Thursday, June 28, 2012

My First Comic-Con - Plans for Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday Schedule came out and as a SDCC virgin, I am super psyched and a bit overwhelmed.

Wednesday Night I want to go to the screenings of some CW/WB Pilots:

-666 Park Ave
-The Following

Then Thursday is crazy busy. The Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel doesn`t start until later in the day, so for those of you (us?) camping or waiting, it will be a long one.

I have heard rumours of things t keep line-waiters entertained, and from past practice I am sure there will be things going on.

I am learning that SDCC is all about prioritizing and having back up plans. (Thanks T.J. for the advice!)

Since I can't clone myself in the next week here, I have to make sacrifices and be happy I get to do anything....

Here are my goals Thursday:

-Breaking Dawn Part 2
-Disney (Oz, Frankenweenie, Wreck It) - Mainly for OZ

Then if possible / backups:

-Nikita (same time as Dexter, which is my preference, though I'd die to meet Shane West)
-Teen Wolf (same time as Disney, but only care about part of Disney's panel so may opt for Teen Wold instead)
-Expendables 2 (for my hubby)

There are tons of other things I am interested in but I am not sure how much time between and time in lines I will need or have....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SYTYCD 200TH EPISODE - Meet the Top 20

Nigel Lythgo
Mary Murphy
Zooey Deschanel

This season two winners. One Male and One female. Also, only one episode a week (not a performance and a results show)

We review the 35 dancers who were left after Vegas, all who arrived in Hollywood last week to discover their fate.

We review those results by going through the dancers walk to hear the judges decision....

Panel: Tyce DiOrio, Debbie Allen, Nigel Lythgoe, Lil C, Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman


Last year she was last to go out (with Ryan, who was chosen) and she did not get it and said she wouldn't return. But she did, and she made it not only to Vegas but to Hollywood and tonight we learn she is the first to make the Top 20.

I don't really remember him from ATL auditions or even Vegas. Maybe he didn't get much air time, maybe I missed it, but he is in the Top 20.

LA audition and she makes it.

Megan Branch
Contemporary dancers who auditioned in LA and was loved by Mary. Lil C delivers news she is NOT in Top 20

Nor is Collin Fuller.

Amber Jackson
Made it this far season 6 and was sent home. Season 7 she didn't make it as far as Season 6 and decided not to retun. Finally, she dropped her pride and returned. This year it was worth it because she finallty made it to Top 20. She is a contemporary dancer.

Back to the live show....

Will Thomas, George Lawrence, Alexa Anderson, Amber Jackson

Tyce DiOrio routine
We found love - Jesse J

They are very passionate dancers. I loved when the boys carried Alexa across the stage and how they used the bench. There were moments out of synch but it was a great opening routine to the season!

Back to last week....

There have been some quality ballroom dancers especially Whitney (just graduated high school) Lindsay and Nick.

He impessed Sonya in Vegas and has always felt in the shadows of other great dancers. He breaks down in tears again in front of the panel who give him the news that he is indeed in the Top 20.

Whitney & Lindsay
Friends since childhood, off and on competitiors their whole life they were roomies in Vegas and being both beautiful, young blondes who specialize in ballroom, we know that it is going to be another Alexa/Ryan thing... one or the other.... I personally like Whitney better, though I think Lindsay is more mature. The panel says they adore them both but are looking for one ballroom girl. Mary tells Whiteny she is in the Top 20 and Lindsay hugs her. Mary then says they adore Lindsay and want her in the top 20 too... wow! This is a bit of a shock but I am excited.

Back to the live show....

Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold
Jason Gilkinson - Ballroom
Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez

The girls look fab in red dresses, I amnot sure Nick knows how to handle TWO women at once, it's a little bit rough in spots but extremely sexy. Those two are knock outs! Every mans fantasy I am sure, they do some amazing trio moves that I really liked.

Back to last week...

Ballet Technical Dancers are up....

Mary loved her in LA and in Vegas she was a clusterball of emotions. After talking about her blue suede shoes, Debbie Allen tells her she is in Top 20.

San Fran ballet dancer did amazing through Vegas but had an average solo. He was the one with the accent who I thought was a BELLY dancer not BALLET ha ha. He makes Top 20.

NYC professional dancer. he struggled in Vegas at times, but nailed his solo. He also makes Top 20, after Nigel made it sound like only one of them would...

Back to the live show...
Daniel Baker, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, Eliana Girard
Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson
Romanic Inclinations - Like a Shot

I don't know ballet. But they were dressed cool and moved nicely. There was a moment where it got fast and abrupt versus the pretty floaty music and I really enjoyed it. Nigel said it was an amazingly tough routine, but that both men are already professional dancers who have given up their careers to be here. Nigel reminds everyone that the choreographers are brave as dancers because they are judged also.

Back to last week...

Jazz dancers

She seems shy and I don't remember her. Debbie says she was invisible but then like a race horse came up from the rear and now she is in the Top 20.

Katelyn, Kate and a few others do not make it.

Janelle Isiss
I loved her (the belly dancer)

Back to the live show...
Tiffany Maher, Audrey Case, and supposed to be Janelle Issis
Sonyah Teyeh

Janelle is ill and unable to perform tonight, the other two girls do well some nice lifts and typical Sonya choreo - my fave kind.

