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How New Moon Movie Differs from Book


Jen Yamato wrote at Fearnet the 20 difference between New Moon Movie 7 Book. Here they are with a few side notes from "can't-keep-quiet-Mandy".

More shirtless boys

We all hoped to get a glimpse of Edward's alabaster chest in Volterra, but who knew we'd get to see so much hot werewolf skin? Thankfully, the Wolf Pack run such high temperatures and explode away their clothes so frequently that cut-off jeans and no shirt are their shared ensemble of choice.

[Mandy's Note - indeed the abs-o-plenty kept me very entertained and it seemed my temperature was a tad high also observing all that flesh ;) heheheh]

We get more fights, including an awesome Volturi throw down.

New Moon the book is infamous for its slow pacing, thanks to Bella's crippling depression (see below). So it's a good thing that the film throws in fistfights, wolf skirmishes, and chase scenes to liven things up a bit more. Our favorite: watching Volturi guard Felix put the smack down on our precious Edward, a scene crafted for the film.

[Mandy's Note - I really liked the wolf-wrestling also... ]

Instead of talking to herself, Bella sends emails to Alice.

New Moon, like all of the Twilight books, makes frequent use of Bella's internal voice-overs to tell us what's going on in that angsty head of hers. In New Moon, Bella writes emails to her lost BFF, Alice, to work through her issues. We still get the voice-overs, but they're cleverly disguised as Bella's messages to Alice, and therefore much less "Vampire Diaries." (Also, creating a movie email address for Alice was a clever way to sneak in product placement for Apple's MobileMe email application.)

[Mandy's Note - I liked emails too, depressed, internal voice talking to herself Bella is way crepier and annoying than depressed internal voice emailing Alice Bella ;) ]

Bella's (a little) less mopey than she is in the books.

Much of the book is devoted to Bella's heartbreaking, months-long break-up depression, so it's a good thing that the film condenses her lost period a bit for the sake of storytelling. Critics complain already that Bella spends so much time staring into space, pining over Edward; if only they knew how much more we/she suffer in the books! Thankfully, Rosenberg's script snaps Bella out of her funk and moves on, sort of, in a relatively short span of time.

[Mandy's Note - Yes, I felt it was too short almost, I liked the seasons changing, that lost look, a few too many screaming nightmares, and the couch curled in a ball scene... book was way more, but I think they did just enough to please book fans and clueless critics ;) ha ]

Bella's months-long depression, in the blink of an eye.

Fans were wondering how Chris Weitz would treat the infamous "lost" months of Bella's depression, which are depicted by blank pages in the book. After all, October, November, December, and January fly by as voids of nothingness to the girl. Weitz and Rosenberg's solution? A clever scene where Bella sits listless in front of her window as the camera moves around her to show the changing seasons outside. The trick captures her melancholia and is perfectly punctuated by Lykke Li's haunting, wistful track, "Possibility."

[Mandy's Note - Yes, I knew this was how they were doing it, because I talked to so many people working on the film and went to sets so much... even still, it was nice to watch it unfold and I really enjoyed it]

Edward doesn't hide Bella's photos.

In the book, when Edward decides to break up with Bella and leave town, he also sneaks into her room and hides her photos of him so that she'll have no reminders at all that he existed – a complete and total abandonment. (Can you imagine a world without pictures of RPattz? It would be horrible, indeed.) In the film, we see him in her room, but there's no messing with photographs, which would have been an unnecessary minor plot point anyway. Plus, those folks who think Edward's a little stalker-like might have been even more creeped out by him rifling through her stuff. Instead, we get the full impact of Edward's absence in Bella's misery.

[Mandy's Note - He does take the photo of him and Bella out of the book and take it. That's enough to get the point across without rifling through and lifting floorboards etc.]

Jacob gives Bella a dream catcher.

One new scene in the film has Jacob giving Bella a dream catcher for her birthday, killing two birds with one stone in the process: giving her a present when Edward feels he cannot and putting the mack on her with a big bear hug right in front of Edward. Bella hangs the dream catcher above her pillow, but unfortunately for her, it doesn't help keep the nightmares away.

[Mandy's Note - again I knew this was coming but I loved it, I also loved Edward's face when he half-jokingly/half-really asks why Jacob can give her gifts but he can't - it was perfectly spoken and shown by Robert Pattinson the way I envisioned it in the book... and Dream Catcher was the perfect gift to show some Quileute Native Art and also address the nightmares she has later etc.]

Bella goes for a bike ride at One Eyed Pete's.

Bella's attempt to put herself out there by going to Port Angeles with Jessica takes a dangerous (and hilarious) turn when she accepts a ride with a burly, beefy biker in order to hang on to her visions of Edward. In the book, she stops short of hopping on the chopper, but in the film she takes a full-on joyride with a stranger. How boring would it have been if she'd just turned around and walked back to safety?

[Mandy's Note - I knew this was coming because we had been on set that night and seen it and thought it was a nice difference from the book and more visually entertaining for a movie]

More snarky Anna Kendrick

Besides giving Bella her very first brush with danger, the biker scene serves another purpose: letting Anna Kendrick shine. As Jessica, Kendrick once again steals every scene she's in, and Bella's foolish biker episode gives her some of her very best frenemy lines of dialogue. Bonus: Kendrick's blissfully ignorant snark attack on zombie movies.

