Saturday, December 19, 2009

Katy Perry Tweets about her "Rob-Romance"

Love it...

Christian Serratos Peta Pics

TwiFans posted these:

Anna Kendrick on Good Day NY

Shadow Play Trailer - Starring Billy Burke

Jamie Campbell Bower at Maybelline Calendar Launch in London with a Weasley...

Jamie Campbell Bower attended Friday's Erin Wasson's Maybelline Calendar launch at Bungalow 8, St Martin's Lane in London. And Looky-loo who he's with..... GINNY WEASLEY!!! [Actress, Bonnie Wright]

Christian Serratos Halloween Costume

TwiFans posted this:

Taylor Lautner may star in remake of 1985's Vision Quest

Taylor Lautner may be about to pin down another role.

Seemingly seconds after he booked yet another post-Jacob job, sources tell E! News that the 17-year-old actor is in talks to put his New Moon abs to good use in a remake of the 1985 drama Vision Quest.

Which is not what it sounds like—a cheesy sci-fi flick—but rather a coming-of-age romance that featured Madonna's "Crazy for You" as its theme song and starred Matthew Modine as a high school wrestling star who falls in love with an artist—a permtastic Linda Fiorentino—his dad has taken in as a boarder.

"Taylor saw [the script] and is really excited about it," says a source. "It's very much in line with his athleticism. His character is someone who's striving for greatness."

read more here.

Valentines Day Poster and NEW TRAILER!!!!

Can't Wait for this movie!!!


See video of Taylor & Taylor filming here

And Photos of the 2 Taylor's on set here

More pic of them on set in the car here.

Kissy Pics of the Two Taylor's on set here.


Once the new trailer with the two Taylor's is out I will post it - the one yesterday (in German) was pulled quickly.


Booboo Stewart on CSI

Booboo will be in a CSI eppy this January - exciting.

Alex Meraz loves Wolves ha!

Wolf Love - - - cute!


Poppa Lautner and Taylor Friday in L.A.

Poppa Lautner and Taylor in a red Mercedes leaving The Endeavor Agency offices in LA Friday.


Momma Wants.... Chocolate, Twilight, Collector Tin...

Jackson Rathbone celebrates his 25th birthday early in Vegas with 100 Monkeys and friends

Jackson turns 25 at the Bank nightclub inside the Bellagio with fellow 100 Monkey's bandmates. jackson's birthday isn't until the 21st of December but the 100 Monkey's crew along with a bananamanager cake partied early Vegas style.

Awn... Uncle Larry <3

BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA That Cake looks *JUST* like Marty!!!!!! lmao!!!

I am glad he still has a Poppy in his hat <3 Seems he is enjoying this break as a time to not shave.... I prefer clean cut Jackson better personally... and wow is his hair ever getting long eh?


How To Be Auditions

I am pretty excited, I recently found out I am getting a "How to Be" DVD - kind of like an early Christmas Present *tee hee* Can't wait - it's such a silly, fun movie... shuddupinyoface....anyhoo here is the audition video...


Magazine Donna Moderna (Modern Woman) in Italy


Reality TV in Forks

Thanks to author Stephenie Meyer, the once little-known Western Washington hamlet of Forks has become a hotbed for "Twilight" mania. We already looked at how the franchise saved the small town from economic hardship. And documentary filmmakers recently turned their lenses on the logging community for the film "Twilight in Forks," which will be released on DVD alongside "New Moon." So it seems like the next logical step is a Forks reality show, right? Anyone?

A casting call has gone out for Forks residents (yes, you must permanently live in the town!) to try out for a proposed reality show, reports the Forks Forum. Little information was given about the nature of the show...

More at MTV

Taylor Lautner to star in "Cancun"

Summit Entertainment home of The Twilight Saga will soon have another notch under their belts. Twilight & New Moon star Taylor Lautner is will star in the upcoming action flick Cancun.

CANCUN follows an out-of-place college kid who travels with a girl to Cancun on a break. While there, the girl and her friends are taken hostage by a drug cartel and he is forced to save them.