Back to last week...

Remember the guy who did a flip and knocked himself out? He didn't make it to Top 20 but Adam told him to return next year.

Blake, Jasmine, Danielle also sent home

12 dancers left, 7 spots

Was told by NIgel he looks like Ryan Gosling, I don't see it.. well.. maybe. He is a cutie. Lucky us he will be in the Top 20.

Gets in. One spot left for a girl... two girls left..

NYC silent movie inspired routine and had to dance for her life in Vegas, though I felt like that was just for ratings.

SLC auditions, did well in Vegas.

Amelia or Jill? Ameilia is in - she had the star quality... I never doubted it.

Back to the live show...

Matthew Kazmierczak, Dareian Kujawa, Janaya French, Amelia Lowe
Stacey Tookey - Contemporary
Modern Drift - Efterklang

Beautiful Routine, a lot of movement all over the stage. I deffo love Amelia and Matthew most. It will be an amazing season!

Back to last week....

His martial arts style had him a judge fave from the start. he is in the Top 20

Tap Dancers
The two do not make it

Brandon and Devon go together but Brandon is the only one to make it into the Top 20. Sadly, Devon is sent home. I am upset, I liked his energy and smile. Ah well.

Final two
Only one spot left. Cyrus and Feliciano. Only one can make it through. They go out together. Only Cyrus makes it. Wow! Dragonhouse has one rep in the Top 20 - exciting!

Back to the live show...
Cole Horibe, Cyrus Spencer, Brandon Mitchell
Chris Scott
Nathan Lanier – Resolve

I enjoyed seeing their styles mesh together in Chris Scott's routine. The baseball theme and the custom song that introduced them personally - it was awesome! Highighted their talentas ans specific styles yet brought them all together - LOVED LOVED IT! Face of the night for it's uniqueness and fun!

Group Dances:

Travis Wall: Top 10 Girls
Music: Sennen – Where the Light Gets In

I love Travis. He said he came in with choreo but then added tricks because they could handle it and were that good. His mind is beautiful. His choreo is always so stunning. I got goosebumps instantly. I mean, how can you not?

Sonya Tayeh: Top 10 Boys
- Music: Steed Lord – Precognition

Sonya worked these guys. Man on man she doesn't catre she wants touching. Some men were uncomfy with it, oen was upset about showing his jiggly parts to America, but they all did it and it was a steong powerful piece. It felt martial arts-esque but had Sonya's unique and distinctive flavour in it.

Mia Michaels: Top 20
- Music: Kaskade – Eyes

Mia Michaels, another fave choreogrpaher of mine. So emotionally charged. Goosebumps - always! I loved how they had the sunglasses on and off and on and worked together and separate and just - amazing! So glad Mia is back, with longer hair too!

I have to say I didn't raelly like the way it went to last weeks picking Top 20 to live shows dances and then back and forth...

But, given the new format for the show, I don't see any other way it could have worked better besides first hour/second hour but c'est la vie.

What did you think of the Top 20?

Which was your favourite routine tonight?

Any faves yet?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Master Chef - 13 compete

Another night of Masterchef....

The epiosde kicks off with a mystery box challenge, my favourite.


-t-bone steak
-sour craem

Total is under $20 at Walmart - obviously a sponsored mystery box challenge.

60 minutes to make dish valued $40+ at fine dining resturant.

Becky is planning a dessert, big risk. Cowboy Mike is excited, this is his kind of meal. Tali is struggling as usual. Everyone says they are happy with their dishes.

Judges watch and taste throughout the task and decide who are stand out dishes.

1. Frank
- grilled t bone steak with corn, slaw and cream sauce

2. Tanya
- Tarragon t-bone steak with braised cabbage and pureed corn

3. Becky
- Caramalized Peach with peached and cream puree

Then judges chose the best... Tanya
Elimination Test:

Tanya can choose between the following judges favourite desserts.

Joe - Tiramisu
Graham - Strawberry Shortcake
Gordon - Triffle

Tanya is safe and doesn't have to cook. She also gets to choose who makes which dessert (4 per dessert)

Judges will pick the worst from each dessert as the bottom three.

Tiramisu - Anna, Frank, David, Felix
Strawberry Shortcake - Scott, Mike, Tali, Christine
Triffle - Becky, Monti, Stacey, Joshua

60 minutes begins

Homecooks grab materials and start to prepare desserts.

Monti somehow sets fire to her trifle while in a frantic panic. She is running around asking for lady fingers and flour. I don't think most od them knew what a trifle was.

The judges discuss each homecook and their strategy and results so far. It is down to the wire with most cooks finishing just in time.


Felix - adds nuts and Joe is not impressed. Felix starts to cry. Graham comments on the visuals lacking and doesn't seem to enjoy the flavour either. Gordon says it is way too sweet, looks as sad as she does "is a mess" he calls it her worst performance on masterchef causing more tears from Felix.

Frank - Graham likes the look and taste

David - Gordon is not happy it is thick and heavy. Joe complains about the watery substance calling it gross.

