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#bb13 Spoilers - Aug 6 - 11pm

Spoilers below the cut including nominations (as revealed in previous spoiler post) and power of veto competition results. (Ceremony is tomorrow or Monday)


Jeff and Rachel are on the block.

Jeff won veto.

Apparently Adam was a close 2nd and Kalia 3rd - but not sure.

I have NOT been on feeds all day so this is just via others who have been watching........ more tomorrow :)

Can't wait for this week - - - woooo!

SWATH (Snow White and the Huntsman) Cast parents

I have to say when I first saw this photo loading I actually though it was Kristen, then an older version.... what fantastic casting eh? Unless she is cast as a step mother, that wouldn't make sense... she look too similar don't you agree?

"Please welcome Liberty Ross to the #SWATH cast as Snow White's mother," so Patel wrote on his Twitter, before adding in a following tweet, "Noah Huntley will play the King (aka Snow White's father) in #SWATH."

Huntley is known for his role in 2002's British horror movie "28 Days Later". He played Mark in the film, opposite Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris. Meanwhile, Ross is an English model who has recently been cast in Madonna's upcoming drama "W.E."

[Twitter Source via Source via TwiCrackAddict]

Hunger Games Extra Spills set secrets from interviews with Caesar aka Stanley Tucci got an anonymous tip from a ‘Hunger Games’ Capitol extra:

I’m in the Capitol. We did the wrap up with Caesar and Katniss/Peeta last night. Everyone’s perfect. Stanley couldn’t be more perfect, really. After doing the Katniss interview for two days, the man still had the energy to do some reshooting Friday afternoon with the same pep as before. It’s amazing and baffling. I don’t really think anyone should be worried about anything big. I’m pretty sure all the interviews are done. I was there for Rue, Foxface and Katniss on Thursday, Marvel, Cato, Clove on Friday.

She also told them the hair and make-up was "intense" and fans shouldn't be worried.... read more at Mocking Jay

New Xavier Samuel Photos - hot!

These new photos of Xavier Samuel are hot... man, I love me some Xavier!

[Via Twifans]

2 New Abduction Stills

Taylor Lautner looking sexified.... Can't wait to see this movie!


Taytay gets a new ride

MTV writes:

The "Twilight" star has bought a 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The ride costs more than $200,000 and reaches up to 60 miles per hour in as little as four seconds.
That’s fast enough to make anyone struggle to stay grounded

What do you think? I mean I can buy a home for that price.... *shrugs*

[Via TCA]

Kellan getting a tattoo?

I have to think this is a temporary tattoo.... It is such a strange spot for an actor (who wants to keep acting) to get tattoo'd isn't it?

Looks real.... I dunno...


Nikki Reed says, "Give a Shit"

This is awesome!

Check out:


Fan Encounter with Hunger Games Peeta aka Josh Hutcherson in Charlotte NC

Maggie, a Hunger Games fan, shared her encounter with Josh Hutcherson with the fan site The Hob:

Josh Hutcherson came over to us and started up a conversation. He was very kind and personable. His hair is very blonde, even more so in person then in the pictures from Entertainment Weekly. He said that at that moment Jennifer was inside the theater filming her interview scene. Then he autographed our books and hugged us goodbye. We then went away so star struck from meeting Josh that we didn’t even notice that we walked by Lenny Kravitz. Only after the fact did someone point out to us that we had just came within feet of Lenny!

Read the rest of her story here.

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#BB13 Updates August 5 - 11pm

We all know Kalia won HoH and her and Dani have been scheming ever since. If you do not wish to be spoiled, stop reading.... if you don't care click MORE below to see who Kalia nominated....


So, Kalia put up Jeff and Rachel, Rachel isthe target, but who knows what will happen with veto and the votes.

Of course whoever goes home will go against either Keith, Cassi, Dominic or Brendon (I think Dominic will get the most votes. There is NO WAY Keith will... Cassi would be nice but as long as it isn't Brendon I am good.

