Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Snooki wants an investment banker

I was watching Snooki on Letterman, even though I hate Letterman.

She said she is sweet but can't find a good gorilla juice-head so she is thinking of changing it up and looking for a guy on wallstreet.


"we make America happy by embarassing ourselves"

"I don't take offence to anything"

It was pretty funny as usual but she seems to be smartening up a little bit more than her first interviews... though still Snookilicious.

The POOF was back with the new bangs... she was a little bitless orange

She even taught Letterman how to fist pump!!!

Oh Snooki

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More of Xavier Samuel and his girlfriend acting strange

Someone said before that the boat photos of Xavier Samuel and his girlfriend were staged... I wasn't sure but these ones... I mean really?

I LOVE Xavier and yes it was the jealousy talking before but this... this...???

Do normal people do this?

This is more normal...

This is normal.


This is not.

TwiFans has more

The Hoff goes home on DWTS

It came down to the hoff or Kyle (From Cory int he house) which was weird, because Kyle was pretty awesome!!! The Situation made it whichmakes me secretly happy because, let's face it, the Situation always creates a situation ha ha - it's fun.

ANYWAYS Here is the dance that didn't get the David Hasselhoff past week one.

Taylor Lautner on Abduction Set - Fan Pics - Very HOT!


Remember when I got to see Eclipse early?

Here is a video of the Jimmy Kimmel show - - - ha ha ha Lot's of good Twi-Friends in this audience - can you spot them all?

Kellan Lutz at Washington Airport.

Kellan at Washington Airport... is he returning from his travels? Perhaps in preparation for Breaking Dawn filming? Who knows!

[More Photos at Source]

Nudge Jamie Campbell Bower on a boat

Jamie Campbell Bower in the nude... rawr!




HIlary Swank bites Jackson Rathbone at TIFF10

Jackson looks so star struck - it is adorable!

Monday, September 20, 2010

DWTS - Another season begins

Another season begins and I am actually loving the "stars"


1 - Audrina & Tony - What an opener. Audrina has a body of a dancer... but her face was annoyingly muted.

2 - Kurt & Anna - He really impresed me surprisingly smooth.

3 - Kyle & Lacey (He is in Cory in the house) & Lacey - they were so entertaining. He has charisma!

4 - Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke - the height difference is hilarious. They floated, no glided nicely across the stage.

5 - Margaret & Louis - I loved the humour in the routine.

6 - Brandi & Max - not surprisingly awesome. She is a performer and has experience dancing. She even seemed sweet....

7 - Bristol Palin & Mark - She just seems too young and insecure. She was the Kate Gosselin tonight ha ha - pretty horrible

8 - Flornce & Corky - Brady Bunch Mom not so sweet and innocent ha ha

9- Michael & Chelsea - I love Chelsea
and Bolton isn't so bad either!

10 - Situation & Karina - wow - he is cocky... but he wasn't as horrible as I expected based on 5 days practice (they justfilmed season 3 Jersey shore? omg!)

11 - Jennifer & Derek - Dirty Dancing alumni, she was beautiful and amazing

12 - David Hasselhoff & Kym - only he gets the Pam Anderson look a like eh? Well, maybe not look a like but equally plastic. HOw is the hoff still such a star in Germany? He really is getting old eh? Something about The Hoff dancing to SEXBOMB was just wrong!

I kind of think and hope Bristol goes home... Situation was bad, but he is entertaining, Bristol has no flavour...

Who are you rooting for?

My Poor PVR - Fall 2010 TV Line-up

My poor PVR is working overtime lately.

Since I work non-stop and am rarely home, my PVR works overtime to ensure if and when I have time, I have shows to watch.

With the Fall Season kick-off in full swing, that little machine (A DVR to Americans, a PVR to Canadians) has been my little assistant in life.

Granted, there are far more important things in life, like time with family, paying bills, working your regular job, oh and sleep, yes, sleep is important also, but really, my #1 escape and wind-down activity is quality time with my tv.

So many great shows starting, continuing, my husband looked at scheduled recordings and just about died.... WHO WATCHES THIS MUCH TELEVISION???

um - Me!


