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Stephen Moyer's apology to Robert Pattinson, filming nude scenes, marriage to Anna Paquin and more

Metro UK has a great interview with Stephen Moyer:

You and your True Blood co-star Anna Paquin kept your romance a secret on set for a long time.

Oh yeah. We had to find out if it was real and when you do get an acting job that could be special, the last thing you want to do is put any obstacles in the way of that. If it had gone wrong between us and we couldn’t stand the sight of each other, I really think we would have dealt with it without anybody knowing.

Why did you decide to get married?

A good question. I’ve never been married. It got to the point where you are calling somebody that you intend to stay with for the rest of your life your ‘girlfriend’. That’s what I’ve called everybody I’ve ever been with – and that’s not to say that those relationships weren’t important, because they were, I’ve got two amazing kids. But it felt ridiculous to call the person that you really are going to spend the rest of your life with your ‘girlfriend’. I felt she should have a title so I could joke and say ‘the missus’, make lots of wife gags.

Was it an elaborate proposal?

Not really. A very good friend of mine is a very fantastic jeweller so I knew I was going to get the ring cheap. It wasn’t elaborate at all, it was simple.


I guess it’s fair to say you’re pretty used to screen nudity by now.

Truthfully, I don’t even think about the sex now. The nudity is just something that is part and parcel of the job.

Do you work out like mad to keep all your bits in shape?

Everybody has to go to the gym and look fairly OK. All I think about is my food after the sex scene has happened, because everybody has to starve before it. If they put the sex scene after lunch, it’s a f***ing nightmare. I’m not even half-joking.

It must be very peculiar to be a real couple engaged in what’s pretty real-looking TV sex too.

There’s an understanding that we are doing our job, and so I’m glad that not only is she in the business but she is doing the same job as me, because she gets to read the script and we get to talk about it before we attack those scenes.

Have you ever worried that the sex on True Blood is too gratuitous?

Well, if they asked us to do something that I think we thought was not in keeping with the piece itself, we would question it. In the third series there’s a very provocative sex scene between Bill and Sookie and lots of people have asked whether it’s rape or whether it is consensual sex or whether it’s just very physical sex. I wanted to make sure in our heads what we were doing.

Did you really call Robert Pattinson a pussy and the Diet Coke of vampires?

I really did. But just his character. The truth is, you get asked and asked and asked this stuff. One day I was with my daughter in the car and the paparazzi stood in front of me so I couldn’t drive away so I had to give them something. I haven’t even seen Twilight. I don’t know the books but all I know is that Edward drinks cow blood instead of human blood. So I went: ‘He’s a pussy, he doesn’t even drink real blood, he’s the Diet Coke of vampires.’ I sent him a message saying: ‘Dude, I hope you realise this is a joke.’ I’ve still never met him.

Do the paps make your life hell?

I’ll take it quite happily. I never wanted fame or money, I was never in it for that. All I wanted to do was act. I’m in a situation where I’ve got the absolute best world I could ever have imagined. If people are interested in me picking up my dog s*** in the morning, then that’s part and parcel of it. I’m incredibly grateful for everything that’s been given to me.


Robert Pattinson's Co-Stars Comments on him....

Everyone who has ever worked with Robert Pattinson - from Ashley Greene to Pierce Brosnan to Christina Ricci - has been falling over themselves to heap praise on the down-to-earth star.

Here are just some of the comments:

"As a person, he's not like anyone I've ever met in Hollywood, and as an actor he's a complete natural. He has no ego. Everyone loves him, but he's una ffected by that and never seems fazed by the attention that comes his way." - Ashley Greene (Twilight Saga)

"And working with Rob was amazing. He's such a great guy, so talented." - Christina Ricci (Bel Ami)

He's is a super nice guy. I'm really happy for him that he's gone on to be so uber successful."- Emma Watson (Harry Potter)

"Rob Pattinson is a sex symbol. Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy." - Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

"[Robert is a] shy guy...humble. I don't think anything can get to him really.He's so talented. I've never met someone who can just do anything and everything!" - Kellan Lutz (Twilight Saga)

"I think he wants to be a serious actor, and he is a lovely guy. So realizing what he has to deal with, all the demands of the Twilight popularity and the distractions, I think he's handling it amazingly well." - Chris Cooper (Remember Me)

"He's a really great actor and a really good guy." - Hugh Jackman (Unbound Captives)

"I think he's bold and different" - Kristen Stewart (Twilight Saga)

[Various Sources Via RPLife]

Update From Mandy

It's been a bit slow with news and I have been just as slow, if not more so, with updates... Real Life takes over and I am a solo blogger so I appreciate your readership and support even when I get a bit slow now and then.

