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#bb14 Veto Comp Details

Veto winner, suspected use of veto or not, and a bit of info on what the comp was....



Frank won veto.

It was a zingbot veto game.

Danielle got "Shane has a present for you after you leave the house.... a restraining order... zing!">

Ian's was "For chemeical engineering student, you sure have no chemistry... zing" (or something like that!

The zingo bot may have passed out? Dan aid in BB12 the zingbot wanted to strip down because they were so hot... not sure

Tonight in the house, magic tricks, very little game talk except Wil suspecting (correctly) that he may go instead of joe (it is assumed nominations will not change... probably true!)>

Robert Pattinson's first interviews... what will he say?

ever since the cheating sacandal news broke fans, media, everyone, have been interested in what one of the parties involved will say... next week we find out...

Robert Pattinson will be on Jon Stewart's show Monday and Good Morning American Wednesday and I know I am not alone in saying how excited I am to hear what he has to say. The promotional appearences are for Cosmopolis (which already released in Canada, I saw it in May or June) but with the "open" interview, you KNOW the Kstew cheating scandal will come up... won't it?

Media reports are saying Kristen is nervous as to what will be said.

Radar Online writes:

While K-Stew, 22, doesn’t believe R-Pattz will trash her on the show, which airs on Monday, August 13, Kristen is concerned that she could fall foul of the host’s sharp tongue.

She’s praying she won’t be the butt of the jokes because she’s hurting enough as it is.

“Kristin is very, very nervous about Robert’s interview with Jon Stewart on Monday,” a source close to the Twilight star revealed.

“She’s confident that Robert, who has always been such a private person about his personal life, will keep quiet over the cheating scandal.

“But she does have some concerns that Stewart might poke fun at the situation in an attempt to get Robert to open up.

“While she has a sense of humor, this isn’t something she wants joked about. Kristen is hurting and doesn’t want her heartbreakpoked fun at on TV.


“She’s crossing her fingers that Jon doesn’t go there and instead concentrates on promoting Robert’s new movie Cosmopolis,” the insider said.

As previously reported, Rob, 26, is considering reconciling with Kristen and is no longer angry at the young starlet for cheating on him.

“Rob was super angry for the first couple of weeks. Angry at Kristen for ruining what they had, angry at her for the public embarrassment, angry at Rupert (Sanders) ,” a source revealed.

“But he's starting to wind down and really think about what he’s going to do regarding his relationship with Kristen. He goes back and forth...

“There's definitely some friends who think he should just move on from Kristen, but then there are others who still think Rob and Kristen really have a special connection and want him to give her another chance.

“He has a lot to think about and hasn’t decided either way right now.”

Ever since the u-haul appeared at their house I have predicted this relationship was REALLY over!!!

I have said it before, but I don't think you should get back together with someone who cheats. He will look like a fool! Ah well, his life... though he seemed to be looking better last week when he went out for drinks in Ojai.

I think these interviews will be really telling as to where his minds at... I hope... or it could be same old goofy Rob?!

I think, if I was Kristen, I'd be worried about what may come out of Rob's mouth - that boy has no filter ha! I love it!

Perez Hilton (i know, i know....) writes:

Robert Pattinson might be all shook up over his upcoming TV appearances next week, but it seems Kristen Stewart is even WORSE off!

While KStew is keeping the faith that R-Patz will stay true to his nice guy ways and not talk shiz about her, that doesn’t mean JStew Jon Stewart will hold back on The Daily Show!!

In regards to Monday’s interview, a source revealed:

“While she has a sense of humor, this isn’t something she wants joked about. Kristen is hurting and doesn’t want her heartbreak poked fun at on TV. She’s crossing her fingers that Jon doesn’t go there and instead concentrates on promoting Robert’s new movie Cosmopolis.”

Uh…yeah. We’ll see about that!

Even if the sit down with Jon DOES go smoothly, there’s always Rob’s no-restrictions Good Morning America interview on Wednesday to keep KStew on edge all week!

Now is definitely not a good time to be Kristen Stewart, that's for sure!

I am anxious to hear what he has to say... I GET it's purpose is to promote Cosmpolis and fans are saying "support his projects and leave his personal life alone" but guess what? I already supported the movie, I saw it twice when it was in theatres here so now that I have done that, let me be curious on the other parts of his life too ok? ;)

Zach Galifinakis getting married in Vancouver

According to VanCityBuzz
Hangover star Zach Galifianakis is currently in Vancouver for his wedding. That’s right folks, in less than 24 hours Zach Galifianakis will be officially off the market as he finally ties the knot with his long time love Quinn Lundberg in a private ceremony here in Vancouver.