Anna - I missed... I was on facebook LOL too lazy to rewind


Josh - Joe says it tastes like a banana split, a bowl full of cream and bananas. Graham

Monti - Gordon mentions how half way through the challenge she had nothing and although it still lacks sponge, it tastes delicious.

Stacey - It looks beautiful, she calls it an Italian trifle.

Becky - Joe says it is gross and spits it out. He says she tried to show off and it bit her in the ass. Graham and Gordon agree.

Strawberry Shortcake

Christine - used other berries a berry shortcake

Tali - missing foam but has good flavour

Scott - didn't glaze strawberries

Mike - missed or wasn't shown?

Stand Out Dish


Bottom Three


Going Home


What did you think of the mystery box dishes?

How about the Elimination Test?

Next Week:
Homecooks hit the road for a food truck challenge.

Love in the Wild

After a reminder of how last week new ladies arrived forming trios and then sending half the ladies home to go back to couples....


Chase & Summer

Jesse & Ali even though he had slept with Tara, which is mostly common knowledge.
Ken is not impressed with Jesse. Jesse is keen to get with Ali but in the outdoor tent Ali tells him to back off when he tries to touch her leg. She even says "Can I go back and do the ceremony again" uh-oh

Michelle & Ben. Michelle is happy to have Ben without Jenny. They go under the covers to celebrate.

Jason & Vanessa, another new couple, laugh and seem to enjoy preparing for bed.

Yanina and Ken are still going strong.

The next morning is Challenge

Jenny MC Carthy compares relationships to coconuts. The adventure is to collect 55 coconuts and carry them to "town" and trade them for a horse which they will ride up a mountain to get a map which will lead them through the rest of teh adventure. Oh, they do get a wheelbarrow.... actually, pieces of a wheel barrow, to put together if they want.

Yanina & Ken - She wants to build a wheelbarrow, he doesn't - they just carry the barrow without wheels

Jenna & Ryan - they also decide to fill the barrow and carry it. It gets heavy, Jenna needs breaks ans Ryan drags it when she is too weak to pull her weight.

Summer & Chase - being strong they too decide to just load the barrow and carry it they leave 2nd place and while on the horse pass and take 1st place.

Vanessa & Jason
- take the time to build the wheel barrow. Jason likes that vanessa doesn't complain. They finish first and get the horse. Vanessa rides it, he leads their slow horse.

Michelle & Ben - also puts together the barrow and hop on the horse in 3rd place.

Ali & Jesse - arguring in last place trying to put together the barrow, then loading the barrow. Jesse wants all 55 in one trip. They keep falling out and Jesse wants Ali to pick them up - she won't. Jesse falls, the wheel barrow breaks and his plan to make it in one trip seems to be an epic fail. Somehow they manage to have 55 in their one load and head out on the horse... in last place.

They all get to the map. They need to now hike down the river and cross a waterfall by tight rope to find a new map behind the falls.

As Ali reads she shakes and cries... here we go again. Not sure Jesse can support her, unless she is willing to sleep with him.

Ken & Yanin go quickly across the ropes passing Summer and Chase. Jenna & Ryan are not far behind.

They all scream and Jenna is dramatic like Ali, but they are in harnesses... if they skip they fall a whole 1 foot. Speaking of Ali they are still in last place. Her "paralyzing fear of heights" means she can't be touched and so she has to tell Jesse to back off and not crowd her. It was quite amusing.

2nd waterfall - they go to a grotto to retrieve a 2nd map. At this point Yanina and Ken are in first, Chase and Summer right behind hop intot he water and swim through the falls. Summer you will recall from the first episode is an awesome swimmer. Yanina, however, sucks and Ken has to help save her from drowning. It is beautiful.

As others arrive, the top two couples are on their way up to a 3rd waterfall. Here they will hike up and use machete, bamboo and rope to cut down bananas.

While couple procede to chop bananas some struggle to get there. The two top couples somehow miss the trail to get supplies and hike up the mountain and realize they messed up. They have to hike back down.... meanwhile other couples are able to get ahead because of this mistake.

Back at the previous waterfall, Vanessa swims fast to get the map in the grotto however, she somehow loses the map from the container while swimming. Jason panics as they fall into last place.

Somehow the couples have a big mix up and here is how the end:

1. Jesse & Ali - Oasis (Ali isn't thrilled)
2. Ben and Michelle - Cabins
3. Jenna & Ryan - Cabins
4. Ken & Yanin - Cabins
5. Summer & Chase - Tent
6. Jason & Vanessa - Hell... just kidding, the horrible screen "tent" is gone, they get tents too

Off in the Oasis Jesse keeps pushing Ali for romantic time.

Summer & Chase agree they need to pay more attention to detail and decide not to dwell on the drop from first to almost last.

Lot's of mingling and chatting.

Ladies choose first.

1. Ali can choose anyone from first place. Ken interupts and to bring up the fact that Jesse is sleazy and her decision to choose someone else could really mess up established relationships. Ali chooses Ben much to everyone's surprise.

This leaves Jesse to choose whoever he wants... He originally planned to request to be put into unmatched area but given happenings he asks Michelle to partner up.