I have some exciting news about my busy month of October coming up...


Those of you on my facebook (Mandy S Mind) already know and some of yu on twitter do as well but for the rest of you here it is....

October is one of my most favourite months every year. It gets hectic but it is always a blast. besides my birthday mid month it is also Halloween one of my most enjoyable holidays!

This October is even more exciting because I have a few trips coming up.

Sorry to get personal, but those who know me know I am not a wealthy woman. I work VERY hard to get by and don't get a lot of "extras"

June was a huge reward for me to go to L.A. and it meant extra shifts and a lot of help to make it happen.

Lately I have been working non-stop and saving up for a few trips coming up.

First of all I am going to FORKS. A few of the fan sites are planning a weekend trip and so I am going down for one night of fun with them. Sadly not the whole weekend, but I have other committments that weekend...

The Official Twilight Convention in Portland!!!

I am presenting on Saturday and Sunday and will be taking Catherine Hardwicke's set tour also. I am so excited for this!

Not only is the convention amazing but a lot of familiar faces will be there so I am thrilled!

Next up it is my grandmother's 80th birthday. My Gramma is like my momma, she is my whole world and despite being quite sick the past few years she is still my closest family member... she and my Grampa live right across the street and I visit almost every day!

Also in October is my 30th birthday!!!

I have been looking forward to 30 (not dreading it like some) and planned a Vegas Trip for the weekend with a bunch of friends.

Then a few friends planned to go to NOLA for the NOFF and WTTR... so... I jumped on that also... I will fly to NOLA for a few days then to VEGAS to meet my hub and best friends for a weekend of debauchery!

Since NOLA is so close to BR a day trip may be in order ;) ha ha I will let you know

The last days of 29 and the first days of 30 are going to be unforgettable - - - or unrememberable ;)

Then I have my annual local birthday dinner with friends - I usually book out part of my favourite bar and have everyone I know come... it's a blast because with such busy lives sometimes some of us only get together a few times a year.

Lastly, my month ends with Halloween. I plan a massive Halloween event across Canada. In Vancouver alone we have 5000+ people on one night and I have been planning since May in 15 cities across Canada. It is a huge job and it keeps me very busy 24.7 in addition to my other regular job and life.

It usually means a stressful October and this year will be no less, the only difference is I will be partying it up for a few weekends because of trips :) wooooo!

Lot's going on so If there is anyone out there who wants to guest blog I am more than open to it ;) Help me keep this site going as it is my love, I just know it's going to be a tough month to upkeep!

So that is my busy month - I will try to be around as much as I can but if I am slow or AWOL for a day here or there - you know why......

but you better believe NOVEMBER I will be back full time posting like a mad woman ;)

Please scroll down for newest posts over this week.....


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Drive Safe - Twilight Themed Signs

Drive Safe, not like Edward Cullen... ha ha ha
More... Robert Thomas Pattinson - The actor - The musician facebook reports:

"Add this one to the who'da-thunk-it pile. According toThe Portland Mercury's Blogtown, Oregon road safety signs have now adopted a Twilight theme to encourage drivers and passengers to buckle up.

The one captured in this photo from the site states "You are not immortal. Buckle up" with lettering, imagery, and coloring resemblant of the Saga.

Now, it's not surprising at all to have heard thatWuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, and other works of literature got a Twilight-themed cover to correlate with their references in the series, or that this weekend's Stephenie Meyer Day celebration in Forks, Washington kicked off with some Twilight postage stamps, or even that some of this year's Fashion Week designer showcases were inspired by Twilight . . . but road signs? Now that's clever.

According to Blogtown, "Apparently these have been around SE Portland since the spring."

Portland was the filming location for 2008's Twilight, so it serves as an iconic location for theTwilight Saga - particularly since it's in the Olympic Peninsula which is the rainy setting for most of the Saga.