Zach flew into Vancouver a week ago where he was met at the airport by local paparazzi (yes we have them too). He told the local paps that he was here to attend his close friend’s funeral. Little did we know it was actually for the wedding this whole time. Rumours say the couple will be dinning at the Tea House in Stanley Park after the ceremony.

Super cool!!! I wondered why he was in town - what a beautiful city to get married in ;)

Digistal Spy writes:

A Twitter account for the Tea House did acknowledge that a wedding will take place this weekend by tweeting an image of a banquet rehearsal set-up.

A caption that accompanied the image reads: "Beautiful day for a wedding rehearsal dinner."

Galifianakis and Lundberg have so far offered no confirmation that they will wed in the coming days.

The couple were first reported to be engaged in June, when a supposedly authentic wedding invitation was leaked to the press.

Lundberg is the founder of Growing Voices, an international charity that seeks donors for community-based projects.

#bb14 nominees and have nots


Wil and Joe are up.

Although Joe was the target, it seems that "they" want Wil to go.

Have Nots = Brit, Shane, Joe, Danielle.

danielle says Ian pushed her to get the bandana to be on the other team (that won).

Apparently Joe got mean during the comp? Can't wait to see.


Ash seems to have serious back pain (some say it's a ploy as part of the show, but she seems legit hurt... not sure)

Wil is worried and scrambling.

Many of the HGs were working out in the yard, intense circuit training led by Shane, I was sweating and tired just watching them!!!

Brit and Dani wrote a cheer for Frank when he loses his spirit tard, hope he can remember it for DR :)

That's all for now.... POV is played tomorrow, probably a bean bag toss type game, as BB gave them one in the yard to play with tonight.

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E. Roger Mitchell to play Chaff in Catching Fire

Catching Fire Casting has announced District 11's tribute Chaff will be played by E. Roger Mitchell.

About the Character:
A tribute from District 11, Chaff won the 45th Annual Hunger Games and will compete in the Quarter Quell.

E. Roger Mitchell:

E. Roger Mitchell is Miami Florida native, Claflin University alumni, B.A. English/Drama, class of 1993. Who’s Who Among Americas Colleges and Universities: 1992. He then continued his education at the Alliance Theatre Professional Actor Internship, class of 1996. Earned his Master of Fine Arts in Acting from CUNY Brooklyn (City University of New York) class of 1999. Roger is currently performing at Horizon Theatres’ World Premiere of Sheddin’. Most recently seen Theatre in the Squares’ production of Flying West, Theatrical Outfits’ world premiere of The Green Book, Arena Stage production of “every tongue confess”. Atlanta’s’ Alliance stage in August Wilson’s Jitney, Gem of the Ocean, and Cuttin’Up (2007 Tony Award-Best Regional Theatre Company). Theatrical Outfit’s production of A Confederacy of Dunces, and Cormac McCarthy’s The Sunset Limited (Suzi Award, Best Lead Actor 2010). Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company: Miss Evers Boys and Ceremonies In Dark Old Men. Horizon Theatre: A Cool Drink of Water. Film/TV: Spectacular Now, The Beginning of the End: Exorcism 2, Flight (starring Denzel Washington), Awakened, Hallmark Hall of Fame: A Smile as Big as the Moon, Coma, Hornets Nest, Blackhats, Battle: Los Angeles, The Crazies, Blood Done Sign My Name, S.W.A.T., Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Legend of Bagger Vance, Daddy’s Little Girls, HBO’s Boycott and Warm Springs (2005/Emmy Award Best Picture) Past Life, The Shield, Surface, Navy NCIS, One Tree Hill, and House of Payne.

Hunger Games Weapons Sneak Peak

OOh very cool to watch and learn about the weapons.... writes:
There’s a new behind the scenes clip available from, this time covering the weapons of ‘The Hunger Games’. Watch Xander and Dayo talk about the different versions of weapons they had at their disposal on set

Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 Years - Channing Tatum

One day, while hanging out on the Charleston, S.C. set of the 2010 Nicholas Sparks weepie Dear John, star Channing Tatum got to talking with costar Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) and the film’s screenwriter, Jamie Linden (We Are Marshall). Porter and Linden were old high school buddies, and they’d just come back from their 10 year reunion. “Channing didn’t go to his,” Linden tells EW, “so he had a bunch of questions.” Soon, producers Reid Carolin, Marty Bowen, and Wyck Godfrey joined in.

