Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life Unexpected Filming

I remember being downtown with Amy and seeing filming at the Art Gallery. We knew it wasn't Twilight, but thought it may be Fringe so we parked and went by to peak.

"Life Unexpected"

What the heck was that? We had no idea so we googled it and saw it was a new show coming about a teen aged girl and her young parents....

We saw a cute young blonde girl, a brunette and a a cute guy I recognized from the short-lived television show "Valentine" (Kristoffer Polaha)

At the time I assumed they were all friends, and it was supposed to be outside a school or college... little did I know that it was the parents and lawyer after just getting custody of their previously adopted/foster care child they gave up while still in highschool.


Anyhow, I am a huge fan of the show now and wanted to share the photos.

Pretty cool eh?

I love pretty much everything filmed locally - or am at least willing to give it a chance... I am glad I did with Life UneXpected because it is an amazing show!!

June 4 - Water for Elephant Set Photos


June 4th Photos from Water for Elephants Set. Rob was working with a Lioness!


Scans of Jackson Rathbone in NYlno Magazine - Rawr!


Holy Hotttttttnessss!!!!!


Xavier - I love you - That is all.

Xavier is hot - that is all

Jackson dresses up and down for MTV

Jackson Rathbone was followed by MTV cameras as he tried on clothes at the John Varvatos store on Friday. That smile was sure to charm the pants (literally) off Lauren the MTV gal cause it's working through the computer screen. humina humina J. Bone.



Jackson Rathbone talks to MTV about Bil Condon

Kristen & Taylor Interview in korea - Video

Friday, June 4, 2010

Twilight Triple Feature Tickets for Rio Theatre Vancouver

On June 29 the Rio Theatre will be premiering the third installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse, at midnight.

Join us before, hours before, and watch how it's all come to be. Starting at 6:30pm with TWILIGHT followed by NEW MOON at 8:50pm and finishing up with the midnight premiere of ECLIPSE.

Tickets are $5.00/$8.00 for the double bill.

Regular ticket prices for ECLIPSE
$10.00 adults
$ 8.00 students
$ 7.00 child/seniors


Here for $5

Here for $5

DOUBLE BILL (Twilight & New Moon)
Here for $8

Here for $10

All three films for only $18

This is cheaper than other theatres & you get the bonus activities planned between films!!!
Hope to see you all there!

 *** A Special Event Licence has been requested in hopes of providing liquor for those attending who are 19+ so bring I.D. and I will post once cash bar is confirmed.

** Yes, This is the venue 100 Monkey's played at and YES Robert Pattinson attended *swoon*

* Buy tickets in advance as this event WILL sell out.

Water for Elephants Set photos _ Hardowkring Rob

See more HERE!!!

[Source & Source]

Kristen Stewarts "Rape" Remark

Maybe I am Late to the Party, maybe I just don't care enough, but most likely there is just ALWAYS some friggin controversy in the Twilight Fandom and I get absolutely exhausted with it!

Twilight Examiner Summarized it here very well:

As soon as Kristen Stewart's interview with ELLE UK was revealed, things started to get a bit intense.

Her choice of words, in referring to the onslaught of paparazzi attention she receives thanks to her international Twilight fame, of "[t]he photos are so… I feel like I'm looking at someone being raped" were regarded by some rape crisis groups as "regrettable."

Fox News issued the story a few days ago, quoting a representative from Rape and Incest National Network (among others) to issue dismay over the comment: "Portraying a rape survivor in the film ‘Speak’ should have led her to use a more appropriate metaphor to describe the intrusive nature of the paparazzi. Rape is more than an intrusion, it's a violent crime, that causes serious long term mental health effects for victims."

Last night, the buzz began back up again on this issue when it was reported that Stewart would be issuing a public apology for her statement.

A brief, unofficial survey of Twitter responses brought forth a split in Twilight fan reactions, with some fans lauding her boldness and defending the word choice (as well as trending #IsupportKristenStewart) and others saying that they understood the meaning of her statement as well as concerns about the particular term at hand.

Today, Kristen Stewart has issued an apology via People Magazine.

"I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously," she told the publication. "And I'm really sorry about my choice of words."

"I've made stupid remarks before, and I've always reasoned: 'Whatever. They can think what they want," she continued. With this particular set of words, though, she indicated that the metaphor could've been more aptly phrased. "'Violated' definitely would have been a better way of expressing the thought."

Though she seems to stand firm on the sentiment of her interview, she did seem to get the sensitive nature of her word choice and concluded, "People thinking that I'm insensitive about this subject rips my guts out. I made a big mistake."

Your thoughts?