Granted this week is exceptionally busy as I try out some new shows (as if I have time I know)

There are so many shows with a great buzz, I just have to check them out... in the past shows I wanted to check out but didn't I regreted... like Mad Man, Dexter, Fringe, How I met your Mother or United Stated of Tara.. and I can assur eyou as difficult as it is to watch shows regularily, it is even harder catching up on a season or 4 so you can watch shows.

My general rule is - if I am behind by more than one season (Dexter for example) then I will not start it now. I will save it for a cold December when I can "obtain" a whole season and just sit and watch....

That being said, Here is what my pvr looks like tonight (please note the quality of shows ranges from wtf to amazing, but that is ok)


Dancing with the Stars
Reality TV Junkie, I can't help it... and dancing, makes it even more addicting. Plus, Dirty Dancing, Jersey Shore, Sports and has-been's make it so fun to watch. It is a huge time committment though...

Two and a Half Men
One of the few shows my husband and I both enjoy. Watching that kid grow up has been a bonding experience for us ha ha.

Mike & Molly
They moved Big Bang for this and the previews look good. It's time and channel placement make it an automatic watch for us.

Gossip Girl
This was a show I picked up on after the first season. In fact, shhh.. I still haven't seen the entire first season. Which is good I think because it is already incestious enough for me. I am so excited to see this season because I love Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley too (Hello Easy A Hottie)

I know *cringe* it isn't even very good (nor was Melrose, though I was pissed they cancelled it) but I can't help it. Teddy is rumoured to be gay and there's some major stuff going down that I just can't miss... Plus I was devoted to the original and it makes me feel young again.

Lone Star
This is new and I am not super keen but I want to give it a chance. Previews caught my eye barely enough, plus I think I can get my husband hooked... and he hates 99% of my shows (can't imagine WHY ;) ha ha)

The Event
There has been major promo for this and I love me a conspiracy thriller. I will give it a go. It makes me think of 4400 with a dash of LOST. *shurgs* we will see.

Hawaii Five-O
Meh, worth checking out, if even just once.

I am not sure this is the preview I saw or not, with the woman fbi or whatever hunting the criminal... if it is I am really excited, if it is not then I am not sure if I should have pvr'd it but I did so I will give it a go ha ha.

I wish I watched Chuck, Castle, House, How I met your Mother but I don't and as you can see, time wise, it is a good thing. One Cold December however... ha ha

as if that isn't enough for you here is the rest of my poor over-worked PVR's week:


Duh! Love it!

No Ordinary Family
Heroes died at the end and this feellike it will give me my superhero fix I am missing.

Life Unexpected
Love this show. Not only is it filmed locally, but the cast I have met are awesome and the premise of the show is awesome. Plus it started season2 last week and Baze's bar burned down and Kate got fired and Ryan has a secret and Lux's make out buddy is a teacher at her school *gasp*

Results Show. Told you, huge time committment.

Running Wilde and Raising Hope - neither are set to PVCR but I may give them a chance, just because I am feeling tv generous.

I don't watch One Tree, Biggest Loser, NCIS, The Good Wife


Obliged to watchthough last week's opener wasn't very convincing. Old vs Young. Blah blah, I need something fresh with this show... yes living on an island with bitchy people just isn't enough for me anymore, sorry!

Tyra needs something fresh. The "I am short" series was ok, I want a "I am a plus model" cycle soon. This one is "Italian Vogue" so basically most of the girls look unusually creepier. But there is the bitchy ones and the cat fights that I am so fond of. It's the "background show" while I work on my lap top.

New series. Filmed Locally. Met some of the cast who were super sweet. I actually like the show! I had thought it was highschool musical - esque from previews (cheer leaders, Ashley Tisdale) but it is college and has some cool themes... could do well... time will tell, but I am liking it alot.

Hell's Kitchen
I love Gordon Ramsay. All his shows rule. I especially love Hells Kitchen as I loved Master Chef (more so because my girl Whitney won - woot woot) Myhusband even watches this with me - sometimes.

Modern Family
I didn't catch a lot of it last season but enough to know it is amazing!

I don't watch Lie to Me or Cougar Town and I am not sure I can committ to the new Law & Order or Undercovers. There is also the Whole Truth and Better with you that are new but I haven't heard much about them.


Big Bang
Love this show. So does my hubby. It's our thing.

