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Revisiting last nights set - putting the puzzle together...

Last Night's Overnight Set was pretty awesome. I blogged about What happened here.

I also blogged about What I think was being filmed there.

Lastly there is a video of it all here.

Today, I popped by again to get some shots of the set in daylight, without fans, screens, etc.

Here is what I got :)

This is the background from the scene that I predict is a Seattle Scene with the Newborns.

The upside down blue car last night had been about where the two men are standing in this photo.

You can see the back of the set from this angle

beside the actual set are the screens

I still think that the scene was New Borns in Seattle while Volturi observed the chaos - this would indeed be *slightly* different than the book, but make the most sense for how the Volturi find out about the newborns running wild in Seattle and why the Cullen's (and essentially the Volturi) have to "handle" the situation.

*A reader commented to let me know that they saw a huge fire at this set also - which still fit sin with my theory of crazy rampid newborns*

What the heck were they doing down there anyways?

I have blogged photos and my story of the set last night here

but what I neglected to discuss (due to exhaustion and time constraints) were my theories on what was filmed.

It is hard when you have crazies tweeting lies about who is on set and what they see... so let me break down what I know - and from that what I suspect.

Riley as Xavier was on set (we suspected this from hearsay and it was confirmed by David Slade's tweet today:

Wrapped first week, probably most challenging week of our shoot. Last night Xavier Samuels delivered as astonish power performance, all good

We also saw photos from other bloggers (such as Twilight Gossip while at the set of who we believed to be Charlie Bewley in make-up as well as photos that seem to show Bryce.

Rumour was also that Dakota Fanning was on set, and a reliable source claims to have seen her filming...

Furthermore, knowledge of the novels, stealthy detective skills of which characters were present and the set details we noticed last night lead me to believe that they are likely filming a scene in Seattle.

I think that perhaps Riley and Victoria are causing some chaos in Seattle (like the book, the newborns are acting crazy - which is why the set had a dumpster, graffiti like an alley in the "bad part of town" and a flipped upside down car...) and what I suspect is that Demetri & Jane (and perhaps Alec - I don't know that he was on set, though he may have been) were in Seattle observing this chaos (from a balcony, above the alley looking down) to which they report back to the Volturi leaders... and we all know how the Volturi feel about this blatantly obvious vampire anarchy....


This is educated guesses here folks - I don't claim to have all the answers but I have discussed with a few people what we know, what we think and this is the theory I have come up with...


Photos from Twilight Saga Eclipse Live Set Friday August 21 2009

Last Night we stumbled upon this set while re-visiting a previous set used for New Moon. We were excited to see another live set but did not stay long as they quickly blocked the view with several screens and large trucks.

Basically we pulled into the crew lot and I asked a PA if they'd be using the parking lot all night. He told me they were just using what they needed and the rest of the casino lot was available.... then he said "wait are you with us?" I told him no and then a PA from the barn walked up and said hi to me (she recognized me from the barn as I had chatted with her a bit that night telling her I tried to come out to a lot of the sets) A 3rd PA came up as I was saying to the girl "I told you I try to come to all the sets" and the 3rd PA said "are you the one that called the radio?"


I had been texted a few seconds earlier by a friend saying "some dumb broad called the radio and claimed they would tell everyone where the set was after the break"

One of my friends was in the car still waiting for the "radio tid bit" and I was out takling to the PA's....

I quickly explained I would NEVER call the radio (and anyone who knows me knows this - I have actually had massive arguements with people about publicizing set locations when tou can't control who hears... meaning crazy people hear and show up and act - well... crazy!)

Anyways, a few moments of chit chat and I was back to the vehicle and off to grab some food...

After eating we popped by the set and took some pics and video and then got out to look around for a bit. We saw some familiar faces (fans and what not) a bunch of paprazzi and soon the nice open set we had video taped and photographed before dinner was gone....

We didn't stay much longer, called it a night and came home...

Meeting Zac Efron, and then visiting last nights set combined with finding this evenings set = a VERY good day :)

But I am exhausted... it's been too many long days and early mornings and late nights....

Here are some photos of what we saw.... also see my other blog post for video.

