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Glee Halloween Special - Rocky Horror Picture Show Special

My friend and fellow Glee fan posted this on facebook and I was excited...

Gleetastic reports:

Here's an early Halloween treat for you! No, it's not candy — it's something better: scoop on Glee's Rocky Horror Picture Show episode!

We don't know too much about this episode yet — the details are a closely guarded secret — but we do know that it will be airing sometime around Halloween. How perfect is that? We also know that John Stamos's dentist character will be featured.

While we wait for the more details, the Glee cast is speaking out about which Rocky Horror characters they would WANT to play. Here's what they told TV Guide:

Lea Michele (Rachel): "I'm so excited to do it. If Rachel ends up doing the Susan Sarandon role that would be really cool!"

Cory Monteith (Finn): "I might be in some Brad briefs, let's put it that way. But I don't know for sure."

Jane Lynch (Sue): "I would love to be the Narrator."

Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina): "There's Magenta. She could be fun."

Chris Colfer (Kurt): "I pray that I'm Riff Raff because he's the best one. He sings 'Time Warp.' From the time we shot the pilot I've been stressing to Ryan Murphy how much I want to sing 'Time Warp.'"

[Source: TV Guide & Gleetastic Via Facebook Glee friend Diann]

Michael Welch Tweets he's in Breaking Dawn Part 1 at least..

This is not completely unexpected, but exciting nonetheless... slowly Breaking Dawn news is trickling out and it makes me HAPPY MANDY!!!

[Twitter Via Twifans]

The Brady Bunch... er.. Cullens.. and other funny gifs



See more at TwiFans where Aidinslevel found a ton via google search!!

Premiere - Xavier Samuel with Fans

If you read my blog ever you know I have my favourites... and sometimes I go in cycles of my favourite of the week but others last... Xavier Samuel is one of those lasting ones... he is so sweet, and sexy and I just adore him! I hated that he had to die in Twilight because he was so good I wished he could be in more....

Anyways, at The Loved Ones Premiere in Australia some lucky fans got up close and personal with him for some photos... *droolz*


If you want to see my photos with him I have them on facebook - - I am under Mandy S Mind - add me and I will accept ;)

[Via TwiFans]

New Dancing With The Stars Contestents announced - DWTS

Rumours have been circulating as to who would be on the new DWTS Season and I have to say I am pretty excited by some of the new "stars" while others.. well... I don't care... Let's look at who is on and who they are paired with first...

More... Here is the complete list of DWTS pairs:
  • Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas

  • Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

  • Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough

  • Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas

  • Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Karina Smirnoff

  • David Hasselholf & Kym Johnson

  • Michael Bolton & Chelsie Hightower

  • Margaret Cho & Louis Van Amstel

  • Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke

  • Kyle Massey and Lacy Schwimmer

  • Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani

  • Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya

    I am most excited to see Brandy, Jennifer Grey (though she is 50 now, ya I feel old), The Situation (he's a train wreck, you can't help but stare, how does hemake over $5mil a year? seriously? and how will he take judges comments bahahah), Margaret Cho (Poor Louis has the worst luck), David Hasselhoff (did you see his roast? too funny, he's a train wreck also). Of course Lacy Schwimmer, Audrina Patridge, Bristol, "Corey in da house" will also be entertaining...

    Who are you most excited to see? Who do you think will go home first? Who will make it to finals? Time will tell!!!

  • Taylor vs RV vs Pushups = crazy-silly

    So Taylor wanted an RV, it was late arriving, he sued, they offered to settle out of court via a push-up competition?!?! So many rumours buzzing around... here's the scoop...

    More... Amanda at Twilight Examiner reports:

    "A couple of day ago, TMZ broke the story that Taylor Lautner was suing a store called McMahon's RV for not having his pricey, customized trailer delivered on time. The suit was reportedly filed under the theory of breach of contract which led to emotional distress.

    Seems simple enough, right?

    Well, yesterday, the Associated Press announced that the owner of the store in question "offered to compete in a push-up contest to settle" the case.

