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This weeks set reports

I know I have been lame with this weeks posts on set reports but most of it has been studio so what can I really report.

They did some re-shoots in the forest as I blogged earlier this week, fans saw Kellan & Nikki

Rob, Kristen, Taylor & the rest of them were in studio a lot from what I've heard.

Inside the tent was one scene reported.....

There are other rumours of scenes shot but I don't know how reliable they are and so until I've confirmed I won't post....

Ok back to my birthday busy day.....

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Happy Birthday Indeed

Love it

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Naughty Naughty

But, it's my birthday so i can be naughty ;)

He is saying "Happy Birthday Mandy... I am legal in Canada..." ha ha ha

Now if only my cake had Taylor's ripped abs.... or my my bedroom.... er...rawr....


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Celeb Twi-Hards

Teens aren't the only Twi-hards eagerly awaiting the release of New Moon on Nov. 20. Tons of celebrities have admitted they're die-hard fans of the Stephenie Meyer series, and here's our top 20! From Jimmy Fallon's "Rob is Bothered" to Lucas Grabeel's "I Kissed A Vampire," there are plenty of spoofs to go around, but there are some serious fans in the celebrity set. The premiere date can't come soon enough for us, and it seems like the Twilight fever has overtaken Hollywood as well — check it all out now!

See More Here

Topless Kellan - Just can't get enough...


Lucy in Eclipse?

I do not know if this is confirmed or what is happening - Until I see it 100% from Twilight Lexicon or someone reliable like that I am hesitant to believe 100%

Also, I thought Jasper's back stories being filmed early on in production meant this part would have been cast and filmed but perhaps not?

According to BD Horror News Canadian actress Kirsten Prout has been cast to play the role of Lucy in the Twilight Saga – Eclipse. Kirsten is best known as Amanda Bloom in Kyle XY.

For those who do not recall who Lucy was, she served Maria (along with Nettie) helping her seek vengeance during the southern Vampire wars. Lucy and Nettie turned on Maria and were in return killed for doing so. Maria was Jasper’s maker, and this is told during Jasper’s back story (when explaining his story to Bella). Jasper describes Lucy as having “lovely and delicate voice” with “fair hair, and her skin was snow white.”

What do you think of their [alleged] choice for Lucy?


Hot Topic New Moon Merch

I was at Hot Topic last weekend and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lil treasure chest... it's pricey but awesome.... I also love the new Jacob poster.... and well - everything new.... *sigh* oh if i had unlimited funds to purchase all the merch.... my husband would kill me... or i'd have to have my own room... or house... for it all ;)

Empire Online 100 Sexiest People of 2009

And can I just ask HOW Channing Tatum is #50 - - doood - he should be WAY WAY WAY higher!! RAWR!! [sorry he is my #1 ever!]

And how is Keanu Reeves still on there? LOL [for the record i think he's sexy yes - just some of these guys... well... to each their own] and does anyone think Daniel Radcliffe is SEXY?

Of course we have

Rpattz in the lead... only beaten by....

For now...LOL

#1 Chick you ask?


How quickly Brangelina fade eh? ;) (still in top 5 for both male and female though!)

What I did love was that a bunch of those "SEXIEST MOVIE STARS" are in Vancouver *RIGHT NOW*

Jensen Ackles, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Bradley Cooper, it's like there's *almost* too much hottness for the city.... ALMOST!

[ source]

New Robbie Pix

Yup - I called him Robbie... deal with it

Wonder what *HE* was thinking eh? ;) ha ha


New Moon Soundtrack

New Moon Soundtrack is out today in USA but I have heard it isn't in Canada which makes me wish I was in Seattle this weekend not last... though it's my birthday this weekend so I am glad to be home to celebrate with lcoal friends and family...

Of course if you knwo someone in the USA they can surely purchase it for you and even get the special gifts with purchase.

Twilight Lexicon says:

You can also head out to Hot Topic tonight at 7pm to be part of the Soundtrack Release Parties!! All Hot Topic locations will be playing the soundtrack in its entirety, plus you can hear exclusive messages directly from the soundtrack artists. If you buy your copy of the soundtrack during these parties you will get a special NEW MOON gift! Click here for more information.

The soundtrack features all original and exclusive music from artists including Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Muse, Thom Yorke, Bon Iver & St. Vincent and more! Visit ( to learn more about the soundtrack.

In case you need one more reason to run out and buy it this weekend, it has recently been revealed that the CD booklet will fold out into a Cullen poster. See the image to the left.

Amazon has a deal for today, $4.99 download. TY to Holly for pointing that out!

I still feel like listening before the movie may be frustrating and there is no context to the songs.... I had a listen and have to say it was a bit depressing... though... that kind of is the point isn't it?