Sometimes, filmmaking is just that simple: Stars + writer + producers + personal experience = The indie ensemble comedy 10 Years, written and directed by Linden, and starring Tatum, Porter, and a who’s who cavalcade of young Hollywood.

Movie comes out Sept. 14 2012. I can't wait! More Channing Tatum!


Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 NEW Ending?

According to Entertainment Weekly, a completely different finale was "dreamed up" by Stephenie Meyer and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg one night over dinner.

And it's this ending that was ultimately decided to be used in the film.

Robert Pattinson couldn't believe his eyes when he read it. He tells EW:

"When I first read the script, I got to that part and was like, 'What?' And then I had to go back a page. It does it a serious justice."

Kristen Stewart seems to love it. She says:
"It's clearly made by someone who really cares. That's why Bill Condon is perfect. Thank God for him."

What do you think they may change that fans would love (because, let's face it, Bill, Steph, Melissa, they would only do it to make it epic)

I am excited for a change/surprise... so excited! I have some predictions... a fastforward to future life (Renesme/Jacob?), maybe kill some Volturi (I wanted this in the book so badly), Hmmm.. any other ideas?

See scans here

Alan Ritchson cast as Gloss in Catching Fire

Alan Ritchson was rumored to have auditioned for Finnick Odair. Let me just say if GLOSS is this hot, I can not WAIT to see Finnick!

Follow Alan on Twitter @AlanRitchson!

About the Character:

A former Career tribute from District 1, Gloss and his sister Cashmere (who is also competing in the Games) are enamored of the Capitol.

Alan Ritchson:

Alan Ritchson is the middle son of a retired US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and a high school teacher. He began his career as a model, working for Abercrombie and Fitch and was also the model for the title character in BEOWULF, with Angelina Jolie. Ritchson most recently starred in the CBS comedy pilot SUPER FUN NIGHT with Rebel Wilson, and BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE, which aired on Spike TV for three seasons. Previously, Ritchson recurred as “Aquaman” on CW’s SMALLVILLE and appeared in Season 3 of 90210 as a love interest to the character “Teddy Montgomery.” In addition to acting, Alan continues to pursue music. He released an album in 2005 called “This Is Next Time.”

Also, here he is auditioning for American Idol Season 3:


Miley Cyrus Nude pics for Liam Hemsworth

Apparently these were taken last year during promotional shots for her album, a few racey extra pics were taken for her (now) fiancee Liam Hemsworth.

More pics here

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

EW Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Scans

Katniss for President? Movie Election Posters

NextMovie has some cool movie election posters....

As the 2012 presidential election quickly approaches, Americans must carefully analyze each candidate's policies and personalities to determine who they want to lead the country for the next four years.

And then there's the funnier -- but not any less absurd -- election at the center of "The Campaign," a new political satire pitting Will Ferrell's charismatic, gaffe-prone incumbent against Zach Galifianakis's Washington outsider in a North Carolina congressional race.

We're not sure we'd vote for either of these guys in real life, but you know who we would vote for? Yoda. And The Dude. And after "The Avengers," Hulk would most definitely get our endorsement.

See Rob on The Daily Show and Good Morning American next week

In case you missed it....

Robert Pattinson will appear on “The Daily Show” on Monday, August 13, and then August 15 on “Good Morning America.”

Hunger Games: Catching Fire - District 2 Casting News

District 2 has been cast.... announcement that Bruno Gunn has been cast as Brutus in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Santa Monica, CA, August 8, 2012- Lionsgate® and the filmmakers of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE are pleased to announce that Bruno Gunn has been cast in the role of Brutus in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel Catching Fire. Brutus is a former Career victor from District 2.

Gunn has co-starred in a variety of films, most recently the comedy hit Bad Teacher, and is recognizable to TV audiences from frequent guest starring roles including on “The Office”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Sons Of Anarchy,” “Oz,” and “Prison Break.”

Also yesterday it was announced that former figure skater Meta Golding was cast as District 2 Career Tribute Enobaria:

Santa Monica, CA, August 7, 2012- Lionsgate® and the filmmakers of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE are pleased to announce that Meta Golding has been cast in the role of Enobaria in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel Catching Fire. A former career tribute from District 2, Enobaria is known for the particularly brutal, disturbing way in which she came to win The Hunger Games.

About the Character:

A former career tribute from District 2, Enobaria is known for the particularly brutal, disturbing way in which she came to win The Hunger Games.