    "The dealership said Lautner's camp had sought a $40,000 settlement to resolve the case, leading to the unorthodox proposal by McMahon. The 47-year-old businessman said if he won the contest, he would donate the settlement money to Children's Hospital of Orange County."

    Here's what Taylor Lautner's party had to say in return, according to one source:

    "While we will not dignify Mr. McMahon's facetious suggestion of a contest to settle a legal claim with a response, we do welcome the opportunity for him to resolve this matter by making a $40,000 donation to the charity of Mr. Lautner's choice, and we will be in touch with his counsel to see if he will make good on this offer . . . [The offer] demonstrates the lack of professionalism that Mr. McMahon, his company and his employees have exhibited from the outset, and that compelled the filing of this lawsuit in the first place. This suit is not about a "customized" RV, it is about McMahon's RV's refusal to deliver the vehicle in the safe, drivable condition that was promised, as every purchaser has the right to expect."

    So, while something good may come of the situation in that a charity might receive donation money, it is rather sad that Taylor Lautner's attempt to seek justice of a consumer rights issue was met with such juvenile treatment."

    What an ordeal eh?

    What do you think of this situation?

    There is more of each part of this HERE at Hollywood Reporter.

    [Via Twifans]

    Spike's Scream Awards

    SPIKE'S SCREAM AWARDS are October 19, 2010.

    TwiFans listed all the categories Twilight is nominated for:
    Ultimate Scream

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Best Fantasy Movie

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Best Fantasy Actress

    Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Best Fantasy Actor

    Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    And perhaps the most important (to me, anyway) is this one....

    Best Breakout Performance Male

    Xavier Samuel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
    If all else fails VOTE ON THIS CATEGORY!!! Xavier Samuel is incredibly talented, sexy and sweet.. I met him while filming in Vancouver and he is simply amazing! I want to see him win and I hope he is recognized in many other awards also as he is very deserving and adorable!!!

    I love the Scream Awards, I will be in Vegas the weekend before, I wonder if I could find a way to attend? It was pre-taped last year... hrmm.. I wonder... Whatta nice bday present to myself mwahahhaaha!

    Herei s Taylor accepting an award last year:

    Very Young Bryce Dallas Howard

    Look at little Bryce...


    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Jamie Campbell Bower is all smiles out in the town

    Jamie Campbell Bower out and about looking happy as can be...

    Where's Ginny? ha ha


    100 Monkeys Talks to BuzzNet - video

    Breaking Dawn - Vampire Power List

    Just as a refresher, here is a list of all the vampires powers in Breaking Dawn:

    Edward~ Able to read everyone's minds at the same time.

    Bella ~ Create a shield that offers protection from attack of any kind. attacker cannot see a shield.

    Jasper ~ Able to control emotion in the atmosphere you are in.

    Alice ~ Able to 'vision' near or far future decisions.

    Renesmee ~ Able to share memories by touch. Sends them to one's mind.

    Zafrina ~ Able to make most people see what you want them to see. Illusion like.

    Eleazar ~ Able to sense/know what another vampire's gift/talent is.

    Kate ~ Able to radiate a current that can shock or kill just by touching the body.

    Benjamin ~ Able to influence the elements physically, but by thinking of the mind.

    Maggie ~ Able to know when you are being lied to.

    Siobhan ~ Able to decide goals and willing them into reality.

    Alistair ~ Able to feel an evasive pull toward whatever you are seeking.

    Aro ~ Able to know all of one's thoughts by touching using the palm.

    Alec ~ Able to cut off all feelings of people around you, making them only alive in darkness until dead physically.

    Demetri ~ Able to track down anything or anyone or any creature.

    Jane ~ Able to send off offensive, powerful, physical attacks toward someone/ people.

    Renata ~ Able to create a shield against physical attacks. Attacker is diverted away from attacking victim.

    Thank-you to TwiFans for this refresher... as casting news starts coming up it is nice to have a go-to list to refresh my memory on who is who.