Vampire Diaries
Totally hooked. obviously!

OMG after last season - wow! I just can't ever get enough. I did admitedly miss ONE season way back when but I am loyal now! and forever!

Private Practice
I almost don't want to watch... last year's finale, omg I am ready to tear up just recalling... I couldn't get over it for a while... Dell... omg... so sad... and Betsy... gah!! Don't get me started...

This just look hilarious.

The Apprentice
I know I should be sick of the boardroom as much as I am sick of the island.... but I can't help it... secretly I would love to be a contestent, I am multi-skilled and hard-working and straight up bitchy... I'd be awesome!

Fringe, Bones, 30 Rock, Office, CSI, Mentalist are not shows I watch. But I do want them all for a cold December.... or even a rainy November... and I do tune in to CSI occasionally, Justin Beaver will be on the opener so I can't miss that one ha ha


Human Target
Sucks it's on Friday but it's a great show and filmed locally so I will be watching... though probably not on Friday's (thank-you PVR)

Supernatural I have dvd's and am way behind but LOVE, a few new shows I won't bother with.


Who watches tv on Saturdays? I am out and busy or watcing what's left on my PVR from the week.


Animation Domination - Simpsons, Family Guy, Clevland Show, American Dad I can take or leave. My husband enjoys more than I do but I tune in.

True Blood is over. Boardwalk Empire is good thus far though. (HBO)

Desperate Housewives I am a few seasons behind but plan to try and "catch-up" if I can (unlikely)

Ditto on Brothers & Sisters, loved this show but ran out of time - need to get dvd box sets

Extreme Home Edition I tune in occasionally, Celebrity Apprentice starts in March and I will watch (it is more entertaining than regular Apprentice isn't it?)

Sundays are usually football and relaxation then pvr's shows I didn't have time for all week and housework.

Amazing Race will get my attention - at least to start. Last season was too much I tuned in for half then the finale... barely... *shrugs*

Any shows I missed? Anyyou watch and can suggest? Comments?

Creation's Official Twilight Convention Coming to a Town Near You

Creation's Official Twilight Convention has several cities remaining in the 2010 tour as well as some in 2011.

See full listings on their website.

This weekend They are in Sacremento

and October 1 - 3 in Portland - I will be at this one and hope to see you there!!!

There are dozens of other dates. If you have not been to a convention (or even if you have) you won't want to miss it!

VIFF panel "Anatomy of a Scene" features David Slade.

Twilight Saga Eclipse director David Slade returns to Vancouver for VIFF...

More... "On October 2nd, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade will be heading to Canada for the Vancouver International Film Festival's Vancouver Film and Television Forum to discuss how he made Eclipse will new filmmakers, according to The Province."

"The panel which Slade is appearing at is called "Anatomy of a Scene," and it takes place between 3:15-4:30 p.m."

"David will give us the insider’s scoop on two scenes that created unique challenges for him and the manner in which he turned them into little masterpieces."

Read more at the Twilight Examiner: HERE.

I am so sad that I will miss this - I am heading to Forks and Portland for the weekend... I am missing a few other important things that weekend here in Vancouver...


Renesmee Auditions

Ryan Robbins is from Vancouver BC and he plays Henry Foss in Sanctuary. I find it especially interesting that the auditionee is from Vancouver. I think those rumours or "mostly Louisiana" are in deed false. October - December then Jan onward here... I am not saying it is impossoble to fly a Vancouver actor to Louisiana, it just seems... I dunno... *shurgs*

Go Vancouver!


$300 Million for Eclipse



Master Chef Winner Whitney

Reality World wrote:

"I'm so excited and I just want to tell everybody that you know what, if you have a dream go after it. My dream the title of America's first MasterChef and I can not be any more happy than I am right now!" the perky 22-year-old college student from Poplarville, MS gushed after her victory.

"It's just indescribable! I don't even know how to explain how happy I am right now."

As MasterChef's first-season winner, Whitney will receive $250,000 and a cookbook publishing deal.

Whitney defeated David Miller, a 29-year-old software engineer from Newton Centre, MA, to win MasterChef's first-season title.

More Here.

Mandy's Mind - I really wanted her to win and was so impressed she did!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

James Franco obsessed with Twilight

Easy A - Great Movie

I saw Easy A last night with some friends and I thought it was absolutely perfect!

