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David Slade Tweets about Paparazzi

Summaraized on Twilight Lexicon:

It sounds like Kristen and Taylor had to concentrate knowing they were being filmed by the paparazzi:

According to David Slade’s tweets:

“Yes we were shooting Bella and Jacob’s kiss on the mountain, its really a grueling emotional thing to have to shoot over and over.”

“We had paparazzi on the ridge about 1/2mile away, their pictures will look bizarre they would have had to use 1000mm+ lenses.”

“Really really long paparazzi lenses make everything look terrible, one snuck close to set and was kicked off, another was arrested last week.”

“I don’t mind these pap pics, its just annoying when it stops us from shooting, or the images are completely unrepresentative of our shots.”


“Today preparation, and the day off, tomorrow editing.”

I guess what he is saying is that when paprazzi are so far away zooming in so close to a shoot they may not get the angle, the story or the image that represents what is being filmed... I am guuilty of wanting to see pics of the cast in constume etc. but I def. don't want anything that interupts the shooting - which is why as a fan I obey the rules and regulations set up by the production assistants when I go to sets.

Here is a photo David Slade tweeted:

Twilight Lexicon posted: Poor David is having a bit of a rough time. Recent filming at Jacob’s house caused him to have an allergy attack because the place is a working goat farm. Now is bringing us the mountain scenes David tweeted, “6am mountain. A black bear strayed close to us. We shoot solid through, sunburnt and tired we return at sunset.”

Rachelle & Anna in Toronto

New Moon-ers Rachelle LeFevre (aka Victoria) and Anna Kendrick (aka Jessica) attended the The Men Who Stare at Goats premiere party during the Toronto Film festival on Friday night.

See More here

Bite Club - Vampires take Over the World

I saw down tonight to watch Vampire Diaries and my husband said to me "I am sick of vampires"


wait - NOW!?!?!

After months of set-stalking, being out at all hours, obsessing, photographing, blogging, discussing, analyzing, planning, waiting, watching, predicting....

NOW he is sick of vampires... LOL

I can't complain it has been about 6 months since I started getting caught up in the sets and seeing vampires take a major role in my life...

Not that they didn't back in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel days.... or Lost Boys for that matter...

When i introduced him to True Blood Recently he questioned my vampire obsession but didn't seem to object... he even watched some True Blood with me... but a CW show about Vampires was too much.... ha ha ha!

And so - I watched it alone....

Then I popped online and say TwiFans had a post about my vampire families....

As if it wasn't already impossible to avoid the living dead in pop culture these days, along comes The CW's new "The Vampire Diaries" to -- ahem -- drain more blood from the genre. And although the young-adult novels that inspired the seres were published way back in 1991 -- years before Sookie Stackhouse or Bella and Edward were created -- we can't help but compare the show to the popular "True Blood" and "Twilight." Here's how all three stack up against each other.

The Ingénue

"True Blood": Sookie's a waitress with psychic abilities and an open mind.

"Twilight": Bella's a moody high school student who wants to stay young forever.

"Vampire Diaries": Elena's a gorgeous teen with a tough past.

WINNER: Sookie. While she can make moronic life choices, she's strong-minded, can defend herself in perilous situations and is generally pretty darn adorable.

Vampire Boyfriend

"True Blood": Bill is a Civil War vet and Sookie's neighbor.

Edward is a dreamy high school student with a big family.

"Vampire Diaries": Stefan is a renaissance man from classic Italy.

WINNER: Edward. He's more appealing than Stefan and carries less baggage than Bill.

Shape Shifter Guys

"True Blood": Sam's a sweet bar owner who can turn into any animal.

Jacob's a werewolf who is totally in love with Bella.

"Vampire Diaries": Stefan's brother Damon is not only a vamp, but can also turn himself into a scary crow.

WINNER: Jacob. This good-hearted Native American boy only turns himself into a vicious killer to protect his loved ones.

The Romance

"True Blood":
Sookie loves Bill, but it's slightly a strange love given that his blood saved her life and may have put her under his thrall somehow.

Bella and Edward are complete and utter soul mates, determined to be together for all eternity.

"Vampire Diaries":
Elena is torn between two brothers that she's attracted to.

