacob Forman (“All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”) will pen the screenplay.

What do you think? Exciting news eh?

REad More at Variety

Hunger Games Filming in 'The Capitol'

Russ Bowen is reporting that shooting will move to the former Phillip Morris Cabarrus plant in Concord, NC to begin filming Capitol scenes. The massive property spans 2,100 acres, with 2.4 million square feet under one roof. To everyone chosen to be extras, we totally envy you!!

[Source VIA Mockingjay]

Big Brother House Guests - Where are they Now?

After learning recently that Matty McDonald was in jail because of drug sales with fellow bb9 houseguest Adam J, I began to wonder - where are the past house guests from Big Brother?

This was posted December 2010 so it is outdated but pretty good.

Big Brother, CBS' voyeuristic summertime reality show, has seen many houseguests come and go during its 12 seasons. But where are they now? Here's an update on some of the most memorable Big Brother houseguests of all time.

Marcellas Reynolds (Big Brother 3, 2002). He made the biggest gaffe in Big Brother history- not using the Power of Veto to save himself, resulting in his own elimination. He returned to BB for the Season 7 All-Stars edition (a decision he tells Fancast he now regrets) and later landed correspondent gigs on The Style Network. He's appeared on shows like Shop Like a Star, The Tyra Banks Show and Geraldo At Large and also works as a model, an actor and a stylist. Marcellas' trusting heart may have lost him Big Brother, but he's managed to extend his BB fame surprisingly long.

Jerry MacDonald (Big Brother 10, 2008). He was the oldest contestant ever on the show and he wore his pants hiked up like Fred Mertz. But a Grandpa type he was not. Jerry got into it with several people on Season 10, dubbing fellow housemate Dan a "Judas" and telling him to "burn in hell". Now 77 years old, Jerry is caring for his wife of 54 years , who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother 11, 2009). The Big Brother Season 11 showmance couple flirted their way into the winner's circle (Jordan won the BB 11 $500,000 dollar prize) and continued their real life romance outside of the house. They teamed up in 2010 for CBS' Amazing Race and Schroeder told People , "The show made us a stronger couple."

Evel Dick Donato (Big Brother 8, 2007). He beat out his own daughter for the half million dollar Big Brother grand prize, but he managed to spoil her anyway (a trip to Europe and a new car).Still, Dick was definitely the villain during his season of the show, causing fights and spewing profanities at just about all of his housemates. Since pocketing the Big Brother prize, Evel Dick landed an acting gig in the movie GPS as- you guessed it- the villain.

Dr. Will Kirby (Big Brother 2, 2001). His Chilltown alliance with pal Mike "Boogie" was legendary and dermatologist Dr. Will went on to win the second season of Big Brother. Since then he's been no stranger to television, juggling his dermatology practice with appearances on Extra,The Young and the Restless and Dr. 90210. He is also the medical director of a laser tattoo removal service, Dr. Tattoff

Mike" Boogie" Malin (Big Brother 2, 2001). He didn't win his original season of Big Brother, but Mike "Boogie" went on to win the All-Stars edition. After BB he teamed up with his Chilltown partner in crime, Dr. Will Kirby, to form The Dolce restaurant group and laser tattoo removal business, Dr. Tattoff.

Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother 6, 2005). The former actress and model returned to the Big Brother fold a few times after her season- once for the All-Stars season and later to host a Power of Veto competition during Season 8 and a food competition in Season 10. With all that TV face time, it's hard to believe Janelle has seemingly settled down for a normal life, working as a real state agent and marrying in June, 2010.

Kaysar Ridha (Big Brother 6, 2005). One of the most popular contestants ever on the show, Kaysar was voted back into the Big Brother house by America a during his season. He's been spotted on a few TV guest spots since his BB days (The Young and the Restless, Reality Obsessed) but other than that, Kaysar seems to have faded from the television spotlight. Maybe this is one reality TV star who was smart enough to know when his 15 minutes of fame were up.

BB13 Updates July 25, 2011 at 1am

Spoilers - so don't click more if you don't want to be spoiled...


Live Feeds are so ahead of the television show....

Rachel nominated Dominic and Adam, Brendon won the POV but didn't use it.

Dom threw the veto because he was told he would be safe - but he is not.

Dani, in an effort to protect Dom(?!?!) Started pushing to Backdoor Jeff.

This news got back to Jeff and the vets alliance has been rocky ever since.

My interpretation of how things atand right now are as follows:

Dom goes home - though it might be close.
Jeff, Jordan, Brenchel plan to get rid of Dani - but they are pretending to still include her in the alliance for now....