Meta Golding:

The daughter of an American United Nations food relief worker and a Haitian beauty queen, META GOLDING was raised in the United States, India, Haiti, France and Italy. After an injury sidelined her career as an Italian National Figure Skater, she brought her love of performance from the ice to the stage. Her ability to speak 3 languages and various other dialects made this transition come naturally. Meta started acting in Italian theatre before heading back to the United States to attend Cornell University, where she obtained degrees in Theatre Arts and International Relations. She was cast in ABC’s daytime drama “Loving” and the features “Louis and Frank,” “Kiss The Girls,” and “Surrogates.” Meta will next be seen in the independent film “The Chicago 8”.

#mommawants a Katniss Barbie

#bb14 poker night of tears

Last night was pretty hilarious in the big brother house...


There was poker night. there was badminton and back yard antics. There was a lovesick (and drunk) Danielle upset over Shane not wanting to kiss her non-stop... lol

Also the impersonations of Joe were hilarious- especially Wil's!

Janie seems to suspect she is headed home and may push today for some last votes, her and Brit are getting along but Janelle will be pissed if/when Brit sends her home...

Will be a great live show.

The silent 6 (or whatever they have named themselves) of Frank, Boogie, Shane, Brit, Danielle, Dan seem legit but diary room sessions will be telling on the show tonight....

Still looks like Janelle going home...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Salary Hike for Hunger Games Trio

THR says:
Jennifer Lawrence, whose performance as Katniss Everdeen helped The Hunger Games gross $683.8 million worldwide this spring, is getting a major raise for the sequel.

The actress is in the final stages of negotiating a rich deal to return for Catching Fire that will pay her somewhere in the $10 million range, according to sources close to the deal. The figure is a combination of salary, bonuses and escalators. Depending on the box-office performance of the film, she could earn much more.

The Hollywood Reporter reported in February that the Oscar-nominated actress was paid just $500,000 upfront for the first film, plus bonuses depending on box-office performance. Her original deal with studio Lionsgate locked her into four planned films based on the best-selling Suzanne Collins trilogy, but producers -- recognizing the success of the franchise -- moved to renegotiate her contract as the film became an international sensation. Such renegotiations are common on major film franchises. The Twilight stars, for instance, received significant salary bumps in subsequent movies.

Lawrence’s co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth also are said to have renegotiated their contracts, but each will receive far smaller raises, according to sources. Lawrence, whose gritty performance was central to the film, is seen as the marquee star.

True Blood: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Three episodes left... Some subplots wrapped up, some development and connections with other plots... I wish True Blood was year round....


Let me start by saying thank LILITH some of the smaller, annoying, horrible, subplots are getting wrapped up and or tied into something bigger. I have been getting so tired of some of the minor plots this season, I feel like some started too late to develop (hate group), some should have been skipped all together (Terry and Patrick) and more time spent on things that matter (Authority, Sookie's parents)

I can't believe we only have three episodes left. Way too much time has been wasted on an ifrite and Terry and Patrick chasing the fire demon while I crave more development in other areas... and I am still pissed Roman was killed.

One great thing about Terry killing Patrick (besides the ghost coming and removing the curse after calling on the ifrit to take Patrick....) was this one liner from the usuall annoyingly timid Arlene...

Haters Gonna Hate....

The Obama masked hate group trying to kill 'supes' had potential as a subplot, but was brought in a bit late, so I am glad it is wrapping up also. Thank goodness because Luna and Sam have a more serious problem now don't they? Poor Emma-wolf-pup.

Vampire Gay Love....

Of course Russell Edgington is the vampire providing 'V' to JD and the wolf pack. No surprise. What's more interesting is the budding love between Steve Newlin (who I love so much more as a gay vampire than I ever did as a straight bible thumping human, especially with his dance moves!) and Russell... is he the next Talbot? The puppy gift (Luna's daughter Emma) seems to indicate a blossoming vampire love and I want it to continue past this season... please?!

Steve Quote:

I've never had a pet. My father was allergic to everything but God.

Authority Life....

Now the main plots. True Blood factories have been bombed, as per Bill Compton's great idea last episode. Eric is keen to escape and devises a plan with Bill to get Salome's blood which is needed to escape since even Molly no longer has security clearance out of the Authority's building. Bill seems lost and confused, but agrees to get Salome's blood.