The film is being designed to allow Lautner to use his martial arts skills, some of which he recently showcased on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. says:
The plot alone sounds quite intriguing, I can’t wait to see this film. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that “Cancun” is the first film from the production company that Taylor and his dad Dan Lautner have started together & that Dan Lautner may produce the film! I would love to see his production work. I had no idea Taylor’s dad was even a producer, did you? Poor MEC always the last to know, lol.

Mandy's Mind - I think that Summit is smart to cash in on Taylor and use his dad also. I think it will do well actually, and not just because of Taylor (though mostly) but because the plot is relevant and real.... last Spring Break I know thousands of bus tours travelling to Mexicon were cancelled because of drug cartels and the drug war happening in the North of Mexico... luckily I was flying right over all that and directly into my sunny destination.... anyhoo - I will see this movie, will you?


Michael Sheen Photoshoot

see more here

Friday, December 18, 2009

German Valentines Day Trailer

A German version of the Valentine's Day Trailer (with new footage including Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner) surfaced but was quickly removed... if more becomes available I will post or save and post or at least get screen caps....

Stay Tunes... Here is the old one for now.

Dread Movie Poster

Dread looks creepily good - and Jackson (as always) looks hot! See more pics HERE

Ashley Greene at Sherlock Holmes After-Party

They’re always up for a swanky good time, and last night (December 17) Ashley Greene and Jessica Szohr were spotted at the “Sherlock Holmes” after party. The “Twilight” babe and her “Gossip Girl” gal pal looked to be having a great time.

And on the red carpet before hand... looking stunning....


All Girls Photo shoot...

Lainey Reports:All our girls

Twi-Hards kept tweeting at me and bombing my inbox yesterday – their tits were in a twist over a photo shoot involving Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin for Vogue. E!Online broke the story that the two were photographed at the LA County Museum of Art. Emilie has apparently offended the Twi-Hards because she was cast in a film with Pattinson. She’s a “fat ass bitch” because the two are friends. They feel this way of course because they’re just trying to look out for Kristen Stewart who is “ROB’s ONE TRUE LOVE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Kristen can take care of herself. Kristen was It before Robert Pattinson and she will be It after Robert Pattinson. Because in this equation, Robert Pattinson is the longshot. So while he fannies about with his hearthrobby image, Kristen Stewart is up to more prestigious endeavours.

How about the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue?

Yes. The Hollywood Issue.

I’ll attach a few of my past favourites just to give you an idea of what the Hollywood Issue means.

I’m told exclusively that it took place a few days ago. Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan, Abbie Cornish, Evan Rachel Wood, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Mia Wasikowska, and more. A girl crush lady boner. So many of my girls. And SO happy Emma Stone was invited. Hopefully Amanda Seyfried has a new publicist?

It’s a strong young crop of female talent. And on the heels of the Portmans, Knightleys, Hathaways, Johanssons, who themselves are following the Winslets, the Blanchetts, the Cruzes, the Paltrows, the Watts, the Thurmans, and the Moores, this is yet another reason why Lindsay Lohan can’t work.

Chris Weitz spills the beans on a few things he hid in the film.


Chris Weitz spills the beans on a few things he hid in the film.
Did you spot any of them?

1. Hid­den wolves

”Look for an upside-down engrav­ing of a wolf in the shot of the bowl in which Carlisle burns his first-aid equip­ment; on Jacob’s T-shirt when he meets Bella in the school park­ing lot for the first time; and a wolf trin­ket on the dream-catcher that he gives her.”

2. Vam­pire ele­va­tor music

”When Edward, Bella, and Alice get into the ele­va­tor on their way to see the Vol­turi, the music play­ing in the ele­va­tor is from Strauss’ Die Fle­d­er­maus (a.k.a. The Bat).”

3. Emo­tional bag­gage?

”When Bella is look­ing for the meadow where she and Edward are seen lying down together, she car­ries a golden com­pass clipped to her back­pack — part of my baggage!”

