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So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Auditions

The first two episodes aired, both 2 hours each, and included auditions from Toronto, Vancouver and Saint John.

You can see all the music, dancers, and my personal opinions and rants by checking out Pure SYTYCD Canada A fantastic blog where I recently started blogging regularily :)

Please check it out and feel free to comment and get involved :)

Bobby Long Cancelled - Now What?

I got news that Bobby Long was cancelled via BBM and I thought it was a joke... sadly, it was not.

I was already out with three other Twi-Fans (2 from St Louis) and we were quite devestated. While I called a few venues to set something up for all the Twi-Ladies who were likely as disappointed as we were, it was a Tuesday Night and not much is "happening" usually.

There was already a small group of ladies going to Glowbal for dinner, so I made another reservation and we piled a bunch of lovely ladies into the resturant and enjoyed a nice meal (minus the bubbly, over priced, water that never stopped coming) and great stories.

It was fantastic to meet so many twitter-friends and connect faces and names to tweets.

We enjoyed an amazing meal and drinks and then headed next door to Yale Town Brewery for some more bevvies.

That was when things started to go a bit strange... instead of having a good time and enjoying each others company the ladies started to get eager to meet stars.

After a few tips came in via text to several different ladies (many of the "tips" contradicting each other by the way - so obviously some bad so-called "sources") small groups of women would bolt out or disappear or sneak away.... I prefered to enjoy my beverage and company... well, who was left ;)

I began to feel really stressed out as the remaining ladies seemed to turn to me for answers on where everyone went, who they were going to see and most of all, how can they meet the cast...

I did NOT intend for the get together to lead to this, although i should have predicted it.... we are all huge fans and eager to see and meet the cast while they are in town.

I felt bad because one girl had already told me she made something up to deter others and soon after the stories she was telling me were blatant lies (which she was caught telling) and it became very catty between a few girls.

That was when I quit.

I quit the texts. I quit the effort. I quit caring.

I can not be the ambassador of twilight cast meets.

I met them all.

I saw all the sets.

but that was NEW MOON.

and this is ECLIPSE.

The whole world saw how fans easily met and photographed the stars last time and now the whole world is coming here and as I told the ladies last night, if all 20 of us went up to one of the cast, they would surely turn and run the other way (hell, I would if I saw a pack of cougars (pun intended.. I am nearing 30 and commenting on how hot the wolf-pup is, if that isn't cougar what is?) on the prowl heading full-speed towards me!!!)

Anyways, besides the end of the night, it was very enjoyable.

Dinner, Drinks, Convo....

But i learned a very valuable lesson...

I am not the tour guide of twilight cast... I am very excited to meet people coming to town but I am not going to spend my time giving you my tips and hints and leading the pack ....

Please do not ask.

If and when I decide to go downtown with the expectation or hope of meeting cast, I will do it solo or with a friend.... this was fun for me last time and last night it was not fun.... I saw a whole side-of crazy I had never experienced before and the stress was not needed....

That being said - I will blog encounters I have and others have after the fact if I want to - but not always....

Last Night Taylor and his dad and body guard enjoyed dinner together at a popular downtown resturant and when asked for photographs, Taylor kindly obliged and was very friendly.

One group of girls who are staying at the same hotel as Peter had the chance to meet him and get photographs and shared them with us at the Brewery. They also saw Elizabeth Reaser on two occasions in the lobby. They also met Xavier and had a funny story about an autographer who handed Xavier a photo of Charlie Bewely to sign... what a dumb ass eh? Congrats girls, I am glad you had such a great experience while you were in town :)

That's it for now....

Photos are up on my facebook:
Mandy S Mind

Thanks to Vivalamelika for sharing stories and to all my twi-besties for understanding and love

EW Photo Shoot Video Clip

Twilight Saga New Moon - New Trailor - AMAZING without Bandslam!

The video was posted - then quickly taken down (Summit's banking their otherwise failure of a movie Bandslam, will rake in the dough simply because of the New Moon trailor... of course, they are right...)

MTV said:
You know how, in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," the Eiffel Tower kinda sorta gets destroyed? An act which results in the fantastic quote "the French are pretty upset." This, my friends, is revenge. We trash their treasured monument in a summer blockbuster, they leak the trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Am I reach here for the sake of fostering controversy? Maybe. Is it still funny? Absolutely

I did see it, it *IS* amazing.. if you saw it - tell me - what did you think?

More Jacob which is yummy.... I can NOT wait until November!!!

Twilight & Twitter - THE REAL DEAL!

Whose real? Who is not?

Peter Facinelli recently tweeted a lot of clrification tweets because there are still fakers out there - and worse, believers!!!

Twilight Lexicon Has accurate list of all the REAL Twitter Accounts

Don't trust the fakers!

Twilight Saga Eclipse - NEW CAST - Catalina Sandino Moreno

Catalina Sandino Moreno will play Maria, the vampire who turns Jasper.

“The Colombian-born Sandino Moreno most notably starred in “Grace,” in which she played a pregnant teacher who becomes a drug mule, as well as Steven Soderbergh’s epic “Che” and the upcoming indie drama “Frail,” in which she plays the title character, who’s described as a naive Midwestern girl.”

