Saturday, June 6, 2009

So Much New Moon Stuff out there...

So much news....

Bella's House

I am pretty excited to know that Bella's House is staying up (I assumed it was, but this confirms it) They have put up a fence to keep "intruders" out - which is awesome, I don't want anyone vandalizing or trespassing or ruining Bella's House Set.... also, now I can take my lil girl there, as she has been bugging me for weeks to go see it...

Apparently there will be 24/7 security.... which is a.o.k by me :)

Happy Birthday

Awesome cake huh? Saw this on TwiCrackAddict's Blog

Maybe for my next birthday (in October) I will do something like that... tee hee... I know once I turn 30 (not this birthday year, i assure you) I want to plan a HUGE Vegas Trip with all my girlfriends :)

Here is another New Moon themed cake I saw on

This one was made by a fan who re-created the cake from Bella's birthday.... very cool....

I love birthdays - I know - it's weird - but I am a social person and I love planning parties and get togethers and especially themed parties :)

For New Moon Release I am pretty sure I will plan some big party and then we all go see the movie... I hope they have a midnight release here :)

This fan-made trailor is pretty amazin g- I am always impressed by the quality of fan-made art and videos - awesome!!!

Other new stuff I have seen on the web -

Peter Facinelli's interview on Chelsea Lately

New Fashion?

Not really "new" I mean I did this when I was younger... well the t-shirt tie thing...

Kstew in L.A setting a very casual sexy style that I am certain all the skinny gals will pick up on....

And of course there is all the hooplah over RPattz Butt-Crack...

really... does it count as a crack? I mean it looks like the indented tail bone area to me - - - anyways TMZ had a funny lil blurb on it - TMZ always cracks me up

An Answer to "Hold on Spider Monkey"

First I *HATE* that line, it's lame IMO.... it wasn't in the book, it didn't really fit, it was so odd....and now we know where it came from.

I read this on Twilight Lexicon

So, did screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg pen that particular piece of dialogue? The answer is “no”.

Catherine Hardwicke tells MTV, ”

“I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought, ‘They’re going to be climbing that tree, and they’re not going to have anything to say. It’s just going to be another scene of them looking into each other’s eyes.’ ”

Unfortunately, the Writers’ Strike had begun, and “Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg was no longer available to provide dialogue. “So I typed up, like, 10 ideas,” Hardwicke recalled. “And thought, “OK, maybe they could say this …’ “

*eye roll* geez! That writer strike really messed up ALOT of things eh?

The Role of Riley )not cast yet but.....)

Also on Twilight Lexicon - they address Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) as Riley Rumours....

The Tom Felton fansite,, that Tom regularly communicates with, has been similarly bombarded. So, they asked Tom, and this is what he had to say:

“I’ll be ready when they want me! Really, I’m only joking. I’m not really sure at this point; but you will be the first to know if I find out anything!”

Tom later Tweeted “i keep getting asked if i’m being cast as Riley in Twilight! I’ll let you all know if so!!!”

I must say, I would prefer Channing Tatum be in VanCity so I can stalk meet him.... but I am also a HUGE Tom Fleton fan, so it would be cool either way... I have read in a few places that they are giving preference to "non-stars" and "Vancouver Locals" for the roles.... but perhaps that was more focused on the roles of Leah and what not?!?! Time will surely Tell.

Ok - I have to go finish cleaning my house, I began rearranging my living room then took a break... so it's utter chaos currently

What in LORDS name are the Jonas Brothers Thinking?

Luckily my kid hasn't hit Jonas Brother Fever age..... hopefully they are extinct before she gets there - but - what is going on here?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jacob's House - Interview with the guy who lives there

As I have mentioned before, a co-worker of mine dated this guy and lived at "Jacob Black's" house. I have exclusive photos of inside the house before and after New Moon that I am excited to share with everyone in the next couple days.

In the meantime, here is the video I saw on

At the Sasquatch Festival in Washington - I met a bunch of awesome Canadians. One of the Canadians I met just so happens to be the home owner of the house that the production company for the New Moon used to film Taylor Lautner in. Ryan Fister (the home owner) gave me a little scoop on the cast, the New Moon and how and why his house was used for the film.

**Note - He is not the home owner, it's his dad's property and home, he simply lives in that building, his dad has the larger house further back on the property and they share the barn which was used for Jacob Black's garage to fix the bikes.

Who is this? Not our Kstew?!?

I don't like this photo at all - I mean I honestly wouldn't even know it was her.... not at first glance...

Taylor & Selena another cute date

Reunited in LA and having ice cream together - how sweet.... I have said since day one that they'd make adorable babies!!!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If you don't like the New Moon Trailor....