Molly Quote:

The locks are DNA specific

Later Eric tricks his 'sister' Nora and silvers her while Bill seduces (ok, not really, she is pretty willing) in the bedroom. During their 'encounter' Bill hallucinates and sees Sookie, who he bites, thus getting Salome's blood, which would allow him and Eric to escape. He also sees Lilith and seems to be going cray in a very strange sex scene between the two.

Later, Eric and Molly meet up with a silver injected Nora ready to leave. Just then Bill arrives and they are ready to escape, except the doors open and there stands Salome with security and it becomes clear Bill is not wanting to escape. Somehow he has gone from the most mainstream, calm, level-headed, neutral vampire leader to ... CRAY! Who knows where this will lead, but I do like that Eric and Bill have seemingly swapped their positions in moral standings...

It is strange seeing Eric acting more sane and "good" than the usual suspect Bill. Me likey!

Sookie seeks answers....
Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps Sookie is trying to find out who this 'Warlow' vampire is that killed her parents. She recruits Lafayette to help talk to ghosts and try to figure out more about her parents death.

Before we continue, I have to say, I LOVE LAFAYETTE. Last season he kind of strayed from his usual awesome character, but he is back in full force and I love it!

Lafayette Quotes:

I ain't Gmail for dead bitches. Creepy spirit thing, why you in Sookie bathroom? Dead folk, why y’all gotta be so cryptic? It ain’t cute!

Anyways, Gran tells Lafayette the answers under the bed... now why Sookie has't seen this memory box under the bed before now baffles me, I mean, you'd think after cleaning up blood and such in that house, she MAY have swept under the bed at least once in the past few years.... non? Anyhow, a newspaper article about her parents shows that Ex-Sheriff Bud Dearborne was the "cop on the scene" of the murders... surprised? no!

Dragon Slayer...

I predicted bringing ex-sheriff Bud back had one purpose, he was the dragon. Well, I was close, that crazy lady "Sweetie" was the dragon. Sookie goes to talk to Bud about her parents murders, Bud admits it was suspicious but they didn't know about 'supes' (vampires) back then. Sookie tries mind reading and 'Sweetie" the gf comes in to knock her out before she figures out they are the hate group leaders - which wasn't what she was even looking into... but it ties in nicely.

Oh, side note, Hoyt was taken by a 'familiar face' last episode - obviously Bud Dearborne, so he is in the pig farm, where they also take Sookie to be eaten by pigs... so here lies Hoty and Sookie, whose fairy magic isn't working by the way!

Bon Temps Police Force...
Back at the police station, Jess is put into custody.

Jason Quote:

Don't let her out of your sight, I don't care if she is sleeping or taking a dump

Luna and Sam shift into flies on the wall and listen in as Andy feeling like the "worst Sheriff ever" watches the hate group videos and recognizes bud Dearbornes boots. HEY! Not such a bad sheriff after all eh? (Well he and Jason DID just beat up a prisoner for info, but whatever!)Jason and him rush off to Dearborne's house, Luna and Sam also go to handle the situation. What I loved about the big scene was that we had a pig at the pig farm turn into naked Sam Merlotte who fought off the redneck hate group members. Then we had naked Luna take care of the "dragon" who, by the way hates 'supes' because her man left her for a shifter at a square dance competition...

Luna Quote:

This is for my daughter you human trash

Jason and Sheriff show up, arrests are made, Hoyt's saved, Sookie's saved, all is well in the world... right?

Other bits:

Tara and Pam have a bit of banter, Pam is worried about Eric, Tara is trying to stock pile True Blood now that the factories are being blown up, and lastly there is a new sheriff in town who will run Fangtasia and orders vamps to grab humans to eat.... um... Pam is not impressed. I had to check IMDB on this actor and he has two episodes quoted, so hoping he is gone before finale. I don't want a new sheriff in town... sheesh! Let Pam run stuff until Eric is back - he will be back.. right? right!

Pam quote:

Whatever comes up next, we keep our heads down and our tits up and the True Blood flowing.

I want more Pam - always, her and Lafayette have my most fave one-liners always.

Oh and Sookie asks Lafayette "Other than getting possessed by a mexican demon. How you been? You heard from Tara?

Lafayette replies, "I text her about 50 times and this all she wrote…

ha ha love it!

Alcide left town, flashbacked to his childhood and his daddy and in the end shows up at his daddy's place. Unresolved issues clearly!

Did I miss anything? What did you think of the episode? I am really excited for finale and hope to see some big bangs plot wise....