4. Speedy suitor

”We did a lit­tle trick when Edward gets out of Bella’s truck and they’re argu­ing. We wanted to show Edward mov­ing impos­si­bly quickly, so we put Rob right next to the cam­era but out of sight, and used a dou­ble dressed like Rob in the driver’s seat. When Edward gets out, it’s the dou­ble, and then Rob steps in front of the cam­era, and it looks as if he got there faster than humanly possible.”

5. Look it up

”And last but not least: If you want to know what Jacob says before he almost kisses Bella, ask a Quileute! The address of the Quileute tribal coun­cil is I can tell you this much: He says, Kwop kilawt­ley.”


Screen Caps of Bella's Emails in New Moon


Rachelle's Puppy passes away

Rachelle LeFevre tweeted that she lost her doggie Honey. She always tweeted and photographed her and so I am sure this is a huge loss for her...

Twilight Lexicon posted this:
Honey had been sick for the past month, and was notably hospitalized on the day of the New Moon premiere. Honey was a adopted by Rachelle and her boyfriend from a rescue organization, a cause that Rachelle has long supported. In fact there is a current auction on Ebay to win a coffee date with Rachelle that supports this very cause. Our hearts go out to Rachelle, as anyone knows who is an animal lover, it is like losing a member of your family.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Secret Robsten Date?

The Awful Truth posted this:

Undercover lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted out together in Venice Beach yesterday, escaping the shutterbugs and enjoying a private date night. Take that, all you Robsten haters!

While everyone seems so hell-bent on having Rob hook up with the likes of Katy Perry (just because they're photographed at an event, please), a source spills to us that Robsten was dining at Gjelina restaurant on Abbot Kinney before scoping out the fab A. Kinney Court opening next door.

Says our insider who attended the party:

"Robert and Kristen were eating next door and peaked in the window after their dinner as the party was wrapping up."

We all know that Robsten likes to keep a low profile, so showing up to an event opening together where Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and Olivia Wilde also were in attendance totally isn't their scene.

But the concept fashion boutique and eyewear store totally suits Kristen's chiller style, so we know why they would take a pause to check it out. Atta girl, you tell your man to make some time for window shopping!

"Kristen was wearing an old white T-shirt with her hair in a ponytail," our eyes tell us. "Rob was wearing jeans, a tee and a dark coat.

"It looked like they were on a nice stroll through the neighborhood. They seemed really just into hanging together."

So did R & K opt for some PDA since not too many people were looking?

"They weren't holding hands, but were really sweet with each other."

We all know that R.Pattz's night didn't end there. He went out to celebrate his friend Shannon Woodward's birthday at Dimples karaoke bar alongside Katy Perry.

Rob showed up around 11:15, plenty of time to drop K.Stew off where she needed to be. The A. Kinney opening ended around 10. Sweet that R.Pattz wanted to spare his truer emotions from the waiting paps he knew would be documenting his every move later on.

A spokesperson for Gjelina declined to comment about Robsten's romantic meal saying, "We wouldn't be able to tell you about that."

A rep for Kristen also kept mum saying, "We don't have a comment, but thank you."

We're just glad the couple got in some quality relaysh time! Love it, or love it?

It's utterly and truly Robsten-style amour at work, every angle you look at it, as we trust you will.

[Thanks Jen & Sar for pointing me to TwiFans link]

Movies of 2010

I am so behind on movies of 2009....

I always prefer to read the book first and with so many books turned movies this year (Angels & Demons, My Sister's Keeper, Lovely Bones, etc.) I haven't been able to keep up. I've done next to know reading or movie watching (hey - I have been preoccupied, with, you know - OTHER things... LOL... like Twilight things... and Music things... and this BLOG things!!!)

Anyhow, 2010 is coming and I plan to get as caught up as I can over the Holidays with 2009 movies in preparation for 2010 - a year in which I plan to STAY ON TOP OF THINGS!!! Mainly, new books, movies and shows I am interested in....