Read More Here

Twilight Saga Eclipse - NEW CAST - Jack Huston

Heard this news while I was eating Kobe Meatballs with some Twi-Fans last night at Glowbal. I am trying to catch up on blogs.... so enjoy!

Huston will play Royce King II, a human that lived during the Great Depression and was engaged to marry Rosalie when she was human.

He reminds me of a Johnny Depp... I can't wait to see him cleaned up and in character. Very Sexy, but as we know from the book, playing a not-so-kind character....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bobby Long Vancouver Cancelled

Tuesday, August 11, 2009  im so so sorry vancouver cancelled. hello,was so looking forward to tonight's show but was denied access into the country due to visa problems. i really feel let down and i feel like i have let you down too. the show was sold out. As for the ticket situation were going to re-book and as soon as we know the details ill let you no. your tickets will be valid for that date. all have a safe journey home from the gig.i really dont no what to say except sorry.thanks for all your bobby x

(Via Bobby Long Musics myspace)

Robert Pattinson preparing for Eclipse in Vancouver

Robert was spotted heading to set for wardrobe/hair type pre-production fun....

Socialite Life Has More

Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz arrive in Vancouver

Looking sexy as ever and back in my city - yes it's Mandy-couver dontchya know ;)

And of course, both gentlemen took a few minutes of their precious time to meet a few fans and sign autographs before heading off on their way.

Celebrity Gossip

Sneak Peak at Trailor for New Moon

Is it weird that I have watched the PREVIEW to the PREVIEW (trailor) multiple times.....

ya - totally normal, that's what I thought ;)

Teen Choice Awards Controversy

I don't get what the controversy was over Miley Cyrus pole dancing - it really wasn't much...

Miley saying Britney Spears was her idol was a bit much... tends to predict which path the good lil girl will take eh? Just what the world needs another lil innocent school girl gone crazy-psycho-slut.... and all start off being "Disney" kids... interesting!

Now, True Blood being nominated for a TEEN CHOICE AWARD... THAT was more shocking to me than Miley's booty shake on a pole in her short shorts!

Why the HELL are teens watching True Blood?

It's full nudity, sex, gore, blood, bow chick wow wow!!! I mean these photos are TAME by comparison to what we see on True Blood...

I am almost 30 and I love it... but what teen should really be spending their Sunday Nights watching it?

Go do your homework kids!


Monday, August 10, 2009

The Vampires are coming... back... again... yay!

The Twilight Saga Eclipse stars are back in Vancouver.

I didn't go to the airport, despite many tweets asking "WHY NOT?"

I find that I was most successful meeting the Twilight Cast during New Moon by not acting crazy or trying overly hard.

I did my research, I observed, I put myself in the situations that would put me at a possibility of meeting them - and I did - - - meet them that is.

I know a few girls who are here from out of town and hav enoticed the ones who want it so badly they spend all their time and money doing things like staying at the same hotel or waiting at the airport, usually get disappointed. Others who go about enjoying Vancouver, much like the Twilight cast tries to do when they are here, end up bumping into the cast here, there, everywhere....

So - long story longer... NO I HAVE NO GONE OUT "HUNTING" FOR VAMPIRES....

*end rant*

ET Video Clip after TCAs with Twi-Cast

I love that they make fun of RPattz... I also think Kstew does a pretty good job being interviewed... have they been increasing "interview training" classes in preparation for New Moon? (to avoid humiliation / akwardness that too often is our dear Kristen)
Whatever it is - I really really enjoyed wathcing this clip:

Twilight Casts Teen Choice Awards Fashion Guide

Radar Online compiled a list of who wore what at the Teen Choice Awards last night.

The Ladies

Rock & Republic v-neck "Roma" dress with an edgy spiked skirt atop a white tank. Watch out Rihanna and Ciara, there is a new rocker fashionista on the scene! Stewart's fierce dress will be available in September exclusively at the new Rock & Republic boutique on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

Ashley Greene went cute 'n' sassy for the affair in a Dolce & Gabbana floral print skirt, amping up the sexy factor with a bustier top. The Twilight fashion plate mix-matched her colors with a metallic purple clutch and pink ankle strap heels for a full-on color-me-sexy getup!

Nikki Reed stepped out in Miu Miu from head to toe in a puff-shouldered plunging beige Aztec-print mini poof dress, a studded clutch, and suede cut-out sandals by the design house.


Taylor Lautner wore a fitted grey Spurr vest atop a shirt and tie. The Twilight hunk trendified his look pairing his swanky style with ultra-hip J Brand Denim Co. "Kane" slim straight leg jeans in colt.

Robert Pattinson took to the red carpet in a red plaid shirt, grey suit jacket, charcoal jeans, and his favorite Nike Kicks. With his classic good looks, trademark highlighted locks and signature shades -- if it goes on RPattz shoulders, its in style!

