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Rob & Kristen bowl with Mackenzie

I know I am late posting this but - it was Christmas ;)

This is adorable - way to get some "family bonding" for filming eh?

Rob at the bar Christmas Eve in London

It’s from tonight, it’s London, about an hour ago (thats about 00.30 in London) N (the one on the right) spoke to him for about 40 mins, shook his hand, got a ciggie from him (she doesn’t smoke) and he KISSED her cheek! - Carol Saxon

[Source via TCA]

Stephenie Meyers Christmas Story

This is a Christmas Story published in Ensign in 2006 before Twilight was big.

Suddenly everyone was quiet. Even my rowdy children paused, feeling the change in the atmosphere.

Christmas stories happen in the most everyday places. I was part of one not long ago at the grocery store. I hope I never forget it, though the memory is bittersweet.

I had been shopping for almost an hour by the time I got to the checkout lines. My two youngest sons were with me, the four-year-old refusing to hold onto the cart, the two-year-old trying to climb out of the basket and jump down to play with his brother. Both got progressively whinier and louder as I tried to keep them under control, so I was looking for the fastest lane possible. I had two choices. In the first line were three customers, and they all had just a few purchases. In the second line was only one man, a harried young father with his own crying baby, but his cart was overflowing with groceries.

I quickly looked over the three-person line again. The woman in the front was very elderly, white haired and rail thin, and her hands were shaking as she tried unsuccessfully to unlatch her big purse. In the other line, the young father was throwing his food onto the conveyor belt with superhuman speed. I got in line behind him.

It was the right choice. I was able to start unloading my groceries before the elderly woman was even finished paying. My four-year-old was pulling candy from the shelf, and my little one was trying to help by lobbing cans of soup at me. I felt I couldn’t get out of the store fast enough.

And then, over the sound of the store’s cheery holiday music, I heard the checker in the other line talking loudly, too loudly. I glanced over as my hands kept working.

“No, I’m sorry,” the checker was almost shouting at the old woman, who didn’t seem to understand. “That card won’t work. You are past your limit. Do you have another way to pay?” The tiny old woman blinked at the checker with a confused expression. Not only were her hands shaking now, but her shoulders too. The teenage bagger rolled her eyes and sighed.

As I caught a soup can just before it hit my face, I thought to myself: “Boy, did I choose the right line! Those three are going to be there forever.” My mood was positively smug as my checker began scanning my food.

But the smiling woman directly in line behind the elderly lady had a different reaction. Quietly, with no fanfare, she moved to the older woman’s side and ran her own credit card through the reader.

“Merry Christmas,” she said softly, still smiling.

And then everyone was quiet. Even my rowdy children paused, feeling the change in the atmosphere.

It took a minute for the older woman to understand what had happened. The checker, her face thoughtful, hesitated with the receipt in her hand, not sure whom to give it to. The smiling woman took it and tucked it into the elderly woman’s bag.

“I can’t accept …” the older woman began to protest, with tears forming in her eyes.

The smiling woman interrupted her. “I can afford to do it. What I can’t afford is not to do it.”

“Let me help you out,” the suddenly respectful bagger insisted, taking the basket and also taking the old woman’s arm, the way she might have helped her own grandmother.

I watched the checker in my line pause before she pressed the total key to dab at the corner of her eyes with a tissue.

Paying for my groceries and gathering my children, I made it out of the store before the smiling woman. I had made the right choice of lanes, it seemed.

But as I walked out into the bright December sunshine, I was not thinking about my luck but about what I could not afford.

I could not afford my current, self-absorbed frame of mind.

I could not afford to have my children learn lessons of compassion only from strangers.

I could not afford to be so distant from the spirit of Christ at any time of the year—especially during this great season of giving.

I could not afford to let another stranger, another brother or sister, cross my path in need of help without doing something about it.

And that is why I hope never to forget the Christmas hero in the grocery store. The next time I have a chance to be that kind of a hero, I can’t afford to miss it.

[Source: Ensign Via TCA via Twifans]

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kristen Stewart Fashion 2010

{L-R} Azzaro, Chanel Couture, Emilio Pucci, Custom Monique Lhuillier and Doo.Ri

{L-R} Herve L. Leroux, Emilio Pucci, Jasmine Di Milo, Chanel Couture and a Jenni Kayne Skirt

{L-R} Prabal Gurung, Herve Leger, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta and J. Mendel

{L-R} Marchesa, Versace, Azzaro, Elie Saab Couture and Preen

{L-R} Herve Leger, Roland Mouret, Helmut Lang, GUiSHEM and Valentino

Mandy's Mind

So do you have a fave?

For me it is Jasmine Di Milo. The shoes with the blue & black Versace was nice.

Also liked Marchesa and Elie Saab Couture (From Eclipse Premiere)

I was not a fan of Chanel Couture or Azzaro and there were a few more that I could take or leave.