It is tough to say things change quickly.... starting this week HoH everyone can play and it seems nominations won't be paired anymore - though there will be a new twist and we do not know what it is - yet!

My wish for this "new twist" that will "change the game" is this.... all golden key holders have the option to use their key to open a "pandora's box" type door... behind it may lie good or bad.... maybe prizes or punishment... (money, gifts, slop, or a returning houseguest?!?!)

Another rumour is that the golden keys will all be a team...

who knows.

Live Feeds are fun - but addicting!

Matty McDonald of BB9 Blogs from Jail

I remember hearing about Adam being sent to jail. He had some tax evasion issues andt hen was arrested for selling drugs.

In superpass chat today I learned that bb9 houseguest Matty McDonald was also arrested. SHOCKED!

Anyways, he apparently blogs from jail - odd I know, but he recently did a post and it is quite an interesting ready See it here

Expect more posts in upcoming days on WHERE ARE THEY NOW - the past BB HGs ha ha

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Terra Nova at SDCC

I have been looking forward to Terra Nova fora while. The previews make me think of LOST meets Jericho. My take on the plot is that the world is so messed up, they have to send some people back to the dino-ages to "restart" and fix man's mistakes (over using fossil fuels, pollution and so on would be my guess) and there you have it...

Comic-Con guests actually got to watch about an hour of the two-hour pilot scheduled for September. I have been sifting through reviews to try and get a feel for how accurate my "plot assessment" was.

Screen Rant reviewed that the CGI was really well done and that while the overall preview was promising, the acting lacked emotion. They did note, however, that it often takes time for actors to get into the series and hopefully this would improve.

You can read the whole, spoiler filled, but detailed summary of the review clip shown at sdcc HERE.

Overall, based on the readings, I think I am pretty accurate with the Lost meets Jericho assessment, but maybe thrown in some V (sixers similar to V's 5th Column?)

Bel Ami at TIFF?

It should be pointed out that @Larry411 an avid film festival and movie buff, said that the tweet likely should have replaced "expected" with "hoped" - - - time will tell.

Like SDCC, TIFF is something I always WANT to do and never do - - as tempting as it is this year, I plan to go to LA in NOvember for BD Premiere and SDCC next summer - PLUS possibly one other trip so not entirely sure TIFF will work out this year, but who knows!

Breaking Dawn Soundtrack - Part 1 - Song 1?

Based on the clip from SDCC which shows Bella freaking out before heading out for a romantic and naked swim with Edward.... this song was playing...

[Thanks TwiCrackAddict]

Glee Panel at SDCC 2011

Over in Hall H it is an action packed day with Glee, Supernatural and Dr. Who. It starts a couple of minutes late due to the time it takes to fill the giant 6500 capacity hall and kicks off with a clip from the upcoming Glee 3D movie (which I just got a poster for from my local movie cinema yesterday)

Cinema Blend describes the clip:

Footage from the 3D concert movie was great. We saw Heather Morris perform "Slave for You" on stage. She's an amazing dancer. Meanwhile, Darren Criss performed "Teenage Dream" with the Warblers. The footage also included a Gleek with aspergers who talked about her love of the show and how it's changed her life. There was also an adorable toddler fan dressed as a warbler lip-syncing to Teenage Dream. Die-hard Glee fans are likely to enjoy the 3D movie when it hits theaters in August.

The other exciting news, for me, was that Darren Criss may hit broadway in the new year. Rumours have been surfacing lately that he may take over for Daniel Radcliffe in January 2012 in How to Succeed in Business... which I saw in NY a few months ago. Amazing!


If you want to read more on this potential Broadway stint Read here

As for the Glee Panel, there were quite a few tidbits on the movie, next season and other gossip surrounding the cast and show...

Digital Spy live blogged:

9.42am: As usual, all times in this blog are PT, which is eight hours behind the UK and three hours behind the East Coast. If you want to react or interact as we go along, use the Facebook comments feature at the bottom.

9.44am: The Glee panel kicks off at 10am. There will be no Micheles, Monteiths or Colfers at this event: instead we're getting Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), Darren Criss (Blaine), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and the glorious Dot Marie Jones (Coach Beiste), henceforth to be known simply as DMJ.

9.49am: On entering Hall H, we were given some Glee-themed guitar picks and a pair of 3D glasses for the preview of the 3D concert movie that will play out during the panel.

9.52am: The last time I was in this room, if I recall correctly, was for the final ever Lost panel two years ago. I was so overwhelmed that I started to cry. Will Doctor Who provoke a similar reaction today? Rest assured I'll be keeping you updated with my emotional state in the coming hours.