"Vampire Diaries." Elena's is the classic love story, and what girl wouldn't want two hot siblings vying for her love?

The Vampire Rules

"True Blood": The bloodsuckers on this show abide by most of the common vampire rules: They can't go out in the sun without turning into a fritter, can be killed by stakes or by being beheaded, need to drink blood (though synthetic is acceptable), have super speed and can fly (at least some can).

"Twilight": While you could kill one of these vamps with a stake, the sun is not their enemy in the traditional sense of the word. They don't get burnt to a crisp; instead, they get all sparkly in the sunlight.

"Vampire Diaries": These vamps can go out in the sun, but only when wearing a special piece of jewelry that keeps them safe. They like to drink blood and try to keep their identities a secret.

"True Blood." We prefer our undead to be creatures of the night. Call us old fashioned.

By the Book?

"True Blood": It hits some of the major plot points and character traits, but has gone its own way and invented new characters, kept some alive and embellished a lot of details.

"Twilight": It's extremely loyal to the books -- painstakingly so, as the fans quibble over any slight alteration or omission.

"Vampire Diaries": Based on the first episode, it's very loyal to the book, but the producers are going to have to do a lot to stretch this into a weekly series.

WINNER: "True Blood." We like the fact that the show is willing to take chances with the source material that usually pay off.

I saw this over at TwiFans where they said:
Tell me what you think? Im not really a bug fan of "True Blood"...... seems a little trashy to me. I saw the first episode of "Vampire Diaries" and I actually liked it..... What is your opinion?

My Opinion (as if you had to ask!)

True Blood is AWESOME - I love it.... Twilight I will always love, but I am thankful True Blood has the smut Twilight lacks.... Vampire Diaraies I watched and I felt like i was watching a copy-cat of Edward and Bella from his look to her stuttering.... still, it intrigued me enough to set a series record on my PVR ;)

My picks

The Ingénue - Sookie & Bella annoy the HECK out of me... and I don't know Elena well enough.... so I vote NONE!

Vampire Boyfriend - Edward... I totally agree!!!!

Shape Shifter Guys - Jacob... I agree... hands down

The Romance - Well I don't know enough about Vampire Diaries, but it sounds great, girl torn between 2 brothers... still... Edward and Bella have that eternal love... so I pick them

The Vampire Rules - I think True Blood sticks MOST to the traditional Vampire rules... so once again I agree.

By the Book? - Totally disagree, True Blood is SO different and NOT in a good way... this second season has some boring plot lines that are barely in the book and should not have been lasting a whole season on the show.... Twilight is the winner, it may be "painstakingly" by the book - and the fans may whine over every altered detail - but the books are so great - we just want the best movie

New Moon Trailor is AMAZING **

I LOVE LOVE the New NEW MOON Trailor - it is like the whole movie in a nutshell and I can't stpo watching it!!!!

I am excited I got to see it without even going to see Sorority Row even though I am sure it will be the one released at VMAs Sunday .... maybe because of the leak they will give us another new one tee hee ;)

I am not posting it or linking it because Summit is all of that shiz.... but if you are clever and creative you will find it "hidden" all over youtube - just not always obviously labelled as NEW NEW MOON TRAILOR ha ha ha

Here are some screep caps I found over at Twi Crack Addict

Read all the deets here

Everything about it makes me gasp with excitement.... werewolves, volturi, taylor, edward as an illusion, the sets I went to, the plot, the emotion, the action, the lines, the wardrove, i could go on and on and on and on and on and on....


69... no 68 days till NEW MOON!!!

100 Monkeys Show in Vancouver

100 Monkeys Tweeted they only had 100 tickets left. It has 500 seats and 1000 person capacity - so my guess is they sold 400 tickets so far... this frightens me more than the bad part of town it is located in.... yes It is in a very sketchy part of town - which out of towners may not know and may be frightened to walk through....

The Rickshaw is a an old Chinese theatre that was recently converted into a LIVE music venue.

I will be there - I will be tweeting about it and of course Giving you all a full report complete with photos, stories and video :)

Last Time I went to a 100 Monkeys Show in Vancouver it was AMAZING! I had (then) said about the cast:

Most laid back cast ever - they just let loose and had fun with their friends... tres cool!