Of course I have ZERO Fashion knowledge ha ha - - - so tell me what you think?

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Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene out Christmas SHopping

See More Here

Breaking Dawn Filming Schedule.

I had predicted / hoped that after holiday break the Breaking Dawn crew would be here... in fact when it was first announced, I planned Baton Rouge, then Christmas, then Brazil then here in early February - - - I was wrong. They started with Brazil, are now Baton Rouge and then Holiday Break and back to Baton Rouge with Vancouver in mid/end February?!?!

Time will tell but as it stands that is how it should go down - - - y0u never know with filming though... Lainey has the goods when it comes to dates and schedule... again, things can always change but as of now here is how it goes...

Lainey writes:
Just an example of what’s been hitting my inbox the last two days. There’s a lot of it. Twi-Hard panic over the status of their beloved Robsten, and Robert Pattinson superfans jizzing about his new movie.

First things first – the relationship, they’re fine. They’re working. They’re good. There’s much less work tension on this set than the last one and so they’re actually getting on well. This week they’ve been shooting scenes at the Cullen home as Bella is very, very ill. Yesterday they both had the day off. He named all the freckles on her body and wrote a poem for each one. Today they’re back on set for a scene from Breaking Dawn Part 2, a vampire bonfire and sharing war stories. Next week they work 3 days in the field with the Cullens and the bad vampires. Then beginning December 23, they’re off for the holiday break. They continue to shoot the battle for a week when production resumes in January. That’s still a ways ahead. Will let you know more then. For now, understand their schedules are quite similar. When there are days off – and he has more than she does – those days almost always coincide. By design.

As for the Water For Elephants trailer – what sh-tty luck that it was released online the same day as The Tree of Life which, obviously, is far superior. Come on now. Please, try Twi-Hards, to exercise some objectivity. Having said that, this is the first film Pattinson had made post-Twilight fame with a proper studio and not that budget house Summit and its embarrassing low q. The difference is enormous. So much better than the Twilights and that Remember Me comedy last year. There’s some attention to detail happening here. This looks like a proper movie.

Also, Pattinson has never been prettier. Really, really pretty. SO pretty. Healthy. Skin and glow. They were smart to focus on his pretty. It detracts from the fact that... I’m not buying Reese Witherspoon. Not for any lack of effort on his part, he seems like he’s doing what he can, but she looks like she’s calling it in. Wonder if he has more chemistry and intensity with Christoph Waltz than with Witherspoon. Had to laugh though at the one time Pattinson speaks in the clip. It’s exactly like the scene in the first Twilight movie which delivered the most excruciating fontrum when they’re in the diner with that waitress with the crazy hair. I need to find this so you can compare and contrast.

Baton Rouge Eclipse DVD SIgning with cast - VIDEO

Here is a video from the Eclipse dvd signing at Best Buy in Baton Rouge LA where Jackson Rathbone and the Volturi (except for Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning) attended to meet fans.

Christina Ricci talks about RPattz

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Ugly Christmas Sweater PJ Party

Last Night's Ugly Christmas Sweater & PJ Party was a blast!

Today is hangover for many, clean-up for some and brunch soon thereafter!

More posts later

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Christmas Lights - The Sam Bradley Band Video

Breaking Dawn Volturi Costumes

PopSugar posted photos of the Volturi filming Breaking Dawn last night in Louisiana. It was an outdoor set and featured Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning, Jaime Campbell Bower, Cameron Bright and Christopher Heyerdahl.

I don't know about you but I am LOVING the new looks. It is especially interesting since we haven't seen all of them as volturi for a while (thought Dan Cudmore, Cameron Bright, Dakota Fanning and CHarlie Bewley appeared in Eclipse; Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower and Christopher Heyerdahl sadly did not)

Based on these pictures I think they look fabulous - you?


Now this photo... I am not entirely sure who and what is going on... but in the bottom of the photo is Stephenie Meyer.. SQUEE!

What do you think???

Baton ROuge Children's Hospital gets surprise visitors from Breaking Dawn Cast

Love the kind spirit of our Twilight Castmates. Here are Peter, Nikki, Liz and Kellan at the CHildren's Hospital in Baton Rouge.


Robsten Christmas?

I didn't see this photo before....

Last Christmas - Rob & Kristen with Rob's Dad and Mom? (hard to tell with hat)


[Via TCA]

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Kreepy Kardashian Kristmas Kard

These guys are seriously strange!!!

Old Man Jacob - WFE Screen Cap

Apparently this is the screencap of Robert Pattinson as Jacob in Water for Elephants. I missed that I guess.... creepy-cool - still a hot old man non?

Tron's Garrett Hedlund talks about working with Kristen Stewart in On the Road

A new yummy man to stare at...and we'll be seeing him in On The Road as well!