I got this great little bit from Twilight Anon. click here

This person on TwilightersAnonymous clears up the "complaints" about NM trailor:

1: There is too much Edward and not enough Jacob….. What does this have to do with anything!! It’s 1 minute and 48 seconds!! What do youwant to happen? Edwards says “Ciao Bella” and then it’s all Jacob singing “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy” while showing off his 24 pack. My husband would hate it even more and it would be banned from the house!!

2: Bella/Kristen isn’t crying and hysterical in the breakup scene….If you reread the scene in the book you will find that Bella does not cry… at all. She keeps saying how she feels numb. The whole scene in the trailer was 15 seconds… you can’t include much in that.

3: The wolf looks to cartoony, cuddly, and small… I seriously don’t know what kind of dogs you people have but that’s not something I wantto cuddle with! I would rather snuggle up with a Cujo!! As for the size, we won’t be able to accurately judge that until we see a side by side comparison with something or someone else.

4: Why is Jake phasing in front of Bella?… Because that’s what he does… Chapter 14 page 325.. ’nuff said.

5: Why is Jake the only one fighting Laurent?…. They spliced the clips together to make it seem that way for effect.

6: It’s not like how I pictured it… It’s not going to be exactly how you pictured it because it’s someone else picturing it.

7: I’m disappointed he didn’t say (insert whatever) or I’m disappointed they didn’t show (insert whatever)… It’s a trailer!! If they added everything we want to see, it becomes a movie.

8: (insert here) scene needs to be way better…. They finished filming… moot point.

9: Where is Edwards pea coat? He should be dressed in more grays… Alice probably donated it to charity and bought him that gray shirt we saw from the first set pictures a while back. Happy! And I don’t think he would wear the pea coat to the party.

10: Jasper’s hair is awful…. I pretty much agree, but maybe they felt that was closer to the style from his time…. ??

11: Rob looks to old to pass for a 17 year old…. That’s because he’s 23! But hey if Gabrielle Carteris could play a high school studentwhen she was almost 30, Rob can surely play a 17 year old vampire. And for those who don’t remember Gabrielle played Andrea Zuckerman in the original 90210.

12: I miss the blue tint of the scenes… Go to Hot Topic, Claire’s, or Walmart and buy yourself some blue tinted sunglasses. Problem solved.

13: The staircase is wrong in the Cullen’s house, it’s supposed to be a spiral…. Does it really matter? Is it going to absolutely ruin the movie if the staircase isn’t how you pictured it?

I feel much better now

Imma Twi-Snob

Orignal Post - June 1 2009

So casting has begun for Eclipse - it really is a never-ending mission.... if they aren't filming, attending awards shows, editing, casting, promoting or being chased by papz, there is still ALWAYS something going on with the Twilight Saga and it's cast.....

I love it!!!

I have been a fan of other things [like Harry Potter] but *NEVER* to this extent.... *NEVER* to the point of reading the news and gossip multiple times a day, never to the point of going to a set or trying to (and succeeding yay) meet the stars....

It's a great experience but I think I have become somewhat of a Twi-Snob....

For example, when news articles, tabloids or entertainment tv gets the story "wrong" I "lose respect for them" (as if I had any to start with neccessarily LOL)

When the local radio spews incorrect information, I let them know in a not so kind manner.

When the "HOT STORY" is something I read three days prior, i yawn and wonder why these guys get a pay cheque for news that is so "passe"

When someone posts that it is a "spoiler" I expect it to mean it's something I don't know yet....

and that brings me to this e! Online Sotry about the casting... I assume (this is my Twi-Snob kicking in) that anyone reading this info about Eclipse filming and casting are fans who have read the books - therefore saying that Victoria plans to murder Bella is *NOT* a spoiler LOL

Of course, there are people who haven't read the book and so it very much IS a spoiler, but my "twi-Snobiness" kicks in and I think "oooh spoiler.... um... where?" LOL

Anyways - there's my segway into the story on casting which has begun for Eclipse...

Full Story Here

Casting for the third Twilight movie has begun.

We got our hands on a casting notice for at least three characters in Eclipse.

Find out just what director David Slade is looking for. However, we must warn you that there are a few spoilers…

Riley "is a handsome, blond, clean-cut college boy who falls victim to Victoria," the notice reads. He's in his early to mid 20s and "plays an integral role in Victoria's attempt to murder Bella Swan."

There are two more members of the Quileute tribe and La Push wolf pack in Eclipse. Like New Moon, they are looking for Native American or First Nations actors to fill the roles.