Sadly, that doesn't seem to happen much anymore - gone are the days of dancing in a crowd with Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and Taylor Lautner and friends.... boo! hiss!

I am so excited to see Jackson play... I love that they all switch instruments and have so much fun with the crowd... fun times!

I am sure to see many locals and out-of-town guests.... Come say Hi to me - I promise to be friendly ;)

If you didn't hear 100 Monkeys on CBC Radio Check it out here

Friday, September 11, 2009

Directors of Twilight Saga

I always have something to say - and when it comes to the Twilight Saga Directors I have very strong opinions.... and you are welcome (of course) to agree or disagree but here are my thoughts....

Twilight - not as large of a budget, threw Catherine Hardwicke in there, she put together a film that would do better than anyone anticipated.... but in the long run - when we buy the box set of all movies at the end - we will all watch and go WTF?!

She was known to be chaotic, ditzy, spontaneous and we have all seen her on tv and red carpet and know she is a tad nuts..... just watch the dvd with commentary on and you can hear how insane filming must've been (ie-weather changed, let's build Bella's room here on the beach... go!)

New Moon - The first trailor was better quality than all of Twilight.... Chris Weitz is known for his CGi and Tranformations, which fit perfectly for the introduction of the wolves.

He is known to be very maticulous, organized, well-thought out and planned. From every interview, photos, tid bit I have read, seen, heard.... I think he is fabulous and will do a fantastic job of New Moon.

I remember in an interview with Chris Weitz during early stages of post-production he talked candidly about what to expect with New Moon.

Eclipse - Filming now, I have noticed how efficient David Slade is. He is often in and out in one day (with the exception of the one secret set on private property and unreachable by "common-folk" and of course studio/sound stage sets)

When he was first announced fans went a bit crazy (much like they do anytime anything major happens with their precious Twilight - and I am not judging, I am right along with them in that category LOL) He promptly apologized for his comments about Twilight and was in fact very kind to us at Blue Water Cafe in May.

He is known for scariery, darker films which I think will fit in nicely with Eclipse and the battles and the back story of Jasper particularily. Even his music video was kind of dark

I can't wait to hear who they choose to direct Breaking Dawn (or both parts of Breaking Dawn, should they go that route) I have a scandalous mind and guessed that Ron Howard would be asked - and that ties into why Bryce Dallas Howard is doing Victoria.... politics.... and just a random guess/thought with NO FACT BASE.... (don't want to start false rumours)

Who would you like to see direct Breaking Dawn?

Anyways - this all came out of a new interview with Chris Weitz posted on Twilight Lexicon for Fan Site Friday today.

Here is only bit but be sure to go read (and listen) to the interview in it's entirity:
Q:What has been your biggest challenge?

Chris It’s a challenge to make a movie anyway, especially one that’s coming out in November. Probably the biggest challenge will be getting it out on time and making sure that every little detail at least in my mind is right. I’m rather obsessive and I tend to be a worry-wart about things. You know going into it that there’s going to be a lot of interest, that people are going to see it. For me that’s not enough, like I really want to deliver on everything that I’ve promised. So that’s the really tough thing, making sure that you don’t just go do your job and go home. Every second is an opportunity either exploited or wasted to get something right basically.

Read it all here

Edward's Volvo Mystery.....

Oh the controversy over a car.

A recent set showed photos of Edward's volvo - which appeared to be dark, not silver.... twihard riots began (much like Kstew's Eclipse wig, or Rachelle's replacement, and even rumoured Taylor's recasting for new moon) luckily answers were found so now we can all sleep well knowing it will all be ok.....

Twilight Lexicon got to the bottom of the curious "volvo" question....

Lexicon staff:
“There are pictures of Robert Pattinson standing in front of a Black Volvo. Is that Edward’s car or is it a background vehicle? If it is Edward’s car, will it be recolored in post production? For most fans, making Edward’s Volvo anything but silver is kind of like deciding that the Batmobile is purple ”

Summit Answer:
“Edward is driving the exact same car he drove in NEW MOON.”
EDITED: 17 emails later…this is the car(the S60R described by Stephenie is no longer made, that’s why the car in Twilight was differnt too) and the color chart would have the color at either “Black Sapphire Metallic” or “Saville Grey Metallic” both of which seem to read “black”on screen. As we just said on Twitter we now feel like we’ve been run over by the Volvo…it seemed like such a simple question at the time…*headddesk*!