Was Away for 2 days for workshops - so inspiring - gotta love when workshops aren't just blah blah blah wastes of time.... lot's of updates coming this evening :)

Jack Huston Interview

Christina Radish from IESB snagged an interview with Jack Hutson, Royce King II, about his upcoming projects including Eclipse.

“IESB: How did you get involved with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? What is it like to become a part of that whole phenomenon?

Jack: I literally just got back last Saturday, from filming my last little bits on it. I went in for David Slade, who’s the director, for another part that was written as a 19-year-old freshman who’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed, which I knew I wasn’t. That couldn’t be less like me. But, I went in and took a very different spin on how the character was written, and went a little nuts in the room, and David and I really got along, so he said, “I wanna get you in this movie somewhere.” So, he called me up a couple weeks later and said, “There’s this other part. Would you like to do it?,” and he offered me that.”

Read More Here

Say What?

According to Erik Buckman at Reel Loop:

“There’s more fighting and that should appeal to the boys,” The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz told Empire magazine. “There is also a male character, Jacob [played by Taylor Lautner], who is inherently a more viable character for most boys because he’s like an ordinary guy.”

Weitz adds that glittery cookie loving (not a double entendre…or is it?) Edward only appeals to “perfect” men and metrosexuals. “[Jacob] works on cars, whereas Edward is a perfect man, and maybe he only appeals to perfect men. That makes the demographic rather small! So there’s more of a way into this one – we do hope to up the male demographic!

Word on the street is that New Moon will have lots of fighting. You know, crap us guys care a lot about.

“The effects are going to be great on that part of the movie,” said Weitz as he left. “Oh, one last thing, I was so joking, New Moon is straight up for the ladies. Jacob is naked during the entire production. Yeah, it was awkward for a bit but we all got used to it. What we didn’t get used to was Javier, the food cart guy. Homie was pant-less…and underwear-less when he served us scrambled eggs. If Kristen Stewart wasn’t dating Robbie, she told me that she would ‘fix his ferris wheel like a drugged-out fairy’…I don’t know what that means either.”

Read it all here

[Robsten Lovers source]

Nikki Reed Interview

Nikki Reed

Nikki read reveals in the Seventeen why she is Team Jacob, how her break in Greece came about, hanging out with Kristen and much more.

Her New Moon Escape
“It got really overwhelming when we wrapped the second film with publicity. Having people wait outside of my house sort of gives me a panic attack. I’m a believer in the concept that people should not be followed and photographed everywhere. I decided to leave for a little while, and it turned into a two-month vacation in Greece!”

Missing Out on Vancouver
“We got to really enjoy and explore Portland because we were a little bit more discreet [than we are now]. Shooting the second film was a game of hide-and-seek where we couldn’t go without being followed and looked at.”

Kristen & Nikki Chill Time
“Music is a big part of our lives. She plays guitar, and I learned how to play guitar. About a year ago, we went guitar shopping. She picked out my guitar with me. It was fun. So we play, we just sit around and jam.”

The Real Rosalie
“I think the voting scene was my favorite because it was very heartfelt and [director] Chris Weitz was very open with me playing with my dialogue, and I gave a really, I think, heartfelt speech at the end of that. It gave me the opportunity for the first time to show that Rosalie’s not just a crazy nasty person, she’s got a soul, and she genuinely cares about her brother and her family and the safety of everyone.”

More after the break…

Nikki’s Rebellious Act
“We were shooting at night at the end of filming, and the night I wrapped finished shooting at 9 in the morning. Kristen and I decided that we were going to go back to someone’s place, and everyone ended up coming, and we had this sort of crazy party in the morning.”

First Impressions
“The first time I met Jackson [Rathbone] was on the flight to Portland, and he had his guitar and his glasses, and I was thinking to myself, Oh boy, another introverted musician/actor. [Laughs] And I don’t really know what I thought of Rob. My opinion of Rob has always sort of been the same. He’s a great guy, he’s really talented, [but] we’re not as close as the rest of the cast.”

African Safari Adventure
“Kristen and [ex-boyfriend] Michael [Angarano] and I spent every day together, without a distraction, without a computer, without a phone, without a moment to [ourselves]. And we all stayed in the same tent, because I was supposed to stay in a different one, but obviously I got scared.”

Why She’s on Team Jacob
“I’m the only one of the cast members that’s Team Jacob, but I am. And that’s because I feel like a bit older than everybody else, and I feel like part of being a kid is having the mentality that Bella has with Edward, which is I’m willing to sacrifice my family and my life, literally my life for this person, because he’s my everything. She’s consumed by him. And for me, that’s never been healthy. I’ve done that before, and I really do take these books seriously. I look at them as being very metaphorical, and for me, Jacob is the one. He’s the right one for her. He’s her friend, he loves her unconditionally, and she doesn’t have to sacrifice anything for him. Relationships are, of course, about compromise, but I don’t think they’re about giving up a part of your life for somebody.”