Mandy's Mind - She chose poor words, she often does, but she realized after that it was a VERY poor choice of words, so she apologied, publicly, which she often doe NOT do (as sited in People Magazine,'Whatever. They can think what they want,") But it is done, it is dealt with, let's move on?

[Twilight Examiner]

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Classy Twilight Wedding

I would do this, but I am already married, maybe when we do our 10 year renewed vows/2nd wedding?

I like that it is classy and not obviously Twilight. More gothic, which a friend of mine is doing for her wedding though she is NOT a Twi-Fan *AT ALL* She is the anti-fan in fact ha ha - anyways....

Here are some Pics:

See more here

Baby-Making at MTV Awards Not likely but....

MTV Awards Seating Photos are out - but remember last year they changed about 18 times before the event so nothing is certain. Oh - and just because Rob & Kristen are so close.... STILL don't expect baby-making from those chairs ha ha - just sayin'

Dirty Rob on set of Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants would be a NICE set to work on eh?


See more Here.

Behind the Scenes - Introducing Bree Tanner - Eclipse

I love this - Jodelle Ferland is local and she is so sweet and talented!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mandy's Thoughts on the Eclipse Soundtrack

I have been listening all day - I really love this soundtrack and can't wait to get my Deluxe Edition :-)

Here are my thoughts. I did have predictions but I just can't bring myself to type them out. I ruin it fo rmyself if I grow too attached to a song and a scene then they don't connect.

Also I am not a music huru so I am speaking from my own connections & responses... feel free to comment below with your own :)

Eclipse Soundtrack List

1. Metric – “Eclipse (All Yours)”

I really love her voice & the lyrics. It's a gret song with a fitting title.

2. Muse – “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)”

Muse - hello? Obviously rad!

3. The Bravery – “Ours”

I love the sort of 80s/euro feel of this song... it's just great.

4. Florence + The Machine – “Heavy In Your Arms”

I think my most favourite song on the album. The beat, the music, the voice, the lyrics, the mood.... it's hot! It kind of reminds me of an old school Garbage Song (Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack) non? Emotion Wise it evokes it from me hard-core!

5. Sia – “My Love”

A bit slow and soft and high pitched for me but still beautiful, lying in the meadow, making out, NO! I said I wouldn't predict scenes ha ha!

6. Fanfarlo – “Atlas”

I love the up-beat tempo of this song. The two voices really compliment each other also.

7. The Black Keys – “Chop And Change”

Oh My God I really really LOVE this song, it's just so groovy... I picture Victoria seducing Riley or fight training maybe? I don't know it's just a great song

8. The Dead Weather - “Rolling In On A Burning Tree”

I feel repeatitive but another great song... the mood and beat are just fantastic, I think it's Jacob and Bella(full moon, not what you want to hear, a long time to wait etc.) or maybe Bella trying to get Edward to change her.... but I think Jacob/Bella more... god, I said I wouldn't predict publicly

9. Beck and Bat For Lashes – “Let’s Get Lost”

This is so pretty it reminds me of a song from 'The Beach' soundtrack, just mystical.... I love it

10. Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low”

Another sort of retor-feel, 80s vibe, reminds me of "dancing with myself" ha habut anyways, it's awesome also - big surprise, this whole soundtrack is!

11. UNKLE – “With You In My Head (featuring The Black Angels)”

The whispery mumbles are weird, but I can see it fitting in well with this soundtrack. Can't wait to see where it fits into the movie

12. Eastern Conference Champions – “A Million Miles An Hour”

Love the opening bass, his voice, just another great song

13. Band Of Horses – “Life On Earth”

Pretty. Calming. Like happy family reunion after risky battle?

14. Cee-Lo Green – “What Part Of Forever”

Whistling is catchy though whistling annoys me ha ha - besides that though, really like the song.

15. Howard Shore – “Jacob’s Theme”

Obviously this is a Jacob scene & Howard hore is Canadian and did Olympics Themes song composing so I pretty much love him and it anyways. Better than Bella's Lullabye? Time will tell? ha ha

16. Battle - "The Line"

Battle Stuff? It's pretty good, reminds me of like "The Doors" at parts and just like I should be on drugs to listen too with the tempo changes and whatnot... but cool

17. Bombay Bicycle Club - "How Can You Swallow So Much"

Apparently I am a dity bird because this title makes me think twice. The song is repeatitive but very good.

Seriously I can't get enough - I love all the songs, I hate thsat my mind is already placing them in certain scenes. Which are your fave? Scene Placement Predictions?

Comment Below!!

Pre-Order Here:

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner

Someone is in a better mood.

[Via TwiFans]

New Jasper Still - Kind of

Although it's a puzzle it shows the Scene where Jasper is still human...