I remember posting about the most anticipated Summer Movies of 2010, however, there are so many movies coming out before the summer I am just so excited.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

The journey to find the remaining Horcruxes. Love that it will be two movies, only because, I cried when the books were over... so prolonging the inevitable seems to work for me...Plus the trailer preview gives me goosebumps

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton directs... and if that isn't enough... an all-star cast including Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. (Also stars Mia Wasikowska, Michael Sheen, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Crispin Glover, Christopher Lee) You must see the trailer here

Iron Man 2

Loved the 1st one, trailer looks bad-ass...>you have to see this trailer.

Dear John

As if Channing Tatum weren't enough (ok he is - 'nuff said) wanna know more? read here

Valentines Day

All-Star Cast, Romantic Comedy.... why not? >Trailer had me hooked

Robin Hood

Ridley Scott directs Russel Crowe (Robin Hood) and Cate Blanchett (Maid Marian) sounds like a recipe for a good movie no?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I didn't want to see this but Jake Gyllenhaal is hot and funny and it's a video game and my husband likes video games soooo I will maybe check it out.

Sex and the City 2

Imma chick... I think I will lose my vag-card if I don't get giddy about this.

The A-Team

I love the 80s, I loved A-Team, I love Bradley Cooper, it was filmed here... 'nuff said.

The Runaways

I think the tole of Joan Jett is so ideal for Kristen Stewart I can't wait to see it! See Trailer Teaser Here

Nightmare on Elm Street

Loved the movies as a kid, Kellan has a role, the trailer looks will be hard to get past the new "Freddy" voice though

Jonah Hex

I don't know if this will be good. It's late 1800s, a Wild West bounty hunter tracks a voodoo practitioner bent on raising an army of Confederate zombies.... zombies are cool.... 1800s can be cool... It has Megan Fox in it but as Jennifer's Body proved, the hottie doesn't neccessarily = good movies/box office sales, however, Josh Brolin might... he rocked in No Country for Old Men and W.

Toy Story 3

Pixar Rocks and Imma Mom so - yes!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Nothing to say here... if you read my blog, you already know the zillion reasons I will see this multiple times.

The Last Airbender

Based on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, the story takes place in a world divided into the Fire, Water, Earth, and Air Nations. A young “airbender” named Aang must stop the Fire Nation from taking over.

M. Night Shyamalan rocks, Jackson Rathbone is in it.... Dev Patel (Slumdog Millioaire) is also in it... deffo must check out!

Little Fockers

I love the series...

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Love the books and was worried this wouldn't be made after Disney dropped the franchise as a result of poor box office sales with The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Coed Mag says: Luckily, Fox picked it up and moved the release date from early summer back to Christmas. The twelve-year-olds inside of us loved the first two Narnia movies, and the gaping hole left by The Lord of the Rings is still almost too much for us to bear, so we’re looking forward to another big-budget epic fantasy fix.

The Three Stooges

Larry, Curly, and Moe, played by Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro... sounds interesting.Writer/directors the Farrelly brothers are making a new Three Stooges adventure.

A Couple of Dicks

A comedy about two cops who try to locate a stolen baseball card and rescue a kidnapped woman... boring... but with director Kevin Smith casting Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Adam Brody, Kevin Pollak and more... I feel like it will be pretty hilarious... PLUS this is the first movie Kevin Smith hasn't written but is directing - so - it must have some awesome potential (or he has writer's block and needs something to fill his time?) Who knows - I will go see it though! I love Kevin Smith!

The Book of Eli

A man fights his way across post-apocalyptic America in order to protect a book that holds the secret to saving humankind.... hmmm... Denzel Washington is in it, surely he wouldn't sign on to a crappy movie would he ?

Date Night

With Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Leighton Meester, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Mark Ruffalo, James Franco, Taraji P. Henson, Common, Kristen Wiig... I think no matter what I am obliged to check this movie out.

There are many more but for now - - - let's just wait for the release dates of these ones....