Live Set Video - Friday August 21 Set

Last Night we stumbled upon this set while re-visiting a previous set used for New Moon. We were excited to see another live set but did not stay long as they quickly blocked the view with several screens and large trucks.

Also see my other blog for photos and complete story of what happened :)

Twilight Saga Eclipse Filming Day 5 - Friday August 21

Yes the set location is "out there"

No I don't want to include it in this teaser as I have not confirmed it is wrapped yet and even if I told you where it was and you went - there'd be little to see as they quickly blocked it all once a few people began to arrive.

Anyways - - -

I got there early as I was checking out a previous set from New Moon with some friends from Oregon. We had just met Zac Efron and were feeling pretty lucky when we saw the familiar "181" Sign from last night... could it be?

I want to tell you everything but I will wait until morning - I am exhausted and just posted plenty of greatness from last nights bridge set..In 3 parts:

  • report from fans last night
  • report from pro's last night and
  • how it looked today

    Coming Tomorrow - - VIDEO, PHOTOS and DETAILS of TONIGHTS ECLIPSE SET :)

    Ok - one teaser photo....

    As they quickly blocked the set with screens and large vehicles we could still see the upside down blue car on set....
  • I met Zac Efron - Totally Random....

    OMG - Let me tell you what happened....

    Went by some past sets today to show some girls from Oregon what all went down during New Moon Filming.

    We were on our way to the "Pool" Set when a friend of mine who lives near there texted me to say "Filming at pool - Eclipse?" (She is a fan of the books but has never come out to a set with me)

    I told her we were a couple blocks away and I would let her know what was filming.

    I felt excited, how awesome would it be to have these girls from Oregon stumble upon a LIVE SET???

    We saw tons of crew trailors and we parked to walk over towards the filming area in the park.

    As we got closer we saw this:

    A closer look at the sign showed us clearly what was going on (Why don't they do this for Twilight Movies? ha ha)

    I already knew Zac Efron was in town as I'd blogged about him a couple weeks ago but had no real interest in "finding him" (although I do know a lot of girls who are ha ha)

    he is filming The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud about a dude whose brother dies and so he gets a job at the cemetery and hangs out with his dead brother, until a girl comes along and there in lies the conflilct...


    We wandered through the trail and chatted with a few PAs all of who gave us the green light to walk up close and peak at what was going on...

    So we thanked the PAs and asked if Zac Efron was around. She said "I shouldn't say anything but he is here" WHAT?!?! WHERE?!?!?!

    (side note - I am not was not a ZAC EFRON fan - my daughter is...)

    She said they weren't filming right now but he was in the trailor... then right when we were about to thank her she said "Don't scream or run at him bt he is walking over here right now"

    We all look and sure enough here comes this floating ball of pretty....

    He has shorter hair than I recall from his days as "Troy" on HSM... and I have not yet seen 17 Again (though I plan too VERY VERY SOON) but he was there in the flesh in front of us...

    Now I didn't wanna go fangirl - since I am not a fan er was not - er AM NOT... um.... but I couldn't help but think of how pretty he is.... and how pretty his babies would be.... and how pretty... making babies would be ... which... nevermind...

    I ripped my mind back to Hisgh School Musical and then could only think of my daughter's obsession and how much she would love to have a photo of him.... so I walked up to him and politely asked for a photo...

    He's a Disney Kid, There is ONE guy walking with him, there are maybe FOUR people in the entire PARK that are NOT part of the crew.... and Pretty-Boy says...

    "Sorry guys I am already late to the set"


    Polite Enough

    But really?

    He proceeded to set and sat his pretty lil bum on his pretty lil chair and that was that...


    So I was kicking myself for not just snapping a pic as he floated his pretty lil self towards me... or when his pretty lil voice rejected my polite request for a photo... at least two of people I was with shot pictures of him walking away - I quickly tried to video tape but he already sat down and was blocked by all the damn fake trees!!!

    Anyways - I am now more interested to meet him again and get a pretty picture of him and my daughter.... how could he say no to her?? I mean me... sure... rejection... no biggie... but a 6 year old? C'Mon?!?!? I don't think he could... or would...

    Anyways - VERY cool encounter... Once I get the photos of him walking away from us emailed to me I will post or at least link.... he had a cute bum... LOL

    The Day After filming.... a new approach to "set-stalking"

    Here is what was left this afternoon when I popped by Last Nights Set Under a Bridge this afternoon....

