Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Glee

Tonight I went downtown with a friend to get together for drinks and appies with another friend.

We wandered a bit and got photos of the cauldron and flame. Very Fun!

We were ready for some food and bevvies and we actually dined and drank in the same venue, at the same time, as the cast of Glee....

My two friends didn't seem to care as they haven't seen the show *GASP* I know RIGHT??? Time to trade them in for Glee-Loving-Friends eh?

Actually it worked out well, I actually fangirled more than expected and was glad to have them to keep it real.

I first saw Mr. Schuester aka Matthew Morrison and got a stunning smile from him... I almost just marched up to him to get a photo but I wanted to "be cool"

My "stay cool" method went completely out the window the moment I saw Mark Salling aka "Puck" I love love love him... like top 5 baby.... rawr!

So, I did get photos with Mark Salling and also Kevin McHale, (Artie on the show, on the show he is in a wheelchair.)

Both Glee Boys were so down-to-earth and sweet. I keep thinking I should have asked Matt for a photo and also Corey Monteith when he was here last week....

Glee is such an amazing show - I can't wait for the new season, if you haven't watched it - you must!!!

Anyways, enough talk, more action... My Photos:

I am still excited from my exciting night.... and as if Glee Cast wasn't enough.... Downtown - - - wow! Party Central....

And a lil video to give you a TASTE of what it is like downtown right now:

It's nuts and I love it.... Round 2 downtown tomorrow....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Um - is this a Remember Me Promotion or Yellow Handkerchief?

I saw this video where Kristen talks about Rob in Remember Me and thought 'that's cool" then looked for more about "The Yellow Handkercheif" but found that there were few to none... almost all the clips are pulled back to "Twilight" and "Rob" and.... I feel bad for Kristen's TYH co-star, Eddie Redmayne, who kind of just sits cross armed enduring the show....

Twilight Lexicon posted this:

There are 7 more interviews each from 35 seconds to 1 minute 32 seconds. The commercials and the intro drum riff are longer than some of the videos. Kristen and her costar, Eddie Redmayne, (who was an incredibly good sport to sit there like a potted palm) were there for the Yellow Hankerchief press junket. Somehow the majority of the questions all worked back to Twilight. They culminate in the video below where Eddie just rolls his eyes and lets Kristen answer the question. There was next to nothing asked about the movie the Yellow Hankerchief, which is what this press conference was for.

We hope these interviews don’t foreshadow a trend. It sort of reminded us how Colin Firth keeps getting asked Mr. Darcy questions 15 years after the infamous wet shirt pond swim. Please let the Remember Me press junket not be an endless barrage of peppering Robert Pattinson with Twilight questions.

It's quite amusing - at first - but after a while it just gets old.... Actors need to be appreciated for their individual roles and media needs to be professional and have journalistic integrity.... too often MTV showcases neither!

See Kristen talk about Rob & Remember Me here

and about 3D Breaking Dawn Rumours Here.

This one doesn't directly tie back to Twilight, but everyone was thinking it... KStew discusses "Love Stories"

Kellan Lutz and other hotties attend NYFW Calvin Klein Party Last Night


And it wasn't just Kellan in attendance, tons of the hottest men onthe planet....

Alexander Skarsgård SLAYS me - RAWR!

Also AnnaLynn McCord was there - with her "buddy" Kellan

I have to tell you my east coast girl @aliceinnyc was there and got some great photos WITH many of these stars and more.... I've bugged her to get all the pics in one place so once she blogs about them I will link to it from here!

All the celebrity sites have photos and gossip from the event... be sure to go browse your fave celeb sites yourself for all the deets as there are too many for me to post here - ok I am just feeling especially lazy this morning after a late night with Our Lady Peace.


Kristen Stewart at The Yellow Handkercheif premier

Kristen looks stunning.

She has such a natural beauty, and I know I say this all the time, but I just wish she would embrace it - she defo is here.... kudos!

Rock On Girl

She just looks so uncomfortable....non?