2. Jenna keeps Ryan

3. Yanina keeps Ken - obviously

Jenny asks if Ken was nervous. He says he was worried Jesse with power would see him as a threat and try to break them up. Jesse barks back and they begin to argue. Ken tells Jesse to take it more seriously and not hurt those around him. Jesse calls Tara collateral damage in the game. He admits (under pressure) that they slept together but there wasn't a connection. Jesse and Ken have spat and Jenny, as a great host, pushes them to discuss it more. Ben tells them they both ahve points and to drop it.

4. Summer keeps Chase.

5. Jason and Vanessa are eliminated. They agree to see where their relationship goes.

So do you think there is love brewing?

I am not upset with the couple going home are you?

What about the battle between the two men?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bachelorette - Prague

Tonight's episode we finally hear about Arie and Cassie (the producer) past relationship. Apparently it was brief and ten years ago and not a big deal... meh! We also saw an interesting rose ceremony and some romantic one on one dates....


First one-on-one was with Arie.

We had the Cassie drama emerge. Emily was mad at Arie for not telling him. They had an off screen discussion and by dinner she forgave him and was making out with him non-stop again.

Arie tells Emily he loves her and she eats it up. She is so into him.


John "Wolf" gets the next one-on-one date.

Emily seems to know a lot about Communism and John Lennon and graffiti... *shrugs*

They can't figure out their lock, foreshadowing of what's to come? They have never ever had any connection. I have no idea why she kept him after week one to be honest. The only reason I wantes him around was to discover WHY they call him "WOLF"

John admits he had his heart broken and Emily realizes it isn't lack of connection, but his guard being up - um, NO EMILY! You don't have a connection!


Group Date is Sean, Doug and Chris....

Sean runs through the streets of Prague and surprises Emily. She is grinning ear to ear. She seems so in love with him. I really do like them together. They have the "look" they make out and she apologizes for putting him on a group date, but he is ok with it and after their beers and one on one alone time tongue twisting then making out against a wall in an alley some more, he leaves feeling pretty happy.


Group Date - horse drawn carriage pulls up to haul the men along. Squished. Under umbrella's. Lame already!

Doug gets some one-on-one time and is awkward. He is closed off, arms crossed, scared to touch her and very stand offish. He even says if they were to move on after this they would be "starting off" Doug wants to get to know her more, but she is already having more with others. She talks to him, ready to send him home and he doesn't realize it and kisses her. She thanks him them continues to send him home. He feels like an idiot, understandably.

He is a single dad and a decent guy. But it just wasn't there. Maybe he will come back as a bachelor?

Emily and Sean's one-on-one time is kissing and talking about the night before.

Chris gets some one-on-one time and he spends a lot of the time complaining and saying he won't dwell on it, as he dwells on it. THey share some kisses, but it isn't passionate like with Arie OR Sean. I have never seen what Em sees in Chris. She thinks he is so attractive and perfect. Meh.

With Doug gone she only has two men to choose from to give the rose. It isn't surprising when she gives it to Sean. Chris is bitter and mad, though he says he isn't.


Jef and Emily get their one-on-one date. Theya re so cute. The odd couple. He doesn't look like her type, like Sean does. But they click so well. I loved their lil puppet dolls. They used them to talk about their feelings and Jef told Emily he was in love with her and it was so sweet..... She gets nervous after learning that Jef dumped a girl because his parents didn't approve - no pressure. They have an amazing time laying on a library floor talking about kids and life.

'I Want to Date You So Hard and Marry the F--- Out of You'

OMG best line ever! Jef is so different. I am torn between him and Sean. I don't want her with Arie. The Cassie thing isn't why, he is just slimey from what I hear.

Sean and her look the part, the whole package. But Jef, somethign about him is just so sweet and different. Time will tell.

Cocktail Ceremony

Chris is stillupset he didn't get some one-on-one quality time with Emily and plans to talk to her tonight.

Emily talks with Chris about how the relationships were confirmed this week and that inthat the ones that were slower to progress were glaringly obviously not happening.

She doesn't want a cocktail party. Chris panics. As he should. John/Wold feels confident. I don't think either of them should stay (or even be there still) Chris seems to have a panic attack he is wandering in tears talking to himself.... he other men seem to be secretly pleased.

Rose Ceremony

Sean has a rose.

3 roses remain.

1 will go home.

She explains why there is no cocktail party, it's purpose is to have unanswered questions answered, but this week she has all her questions answered because this week they were all so open and honest about how they were feeling.

- Jef gets a rose.
- Arie gets a rose.

(It seems telling Em you love her is a good move at this stage in the game.. I mean, journey)

and finally..... Chris asks for some time to talk... of course. I am glad he did, he looked like he was about to pass out or shake out or something. John Wold seems upset. As he should be. Now what? Who was she going to pick? Does this change her mind?

Final rose goes to Chris.

Poor Wolfman... I guess we will NEVER know why John is called "wolf" (what a rip off)

She apologizes. Says other relationships have moevd at a faster pace. He says "right, right" but seems to be in a zone - he admits he is shocked and thought him opening up on the date really connected them.... "yea it sucks" he says. *shrugs* I don't even care - except that we don't know why he is called wolf... that upsets me!

So there ends another episode of Bachelorette... dum dee dum...

So what did you think?