"Kristen Stewart costars with Hedlund in the movie adaptation On the Road. "She was signed on to the movie before the first Twilight ever hit theaters," Hedlund said. "She's so good and she's so devoted. She's such an incredibly hard worker."

Tron Legacy Interview with Michael Sheen - VIDEO

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael Sheen fun to watch in Tron

Michael Sheen appearsin Tron Legacy:

"Michael Sheen doesn't have a whole lot of screentime in TRON: LEGACY (at least not compared to Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde) but he makes the most of his time. He's arguably having the most fun on screen and his character is a thrill to watch as you try to figure out his motivations: is he here to help or harm our heroes?..." read the whole interview here.

[Via Twilightish]

Casting Info for Breaking Dawn

Summit issued a release and to me the highlight was listing Ty Olsson as Phil Dwyer, Bella's step dad... That leaves Wendell Pierce as J.Jenks it would seem!?

Wonder why Matt Bushell is up to (original Phil)


Here is Ty Olsson...

HQ FULL Water for Elephants Trailer

Water for Elephants Teaser Trailer Exclusive from ET


Water for Elephants Trailer Teaser from ET

Parody of Katy Perry "California Girls" VIDEO

This parody is pretty funny, they do a lot of hilarious ones on their youtube channel.

THis one is Katy Perry "California Girls" ha ha Robert Pattinson even makes an appearence (via magazine photo tee hee)

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Robert Pattinson & Alex Rice aka Sue Clearwater with her baby Bella

Alex Rice plays Sue Clearwater in the Twilight Saga films.

Seeing him with a baby gives me serious happy vibes.

[Source Via RPN]

Water for Elephants Trailer Sneak Peak - Video


Darren Criss does ROlling Stone interview in acoustic song - VIDEO

Darren Criss did his entire Rolling Stone interview in acoustic song THEN he did 'Teenage Dream' and I just about died...... MUST WATCH

Book Store Sighting of Twilight Cast in Baton ROuge


LMAO Taylor Lautner with N'orlans Saints Cheerleaders

This is funny...Maybe because the cheerleaders seem more excited than Taylor.... which would support the TL is gay theory non? ha ha jk - kinda... awn he is adorable!

[Via TwiFans]

MORE Breaking Dawn Script Details & Gossip from Lainey

Here are some pull-oputs from Lainey Gossip's live blog which included Breaking Dawn Script Talk.

Spoilers ahead!!! Warning!

About killing of the Cullens. - These are just Alice's visions. "It is a VISION. It's a neat device to introduce some action into an otherwise static scene. You can't have a two-hour talk off in a movie. It would KILL it. For real."

"OK so the first person whose head comes off is Carlisle. In the vision. Then everything goes to sh-t and all kinds of dying happens. And Bella and Edward tagged team kill Aro."

Sarah (def not Lainey) "I want this. I want Edward's temper. Pattinson is most interesting to me when he's allowed to emote. So much of Edward is limited to whimpering and pleading and soulfoul looks. Please let him BE ANGRY. And throw some shit around."

"After Bella and Edward they die too.All these other people die too. Jane and her brother. Lots of deaths on both sides. Then Volcano guy snaps out of it, says he's sorry. And wolves die and NO ONE will care. I bet someone cheers, even. (In the audience). Everybody wakes up and lives happily ever after.

Daddy Moments for Robward.
On a happier note. Lainey said "The script calls for a lot of daddy moments."

Some funny stuff from Melissa Rosenberg.
"And Breaking Dawn, as terrible as the book doesn't sound bad. Like I am actually interested in seeing some of this. Especially in part 2. All the good stuff is in part 2."
"And Rosenberg, for all the sh*t you people shovel on her, she knows these actors now and she wrote some good lines for her people. Funny stuff."

Stuff they said about Bill Condon and David Slade.
"I hear everyone on set is happier now than they were by the end of 2009. More relaxed, gelling better with the director, Condon is way into it. Everyone likes coming in each morning--that makes a difference."

Slade liked some members more than others.
"Slade got a bad deal. Basically it went, "Yes yes we love it! We love you and your vision! Go do it!" Then is was, "No don't do that, we hate that, don't change that, don't go there, leave this, more this..." It wore him down. And he didn't get on with everyone. That's a big cast and Slade isn't a people pleaser. Tension happens. Oh well. Condon seems to be dealing better"

Source: Lainey Gossip
Thanks to:RobStenation
VIA: TwiFans

Battleship wraps in Baton ROuge

Very Cool - Robert Pattinson at the same party as Alex Skarsgård - - mmm vamp dreams.... They were filming at the same studio and Rob is friends with director of Battleship, Peter Berg, so it isn't shocking he attended. I remember seeing the battleship being built when I was there in October. So CooL!