Love her eyes

What do you think?


Kristen has seen Remember Me and boasts about Rob's skills

Kristen Stewart talks about Love Stories

Kristen Stewart talks kissing, Breaking Dawn, Eddie and Rob.

E Online's Marc Malkin reports posts:

Breaking Dawn isn't officially a go yet. Neither is the plan to make two movies instead of one.

"I have been told to be ready for November," Kristen Stewart tells me. "I mean, it looks like a 'yes,' but it's still not concrete."

Stewart believes the story in the fourth book in the Twilight series "absolutely warrants" being two films. "It would be hard to cram all of it into one movie," she said earlier today while promoting her new drama The Yellow Handkerchief.

Things have certainly changed since Stewart and Robert Pattinson signed on for the first flick...

"We didn't even know we were going to make a second one," Stewart said. "We were just like, 'It's really cool. It's different and we've never seen a love story like this.'…I thought it would just be another cool Catherine Hardwicke movie."

And just because Stewart doesn't like her private life being examined and the overzealous paparazzi that come along with the fame that doesn't mean she resents—in any way!—the Twilight phenomenon. "But I can't say I don't want that, because people take it to the extreme and say that I hate it," she explains. "No, no, no! That's not true."

Eddie Redmayne, Stewart's Handkerchief costar who also happens to be one of Pattinson's old pals, admits it's been "surreal" watching his friends become two of the world's, well, most famous stars.

"When we were at Sundance with Yellow Handkerchief, Kristen was like, 'I'm going to go do this film with Rob Pattinson," Redmayne remembered. "I was like, 'I know Rob!' and Kristen said, 'What's he like?'"

In Handkerchief, Stewart and Redmayne play teenagers who befriend an ex-con William Hurt who is looking for his ex-wife Maria Bello.

Stewart and Redmayne share a kiss in the flick. I ask Stewart if she really meant it when she told my pal Elizabeth Snead at Zap2it that Mr. Redmayne was a better kisser than Mr. Pattinson.

Redmayne tried answering for her. "A slightly off-the-beaten-path person against the most handsome vampire in the world?" Redmayne said. "I will take my hat off to Rob on that one—and his skin shines!"

"But his skin doesn't shine in the real world," Kristen quickly fired back. "You're in the real world."

And just because Stewart did her own singing playing Joan Jett in next month's The Runaways, don't expect her to be following in Pattinson's footsteps by recording a song for a Twilight soundtrack.

"I love being an actor," she explained. "I would totally play another person in a band, but Kristen is not going to be in a band."

Of course, keep in mind the Source is Marc Malkin, and we all know how his "perspective" on things can be slightly swayed.... hehehehe.

Kristen Stewart talks about 3D Breaking Dawn....

Twilight Lexicon says:

We debunked the rumor that Breaking Dawn would be made in 3-D the other day(don’t worry, it’s not going to be 3-D). We made a joke that Rob’s hair might accidentally take someone’s eye out that way. We think Kristen’s analogy and reaction is funnier!

Harry Potter Love

Seriously, I just find this to be so cute, I love Ginny Weasly.... though seeing her with a Volturi is strange... oh wait... those are just CHARACTERS they PLAY?!?! They aren't REAL??? hahah ok! ;)

See more here


Kristen and Taylor to present at the Oscars 2010

eonline reports:

Robert Pattinson presented at last year's Oscars, but guess which Twilight stars are doing it this time around?

I'll let Kristen Stewart tell you…

"Yeah, I'm going," Stewart just told me when I asked if we'd be seeing her on
March 7 at the Academy Awards. "Me and Taylor are going to present."

Stewart admits she's very nervous.

"I've been looking at shoes," she said. "I'm trying to pick shoes that I know I won't fall down in."

I chatted with Stewart at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, where she'd been holed for most of the day promoting her new drama, The Yellow Hankerchief, with costars Eddie Redmyane, Maria Bello and William Hurt.