What do you think of the sign idea? Effective? Why or why not?"


ET Canada interviews Jodelle Ferland - Video - Sept 7

Stephenie Meyer - Apples, Apples, Apples...

More with Stephenie Meyer from the June fansite meeting:

More... Twilight Series Theories has a huge 15 minute segment of the fan junket interview transcribed. It is mostly about Stephenie’s interactions with fans.

“Fansite: And then we just want to know, out of all the things we’ve touched on today is there anything that maybe you want to say to the fans that you haven’t been able to say? Any message or…

SM: You know, I feel like the fans, they know, they know me. I feel like they kinda know who I am and that I appreciate them. I write for myself, and I have to, but I appreciate them because having an audience is a gift and I do not take that for granted. It is really amazing to sit in a room with people and talk about people that you made up: “Hey, let’s talk about my imaginary friends!” And you guys care about my imaginary friends, and that’s weird, but…

(chatter and laughter)

Fansite: At least you don’t have to take medication for it.

SM: Exactly! [inaudible] I get to talk to people about it. I’m not a therapist. No, it’s cool because writing is—for me, everybody has something different for them. And you guys all write, in a different way, but I’m assuming there’s a lot of pleasure in it for you or you wouldn’t do it and so you know what it is to have somebody read what you’ve written and enjoy it. It’s a really big deal, and so I just hope that people keep reading. I hope they give me a chance. I hope when my next book isn’t Midnight Sun that people still will give it a chance. I feel bad that that’s a negative for the fandom and it’s something I that I want to do, but I want to do it right, and that’s just how—and I only write when it brings me joy.

Fansite: Your happy place.

SM: It is my happy place. And having readers is a different happy place, but a really fun one. And as you can see from the books I love reading. I love books. I love being in that world and one of the coolest things with helping, you know making people happy, is [for] a lot of people this is the springboard and then they go on to bigger and better and exciting books. There’s so many cool things out there. People that—being a reader is who I am my whole life—and that people haven’t discovered that makes me a little crazy. It’s like: “No! There’s so much!” I remember talking to a guy when I was touring for The Host and he was mic-ing me up for the Glenn Beck thing that I did, which was weird. I haven’t done that a lot where you’re looking at a camera and you’re supposed to be talking to them…and oh it’s creepy. We’re talking and he’s like: “So you wrote a book about aliens?” And I’m like: “Yeah.” And I said, “What do you like to read?” He says, “Oh I don’t read books. I’ve read maybe three books in my life. I hate reading.” And I thought, “That’s because they gave you the wrong ones!” They gave him the wrong ones and he has no idea of all the stuff that he’s missing. It makes me a little crazy. I just want everyone to go out and find Jasper Fforde. And I want [them] to go out and find Mark Zusak and I want them to find these amazing books and go to the young adult section and find what’s out there. There’s so much. If you haven’t read Suzanne Collins, oh my gosh, do it!”

Read More & Listen here at Twilight Series Theories.

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Breaking Dawn Returns to Vancouver January 11, 2011

Production Weekly has announced that Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will return to Vancouver for filming January 11, 2011.

@prodweek tweeted:

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” will relocate production from Baton Rouge up to Vancouver on January 11th. #TSBD

Mandy's Mind - WooooooOOOOOOoooooOOOoooooo!!!!!! Finally an exact date!!! Looking forward to it :)

Survivor Opening

Another season of Survivor started tonight. The two tribes are young vs old.... I think young will last longer, but this will examine a few things in Survivor... wise knowledge vs young lack there of.... young strong bucks vs old fading bodies... of course there are weak youngsters and strong older players.... but we will soon see which traits are better... will the youngsters fight amongst themselves?

Tonight's episode was a good start...


Love first impressions. I do it also. Judge on looks, first words... it`s always interesting.

Jimmy JOhnson is an NFL coach and besides that I think it's just random people...

Medallion of power was interesting. I would have taken fire and gear only because I am incapable of camping without the basic functions and tools.

The one - legged girl is awesome but it sucks they all wanted to get rid of her from get go because of "sympathy vote"

I don't know if there is anything that exciting to draw me in this season except some cute boys and the fact that I am addicted to everything reality tv, even the terrible.