Honestly what if Rachel was evicted and Brendon voted back they would "Battle" (or should I saw cry, makeout, whine) then Bren would let herback in - - - nothing changes in the house...

At least if Cassi battled Rachel that would amazing. If Cassi beat Rachel and returned it would be OK - - - but more fun if they were both in the house.

If Dom returned it would be the best tv. No matter WHO went home.... Dani would have her boy toy back - which would make for a more interesting game, but also ruin Dani's game because she would lay in bed all day whining with him... ha ha!

It really depends on who is sent home this week - likely I will want them to return... but we will see.

If I was Kalia I would have put up two floaters... that way if they stayed or left it would not matter.

Veto players HAVE been chosen and veto could happen anytime between now and tomorrow a.m.

Then veto ceremony for live feeds is Monday and then we wait....

Stay Tuned!

Big Brother Question of the Day

I like to ask random questions to Big Brother fans in superpass chat and on twitter #bb13

Today's Question:

If you were on #cbsbigbrother what would you want in your HOH Basket? #bb13

Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @mandysmind and I will add some of the responses below the cut..


My Answer:
Cashews, Bourin Cheese Ball with crackers, pickles, poutine fixings, chocolate covered almonds or almond M&mM's, All-Dressed Chips, Guacamole and Tortilla Chips, Oreos, SOBE Mango/Melon, Starbucks Vanilla Frappe Bottles, Powerade Strawberry Lemonade, Coconut Lime Verbena lotion, Black Eyed Peas CD (mosto f my other music would make me cry or sad)

I am sure there is a lot more, I may add as I think of them so forgive my lengthy list should it appear ;)

@jaimetemple wrote:
pocket edward, red vines, poutine, grape gatorade, chips & Salsa, oatmeal cream pies, ipod.

@vampybritt wrote:
ear plugs so I can tune out the annoying rants and cried when I've had enough of it.

@JayDavison wrote:
I would have a Starbucks Venti Earl Grey Tea Latte, Lays Salt & Vinegar chips and Swiss Milk Chocolate Nonpareils.

**More Later**

Survivor meets Hunger Games $10 T-shirt Sale

RIPT Apparel has a $10 T-SHIRT Sale TODAY ONLY on this super cool Survivor meets Hunger Games Tee.

I ordered a bunch (I won't even admit how many) for myself and to use as future contests on my blog...

But, no need to chance a prize win - order yours for only $10 plus shipping... no I am not getting anything out of the sales, I just heard about it on Collider.

I just think it's a super-cool shirt and a super-great deal!

Hunger Games Filming - Capitol Scenes (Photo of Extras in Costume)

Charolette Observer writes:

08.03.11 – Extras filming The Hunger Games are ushered inside the Duke Energy building Wednesday afternoon. At least 100 cast and crew members filming The Hunger Games movie were in uptown Charlotte at the Knight Theater, according to a production contact. John D. Simmons

Isn't this awesome! What do you think of the costumes?

Tona B. Dahlquist, the extras casting director for ‘Hunger Games’said:
Did I mention how FANTASTIC everyone looked on Artemis today????

John Mejia, a ‘Hunger Games’ extra playing a ‘Stagehand’ said:
Incredible to see all the work that has gone into the costumes. Awesome looking outfits, wigs, hair pieces! Just amazing. Of course I am bias but stagehands looked amazing! And props to just keeping track of all the extras. Impressive!

I really wish we had more photos of filming. I know with all the strong opinions regarding the Breaking Dawn legal case, SOME feel "no spoilers" is the way to go, which is fine. But I get MORE excited about a movie when I can follow it's progress... especially books to movies, when I already know the plot and just want to follow the creation!

[Source Via MockingJay]

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SYTYCD - Top 4

Well, I was correct...

Our Top 4 are:

Melanie, Marko, Sasha and Tadd!

Caitlynn and Ricky were eliminated tonight.


Straw Dogs

I do not know how I did not know about this movie! (Ok I knew OF it but no details)

I saw the trailer a couple weeks ago when I went to see Horrible Bosses and Friends With Benefits.