"Seth Clearwater is a "tall, gangly-limbed boy with a huge, happy grin," the notice reads. "Seth idolizes Jacob."

Seth's big sister is 19-year-old Leah Clearwater and the only female member of La Push: "She is tall and slender with beautiful skin and short cropped black hair. She would be considered gorgeous if not for the perpetual scowl she carries due to a broken heart and her anger issues."

Now that Eclipse is up and running, what about the fourth, Breaking Dawn? As much as everyone in the cast wants it to happen, it still sounds like nothing's official…yet.

"I'm signed for three," Peter Facinelli told me at the MTV Movie Awards. "I'm hoping that they make four. I mean, if New Moon does well, I think they'll make four."

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have said they want to make Breaking Dawn, too.

When asked about four, Ashley Greene said, "I can't even think that far in advance."

Or maybe she can.

"They're just going to have to make a Twilight Five," she cracked. "I will be forever known as a Twilight girl."

Greene and Kellan Lutz said they'll start shooting Eclipse in August.

Also - for Eclipse, our lil 17 year old Taylor plans to "beef up" MORE!!!

See full story HERE

“Jacob’s character is continually growing throughout the series,” Lautner told PEOPLE at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, “so I got about eight weeks off before I go back again for Eclipse and I’m going to be hitting the gym.”

"It's insane!" costar Ashley Greene said of Lautner's new build. "I was going through my phone and looking at all the pictures, and there's one from the wrap party that we did here after the first one and it's incredible. I was like, 'Taylor, did you see this?' He was like, 'Oh my gosh.' He gained 30 lbs. He's not a little kid anymore."

In recent photos from the New Moon set star Robert Pattinson also showed off some impressively chiseled abs, and costar Kellan Lutz said they were achieved without any airbrushed shadows – in fact, Lutz takes some tongue-in-cheek credit for Pattinson's six-pack.

"I've been training him, I've been training Taylor," he insisted straight-faced, but promised that there's no fitness competition among the men of New Moon – at least on his part. "I'm the tallest one and so I'll stick with that trait.

And in talking about Italy - the cast who didn't go were sad... this quote was funny...

Peter Facinelli, who plays the Cullen family patriarch, confirms the dissatisfaction of the non-traveling castmembers. "We were so bummed," he said. "Lazy writing, Stephenie Meyer! LOL. Can you put LOL at the end of that so she doesn't think I'm serious?"

What's funny is I recall *CLEARLY* (and I'd find it to reference but I am too tired, if you don't believe me look it up yourself but i promise you it was said!!!!) Nikki Reed saying she was going to go to Italy just for fun.... and Kellan also said that, though more jokingly....Nikki seemed serious... but... they didn't.... Also, Nikki wasn't at the MTV Awards.... soooo... what the dealio? (Jackson was also not there, but he was apparently working)

Was she busy?

ok fine - here is her saying she was going CLICK HERE sorry im a "source it" obsessed girl....

Anyways, we know Nikki was trying to stop smoking.... maybe she was too irritable LOL?

I dunno - Some say it's the Robsten Love and Nikki not being chosen by Rob, I call b.s. on this - i honestly don't think the whole love triangle, or quadrilateral or whatever it is now LOL is anything to believe or dwell on - - I've said it MANY times before, if they are together (any of them, all of them, whatever) let them be, if they want us to know they will let us know by making out publicly or saying "we are dating"

Anyways -

Peter also launched his website today - Go check it out - very awesome!

That's it for now I am falling asleep :P

Robert's secret Passion for KStew....

According to OK Magazine.... Note their cover photos are of the MTV Awards NON KISS and the New Moon FILM KISS

The full story is HERE

Ditching his chewing gum, the smoldering Robert braced himself for a steamy smooch with his onscreen paramour; Kristen stood hands on hips, seemingly daring him on. They drew closer, and Rob’s lips parted, while the erotic heat built to an unbearable pitch. Then, at the last second, “Bella the Reluctant Virgin” demurred and pulled away, leaving “Edward the Conflicted Vampire” ... dangling.

“Thank you sooo much,” Stewart told the audience, sounding every bit the 19-year-old from L.A.

I still don't think they are together, but if they are, I hope they are happy.... and I almost wish they'd come clean about it so everyone will stop speculating.... although we all know who the High School Musical Stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are.... rumour is Efron's trying to "distance" himself from her to escape his "High School" image and land a variety of roles.... perhaps *IF* Kstew and RPattz are dating, they'd keep it a secret to avoid type-casting from their Twilight roles?

Thought I do ponder where KStews BF is and why he hasn't spoken up on the issue one way or another... is he even still in the picture?