    I was not at all surprised to see NOTHING left...

    I know lot's of people don't have sets in their own backyard but shooting a scene takes tons of time, money, people and equipment...

    I am so impressed so far with how "on the ball" David Slade is.

    I remember when I met him outside Blue Water Cafe for the Cast Party at the end of New Moon. He stopped to chat with me and to clear the air about the things he had previously said about Twilight Saga.... he was cordial and really quite sweet... and short... but anyways.... so far this director has been in and out of multiple sets using perfect locations and just hammering it out quick and easy...

    So yes, when I saw nothing at under the bridge today I was not shocked... David Slade and his crew are good - really good!

    Mandy's Rant:

    I have begun to take a different outlook on this whole "Set-stalking" I realize fans who read my blog don't neccessarily care if I MEET Robert Pattinson again (in fact, I think they'd hate me if I lucked out ANOTHER time and met him... seriously LMAO) and I have met almost all the cast so cast encounters are not really my motivation to go to sets....

    People who read my blog DO CARE about the books and the movies... they want to hear about the sets, scenes, whats happening... and so - going today to a wrapped and cleared set.... was INTERESTING TO ME!!!

    I really enjoy blogging about whats happening ... and what's happened.... if i stumble upon cast - great - but I am not feeling up to the over night camping out at set to catch a glimpse of "Edward" .... been there, done that, not interested... and i never have and never will be into wasting a whole day outside a hotel.... so I will stick to sets, wrapped, or live... (as long as I am not interfering....which I am careful always not to do!!!) and not worry about meeting cast... of course... if it happens - AWESOME....


    So yes - today i went to a bridge.....


    Because - it's super cool! It's a plain old bridge and dirt... but last night it was a movie set for Eclipse and had "Victoria" and "Riley" making out and lights and cameras and action !!!

    Movie Magic!

    Friday, August 21, 2009

    What really went down under the bridge last night? Eclipse filming Victoria Seducing Xavier....

    My girls sent me pics and details from the live set last night - See Previous Post Here But Today we learned from the all-knowing Lainey Gossip what was happening under the bridge....

    Lainey Reports:

    Last night the Twilight Eclipse crew was back to work shooting under a bridge a “Seattle” scene with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel as “Victoria and Riley”. Victoria seduces Riley so that he’ll carry out her orders to make new vampires. As you can see, they’ve wigged out Bryce’s hair to resemble Rachelle Lefevre’s

    I am glad to see Victoria's hair still seems very Victoria-esque.... also psyched to see that my girls were at the right place last night - too often people think I have someone on the "inside" to find all these sets - * I WISH * - It would save a lot of time..... but even more often we aren't 100% sure (especially this early on) if we have the right set - Vancouver *IS* Hollywood North after all - lot's of filming going on - - - as discovered today when we *Met Zac Efron* Click here to read blog post

    Anyways - Here are Lainey's Photos from PunkD....

    Compare them with my Own Shots from Today.... The day after filming

    LAST NIGHT - Twilight Saga Eclipse Filming Day 4 - Thursday August 20 Overnight

    So as I blogged last night I did not go to the set but had two friends @erinbatt and @sarahlj13 who were all over it for me.

    Here is the email I got this morning as well as the photos :)

    So basically all of these pics kinda suck, and there are non of the cast, as they were directly under the bridge, boo! I contemplated setting the timmer on my camera and dangling it over the bridges edge, but alas, I did not because I didnt wanna interfere with their shots potentially. So instead, I took pretty hot pix of the lighting crew hahaha. Heres how we found the set.

    Got a tip to search Kits. After the pedis sarah and I headed that direction and eventually found the "181" arrows.
    [See Photos Below] These pointed to the school on Cypress and Cornwell, [Henry Hudson Elementary] it was obvious that this was just a crew park, not even where the circus [hair, make-up etc.} was set up. We thought that since the lights were on in the school maybe they were filming in there... but not the tip we got, and as you [me - Mandy = yay!} pointed out, no "humans" in town just yet... so we kept looking.