[Mandy's Note - I found Jessica annoying in Twilight, but that was her role, and she played it well. I just love her character overall it's the queen snarky bitch every highschool has]

Two words: Face Punch

In addition to the zombie genre, New Moon has a little something to say about stupid action flicks. One of the best additions to the script involves Bella, Mike Newton, Jacob, and a popular (fake) blockbuster movie entitled Face Punch. (Tagline: "Let's DO this!")

[Mandy's Note - I remember people asking Chris Weitz if we'd get to see some clips of this mock movie-sadly no ]

Visions of RPattz dance in Bella's head.

While Bella's hallucinations of Edward in the books are purely auditory, there's no way that would fly in the film. So Weitz injects plenty of pretty Rob Pattinson shots throughout the entire duration of Edward's absence, scrumptious visions that come and go like wisps of smoke. And really, there's tons of RPattz bookmarking New Moon, so we don't miss him all that much. (What am I saying? There's always room for more RPattz!)

[Mandy's Note - I worried it would be too much Edward, I know, we all want more Rob, but we needed to "mourn" him adequately in order to make the reuniting powerful... luckily there was lot's of him in the movie and it was still powerful enough a reuniting at the end.]

Victoria is definitely in the water.

When Bella is drowning after cliff-diving in New Moon, we clearly see Victoria swimming toward her in the water right before Jacob pulls her out of the water – something that was hinted at, but kept ambiguous, in the books. We like it better this way, as it makes Bella's danger more present and, let's be real, gives Rachelle Lefevre a little more to do, considering that she has exactly zero lines in the whole movie.

[Mandy's Note - In the book Victoria is only seen as a flash of red firey hair in the water. in the movie she is clearly in the water coming for Bella, but she is seen much more which I was excited for, but in reality, she was not in it much. She was in Vancouver filming the whole time, and I am not certain but I think she had lines filmed - were the edited out or purposely cut after the firing? hmmm... it's all so sketchy - but I will adjust to the new Victoria more because of Rachelle's lessened role in New Moon - sadly!]

Bella hits Paul in the face

In a film packed with phasing wolves and marble-cracking vampire fights, it's nice to see Bella get a little action. Angry that they've brainwashed her beloved Jacob, Bella confronts the Wolf Pack, shoves Sam Uley, and smacks Paul right in the kisser! Sure, it seems a little out of character, but at least in this moment, Bella is an agent of action and not merely reacting to the people around her. Plus, it leads into Paul's transformation and Jacob's mid-air phase, and the huge revelation of the Quileute secret.

[Mandy's Note - loved this whole scene from her walking past Billy to sleeping Jake, to confronting the wolf-pack, to punching, to the humour, then Jake "rescuing" to the wolf wrestle then going to Emily's - - - everything was perfect about it all]

Carlisle's Volturi painting comes to life.

Instead of waiting ‘til the end to meet the Volturi, we get an early peek at them when Carlisle's painting comes to life as Edward explains their history to Bella. Thank goodness! It would be such a waste to have even less of Aro & Co. in New Moon than the brief sequence we already get.

[Mandy's Note- this was very Harry Potter-esque to me with moving photos... but I loved it, fantastic way to showcase who and what the Volturi are all about]

Victoria attacks Harry Clearwater.

While tracking the Wolf Pack – and slyly covering their footprints – Harry Clearwater suffers a fatal heart attack in the woods. But in the film, we see that Harry's heart attack comes from the shock of being attacked by Victoria, who is seen stalking Charlie's hunting party from up in the trees. The change here allows plot points to converge, as the ensuing wolf pursuit of Victoria runs parallel to Bella's fateful cliff-jump into the ocean. And again, it gives Rachelle Lefevre something to do.

[Mandy's Note - I liked this as it brought the plot together nicely]

New Moon has way more funnies.

Credit Rosenberg for injecting more sly humor into New Moon, which was especially necessary in this installment. Supporting humans like Jessica, Mike, and Charlie add levity to their scenes with the somber Bella, while more subtle winks, like the comparison of werewolfiness to a "lifestyle choice" and Bella's transatlantic ride aboard a Virgin Atlantic airplane, display a self-aware sense of humor.

[Mandy's Note - I loved the close-up's of the HUMANS during Romeo & Juliet at school - ha ha!]

Jacob and Bella almost kiss. Twice

New Moon is Jacob's movie, so Rosenberg rewards him with not one, but two almost-kisses. If you look closely, their lips ACTUALLY TOUCH the second time!

[Mandy's Note - I KNOW!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!]

Jacob and Edward face off in the woods – just not when you expect.

If you've read New Moon, you're already expecting the tense "treaty" discussion between Jacob and Edward. Rosenberg wisely juggles the timeline a bit, placing it before the key conclusion (see #19), and adds one last phase for the furious Jacob. (It's the closest Bella's two men come to blows in New Moon.)

[Mandy's Note - I love this part not only because of the SPECIAL ending, but also because it was a set I went to the day of filming, one of my first sets, and the first time I saw Robert Pattinson (luckily not the last)]

Edward proposes

Rosenberg saves the best for last, leaving Bella (and us) with the biggest possible cliffhanger. Again, the re-jiggered placement of the scene works better cinematically, and leads into the next film, Eclipse!

[Mandy's Note I suspected this and was thrilled]

Alice's vision.

When Aro "sees" Alice's vision of the future, he lets her, Edward, and Bella go with the knowledge that sometime soon, Bella will become a vampire. As a special treat, the film shows us Alice's vision of Edward and Bella running through the woods (alas, in giggle-worthy outfits and slow motion). But after the snickers die down, think about exactly what you are seeing and you'll realize that it's essentially a preview of sorts… of something with the initials B and D!