    Robert Pattinson reacts to TomStu shirt on fan

    So Rob is friends with Tom and in this video a fan has a Tom shirt on and Rob laughs his ass off... More...

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Candace Charee' at Official Twilight Conventions

    My very talented friend Candace Charee' is signed on to perform at upcoming Official Twilight Conventions.

    Minneapolis Sep 3-5
    Chicago sep 10-12
    Sacramento sep 24-26
    Portland Oct 1-3
    Anaheim Oct 8-10
    San Diego Nov 19-21
    Honolulu Dec 3-5
    Orlando Dec 10-12

    More... She is looking for some fans to help out in Minneapolis. She needs between 2-4 people who are willing to help run her merchandise table selling CD's when she is unable to. They will get free general admission for helping out. They need email her at

    Here she is performing in L.A with Michael Welch

    Here is Peter Facinelli and fans dancing to Candace's Song:

    Hear all Candace's music Here

    Breaking Dawn Final Confrontation in Louisiana?

    The Daily Blam, which I have never heard of, apparently got the inside scoop on scenes being shot in Louisiana.

    Recently, Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the highly lucrative film series The Twilight Saga, announced that filming for the franchise's final chapter, Breaking Dawn, will partially take place in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A source within the Louisiana Film Commission has disclosed to me that members of the Breaking Dawn production crew have already scouted out the location they are planning to use for the film; which the studio is releasing in two parts.

    The scene will be the final confrontation between the Cullen clan, who are joined by the Quileute wolf pack and their friends, and the Volturi. The scene, most of which is taken directly from the novel, has been extended to include several physical fights. It is expected that many Twilight fans will be flocking to Louisiana when the studio begins filming in the area; which is why the exact area the production team has decided on is being kept tightly under wrap.

    I really thought that scene would be done here in Vancouver. I actually expected most of Louisiana's scenes to be in studio almost exclusively with the exception of maybe Alice searching for other baby half vampires...

    I also expected that most outdoor stuff, including the scene mentioned here would be filmed in Vancouver.

    Maybe I am wrong.

    Then again, maybe this article is wrong.

    Time will tell but it seems odd to me that a source with Louisiana Film Commission would talk to a The Daily Blam (though maybe it is a friend of the author that works for the film commission?) and reveal this information... who knows!

    I have no information on Vancouver filming yet so as fans we just have to roll with the punches, this is certainly not the first and most definately not the last of random articles that will appear... only time will tell what's true and what's not...

    SYTYCD Canada Results 20 becomes 18

    Results from tonight's SYTYCD Canada Show - - -

    More...I am happy that my power rankings were correct this week.

    Here is a Summary of Tonight’s Results Show:

    Opening Number:
    "Jai Ho" - Slumdog Millionaire
    Longinus Fernandes

    This was amazing! The colours, the moves, the synchornization, everything was absolutely stunning!

    Luther Brown
    Tre Amrstrong
    Jean-Marc Genereux
    Special GUest - Mia Michaels

    First 5 Couples out:
    Charlene & Jeff - SAFE
    Nathalie & Mackenzie - SAFE
    Claudia & Yonni - Dancing for their lives
    Kloe & Jonathan - SAFE
    Julia & Jesse - SAFE

    So far my Power Rankings were correct... let's see how the rest of the results go...

    Next 5 couples out:
    Kirsten & Jera - Dancing for their lives
    Danielle & Sebastian - SAFE
    Amanda & Denys - SAFE
    Bree & Edgar - Dancing for their lives
    Janick & Shavar - SAFE

    After last week's horribly inaccurate Power Rankings, I am glad to see I was accurate this week.

    Solo’s – Dancing for their life:

    Yonni - sexy and great attitude
    Jera - beautiful, acrobatic with lot's of spins a nice combo of his styles
    Edgar - smooth but hard, great swagga

    Claudia - Sexy but didn't bring as much as I would expect dancing for your life
    Kirsten - beautiful movement she seemed really nervous and shakey
    Bree - my favourite of the three ladies she used the whole stage high and low

    Sent home:
    -Hanni – not unanimous
    -Shelaina – injury related.