If you did not watch, you did not miss much but the young won immunity and the old tribe went to tribal council and argued about leadership and first impressions... ultimately they voted to send home Wendy Jo the chatter box goat girl ha ha

I am kind of dreading watching this each week but I am sure (hopeful) it will get more interesting...

Dark Arc Re-Make to star Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson may have a new project coming up....


Spunk_Ransom reports:

"An individual approached us stating they had breaking news that Rob’s next project has been green-lighted and signed! The details I received from "The Insider" are listed below:

The film is a remake of the 2004 film "Dark Arc".

A major studio is behind the project.

I was given the names and personal cell phone numbers of the potential director and one of the producers.

Potential co-stars are Emma Watson and Casey Affleck as the three lead characters with Rob.

Rob and Emma Watson have signed but Casey Affleck is still in talks.

We have confirmed "The Insider"’s location and found it consistent with the other details that were provided.

"The Insider" provided me with phone contacts for major players involved. I researched the individuals who are allegedly involved with the project and their potential whereabouts. The phone numbers I received were personal cell phone numbers and were consistent with where these individuals could potentially be by their area code. I made two phone calls on Saturday, September 11, 2010 around 2:30pm ET/11:30am PT. I was sent to voicemail on both. Each voicemail greeting was a personal recording by the individuals who said who they were by their first names in their greeting.

I do have some more specifics but "The Insider" requested that I do not release it at this time. I was asked to wait and see if the involved players would return my calls yesterday. Sadly, they did not. The studio and the individuals behind the project may have "No Comment" or say this story is"100% False". Hard to say…. but the information presented to me was compelling!

I want to thank my "The Insider" for coming to us and trusting us with potentially damning information that could put their job at risk. Like us, they are excited to see Robert in this project. Many of us have been waiting to see what his potential next project might be and this just might be "The One".

*PLEASE NOTE* We are marking this as a rumor because we have not been able to confirm this information with the studio or players involved.

Stay tuned!

For information on the original 2004 version of "Dark Arc" look below the cut!

Update: Handing it over to @gossipcop and @larry411 — two sites that are always getting to the bottom of stories!

Dark Arc IMDB tidbits:

- Short Summary(a detailed storyline is available on IMDB but it does contain spoilers):

A mysterious comedy about love, lust, art and the power of the "charged image", Dark Arc follows the eccentric love triangle between an artist, a graphic designer and their inspiring muse.

- 7/10 star user-rating on IMDB! There are 8 reviews there!

- Robert would be set to play Viscount Laris. He is described as,

….an eccentric, modern-day dandy obsessed by the power of art and visual imagery to shape the behavior and destiny of the individual.


What we want from Eclipse DVD - from FearNet

FearNet writes:

“What’s a Twilight fan to do during the long, agonizing wait until Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters in November 2011?

If you’re like us, you’re obsessing over the newly announced home video release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which hits shelves December 4, 2010 packed with special features, commentaries, and more on DVD and Blu-ray.

In fact, the list of extra material was so tantalizing that it momentarily distracted from reading the Stephenie Meyer-endorsed The Hunger Games, and we started thinking… what do we really want to see in the Eclipse bonus features?

The Gore We Were Promised, Kinda

Eclipse director David Slade, who made all sorts of delicious red stuff spill in the snow in his other vampire flick 30 Days of Night, kept things pretty PG-13 for the Twilight crowd. But back in June, he told us that at least one of his vampire battle decapitation shots was too hot for the MPAA’s sensibilities. (“We had this one part in the battle where Emmett just tears someone’s face off,” he said. “The face kind of breaks off into pieces of crystal that shatter.”)

Will we get to see extended, unused footage of Emmett ripping some vampire faces off on Blu-ray, even if they shatter bloodlessly like pieces of marble? Let’s hope.”

More at FearNet

Mandy's Mind - I have said this before... I want Kristen, Rob and Taylor commentary. I want Bella's dream about her life with Jacob, all the scenes filmed but not included should be such as Rosalie with her friend and baby, ROsalie killing more people, Bella making grad invitations and talking about boys, and so many more.

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True Blood Halloween

I may have posted this last year, but this girl came to my Halloween event in Vancouver and I LOVED her costume...

Monday, September 13, 2010

100 Monkey's TIFF Photoshoot

Awesome sexy photos of the boys...