Canadian indie film All the Wrong Reasons casting

THR writes:


TORONTO – Glee star Cory Monteith, Emily Hampshire, Kevin Zegers and Karine Vanasse (Pan Am) have joined All the Wrong Reasons, the indie feature by writer/director Gia Milani now shooting in Halifax through mid-August.

The film, a New Brunswick-Manitoba co-production, is based on the Slamdance award-winning screenplay about four lives intersecting in a department store in the aftermath of a traumatic event.

The ensemble film sees Monteith play a store manager, Vannase a security guard, while Zegers plays a fire fighter and Hampshire a store clerk.

The Canadian film is produced by Milani, Tony Whalen of Shore Road Pictures and Phylis Laing of Buffalo Gal Pictures.

Pacific Northwest Pictures will release the film in Canada, and Myriad Pictures isl handling international sales.

The Canadian theatrical release is set for 2013, followed by a domestic pay TV run on The Movie Network and Movie Central in 2014.

Once Upon a Time Season 2 News

After Comic-con, I have been so excited for OUAT Season 2. We saw a number of hints as to what to expect in characters for season 2 and one of the big ones was Captain Hook, who has been cast!

Hypable writes:

EW reports that Irish actor O’Donoghue, best known for his role on The Tudors, will play the confident, well-mannered pirate.

It seems like Hook will play a significant role in the story, considering that the trailer which aired at Comic-Con was focused solely on his introduction.

EW also reports:

Pretty Little Liars actor Julian Morris is set to play a noble royal in a guest star role on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

The British actor will play Prince Phillip, the prince who’s seeking to awaken Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Bolger).

Can't wait for Sept. 30

Robert Pattinson out for drinks in Ojai

Perez Hilton has posted:

after hiding out at his former co-star Reese Witherspoon's ranch in Ojai, California for a few days, witnesses at a local bar were surprised to see the Twilight star kicking back and having a few drinks right along with them Friday night!

A young woman there that night took to Twitter to give some more details:

"Awesome night in Ojai. Got to hang with a rowdy bunch of Brits & one of them happened to be Edward"

"He wasn't moping and the girls were definitely just his friend"

"The girls were drunk and literally danced on the floor.

"The girls were nice. I stood next to them at the bar. He wasn't drunk. Just taking in the scene. Smoked next to him outside."

Aww! We're so happy to hear that he's showing his face again!

Not an easy process, especially when you've been so hurt, but clearly, he's realizing that life goes on and taking it one day at a time!

Hope you had a great night, Rob!

Hang in there!

I have said it before, and I know people disagree with me but, I really hope that Rob moves on from this in time and they can continue a professional relationship.... I have no idea what the future holds for these two but I am glad his friend Reese is there for him, she is so sweet! (No I am not implying romance between them - obviously!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

#bb14 Veto winner is...

spoiler alert...
More... Danielle!! She has HoH and Veto! Wil and Frank are still nominated! Ian, Shane, dani, Dan, Brit talka nd seem to decide to backdoor Janelle.... oooh....

Hunger Games Archery Traine -r Khatuna Lorig - at Olympics writes:

Khatuna Lorig, 5 times Olympian and the archery trainer for Jennifer Lawrence, has come 4th in the Women’s Individual Archery Event at the 2012 Olympics in London. Lorig just missed out on a bronze medal to the Mexican archer, Mariana Avitia. Lorig lost 6 sets to 2 but shot incredibly well even hitting the tiny camera exactly in the center of the target! But alas it wasn’t her year.

Khatuna Lorig taught Jennifer Lawrence archery and had the actress shooting 100 arrows a day in her training for Katniss Everdeen. Lorig posed yesterday for The Hollywood Reporter wearing Katniss’ arena jacket and mockingjay pin to celebrate the interest in archery that The Hunger Games has reinvigorated. She spoke with reporters this week about working with Jennifer Lawrence:

“She was lovely. We had a great time coaching and working together. We teased each other a lot. It was a great experience. We were working on looking good on the camera mostly, but she actually got pretty good.”

To reach the 3rd place final, Lorig had beaten Bhutanese Sherab Zam, Danish Louise Laursen, Chinese Ming Cheng and French Berengere Schuh. In the semi-final she narrowly lost to South Korean Bo Bae Ki, who eventually took home the gold. Lorig also competed alongside Miranda Leek and Jennifer Nicholls for Team USA in the Women’s Team Archery Event losing to China in the quarter final. Congrats Khatuna and we’ll see you in 4 years!

Have you become interested in archery thanks to The Hunger Games?

Very Cool! I know my daughter has become interested in it, she elected it as one of her activities for camp next week!