Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - EW Magazine Cover

Can't wait for this movie - I haven't watched the Swedish version yet, I have started it a few times but just couldn't do it...

Friday, November 18, 2011

4 times a charm...

Today I watched Breaking Dawn a third and fourth time.

Today was all kinds of awesome.

New York has been amazing, besides the rain....

Arrived Tuesday and stayed in for tv and chinese food, Wednesday went to Wicked, ate a diner with friends and then lucked into an advanced screening of Breaking Dawn while looking for the mini-premiere (which was at Sunshine)

Then today went to Serendipity and had frozen hot chocolate, sat next to the table they filmed at for the movie Serendipity, shopped, went to an amazing candy shop, had some dinner, attended the Twi-Mom's screening of Breaking Dawn, then the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. Was great to see so many friendly and familiar faces :)

But a very long day again!


I have to say I have this movie memorized at this point, yet I STILL can't place every song... go check out my scene by scene soundtrack post and comment if you can help fill it in completely!

Also once you have seen the movie check out my SPOILER FILLED review and leave your own thoughts ;)

Best part of the midnight screening was the Hunger Games and SWATH trailer before hand... and the Hunger Games swag we got as we left (posters and buttons) I grabbed extras as I am stocking up on Hunger Games SWAG for a future blog give away ;)

Tomorrow I leave hotels and go stay with a friends for my last two nights travelling... Sunday I finally go home!

Can you believe we have a YEAR for BD 2????

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some of my Black Carpet Photos (More on Facebook)

Here are some of my hundreds of Black Carpet photos.... I have another memory card still to upload also, but I am in NYC and being too lazy so time to get out of thishotel room and see the city! I even missed TODAY with Nikki, Ashley and Jackson this morning - - - boo!

Anyways, lot's of Breaking Dawn celebs and other celebs in these photos and on the carpet, my pics are not great but enjoy anyways :)

*Sorry for the watermark across the middle, I didn't have time to customize eachphoto with a watermark or tag that fit in a certain spot or corner - - - batch watermarked

Many more on facebook under Mandy S Mind

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SPOILER FREE VERSION - Breaking Dawn Review - SAFE

This one is safe to read as it contains no spoilers....

If you want details/spoilers read here

Overall I really loved this movie. I think Bill Condon pushed the actors out of their comfort zone and that, along with experience with these characters for so long, allowed the actors to truly take on the roles fully and completely, even more than we have previously observed.

The setting and the set design is stunning! I know because I live in Vancouver that some scenes were shot in new locations or rebuilt in new locations but it was perfect and really came together nicely on the big screen.

the soundtrack is amazing, I have done a Scene by scene soundtrack post here I missed the first few minutes, but let me just assure you the wedding preparation, ceremony and reception are amazing... I cried and you will too! Bring tissues!

The honeymoon is everything you want and more, do NOT let the rumours of the "cut scenes" and the "keep the PG-13 ratings" commetns worry you. It is extremely sexy, hot, delicious and perfect. Also do not freak out when the sex scene stops... I promise there is more to come ;) [oops that was a bit of a spoiler, but I don't want you to be sad]

We have seen a lot of clips, but even the people who have watched every clip and detail are in for surprises...

The rest of the honesymoon has some fun, funny and sexy scenes that fans will absolutely love.

I think everyone will appreciate the way the film plays out and with the exception of one scene that I found went on a bit too long, went a bit too far and came across a bit too goofy... I would say this movie is spot on as far as my expectations were for it.

It breaks at the perfect place and I a;ready can't believe I have to wait a whole year to see the rest.

the movie start fast, ends fast, and you will feel like you just sat down when the credits start to role.

Do stay after the credits for a little extra something to leave you even more anxious for Part 2 next year!

I don't want to say much more, but if you want spoilers, scroll down to my previous post which gives a play by play of the movie with extreme spoilers...

or hold off a couple more days and see for your self!!


This is a SPOILER FILLED review / rant about Breaking Dawn... do not read on unless you have seen it or want to be spoiled....

***WARNING - this involves details andplay by play of the movie.... do not read on if you don not want to know!!********


The movie starts fast.

I missed the first bit but it was the Bachelor party and a scene in her room.