Should be interesting to see what she decides to wear.... Taylor.... well I have a feeling he MIGHT just trade in his skinny tie for a bow tie tux.... what do you think?


IESB Interview with Kristen Stewart

IESB has a great interview with Kristen Stewart:

In The Yellow Handkerchief, actress Kristen Stewart plays Martine, a lonely and troubled teenager who heads out on a road trip with Gordy (Eddie Redmayne), a young man looking to get closer to her, and Brett (William Hurt), an ex-convict, just released from prison after serving six years for manslaughter, who is trying to reconcile himself with his past. The trio are all going in the same direction, but quickly find their relationships forging and changing in many ways.

At the press day for the film, Kristen Stewart talked about what drew her to this smaller, independent film. She also gave an update on her own feeling about whether Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight Saga, should be split into two films, how excited she is about the March release of The Runaways and her hopes to make the drama K-11 with her mother at the helm.

Q: What was it like to play this character, when you hadn't done too many major roles, at the time you did this film?

Kristen: Anytime you have to play a person who is not yourself, you're stepping out of a comfort zone, but that's what we do. If the role is bigger, that's just more to chew on, and that's always good.

Q: What about Martine resonated for you?

Kristen: I can relate to her, in that she's such the typical girl that really wants to be out there and smiling and totally in the middle of whatever is going on, but has been embarrassed one too many times and has just gone, "I can't do that anymore." I feel like she's also isolated herself. She's put herself above everyone else. She can't talk to people because they've let her down too many times and, in reacting to that, she made herself better than them. And, through this journey, which is such a cool thing to see such a young person go through, she realizes, "Oh, God, I never looked at you and now I'm opening my eyes and I can see you, and I was wrong." I liked that.

Q: Did you know this film was based on a Japanese film, and did you see that original film?

Kristen: I knew it was based on a Japanese original, but didn't watch it because apparently it was just starkly different. It was just a different movie completely.

Q: What was producer Arthur Cohn's involvement with the film?

Kristen: He had such a faith in the material. He has a very old school sense of, "I'm the producer and I'm going to take care of everybody, and the most important thing here is the movie, the performances, and chocolate and watches."

Q: Your character doesn't have any luck with guys, from her father who leaves to the guy who dumps her at the beginning of the film. What was it about Gordy (Eddie Redmayne) that you think appealed to Martine?

Kristen: She probably wouldn't have needed to be won over, had she just opened her eyes and not been so affected by the other guys who had hurt her. She's the type of girl who really wants to let herself hang out. Every time she does that or puts herself out there, she gets disappointed by people. The journey that they take, a lot of revelatory things happen.

For me, what made Martine re-evaluate Gordy was how Brett (William Hurt) looked at him. And then, there's this thing that happens when we hit a deer and he had this really emotional reaction to the deer. He helps her out earlier as well. She's dropping prejudices that she didn't really know that she had. She's becoming more open to people. She's very closed off, in the beginning, and realizes that she doesn't actually want to be like that at all.

Q: As a young actor, what was it like to work with someone like William Hurt?

Kristen: He is absolutely the most attentive, hard-working actor I've ever worked with. I say that about actors that I like to work with. I say, "Oh, they're really hard-working, I really appreciate them," about a lot of people, but you don't know more than him about basically everything. Regarding the story, he just makes you work so much harder to understand things. I wouldn't understand this movie as I do, if it wasn't for him. I would have a completely different impression, I'm sure.

Q: Were there any particular scenes in this that stood out for you?

Kristen: That scene where we first kiss was THE scene. It was a really big deal, especially the way it was written. My character was so explosive and so sensitive. You would never expect so much from this tiny little thing. It was like, "What is wrong with you?" And, her problems are so completely far away from anything Gordy could ever understand. It's like opposite sides of a magnet. I can't even watch that scene.

That was what I was most intimidated by, technically speaking. She's so explosive and emotional in that scene, and so raw in that moment, and you don't know her very well yet. It was a very defining moment for her, so I was nervous about doing that wrong and having it seem out of nowhere. I didn't want her to seem like an arbitrarily weird, emotional girl, for no reason.

