Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reven8e Returns

Here is the first 10 minutes of the new episode..... I CAN NOT WAIT!!! This looks INTENSE!!!

Katniss Outtakes

There are outtakes of Kennifer Lawrence as Katnis in The Hunger Games... See more at

Rob arrives at LAX Today

More at RPL

Hunger Games New Informational Books not by Suzanne Collins?

I have been excited about these books too... but now I wonder.... Hypable writes:

Over the past few months we’ve been hearing about several books Scholastic and Lionsgate will be releasing which appear to promise new information about The Hunger Games.

Today we’re learning that none of these have trilogy author Suzanne Collins’ name on them. Is it cause for concern?

It is weird, my fear would be that either this info is juast made up by these new authors for the purpose of the movie... or it is stuff we already know from the books re-written and a waste of my money....

Hypable continues:

Our main issue with this is if any of the new information found in these books is canon according to Collins’ story. The Tribute Guide appears to promise lots of details surrounding each of the Tributes – but is it only info that we’ve heard before? If there is new info, do we know for sure that it came from Collins?
I for one HATE when it doesn't come from the authour, because I feel it is "created" by them and anyone else adding to it is just not the same. Granted thousands of people LOVE fanfic, written by fans, but they aren't claiming their stories as truths Stephenie Meyer would have decided on.... whereas these books are being mass produced, sold and soon bought - so I would HOPE Suzanne Collins, CREATOR of Hunger Games, had some say in what the heck story lines and information is included on HER characters no??? See more T hYPable

Taylor Swift's 'Safe & Sound' first single from The Hunger Games Soundtrack

Just before Christmas Taylor Swift revealed via Twitter that she will be on the Hunger Games soundtrack. The first single ‘Safe and Sound’ features the Civil Wars.

It is so perfect!

Greater news is that within 24 hours it was #1 on itunes....

I can't even wait for this movie, everything about it is going to be epic!