Electric Silver Metallic may have beena better choice - but hey - I can look past the colour of the car and right into Edwards eyes ;) tee hee

New Moon Fan Poster - Perfect!

Again, I don't typically post fan art - simply because I could do a whole blog on JUST that.... but I saw this over at TwiFans and thought it was simply PERFECT!!!

Kellan in NYC

See More Here

One of my Fave Twilight Saga Eclipse Parts filmed today :)

One of my most anticipated scenes from Eclipse was filmed today :)

Chapter 22 Fire & Ice from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga Eclipse.


If you aren't familiar with this scene (then you haven't read the friggin' book?!?!) Check out Twilight Lexicon's Summary here

I was at work allllll day so I couldn't go but I had a friend "on top" at the set and "down below" by the circus :)

Rob, Kristen, Taylor were on set.

Is Boo Boo in town? He may have been up there if he is... (Seth)

The tent was "pitched" tee hee ;) (perhaps in more ways than one ;) ooh i am bad)

They didn't stop (to my knowledge they weren't even seen) for the very few fans that were present.

I really would like to have my own personal "space heater" in the winter.... though a cold vamp in the summer would keep me nice and cool - - Oh Bella how I loathe thee ;)

More deets later.... I have been sitting on this for too long


fan-girling - sorry!

Ashley Greene as Correspondent at the VMA's Sunday September 13, 2009

Just Jared has deets from Ashley Greene's interview with Teen Vogue on her upcoming gig Sunday at the VMA's as a correspondent.

On what she’ll be wearing on Sunday night: “No [I don't know]. I’m about to fly into New York to meet my stylist — she’s worked with me for awhile and knows what I like. I’m a huge fan of Dolce & Gabbana: Their stuff fits me really well, and I just love the bodice and the silhouettes of their dresses. I wore Dolce to the Teen Choice and MTV Movie Awards this year, but I think Sunday’s outfit is going to be a little bit edgier. I feel like at the VMAs, you can go all out.”

On who she’s excited to see on the red carpet: “Lady Gaga and Katy Perry always have these crazy, insane outfits, so I’m excited to see them. Taylor Swift, who actually did this last year, has a really sweet and classic style so I’m looking forward to see what she wears. As last year’s correspondent, Taylor changed twice, and I just loved both of her outfits. Oh, and Beyonce!”

On the two Taylors: “Taylor Swift–she’s so sweet–actually offered to call and give me a run-though of her experience last year. I think that will calm me down a bit! Taylor Lautner, out of all the guys, always looks pretty sharp on the carpet. Yeah, I think [he's the best dressed].”

I can't wait for the VMAs I plan to watch them live and tape them to rewatch if needed - and also tape True Blood to watch after VMAs since they air at the SAME TIME grrr....

FYI - Ashley IS *NOT* the reason I am most excited, though it is exciting, tee hee ;)

Another New - New Moon Trailor (Shown before Sorority Row)

I would imagine this is the same one they will show at the VMA's but *imagine* it is different... we have the trailor - then Comic-Con clips which were part of the New-New Moon trailor (Jacob's Point of View) and now this.... which may or may not be the same as the VMAs New Moon trailor... I've already said we have the whole film laid out for us via trailors before November (that and having been to most sets - i feel I pretty much have it all in my head....) then we will have the full guide out in September I think and the soundtrack in October.... really - will ther ebe ANYTHING about New Moon November 20 to shock me?

Not that I care - I still plan to go see it three times opening day...

My plan is midnight release and oohing and awwing the whole time "I was there" "so that is what they were doing" and "omg omg omg"

the next time I shall try to focus more but anticipate difficulty... and a few more oohs and awws on things I missed the first round

finally, the third time I shall take it all in - then go home to sleep and probably go another few times that week ;) tee hee

OK on to the new - new - NEW MOON trailor deets.... (I am guessing youtube will have it up after someone brings in a shaky cam to Sorority Row this weekend....)