Monday, June 1, 2009

My Closer Look at New Moon Trailor

A few things.... in my play-by-play dissection

The opening is Tofino I believe, then they show the Swan house and Bella's truck.... this was filmed on an overnight shoot and I am fairly certain I was around the corner at that time ;) Although it was multiple nights and I didn't go everynight, I like to think each shot used was indeed the night I was there *teehee*

Bella's arched eyebrow [0:17] seems like a corny attempt to be seductive.... it works with Bella's corniness overall LOL

The "I Love You" [0:22] was a neccessary entity because Catherine Hardwicke neglected to include it in the first movie.... (or was it Melissa Rosenberg who omitted it ?)

Then they show Robert say "Your my only reason to stay... alive, if that's what I am" at the Cullen house and of course the birthday clip, and I KNOW I was there for that as I was there each night at the Cullen's *teehee*

All the outfits are familiar [0:40] as that's what they were wearing when we met them outside the Cullen House except Bella had a robe on when we met her so it was more difficult to tell her outfit, and Nikki had a giant jacket on so we weren't sure what she was hiding either. It is absolutely exciting to see them in this trailor and know I was there and saw them just after shooting this - Imma geek I know :)

There were interviews where Jackson had said that the blood scene at the birthday wasn't a gore fest, and that people may be surprised at how little blood there was.... [0:45]

A single drop falling to the carpet is what sets Jasper off and I think this is indicitive of how much of a newbie he is to the "vegetarian" diet.... Twilight, in my opinion, didn't showcase this enough, besides his "in pain/constipated" look while around humans ha ha ha.

I love the "attack scene" [0:47-0:53] because it is slow motion, and really shows Edwards emotion.

Bella on the floor with flowers is of course the photo we saw in Entertainment Weekly last week. Jasper thrown through the piano is a nice touch, poetic really, like foreshadowing if you analyze it enough (which I do)

Edward didn't play the piano for so long, then he met Bella and did, wrote her the lullabye, now the piano is broken via Edward tossing Jasper through it when he tries to attack Bella. Soon Edward breaks up with Bella... maybe I dig to deep for meaning LOL

[1:03] Robert shows Edwards pain well in the break up "This is the last time you'll ever see me" I am so excited.... I thought I knew the forest location at this point (there were a few) but at [1:10] when they panned out I confirmed it was the forest set we were at during filming and also walked through after filming and saw all the pulley's and cables for the different angles of shots. VERY COOL!!!!

Next Time maybe I will lie in the leaves like Bella.... or not.... (I am *SO* kidding I swear, but I have met people who would and likely WILL do that LMAO)

Laurent looks absolutely fabulous with his pasty-dark skin and red menacing eyes.... [1:22] "Mouthwatering" he is just perfect!!!

Now, I am embarassed to admit, but at [1:25] when they showed a topless Taylor Launter I gasped a little.... I mean, he is freaking 17 years old, but all manly!!!! WOW!

Now let's clear this up - Trailors take exciting bits and fuse them together to create the most hype for a movie.....

If we remember Bella's outfit in the meadow there with Laurent, [1:15] it is different than when she runs towards Jacob at his house.... so here's what we see...

Jacob is topless, [1:26] then we see Jacob with a shirt on hop over his porch [1:28] (Yup, Been to that set too - *teehee again*) then we see Laurent prepare to attack [1:28] but he stops and looks to the side (this in the movie will likely be the approach of the wolves, at which time Bella doesn't know Jacob is a wolf... if the movie follows the book - although we know movies don't always), it flashes to Jacob running from his house again [1:29] then we see Bella running away from Laurent with a back pack on [1:30] then Laurent's shock [1:32] then Bella running towards Jacob who has a shirt on, [1:33] Bella is also in a different outfit on and no back pack at this time, and she says "Run Jacob RUN " and he transforms into a wolf....[1:34]

SO - - - clearly this is various scenes meshed together. I would assume that the one scene is Laurent and Bella then wolves come and she runs away.

The other scene is Jacob jumping over his back porch, and running towards Bella who tells him to run, then he transforms into a wolf and jumps over her....

Those two scenes morphed together create a nice brief "story" that is ideal for a trailor because people who don't know the story get an idea of the overall plot, while fans can go WTF and blog for hours about the difference between the movie and the book, what to expect, and like me, dissect every second of the trailor ;)

I have watched the morph the most, as the man (fine fine BOY) to wolf is the most intriguing to me :) And the cgi, and the fact they used taylor's eyes on the wolf and the growl and just - everything!