[Mandy's Note - the giggling in the theatre both times I went to the movie were plantiful, so much that many missed the fact that Kristen Stewart as Bella was indeed a vampire, sparkling and pale-faced with golden eyes... I noticed, but the 2nd time some of my friends who missed it noticed (after I warned them to watch and stiffle giggles.... deffo a BD preview - amazing!]

That said, there are a couple of changes that don't work so well. Jacob's mood swing in the theater and subsequent threat of physical violence to poor Mike Newton seems incredibly out of character. Later in the film when the phone rings in Bella's kitchen, Jacob definitely knows it's Edward on the phone (as opposed to thinking it's Carlisle as in the book), which makes him more of a jerk.

[Mandy's Note- ya I think the temper could have worked but it was too abrupt and out of character... though it did showcase clearly he was "changing"]

Did you notice other differences between The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Stephenie Meyer's book?

[Mandy's Note - Overall I think the changes were well done and with good reason.... is it June 30th yet?]

Team Wolf-Pack, Team-Human, Red Carpet New Moon with Twi-Lex

[Twilight Lexicon]

Conan does New Moon Clip

Anna Kendrick in Vogue

I saw this over at TwiFans:

Me singing being silly in front of hundreds of Twi-Fans

There is a story to this....

First of all, when I first heard "Let Me Sign" I couldn't understand a WORD Rob was singing... one day @amyburrows told me the lyrics and we listened and then they seemed to be clear as day, easy to comprehend.... even still I would make fun of the sound....

#1 - I LOVE the song "Let me Sign"

#2 - I LOVE Rob's singing voice

#3 - despite those 2 facts I still make fun of him singing cuz it is a very whiney tough to decipher sound.

OK - SO - At our New Moon Pre-Party we gave away a total of 10 tickets to Marcus Foster's Concert here in Vancouver December 8th and one contest we planned to do was "come sing a line from the song he co-wrote on Twilight Soundtrack" of course any lyrics from "Let Me Sign" would have won you the tickets but I thought I'd be silly and give an example of my impression of Rob singing the song - and people (mainly my friends of course) laughed and it became a joke.

When we got to the theatre and the staff asked for people who could sing one of Rob's song's I raised my hand then realized I'd have to sing in front of a whole theatre so i put my hand down - but it was too late, the group of people I was with were all pointing at me and the lady said "let's go" so I went up...

it was embarassing, but I really don't care much about what people think of me (if you haven't guessed that already ha!) and luckily I went up first because the other singers were, well, GOOD SINGERS and I was just being silly.

Anyhow - I sang my few whiney lines of "Let Me Sign"

The other girls all sang "Never Think" and they sang it really well (well I was #1 and silly, #2 was really good, #3 duet was not so good and #4 was really great and ended up winning)

ANYWAYS - Videos are now popping up on youtube so I decided I'd bite the bullet and just post them fo ryou to all enjoy and laugh at me ;)

I am first up - - - shuddupinyoface

And here is another one with less of my performance (lucky listeners ha_ and more of the last person as well as voting results ha ha

FYI - right after this BILL BANNERMAN came up to introduce the film - yup - embarassing!

Don't Miss Marcus Foster's Concert December 8th in Vancouver

Inside New Moon Cullen House

These photos have been online for a while because the family who lives there does a home exchange with people around the world.

Now, because the house is for sale (good timing obviously) there are photos of the interior all over the internet.

There is obviously more I could say about this house and the home owners who I have spoken to a few times (they were always quite polite and nice) but Let's just show the photos - since that's what people want to see :-)

Most recognizable parts of the house (remember they cleared everything out and green screened walls to look more like the 1st Cullen House)

Lot's of windows, forest, and open concept floor plan made it easily transferable to become the "Cullen House"

And not in film but for fans who went to house this is recognizable -

But also, the far left is where they filmed Dr Cullen mending Bella's arm, you can see the terrace/wood panel outside the window in the scene and also here beside the door outside.

and less identifiable (not used in the movie)but shows whatta cool house it is:

Eclipse Darker? Breaking Dawn on Hold? Suits Speak! (and so do I)

E!Online claims:

New Moon is going to open huge today, no doubt about it, so it's never too soon to look ahead.

We recently chatted with producer Bill Bannerman and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg about what fans can expect for Eclipse—the third film in The Twilight Saga, due next summer. Many reports have called it much darker, with new director David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night), so we asked if the PG-13 audience would still be able to hang.

Plus, we've got more updates for you on the fate of Breaking Dawn...

First up, Eclipse.

"It is a little edgier, only because there's more action in book three," Twilight and N.M. producer Bannerman tells us. "We have the advance of the newborn army, and our Cullens have to defend themselves, and the wolves become allies. That doesn't happen in New Moon, yet."

[Mandy's Note- FYI - Bill Bannerman was at our New Moon Pre Party and then introduced New Moon at the Scotia Theatre for the Screening we went to Thursday Night]

Don't worry, tho, Rosenberg said she kept the third script very true to the book.

"[The movie] expands on [the book] in some ways—in a movie we can go away from Bella's point of view. So we can go see what Victoria's up to. In some ways we get to see more than what the book can show."

As for whether Slade changed the tone at all? Melissa adds: "The book is darker, so I think the story is darker. David is the perfect director to bring that to life. He has such a great, intense sensibility. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does."

