Saturday, September 10, 2011

Congrats to winners of Abduction Poster

I have chosen two winners for the Abduction Poster Contest. Congrats to Blog Comment #13 - Barb Congrats to twitter RT @DangrDafne You both won a Taylor Lautner Abduction Poster. Please tweet or comment here with your address so I can send you posters!

Thank-you to everyone who entered, next contest will be posted tomorrow. Stay Tuned Also I am deciding between Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn themed contests for upcoming weeks.... Stay Tuned! It is fun to give stuff away!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Breaking Dawn Trailer Preview

We got an exciting 15 second trailer teaser to prepare us for next week's release. Here it is:

Also here are some screen caps.

I love how angry Edward loses the high messy hair... ha ha

More at RP LIFE who has (no joke) every milli-second frame captured... HARDCORE!
PS - 1998 called Carlisle, and they want their hair-style back!

Fan Photo with Rob at London Pub

Apparently this fan met Rob and Kristen at a pub in London - cool

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#bb13 Spoilers - 7:45pm Sept 6 - Final 4 and New HoH

If you want to know what happened

Kalia was evicted - unsure if it was a tie and Rachel chose or if Adam and Jordan both voted her out. It was 1-1 but Rachel broke the tie to send Kalia out.

Adam is new HoH, Jordan was a close second (only one point behind) It was a true/false trivia based on the fortune teller lines and Adam got 6/6, Jordan 5/6 Porsche only 2-3

We will see this all on Wednesday's "live show" (which was taped tonight) where Julie wears a leopard print dress according to audience members ha ha

and then Thursday is the usual LIVE SHOW with another eviction giving us the Final 3 and probably the first part of the final HoH comp.

Also, they show Shelly arriving to the jury house where things are super uncomfortable.

Details via twitter, mostly @MissCleoBB13 who was at the live taping tonight!

New Breaking Dawn Still - Premiere Magazine (France)

See article and scans at TwiFans.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hells Kitchen Top 5

Tonight's episode began with our Top 5, Tommy, Paul, Jennifer, Will and Elise, in their black chef coats. I still do not get how or why Elise is there except that she is drama.

The first challenge had them re-making ugly dishes such as meatloaf, lasagna, tuna casserole, eggplant parm and chicken and dumplings. They had to race around the resturant to grab the plate with the item named on it that they would like to make...


Five Special guest judges ranked them out of 10 each (50 total) on presentation and again (same ranking) on taste. Here is how it worked out:

Tommy - Chicken & Dumplings
Presentation - 44
Taste - 30
Total - 74

I was pretty impressed with how his looked, nice colours, though the liquid was a turn-off he had floating onions like "lily pads" that actually did look "pretty"

Paul - Tuna Casserole
Presentation - 33
Taste - 27
Total - 60

I'd say epic fail on all fronts. He didn't want this dish, he got stuck with it, he used canned tuna which sealed his fate.

Jennifer - Lasagna
Presentation - 28
Taste - 24
Total - 52

She opened by saying she hates lasanga - not exactly a great kick-off. It did look nice, but if I was making it, I would have done lasagna rolls, where you roll and fill a lasagna noodle, so pretty.

Returning Chefs came including Ben s5, Tennille s6, Trevor s8, Jillian s8, Van s6.

They went head to head with current guests and although both had issues in the kitchen 96 % of guests would return tot he current chefs kitchen vs 80% to past guests.

As a reward Ramsay did not send anyone home, even though Jennifer and Elise were the two at risk.

Jennifer alsoa dmited her crush on Paul, in case she was sent home she had to let him know - adorable!

Elise should have left - I despite her!

SYTYCD Canada Finale Performance

Tonight was the final performance show of the season.

Lindsey & Matt
Hip-Hop - ShoTyme
"Like That" - Memphis Bleek

This was energetic, hard hitting and fun. I really enjoyed watching it and thought it was a great start to the show.

Jordan & Christian
Contemporary - Stacey Tookey
"All in Love is Fair" - Stevie Wonder

This was a powerful piece about a chance encounter between past lovers who relive a moment. I thought it was moving and pretty. There was a near-miss on a lift that scared me but they recovered well.

Melissa & Shane
Salsa - Gustavo Vargas
"Salsa y Sabor" - Tito Puente

This had some serious lifts, twists, spins and tricks. BOTH of them did some crazy flips and it ended with an amazing one-legged lift by Shane pulling Melissa over him, amazing!