    There were three cop cars blocking the entrence to the Burrard street bridge, allowing cars to pass occasionally and intermittantly... but otherwise doing nothing... we thought this was odd.
    [indeed] It was only about 3 blocks from the crew park. So we checked it out.

    As we stopped at the bridge waiting to cross and look more closely, we noticed odd lighting coming up from the bridge and wanted to investigate it. We chatted up one of the police officers. He said, and I quote, "you'll only be stopped here for a moment ladies, they are filming a movie directly under the bridge and we have to stop the traffic as they film." <----- DID HE SERIOUSLY JUST TELL US THAT?!?

    hahahaha, so we contemplated giving him a kiss, decided against it, acted ignorant and then headed straight for below the bridge. There were too many barracades set up to get close to the action (or even the circus) from below deck, and we are not fond of hopping barracades... we respect authority and rules ;)
    [which is why you're on my team ladies!!!] Thus we turned around and went on top of the bridge on the pedestrian foot path.

    Thats what our pics are from. The aerial view of the set. The set cast was Bryce and Xavier. They wrapped shortly after 1am and we left, moderately satisfied ;)

    There you have it folks - and here are her photos....

    The School where they had the crew/trailor park

    The Sign - NOT TSE *gasp*

    The view from on the bridge looking down to set under the bridge

    What we now know:

    We now have photos from the shooting including Bryce Howard Dallas & Xavier Samuel kissing as well as shots of the set today when I went by... empty


    Twilight Saga Eclipse Filming Day 4 - Thursday August 20 Overnight

    I was too exhausted to go out - then once confirmation came in I considered popping by - until my kitchen sink exploded (ok I exaggerate... but it led to water spraying everywhere!! ugh!) had to wait for plumber and really had no desire to go out after that.

    Anyways, I did have a few friends at a few locations that were rumoured and they sent me plenty of reports and photos :)

    Also, some other sets were stumbled upon in the process... (Fringe included RAWR!) it's all good... lot's to share and show tomorrow :)

    Good Night :)

    Oh - and cuz I am a huge bitch... here is a lil teaser... ;) MUAH!

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    More Merchandise - some are creepy...

    Creepy Much? My husband would *NOT* go for this!!!

    OMG - snap bracelets were BANNED at my school due to "multiple injuries" LMAO

    And wall decals (pronounced deh-cul not dee-cal BTW!!!! *evil glare are certain American friends LMAO)


    I would not get any of these - ok maybe snap bracelets to whip my friends with LMAO

    [via TwiCrackAddict & TwiFans

    Billy Burke says "Sick em!"

    TwiCrackAddicts Lorabell assumes he is referring to this quote:

    "If they want to date each other, fine!" Billy Burke, who plays Stewart's dad, tells Us. "Look, when you're that age, you're going to make mistakes. You're going to date people you probably shouldn't date. It's all part of the growing process."

    Welcome Back Dakota Fanning aka Jane

    Good detectives will start thinking of scenes to be shot involving Jane & Alec since both Dakota Fanning & Cameron Bright are back in town.

    Lil Bits of Twi News and Lainey...

    Love her or hate her she always has the goods...

    Lainey reports that there are *MORE* LA Papz in town *gasp* that brings the total to over 27 !!!! for essentially TWO people (ok yes, all the Twi Cast but really they are all hungry simply for Robsten.... that's what the world wants to see....)

    I have a solution - Robsten Exposed... Making Out... Papz get pics and then go home... please... geez!

    So yesterday Kristen's Salon visit was apparently not for Bella wig (which I figured, didn't they work that out in L.A. last week?) Lainey reports that it was for a vamp look?

    Here is what she said and some more lil bits Lainey revealed today in her post....

    As for what Kristen was doing at the salon – am told exclusively that they were testing out a look, something to do with a transformation, not just her hair, but makeup and costuming too. As a vampire.

    And there’s more exclusive information for you Twilight fans who’ve written such lovely messages lately in an attempt to balance out the hate – thank you! This is also a charitable gift for Old Lady Tour, even though you use information without crediting, which amounts to plagiarism, and even though you are often so embarrassingly wrong on your details, so much so that we have to keep doing your job for you, we’ll help you out because we can. We know you won’t thank us though. We are used to this.