9.58am: Just a few minutes to go now. People are still streaming in through the back.

9.59am: MOOD UPDATE: Excitable trembly legs.

10.00am: The moderator for this panel will be Michael Ausiello, formerly of EW and TV Guide, now head of the excellent TV Line site.

10.01am: Apologies in advance if there are moments today when the blog doesn't update quickly - the free internet in here is pretty on-and-off; apologies also for any unforced spelling errors: I keep being elbowed by the rather rotund gentleman to my left.

10.04am: MOOD UPDATE: Bruised bicep irritation.

10.05am: DMJ has just tweeted: "HERE WE COME COMICON!!!!!" Yes love, get a move on. I don't think I can stall with inane observations for much longer.

10.06am: Ooh look, there's a woman queueing for the restroom.

10.09am: MOOD UPDATE: Restless Warrior.

10.12am: FINALLY. Here we go!

10.14am: Out comes Ausiello.and introduces an extended preview of the 3D movie, which features performances from Britney and Blaine.

10.25am: Ausiello brings out the cast: Criss, Shum Jr., DMJ (big cheers!), Ushkowitz, as well as movie director Kevin Tanchearoen, choreographer Zack Woodlee, exec producer Dante di Loreto, co-creator Ian Brennan and co-creator Brad Falchuk.

10.27am: What was it like seeing themselves in 3D? Ushkowitz: "Kind of awesome." Shum Jr. says Criss "looks like a little kid" on there.

10.28am: Truth on Ryan Murphy's comments that Monteith, Michele and Colfer have been axed? Falchuk: "I don't know where that report came from. Cory, Lea, Chris are seniors, but they're graduating. Just because they're graduating, it doesn't mean they're leaving the show. If you have Lea Michele under contract, you're not just going to let her go. Come the first episode back, you see who the seniors and juniors are. Some of our seniors will not graduate. I can guarantee here that they are not done with the show after this season."

10.29am: Falchuk reveals that Ushkowitz is a junior. He adds: "The opening sequence is everybody saying what they want to do when they grow up, so you see everyone's anxieties."

10.30am: Falchuk says the first nine episodes will focus on the run-up to Sectionals.

10.31am: Tribute episode? Falchuk: "We talked about it. If it's going to happen, it will happen in the second half of the season. We really do want to spend some real time with the characters in the first nine, ten episodes."

10.32am: The Chord Overstreet drama. "For reasons he's aware of, we decided not to make him a regular but we did ask him to come back for a portion of the season. He declined the offer, which we were very disappointed by because we were writing stories for him. We had some cool ideas with him and Mercedes, but Chord decided he had opportunities elsewhere. I will say, just because he's gone, Mercedes will have a new boyfriend she met up with this summer. He's like 'you deserve more, Mercedes', lifting her up. He's this big bubba kind of guy."

10.33am: More Beiste this season? "We have some great stuff for her."

10.34am: How do fans react? DMJ: "It's been overwhelming. Fans for The Beiste are awesome."

10.35am: When will Tina and Artie get back together? Falchuk: "Nothing's ever done, but Tina and Mike are fine for this season.

10.36am: Falchuk: "We're going to meet Mike's parents. His parents will have opinions on what he should do with his life."

10.37am: Criss: "This year has been incredibly wonderful and bizarre. I feel so weird to be on this panel. I've been blessed with an amazing character. It's been eerily wonderful."

10.38am: Criss says Blaine and Kurt have "reached the honeymoon phase. I'm a big fan of Klaine so I hope it lasts a while." Falchuk: "They're not breaking up. They're solid. They have problems - you have two stars dating each other, there's going to be some competition there."

10.39am: New character - nemesis to Sue? Falchuk: "Not really at all."

10.40am: Criss going to Broadway? "I can't confirm that. It's very cool that it's even out there. Glee has a very hectic schedule. I'm not opposed to the idea."

10.40am: Audience questions. Timeline on Criss solo album? "I don't know. Between Glee and hypothetically Broadway, I'll be quite busy. I would love to if I can manage to stay alive and get some rest at some point."

10.41am: Reaction to deaf cast members in the deaf school episode? Was it uncomfortable? Loreto: "We had no idea what to expect. We learned a great deal. We learned that there are different accents in signing. It was incredibly moving on the day; everyone was so articulate and accomplished so much in a few hours."
10.42am: Do songs inspire the story or vice versa? Falchuk: "It's always the story first. Otherwise it would be like making a movie based around the action sequences. The song fuels the story."