So besides my weekly dose of Alexander Skarsgård on True Blood, I do not need to wait until Battleship comes out in May 2012 because this movie, Straw Dogs, comes out in September and looks absolutely awesome!

Bejamin Stone rumoured as Finnick Odair in Cathing Fire

Benjamin Stone, from the television show ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King,’ tweeted an IMDB thread that recommended him for the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. What do you think, would Benjamin Stone be a good Finnick?

Since they are still filming Hunger Games, I am not sure when they would make decisions for casting the 2nd film... but I think he is a suitable candidate. My original casting predictions and hopes were way off and since then I have not been entirely happy with the casting of main characters nor some of the minor characters. But, I believe in the process and trust the people in charge... I just can NOT wait to see it all come together!

Gale & Peeta in EW


You sunk my Battleship...

I saw Battleship preparation when I was in NOLA last October. In my agenda book, I saw it was supposed to come out soon, but apparently I missed the memo with the new release date of May 2012.

Longer wait for Alexander Skarsgård *le sigh*

That boy is all kinds of sexy! At least I get my weekly fix on True Blood, and lately, he has been especially yummy, all nice and naked as Eric with Sookie... RAWR!

But I digress... I wanted to share the trailer for Battleship as well as some photos from set in NOLA last October....

There are more on my facebook: Mandy S Mind.

Also in pre-production at the time was Breaking Dawn.... so I posed out side the studio after chatting with the security at length.

Battleship Trailer:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reality TV Update August 3, 2011

There is a lot going on this week in reality tv so let's get right to it.


Ashley chose JP, this wasn't a surprise as they had been spotted together by tabloids weeks ago. I still really wanted her to pick Ben so JP could be the next Bachelor, but what's done is done. I dislike Ashley EVEN more now after she let poor Ben get down on one knee and propose. Heart-wrenching! The after the final rose was good, nice to see some of the men return, though no clear indicator on the next Bachelor. Was looking like Ryan for a while, but they didn't announce it and they focused a lot on his negatives, so who knows.

Great promo for Bachelor Pad which starts next week - I can NOT wait. I really think the show is better than Bachelor/ette because it's everyone reunited with baggage and resentment and greed... for love or money. It is crazy how incestuous the Bachelor/ette family is. DRAMA ... and great tv.

Hells Kitchen

I have to say Elise must only be there for drama, as she is not a good cook, or a nice person. Yes, Carrie is ditzy and slow, but she can cook better than Elise! During compeition Elise veto's Carrie's dish without tasting which cost them the win in the end, allowing the blue team to go to the spa. We gt two episodes a week vs one two-hour episode a week like last season. On Monday Krupa served strip loin as veal during a competition, then during service had soupy risotto and undercooked pasta, a train wreck! In the end Gina went home. The next night, not surprisingly was Monterray. I do have to say I enjoyed the Blue win on Tuesday night, yaht party with plenty of booze - was hilarious fun watching Natalie as the only female, mingle with the boys! I was surprise also that Elizabeth stayed - she was the red team rep who met with the high school reunion committee. The committee told the cooks HAWAIIAN THEMED - - - Elizabeth runs back and says "ASIAN THEMED" she is a complete idiot!

Master Chef

I am not a Christian fan, his ego is just too much! I really do love Jennifer for putting Christian in his place. Monday we had the feeding children episode where Christan bossed his team (Adrien, Derrick and Jennifer) around and lost with a turkey burger and apple fries with carmel sauce. The other team (Tracy, Ben,and Suzy, led by Christine) worked together and had a chicken nugget burger with ranch and lettuce along with corn fritters. Despite Ramsay's criticism of the food being too greasy and deep fried, they won the most votes from the kids. In the Pressure test they made a cheese souffle and much to my dismay - everyone stayed. Tuesday's episode, however, two went home and after re-creating Ramsay's favourite childhood dish of tomatoe soup and grilled cheese, it was Christine and Derrick that left us.


