Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Justin Bieber 'Girlfriend' Music Video Teaser from 'The Voice'

I am on a teeny-bopper-boy-band kick (One Direction for example) but I am REALLY REALLY loving my 9 year old daughters taste in music lately....

Just Bieber's newest single "Girlfriend" I just can't get enough, so when they did the music video teaser on The Voice tonight, it made me giddy.... Just watch:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Photoshopped Question? Rob, Kristen Nikki

I WAS WRONG - see edit at end!!

This photo is weird… Sage and the dills played two nites at a pub in Vancouver.

Night 1 - Nikki, Rob, and others were there. I got pic with Rob for 1st time.

Night 2 - Nikki, Taylor, Kristen and others were there. I got pic with Kristen in her glasses.

This photo shows them both - I think someone photoshopped 2 pics from the 2 nights and put them into this one. I would have to check again but I think Nikki is talking to Kristen in this pic (I am pretty sure she wore that scarf the 2nd night but can check my pics) so that means Rob was added into photo….

anyone know?

**EDIT - I may be remembering incorrectly, when I look at my photo with Rob and my photo with Kristen it looks like I am in the same shirt... so maybe they WERE both there the first night and just Taylor the next night... My brain is mush...

YUP - I was wrong - Taylor came 2nd night - Nikki still had scarf on, Sage was in Green not black as the first night and I had a headband on and a different black shirt ha ha - sorry I am a dork...

Tupac Hologram at Coachella

This gave me shivers, pretty bad ass!