Here are some other Eclipse Puzzles you can purchase:

L.A. Baby - One Week to go

I am seriously unbelievably excited to be going to L.A.

One week to go and one week in L.A.

Wednesday Night I am still not sure where I am staying, I think a lil cheap hotel near the airport will suffice, just to get some shut eye. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday I am at the Hyatt for the Twilight Convention which runs June 11-13.

So many cool new guests were added, I am so excited to see all the cat again and hopefully a few I haven't met.

I am also excited to be attending Jay Leno on the 15th since Robert Pattinson is his guest! Amazing!

I have tickets for a few other talkshows but we will see how time and energy levels are.

Hoping to get out for a peak at the Water for Elephants set but again not sure on when due to such an action packed week.

I thank those of you who have donated to my blog, it's really fantastic to see the support and I am excited to be doing draws for awesome prizes for those of you kind enough to donate.

I will be tweeting live from L.A.

My twitter account is @mandysmind and if I get locked up for too much tweeting my back up account is @maliciousmandy1 (I never use that account anymore except if I am locked up - which I may on Saturday at the convention!)

Also I plan to blog each night as much as possible but keep in mind for the Vancouver Convention it took a few days to get EVERYTHING up - so likely quick summaries and teasers until I am home ;)

Thanks so much for your continued support - I promise to bring you all the goods while I am away next week.... I am so excited!

Eclipse Soundtrack Online Listening Party

Listen to the complete Eclipse Soundtrack at TwiFans for the next 24 hours!.

Leave your comments and thoughts below.

Mandy's Mind:

I really love the feel and vibe of this soundtrack. I would say it's not only the best of the Saga thus far but the best for movies in gerneal in a very long time. I like the diversity of sounds but also the very distinct beats.

I have being trying to place songs to scenes but I have stopped because it just frustrates me and I don't want to anticipate certain things ha ha. Actually New Moon I didn't listen to until I saw the movie because I heard a bit of one song and didn't like it.

After the movie I learned to love a lot of the New Moon Soundtrack... but Eclipse I already love so it makes seeing the songs placed in themovie even more exciting.

I will post a "song placement post" like I did for New Moon on or before June 30, 2010.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kristen Stewart leaves Australia

Wow! Poor kristen, there needs to be some more security or like more space for her to walk - I get wanting to see her but fans and paparazzi need to let her breathe at least non?

She doesn't look happy - and who the HELL is yankingon her arm? I'd have punched buddy out!


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More Cast Added to Creation's L.A. Twiight Convention

Creation's Official Twilight Convention L.A. just went from great to unbelivably great.

Just when you thought it couldn't get better a ton of new talent was added to the roster.

I posted previously on the L.A. Convention here, but they've since added the following to that already impressive list of guests:

Peter Facinelli

Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Appearing Saturday on a special Cullen Family Panel


Esme Cullen
Appearing Saturday on a special Cullen Family Panel.


Rosalie Hale
Appearing Saturday on a special Cullen Family Panel.

Also listed is Ashley Greene.


Sam Uley
Appearing Saturday on a special Wolf Pack Panel.


Appearing Saturday on a special Wolf Pack Panel.


Leah Clearwater
Appearing Saturday on a special Wolf Pack Panel

Appearing Saturday on a special panel tentatively with Xavier Samuel.


Appearing Saturday on a special panel tentatively with Bryce Dallas Howard.

We are incredibly happy to present, on Saturday, a very special panel featuring three members of the extraordinary team that is bringing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to the theaters across North America on June 30, 2010. Join us to welcome:
David Slade (director) , Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter) and Wyck Godfrey (producer)

Also as previously listed:


Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!

Due to scheduling, Robert will not be available for autographing or photo ops


Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!

Due to scheduling, Kristen will not be available for autographing or photo ops.


Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!

Due to scheduling, Taylor will not be available for autographing or photo ops.


TWILIGHT’s Billy Black
Appearing Saturday


TWILIGHT’s Eric Yorkie
Appearing Friday

NEW MOON’s Emily
Appearing Friday

Mike Newton
Appearing Friday


NEW MOON’s Gianna
Appearing Sunday

NEW MOON’s Quil Ateara
Appearing Saturday


ECLIPSE’s Seth Clearwater
Appearing all three days

The Volturi's Alec
Appearing Sunday


Volturi Leader Marcus
Appearing Sunday


Embry Call
Appearing Friday


Appearing Saturday

Appearing Saturday


Tickets still available, although I don't imagine for long! I will be in L.A. for a week including the weekend of the convention and will blog & Tweet live.... Expect photos, reports and lot's of awesomeness.

Donate to Mandy's Mind to be entered into a draw for great prizes from the Convention. Your donations will help me keep doing what I do - bringing you the goods.