I saw a screening in NYC tonight and wanted toupdate this for things I missed as wella s the first few minutes...

Opens to Bella talking as they all do.

The invite goes out and as we saw in first trailer there are varous reactions... Jacob transforms and runs away, Volturi seem intrigued, Bella's mom is excited, Bella's dad is peeved, same as trailer.

Then we see Alice preparing the wedding... Bella tries walking in high heels and can't. Alice is directing everyone on how every thing should be set up. She sees Edward in window looking as he always does, concerned. Bella goes home to get her beauty sleep.

That night he comes to her room to confess she doesn't know everything about him, flashback to "bad Edward" at a movie theatre. He was bitter Carlisle changed him and fed on humans, but only bad humans of course... murders and such.

Bella of course doesn't care, but Edward of course is all being Edward until Emmett and Jackson come take him for his Bachelor party at which time Bella falls asleep and has a wedding dream that is vivd and bloody and strange. As I wrote originally....

There are also some weird dreams she has which were odd to me, but visually pleasing, for example, her wedding then everyone dead and bloodied at her wedding - the white and red stark contrast looked awesome, but I wasn't sure how it fit exactly with the story, except her fears, anxiety and so on - - - I guess pre-wedding jitters when you marry a vampire?!?!

The wedding preparation, ceremony, reception take about a half hour.

While the clips give us a good feel for the ceremony, there are a few shots we have not seen and they are so moving, I was bawling.

In particular a shot of Stephenie Meyer and the dress reveal... took my breath away!

Also when Bella squeezes Charlie's arm - I DIE!

Billy Burke, once again, played a perfect father from pre-ceremony, to reception speeches.

Speaking of reception speeches - epic!!! All of them were so fitting for the character to say, absolutely nailed them from the writing, the performing, the editing, perfect!

Anna Kendrick's Jessica is perfect talking about how Edward "the hair" loves Bella even though she wasn't this that and the other (like she is, for example student council president etc.)  Charlie talks about how he is a cop with a gun ha ha, Bella's mom sings, Emmett mentions how Bella won't be getting much sleep now ha ha  I mean all the speeches are just great!

The Denali clan were good, briefly shown but enough to get some key points for the next part out there - for example at the reception, Irina gets upset that wolves are at the wedding after they killed her lover Laurent.

 I also enjoyed seeing the human's one last time (I do not believe they are in Part 2 at all) and Mike gives a funny line about the gene pool and how hot the Denali women are... he also dances hilariously!

This movie will make even Team Edward's shed a tear and/or emotion for Jacob...

I cried during the Jacob/Bella dance.

Side note: At the convention, Bill Condon revealed that after they wrapped the shot of Bella and Jacob dancing Kristen, in her wedding dress start chasing him joking "Jacob Stop, I made a mistake" bahahahahaha

Cullen's all had stronger roles in this film. Some even had more lines.

The honeymoon was epic... from getting there, dancing and kissing in the streets of 'Rio', the boat ride, going to Isle of Esme, being carried onto the threshhold, the first night in the ocean, the sex scene - - mmmm...

Speaking of the sex scene, it will be good... then it will go black.. do not panic... luckily a friend who saw the press screening last week warned me also and now I will warn you... there WILL BE MORE!!...

She wakes up and as she looks in the mirror and discovers her bruises etc she has flashbacks to the night before - hot!

Yes the head board crashes, yes it was apparently cut from an R rating but trust me - - - it is hot, sexy, steamy, passionate and deliciously wonderful! NOT JUST THE TIP ha ha ;)

Robert and Kristen BOTH do an amazing job in this film, I feel like Bill Condon pushed them hard and it shows!!! They were outside their comfort zone and their acting was so much better than it has been in the past... everyone's was... ok almost everyone... Julia and Ashley didn't impress me...

Edward smiles a lot more.. in fact, after the first sex scene, when he is feeling sad for hurting her, he tries to distract her with chess, and other activities (Hiking, swimming, etc) to stop her from wanting sex... and she in turn, tries to seduce him - it is absolutely hilarious when she puts on sexy lingerie and tries to lure him in, there are moments he giggles and it is just awesome!!!