What a week! I did a complete blog on the performance show here, as well as the result show here. I was, as you will read, in complete shock at two of the bottom three couples! Tragic to send home such talented dancers already!

Take the Money and Run

This new show looked great in previews and after the extended promo iduring the Bachelorette Finale, I was hooked! I still can not believe the brother cracked under pressure - my husband and I watched together (this is rare, he dislikes 80% of the shows I watch, especially anything "reality") and we discussed all of our strategies if we were on the show... mwahahaha Of course in watching we kept saying "I'd have done this" or "they should've done that" or "i could do that better"

Big Brother

Tonight CBS aired the veto results. I have live feeds so I am constantly blogging spoilers (under a cut so as not to piss off people who want to wait to see it on television) but I dont get to see diary room sessions or competitions, so tonight's show was really awesome! I am so much more aware of editing for tv now that I have live feeds and then watchi the shows version of what is going on... very interesting! Brendon and Rachel are on the block, Brendon won POV and pretended he would use it on himself, but really used it on Rachel... thinking he would "trick" everyonw (he did, they believed he was taking himself off) but in reality Dani wanted Brendon gone, so really, things are still going as plan, the replacement nominee was Jordan, who no one will vote out - she is too nice, friendly and she is a great person to take to final two since she has already won before and I highly doubt a jury would award her money again - unless she was up against Rachel LOL American loves to HATE Rachel!

Some live feed details I have learned are here.


Tomorrow night is the results show and I am nervous for the final 6. Who will make it to the finale. To be honest, Rickey and Caitlynn are the two I would send based on the whole season, but tonight, everyone brought it HARD so we shall see!

I really loved Marko and Caitlyn's piece by Sonya as well as Mel and Tadd's piece with the mirror. Twitch and Mel were amazing together also! I adore Mel and have been rooting for her to win for weeks. But Sasha and Kent were amazing together! Best solo was Mel also! I think it will be Marko, Tadd, Mel and Sasha as Top 4 - we shall see!

Storage Wars

I don't usually write on this but tonight Barry got a unit for $1500 and ended up with a $6000 "head" I like Barry because he collects... and because he wears those sexy skeleton gloves ha ha

I am NOT a Dave fan and Dave Jr. is even worse, but I have to say that I enjoyed learning why he is such a bully... when he bid HARD against the "stranger" that was his brother, who he allegedly trained and who ditched him!

Love in rhe Wild

Brandee and Ben who almost went home last week came in last this week after he continually put her down and insulted her. The adventure itself was entertaining as they searched for masks by going through various hikes and trails on horse, mud slide and so on. I felt bad for Brandee she is sweet, and when Steele started tos how interst in her over Erica I was hopeful, I have never really been a fan of Erica. Mike and Samantha who came in first stayed together, as did Miles and his partner and Theresa and her partner. Steele indeed DID ask Brandee to pair up and she declined his offer! Then Erica asked Steele back and he still said no, leaving them both in the unmatched area! Ben then asked Erica who said no... In the end all 4 went to the unmatched area and all went home! I wish Brandee would have stayed and accepted to go with Steele at least for another week - ah well!

Toddlers & Tiaras

I hate admitting that I watch this... I saw it once a while back and was disgusted, but somehow in the last few weeks I have stumbled upon itmore often (ok I set up a series record after catching a hilarious episode) and now I am sort of hooked. It is like a train-wreck, you can't look away!

Jersey Shore

Speaking of Train Wrecks, Jersey Shore just finished filming on seaside for NEXT season, meanwhile the Italy season begins tomorrow on MTV. This is ridiculous! I mean they are jamming as many seasons as they can in before people figure out these guys are IDIOTS and NOT WORTH THE TIME! That being said, I am addicted... it's sad and pathetic I know! But there is drama and fighting and stupidity - what's not to LOVE hating in a relaity tv show? ha!