10.43am: More of the characters' families in season three? Kurt's lesbian aunts, Rachel's dads? Brennan: "It's tricky with parents. In the second episode ever, we actually wrote a scene with her dads and we cut it. We've talked about it forever, but I think when you're in high school, your parents stop being the major influence in your life. You're sort of on your own. I think soon we'll reveal more and more."

10.44am: Bartie or Brittana? Ushkowitz: "I do like Britanna. I think it's very interesting."

10.45am: Surprised by feedback to Britanna? Falchuk: "We got into that storyline almost as a goof at first. But then we realized this show is so inclusive, and then there were people we weren't representative of. This whole lesbian-bisexual female community. We're fortunate the network wasn't resistant of it and let us try it out, then it became something much deeper." Brennan: "We had two incredible talents on our hands that we didn't realize."

10.47am: Thoughts to spinoff with Rachel, Kurt and Finn? Falchuk: "Yes. We explored that as a possibility. It was weird when Chris Colfer was saying he heard on Twitter about him not coming back, because we hadn't talked to him about it since March. We're leaning against a spinoff right now. I think we're going to pass."

10.48am: Falchuk: "If you watched the finale last season, Broadway was something we were planting as a possibility because we were exploring it."

10.49am: Will Blaine be developed more this season? Brennan: "Yes."

10.50am: What would their dream Broadway roles be? Ushkowitz: "I wanna be Kim in Miss Saigon." Shum Jr.: "Singing in the Rain." Criss: "The MC, Cabaret." DMJ: "Ursula."

10.51am: More Azimio? Brennan: "We switched off on him. We don't even know if he's coming back next year."

10.52am: Criss says he'd like to sing a song from Aladdin on the show.

10.53am: What part of themselves do they see in their characters? Shum Jr.: "Well, I look like Mike Chang. He's a stand-up guy, he stood up for Kurt. I hope we get to explore more of that. Outside that, the love for dance obviously." DMJ: "In some ways I'm like Besite. I'm a big gush, but as far as the mean side, I can be, but not so much. As far as some of the stuff she's been through in her life, I can relate to."

10.55am: Has the original creativity been lost by the popularity of the show? Falchuk: "No." Loreto: "The stories that are coming out are going to knock your socks off. It's going to be the most extraordinary season." Brennan: "The onus changes. We didn't set out to write a phenomenon and something that's going to change the zeitgeist for a generation."

10.56am: Will Beiste have a relationship? Falchuk: "We've thought about it, we haven't come up with anything yet. We get what people love about Beiste, which is her vulnerability. Dot is literally the mushiest people I've ever met. We're really interested in exploring those parts of her as a performer."

10.58am: Sue this season? Brennan: "Sue's running for congress. Ken died of a heart attack." Flachuk: "She's taken destroying Will and the Glee club on a local level, now she's taken it to a national level. Sue's running on a 'no arts' platform."

10.59am: Final question: where does the inspiration for Britney's lines come from? Brennan: "You wander through your life and think, 'what would Britney think if she were here?'"


Darren Criss to hit Broadway?

Darren Criss fans know of his youtube hit, A Very Harry Potter Musical. Looks like Darren may take over for Daniel Radcliffe aka the original Harry Potter, on broadway.

According to, Glee's Criss is in discussions to take over Daniel Radcliffe's role in Broadway's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. (The story was first reported by

I saw How to Succeed a couple months ago when I was in New York and was so impressed by Daniel Radcliffe, but if Darren Criss took over the role, I would absolutely go see it again! How amazing! I love the starkid!

At the Glee Panel at SDCC 2011 the broadway rumour was addressed:
10:37 - Brad Falchuk says Kurt and Blane are "solid" in their relationship. Darren Criss talked about it a little too. The audience is going nuts for him.

10:39 - Darren Criss asked about going to Broadway. He's being vague on his answer and says he can't confirm anything. Time for audience questions.

10:40 - Darren asked about his solo album. He says he's not sure if his time will allow for more of that with Glee and a "hypothetical Broadway musical."

So, time will tell if this broadway deal pans out, but regardless I see many more great things coming from the starkid Darren Criss... and I am thrilled about it!

Abduction - International Release Dates

International Release Dates:

Greece: September/22/11
Russia: September/22/11
Hungary: September/22/11
USA: September/23/11
Canada: September/23/11
Singapore: September/23/11
UK: September/28/11
France: September/28/11
Czech Republic: September/29/11
Chile: September/29/11
Hong Kong: September/29/11
Denmark: September/29/11
Sweden: September/30/11
Estonia: September/30/11
Germany: October/13/11
Finland: October/14/11
Italy: October/27/11
Portugal: November/3/11


Hunger Games Swag at Lionsgate Booth at SDCC


BD Leak Slide show and clips