    I think it's funny she is calling out Christine/Newsflic/VCNews360/TwifanTours - PunkD_Images calls her out all the time - finally Lainey does...

    I had no prob with this lady - I have never met her - I just didn't like that she tweeted set locations - but since that first online impression she has been a rollercoaster of crazy and crazier and therefore i deducted that she was not worth my time.... she contradicts herself constantly and she tweets straight up fabricated lies in hopes to get more followers and be recognized for greatness... its really highschool and she is old... so... i don't get it, nor do I try too, instead I just ignore as much as possible...

    Anyways - Much to do tonight mostly non-twi-stuff.... but if i do go out or get info from peopl ei know who will be out i promise to post it for you all :)

    vampire sex toy !?

    I want one !!!

    It sparkles !!!

    NSFW-its a dildo!

    Thanks Marina

    Twilight Saga Eclipse Day 3 - Wednesday August 19 - Live Set Photos

    So as I mentioned in Rumours of Sets last night, I indeed went to the Langley Set.

    It was in an old building frequently used for filming which is why when my friend who lives close by suggested it as a potential set, we chose to go there first in our "quest to find a set in Langley"


    My fave part (sarcasm here) was the overwhelming amount of emails from people telling me about the TSE signs and the "over night shoot in Langley"

    I appreciate the information and tips - but if it was on Perez Hilton, in The Vancouver Sun and RT'd on Twitter *ALL* day.... chances are - I already knew - so don't worry about emailing me :)

    Furthermore - I said so in previous posts The signs were NOT TSE as everyone broadcasted....

    Anyways.... Here are some of the goods from last night... Some crew we recognized from New Moon, Lot's of fans hoping it was indeed Eclipse, Police as well as Security...

    More Photos From Last Night:

    The photos aren't fantastic, but I am not a photographer ;)

    There was talk that it could be Rosalie's past (old house, green screen to put in whatever they wish) but more likely finishing up Jasper's flashbacks with Maria....

    Here is what Lainey had to say:

    It was a night shoot on Wednesday, the 3rd day of filming.

    It took place in a barn. News spread on Twitter and fans and paps showed up and stayed out late.

    The actors involved were: Jackson Rathbone, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Robert Pattinson, and Ashley Greene.

    “Jasper and Maria” were back in the old days training with their army. Jasper agonises over a task he’s ordered to perform involving a newborn.

    The “Edward and Alice” scene was from a vision, a memory from when he was inside Aro’s head…

    More Funny Stuff from Lainey in my next post - I am liking her more and more lately LMAO...

    TwiFans had pics and posts stating that "Jack Huston was on set last night at the barn..." leading back to the original belief it was some history on Rosalie...However, TwiCrack Addict cleared up that rumour -

    Royce would NOT be dressed so grubby, nor would he have red vampire eyes, NOR does he LOOK like this dude... who is in fact Kevin Zegers playing Peter and our original guess was correct - more of Jackson's background story...

    ANYWAYS - Whatever they were filming it was done over night and it is done now.... We did not see any cast, we didn't stay late either... others who did stay also did not see the cast... they wrapped at about 2am according to a friend who stayed.

    Here are some nicer pics from Nat's POV:

    Tonight's supposed to be another over night shoot, but not at the barn.... if you don't believe me go ahead and check for yourself! You'd be in the wrong City for starters ;)

    I will likely be staying in tonight... I was in and around tonight's set location most the day and tonight I need to catch up on my PVR and Sleep... but lot's of sets and possibilities of cast encounters to come - the fun and excitement has just begun :)

    **I did stay in but I had people out sending me reports.... also new updates on Friday Night's Filming ALL HERE

    Videos from Twilight Saga Eclipse Live Set August 19 in Langley

    Here are 2 videos from the set:

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    The Rumours of Sets...

    There were so many rumoured sets tonight.

    Some said a certain high school, others said a certain field in a well-known park... the most widely circulated set for this evening was "Langley"

    Langley, I will have you non-locals know, is a small city east of Vancouver, close to where Bella's house was filmed for New Moon.

    It has many fields, farms, parks, and small town shopping areas frequently used for filming movies.

    Finding a set in Langley would be like finding a needle in a hay stack.... I had reports of this and that all over Langley and when I went out there the first stop was the correct stop... we found it early, we did it the old fashioned way and we kept the deets to ourselves too....