Toronto International Film Festival
Hyatt Regency Hotel
September 13, 2010
Getty Images


SYTYCD Canada Top 16 perform

This week was tough. There were a few great routines and few not-so-great routines…

Tre Armstrong
Rex Harrington
Stacey Tookey

Time Change Next Week:
Wednesday 8pm

In the opening they discussed why they do not discuss why dancers go home like the American show does. They said that there is No time to explain decisions in 30 minutes versus 60 minutes in USA. They also said that when they learn the results they also learn the number of votes. The “Dance for your lives solo” can save them, for example last week Jera and Kirsten had lowest votes but Kirsten’s solo saved her, but often who ever hads the lowest votes is who goes home unless their solo is exceptional.

With that out of the way, the dancing began – here are my power rankings… I am pretty tired so I am not sure how accurate I will be this week so please feel free to comment, disagree, agree or whatever!

********** TOP 3 **********

1 – Nathalie & Mackenzie
Contemporary – Blake McGrath
After Afterall – William Fitzsimmons

So passionate and strong. I loved every moment. I am even more impressed it was about Mia and him.

2 – Janick & Shavar
Contemporary – Mandy Moore
Ordinary Moment – Fisher

Very well done. I loved the use of the table. Shavar was a great partner in my opinion, he had her and moved her and it was beautiful. There was one minor trip-up but they recovered well. Love Mandy’s pieces!

3 – Charlene & Jeff
Jazz – Sean Cheeseman
Christina Aguilera – Desnudate

Garden of Eden Theme was nice, lot’s of sexiness and bare skin. I liked the tunnels they moved in and on. When she crawled down him it was awesome. Some nice spins and jumps also. The routine was hot!

********** MIDDLE 2 **********

4 – Claudia & Edgar
Mambo – Gustavo Vargas
Le Reina – La Lupe

She is ballroom so I expected awesome and she was. He impressed me also! I really enjoyed it!

5 – Kirsten & Jesse
Rhumba –Eric Caty & Kelly Lannan
ALways – Bon Jovi

I love this song. Some of the moves were absolutely stunning. I loved the unwrapping spin and jumps, goose bumps and you know what that means… Top 3… but they were both in bottom three last week, they both lost their partners last week and I fear that they may not get enough votes, but let me tell you THEY DESERVE THEM!! I will be voting for them repeatedly to compensate for Canada’s lack of votes for them in the past! I .worry they will be bottom 3

********** BOTTOM 3 **********

6 – Amanda & Denys
House – Sho-Tyme
Hey Hey – Dennis Ferrer

Out of synch at times, it was a little strange for me. I am not sure what Rex was watching saying they were in synch, maybe at times. The judges seem to almost always praise anyways. Perhaps it was the hardest footwork, in which case they did well, overall, moments of fun but just average for me.

7 – Danielle& Sebastian
Hip Hop – Luther Brown
Hard – Rihanna

I felt like Danielle was not hard hitting enough. It wasn’t good, in fact is was really good, sexy moments event. But it just felt soft for me. That being said their hip grooving was awesome. Still I think it was too weak for this week.

8 – Kloe & Jonathan
New disco – Melissa Williams
If I had You – Adam Lambert

Modern version it did not feel very disco like. Very strong lifts and spins. It was not as fast as I anticipated until the end with the hand motions. Overall very sexy and fun.

To be honest I am not sure about my rankings… I am sure about my top 3, they were my favourite. Where I am unsure is that my middle two are ranked middle based on THIS WEEK…. but based on all weeks I think they will actually be in the bottom….

Time will tell – check back tomorrow for results!

Help a young Twilight Fan Raise Money

I got an email from a young reader I know who has a great event going on that I wanted to share with you. Besides being a massive Twilight fan she also loves Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster.

The music department at my school in New West is doing a "Bandathon" event on September 25th. It's basically a 12 hour mega rehearsal event involving students from grade 8-12. With every student doing at least 3 hours of playing.

The reason I'm emailing you is because I need to raise money so I get some help paying for my final senior band trip.

I'm not asking you to donate, though you can if you want!. I thought it would be great if you could tweet about this and blog about it? I want to raise as much as I can and you have a big audience!