New Moon is deffo going to be enjoyed by all, but it's HUGE for Team Jacob who will get to see a buffer Taylor Lautner in more scenes than Twilight and with short hair ;) RAWR! (oops, did I say that out loud? nope - typed it - even worse LOL)

I am so very excited to see this movie and am anxious to see things not shown in the trailor like dream sequences, the cliff jumping scenes (which were filmed at multiple locations for different parts, like the jump, the underwater etc.) and of COURSE Italy and the Volturi.... some great new cast on board for this movie and I am thrilled.... waiting in anticipation to see it all come together on the big screen this November :)

For your repeated enjoyment :


Obviously a rad show.

First of all the Pre-Show - WTF - The Hills Marathon with some red carpet BS during commercial breaks? Not ok!

The Hills is stupid and the hosts for the after show drove me nuts on the red carpet taking *SO* much interest in The Hills Cast who were there, and not enough interest in the REAL stars, you know, the MOVIE STARS at the MOVIE AWARDS!!!!

Our Twilighters on the Red Carpet

I really loved that K Stew went with comfortable shoes.... very her!!! Her red carpet interview was incredibly awkward, as is K Stew as a whole.....

Catherine - not a fan of yellow on blondes typically

Hottie Cam

Ashley and Kellan on red carpet... I was so disappointed with MTV's coverage I was tuned in online to the x17 coverage and was so pissed the dude doing the online interview didn't even know who Ashley was....

Love Kellan's hat and overall casual look, Ashley is a starlet always, although I wasn't a HUGE fan of this look, she's always beautiful!!!

Then the loser on x17 asked Kellan and Ashley "What's it like working with Rob?"


I didn't see these guys on any of the pre-shows (too much fucking The Hills?!?!) but they looked fab

And lil Taylor - growing up so fast.....*ahem shirtless in new moon trailor rawr - i mean.... one day rawr he is only 17... er... yes*

OK - Andy Samberg - - - Love him - - - was not entirely thrilled with his entire performance, I mean, I expected more but I think he really tried to play it safe being his first time.... I still loved him....his opening was awesome... and a few good moments....i liked his "New Moon Trailor" omg too funny!!!

I also enjoyed the homage to his songs and his lil quirks and jokes.... I had wanted him to be a bit more - RAW i guess....

Hayden Patinette had a potty mouth - it was funny..... Kiefer Sutherland was... well awkward.... Ben Stiller's amazing, Jim Carey doesn't have an off switch, (though i loved his lil reject prop8 shout out and mention of the cute guy from Twilight) Zac Efron needs a freaking hair cut or to wash his hair or something.... him and Denzel Washington's Daughter both need to realize that eyes are for seeing and therefore can't be covered with HAIR!!!

Miley Cyrus.... I'm on a BOAT shout-out to ANdy was funny, his reaction was even funnier - what he SHOULD have said was "wtf miley" or - well - far worse....

I still dunno if eminem/bruno was staged or real... i mean eminem looked all prepared, staring up, posing, head up - then angry and then convincably angry, then the big black dudes were all pushing bruno, though not nearly as roughly as they should have been if it was all real, then they all stormed out, then Zac Efron and his effed up hair took the stage....

hrmmmm.... very strange indeed!

The Breakdown of course of Twilights wins include:

* Best Fight (Cam & Rob)

Robert joked Cam could kick his ass in real life, to which Cam agreed.

* Best Kiss (Kristen & Rob)

To which Rob claimed he had to take his gum out for... fans were hoping for a re-enactment, such as past winners have done (including Will Ferell/Sacha Baron Cohen and Rachel McAdams/Ryan Gosling) they did a huge build up and then KStew said "THANKS" and that was that... boo!)

* Best Female Performance (Kristen)

I knew she would win based on the fan base but was still slightly shocked... good job - - and of course... her in all her awkwardness... dropping the golden popcorn LMAO

* Best Male Breakthrough (Robert)

This was clear to me although a part of me wanted Taylor to win *hides* sorry - just woulda been cute!!!! Fave part was when he got up and did a lil clap like "goodie goodie gumdrops" ha ha ha silliness... He must have been drinking, he was very comfy and open.... and he needed a lsit to thank the fans, Summit, the director, the writer and the cast.... yup - defo important to write those forgetable people down!! ha ha)

* Best Movie

Honestly, people are going to *HATE* me but - - - - Slumdog Millionaire *WAS* the better movie.... but this is chosen by fans so Twilight was the obvious winner....

5/7 ain't bad!!!!

And of course the new trailor - holy wow - we watched it a few times cuz - wow!!!!!!

This was on and shows the transformation from Jacob to Wolf.... mmmmm...

What did you think about the awards? I mean, I really really enjoyed them, I think they were deffo the Twilight Awards eh?