She has a dream she wins chess and takes him on the beach (we saw these shots from filming) but then wakes up crying and begs Edward to take her... please.... gah!

The chemistry is tangible, they are so comfortable with each other it works... not surprising of course.

We have seen much of the "I am late" pregnancy discovery, however, there is some parts we hadn't including the housekeepers at Isle of Esme and why they rush home and how Bella reaches out to Rosalie on their way home.

Bella has to lie to her dad about being sick and going to Switzerland, which breaks her heart and shows the connection between her and her dad and the heartache to come.

The housekeeper tells Edward the baby must die, Edward and everyone except Rosalie and Bella, agree and try to convince Bella to let them "kill" the baby....

Rosalie could have been shown as MORE protective, but they had it in there enough that you could get it...though cutting Rosalie as a human with her friends baby in Eclipse was a mistake.... but that is in the past

Of course later, Edward hears the baby.... tells Bella it loves her voice, and his too and loves them very much... this moment (again) had me bawling because they both hold her belly and he kisses her belly....

I was not impressed with Julia Jones in this movie, her acting seemed weak to me, very robotic and rehearsed, almost as much as Ashley Greene. (Did I say that out loud? oops!)

The wolves in this movie were a step up, I felt they were a perfect mix of Chris Weitz and David Slade's versions.... Bill Condon nailed it!

While I did like the running though the forest, seeing and hearing what "jacob-wolf" sees and hears, I felt the "wolf-perspective" was over done and when the wolves all have a wolf-conversation and their voices are all deep and reverby, it just seemed a bit too anime for me. (Upon second viewing a group of us giggled at just how ridiculous this scene was!!!)

Booboo was seen more in the film and did well, though my friend disagrees, I will have to see it again to see if I agree with some of the points she brought up. (Upon 2nd viewing I still think he was adorable and did well!)

Bella looked perfectly sick and disgusting as her pregnancy began to destroy her, cgi or make-up I don't know but it was grossly perfect for the circumstances. Grossly Perfect is the only way to describe it!

There is an added/adjusted scene (from the book) when Esme, Carlisle and Emmett go hunt and the wolves attack, Jacob and his new pack have tricked Sam's pack so they are able to get food and of course while they are away Bella goes into labour.

Peter has joked about this before, how he is a Doctor but never around to "be a doctor" ha ha. Also Dr Carlisle's hair is not as bad as the promo shots made him look - phew!

The birth scene is a bit gory, but the way it is done is mostly through Bella's eyes which close and open and are blurry and in a daze, so it lessens the graphic nature and makes it ok to watch.

The blood is too much for Jasper, Alice and Rosalie to take and so Edward and Jacob are left to help Bella... Edward indeed goes down to her belly and comes up with a bloody face (as he does the c-section)

Bloody baby emerges, not the boy they thought (Edward-Jacob, EJ) but a girl (Renesme).

Somehow Rosalie is now ok with the blood and takes the baby, she promises she is ok now... and Edward injects Bella with a venom needly which doesn't seem to take.

Jacob also tried to perform CPR and it doesn't work.

After a while, it seems Bella has died and even though I have read the books and even though I know what will happen, I am bawling my eyes out, not just crying, but ugly sobbing in the theatre....

Edward loses his mind and begins to bite her all over to get venom in, one bite is awfuly close to her inner thigh.

There is a very cool shot of the venom going through Bella's body and the red veins and cells kind of get attacked and turn white from the venom... I can't explain it but it was very cool and reminded me of a CSI clip.

The imprinting was not creepy - it was beautiful... and that shocked me...

Earlier in the film Seth, Leah and Jacob say something about how the imprtined couples "seem happy" and show some kissing etc, but then down by the beach is little girl and wolf boy... when Jacob rushes into the house after Bella is "dead" he sees Renesme and falls to his knees - - it is a crying moment, so amazing... he sees their future together as his explanation of imprinting from New Moon to Bella is heard in the background... you see Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee then the teen aged Renesmee and it is absolutely beautiful...

There is a great wolf/vampire fight scene i mentioned but then Jacob comes out and it ends because of course the wolves #1 law is they can not harm someone who has been imprinted on... nice... the battle was cool though with vampires vs wolves and Leah and Seth wolves join in to defend the vampires...