The characters were drawn so wholly and completely that, if we didn't play them that way, they wouldn't have made sense. It would have been a bit of a random story because it's so quaint. It's not like all these plot events happen. So, all these little character things are unspoken. I was nervous about that. But, the last scene of the movie was what I really put everything into because it was written differently as well. We got there and we didn't have a whole lot of time to shoot. It was raining and they were like, "Okay, we have 10 minutes to get this." The way it was written, she was so emotional. Everything affects her. She has such thin skin and feels everything so much. That moment where everything comes to fruition, it needs to be effective.

Q: Have accents always come easy for you?

Kristen: I had to go to school for it, so they could break it down. There's 15 accents, just within Louisiana. And then, you can fall back on it.

Q: What was it like to shoot in so many different locations?

Kristen: We were everywhere. But, it was cool though because it's a road trip movie, so we felt like we were on that a little bit. The set just went around everywhere.

Q: Did you get to have any fun in New Orleans at all, or where you working too much?

Kristen: We shot in the summer, so I had just turned 17. I love New Orleans. I've worked there since, also underage. I'm still underage. New Orleans is such a going-out town, but just walking around is awesome. It's an amazing place to be. I can go see music, but I have to stand outside the club and be like, "That's really great."

Q: Is there anything about New Orleans that you specifically enjoyed?

Kristen: I liked petting the mules that walked around Jackson Street. They were like, "Come on, take a ride!," and I was like, "No way!" I just wanted to pet them. I wasn't going to be dragged around by this thing.

Q: When you have the opportunity to take a road trip yourself, do they become profound journeys of self-discovery?

Kristen: The only road trip that I've ever taken was back from Portland. When I was up there doing Twilight, I bought a little truck and drove home. It wasn't the most transformative experience, but it was fun. It gave me a sense of freedom. I was going away from something that was a rather intense experience.

Q: Because you spend huge amounts of time away from home, when you go somewhere on location, do you try to make it more like home or do you really drown yourself in the lifestyle, wherever you're at?

Kristen: I try to do that. I know actors who go on location and make their trailer like their home. They literally put pictures up and stuff. I don't do that. I really like being where I am. You're made to pretend that you actually live there.

Q: Since you have your pick right now, what attracts you to a role? What do you look for when you get a script these days?

Kristen: As much as you can say, "I'd like to do this because it's different from what I've done before," I can't really plan things out like that. Despite whether or not a character fits my description and the script is good, what actually drives me to do something like this, which is a really bizarre thing, if you think about it, is more than just to be in a movie. It has to speak to me, in some way, and that's always hard to describe. I don't know what I want to do. And, this is the first time I don't have my next job lined up. I have a totally clean horizon and that's actually pretty exciting.

Q: Is that a scary place to be, not knowing what you're going to do next, in a business that's so unpredictable?

Kristen: To be honest, you don't look at scripts that are very clearly just framework and they just want to put a dollar sign in the picture frame, but that's so obvious. I only want to do work that I find to be moving, and that's something that I can't be specific about. I'm totally lucky and I can't believe that I have more opportunity than I've ever had. It's awesome.

Q: You did this film before the Twilight films. Would you have approached things differently, now that you have this international profile?

Kristen: I guess because I don't hold the reins, I really follow my heart. It would really be a shame that just because I did one movie, and I know it's four or five films, but it's one story and one project for me because it's the same character, it would affect choices that I make. I don't have this scheme for how people are going to receive my movies, in the order that I do them, and why I do scary movies or movies about disaffected teens, which I get all the time. They're just people that I really wanted to play. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm just playing parts that speak to me.

Q: Do you follow your heart when you're acting as well?

Kristen: Yeah. You get hired on a job and I had had roles in movies before, that I took really seriously and really liked, and I learned that, if I was a fairly impulsive actor or I felt something, I didn't need to sit down and go, "Okay, this is why," and it helps so much. I understand the story so much more because of that.

