Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Brother Updates

SPoilers Below including who are have/have-not's and who Jordan nominated:


Adam & Dominic are nominated.

Dani seems to have a crush on Dom and is trying to get Rachel to throw the PoV and grt Cassi and Shelly put up and get Cassi out. I feel like it's about Dani wanting Dom and DOm and Cassi being close - lame game move on Dani's part if true.

9 votes this week... Shelly, Kalia, Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Danielle (maybe?) will vote Dom out... but if they get PoV (and i feel somehow like they will) then Cassi and Shelly will go out and Cassi go home I am pretty sure.

We shall see.

Lawon doesn't trust Cassi anymore, they are all paranoid over which two newbies voted with vets to send Keith home (it was Kalia and Shelly - they pretty much guess Kalia now but no one suspects Shelly... most think Adam)

The Have-Nots for the week are Adam, Dominic, Shelly and Cassi. I am not sure what the comp was because Rachel was sticking her finger down her throat to puke during the challenge (which makes me think it was eating gross stuff comp) but then there were bandaids and a medic called for Kalia, which makes it sound pretty agressive/physical - guess we will see Sunday?

Have-Not's will also get jellybeans and jerky, which is pretty nice of America's Vote.

Brendon and Rachel are freaking out, getting upset anytime JOrdan talks to Cassi, even though Jordan is talking about non-game stuff as friend with Cassi and even though Cassi is not on the block right now - - - Rachel and Cassi are cruisin' for a bruisin' - - - cat fight soon i bet....

Je/Jo and Brenchel may be headed for trouble - and Dani is crushing on Dom so it will be a VERY interesting week - hopefully the vets can pull thru it and get rid of Dom (as cute as he is) and then Cassi and then get down to some singles... Cassi and Dom are the biggest threats to vets and I am pulling for Jeff or Dani to win (since Jordan already has - tho a two time winner would be amazing)

Time will tell

Who else has live feeds? Loving it?

Here is the slide show from Rachel's pics as HOH

more WFE NYC Rob stuff - there is me!

That's my big black-haried head....

I can hear myself in some of the videos - it is so embarassing to hear the things you say and do when Rob is right in front of you - I have been lucky enough to have it happen a few times and embarassed enough to have someone recording when it happens LMAO

More here

I spy with my lil eye.. me, @mama_cougar @chilbunch and more...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Robert Pattinson at Toronto Airport July 15

My mom works at a private airport in Toronto where a lot of celebrities fly in and out of. She called me last night letting me know that a “Robert Douglas Pattinson, an actor from the UK” would be coming through the avitat today. After my telling her that it was probably my boyfriend Rob coming through, I told her that she better get a picture for me! She and her coworkers joked around over the phone a little bit – laughing at how I told them that Rob is the only person in the world that I am allowed to cheat on my real boyfriend with (he gets to sleep with Eva Mendez) and then my mom finally discovered that he would be flying out before she even got into work today. However, I got a call from my mom this afternoon and a picture from one of my mom’s coworkers eventually followed. This is a picture of Rob heading out of a private Toronto airport July 15th, 2011.

Mandy's Mind - Isn't it Robert Thomas?


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forks 2011 Trip

Last Year on route to Creation's Twilight Convention in Portland, I stopped by Forks for Twitarded's Forks Trip 2010.

Let me tell you, it was AMAZING!

There were 150+ people there all for the trip. I only stayed one night but I had the BEST time ever! Got to meet so many other fans I knew from online from all over the globe, literally!

This year they are doing it again so I plan to go to Forks September 30 - October 2, 2011. I will be driving down if anyone local wants to car pool let me know. I hope to stay at the Forks MOtel, though it books fast so hopefully I can score a room... and am willing to roomie-up with peeps.

Here is the forum you can sign up for to get info and plan.

Last year there were activities and tours and fun. Lot's you can do on your own or with the group.

This post on twitarded has more on the trip.

Would love to see some of you there! Such a fun weekend to just be crazy-fun!

Last year was a blast, see Photos on my facebook - - - but 2011 will be even better!!

Back to Blogging after Surgery

I am back to blogging here soon after my wisdom teeth surgery on Tuesday. After momnths of panic and fear, the surgery went pretty well. All 4 came out, 2 broke (both on left side, so that side is more swollena nd sore) but I have been following instructions for meds and cleaning and care and my husband has taken amazing care of me!

I still have some paina nd discomfort every 3 hours or so and can't re-up meds except every 4-6 hours or so but besides an hour of hell, I am doing well.

I have my big brother live feeds to keep me entertained, and boy have they!

I hope to blog today some, but if not I will this weekend.