45% of what I raise goes into my school account and that money goes directly towards paying for my band trip. Another 45% goes to the music department at our school, and they use that to pay for instrument repairs and to pay for new instruments. Then the last 10% goes to the New Westminster Purpose Society which is a local charity.

This is the link to the site, it's official and everything, there's more info on the site too. This link is the link to my specific page, and people can donate here using their paypal account or their credit card.

If you can - please donate - she's an awesome gal and it would help her out a lot!


Ashley Greene in NYC for Donna Karan Fashion Show

Ashley Greene at the Donna Karan fashion show in NYC Septemver 13, 2010.



Casting Change in The Sacred Oath - Kiowa Gordon

I heard about this book because of my friend Candace Charee' who is also doing a song for the movie. Now there is a casting announcement Twilight fans will enjoy:

Now for the news that will knock your socks off! Due to circumstances beyond our control, the part of Dasan will be changing hands. But you'll be happy to know that filling those awesome Guardian shoes is...
Kiowa Gordon!
Yes, ladies, I hope you're sitting down for this! Kiowa Gordon has agreed to play the part of Dasan ...for the film adaptation of The Sacred Oath! Can a hear a "howl" of delight...?


Eclipse DVD Official Release Details

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE DVD/Blu-Ray hits shelves December 4, 2010! Not only will you be able to own the movie nationwide that day, but you can also get every available special feature (including audio commentaries w/ Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Stephenie Meyer) in one place when you buy the 2-Disc National DVD or the Blu-ray/DVD Combo!



2-Disc Special Edition DVD

- Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

- Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey

- Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes- Six-Part Making of Documentary (90 minutes)

- Photo Gallery

- Jump To… Edward

- Jump To… Jacob

- Music Videos (Metric, Muse) 


Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

- Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)

- Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)

- Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes (Blu-Ray side only)

- Six-Part Making of Documentary (standard and PIP mode, both on Blu-Ray side only)

- Photo Gallery  (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… Edward (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… Jacob (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… The Love Triangle (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… The Cullens (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… The Wolfpack (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… The Humans (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… Victoria's Army (Blu-Ray side only)

- Jump To… Action Sequences (Blu-Ray side only)

- Music Videos  (Blu-Ray side only)


Single Disc DVD



Standard Blu-Ray



Also, here is release information for two companion DVDs released on the same day as THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE!




This unprecedented release features a collection of music videos and live performances from bands featured on the Billboard Chart topping soundtracks from The Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.  Connect with the artists as they perform the songs that channel the emotions of Twilight fans through music.  Enjoy original music videos and never-been-seen live performances all on one release.





Over 250,000 fans have made the pilgrimage to Forks to breathe in the reality that inspired Stephenie Meyer's epic saga – have you?


Destination Forks is a must-have for any Twilight Saga fan.  Divided into three segments: Twilight Tour, Moods of Twilight, and Twihards, each segment is a unique journey that takes you deeper into the real world Twilight universe.


- In Twilight Tour cruise through the actual streets of Forks, Washington stopping at the real sites, homes, and businesses as highlighted in the Saga.

- In Moods of Twilight take a virtual walk through the mystical woods, mountains, rivers, and other gorgeous locations of Forks & La Push.

- In Twihards travel around the globe and meet the real life people that make up the greatest fan community in the world

(Source: Twilight Twitter via Official Twilight facebook Page)
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Michael Sheen - Beautiful Boy Photos & Trailer from TIFF10


Xavier Samuel and Shermine Shahrivar at Barcelona Fashion Show

This is not a good look for Xavier... slicked hair, unbuttoned shirt and a girlfriend on his arm ;) ha ha

Xavier Samuel and girlfriend Shermine Shahrivar @ MBFW Spring 2011 Custo Barcelona Fashion Show - September 12

I love her look, 80s rule! The hat, the tights, totally my era!


Breaking Dawn Vancouver February 2011

Finally we have a confirmation of sorts on dates Breaking Dawn will film in Vancouver. While most predicted it would be after January 2011 this shows the guesses were true.

Stand up 2 Cancer has some interesting items up for auction including a visit to Breaking Dawn Set in Vancouver in February 2011:

Be a part of a one-of-a-kind, “never been done before” experience when you and a guest take part in a visit to the set The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in Vancouver! Winner will receive two FIRST CLASS tickets from anywhere Virgin America flies plus VIP car service from Seattle to Vancouver. Experience first-hand the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the decade as you and a guest spend a day on the set. Breaking Dawn is the fourth installment in the Twilight Saga franchise, based on the popular, best-selling novels by Stephanie Meyer. Breaking Dawn is directed by Bill Condon and stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning.