These 4 will take Emily home to meet their family. I love the family visits. You get to see the cray behind the men ha ha

Hells Kitchen - 13 chefs compete - Part 2

After a brief recap of last week's part one 13 chefs compete, we get started back in Hell's Kitchen.

The drama with Robyn and Kimmie continues.

We are preparing for the first ever fashion show in Hell's Kitchen.


The men are quickly distracted by hot models on the runway. The res team criticize the models lack of eating, being too skinny.

Raw scallops, over cooked scallops, the women mess up - well Tiffany messed up, but wouldn't admit it even though Barbie tried to tell her they were no good.

Blue seems to be a bit more on top of things getting some appies out.

The usual chaos ensues. The fashion show runs and Ramsay gets the teams prepped for once the runway ends and they start entrees. Barbie can't recall how many of each meat, Robyn knows then goes ghetto in the diary room - I seriously can't handle it. they either cast black women who are stereotypically ghetto-trash-talking, or they cast white trasy women to be ghetto-talking. WTF?

The men are once again distracted by the bikini clad women walking down the catwalk. There is a fire in a pan and some burned meat. Ramsay is less than thrilled - obvs.

The women run out of meat after overcooking and Robyn tries to send her team mates to the blue kitchen to swipe some. A few try, but chicken out. Robyn finally admits she doesn't have enough meat and wants some frmo blue. He tells her no she is a silly cow and makes her go ask this customer what she wants instead.

The women continue to mess up. Between cooking things wrong, or sending wrong things up it was just a mess. Tiffany won't take responsibility for the bad swordfish but finally the entrees all get out.


The Blue team fights over nominations as usual and they ended with Clemenza and Brian or Guy.... Guy....

Ramsay surveys the blue team and the majority seem to think Clemenza should go home.

They each say their piece as to why they shoudl stay, Clemenza is deffo mroepassionate and fights HARD to stay.... it pays off..

In the end, Clemenza gets sent back in line and Guy goes home. The red team cheers.

What do you think? Do you agree with who went home?

Masterchef - 14 compete

The chefs are fast asleep in their hotel rooms and come 3am they are woken up. By 4am they are at one of the top hotels working the early rush cooking all the room service breakfast orders. Crazy!


They will be cooking:

fresh fruit salad
hand made panckcaes
eggs benedict
egg white omelette
2 eggs any style

Blue Team - Josh
Becky, Frankie, Anna, Monty, David, Tali

Red Team - Christine
Felix, Scott, Tanya, Mike, Stacey, Ryan
*Power to swap one member of her team for one of Josh's. She swaps Ryan for Becky. Smart move!

Team chooses an expediter to oversee plates.

Blue - Monty

Red - Felix

Breakfast is 7am. 90 minute prep time begins.

130 orders each. Satisfied customers will hang their team colour tag on the door. Whoever gets the least tags faces the pressure challenege.

Blue team is assigned stations. Red team decides together who does what.

Red Felix lays out the board for expediting,s he is a food runner and seems to be organized, however, in prep Ramsay is concerned they do not have enough hollindaise for benedict.
Blue has scorched bacon and uncooked spinach and Monty is shouting at her team which makes Christine concerned that Felix is too quiet. Christine is blind so without verbal communication she is uncertain where her team is at.

7am - service begins.

Blue team has some yelling again/still with Monty and Josh. Both teams are squished into a small kitchen and the shouting and chaos stresses me out as a viewer!

Blue team is sending more food out than red, Christine tells Felix to speak up and get things going. Christine is upset Felix is doing everything herself with no communication, Chef Ramsay tells her the same thing. Everyone is clearly stressed out. I can relate, not that I have done this, I have worked in resturants for years though..... Although Monty is loud and annoying (shouting in 2 languages) they are working it.

Joe checks in with guests to see how they are doing. Blue seems to be doing well.

Red (as Ramsay warned) ran out of hollindaise. Felix tries to drizzle and save which makes Ramsay mad. Christine starts to be more vocal. She ensures everyone is doing what they should.

Blue has quality control issues as Ramsay discovers broken egg yolks, a hair, not enough fresh fruit, etc.

Where blue started strong, they are starting to crumble.

When the results come in

Red - 60%
Blue - 40%

Blue must face pressure test.

Pressure Test
Three are saved from Blue team: David, Frank, and Monty.

Josh is pissed. Ryan is alaso pissed.

The rest of the Blue team are cooking a dessert that terrifies chefs around the world.

Molten Lava Cake. (OMG I ate one last week at Joey's, the inside is so warm and gooey and delicious inside the cake!)

The 4 chefs prepare.

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, eggs, powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon and butter.

They get 4 attempts. Once they have one they think is good they bring it up as the one to be judged.

40 minutes begin.

Editing always has you guessing how it will go...

Tali finished first, Anna, then Josh, and finally Ryan with under 45 seconds to go pulls his from the oven.

He serves a flattened pile of goo. It has no form, it isn't done, it literally looks like a blog of goop.

But form isn't theonly way to rate the food, taste counts too.

Anna and Josh are pulled up first - "pure prefection"

Ryan and Tali are up for elimination. One tastes bad and one looked a mess.

Ramsay asks who ever knows they were the worst to step forward and pass over their apron. After a few moments, Ryan finally stepped forward and passed up his apron.