Q: What are your feelings on Breaking Dawn? Do you think they're going to do two films? Do you know when that will happen

Kristen: Probably in November, but I don't know if it's going to be one or two films.

Q: Are you contracted for two movies, or are you contracted for one?

Kristen: I don't know, actually. I can't imagine that they wouldn't want to do two films. The story so completely warrants two films, and it would be really disappointing to have to lose a bunch of the story. I would like to do it as two movies, but to be perfectly honest, I don't know what they're going to do.

Q: The Runaways is getting a lot of buzz now too. How has that been, and what has the experience of the festival circuit been like?

Kristen: We all knew that, if it did well, it would be a Sundance movie. But, now it's being released. It became a bigger deal than we thought, which is just always very exciting. Sundance was awesome. I love Sundance. It's one of the only places that you can go, show your movie, and then talk to 300 people who just saw it. It's just a different experience.

Q: What's it like when your mom calls you and says, "I'm going to direct a film and I'd like you to be in it"?

Kristen: I wish it was like that. We're trying to get it (K-11) off the ground. If she called me right now and said, "We're making the movie," I would be really excited. We're really close and, at the same time, we're creatively very, very different. It would be cool. I think that we could actually leave the family thing. I feel like we both like what we do so much that we could actually work on something and do something pretty cool

THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF opens on February 26th .

[Source: IESB]

Rachelle LeFevre on 'Best Friends' Magazine

More at TwiFans

Free Olympic - Our Lady Peace Concert

There are a ton of free concerts happening in and around Vancouver to help celebrate the Olympics. Tonight I went to see Our Lady Peace. I am super tired and have been working extra lately, which hasn't been good for enjoying Olympics, keeping up with blogging, watching all my shows and sleeping.

The last one is the most neglected... I can sleep in March!

Anyhow - a ton of pics uploaded to my facebook Mandy S Mind. Here is a sample to tease you - - - they played a ton of old stuff which I prefer.... and I put my videos up on my YouTube Page.

**Also links to my YouTube and FaceBook can be found on the bottom of this page and the side bar------------------------->

Here are some pics - thanks to Natalie for letting me put my mem card in her awesomer-than-mine-camera and snapping some pics for me <3 My camera sucks and the battery was dying so I only took a few vids and pics with my ghetto-cam! **PICS UPLOADING - CHECK FACEBOOK OR HERE TOMORROW**

Here's a lil teaser video:

More on my YouTube Page.

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American Idol Drama - as always....

I am confused.

So last night on American Idol Chris Golightly was announced as being in the Top 24. Then, it seemed he had a record deal already and therefore was disqualified. Then, it seems, his contract was up before he auditioned, but they'd already replaced him with Tim Urban so - too bad so sad.

Ryan Seacrest tweeted the news this morning. Several Gossip and Entertainment Sites reported on the issue.


The part I don't get is why Tim Urban?

I mean he is great, I am glad.... but they played it up like it was between Andrew Garcia and Thaddeus Johnson, the young boy with a great voice for the last spot in the Top 24.

I was glad it was Andrew over Thaddeus, mainly because Thaddeus is young and will likely return and be on the show, and Andrew is ah-freakin-maze-ing...... however, I would expect Thaddeus to have replaced anyone who was disqualified.... and he didn't.

Buddy TV Writes:
The quick recap is that Chris was declared ineligible at the last minute due to an old contract with a record label and was unceremoniously booted and edited out of the Hollywood week hoopla. (Though we still spotted his blond 'fro celebrating on stage with the Top 24.) That's why, despite whatever Ryan was telling us last night, we only saw 23 names announced until the cheesy dance-off at the end when Tim Urban popped up.

Read More Here

I agree wholeheartedly.... It just doesn't make sense... perhaps Thaddeus' temper after rejection (though not nearly as bad as many I have seen) is what swayed the judges to not choose him? (I say judges loosely, we all know it's more producers and a team of experts that analyze not only voices)

I hope Thaddeus returns in future seasons.... he was wonderful! And his Momma cracked me up too!