    Bree danced the best solo but was weakest out of the three when looking at their entire body of work so far. I was shocked by Yonni the most, I thought Edgar would go home.

    And now we have a Top 18, check back next Monday for power rankings and next Tuesday for results. We will also have other fun things posted throughout the week.

    Rami Malek tells ET BIll Condon cast him in Breaking Dawn

    He has just told ET Online that Bill Condon cast him in 'Breaking Dawn.'

    Malek told ET that he was thrilled about his upcoming role in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2." "I think it's going to be great," said Malek. "It's going to be super exciting and I'm thrilled,"
    Malek said of joining the superstar cast that includes Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

    Malek's part is listed as on IMDb "Benjamin," a character who we all remember to be very earth-changing in Breaking Dawn. via Examiner

    Twilight Lexicon has a detailed character description:

    Full Name: Benjamin
    Status: Vampire
    Originally from: Egypt
    Hair color: “Midnight” (BD32)

    Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

    Physical description: Bella describes him as having “midnight hair and [an] olive toned pallor” (BD32)

    Special Talents: Benjamin is a manipulator of elements—earth, air, fire, and water.

    Family members: His mate, Tia, and Amun and his mate Kebi

    Personal history: Benjamin was created by Amun knowing that the boy would be special. Amun has since been trying to turn Benjamin’s ability to manipulate earth, air,
    fire, and water into a weapon, but Benjamin is very independent and
    won’t be used. (BD32) He bonds quickly with many of the covens and
    nomads gathered at the Cullen’s house and declares that he will stand
    with them if the Volturi attack. (BD34)

    [Via TwiFans]

    Monday, August 30, 2010

    Reality TV Update - August 30, 2010

    I have missed a few updates, but I will try to catch up.

    Bachelor Pad

    I missed tonight's episode *gasp* But I did see Wes and Krissily go home. That is all I know. Krissily's last words were to break up Kovaks, Elizabeth, Kiptyn and Tenley - well duh! I want to know what I missed so feel free to comment with updates or details.

    I did a full post on last week's episode.

    SYTYCD Canada

    I am loving some of this season's contestents and I do blog after every episode with Power Rankings and then Results. I also blog throughout the week at Pure SYTYCD.

    Last Week Shelaina went home due to injury and Hanni for some stupid reason. This week two more will go home tomorrow night.

    Here are my power rankings from tonight's show.

    Master Chef

    I am loving this show. I liked this week's trucker challenge and was shocked when red pulled in the win after such a rough start, I mean seriously? Blue Cheese? Whitney and Jake are my two top favourites.

    Big Brother

    Well I have spoilers so I will shuddup but this week is going to be VERY INTERESTING! I will leave it at that but if you want spoilers read HERE and HERE

    Everyone I was rooting for is gone so now I don't care... I like Lane but he has money, Britney has girl power but she has annoyed me since day one, I love gay men but Ragan seems close to going home, I hate Enzo, so that leaves Hayden... or Lane.. or Brittney.. I dunno - I will wait til last two and then decide.

    Dating in the Dark

    This show is so bad it's good. I love that I can pick it up or drop it any time because each week si new people. It's a nice background show to accompany my blogging. They always have at least one total loser.

    Jersey Shore

    OMG The Situation is friggin too much - his "master plan" to put the hippo to bed and have two girls on one side of the house and two on the other - - AND IT WORKED!?!?!? Too much! I can't wait to see this week's the preview shows Sammie and JWOW having it out - I assume it comes out that she wrote the letter to Sammi about Ronnie's creepin' ha ha ha this show is so bad I can't help myself... though I do wanna shoot myself when I hear shit like The Situation will make $5mil this year - WTF? Yet, here I am supporting it by watching and talking about it BAD MANDY!

    Real World New Orleans

    I haven't watched this yet but my PVR needs me too fast...

    Am I missing anything?

    Oh, here are two reality tv stories that caught my eye today...