What I have learned from Big Brother Live Feeds


CBS really edits things to manipulate the viewers opinions. Which is to be expected but it really is shocking. I mean I have always loved Jeff & Jordan, and I still do, but I have realized they are not perfect *gasp*

Jeff is kind of rude and cuts her off and puts her down, though she doesn't seem to mind. He also swears a lot, farts a lot and is pretty cocky. He actually went on a rant about Harry Potter's headmaster, Albus Dumbledore originally being gay or something - I missed the live feeds and have chosen NOT to flashback and watch it for fear I will hate Jeff for being homophobic.

Jordan really is amazing, albeit slow. Her and Jeff are great together. He thought hippos were pinkish purple in real life - just like the cartoons. She didn't know what nocturnal meant, and a game of 20 questions to guess what animal a houseguest is thinking of is always entertaining when these two play. Overall, Jordan is very sincere and loyal and sweet! I hate when people say she rides coat tails or is a bad player... I think her game is to be sweet and have people do things for her and let her slide... and it works for her!

Lawon is quite boring most of the time, as is Adam, but on the show thye seem so energetic and entertaining... true those moments happen but they are few and far between and seem to be shown on tv as though it is who they always are.... not so much! I do appreciate Lawon's theatrics and Adam's love and knowledge of the game, though he really should start playing!

Brenchel aka Rachel and Brendon are actually MORE fucked up than tv shows them to be. Is that possible? Believe me it is! I can't even stand it - he is so emotionally abusive and controlling, he gets mad at her for being upset... I am NOT a Rachel fan, far from it, but I hate Brendon EVEN MORE for making ME feel BAD for Rachel! They are so toxic together, it is sickening to have to wtch on live feeds, it is like witnessing a crime! Horrific!

Kalia is the most annoying person in the house, moreso than Rachel and THAT is saying something! I am not saying this because she is "fat" in fact, I don't see her that way since the other girls are so tiny, I imagine Kalia is actually quite average weight... but she is indeed a pig! She talks non-stop at rapid speed, never stops eating (often spitting food out of her mouth as she talks) and shares disgusting details and habits such as peeing in the pool or at the spa, vaginal troubles and other details no one really wants to hear! She has this "hair phobia" yet pees in pools and sleeps in Dani's bed? She raids the HoH's food basket, who ever is HoH and no matter what is in their basket. She claims she is soo full then goes to another room to eat, she worries she isn't eating enough then sucks and licks her fingers dry, chomping and slurping in the mic as she cuts someone off from talking. She disgusts me and annoys me and I just do not like her!

Shelly is a snake. She plays both sides of the house and has since day one. Yes she has a deep voice and resembles David Spade, but that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is how she is constantly cleaning obsessively and fake complimenting houseguests using their insecurities against them. She offers unsolicited advice and I am glad that FINALLY people are on to her schemes. It is so transparent to viewers on live feeds, but for some reason the Houseguests were oblivious until recently.

Dani - I hated her in BB8 because she showmanced up and whined about her dad non-stop "this is so frustrating" This year she was better and I thought it was just her daddy-issues that made her so whiney but turns out that her daddy-issues are only part of her problems. She almost showmanced up with Dom this year and is equally whiny... "this is like, so totally, lame" At least she is pulling some "power moves" to keep the season entertaining and gets drunk easily

Bottom line - Things are never what they seem thanks to the magic of television editing!

Hunger Games Filming Pre-Game Interviews at Knight Theatre

WCNC, a local news station in Charlotte, NC reports that the Hunger Games movie production is filming today outside the Knight Theater at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. With scenes being shot in a large theater, I think we can safely assume that the interviews are being shot here. Can’t you just see Cinna sitting in the front, silently coaching Katniss?

“As the audience oohs and ahs, I see Cinna make the tiniest circular motion with his finger. But I know what he’s saying. Twirl for me.“

[Source Via MockingJay.Net]

America's Next Top Model - All Stars

I guess this idea doesn't make sense to me. I mean if they won, they should be successful models. If they didn't win but are successful, why would they return to the show?