TOnight is Harry Potter 7 - so excited to go, despite chipmunk cheeks, high doses of medication and an inability to eat popcorn... LOL

Thanks for your patience with my lack of posts and I promise to bring lot's of great Hunger Games, Comic-Con, Breaking Dawn, True Blood, Big Brother and other reality tv show goodness very soon!

Check Back often and comment if you wish :)


Dakota Fanning's new look for 'Now is Good'

Apparently this is just a wig, what do you think? She can rock any look!

Dakota Fanning has dramatically changed her look for the movie "Now Is Good." The actress appeared with very short hair on the set next to the actor Jeremy Irvine. "Now is Good”, tells the story of a teenager who suffers from leukemia and decides to create a list of things to do before dying. The first is trying to lose her virginity.


Bryce Dallas Howard Interview for 'The Help'

I bought this book and can't wait to read it, before I see the movie. I am a huge Emma Stone fan also, so can't wait for this movie!

SYTYCD Canada Top 22 to 20

I apoligize for posting this late, I had my wisdom teeth out Tuesday morning so I have been delayed in posting.

Meet the TOP 22 Dancers here

Moses suffered an injury and was replaced by Quebec’s Adam Asselin-Rioux, who almost made Top 22 originally.

Monday Night's routines were as follows:

Salsa: Lindsay and Christian
(choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin)
"Salsa Dura" - La Excelencia

Contemporary: Jordan and Joey
(choreographed by Stacey Tookey)
"You lost me" - Christina Aguilera

Hip-hop: Denitsa and JP
(choreographed by Tucker Barkley)
"Super Bass" - Nicki Minaj

Contemporary: Shelaina and Matt
(choreographed by Sabrina Matthews)
"for the people" - Mark Huculak

Theatre: Yuliya and Adam L.
(choreographed by Melissa Williams)
"Oh Boy" - Buddy Holly

Rumba: Cassandra and François
(choreographed by Eric Caty and Kelly Lannan)
"Alone Again" - Alyssa Reid (feat P. Reign)

Hip-hop: Carlena and Boneless
(choreographed by Steve Bolton)
"Somebody to Love" - Justin Bieber

Contemporary: Teya and Kevin
(choreographed by Stacey Tookey)

Cha Cha: Lauren and Rodrigo
(choreographed by Gustavo Vargas)
"El Sol De La Noche" - Salsa Celtica

New Disco: Geisha and Adam A.
(choreographed by Melissa Williams)
"Edge of GLory" - Lady Gaga

Afro Jazz: Melissa and Shane
(choreographed by Sean Cheesman)
"Umoya We Nkosi" - Soweto Gospel Choir

*I apologize if some music is under wrong couple, let me know in the comments and I can switch up - the wisdom teeth surgery had me loopy*

Tuesday was Reults Night...

The Top 22 Group routine was choreographed by Luther Brown.
Hip-hop Routine: On the Floor (feat. Pitbull) ~ Jennifer Lopez

So You Think You Can Dance Canada's results show is only 30 minutes, so we really get down to it quicker than the USA version.

CTV writes:

Each of the bottom six dancers had 30 seconds to dance for their lives. First up was Cassandra performing a jazz routine, followed by Lauren’s salsa number and finally, Geisha’s lyrical contemporary performance.

The guys took to the stage next. François kicked it off (literally!) with a high energy jive, followed by Rodrigo’s hip-hop routine that had the audience shrieking with excitement. Last up, Adam A. combined contemporary moves with b-boying tricks.

At that point, Adam and Cassandra were sent home, leaving only the Top 20 for next week. Talk about short-lived for Adam A?! Ah well...

Get to know the SYTYCD Canada Dancers better here

Adam A and Cassandra were sent home Tuesday night.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twilight Fans Guide to this year's Comic-Con

I have a cheap flight ready to book, a hotel room to share, but due to epic failures in ticket purchasing, it looksl ike I will NOT be at this year's comic-con (again) boo hiss!

I am crossing my fingers something comes together, but it would be very last minute if it does - so we shall see...

In the meantime, those of you lucky enough to be confirmed to be going here are some tips...

Amanda Bell, Twilight Examiner, has broken down everything Twilight related at Comic-Con for you.

Thursday, July 21st:
11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 panel - No word yet on exactly which Breaking Dawn castmates will be on-hand to deliver this "exclusive footage," but, based on a glance at the history of Twilight and Comic-Con, one might expect that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and the director, Bill Condon, will be present along with a few other choice castmembers (perhaps Part 1's newcomers, the "Denali Coven" castmates? Maybe Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart, since their characters become more prominent in this leg of the Saga?). One thing is for certain, it'll be a treat for fans who make it into Hall H.

Read More here for the rest of Thursday, Friday and Saturday

More Kristen Stewart training on horseback for SWATH

See more here