Now onto what most of us are drooling to hear about: Breaking Dawn.

"I think the fans will define the fate of the franchise," Bannerman dishes. "There is no script yet, and if Melissa is working on one, I don't know about it. She's the one that would be first point of contact. I think everyone wants to see it happen, if the momentum gains I don't know why it wouldn't [happen]."

[Mandy's Note - Bill Bannerman had a few things to say about BD, mainly that FANS have the power and he encouraged us to blog and tweet to make BD happen and more importantly makeit happen in VANCOUVER!!]

As for whether that would be one final movie or two: "I don't know. The book can either be simplified or stay intact. It's a longer book than the previous three; it's hard to tell what they'll do. I'm looking forward to the surprise!"

B.D. most definitely will happen, we can assure you. Plus, we know that Rosenberg is already signed on to pen the screenplay for the "Breaking Dawn films," as insiders refer to them.

Most likely, the holdup is Rob, Kristen and newly important Taylor. If they are up to making two more movies, the studio won't miss out on the opportunity to cash in double-time, trust. But from what we're hearing, they have so far only agreed to one more after Eclipse.

Also, insiders tell us how well New Moon does in theaters will influence how many more Twilight films Summit will squeeze out. Money talks, ya know? Even to tired and overpromoted actors.

[Mandy's Note - we all knew and are now seeing that New Moon's "money-making" is the LEAST of anyone's problems, there will be MORE than enough $ made for all... so let's pump out these films people!]

The second-class Twi kids are eagerly awaiting a decision, too.

"I haven't received any word from Summit about the fourth film or what's going on with Breaking Dawn," Jackson Rathbone told Team Awful. "As soon as I know, I'll tell everybody!"

"I don't know anything about Breaking Dawn," Michael Welch also added. "I assume it will be made. I did hear a rumor it might be made into two films."

So what do you think, Twi fans, is this good news, or are you ready to set Robsten free?

[Mandy's Note - BD will be made, I don't think we ever have THAT to worry about, Summit's greedy enough and has broken records with the Twilight Franchise, it is the #1 Movie and there is no way it won't be made... let's be realistic.. they will likely put it in two because #1 - they can make more #2 - they don't wanna piss fans off by cuttingout tons and #3 - they wanan ride this money train as long as possible... the question is when? and where? Vancovuer? Yes Please!]

Creepy Twilight Fan Art

This is creepy stuff, I try not to judge, I mean art is art and Twi-Fans are passionate and I appreciate this.... but I do agree with this post that it is a tad creeepy..... ok more than a tad... no offence to artist or those who think it's rad....

Cinematical Posts:

We've been writing these little Fan Made posts for awhile now, and although I'd like to think that I've seen just about everything you wacky fans can come up with, this little nugget of fandom came along and just about cost me my breakfast. Oh yes, one creative (and creepy) Twilight fan actually took the time to felt together Bella's womb, complete with -- wait for it -- an actual felted mutant fetus inside! Who in their right mind does stuff like this? Seriously, who wakes up one day and says, "Ya know, I think I want to spend the next week or so recreating what Bella's womb would look like with a mutant fetus inside, and then maybe share it with fans on the internet ... because they'll of course think I'm, like, completely normal and stuff."

We love you Twilight fans -- we really do. You're passionate, loyal and determined to spend as much time as you possibly can caring, loving and rooting for these fictional characters. But I think (or should I say, hope) you agree with me when I say we've discovered the limit. This is when you should turn to your child and say, "Mayyybe it's time to take on something a little more productive." Check out both the closed womb and the open womb w/ mutant fetus in the gallery below -- then tell us: Is this the creepiest piece of fan-created junk you've ever seen? If not, what beat this?

Source Thanks @CassieBrianna for the link - Creepy indeed!

TwiCrack Addicts Surprise at NYC New Moon

TwiCrackAddicts (Mrs TCA & Lorabell) went to see New Moon in NYC -

They write:
We attended the Twilight Mom's-hosted New Moon in New York event and it was a blast! It was a night filled with fun. Not only did we get tons of goodies, including NM Burger King crowns, a bag full of goodies, raffle prizes, and an Edward + Volvo poster, but we got to see Peter & Kellan up close when they made a surprise appearance for a charity auction where the audience bid on a chance to have dinner with the guys.


Why L.A & NYC always?

Bill Bannerman at Vancouver Screening of New Moon November 19, 2009.

Bill Bannerman spoke to a full house at Scotia Theatre Thursday November 19, 2009. It was awesome to see and hear him before the show.

Critics Don't like New Moon - So What?

Reviews coming in aren't all positive for New Moon. My thoughts are that Critics aren't neccessarily fans, they haven't neccessarily read the books and so they aren't very good judges.

I mean, the movie follows the book quite well, if it didn't, fans would freak out, and given the phenom that the books have created, and the millions of fans of the book, the movie's best bet is to be as close to the book as possible.

So, critics don't like certain things, So they think it should take more creative liberites, I think that would have resulted in pissed off fans and less success personally.

Also, this movie is #1 - by a long shot and breaking a ton of records... so... critics can eff off ;)

Twilight Lexicon raised some great points about these critics via twitter:

  • “Side note, critics who don’t like it r all male. Not saying any1 in danger of an Oscar, but I find Transformers just as boring.