So I suppose this should be called "Models still trying to make it but with big personalities or close relationship with Tyra" season?!

What is even more ridiculous is that some of these girls are old now - one is 33 - which inthe real world is not old, but in Tyra's ANTM world - ancient!

US Magazine reveals the contestents:

Bianca Golden
Age: 22
Cycle 9

Sheena Sakai
Age: 24
Cycle 11

Lisa D'Amato
Age: 30
Cycle 5

Laura Kirkpatrick
Age: 22
Cycle 13

Allison Harvard
Age: 23
Cycle 12

Isis King
Age: 25
Cycle 11

Brittany Brower
Age: 29
Cycle 4

Shannon Stewart
Age: 27
Cycle 1

Bre Scullark
Age: 26
Cycle 5

Camille McDonald
Age: 33
Cycle 2

Kayla Ferrel
Age: 20
Cycle 15

Alexandria Everett
Age: 22
Cycle 16

Dominique Reighard
Age: 27
Cycle 10

Angelea Preston
Age: 25
Cycle 14

September 14 - they will return!!!!


Mike Boogie Malin being sued for embezzlement

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will were Season 2 Big Brother stars and returned for All-Stars as well. They have gone on to many company's together including tattoor emoval services, Will's medical career and of course Mike's resturants. It seems now Mike "Boogie" Malin is being sued for being naughty....

A partner in one of the biggest restaurant groups in Hollywood claims two of her fellow partners -- both reality stars -- stole the business blind ... but one of the guys is coming right back at her and alleging extortion.

Shereene Arazm claims former "Big Brother" winner Mike "Boogie" Malin (pictured left) and his business partner, VH1 reality star Lonnie Moore (pictured right) "illegally siphoned away [money]" from the Geisha House, LLC restaurant group for years in order to "support their lavish party-boy lifestyles."

In her suit, Arazm claims, "They gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars that never belonged to them, they used some of the stolen monies to pay for sex, and they traveled the world at Arazm's and the restaurant group's expense."


Hunger Games Sountrack and Score

Part of what makes films so moving is the music. The soundtrack and score adds to and helps create a movie and when a novel is made into a movie, it is essential to have fitting sound to go along with the mood and plot of the film.... Hunger Games is well onit's way to creating this... reports:

Universal Republic will release soundtrack and score albums related to "The Hunger Games," the Lionsgate film that T Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman are collaborating on as composers, has learned. In addition to their instrumental work, Universal Republic will release collections of the songs featured in the film and songs directly influenced by the themes -- freedom, rebellion, survival, family -- and subject matter of the film.

Burnett, billed as executive music producer, will oversee all production and will produce many of the individual tracks being recorded by new and established artists. Music for the film is still in the planning stages and releases are expected to coincide with the film's March 23 theatrical release. The film and companion music will feature original recordings, but decision has been made on how many sets will be released.

Set in the future, the film's music is expected to cross multiple genres, Lionsgate's head of music Tracy McKnight says. "The list of artists that could participate, and the opportunities for them to write and record, are really unlimited," she said in a statement.

The music is expected to fit the moods of the film's locales: an area that resembles the South; a futuristic metropolis; and a forested arena where the games take place.


SYTYCD Canada Results - then there were 14

Tonight's episode shocked me horribly.

My #1 routine from last night ended up not only in the bottom 3, but were the two couples sent home!

I can#t believe they got into the Bottom 3, however, given one of their solo's I knew they would be going home.

Here is how the show went:
Melissa & Christian - safe
Denitsa & Joey - not safe
JP & Geisha - safe (I was shocked!)
Jordan & Shane - now safe (I was shocked!)
Carlena & Adam - safe
Francois & Lindsey - safe
Shelaina & Kevin - not safe (I was shocked!)
Yulia & Matt -safe (I was shocked!)

These voting results had be absolutely stunned!

Onto the solos:


Denitsa - "These Boots were made for walking" - Nancy Sinatra

She did well. It was her style, which she excels at, but I have yet to see much else outside of this that wow's me.