    Snooki's boyfriend of one month proposes via tabloid magazine.

    American Idol still without panel of judges.

    Top 20 SYTYCD Canada Performance Show


    More... Last week I failed at my rankings, then again, most agree Canada failed at voting, but I digress. Here are my thoughts based on tonight's performances.

    Please feel free to comment if you agree, disagree or have anything to add or say.

    ********** TOP 3 **********

    1. Amanda & Denys - Contemporary - Sabrina Matthews
    Perfect - Hedley

    I liked the story, A girl finds out she is terminaly ill, and her boyfriend feels bad he cant help her. Sabrina Matthews created a master piece. I got goosebmps and that usually equals a Top 3 rankings. There was beautiful movement and it was emotionally moving. I loved it! Well danced!

    2. Jeff & Charlene - Contemporary – Stacey Tookey
    Breathing - Alisa Turner

    Based on a real story from a letter from a depressed person who used her daughter to pull through. Stacey is amazing. Goosebumps and you know what that means.. Top 3 ranking… It was in their genre so it had to be wonderful. Very beautiful!

    3. Kloe & Jonathan – Jazz – Blake McGrath
    California Gurls – Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg

    Very fun theme, sexy and hot… perfect song choice. Thank goodness she took off those heels - yikes! Blake’s choreo is always hot and quite precise. This had some great moments but was mostly just fun to watch. I think people will vote for it because of that reason. I had no idea Kloe had a bad ankle she pulled through that routine without me noticing which is why I put this 3rd and not 4th.

    ********** MIDDLE **********

    4. Nathalie & Mackenzie - Hip Hop – Sho-Tyme
    All I do is Win - DJ Khaled ft T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross

    I love hip hop overall and these two did a good job, Mackenzie is pretty to look at so that helps. There were some very fast moments that could have been a little but more precise but I enjoyed watching it. I was stuck between my top 3 & 4 to be honest. Kloe dancing through a bad ankle is what put them above this routine, barely.

    5. Sebastian & Danielle - Theatre – Sean Cheesman
    No Good Deed – Idina Menzel – Wicked Soundtrack

    Nice twists and lifts. It was very interesting to watch. I enjoyed it a lot. I think people will vote for them.

    6. Jesse & Julia – Samba – Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin
    Cuban Pete – isweat music

    Julia’s favourite of her 5 areas of dance I expected her to nail it and she did. Jesse was a fast learner it seemed, he had me convinced, holy hips! The wardrobe change by her was hot, although her dress started to fall apart she danced through it.

    7. Shavar & Janick – Krump – Lil C
    Whatever – Buckmouth

    Funky outfits, he had a tin can on his junk (as Mia pointed out) Shavar was harder hitting than she was but that wasn’t a surprise, neither hit hard enough for krump though. Still, It was "bucc". But they were out of synch almost the entire time which kind of made it look a mess for me. Loved Lil C calling himself a Warriogropher.

    ********** BOTTOM 3 **********

    8. Jera & Kirsten - Paso Doble - Francis LeFreniere & Natalli Reznik
    Iron Might / Mind Control - Position Music

    Dramatic movements, lights outfits, the end spin was amazing but the drop was a bit hard at the end. It was good. Not great. I love these two dancers so I hate putting them in the bottom 3 but based on tonight that is where they fall... I don't see them going home though.

    9. Claudia & Yonni - Foxtrot - Danny Quillam
    Telephone - Lady Gaga ft Beyonce

    Modern music with a not-so-modern dance style, hot outfits, felt a bit slow for the music until the steps around the stage. Mixed results from the judges. I wasn't feeling it personally but can see the artistic, uniqueness about it. A juxtaposition between tradition and modern... very interesting.

    10. Bree & Edgar - Dancehall - Jaeblaze
    Clarks (feat Popcaan and Gaza Slim) - Vybz Kartel

    Smooth, he is harder hitting than she (hip hop background, vs contemporary) I wasn’t a fan overall. There were moments of good but also moments of random nothing. Luther said it was good dancehall, what do I know about it? Just average for me.