  • What they are seeing as slow (IMO) works as the depression Bella goes through. Thinking the fanbase not gonna have an issue

  • Press has never “gotten Twilight”. I could explain it, but they are so set in their cubbyhole visions they don’t want to see why it succeeds

  • It’s a woman’s POV film that resonates & they don’t know what the hell to make of it b/c they can’t get out of their own way fast enough.

  • Let me break it down: It’s the plot, stupid. It’s not that we don’t see the flaws, we love it despite the flaws! And that ticks the guys off

  • In 2008: Iron Man, Indiana Jones 4, Hancock are far from quality but did well. Why? They resonated w/guys. Why is what girls want a mystery

  • It’s going to be a top 10. Fans are happy, drive the box $, & love it. How do ya like them apples?. Oh yeah…One more thing..Bite me!”

    You go Girls, it's true... all of it and i love it!
  • Timeout Londond - New Moon Special

    You can see all the scans at RPLife

    Check em out for sure!!!

    Jimmy Kimmel has Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

    INTRO - -

    OFFICIAL: “New Moon” takes in $72.7M to break all-time single day box office record

    OFFICIAL: “New Moon” takes in $72.7M to break all-time single day box office record

    FRIDAY NUMBERS: Summit Entertainment has announced that The Twilight Saga: New Moon took in $72.7M on Friday, setting a new all-time single day box office record.

    Friday's number includes the previously reported all-time record $26.27M in midnight screenings. This one-day total is also not far below the $85M 3-day weekend estimate originally proffered by Summit and accepted by many industry insiders. Few expected the film to approach the $100M mark. My personal guess, which I made last Tuesday, was $110M. Based on the numbers already in, advance sales, and tracking polls, some are now predicting a $125M weekend. That wouldn't top The Dark Knight's $158.4M opening but would be the biggest non-summer 3-day opening weekend of all time.

    This number far surpasses that of The Dark Knight, which took in $67.17M on July 18, 2008 (including $18.4M from midnights). That film's take dropped 29.1% from Friday to Saturday to bring in another $47.65M, and ended with $43.6M on Sunday for an opening weekend total of $158.4M.

    As I've been saying all week on my Twitter, [@larry411] though, the key to the total weekend box office will be the percentage drop (or increase) from Friday to Saturday. One year ago this weekend, Twilight dropped 40.8% from Friday to Saturday. As terrific as that film's opening day's numbers were, they didn't hold up. So that's the key to this weekend. No matter how well New Moon did on Friday it won't surpass 3-day record holder The Dark Knight if there's a significant decline today. This one day total, by the way, surpasses Twilight's total opening weekend take of $69.6M one year ago.

    No matter what the totals turn out to be, this will be the biggest opening of all time for an independent film. The top four places are held by major Hollywood studio films: The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.) at $158.4M, Spider-Man 3 (Sony/Columbia) at $151.1M, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Disney/Buena Vista) at $135.6M, and Shrek the Third (Paramount/Dreamworks) at $121.6M.


    Summit has announced that The Twilight Saga: New Moon has officially set a new all-time midnight box office record, taking in $26.27M from 3514 theaters.

    This shatters The Dark Knight's $18.4M midnight debut for a 3-day weekend. It also easily surpasses the all-time record for midnight showings which was held by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which took in $22.2M on a Tuesday night on its way to a 5-day weekend total of $158M. The Dark Knight went on to take in $67.17M that opening day, dropped 29.1% from Friday to Saturday to bring in another $47.65M, and ended with $43.6M on Sunday for an opening weekend total of $158.4M.


    Unofficial reports say The Twilight Saga: New Moon has shattered The Dark Knight's $18.4M midnight debut for a 3-day weekend. Sources put the total at $23-24M. This would also surpass Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, whose 5-day weekend began with $22.2M on a Tuesday night. Summit has not yet released official numbers.


    The early word this Friday morning from industry sources is that The Twilight Saga: New Moon may be on its way to breaking the all-time midnight screening record set by The Dark Knight (for a 3-day weekend). That film grossed $18.4M from 3040 showings. It went on to take in $67.17M that opening day, dropped 29.1% from Friday to Saturday to bring in another $47.65M, and ended with $43.6M on Sunday for an opening weekend total of $158.4M.

    In contrast, New Moon played 3514 midnight screenings last night, 474 more than The Dark Knight. This would certainly indicate that it's headed for a new midnight record as it only needs to break $18.4M to do so. It might also be on its way to an all-time opening day record, although the film plays at 4024 theaters this weekend vs. The Dark Knight's 4366 locations.

    As I've been saying all week on my Twitter, though, the key to the total weekend box office will be the percentage drop (or increase) from Friday to Saturday. One year ago this weekend, Twilight dropped 40.8% from Friday to Saturday. As terrific as that film's opening day's numbers were, they didn't hold up. So that's the key to this weekend. No matter how well New Moon does today it won't matter if there's a precipitous decline tomorrow.

    Reports from theaters all over the country indicate a mix of tweens and older women, with a decent amount of boys and older men. Males are the key to success for this film to overtake The Dark Knight. The all-time record for midnight showings is held by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which took in $22.2M on a Tuesday night on its way to a 5-day weekend total of $158M.

    I remember people saying "Don't pre-buy tickets for Harry Potter it will over sell and New Moon won't beat it out" ha ha ha - I knew that was NEVER going to be an issue - this is the BIGGEST thing EVER - and just wait for Eclipse!


    Robert Pattinson in NYC November 20, 2009

    Robert Pattinson spotted checking out a guitar shop and then heading to La Esquina restaurant in New York City on November 20, 2009.