Jordan - "Gorecki" - Lamb

Stunning, beautiful, if she was sent home for this solo, or this week, I think I actually may have stopped watching!

Shelaina -

Her solo was pretty weak. While I DO NOT think she should have been in the Bottom 3, based on solo's alone, her was the weakest. Which is too bad because she is one of my favourites this season and was my favuorite routine last night!


Joey -

Amazing, he is so beautiful to watch.

Shane -

Another fantastic solo

Kevin -

another great solo, all the men were fabulous.

Shelaina and Kevin were sent home, in what I think is a complete upset!

What do you think? I am still surprised! I hopepeople start voting, I mean Jordan in bottom three? With that amazing routine last night? Shelaina and Kevin? really?

Comment Below - Please, I am dying for others thoughts on this!!!

Oh and sorry for lack of music, I was really in shock and focused on the solo's not the songs tonigt, my apologies!

Bachelorette's Rejected Ben F moves on to past Bachelor Contestent?

I was horrified to see Ashley ALLOW Ben to get down on one knee and propose even though she had decided on JP. Made me dislike her EVEN more - though I never was a fan of her's really... but I am glad to hear he may have quickly moved on from her - thank god!

Remember Britt Billmaier from Brad Womack's season? (Ashley must ha ha!) I had to look her up also, she was the pretty blonde food writer, originally from Wa.

Anyhow, seems Ben F and her have been casually dating...Reports say that:

in the few months since leaving Fiji, the sexy winemaker has been casually dating blond bombshell Britt Billmaier, a contestant from Brad Womack's second season of The Bachelor. "They both live in the same town, so that's how they met," a Bachelor insider tells Life & Style. "They're having fun together. He's definitely not wallowing over the break-up with Ashley."

Adds the insider, "Britt has denied that they're dating, but maybe it's because he's still in the running to be the next star of the Bachelor."


Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez postpone wedding

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has had to put her wedding plans with fiancé Roberto Martinez on hold while she recovers from an injury to her femur, for which she underwent surgery in July.

"We had a date set, and that date has now passed," the reality starlet, 26, told PEOPLE on Tuesday. "The decision to postpone [the wedding] was very difficult. I definitely shed some tears."

"But I want to walk down the aisle," she said, "I don't want to limp down the aisle."
Read More at People

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Filming Update for The Hunger Games

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see this movie! I am still picturing Cinna as Thomas Dekker:

I know - random!

But I am sure Lenny will do a fabulous job! I really wish there were more set photos and updates on this top secret film!

This was my first guesses for casting in January.


Can't wait to see "The Help" with Emma Stone

I am getting excited to see The Help staring my #girlcrush Emma Stone. I am also nervous, I want to finish the book before I see the movie and my time to read has been limited lately...

They recently did a screening (Saturday in Mississippi) and the press tour is in full swing with appearences and interviews all over... here are a few:

USA Today writes:

MADISON, Miss. -- Hundreds of curious onlookers and paying fans gathered to see "The Help" on Saturday, the story of a budding white journalist (Emma Stone) fresh out of Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi) in the early 1960s who convinces black maids Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Minny (Octavia Spencer) to risk their jobs and lives to give her a first-person account of domestic service. writes:
We have the mercurial Emma Stone - at 22, one of the most promising young stars of her generation - talking about the emotional challenge of her first major foray into a serious dramatic role.

Sitting next to her is award-winning actress Viola Davis, who made an indelible impact with her Oscar-nominated performance in the 2008 film Doubt, starring Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams.

These two actresses of different generations and backgrounds are united in a common cause today. They want their new movie called The Help - an unflinching but ultimately uplifting look at racism in 1960s Mississippi - to find an audience when it opens Aug. 10.

``Everything about every role for me is a challenge,'' Stone sighs, ``but this was the first time I'd ever done a movie based on a book, and to me, it was very, very important to live up to the character I had in my head.''

[Source & Source]