Forbidden Love vs. Simple Love
“I think so many young girls get caught up in the challenge of being with somebody who’s dangerous, who’s bad, who’s enticing, who’s all of those things, and you forget what it’s like to enjoy simple love.”

Setting the Record Straight
“I can’t win, even if I say something relatively bland. A few weeks ago I was at this event, and they said, ‘You missed Rob’s birthday, how do you feel?’ And I said, ‘I called him, it’s fine.’ And they wrote, ‘She’s clearly bitter over the breakup.’ I’m like, what breakup? Rob and I were never together.”

[Source: Twifans]

Justin Chon at Pusan Film Festival

Heh Heh Justin always makes me laugh - - great shot :)

Before The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Justin Chon (who portrays Eric Yorkie in the Twilight series films) posted that wonderful video, Turbo, on his Twitter, he was talking about how excited he was to attend the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea.

"going to pusan south korea for the pusan international film festival..holla"
Though he later posted that he was "lovin Korea," he came on last night to tell his fans that he was not treated so well at the Pusan International Film Festival and asked his friends in the web world to post this picture of him at the festival.

"why did the pusan film festival invite me if they make it seem like i wasnt even there.only photo i it everywhere!!"
He later explained that he wanted to have people post it in spite of the festival.

Most followers of Chon issued sentiments to him of apology and sympathy, but a lot of them merely remarked at the fact that he looked great in the photo, so at least he got a great picture out of the deal.

Moral of the story: Follow Justin Chon on Twitter because he's funny, sweet, and very talented.

Amanda Bell, Twilight Examiner

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Go Anne Kendrick - Rising Star Award

Wolf Pack Group Promo Shot


Ashley Greene Interview in Vanity Fair So you’re in Vancouver right now on the set of Eclipse …

Ashley Greene: I am. I just got to set! It’s an hour drive every day, really pretty; we’re way out in the middle of nowhere.

What are you filming today?

There’s a lot of action in this [movie], a lot of fight-sequence choreography. Me, Nikki [Reed], and Kellan [Lutz] are working today, and we’re doing another installment of the fight sequences. We’re doing a section of the huge vampire/Cullen/wolf/newborn battle.

Ashley on the cast:

Have there been any changes in the way you interact as a cast?

Yeah, a little bit. We’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve been thrown together, and we’re working together six days a week, 12 hours a day. So we’ve definitely gotten to know each other better, and there’s a lot of real chemistry. There are also days when you know someone’s grumpy! There’s one big thing that we can all relate to, and that is how all of our lives have changed drastically. We can rely on each other a little bit more. If someone’s going through something, there’s someone else in the cast who has gone through something or who is going through the same thing. It’s nice.

Full Interview Here


**Fyi - it isn't an hour drive each way to that set from downtown... unless there is major traffic... otherwise I'd say 40 minutes LOL

Twilight Gold Magazine Scans

So much coming out right now - wowzers! thanks goodness for scanners and fansites ;)

See all the Scans here

Kiss Magazine Scans

Holy yummy-wow... see ALL 25 pages at Robsessed

Alex Meraz is so silly

‘Leaked pic! me attackin bella’

"RRRRRRRRRrrrrrr!!!!!! Die Bella!!! LOL"

Taylor Photo Spam - looking spiffy



Charliey Bewley in Australia

Awnnnn so adorable!!!

Sexy Manip


Utter Hottness that is RPattz

Utter Hottness

**SPOILERS** Xavier as Riley in Eclipse

I have no idea what this is about my guess is maybe when he is first changed... then he becomes a vamp and heals? thoughts?


Bella as a Vamp

Funny Simpson's Twilight


Old Video of Rob November 2008

[via twifans]

Taylor Lautner Teen Vogue - Rawr... Video

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Set Report - So far this week

I was away and therefore slacking... sorry.

Monday was a Canadian Holiday and the cast was apparently doing a photo shoot for Eclipse - rawr - I'd love to see some of those!

Tuesday and Today was filming in studio I believe and some re-shoots/B-unit stuff that included past sets.

Today Nikki Reed & Kellan Lutz were spotted leaving the circus at a familiar set and Kellan waved to fans as he passed by in full costume.

Lot's of other filming happening in Vancouver... too often tourists, along with locals, find sets and are disappointed they are not Twilight Movies... 'tis life in "Hollywood North" I suppose...