It's still early I know but my faves thus far include Janell Wheeler, Lilly Scott and Siobhan Magnus.(Though I adore little Katie Stevens, and appreciate Lacey Brown's style, Haeley Vaughn rocks too but I don't think she will go far sadly.)

For the men I think Andrew Garcia will win the whole thing but I also love Casey James, Tyler Grady and Michael Lynche.

Speaking of, Michael “Big Mike” Lynche, who I refer to as "Big Poppa", he was reportedly dismissed in late January because his father spoke to a Florida newspaper, breaking the show’s rules of confidentiality, yet he is still slated to be in the Top 24 according to last night's show and the official website.... time will tell.

Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer before Remember Me

We all expected this so it should be no surprise.... though still exciting to have "official" confirmation (though I swear, if a few fans actually worked with Summit things would be so much better)....

@Twilight tweeted official word"

"The #EclipseTrailer will play with REMEMBER ME in theatres on March 12!"

Do your happy dance.... but also note they then tweeted:

"Stay tuned for more information on where you can see it earlier that week"

And prior to that (including a prepositional error in their tweet) they said:

"Thanks for over 250k of the greatest fans in the world! You have been guessing right this whole time..."

So there you have it - - - Remember Me March 12 trailer for Eclipse.... also New Moon dvd will have footage/trailer of some type depending on what version you get....

Robert Pattinson to present at BAFTA

BAFTA announced on twitter that Robert Pattinson will indeed present at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards February 21, 2010.

Other presenters include:

Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Claire Danes, Dustin Hoffman, Uma Thurman, CLive Owen, Matt Dillon, Noel Clarke, Terry Gilliam, Rupert Everett, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Find Complete info including nominees, categories, presenters and details at BAFTA Website

Wouldn't it be cool if he presented for the Rising Star and Kristen Stewart won? Hmmm.... then they celebrated with a juicy kiss and coming-out party right there on stage.... and maybe he'd propose and/or they'd announce their pregnancy.... or elopment.... or...

ok... I will shuddupinyoface. But take note of where she sits... very near Rob's Bel Ami Co-Stars.... hmmm.....

***It airs on BBC - most Canadian and American Cable has BBC - check local listings

Colbert does Canada

Stephen Colbert, American talk show host, holds up an Olympic torch as the taping of his show begins on February 17, 2010 at a park in Vancouver, B.C during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.Photograph by: Ian Lindsay, Canwest News Service

Vancouver Sun Reports:

VANCOUVER — Hundreds of fans went wild Wednesday morning as late-night comedian Stephen Colbert brought his faux conservative talk show to Creekside Park, located next to Science World in Vancouver.

He shared the stage with a stuffed moose, First Nations' thunderbird totem, fake snow, assorted skis, hockey sticks, snowshoes and U.S. and Canadian flags.

There is also a giant poster of Colbert astride an eagle carrying an Olympic torch.

As hoot, cheers and hollers greeted the U.S. comic to the stage, Colbert implored the crowd: "One last thing — if I f---k up, forgive me."

After a countdown Colbert, well, messed up, stumbling over the introduction.

The satirist explained to onlookers that he was covering the games "without the help of marijuana."

After another countdown, the Colbert Report got under way, with the comedian pretending the show was taking place at the time in the evening when the program airs:

"It's 11:30 at night and the sun is still shining. And they wonder why there is no snow." Colbert is taping segments Wednesday and Thursday for his late-night show.

Guests on Wednesday included Michael Bublé (Colbert called him "Celine Dion without the white jumpsuit") and NBC's Bob Costas.

Just minutes before Colbert took the stage, a bald eagle soared across the enamel blue skies over False Creek.

I know a few people who re down there and the crowd was insane. I think it's hilarious that despite his "Canadian Bashing" so many go to see him.... it shows Canadians have an excellent sense of humour :)

Can't wait to see the episode air.