    I wonder when this boy will be able to go out for dinner or shopping without being photographed and posted all over the internet... no time soon, that's for sure... and good for us ;)

    [see more at RPLife]

    Chris Weitz asks you not to spoil the ending of New Moon for others

    First, I don' tknow what Twilight Fans haven't seen the movie yet, though some of my friends who are fans are waiting to see it mid-week as they have fear of lines, crowds, and squealing teenaged girls (which honestly, only the first two were problems in my two visits to New Moon So Far) anyhoo - I haven't done a full review of my own because I don't want to spoil, though I did an overall FIRST SCREENING report here and also a SECOND SCREENING

    Anyways, here is what Chris Weitz is saying to MTV recently regarding New Moon and the ending:

    If you're like a very large majority of Twilighters out there, there's a good chance you've already seen "New Moon" and have purchased a ticket to go see it again this weekend. Well, if you fall into that category, than director Chris Weitz really hopes you keep your mouth zipped "The final scene is extraordinarily emotional, and it leads to a very potent climax," he told MTV News on the red carpet of the NYC screening of "New Moon." "And it's kind of a spoiler, which I hope people won't give away."

    That ending — a special moment between two characters that rhyme with Nella and Nedward — and the way it appears in the movie was plotted very carefully by the filmmaker and his team. "Everything about it was planned to reach that ultimate moment," Chris noted. Looking back at the overall film, he admits he's very optimistic about how it will be perceived among the world. "I feel it was as close to the final product as I could make it, which was an honest version of the book and something that a fan would appreciate," he said. "So it's not made for any particular demographic, except for the reader of the book who really wants to see it visualized."

    Robert Pattinson Photos from his Busy Talk Show Week

    Today Show




    Robert Pattinson on Ellen November 20, 2009

    Rob's interview on Ellen last year was one of my faves so i had been excited to see him on Ellen this time around. It was really good and fun, though I miss old, say-anything, no holds barred, Rob.... even so - this is funny and good - love Ellen... LOVE ROB...

    Part 1

    Part 2

    part 3

    My New Moon Experience #2

    So last night I went to Cactus Club Coquitlam with some friends, my adopted twi-daughter and my husband. We enjoyed appies, bevvies and dinner then headed to the theatre to See New Moon.

    It was my twi-daughters first time and my husbands first time, the rest of us it was #2 within 2 days - hard core yes, but not as hardcore as SOME I know who are on multiple times within 24 hours....

    I have to say I enjoyed it more the 2nd time. I knew which parts of the book were out, slightly altered, adjusted and more importantly what parts were included and how they were portrayed. This took the element of surprise, shock, unknowing and most of all anxiety about it all, away.

    I felt like I could sit back and enjoy the film as it was, instead of analyze everything and wonder if something was coming up or how it would be portrayed. I still found my self looking at the parts I remembered them filming in my own backyard and remembering when, where, how, tricks, memories etc. but it was less of a distraction.

    I picked up a few things I missed the first time, though i was so attentive Thursday night there wasn't much I missed luckily.

    I kept trying to give play-by-plays to my husband who told me to be quiet which cracked me up - he was into it - - - he really enjoyed it also, no he hasn't read the books, though he knew the basics because when I read them I'd give him a summary each night of what I'd read that day ha ha.

    I converted my friend Karen, who didn't like it after Thursday's screening, but after a 2nd viewing (and me in her ear with my opinions on how and why I think they did certain things) she said she really enjoyed it.

    Overall, second viewing was more enjoyable fo rme MAINLY because it was more relaxed, it sounds silly but I felt anxious, nervous, excited for first viewing and I actually got cramps mid-way from the excitement and emotion.... I know - I'm *SUCH* a dork...

    But, last night I knew what to expect and just relaxed and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I suggest at least two viewings fans - - - I remember an interview when Taylor said go see New Moon just ONE more time than you went to see Twilight... I saw Twilight in Theatre... 2 or 3 times... and will see New Moon at least 2-3 times THIS WEEKEND ALONE....


    After next week I will do a full review with specifics, but I don't want to spoil anything as per Chris Weitz' request ha ha ha

    How many of you ahve seen it multiple times? How did your opinion change each time?

    ashley Greene in Chicago for New Moon Promotion

    Ashley Greene greeted fans last night (Nov 20) at Hollywood Blvd Cinemas in Chicago, Illinois.

    I don't like the yellow, though it is a nice connector to the porsche non?

    "Dread" Starring Jackson Rathbone to be released January 29th

    Jackson Rathbone’s new movie ‘Dread’ now has an official new Facebook page. The page will be updated regularly until its January 29th release. Click here for the link.

    Also, Fangoria says:"It’s one of the more complicated scenes to capture in the new Clive Barker film DREAD. Actors Jackson (TWILIGHT) Rathbone and Hanne Steen must play slightly drunk while getting hot and heavy during a romantic date in the countryside. At one point, they climb onto the hood of their car and release back into the wild a once-injured crow Rathbone’s character has rescued. Except the crow isn’t playing ball."

    Jackson is hot, he is a great actor, and he is hot... so I wanna see him whenever, wherever, so January I will go see this...

    Kellan Lutz on Jay Leno

    Robert Pattinson as Frank Sinatra?

    CeleBuzz says:

    You have to give Robert Pattinson credit; he dares to dream big.

    The New Moon heartthrob, currently riding high on the runaway success of the Twilight sequel, has his sights set on a non-vampiric role next: that of Frank Sinatra, for Martin Scorsese's much-discussed biopic on the legendary singer.