Ramsay tells him he didn't expect molten soup from Ryan.

and with that the cocky Ryan heads home. Tali is his buddy and probably the only one upset to see Ryan leave.

Were you shocked with who went home? How about how it went down?

What did you think of the team challenege?

I would have loved to eat some of those pressure test foods... mmmm....

Who are you rooting for now?

#MagicMike Review - Advanced Screening

Where to start.... Magic Mike...

The Good:

-Channing Tatum
-The dancing and stripping
-The relationships that develop
-most the dialogue and jokes
-Channing Tatum
-Joe Manganiello
-Alex Pettyfer
-Kevin Nash
-Matthew McConaghey
-Channing Tatum

The Bad:

-too much talking and plot and clothes on scenes
-the lead girl was horrible. She mastered the bitch face but her dialogue was stiff and her laugh annoying and forced.
-some storylines / goals weren't achieved and I would have liked to see them wrap up more successfully - maybe a sequel? ha ha!

Overall it is amazing....,

The group dances and Channing Tatum aka Magic Mike's dance routines are so good. Of course he WAS a stripper and IS a dancer and so it is to be expected. The others were good and Alex pettyfer made me LOL as he was the new "kid" learning.

Some favourite scenes:

-Matthew McConaghey training Alex Pettyfer to grind, and rotate and then STICK IT
-Channing's moves - not just because I am me and he is he, but legit - some awesome moves!
-The themed dances. From safari to medical to combat to rain gear, to individual costumes such as Tarzan and firemen, I seriously couldn't get enough of it. I am not usually one of THOSE girls, but good lawrd I was tonight! Those men are mmmm mmmm mmmm
-the amusement park. Everything about that scene slayed me. Alex interupting his sister and Channing, the two guys grinding the bench and umbrella as the sister walks away - seriously funny shit!
-initiation of Alex Pettyfer's character. Kevin Nash gets him working fast ha ha "massage it in"
-hurricaine party
-Breakfast Food Lover scene (Channing comes in and says to Alex's sister "so i hear you like breakfast food" and she gets all bitchy "he must be drunk, I don't fucing cook" or something like that, to which Channing's character says "we were going to go to IHOP but you just stay here breakfast hater" or something like that - it becomes their "thing" the whole movie ha ha)
-"my wife has great breasts, touch em" "I love you man"

Some uncomfortable scenes:

-the sister's scenes, when she had to talk

Gah, I am still taking it in... I will add more... I had a few too many at the premiere party after the movie - we all got free appies and drinks and Magic Mike swag... so fun!

There is another screening on Wednesday and a midnight release Thursday then my "Girls and Gays Night" Friday (we are doing cocktails and then going to see Magic Mike.

Man, I COULD see it 4 times this week... maybe... heh heh

Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Comic-Con - It's official!

This just arrived in my inbox *squee* We knew (guessed) as much, but official confirmation always brightens up my day....


We are happy to announce that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 will be the opening panel in Hall H at ComicCon® International in San Diego on Thursday, July 12, 2012. Summit Entertainment will present a sneak peek at the highly anticipated conclusion of The Twilight Saga films. This is a must-see for fans interested in the story’s final chapter, who will be shown exclusive footage from THE TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 and treated to a cast and filmmaker Q&A session providing details on the epic finale.

In addition to the panel, BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 will also be present at the Summit Entertainment booth on the convention floor. Those who stop by will have the chance to attend autograph signings, participate in contests and collect free giveaways all weekend long.

Who's going?


Hunger Games: Catching Fire Casting News...

Lot's of rumours about who will play who in the upcoming Catching Fire which is set to start filming "soon" (I believe middle July - not sure)

EW reports:

Alice will not be entering the arena.

Contrary to a report last week, Mia Wasikowska is not vying for the role of headstrong tribute Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. According to the Alice in Wonderland star’s reps, Wasikowska has neither been approached for the role, nor would be able to play it given other film commitments she has for 2012.

Model/actress Zoe Aggeliki was also mentioned as a potential candidate for the role, but Lionsgate has not yet responded to a request for confirmation.

Also at last night's Magic Mike premiere, former WWF/WWe wrestler Kevin Nash (remember his as Diesel in wrestling? I sure do!) said he may be cast in Catching Fire as well..... “I just pray it’s recurring, that he doesn’t get killed,”

Meanwhile Lil' Romeo aka Romeo Miller has allegedly met with casting directors for consideration for a role in Cathing Fire. Which character? We don't know... Watch this interview with MTV...

Here’s the transcript from MTV:

But for his next roles, Miller has his sights set on an acting career similar to Will Smith. “I want to be the next big action hero or I want to do a lot of romantic type movies, romantic comedies, a little bit of everything, but definitely the next action hero,” Miller said, and then added, “You can see me in ‘The Hunger Games’ or something like that. Just throwing that out there.”

Though he admitted to not being very familiar with Suzanne Collins’ books, Miller confirmed that there has been some discussion about possibly joining “Catching Fire,” which is currently casting.

“I actually just met with Lionsgate about that, so you may be seeing me in one of the ‘Hunger Games.’ That’s all I’m saying,” Miller said. “Not a particular role, we just had a meeting, seeing if it was something I was interested in. I can’t really talk too much, or they’ll kill you. You know how ‘The Hunger Games’ is.”

