Saturday, December 7, 2013

Veronica Roth updates fans on Four's Short Stories

According to Veronica Roth's Tumblr The short stories from Four's perspective have been delayed, but will be longer - - so I guess that is good news bad news eh? Here is what she wrote:
Bad News: the three remaining stories from Four’s perspective that I’ve been working on, which were supposed to come out later this year/early next year, have been delayed until July 2014. They’ll be bundled together and sold as a hardcover under the title Four: A Divergent Collection, with some fun extra content, and at that time they will also be released as separate e-stories (so, if you’ve already bought the first one, “The Transfer,” you don’t have to pay again for it in a collection if you don’t want to).
transferIf you are asking, incredulously, “why, Veronica? Why must you do this to us?!" My answer is: the stories turned out much meatier and more substantial than I was originally anticipating when I started them. There’s just so much going on—Tobias’s reunion with his mother, his growing disillusionment with the faction system, and some of his early moments with Tris, to name a few. So I just really, really need more time to get them right. I know it sucks, but I am sure that this extra time will result in better work and better stories for everyone to read.
Okay. Good News:
-If you already pre-ordered the second story, “The Initiate,” your pre-order will not be canceled. It will just take a little longer for you to get it.
-The stories are long. As in, they’re about seventy pages each, so if you add them together you get about 280 pages of Tobias’s story. Which is as long as some novels. So there’s more to read!
-The price for the e-stories will not change, even though they’re longer than anticipated.

-The stories will be better in July than they would have been if they had come out this winter, because I’m going to work my butt off to make them that way!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

National Lampoon's Christmas Drinking Game

Found this fun idea at this blog site

What you will need for this game: an excessive amount of beer, a Santa hat & a single shot of your choice 

Take One Drink Every Time:
  • Ellen calls Clark "Sparky"
  • Someone is wearing an ugly holiday sweater
  • Clark does something awkward
  • There is singing or music
  • The swimming pool is referenced
  • Clark is wearing a sports team article of clothing, unless of course, you are wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, then that means you are a complete badass & you get to give drinks at each of those parts.

Additional Rules: 

The entire group takes a drink whenever an advent calendar door is opened.

You must yell “Shitter’s Full!” any time you leave to use the restroom, otherwise you must finish your beer when you return.

First person to say “Get me somebody! And get me somebody while I'm waiting!” when Frank Shirley appears on screen for the first time chooses a person to finish their drink.

First person to stand up & fully complete the “knock on the door, peek in…” correctly WITH hand gestures during that scene gives two drinks.

At any point in the movie, you can point to someone & yell "RUS!" If they do not respond with "Right here, dad" they must take a drink (max once per person, this could get excessive).

Anytime someone misquotes a line in the movie, they have to wear the Santa hat until it gets passed to the next person. When the movie is over, the last person wearing the Santa hat has to shotgun a beer & finish by saying “Ahh, It’s good, It’s good. It’s good.

Whoever ISN’T up for watching Home Alone immediately after the movie ends has to take the SHOT! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Jeffrey Wright as Beetee, yes, he is black.

I remember the outrage an shock coming from fans over Rue being "black" but also Laurent. [Side note: Catherine Hardwicke said Stephenie described him as "olive skinned" and then said, "and I love black olives" ha ha Oh Catherine!]

Anyhow, this article was shared on facebook by a colleague and I wanted to share it with you. It looks at race and casting and fan reactions... great read!

Catchingfire 1124
After watching Hunger Games: Catching Fire this weekend, I was pleased to see that Beetee, the brilliant inventor and electric genius from District 3, was played by none other than Jeffrey Wright. I was also pleased that I didn't hear any muttering in the theater about the fact that Beetee was black. We all remember the disgusting racist backlash when the first installment of the film cast Amandla Stenberg, a young black actress, as Rue (despite the fact that Rue was indeed black in the book). But my pleasure didn't last long. The next day on the bus, I overheard a young woman and her friends -- who had just come from the film, apparently -- exchanging their thoughts about what they had just seen, and the young woman said, "I thought it was awesome. Well, except for Beetee. Why the f*ck did they make him black? Beetee wasn't black."
Folks. Let me tell you something. You might want to sit down, because this could be a shocker for you. Here it is. Are you ready?
The Hunger Games is not real. (Gasp.) I know. Stunning. This dystopian world in which children are sent into an arena to fight to the death is, in fact, fictional, imaginary, fantastical. And you know what that means. That means that the appearances of the characters therein are also not real. That is, they are subject to the imagination of the reader. Katniss is described as "olive-skinned," which can be interpreted semi-loosely, but Beetee? He was merely described as having "ashen skin" and black hair. Lots to play with there. Right? It's a book. He looks different to all of us in our heads.
But that's not what this is really about, is it? After hearing this young woman's comment, I jumped on Twitter and searched mentions of Beetee's name. I came across the usual racist vitriol...

Read entire post here

Fictional Boyfriends...

TEEN.COM listed the hottest YA boyfriends....

I am digging most of these fictional boyfriends, but would most like FOUR as my fictional boyfriend... I am glad they omitted Edward Cullen... agreed - a bit stalkerish non?

Peeta is a bit weak, but I guess, outside of the Hunger Games and without the capitol's interference, he could be pretty awesome... Jacob has his perks... Gus.. man, I am way too into my fictional boyfriends LOL

I would add a few also... who would you choose? who is missing?