Girls Routine

Mia Michaels
"What About Us" - ATB

This was, hands down, my most favourite routine of the season, and maybe ever. It was absolutely crazy-good. I will post it for everyone to see because it truly was THAT awesome!

Guys Routine
Melissa Williams
"We Will Rock You" - Queen

After the girl's routine this simply wasn't up to par. It was fun, the guys did lifts and tricks and moved well, but the girl's was just that much better! Christian really stood out fo rme in this routine.


Shane"Fancy Footwork" - Choremo

Another amazing solo from Shane. I really find him the strongest of the male dancers.

Melissa"Commander" - Kelly Rowland

She was amazing, so much power and energy, when she dances she commands attention. She has been consistently great this whole season and I will not be surprised if she wins.

Lindsey"Beautiful" - Me'Shell Ndegeocello

Easily the most growth this season. Her solo showed such maturity and committment, I had goosebumps watching her dance.

Matt"Ain't No Sunshine" - Bill Mathers

For me the most improved male dancer. I am surprised he is still around over some of the other dancers, but he is holdinghis own and his solo was very good.

Christian"Beautiful People" - Chris Brown

I often forget he is ballroom because he really does so well in every genre thrown at him. I appreciated his upbeat solo that was ballroom but very fluid and fun.

Jordan"This Woman's Work" - Greg Laswell

Jordan was my pick to win since auditions. I adore her and I will stick to my decision for her to win, her solo was amazing, her dancing all season has been consistently great.


This is tough. I am ultimately voicing my predictions for the win....

Since day ONE I have been a Jordan fan, and even though Melissa has quickly crept up on (and at times even surpassed) Jordan, I am going to stick with Jordan to win. Melissa a close second (or if I am wrong, Melissa will win and Jordan a close second) I guess there are two ways to do this - MY OPINION and what I THINK CANADA'S OPINION WILL BE....

Mandy's Thoughts:
1 - Jordan
2 - Melissa
3 - Lindsey
4 - Shane
5 - Christian
6 - Matt

Prediction based on Canada's Votes:1 - Melissa
2 - Jordan
3 - Christian
4 - Matt
5 - Lindsey
6 - Shane

Because, I think Canada, like USA SYTYCD, sometimes gets it wrong, or some dancers simply have more fan support for whatever reason. This is why the "winner" is called "favourite dancer" not "best dancer" at the end.

We often see the same fantastic dancers keep getting bottom 3, while some less talented dancers stick around week after week. Every season of every SYTYCD it happens. Of course, we all have different opinions on what we like, but that is how it goes.

For example, I think Joey should be in the finale, within Top 3 to be honest, but he is gone. I also thought Denitsa stuck around way too long. I could go on, but I won't.

For the Comments....
Give me your Power Rankings, Also comment on any past results, who should have gone sooner or stayed longer?


Hunger Games Men talk "Who would get the Girl" in real life


Bachelor Pad 2

I can't believe Kasey & Vienna are still kicking it. I really don't get how or why people keep saving them? Well, I do know why, they have percieved power... but it is not real! Clearly! Erica and Blake let them have the safety roses so that they could get everyone to vote for them to stay, but Michelle and Graham wouldn't do it and so Blake & Erica left, leaving Kirk and Ella to keep playing, which I am happy about.

If Vienna or Kasey win I will boycott!

At this point, all the crew are filming their finale and I tweeted with a few of them about it. I am excited to see Jackie (who is not with Ames anymore and was feeling nervous about the taping, porr thing, I told her to be honest and be herself because that is what we love about her right?) and Gia, who you remember left in tears unable to hack it, she is just too sweet for the show I guess.

Anyhow, a few weeks left and we get a winner. I would love to see Ella/Kirk get it. I do not want Kasey and Vienna to, I don't like Holly, though I do like Michael (and hear they are back together?!?!) I didn't like Michelle and I don't remember Graham, but I like them now... I don't know I am rooting for Ella at this point - yes, her "story" is moving.... Sue me for having emotions!

So Rob is home and Kristen is there filming...

Here he is at the airport, home at least, and Kristen is filming there, so you know they will be hanging out and stuff ;) (Baby Making Time?)