Edward worries if the venom worked, the Cullen's tell him to be patient and they clean her up and dress her in a pretty blue dress.

Close-up shot reveals her bite marks healing as the audience squeals.... it zooms in close to her face as her eyes open..... red.


The credits are red, black, white and comic-booky - modern and fun.... there is a scene at the end of the credits involving the volturi and it is a good indicator of Part 2 and the battle that is to begin...
I know I surely missed a few parts, but we will all see it (again for some) in a couple days.... SQUEE!

Breaking Dawn Soundtrack - Scene by Scene *UPDATED*

Tent City was surprised with a soundtrack concert where 5 artists from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack performed for us. I have photos and video clips I can't wait to share, but for now, I wanted to get this post up and started.

I was lucky enough to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 at the L.A. Premiere and three times in NYC. I tried to remember where each song was heard so I could develop a list as I have before of scene by scene soundtrack songs.
*************** SPOILERS (kind of) ************************
(1) "End tapes" - Joy Formadable - Credits
(2) "Love will take you" - Angus & Julia Stone - Wedding reception when Bella meets Denali's
(3) "Let it Rain" - Bruno Mars - Briefly when they walk out to car for honeymoon and Credits
(4) "Turning Page" - Sleeping at Last - First walking down the aisle at wedding (instrumental) & Honeymoon Sex Scene
(5) "From Now On" - The Features - honeymoon seduction and playfulness (When Edward tries to distract Bella from wanting sex and she tries to flirt and get her way)
(6) "A Thousand Years" - Christina Perri - Credits
(7) "Neighbours" - Theophilus London - reception when Jacob gets mad and wolf pack comes
(8) "I didn't mean it" - The Belle Brigade - After credits during bonus scene (Volturi)
(9) "Sister Rosetta" - Noisettes - Bella nervous/preparing for her first night with Edward on honeymoon "human minutes"
"Northern Lights" - Cider Sky - Bella & Jacob dance at wedding
(11) "Flightless Bird" - Iron & Wine - Throw-Back - During Wedding Vows
(12) "Requiem on Water" - Imperial Mammoth - Bella realizing she is pregnant while on honeymoon
(13) "Cold" - Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz - Researching "vampire babies" wanting to go hunt, Bella takes bath, etc.
(14) "Lovera" - Mia Maestro - Honeymoon Ocean Scene
(15) "Love Death Birth" - Carter Burwell - Birth Scene, Bella's transformation
(Bonus track) "Like a drug" - Hard-fi - Alice & Jasper's dance?
(Bonus track) "Eclipse [All Yours]" - Wedding
(Bonus track) "Bella's Lullabye" - Throwback - Dancing at wedding and when Edward hears baby's thoughts.

During the reception there were a few songs playing but you couldn't always tell which was which...
There were also "throw-backs" to past soundtracks (including Metric and Sia), which was fitting since they were getting married and there are moments when their past relationship and remembering is relevant.

******* WILL UPDATE ASAP****************

Past Sountracks - Scene by Scene

Kellan likes my sign "Slutz4Lutz"

Near the end ha ha ha OMG I love it!!!! I had him sign my Slutz 4 Lutz sign when he came by tent city (I made it on the back of a donut box he had given us) then for the premiere I made another one... tee hee!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Photos from the Past Few Days

I have posted a lot more photos  on my FaceBook (Mandy S Mind) and I did a post about my experiences the past few days below (Scroll down) but for now here are a few fun photos I wanted to share...

Kellan Lutz comes by Tent City

Stephenie Meyer gave all the fans in tent city an autographed Breaking Dawn book then three winners had a gold sticker inside and won tickets to the Premiere and after-party

MyAnna Buring and Casey LaBow - Denali Girls

Peter Facinelli Sunday with fans

Jackson Rathbone making goofy faces with fans

So hot

Booboo and Jackson signing autographs for fans

Brady Fuller, Collin in Breaking Dawn

Mia Maestro performs

Charlie Bewley hosts soundtrack concert

Like I said truly hundreds more photos to upload and dozens more already up on facebook - go peek and scroll down to my last post for info on my experiences the past few days.