Saturday, June 26, 2010

EW Portraits of Eclipse Cast - Stunning

[Entertainment Weekly VIa Twilightish]

Black Carpet Videos from Twilightish & Team Twilight

Here are videos from the Black Carpet with Twilightish and Team-Twilight

Alex Meraz:

Daniel Cudmore:

Xavier Samuel:

Ruby Jerinss:

STephenie Meyer:

Jodelle Ferland:

ALl from Twilightish and Team-Twilight


Acoustic Eclipse Soundtrack Concert Video

Alex Meraz and Defenders of Wildlife team up to save the wolves

I always get emails about various things happening and I love it because I am one person and miss alot of awesomeness... here is an email I got recently:

Hey Mandy,
I know you hail from the wilds of Canada ;) but I'm sure many of your readers like me, are in the States, so I'm hoping that you could post some info about the Defenders of Wildlife Save Americas Wolves campaign. Alex has filmed a PSA for them which can be found at (it a YouTube vid). The site asks people to encourage the President(restore wolves to the endangered species act) and Congress(PAW act to stop aerial killings in Alaska) to support conservation efforts, they also ask for donations (directly, through texting, and shopping at their store). I think Twi fans will definitely be interested in helping.
Thanks Joyce

btw got the info through and

Here's the video:

Thanks Joyce for the email.

ASCC Now hosts Charlie Bewley Contest

Artists Supporting a Cure for Cancer Now (ASCC Now) is having a special celebrity portrait contest! We've partnered with Alex's Lemonade to raise money for childhood cancer awareness. To enter the contest all you have to do is draw a portrait of a fab star of the Twilight Saga, in the role of Demetri, Charlie Bewley working at an Alex's Lemonade Stand. You can use whatever medium you'd like, so get creative!

Charlie has graciously agreed to autograph the portrait, record a brief video message AND send along a personal note to the winner! The winner's portrait and video will be posted on ASCC Now and Alex's Lemonade Stand's websites.

Contest Open: July 12
Contest Closes: August 13

Application and mailing information will be available on open date
Digital entries and high resolution pictures will be accepted in lieu of physical submission (finalist will be asked to turn in their portrait)

Medium: Any, as long as it's two dimensional.

Dimensions: No larger than 3' x 3'

Entry Fee: $10 (payable by check to ASCC Now; we're working on a Paypal link for credit cards.)

Prize: Video message from Charlie Bewley, autographed portrait, and personal note from Charlie Bewley.

Black Carpet Styles

Here's where their style came from:

Robert Pattinson's Gucci Fall 2010 Menswear Maroon Silk Cotton Heritage Suit

Kristen Stewart's Elie Saab Fall 2009 Dress

I see Kellan's Calvin's on the Black Carpet

Kellan shows his Calvin's on the black carpet! Oh My!

Friday, June 25, 2010

4 Behind the Scenes Eclipse Filming PHOTOS

I love these shots, I have become so interested in behindthe scenes filming thanks to the Twilight Saga in my hood....

Funny both the first and this photo are at sets that are now just empty grass lots

Oooh... the meadow is the elusive set.... I love seeing photos of it.... (I'm weird like that)

[Via TwiFans]

Welcome to the Riley's Screening at LAFF

Here is Kristen Stewart tonight at the Welcome to the Riley's (WTTR) Premiere at LAFF

How tired must Kristen be?

Can't wait to see this movie? Here's a reivew from @Larry411:

At first glance Ken Hixon's screenplay says Pretty Woman meets My Fair Lady, with businessman Doug Riley (James Gandolfini) on a mission to tame wild stripper Mallory (Kristen Stewart). The story takes us in a more unexpected direction, however, and its originality begins to emerge. Welcome to the Rileys isn't about redemption per se, but the way that we are inexplicably changed by the strangers who serendipitously enter our lives.

The Rileys are Doug (James Gandolfini) and Lois (Melissa Leo), and it's apparent from the start that their marriage has seen better days. While barely hinting at the tragedy which has slowly pushed them apart, Doug spends more and more time away from home while Lois stays locked inside. On a routine trip to a convention in New Orleans, a visit to a strip club places a young runaway (Kristen Stewart) into Doug's lap. What happens next is not as predictable as it seems, and a fuse is lit which burns ever so slowly as the lives of these three lost souls are altered in the most unpredictable ways.

Read the entire Review here.

Sounds amazing!


KIIS FM's JoJo ihterviews Jackson and Rob at Premiere

David Slade talks about Tent Scene ReShoot

Bryce Dallas Howard on Leno with Tom Cruise

Vampire Paper Dolls Book

I was at the grocery store when I saw the following book.... and of course giggled profusely and snapped pics to share with you all...

Now you can dress Edward, Bella, Dracula, Buffy and Spike look-alikes.....

Of course you have to dress them together... and the boys heads come off..... LOL Wee Sookie and Bill too.

All Vampires from all eras and all rules and it seems the Vamps heads are all removable... WTF? So yu can embrace your inner slayer...??

Sorry I am litterally LOLing again right now

Pretty funny eh?

Who wants one?

Videos of Robert Pattinson on the Eclipse Premiere Black Carpet

Stephenie Meyer Black Carpet Video

Black Carpet Videos from Baltimore Sun




[Source: Baltimore Sun]

Eclipse Premiere After-Party

SO after the red carpet (sorry, black) and then the movie screening (to which hundreds of fans who had camped out got to attend and see) there was the after - party. Fans could have attended (some did) if they planned ahead and bought tickets thrugh the LAFF. Alternatively fans could have attended the 100 Monkeys Concert. Lot's of awesomeness in LA and made me wish I could have afforded to stay longer than just the one week for the Convention, Screening, Be the Shift and Leno... maybe next year? ;)

Anyways, here are some photos from the fab after party which featured an awesome ice sculpture, mini meadows, food, booze, a giant moon and outdoor decor, celebs and lot's of fun....

More Here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eclipse Premiere Master Post

I have so many posts coming - check here for links to it all.

-Rob, Kristen & Taylor on the carpet.
-Kristen Stewart interview with E! (video).
-Everyone on the Red Black Carpet.<--- Photos of everyone. *UPDATING NOW*

Rob, Kristen, Taylor at Eclipse Premiere

His suit colour was bold but it worked, honestly he can pull anything off I think ;)

imagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comimagebam.comI see in some shots...

imagebam.comimagebam.comSHe alwayas has perfect eyebrows!

imagebam.comThey both look so perfect in this

See More Here at Source

[Source: RPLife]