Kellan Lutz looked like he was off to prep school in a collared shirt and sweater. While other men fancified their looks with vests and jackets, Lutz kept to simple style, and it didn't fail him.

Justin Chon showed off his unique style sporting an over-sized white T-shirt with a summer scarf, Nudie jeans, a collection of his favorite jewelry, Tom Ford glasses, and Kenneth Cole boots pulling off a chic yet distinguished look. The young star also tells us he was wearing Hugo Boss underwear!

So You Think You Can Dance Eh? New Posts

I have been posting up a storm at PURE SYTYCD Canada

Go check it out if you can and leave me some sweet love over there so I can keep this blog Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse based and my SYTYCD blogs over there :)


Ashley Greene's Legal Action - Nude Photos

Ashley looked stunning last night, little did she know by today her whole world would have changed.

Perez Hilton posted nude photos of Ashley this morning and now the whole internet world is a buzz with the news of leaked nude photos of Ashley... and by nude I don't just mean topless folks....

I am pretty shocked that ASHLEY of all cast memebers would have these floating around - but you have to know nudie photos ALWAYS get out - though I doubt when she did them she had any inclination of knowing that she'd be in a super-mega-hit-granchise like Twilight...

I don't know when said photos were taken - I only assume before Twilight - if they were after/during then I think she's kind of an idiot... sorry - I do love her - but C'Mon... that stuff ALWAYS gets out...

Ashley is planning legal action:
"The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed," said Green's lawyer in a statement. "Our client intends to take legal action."

The scandal comes less than a week after another round of naked pictures surfaced of Vanessa Hudgens. The "High School Musical" star previously copped to a nude photo scandal in September 2007, calling the matter "unfortunate."

What is UP? I mean, you want to be an actress, you have nude pics, you become an actress, you get famous, do you forget about those lil photos floating around somewhere? you think they will stay vaulted?

I won't post Ashley's Pics..... I did see them (i know - bad mandy - but who can resist some hottie movie stars bewbies?) - they are out there.... but I will say that perhaps this fiasco will be beneficial... (always the optimist - that's me)

1 - more (as if they need it) attention to the Twilight Saga
2 - she is smoking hot and now my husband may be less reluctant to watch the movies with me ;)

Poor Ashley - probably having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day


So many great shots to choose from.

Fresh Faces Award Winners Ashley & Taylor

And Megan Fox with Robert Pattinson.... oy after all she said about him - how can he touch her? oh-wait... cuz she's HAWT!?

And some more shots here and there

Justin Chon at TCAs

Yes Justin was there too - I saw him in the group shots but no solo ones till today :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taylor & Kristen = Tristen? or Kraylor?

Since Robsten is based solely on the photos of Kstew & RPattz looking close... why the heck isn't anyone jumping on the Tristen/Kryalor Love Train?

I mean they are closer in age, spent ALLLLLLLLLL that time together filming New Moon.... C'Mon Folk....

I would love to see my lil wolf-pup get some action..... though his and Selena's babies would have been cuter.... ;)

Reason to Watch Teen Choice Awards... *SPOILERS*

They filmed this evening..... Twilight won almost all of the awards they were nominated for... and ....

Apparently Robert tells jokes... or makes a complete fool of himself... which would you bet? LOL

Taylor tends to be better spoken....

And Catherine... well...

*Spoilers* Teen Choice Fresh Faces Award goes to....

Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner won the Teen Choice Award for Fresh Faces

Ashley Greene at TCAs

Ashley also arrived to TCAs and looked stunning as always

Miley *finally* gets it - Rob's Hot!

Welcome to the real world chick!

I retract previous statement... TAYLOR WINS FOR BEST DRESSED TWI-MAN

Holy Hot!!!! Taylor looks smoking hot in his vest and tie dressed down with sexy jeans... RAWR! My wolf-pup is looking hot hot hot!

Best Dressed Twilight Dude - Kellan at TCAs

The guy is just hot... smooth, well-dressed, and yummy!

Not that all three aren't extremely sexily do-able.... Kellan just wins best dressed of these three in my "expert" opinion ;)


See all sorts of Twilight Cast Pix at TCAs via Twilighters Anonymous

Kristen at TCAs

Wow Kristen cleaned up nicely even with her mullet....

I am not even kidding when I say she looks cute... I like that she has a different kind of style... but I don't like when she appears to be unshowered or high....

This look is perfect in between for me :)

Red Carpet TCA Pics Coming in rapidly...

I love these boys but please someone buy Rob some new shoes... no wait, those are new, just the exact same style LOL

and Jackson looks hot in shades but those look like the ones that tint themselves in the sunlight... eek!

Honestly, Kellan is cleaned up the nicest in this shot... sorry just my honest opinion... he wins for best dressed of the three....

but really, who cares how they look now... I'd not kick any of them out of bed...

Nikki looks nice I love how beautiful this girl is!

I will post more as they come :)

Rob does Red Carpet at TCA's

I think he looks nice.. not too flashy... still representing the plaid... but a tad less "slummin' it" with the blazer... his hair looks clean too - right on ;)

He looks a bit... tired or liquored.... but as always sexy!