    Says Pattinson,

    “I would like to play Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese’s film, but so does everyone. I’m a little too young, I can sing but I can’t do his voice. There is a lot of competition. I’m not into competition.”

    Sure. Then there's the whole not-looking-anything-like-Sinatra thing. And the whole being-British thing.

    But then, given the fact that everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Johnny Depp to Jamie Foxx has been mentioned among the possible candidates for the role, maybe R-Pattz's thinking isn't so pie-in-the-sky after all.

    Do you think Pattinson has a shot at playing Ol' Blue Eyes? More importantly, should he?

    Any movie with Rob would be worth seeing cuz he is hot, talented and fun to watch..... I dunno if he'd be right for this role, but I'd def watch him in it if he was cast.


    Vanity Fair Video with New Moon Cast

    Japanese interview with Rpattz

    Taylor Lautner on Today Show

    Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz on Today Show

    Robert Pattinson is Bothered - by New Moon

    Video of Rob and Kristen arriving at NYC New Moon Screening

    Access hollywood Video of NYC New Moon Screening

    ET Video of NYC New Moon Screening

    New Moon’s Ashley Greene is in Grazia Magazine Australia

    New Moon’s Ashley Greene is in Grazia Magazine Australia - and wow, she is looking beautiful! She looks good in solid black!


    Melissa Rosenberg's account of New Moon Premiere in L.A.

    MELISSA ROSENBERG: The family started coming to town a couple days before The Night. Excitement has been high, lots of discussions about wardrobe, and some last-minute shoe and shirt shopping. Finally, everyone’s outfit is decided upon.

    The big day arrives. Around noon, the house starts filling with the friends and family who are joining me for the premiere. Garen Tolkin, fab make up and hair artist, arrives to glam me up. Her assistant, Lydia Foster, is on hand to attend to my sisters, girlfriends, mother… she’s kept very busy.

    Stylist April Steiner arrives with the jeweler whose company is named Diamond In The Rough. They present me with the most stunning, intricately designed bracelets, earrings, and cocktail rings for me to borrow. If I borrow them, I’m guaranteed to be nervous the entire night about losing them. But they’re so gorgeous, I accept the trade-off.

    Everyone’s having fun primping. It’s a lot more fun to dress up when you have professionals there to make sure you don’t take any wrong steps. Meanwhile, I’m tucked away in my bathroom getting the final touches. I come out occasionally to make sure that, amid the fun, everyone’s moving toward readiness.

    Nate & Al deli supplies platters of sandwiches that Chef Laurie Worthy keeps freshly plated. We make a serious dent in what seemed like a ton of food. I try to wolf something down, but it’s all too exciting to eat.

    My husband Lev BURSTS into the house a half hour before limo time, having driven all the way from San Dimas to Beverly Hills in record time. The New Moon scene of Alice driving in Italy about describes his journey home. He was finishing his last day directing a TV pilot. He’s keyed up, caffeinated, and bolts into the shower. I can’t believe he made it in time and am sooooo glad he’s with us when we leave!

    The limo arrives to pick us up. It seats 10. Our driver sees this huge group of people heading toward his car and asks nervously how many we are. I say 11. We’re actually 12 but we start shoving ourselves in there before he can stop us. Inside, it’s a game of Twister. Everyone’s on top of one another. Laughter is abundant.

    As we near the theater, we see the crowd of fans thickening the closer we get. When we arrive, everyone in the car is a little stunned, overwhelmed, and thrilled by the madness just outside the window. We collect our collective nerve and pile out of the limo in clown-car fashion.

    I hit the red carpet with my dashing Lev. And I talk to everyone. I mean…everyone. I’m in front of every journalist there. It takes me 90 minutes to walk the equivalent of two city blocks. And I’m talking the whole time. I try to visit with the fans as much as I can, signing posters, books, and whatever else they brought. I love these folks: so passionate, warm and personable. Unfortunately, I keep getting pulled away to do more press. Still, it’s all incredibly exhilarating.

    Highlights on the red carpet include talking with Access and Extra, and my favorites, Carrie Bell from Entertainment Weekly, and Larry Carroll with MTV.

    Super highlight: Lev & I meet Mary Murphy and Cat Deeley of So You Think You Can Dance! We’re both huge huge fans of their show. Both ladies couldn’t possibly be warmer. Mary even joins me for an interview and pretends to be thrilled to meet me! Love those gals.

    In the theater I nearly fall down the aisle several times — I’ve not yet perfected the art of walking down a sloping aisle while wearing ridiculously high heels. Lev tries to keep me steady.

    The excitement in the theater is tangible. It’s like a reunion too, seeing people I haven’t seen in a while. I finally find Stephenie [Meyer] who looks stunning in Carolina Herrera — so great to see her radiant smile. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen her. We see Jamie Campbell Bower, who we spent time with in Rome, Michael Sheen, the gorgeous Edi Gathegi, all the incredibly talented New Moon producers.

    They finally get us all in our seats. I take off my shoes (trade secrets!). The movie begins. It seems like a pretty friendly crowd, so I’m hopeful for a good reaction — most of them are either married to, related to, friends with, or associates of someone connected to the movie. They want the movie to succeed. They laugh and gasp and applaud in all the right places. It’s so gratifying to see one’s work playing well to an audience!

    I’m relieved, delighted, happy. But I can’t get my shoes back on!