    Lights, Cameras, Trucks, Trailors, Security, Police, Equipment and before too long... girls..... lot's and lot's of girls!!! Yes there were paparzzi there though they mostly kept to their computers in their cars.

    I got some video and photos of the set and back drop and the green screens and lights.... I did not stay long enough to scope out much more than that. I feel like I have been very lucky to meet all the cast during New Moon and so my goal now is to continue to go to sets and see what is going on, and if I am presented with an opportunity to meet the cast once more - fabulous... if not... that's ok - I still have set reports to blog about and more importantly photos to scrapbook for my own pleasure years from now :)

    Photos and Video will be presented tomorrow because I am too tired to post now and also I want to confirm they have wrapped at this location before I post identifying photos and video.


    uh - ok *ONE* pic to keep you happy till morning ;)

    KStew Can't even go get her hair did

    Lainey Tweets:

    there's a difference between long lens and a scrum.
    4 minutes ago from web

    Kristen Stewart currently being surrounded by LA paps (in Vancouver) at hair salon. Almost 20 photos in 10 cars.
    12 minutes ago from web

    PunkD Images Tweets:

    Feel embarassed for these kids being followed by LA Rats.. This is what gives paparazzi a bad name
    9 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    Kristen back at wig fitting place followed by myself and 10 LA Rat cars.. I refuse to work around Rats so I'm outta here
    14 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    My Thoughts:

    I used to not be a Lainey Fan, and while I won't go so far as to say I like her or anything, I do agree that New Moon was a different ball game - a few of the local paprazzi, the cast waving to them, Paparazzi would get their photos and leave them alone - these L.A. guys are INSANE - as in cut throat, chase you down, kill their own mothers to get a zillion pics....


    Twilight Saga Eclipse Filming Quileute Village 300 years ago?

    Read on Lainey that the second day of filming involved a Quileute Village and a scene from 300 years ago.

    My mind has been racing on where this could be I had a few ideas and then some helpful fans have sent me some tips....

    I hope to be able to report something good tonight or tomorrow on this *fingers crossed*

    I will keep you posted - as always ;)

    New Moon Bus

    Ok - I want one!!!

    For real though, I have looked into doing this kind of thing on a bus (for something completely unrelated to Twilight... for a company I work for in the fall/winter each year) it is pretty pricey to do on your own - but doing it for sponsorship is feasible.... as if Summit would pay *ME* to advertise THEIR lil' ol' movie on my car ;) BAHAHHAHAHAHA

    [via TwiFans]

    Jackson is a hottie...

    This look is hot - wait - every look is hot on Jackson (except for his JASPER look - go figure eh?)

    Kellan Lutz loves kids? Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser and more Twi-Cast Shopping and Dog Walking...

    Lainey Reports:

    Also spotted around town – Ashley Greene out with her dog and her toned arms and Kellan Lutz, his huge muscles wrapped around a little poodle, bigger than the poodle!, shopping at Zara and spending time with fans. There’s a daily pilgrimage now. And not just teens. Twi-Hards of all ages running around downtown for hours hoping for an encounter.

    It's true - last night I got a text from a very happy twi-fan-friend who was up from Seattle for the day with her daughter. She told me she met Kellan and how friendly he was with her daughter... her camera batteries had died so she didn't get photos but said some Paprazzi had taken photos. I joked she'd be on the cover of a magazine... close enough - Lainey Gossip Website LMAO

    Brownie Points to Kellan for being sucha sweetie...

    Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser Shopping downtown and Kellan and AShley walking their pups... lot's of activity in the city...

    I have been booked by my company for a conference at a downtown hotel and so my evenings will be out walking and shopping also - maybe I will get lucky and see some vamps ;)

    Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth with Family in Vancouver

    I got a DM yesterday from a few people who saw Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli with their kids downtown yesterday.

    I am glad Jennie is in town, I would be more interested to meet her than Peter (perhaps because I have met Peter, or maybe because I didn't even know who Peter was when I idolized Kelly Taylor on 90210 back in "the day" ha ha ha)

    Anyhow, Very cool that some of my twitter friends had an encounter with the Facinellie Family :)