Here’s what MERESQUARED and I saw tonight. As a Summit film, I expected to see the Jacob New Moon trailer, but there was sooo much more. It basically gave away the entire plot of the film! I was astounded at how much footage is in it. We literally gasped at some of the shots, and someone a few rows back from us was squealing. All the footage was GORGEOUS! It made me so excited for the film, but I am wary that they’ve released too much in the trailer. I’m assuming it will play before Sorority Row when it opens this weekend, or it’s the trailer that is being unveiled at the VMAs.

- Volturi lair – Aro, Caius, Marcus
- Felix fighting Edward
- Edward being thrown about the lair two or three times.
- Bella begging them to not hurt him
- Edward leaving Bella in the woods (more dialogue than we’ve already heard)
- Bella in the woods
- Bella in despair in her room
- Bella confronting the pack, Paul morphing in to a wolf in front of Bella
- Bella and Jacob with Jacob’s “I would never hurt you” line
- Bella on the bike seeing Edward and falling over.
- Edward vision in the school parking lot with voiceover from Bella saying it’s the only way she can see him
- Bella and Jessica walking with Jessica saying “so you’re an adrenaline junkie now”
- Bella on the cliff diving into the water. Bella in the water seeing Edward
- Jacob rescuing her and asking why she did that
- Alice appearing and telling Bella that Edward is going to kill himself
- Jacob trying to stop Bella from leaving to stop Edward
- Shot of the Porsche in the countryside, and Bella and Alice in the car
- Volterra and the parade
- Shirtless Edward
- Bella running to stop him in the fountain
- Jane saying something like ‘this may hurt a little’

[Via Mr Pattinson . com]



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's Live Set Report - Jacob's Garage

Today was a good day.

I love Jacob's House.

It was the first Twilight Set I ever saw (during New Moon).

It is close to my home. (Please don't stalk me).

It looks EXACTLY how I pictured it when I read the books.

I know the girl who used to live there.

It just stands out as my favourite set.

So, a few days ago I noticed "movement" at the house and barn (used as garage) and anticipated filming soon.

I knew today was live filming and was glad to be "stuck at work" (working in the sun all day - yes, it was tough, I got sunburned ha ha) and not waiting for hours on end outside the set which was barricaded off so far away from his house that you could see literally nothing.... (been ther e- done that - New Moon Sets)

I did go by with a few friends right when they wrapped about 5:30pm

Sadly I *just* missed Taylor and Kristen leaving set to go to the circus (hair/wardrobe area).

Shortly after, however, we did see Kristen and then Taylor's vehicle leave for the day.

It was funny because there was a giant black bear in the middle of the road and so I (instead of freaking out) tried to snap a photo.... and behind the bear was Kristen's vehicle barrelling along... luckily it scared the bear away (which was good because the bear looked kinda huge and possibly hungry and was walking towards the small gathering of fans beside me - some of which had small children)

It's not every day you can claim "Kristen Stewart saved my life" (Slight Major Exageration... but it's funny!)

Anyways - Here are some photos from the set after they wrapped this evening:

There were a few rumours that Rob was on set and snuck out the back - this is not true - I am almost positive!

I am careful to ever state 100% anything unless I know there is absolutely no chance... but I am about 98% certain he was not there because a very reliable person told me he was somewhere else (which I can't say anything about right now and I am sooo sorry to even bring it up when I can't say - - but... I just wanted to clear it up that Rpattz was NOT on set - - why would he be at Jakes anyways?)

Moving on....

here are some photos from the other day during set up:

I didn't see a whole lot today - I know others got some pics and video of Kstew and Taylor (who left in their own vehicles not together fyi)

**rant time**

Rumour is a certain person has a certain photo of a certain cast member - which they stupidly [tho not shockingly] posted all over twitter.... THEN tried to get certain companies to pick them up for their websites... LOL.... hilarious attempts at fame.... Twilight Internet Fame... *eye roll* I have learned a thing or two about that in the past 6 months...