    I really have a tough time ranking these dancers... Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Forks & Portland October 2010

    I will not only be attending the October Portland Tiwlight Convention, but also presenting. I have known for a while and mentioned it to a few close friends but as I have started to get emails from people I figured I might as well pblicly announce it on my blog.

    Yes, I will be presenting at the convention and I am super excited to share some never before seen photos and stories of my experiences with the Twilight Saga.

    I really hope to meet and see some of you again...

    Details and Tickets available here

    THe Convention runs Friday October 1 - 3 and before hitting Portland I will be in Forks for a night or two to meet up with lot's of Twilight bloggers who are going to Forks for the weekend.

    I can't wait!

    Big Brother Spoilers

    Wow! More spoilers tonight on who had and maybe used POV Don't click unless you already know POV winner spoiler.... or if you don't care if you know...


    So I posted here that Enzo won POV so it is no surprise he took himselff off the block but what IS a surprise is that LANE PUT UP HAYDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This week should be interesting!!!!

    American Idol Judges still not signed

    American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe still hasn't given up on landing Elton John for the Fox reality competition's tenth-season judging panel.


    "I'm still very supportive of Elton John," he told reporters while walking the red carpet at Sunday night's Emmy Awards, the New York Times reported Monday. "[But] I don't believe negotiations have gone well."

    While Steven Tyler has been widely reported to have already signed a deal to join Idol's judging panel and Jennifer Lopez has been reported to still possibly be in negotiations to join him, Lythgoe said that original Idol judge Randy Jackson is the only person currently inked to a judging contact.

    "To set the record straight, what judges do we have signed on right now?" a Los Angeles Times reporter asked.

    "As far as I know -- and I could be wrong with this -- Randy Jackson," Lythgoe replied.

    "No J-Lo, no Steven Tyler? None of that yet?" the reporter asked.

    "We're still in negotiations," Lythgoe replied.

    According to Lythgoe -- who rejoined the show last month following a two-year absence -- he doesn't know what Idol's tenth-season judging panel will look like yet.

    "No, not at this point, I don't think so," he told the Times when asked if he knows who will end up on the show's tenth-season judging panel.

    "We're going to wait and see who says yes, because at the end of the day it's going to be the chemistry between the judges that counts. So while we're in this state of seeing whether people are available -- and that's the difficulty, you're asking them to open up four months of their calendar."

    Fox has repeatedly declined to comment on the composition of the show's tenth-season judging panel but said the panel will be announced by the time the season's nationwide callback auditions begin with the judges begin in mid-September.

    Reports that American Idol has been targeting John to replace departed judge Simon Cowell have circulated since January despite denials from the British singer. Lythgoe first went public with his support for the idea in March.


    Jersey Shore's Snooki to be engaged?

    Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has received a public marriage proposal from new boyfriend Jeff Miranda.

    REality TV WOrld Writes:

    Miranda, a 24-year-old Iraq veteran from Millstone, NJ, has proposed to Snooki in a cover story interview in the September 10 issue of Steppin' Out Magazine, RadarOnline reported Monday.

    "Will You Marry Me?" Miranda asks on the magazine's cover, which features him down on one knee while dressed in desert combat fatigues but shirtless.

    While he reportedly only began dating Snooki earlier this month after they met at a Seaside Heights, NJ nightclub during the filming of the Jersey Shore's upcoming third season, Miranda -- who has repeatedly dismissed claims he is only dating Snooki for publicity -- told the magazine he expects her to accept his marriage proposal.

    "Once she deals with the shock I think they'll say yes. I really do. In fact, I know she'll say yes," he told Steppin' Out in his interview, according to RadarOnline.

    "I love her and want to be with her. I will never break her heart. She's such a great girl. If people could see us together they would think we're a match made in heaven. People think I'm using her for fame. But that's bullsh-t."

    However one of Miranda's friends told RadarOnline otherwise earlier this month.