Further details include:

The winning bidder and guest must sign a non-disclosure agreement and photos will be taken for you on site, but no cameras/camera phones will be allowed on the set. Auction is not open to members of the press. The experience will take place between February 1, 2011, and the end of March 2011, when the crew is filming on the Vancouver set. The specific date within this range will be determined based on the film’s production schedule and winning bidder’s availability. The winning bidder must be 18 or older, but there is no minimum age for the guest. Tickets must be used together in conjunction with this experience, and are good for one round-trip flight with first class seats for two people departing from any airport Virgin America flies (including international cities) and arriving at Seattle, Washington. Winner and guest must possess appropriate travel documents for travel to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC.

4 days left to bid and the price is up to $24k if I were them I would do the Top 3 winners (6 people) and triple their money for cancer charity!!!

I am just glad to learn when Breaking Dawn will be in town ;)

Hereafter Trailer - Bryce Dallas Howard

Florence + The Machine "Heavy in Your Arms" Video

VMAS 2010

I posted Reasons to watch 2010 VMAs but really, they weren't all that entertaining.

On my list I was looking forward to a few things, so let's talk about those first and if they measured up to my expectations (not really) then I will discuss other things that happened.

First Taylor vs Kanye

This was anti-climatic.

She sang a forgiveness song that was sweet and slow and had subtle burns but more in a "i feel sorry for you" kind of way. The lyrics are here.

Then Kanye closed the show with a song that made me laugh mostly, though admitedly I had a moment of heartfelt emotion toward him... pity!

He has been such a jerk and his song says "Let's toast to the douchebags, let's toast to the assholes, let's toast to the scumbags" and part of me was laughing at the fact he uses those lyrics while another part of me felt sad he actually feels that way about himself... then I realized he is an ego-maniac who needs medication and it's actually progressive that he can accurately identify himself as a scumbag, asshole douche...



Some were not memorable, others were amazing.. stand out for me was Eminem opening up the show.... it's a shame he had to leave right after for a show in NYC.. he won a few awards he couldn't accept, not even by video and it kinda sucked actually.

His performance, however, was awesome... really love him! Rihanna showed up to sing also which was a shocker, she was supposedly unable to make it ha ha.

all the other performances were great, especially Florence + the Machine and Usher... I even liked lil Justin Beiber or Bieber or Beaver or whatevs... interestingly enough Usher was out of breath while dancing and singing while the Beaver wasn't even as he was tossed into the air... and his drum solo miraculously kept going even when one stick broke - - - ha ha ha

Jersey Shore

The trash of 2010 - they were in the hot tub and Chelsea got ina nd came out preggers, hilarious, I love that they are the punchline of every joke, and they don't care, I mean even with that kind of money do ou not look in the mirror and wonder wtf am i?

Lady GaGa

I was looking forward to her outfits, and she did not disappoint... nor did her speeches to be honest...

"I never thought I'd be asking Cher to hold my meat purse"

Before Cher announced the winner she said something along the lines of her being "the oldest, biggest hair, smalles outfit" and having "shoes older than some nominees" it was awesome!

After winning video of the year she announced the title of her upcoming album and sang a line, live, randomly from it. She was even a bit emotional! So non-gaga but awesome, even in a meat dress.

Chelsea was a good host, some odd humour, some over the top humour (Ride Joe / Alcide's face home) a nice opening act with Lindsay Lohan saying tha tno one wants to work with a drunk, she should know ha ha a few funny clips I really love that the stars can make fun of themselves, it's awesome!

Overall nothing really too exciting... but I watched anyways ha ha


Taylor Swift "Innocent" Lyrics from VMAs to Kanye West

Here are the lyrics to Taylor Swift's new song "Innocent" performed at the VMA's regarding the incident with Kanye West last year. Her performance opened with clips form last year (not Kanye though) just her name being called, her shock and excitment, him running up, then her sad face.... she sang it beautifully and she looked elegant.