    The clowns pile back into the limo, our numbers having grown to 13. Fortunately, the party is only a few blocks away. We enter to a forest-like environment with wonderfully atmospheric music wafting through.

    We’re starving so we beeline to our table and get some of the delicious food. We hide out there for a while, then go to mill about. I meet Anna Kendrick, surprisingly, for the first time. She’s funny and lovely and wearing a fabulously fun dress. I get to talk more in-depth with Stephenie, but she’s surrounded by her family, me by mine — we need a lunch together! We see several other New Moon actor friends (love Charlie Bewley!), but never cross paths with our leads. It’s wonderful to see everyone, and we enjoy the party, but it’s been a hell of a day. We clown it back into the limo and spend the ride home packed in like sardines, recounting every great moment of the best night ever.


    Robert Pattinson Leaves NYC Screening for New Moon

    He has crazy style that's for sure LOL Go see MANY more photos at RPLife There are some great shots.

    Nikki Reed on Rachel Ray

    SYTYCD meets New Moon

    This is like my two loves uniting.

    I blog for and

    Anyways, Mary Murphy a judge for SYTYCD was at the New Moon L.A. Premier and even did an interview with Melissa Rosenberg.

    Also, from SYTYCD Canada Blake McGrath and Tre Armstrong attended a premier (I believe in Toronto) and CTV posted some awesome photos.

    Billy Burke & Justin Chon


    Friday, November 20, 2009

    My New Moon Experience #1

    The cinema was packed and i was glad to sit with so many of my friends.

    I did go up in front of the theatre and do my impression of Rob singing "Let Me Sign" which was mostly just to be funny... the other contestents were actually amazing singers and the winner was really great.

    Bill Bannerman introduced the movie and he was actually at our New Moon Pre-Party too! *exciting eh?* He told us the power of the blogs, tweets and fans.... and encouraged us to get out there and spread the word to make Breaking Dawn happen and to make it happen in Vancouver - inspiring!

    As the previews came on i was excited... Lovely Bones looks fantastic, i still haven't read the book, Percy Jackson looks amazing, it was filmed here at the same time as New Moon, Remember Me led to a squeal in the theatre for Rob and looks like a great movie also.

    As E1 and Summit logo's came up all I could feel was the first New Moon trailor I saw when the truck drives up and she asks Edward to kiss her, of course this is NOT how it starts, but it just was drilled in my head in that sequence from seeing the trailor multiple times.

    I don't want to spoil for people who are avoiding crowds, squeals and lines but I will give you my opinion in a general sense.

    Trailors did not give away all the key scenes, though many of them, all of the trailor scenes have more to them in the movie and it felt like a good mix of "what I knew and saw" and "more than I expected" if that makes any sense at all?

    The CGI was amazing, I really liked the wolves, I know we saw them in the trailo rbut there is one part on the cliff where the wolf's fur is blowing in the wind and I just wanted to like, reach out and pet him ha ha it looks so soft.

    Having been to many sets or been outside many sets while they were filming I felt an added connection to clips and parts, like "OMG I was right across the street" (Movie Theatre) or "we were outside this was filmed at 3am" (Cullen House) or "I can't even invision the theatre how they set it up because I know the inside theatre and outside theatre are two different places" (Movies - obviously) and so on.

    There were about 3 times that I actually went "look" and pointed at the screen to parts or items or things that i remembered from while they were filming, that gave me an added enjoyment, though it didn't distract from the movie as much as I anticipated. I seriously thought the first time would be fangirls screaming (myself included) and me scanning each scene for things I recalled from live sets...

    This wasn't the case.

    Our theatre was relatively quieter than I thought it would be, a few chatterboxes at the start, obvious clapping and squealing at certain times (Edward first pulls up at school, Jacob first takes his shirt off) and group sighs as deep breaths were being held as Jake and Bella were alone together.

    They took enough from the book and a few creative differences (one we know from previews, having Edwards face crack when he fights Felix in the Volturi Scene) and overall it was just really enjoyable.

    I know a lot of reviews have been low, and I realize I am a huge fan so I may be biased, but friends who aren't fans even said they enjoyed it. I think there is more "male-friendsly" portions, and the acting is steppe dup though there are still laughable / corny parts that I won't discuss yet because I know some haven't seen it yet *gasp*

    Few things...

    I think Michael Sheen stole his scenes, Billy Burke has the same presence as Twilight, Chris Weitz is a god and did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the story, Cullen's role was less than I anticipated but still good to see, Ending was what I predicted but still awesome, Taylor looks ah-freakin-mazing with no shirt on, Dakota was creepy looking in a good way, Alice's hair was better in the first film, Pace was good especially scenes chosen to do in slow-motion and rapid speed, Amazing to see how three forests can be morphed to be one in a film, Victoria's screen time was less than I anticipated but very memorable, CGI was very well done, Wolf-Pack captivated the playful, united roles, I got goosebumps in a few scenes, I got tense and anxious a few scenes, I loved the Movie!

    More specific details by next week I really want everyone to see it and be able to read my opinions on specifics, plus I will have seen it a few more times by then and have better insight :-)

    Taylor Lautner and Jimmy Fallon race mini-bikes

    taylor Lautner interviewed by Jimmy Fallon

    Part 2

    See them race mini-biks here It's hilarious!!!

    NYC New Moon Screening last night - photos

    New York New Moon Premier last night - everyone looked smoking.... though tired... understandably... Then there was after paties, of course.

    [source via Robsten Lovers]