So many rumours, can't wait for some official announcements!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

True Blood - Whatever I Am, You Made Me

What an episode. We saw the return of shirtless Eric, learned more about Pam's past, Tara's secret was revealed and could it be? The return of fairies? I think so.... I don't want to spoil, so click below to read more....


Lot's of plot development this episode and only a little wasted time on things like the sherrif's butt photo, Terry's storyline (he took off with his marine friend, Arlene is mad, that's it) and had a lot of great dialogue and action.

Where to start, Eric and Bill have convinced the Authority to let them go look for Edgington. The Guardian's fave Chancellor, Salome, seduces both Bill and Eric to determine they can be trusted. She also knows Eric and Nora are "siblings" which made me think maybe she was a secret Sanguinistas, but I am not sure. Nora, by the way admits to being a Sanguinistas while being tortured to save Eric and Bill and not reveal his true relationship with one of them.

We also learned that Steve Newlin (possibly changed at the comman of or by the Guardian, Roman) is replacing Nan Flanagan. I think they are on track with that idea given his publicity experience and his previous ties to Fellowship of the Sun prior to becoming a vampire.

I loved seeing Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars) guest star as an Authority employee. She gets Eric and Bill shirtless and harnessed into their death traps - harnesses that will stake their hearts if they mess up, tryt o remove the harness, or piss off the authority while away trying to bring in Russell Edgington.

Pam misses Eric and as she refelct upon their past, we learn how she was made and how Eric fist met Bill Compton.

Vampires were draining Pam's whores and so she asked Eric to assist her in ridding the pests. He did indeed command Lorena to take her newborn (Bill Compton) away and ensure he learned the ways - and fast. After that she owed Eric and paid him with an evening in bed. She asked him to change her and after essentially saying no - she slit her wrists forcing him to change her or watch her die. It showed a vulnerable side to the tough bad-ass Pam. I love her!

Tara escapes Lafayette and Sookie and nearly attacks a gal who is trying to change a flat tire. She gains some senses, apologizes and turns to Sam at Merlottes for help. After letting her binge on True Blood she collapses and he moves her into the walk-in drige leaving a sigh "do not enter out of service dangerous" on the door.

Despite trying to keep the vampire secret of Tara in the walk-in from Sookie, her mind reading skills break through his attempted distraction "boobs boobs boobs" and Sam accepts that Sookie made the decision to save Tara's life, and leave her the choice of what to do next.

The resturant runs normally, somewhat. Lafayette's masked evil side (Jesus haunting him? I want Jesus back he was hot! ) grabs bleach and pours it into the gumbo. Arlene is bitchy because Terry left and mad once she learned Tara is a vampire, and is nagging for the gumbo which sets off Lafayette's inner evil I suppose? Regardless he dumps the gumbo and seems legit concerned of losing control again. Then BAM Tara dreams of eating Arlene as Lafayette wakes Tara with some blood drink. She freaks.

I have hated Tara since day one, I just don't like her. She got interesting briefly when she smashed up that vamps head then again as a runaway kind of lesbian, with new hair style and such, but soon became an annoying bug-eyed character - again! But I have to say, this vampire Tara, she may have some depth - I am especially interested to learn how Pam and her bond - or don't. Especially with all this history on Pam and her maker, it may lead to something solid with Pam and Tara. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Deb's parents are looking for her and asking questions around town after getting the police on board to help track her whereabouts. Alcide comes to Merlotte's and asks Sookie what is going on. After trying to get rid of him, Tara wakes up and goes nuts as I mentioned above then she takes off. Sookie tells Alcide the truth, that Deb tried to kill her, Tara got in the way and was shot, then later turned, and that Sookie killed Deb.

Jessica, my favourite. She is trying on some clothes, gets snarky with the sales lady who is being a bitch, then is distractd by the most amazing smell. A man ordering 16 dresses for 16 sisters I believe he said. Cute. Accent. Then, Jessica falls out of the change room... "You smell awesome. What are you?" He takes off. She chases him to a field. Must be a fairy right? of course! Though fairies were kind of lame in past season, I hope they will return and have some purpose, or interesting story line this time. She then goes to romp with Jason, who isn't in the mood.

Jason not in the mood?

Earlier that day he bumped into an old teacher and we learn he had been with her, sounds like he lost his virginity to her. After reuniting, Jason realizes he has always filled the hole in his heart with sex and doesn't know how to do anything else. he expresses this to Jessica who covers her cleavage, offers to put on some sweat pants ansd just be a friend. Love it! I really want these two together. Yes, her and Hoyt had a thing - but he is off at Fangtasia dressed gotchic with eyeliner trying to pick up some new vamp. Not sure if he is a fangbanger or just posing.

In the end Tara tries to committ suicide via tanning bed, but it appears Pam will save her... sadly.

Lot's happened, lot's progressed. I am loving the direction this season is taking and can't wait for more.