I want to see it again! Already!

It was so funny and cute and a modern coming of age movie.

Emma Stone was so perfect for the role and although there are many aspects of the movie that are unbelievable, it is entertaining and fits well together.

For example, her family dynamics will have you laughing non-stop though hardly typical even in the most modern family's today.

Amanda Bynes' character is the most annoying Jesus-preaching character but you just can't help but laugh at her and her pudgy little cheeks that she did not outgrow in puberty.

Aly Michalka (Hellcats) plays the on-again, off-again best friend who is ditzy but entertaining.

Cam Gigandet (Twilight, upcoming Burlesque) plays a minor but important role as another member of the "Jesus Club" and Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) is the school mascot who manages to make me fall in love with him (Sorry Ed Westwick steals my heart on Gossip Girl and with that shadow removed, I was ALL about Penn! rawr!)

The whole movie has little gems that make it genius. Like a modern John Hughes movie (oh yes, I said it, but they address that in the movie itself!)

Over all the movie is a podcast of Emma Stone's character explaining how and why she has arrived in this situation. The snappy one-liners are clever and hysterical and the characters interactions make you almost wish you could go back to high school and behave as they do.

Of course real life is not as funny or kind and in the real world the situations from this movie would lead to far worse consequences than depicted in the movie, but indeed it is jut a movie and a fantastic one at that!

Go check it out and let me know your thoughts! I plan to go again because I am sure there were funny parts I missed from laughing too hard.

A Fans Encounter with Robert Pattinson in London

After posting about fan encounters with Rob in London at a Marcus Foster show one fan directed me to her tale of the night....

More... That's me in the second pic, I just got DAZZLED!!! OMG I chatted with Rob for quite a while, he gave us an autograph and we stood directly behind him like (1 foot away) for most of the evening. He was with TomStu and Marcus Foster, no Kristen. Told him it was lovely to see him back in the UK and asked him about Bel Ami and lots of other stuff. Picked up something that fell out of his pocket and gave it to him. What a night!!!

From Lynne in the comments below: Thanks for the post ladies. I'm still on an adrenaline high. Rob was so lovely in person, very softly spoken and polite. He asked me my name when he gave us an autograph too. I told him it was lovely to see him back in the Uk and that we had missed him. I told him about the Facebook Group I am an admin of "Robert Pattinson...It's always been him" and about a welcome home gift the admins had sent him. He asked me where I'd sent it and I told him to his Agents in London. He laughed and said Oh. I said I was really looking forward to Bel Ami coming out and wondered when it would be released....he said "I too". Later that evening he was outside having a cigarette and I was outside too, a couple of other fans were getting pics so I asked if he wouldn't mind me having a pic and he was happy to oblige, he said "sure". I told him about a Ren & Stimpy tshirt we sent him as part of his welcome home gift and and he laughed. I said you must get really fed up of people asking you for pics and that I was sorry to ask and said he didn't mind, it was okay and he meant it. When we went back in to the church for the rest of the gig I was at the back buying a Marcus Foster CD then the gig started and someone had pinched our seats so we stood at the back and Rob, TomStu and Marcus Foster stood literally right in front of us I could have touched him without even stretching. His hair is growing back nicely and his beard is really quite long now. He looked as if he'd lost a little weight but still looked gorgeous. As he walked away after about 1/2 hour to go outside for a cigarette, a fan letter to Kristen fell out of his pocket. He didn't see it fall so I picked it up and touched his arm to get his attention to give it back to him. I said "you dropped this"....he didn't hear me because the music was loud so he said "sorry?" so I had to get up close to say it to him again. I passed him the letter and he said "thanks". When we left later he was outside having a chat and a beer with his buddies, so we just walked past and had to go home. I'm still on cloud 9, this is the stuff dreams are made of, in fact this was better than the dreams I've had!! What a night, one I'll never forget.