Harry Potter Lovers - Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasly)

Love is in the air between two actors who star in our favourite magical films, Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga.

British actor Jamie Campbell Bower who plays the meanacing Caius in New Moon and Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films have announced they are dating.

The pair who met during the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have been dating for a few months.

Bonnie told Ok!: “Yes, we’re dating. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months, it’s good. We’re going to the BAFTAs together on Sunday.”

We think these two could be our favourite new couple and hope their openess will encourage Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to take the plunge!

Jamie Campbell Bower attends the BA and BAFTA Silent Picturehouse event at Vinopolis on February 17, 2010 in London.


Not really news.. Breaking Dawn 3D rumours and 2 movie split rumours

Sometimes I wonder where certain media have been hibernating?

This article makes me shake my head.... So much of this is either proven to be false or proven to be known for months.... speculation, gossip, repeated facts and repeated b.s.....

Anyways... Here is the post:

The main stars of the Twilight Saga films have only signed up for four films, so plans to split the last book into two movie have created contractual issues. Twilight actors Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Talyor Lautner are 'not even close' to agreeing to appear in a fifth Twilight film.

Summit Entertainment, the company behind the films of Stephanie Meyer's book series, has the three actors signed up for four productions.

However, following the massive success of movies such as Avatar and Up, there are plans to split the the final book, Breaking Dawn, in into two 3D movies.

If Summit Entertainment goes ahead with this plan, it would have to renegotiate contracts with the three main stars, which is certain to prove costly, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The going rate for Taylor Lautner, whose star is very much on the rise, has recently gone up to $7.5 million following his signing up for Northern Lights, Stretch Armstrong and Max Steel.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third film in the series, comes out in the UK in July 2010.


Meanwhile Gossip Cop (which is not always right either - but usually far more accurate than most) posts:

Here we go again.

Gossip Cop’s inbox overflowed today with questions about purported production and casting notices for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. A site claims that production has been greenlit, Gus Van Sant “has signed on” to direct, a talent search to cast new characters is underway, and a production timetable is set.

The same site made similar declarations back in October.

It was wrong then.

It’s wrong now.

A source with Summit Entertainment tells Gossip Cop there is still no director or any production arrangements for Breaking Dawn, which will probably be two films, although even that has not been finalized as of now.

Gossip Cop will continue to monitor production rumors, separating fact from fiction.


Sleep with Edwawrd Cullen in your bed

I wasn't going to post this - I think it's ridiculous... but hilarious all the same....

Edward Cullen Full Life Size Body Pillows?!?!?!?!?

Oh and Taycob too - - -

It's funny but kinda gross too I mean I know some of the fans out there with their panties and porn *ahem* Fanfiction.... I think these pillows just might be *cough* useful - in "inspiring" their writing.... LoL

Naughty naughty...

[via twifans]

NY Fashion Week Video

New Kristen Stewart Promo Shots

These are apparently promo shots for New Moon - but I have no idea... they are incredibly hot!

They look over-touched-up... too flawless... I mean she is pretty but this is almost angelic... or vampiric ha ha


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taylor is Legal but still playing like a kid

I don't think Taylor should be playing with toys and games, he should be here watching the Olympics Games!

TwiFans posted:

Taylor Lautner showed up and had some fun at the New York Toy Fair. Hasbro invited Taylor to their booth.

Taylor will be playing in Hasbro's Stretch Armstrong. Lautner will star in Stretch Armstrong, based on the action figure launched in the 1970s. Brian Grazer will produce alongside Hasbro president and CEO Brian Goldner and colleague Bennet Schneir.
Steve Oedekerk is writing the screenplay.

“In the past two years, Taylor has emerged as a real star at the global box office,” Universal co-chairman Donna Langley said. “He brings the
perfect balance of energy and athleticism to the role of an unlikely
super hero with a fantastic super power.”

The film has been scheduled for a 2012 release.

I guess this means there will be more Taylor Lautner dolls to play with.

PS these are the 1st good pictures of the 18 year old.