    "I've known Jeff for a long time and the guy is a player," the friend said. "He's become a gym rat and hooked-up with Snooki to get popularity and fame. Let's face it, the guy wants to be a star."

    During his Steppin' Out interview, Miranda claimed the media and Jersery Shore camera coverage that has resulted from his relationship with Snooki has been a burden.

    "It came with the territory. But I'm willing to put up with it for Nicole. I just want to be with Nicole and make her happy," he said. "I can make her the happiest girl in the world. I have very strong feelings for her."

    Read more at Radar Online or Reality TV World

    Robert Pattinson out this weekend

    Popsugar writes:

    Robert Pattinson didn't attend last night's Emmys in LA, but he was out making the club rounds; he started the evening at the Soho House before moving on for more partying at Trousdale. He held down the fort in California while Kristen Stewart took care of business in Argentina. Robert didn't have much facial hair a few weeks ago when he was spotted visiting and cuddling with Kristen in Canada, but yesterday he debuted some serious scruff. His new look didn't stop fans from trying to get autographs, though, as he went between spots with a blond friend by his side.

    It was Sam's birthday so perhaps they were all hitting the town for a night of fun? What do you think? See more photos at the source.

    [Source: PopSugar Via @RObbedmyheart]

    Breaking Dawn Pre-Production has begun

    Those who started following my blog back when I had set-reports for New Moon and Eclipse will be happy to hear I will have the same for Breaking Dawn. Not only when they film locally here in Vancouver but also as they film in Louisiana. I used to live there and know a lot of people there as well as a lot of fans I have met through twitter and blogging. Between all of us we hope to get all the updates on filming Breaking Dawn.

    Here is the first official "set report" though it is more of a pre-pre-production report...

    I got an email over the weekend from a fellow Twilight fan in Baton Rouge. Here are some details she sent me regarding Pre-Production of Breaking Dawn:

    • studio is secure and gated but busy.
    • a lot of construction going on in the lots (unsure if related to filming or not, it seems likely)
    • they are using the lot across from studio also (for storage and vehicles at this point)
    • Bill Condon has been spotted in town and is staying at a private location not too far from studios
    I am not including the name of the studio or the place Bill Condon is staying because I feel it is not my place to post that information publicly. Those who know me understand my reasons why.

    For that same reason I have cropped this photo to omit the address.

    Here is the photo she sent me (cropped) with more to come as things progress:

    I know it is just a sign but it makes me excited!!!

    Thanks to "MJ" my Baton Rouge Twivestigator

    If you use info or photos please link back and credit "MJ" via

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Big Brother

    Tonight's episode was good. I was shocked at the results to be honest... I have spoilers from tonight's show as well as unaired POV winner which will air Wednesday so DO NOT click "more" unless you want to spoiled...

    I think Enzo should have pulled it together so Lane didn't have to bemput in the uncomfy situation - - - Enzo is pissed! Ragan is fighting for his life.... I had to look at spoilers...

    So Enzo will take himself off and Brit or Hayden will go up - If it is Britt I think Hayden and Enzo may send her home... we shall see what happens...

    Also as we saw tonight LAne opened the Pandora';s box and won $91.17 and the house got one of three punishments. The first was no cups or utensils for the week... the second wasn't aired but has been posted on spoiler sites...

    Houseguests got sock puppets that looked like them...they must speak through them at all times. If they don’t, they will become a Have Not for the week.

    The third punishment has not been revealed yet.

    So based on new HoH, nominees, POV winner, who do you think will go home Thursday>? And who are you rooting for at this point?

    I really like Lane but tonight we learned he's got MONEY... Britney I have hated and loved all season, I'd root for Radan at this point but I just don't know if he can survive... Hayden has been solid, but he won all those prizes... gah! I don't know who I want yet - - -

    Tonight's True Blood

    True Blood Tonight... thoughts... (spoilers)...