Thanks for all your lovely support ladies, sometimes people can be nasty about stuff like this. But if we felt at any time that Rob was unhappy with us approaching him we would have left him but he was happy to be talked to and sign autographs. The only thing he did ask was us not to take a pic of him inside the gig, he did not want to bring attention to himself. He was happy to have his pic taken with me outside when there were very few people out there. He is such a down to earth, normal person it was so strange. I have been a massive Rob fan for so long now, I live breathe, eat, dream everything Rob. I am a happily married mum of 4 kids but love this man and his work so much. He is a total phenomenon and I am so happy to have had this opportunity with him that I could only have ever dreamed about. I did briefly see him at the Remember Me premiere in London earlier this year as I had a ticket to see the movie and walk the red carpet but never "connected" with him, so this was just out of this world. I did want to stroke his beard I must admit, he seemed to do it alot. You could see the pure joy on his face when his buddy Marcus Foster was on stage doing his part of the gig, I could tell he was so happy to be there watching him. And I heard him laugh out loud just as we were leaving, it was like oxygen to me....I love to hear it. I'm not sure when I'm going to regain proper use of my legs, they still feel like jelly over 12 hours later!

Do you know what ladies, when I stood literally less than a foot behind (and slightly off to the side) Rob I just looked at his hair to see how much it had grown and at that little tail of hair that grows down his neck and his ears and his beard (it was long underneath) and his pout. Then I checked out his shoulders and yes they are big but not overly big, He wore a blue hoody and his white teeshirt and black jeans. I checked out his butt in his jeans but they were a little baggy to see too much. He had his addidas trainers on. I literally just stood there looking at him for half an hour but had to ocasionally look up at the band playing so he didn't realise I was looking at him but I'm sure he did. I wanted him to take off his hat. He has the most lovely colour hair, really golden brown and it's really thick too. Lots of it round the back. It's just starting to grow back over his ears. His beard looked really soft and he loved touching it. He also kept stretching his neck like it was aching, but I think it was a habit. He was texting a bit too and on the phone once or twice. Lots of little details keep coming back in my mind now x

More from Lynn in the comments at Robsessed

Robert Pattinson goes Home for a visit - Photos at Marcus Foster Show in London

Rob and @ppompam at Marcus' gig tonight in London

Quite a few photos are popping up on the internet of Rob with various fans at Marcus Foster's show tonight in London. It seems Rob has gone home for a break before starting Breaking Dawn.

According to Robert Pattinson Life TomStu and Laura Marling were also there.

[Via RPLife]

Britney from Big Brother loses her house in a fire

REality World reports:

The Little Rock house Haynes was set to move into with fiance Nick Grisham following tonight's finale was heavily damaged in a late-night fire early Wednesday, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Haynes had reportedly not yet lived in the house, which the couple had rented before she left to compete on Big Brother. However Grisham had been residing there since July along with Haynes' personal possessions, which he moved into the home shortly after she left to compete on Big Brother.

More here.

Hellcats - SYTYCD Canada Alumni on the show and I met Aly last night

I always like hearing about SYTYCD Alumni going on to great projects after the show.

Hellcats is a new show on the CW that is filming here in Vancouver. The pilot was great and including it there has only been two shows that have aired. I noticed last seasons Alex Wong's brother Jeremy Wong right away, as well as Jeff from SYTYCD Canada.

Check out this clip and see if you can find them:


You can Follow Jeremy on Twitter @thejeremywong.

Another familiar face scheduled for the show is Allie Bertram, runner-up from SYTYCD Canada Season 1:

Cochrane Times Writes:

The 21-year-old dancer, a runner-up on the first season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, will be on TV screens on the CW Network series Hellcats, set to premiere this September.

Bertram, who hails from the Bearspaw area, will play a member of a college cheerleading squad on the show, which stars Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka, and is set to be the network’s answer to Glee.

The role, as one of the members of the “evil” cheer team from the fictional Memphis Christian University, is the biggest acting role to date for Bertram, who has had a number of smaller roles in TV shows like Supernatural and Being Erica

How exciting is that?

I wouldn't be surprised to hear of many more past SYTYCD dancers being cast. It is a great show so far and if you haven't seen it you should check it out on the CW Wednesday evenings.

Aly Michalka plays the lead and she was also in the movie Easy A which I saw last night... oddly enough AS I was leaving Easy A I saw Aly and a few Hellcats co-stars leaving the movie too! She was very sweet and took a photo with me - she said her friends wanted to see Easy A too cute!

Very cool. Also you can read my Easy A Review here.