I guess you really did it this time
Left yourself in your war path
Lost your balance on a tightrope
Lost your mind trying to get it back

Wasn't it easier in your lunch box days?
Always a bigger bed to crawl into
Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything
And everybody believed in you?

It's all right, just wait and see
Your streaming lights are still bright to me oh
Who you are is not what you've been
You're still an innocent
You're still an innocent

There's some things you can't speak of
But tonight you'll leave it all again
You wouldn't be shattered on the floor now
If only you would sing only what you know ...

Wasn't it easy you're in your firefly-catching days
And everything out of reach, someone bigger brought down to you
Wasn't it beautiful running wild till you fell asleep
Before the monsters caught up to you?

It's all right, just wait and see
Your streaming lights are still bright to me oh
Who you are is not who you've been
You're still an innocent
It's OK, life is a tough crowd
32 and still growing up now
Who you are is not what you did
You're still an innocent

Time turns flames to ambers
You'll have new Septembers
Every one of us has messed up too
Mind change like the weather
I hope you remember today is never too late
To be brave (ohh)

It's all right, just wait and see
Your streaming lights are bright to me oh
Who you are is not where you've been
You're still an innocent
It's OK, life is a tough crowd
32 and still growing up now
Who you are is not what you did
You're still an innocent
Lost your balance on a tightrope

If you notice any mistakes to the lyrics let me know I know a few commenters on MTV listed changes which have been edited...


True Blood Finale

Wow! Whatta season, whatta SHORT season, I know we always say we can't get enough of our favourite shows but season 3 felt really short. Why of WHY is TB only 12 episodes a season? It makes me sad... even sadder WHY OH WHY does TB have such a LONG GAP between seasons?

Season 1 ran September 2008 - Nov 2008
Season 2 ran June 2009 - September 2009
Season 3 ran June 2010 - Tonight

and apparently we now wait until NEXT JUNE 2011 for Season 4?!?!?!

This is not acceptable!!!!!

But instead of rant about the wait, which I will do plenty in weeks and months to come...

Let's talk about tonight's episode.. DO NOT READ if you HAVE NOT SEEN


Alcide is yummilicious, I saw him on the VMAs and then on True Blood and it wasn't enough... he tweeted a lot and I RT'd some on twitter... that Joe is one sexy man... apparently we will see more of him in S4 YAY! i WILL BLOG MORE ABOUT HIM IN UPCOMING WEEKS

Sookie finally grew some balls and was tough and even malicious *giggles* in this episode. Taking back her invitation to vampires to enter her house, smirking as she poured Talbot down the drain, fake bargaining with Russell then spraying him with liquid silver, telling both of her vamp men off, it was just nice to see her toughen up for once.

Eric, oh Eric, so glad Sookie saved him, grossed out by the charred Russell this season has successfully made me groan in thrilling disgust a few times - from backwards head sex, Tara and Franklin sex, Franklin brain bashing, Talbot in a jar, and much more (another post for upcoming reading...)

I love Pam - still

Hoyt's intervention cracked me up

Crystal leaving was bizarre, Jason taking care of the inbred were-panthers will be interesting..

Am I the only one that kind of hopes Tara leaves and doesn't come back.. I mean I like her new hair but she drives me bonkers, I don't like her one bit, she is annoying

Arlene wasn't too present

Sam is less crazy but still off... I don't think his brother is dead

I was pissed when Bill put Eric in cement but so happy he got out and told Sookie the truth


I knew he HAD to be in this episode because Allan Hyde tweeted he would be...

I hate that the books and television show are so different but it's good too I guess

The Fairies came - to get her. now what?

If Andy doesn't get his damn wrist cast off by next season I will flip out ha ha

I laughed at "Uncle Daddy Calvin" bahahahaha

I love Jesus, I want to know more about his witchery and wtf is up with Lafayette's visions, I thought it was from the V-blood but there is something more going on for sure.

That's all for now - but expect more TB blogs coming soon I will be craving the show so bad I am bound to do random posts on cast and past seasons :)

What did you like most about the finale?

the season?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins at Steelers vs Falcons Game Sunday

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins took a break and watched the pregame activities at the opener game between the Pittsbugh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, September 12, 2010. The game was held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

[Via TwiFans]

100 Monkey's Perform in Toronto

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