    “Don’t leave me with the immigrant” ha ha love Pam

    “I got marry my half brother” oh the life of a were-panther

    Hoyt & Jessica getting hot and heavy… seriously, Jessica is hot! But Hoyt? “Drink me” oy! I dunno how this will end…

    Russell and his urn of gooey Talbot cracks me up… in fact the whole exchange between Eric and Russell was hilarious, “vast collection of meaningless shit” “because you miss your mommy and daddy” “expanding ambitions” “lump of muscle with a blood grudge” “we should begin”

    bahahaha “day walking is not a myth, not at all” and so Sookie’s importance is exposed…

    Ultimate Vampire Dream is to day walk Russell? Really?

    Eric is so sexy! I am in love with Alexander for realz but what the FUCK was up with ringtone? Ha ha

    Pam, bad timing is right.. “I need a drink”

    I find it funny that Anna and Stephen are now married in real life just as their on screen relationship is falling apart.

    Godric… Mmmm… yes! He was supposed to be in this season, he better be in the finale (I assume as a flashback but still!)

    Sam sure is grumpy eh? “Gimme back my fucking whiskey” bahaha I’ve had days like that! But my god was Sam “hateful and mean” just like the ladies said. “bitches do your job and shut the fuck up” hoo-wee

    Andy’s never healing arm is a bit excessive non? He’s a total knob but I can’t help but feel sorry for him most the time.. great character.

    “Joe Lee in a Sam suit” the brother relationship is a good story line but I actually felt bad for the lil guy tonight, Sam was a straight up asshole tonight! Poor Tommy

    Tara annoyed me less tonight.

    I had a hard time enjoying Sookie tonight, I was still wondering what the hell was up her ass at the Emmy’s tonight… nerves or bitchiness? Either way she came across cold on stage and the reports of how she was backstage weren’t exactly positive either. Who knows though.

    The witchery in the woods was very “The Craft” wasn’t it?

    “I got the body of a tired teenager” bahaha go Arlene.

    The talking voodoo dolls were hilarious, mainly because I have a few similar dolls I brought back from New Orleans.

    I was so relieved Eric “has a plan”

    I did not even recognize Arlene in the dream scene with no make-up

    The miscarriage scene was bizarre and gross

    What do you do about a teenaged athlete on v blood?

    Pam & Eric’s intimate moment was tender

    The daywalking was great, I especially loved Russell and Eric feeding off Sookie

    “Fucking Fairies, who knew”

    And the ending… grrr.. two weeks to wait for the season finale? No fair!

    Obviously Eric will live somehow – any ideas on how?


    Joan Jett and The Blackhearts live at PNE in Vancouver

    On Friday night I went to the PNE with friends to see Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. It was amazing!

    My youtube has some videos uploading here are some that are already done:

    See More Here

    Live Blogging - The Emmy's

    I haven't done live blogging before so let's give it a try with the Emmy's... I will watch and blog and tweet my comments I will also post random tweets that come up on the feed with Emmy details, and feel free to join in and ask questions or offer your own comments... should be fun... ha ha

    4000th Post

    Welcome to my 4000th post.

    I have done celebratory 2000th and 3000th posts.

    So for my 4000th post I wanted to something special and so I am trying my first every interactive live blog for the Emmy's tonight.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Jackson Rathbone on 'No Ordinary Family' this fall

    Jackson Rathbone on telelvsion this fall? Yes please!

    Twilight Lexicon posted this:

    Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello got the scoop on this one. For those of you not familiar with Michael Ausiello, he is known for his insider information especially in the TV realm.

    “Coming up necks for Twilight bloodsucker Jackson Rathbone: A potentially recurring role on ABC’s No Ordinary Family. The 25-year-old actor—whose two summer films, Eclipse and The Last Airbender, collectively grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide—will play Trent Stafford, a high school classmate of Kay Panabaker telepathic Daphne.”

    See more on EW

    This is pretty exciting, especially the "potentially recurring role" part :)

    [ EW Via Lexicon]

    Nylon Outtakes of Jackson

    I love the lighting in these photos - Jackson is just - rawr!

    [Source: Nylon Magazine Via TwiFans]

    Kristen Stewart in Argentina - photos

    [Va wiFans]