That's all - nothing major to report as studio time usually means quiet time as far as reports go ;)


OK Magazine Brings you more b.s.

WTF? I am baffled....

New Moon Release Party Podcast

Twilight Lexicon and other fan sites will be there for the New Moon Release and will be doing a podcast - don't miss it ;)


New Moon Special Edition People Magazine

People Magazine just sent over some great info and a coupon to go with it!

SPECIAL PROMO: We wanted to offer you and all Twilight fans a $1.00 off this special collector’s edition! Just go to this site,, click on “Save $1.00 Off Newsstand,” print out the coupon & use it!

This issue is really fun & definitely a must-have for any true fan so hope you will go out and get a copy this weekend and encourage everyone else to do the same!


Exclusive Interviews, Never-Before-Seen Photos, and Behind-the-Scenes Scoop

(NEW YORK) – This week, PEOPLE publishes a special newsstand-only issue all about the Twilight sequel New Moon. The biggest day of the year for vampires is usually Halloween, but this fall it’s Nov. 20 – the debut of the film New Moon. For those who can’t wait, PEOPLE put together this special issue filled with exclusive on-set photos, interviews with the cast and a preview of all the suspenseful – and steamy – scenes in Twilight’s next chapter.

After Twilight raked in almost $200 million last year, producers quickly got the cast – including insta-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – back together to film the next chapter of Bella Swan’s species-crossed love affair with Edward Cullen. “Twilight is about first love; New Moon is about heartbreak,” director Chris Weitz tells PEOPLE. “That requires the actors to go to some very dark places.”

New Moon “is the beginning of a love triangle,” says Taylor Lautner who plays Bella’s best friend and werewolf Jacob. “I get nervous trying to represent Team Jacob in the right way. This guy is some pretty good competition,” admitted Lautner (before a scene with Robert Pattinson). “The fans would love anybody who played Jacob. I’m just lucky to be the one who got the chance.” Thanks to flashbacks, “there is more Edward in the film,” says Weitz. “Viewers will see him more often than Bella sees him in the book.”

This special collector’s edition also takes a look at the chemistry between Kristen and Robert in both their professional and personal lives. Director-turned-matchmaker Catherine Hardwicke says that Pattinson and Stewart had sparks flying between them from the first “Action!” Everyone noticed the connection instantly – especially Pattinson himself. “When I read Twilight, and there are these moony descriptions of Edward as a godlike figure, I thought there was no way I could play him,” he recalls. “But when I got in the room with Kristen, there was a certain chemistry. She’s basically the reason I did the movie.” While filming Twilight, one romantic scene between Pattinson and Stewart told Hardwicke everything she needed to know. “When they were kissing,” she recalls with a smile, “Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed!” Despite concerns about mixing love and work, the two finally succumbed to their feelings. “They’re genuine, and they’re very talented,” explains costar Ashley Greene of the common ground they share. “It’s like a secret potion that you can’t really pinpoint, but they both have it.”

PEOPLE also reports about all the hoopla surrounding the Twilight phenomenon – the screaming teens, the buzzing chat rooms, the collector dolls. Take it from Ashley Greene, the Twilight frenzy is out of control. “Kellan Lutz and I look at each other and go, ‘What is going on? This is so insane!’” says the actress who plays Alice. “It’s very different from anything that I’ve experienced. But the fans are so passionate. Seriously, this is the coolest job in the world with the best fans.” Craziest Twilight tie-in? Two adjacent corn mazes in Utah, expertly landscaped to spell out Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The cast is already filming part three of the saga, Eclipse, and hopes to begin work on part four, Breaking Dawn, in the not-too-distant future. “We’re all crossing our fingers, and we all want to finish the series,” says Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen. “And we want Stephenie [Meyer, author] to write more books if she could!”

PEOPLE’s New Moon special issue will be available on newsstands from Friday, October 16 – Monday, November 30.


3D New Moon Poster


buy here

Look Closely at the New Moon Stills and....

many of you have seen this new 'new moon' still....some have not!....but when i was looking at it i noticed two things...

1) the lion and lamb pic in the background

2)a pic of edward and bella!

CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I love lil' treasures like this in films...


Vanity Fair Out takes fuel Robsten rumours....again

It's a photoshoot not real life - its a kiss on the cheek not a tongue down the throat... not let's ASSUME...

Ok, I GET WHY people WANT them to be a couple.... if they are or not I do not know - but they sure are adorable together.... friends, fake couple or real... love these shots...

It's cute... it quirky.... remember when....

Remember when.... Kstew could still pull off the pretty.... lately it's been edgier, harder, but i still like it - it's more her... this is very... Bella... less kristen.... in my opinion