"You're too cute to be goo." - Authority Employee

"You smell awesome - what are you?" - Jessica

"Can I give you a hug without you thinking about my boobs?” -Sookie

"What are you looking at? Go back to dry humping each other and buying my overpriced drinks or get the f--k out!" —Pam

"Lorena, you procreated and he's protective. How sweet." —Eric

"I ain't had the best luck in that department. One died right next to me, one was married to a gay preacher. Crystal was a...let's not even go there. And right now I'm f--k buddies with the love of my best friend's life. Who's a teenage vampire. And that's just all kinds of messed up." —Jason

"Don't believe everything you read. The human Bible is little better than US Weekly." —Salome

"So which one is it? The Sheriff or the King? Both? Oh see now that's a sandwich I'd take a bite out of anytime." —Rosalyn

"Would you toss a newborn baby in a gutter? Abandoning a newborn vampire is no different. Becoming a maker is an eternal commitment." - Eric

"Let me walk the world with you, Mr. Northman, or watch me die." - Pam

“I was an innocent child, ‘til you taught me your style, Whatever I Am, You Made Me”

I really liked this bit from a review I read:

But the tricky thing about innocence is that once you lose it, you can never get it back. And what steps in in its place tends to be of the malicious sort.

“I was an innocent child, ‘til you taught me your style,” coos Nina Simone as “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” draws to a close, and it’s a statement that has never been truer for the show. The revealing of Jason and Salome’s pasts speak most clearly to loss, but they’re not alone. In the eyes of Alcide, Sookie has lost her innocence; Hoyt dons a little guyliner and goes searching for trouble at Fangtasia, abandoning the character we’ve come to know; even Pam, normally so cold and stoic, is showing a softer side in her memories of Eric. At its core, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” is an episode meant for development.

Check out this video recap from a friend of mine... She does a great G-rated review and compares parts of the episode to the books.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at friend's wedding

Rob and Kristen at a wedding for producer Kevin Turen last night(June 23rd)

Via RPLife

The Next Bachelor?

Some people dont' like spoilers. And this isn't official yet so it could be wrong.... but here is who the predicted/rumoured next Bachelor is............


Roberto? Really?

I didn't even like him when Ali chose him, wait it was Ali right?

I would much rather see any of the final three that don't get chosen by Emily do it. Sean, Jef, Arie, yes please!

Arie Interview - Bachelorette

I am getting excited for tomorrow's Bachelorette. It *seems* they will address Arie's "BAGGAGE" as I call it. His past relationship with producer Cassie, the gal who basically spend day and night with Emily as her best/closest friend and confident during filming. Awesome!

I am glad they are (seemingly) going to address it. I know, however, that they will NOT address his other baggage, the stories of him on the road and banging his best friends girls... ya - brutal!

Reality TV World interviewed Arie... Here is part of it, but there is much more at their site.

Reality TV World: There's been some skepticism that you, being a race car driver, just happened to apply for The Bachelorette considering the coincidence of Emily's background story and her ex-fiance Ricki. So why did you initially apply to go on the show and how did that come about? Did you apply on your own because you wanted a chance with Emily or did you not know much about Emily prior to appearing on the show?

Arie Luyendyk Jr: Well, I didn't know anything about Emily -- well I mean, I've watched a little bit of The Bachelor, the season with Ben and Courtney. And I was actually at a race and I got a conference call from the producers asking me about another driver, and so we talked about that other driver, and eventually I was like, "This guy is probably not ready to settle down."

And then jokingly I just said, "Well, what about me?" And they sort of laughed it off and they said, "Well, we'll let you know if there's an opening, but we think we have everybody." And then a lot of time went by and they called me back, and it was very close to taping. They said, "Are you still interested?"

And by that time, I knew Emily was The Bachelorette, and one of my friends who watches the show all the time -- her name's Christina -- she just told me, "You need to go on the show. Emily is right for you. I know your personality. I know your type." So when they called back, I said, "Yes, definitely."

For me, it was so unexpected and it was very cool, because when I showed up, I didn't know anything about her. I didn't know her last name. All I saw was a picture on an iPhone from Google and it was cool, because I really went into it sort of with no expectations, and I think that's what made it the most fun.

Reality TV World: Would you ever consider proposing to Emily without bonding with and really getting to know her daughter Ricki first? What are your thoughts on that?

Arie Luyendyk Jr: I think you'll definitely have to see the show for that, because there's a lot that'll happen. And you know, I take a big risk this week and I break the rules, and I may not even get that opportunity.

Reality TV World: At this point in the season, did you feel like Emily reciprocated those feelings for you? Did you think she was falling in love with you?

Arie Luyendyk Jr: I felt like it. I felt like she gave me a lot of confidence, and I think it's always really hard -- the situation is very difficult because she's seeing other people, so you want to be reassured. And I feel like, at this point, she definitely reassured me that she had feelings for me and that's what I think made me so confident.

Reality TV World: Would you have any interest in becoming the next The Bachelor star if you don't end up with Emily?

Arie Luyendyk Jr: (Laughs) Well, you know, my fiancee might not approve of that. (Laughs) No, I'm just joking. (Laughs) Basically, it's hilarious because I know that's a hot topic right now, but who knows what will happen. If I am engaged to Emily, I don't think it's possible for me to become the next Bachelor.

Read more at Reality TV World

You can also read part 2 here.