I have to tell you internet fame is NOT all it's cracked up to be.... I kinda wanna go undercover - LOL

I am obviously kidding, but I never wanted to be the go-to-girl for everything twilight - i joke with my closest friends about being the new 411....

in all honesty though I have learned ALOT in the past 6 months about how to go about everything and keep the most people happy... (you can never please eveeryone!) which is why I have stopped telling live set locations, I hold on to phtoos until a set is wrapped and also why I keep certain things private... I don't want to be the one ruining it for everyone.... I am content with this method and people still enjoy reading my blog - so that is great news :)


**end Rant**

Tomorrow they are filming one of my most anticipated scenes and sadly i will be working all day and unable to go - i do have a special friend going by to snap some pics and report to me in full details - so tomorrow night I can fill you in on the special scene ;)

Gah! I should be asleep.....

Good Night!

PS - is it weird I labelled the live set pics from today simply "jake's"? if #1 - He is a real person and #2 - I know him well enough to call him Jake and not Jacob


Photos of Cast Outside "Forks School" - Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

I recently blogged about the Exterior School Set Here are some professional photos of the cast on set yesterday:

[via Breaking Dawn

100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone on CBC Radio

The Delivery - Peter Facinelli

Amanda Bell, The Twilight Examiner, interviewed Peter Facinelli about his upcoming movie The Delivery:

“Basically, it’s about an angel and a demon who are brothers, and they come together to try to save humanity because it’s the last hour on Earth. All the other angels and demons have come together to end humanity, so they want to release the Antichrist who’s trapped inside this twelve year old girl, so we kidnap – my brother and I – this twelve year old girl and are trying to release the Antichrist in a positive light so that humanity can survive. So, it’s a huge action road trip that ensues where we’re being chased by every angel and demon. And it’s not heavy; it’s not religious … It’s more along the lines of an Indiana Jones or a Die Hard, where it’s got comedy to it, so it’s like an action/comedy.”

[via Twilight Lexicon]

Rob's New Stoli Shirt

Before I start - I have to say I FREAKING love Stoli - particularily the blueberry stoli.... and I have heard of a blackberry stoli but can't find it so if anyone has any - PLEASE send me some and you will forever be my fave person in the world :)

Let's move on to Rob....

Robsessed has the WHOLE story on Rob's Stoli Shirt Fiasco....

GO read it all at Robsessed

Happy Birthday Renesme

[via TwiCrackAddict]

VMA's Seating Change....

Is Taylor replacing Rob at VMA's or did they just swap seats ....???

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today's Set - Exterior Forks High School

Today's Set was indeed the exterior school set.

Although they filmed cafeteria scenes inside David Thompson High School and the graduation Scenes in the auditorium of a different school as well as the graduation party in a local park, today's set was used in New Moon and now Eclipse and is the parking lot of Forks High School.

I went by late last week when it was being set up and got some great shots and returned over the weekend to get some completed set shots and then today popped by for some live set shots.

Taylor, Ashley, Robert, Kristen were all spotted on set. There may have been more (I assume humans, Cullen siblings may have needed to do some shots there) but I didn't see them.

It was awesome to see the vehicles including the school bus, the yellow porsche and of course all the green screens and steps that lead up to the school.

Based on the novel, the cast present, and the photos I got today, here is my best-guess on the scene filmed:

Jacob comes to bust Bella out

I *think* the dude in the suit pacing by the school bus may be a principal who comes out to deal with the encounter.... but I don' tknow this as fact, this is my prediction.... thoughts ?

Here are a few of the photos - I have tons more but am really super tired so I will get to them before the weekend.

From the other day (pre-shooting=closer to set without breaking laws)

Look familiar? Imagine Forks High School where the green screens covered in plastic are

And from today (live set=from a distance without breaking laws)

behind the green screens which will be CGI'd with Forks High School

The woman is a production assistant, the guy in the suit I am guessing could be the principal?

Extra's at school - Love the Forks Jacket


Twilight-Gossip >(who has a much better camera than I do - jealous!) posted these photos recently:

This week there are two other sets that I know about. I have snapped pre-shooting pics at both (including trailors, props, equipment and background shots) as soon as I know they have wrapped the set I can post photos.

One of the sets will be ongoing for a few weeks, so those photos I may wait on - we shall see.... I hate waiting to post photos but it is better this way.

I can't be giving out sets or photos or hints.... i refuse to play games... there is always a crazy or two in every crowd... and I refuse to be the one who sends her to a set - sorry!

Thanks for your patience and understanding and I hope you continue to enjoy the posts and photos I provide :)