Friday, May 25, 2012

Trailer: The Great Gatsby

I have been waiting for this because I love the novel, I love the director and I love the cast.... squeeee...

Directed by Baz Luhrmann (Remember his awesome version of Romeo & Juliet avec a young LeoDiCap and CLaire Danes?!?! It also stars Leonardo DiCaprio, along with Leo's BFF Tobey Maguire, and the so talented, Carey Mulligan!


Cosmopolis Premiere at Cannes 2012

Rob and Kristen have really come to a new place in their relationship... It seems they decided Cannes was the place to finally let down their guard. Twilight is over (essentially) and they both have successful premieres at Cannes and just want to celebrate together. I love this:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

2 New Cosmopolis Stills

#BreakingDawnScavengerHunt Details

One revealed so far.... I will post the others once I find them :)
Three new character posters will be revealed as part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 "Coven Scavenger Hunt," which is now live.

Help Bella, Edward and Jacob on their mission to assemble the covens from around the world. Once all coven members have been uncovered, 3 new character posters will be revealed.


Search for clues around the world on the following Twilight fan sites:
















VIDEO: RObert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart smooch fest in Cannes


Cannes = ROBFEST

I can't even believe how many photos RPLIFE has posted:

Robsten Kisses in Cannes....

Does this mean when they win 'Best Kiss' at MTV Awards they will finally just kiss? I hope so!

They're Official! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Smooch at Cannes
Thu., May. 24, 2012 5:28 AM PDT by Alexis L. Loinaz

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images; Visual/

And there you go. Hollywood's biggest are-they-or-aren't-they parlor game just came to a close with a kiss heard 'round the world.

Never-officially-confirmed-but-so-obvs-they're-together twosome Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson finally silenced doubters (were there ever any?) when they were snapped locking lips at the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday night.

R.Pattz die-hards: Please try not to faint en masse...

Per Just Jared, the duo were spotted canoodling at the after-party for K.Stew's new flick, On the Road.

At one point, he kisses her on the forehead, and she pulls him close with her hand on his neck.

Pattinson stepped out earlier that day to support Stewart at the film's glitzy premiere, although they walked the red carpet separately. He arrived on his own, while she hit the carpet with her equally hunky On the Road costars: Tom Sturridge, Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley.

During the screening itself, K.Stew reportedly sat with her costars, while R.Pattz was one row in front of them.

She'll get the chance to show some gal-pal support when Pattinson's own film, Cosmopolis, premieres at the fest on Friday.

Just last week, Stewart dropped the biggest hint yet that the two were an item when she told Elle magazine that "my f--king boyfriend just did" Bel Ami, the upcoming period drama headlined by Pattinson.

Fiiiinally, you two


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#Cannes: On The Road Premiere #OTR

**at work will update more KStew pics later today*

Of course the big news was that Robert Pattinson walked the carpet for OTR!!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reality TV Time Once Again

It has been a while since my last full post on Reazlity TV though I have done individual show posts plenty.... things are building up for the busy season again...

It's that time again, when there is way too much Reality Television on and my PVR is always full and I never run out of things to say..... excited? I thought so!

See my recap of the latest episode here

Celebrity Apprentice
First of all, I wanted Audrey in the finale. Second of all, I thought Clay should have beat Arsenio. Ah well.

The Voice
I was not thrilled with the winner, but content. See my post here.

American Idol
I do not want Jessica to win. I wish she was eliminated the first time but the judges used their stupid save on her. I really though she would go home last week, but Josh was sent home. I have been rooting for the very sexy, very talented, very raw sounding, Phillip Phillips since day one and I hope he wins. I fear Jessica might. Either way, they are all talented, I just know thet regardless they will all have successful careers. In fact, I think those that do NOT win can pursue more rewarding careers than the show can provide. Who knows - I am rooting for PP and I will buy his cd and go to see him in concert.... I will not for Jessica.

New season starts soon - SQUEE! It feels like it has been so long., THey cancelled SYTYCD Canada which is depressing, but at least the American version returns this week. THings will be different this season, for one there is only one two-hour episode a week, also there will be one male and one female winner at the end. THey will use the previous weeks votes and reveal them after the routines are performed so they aren't nervous during the routines.

Hell's Kitchen
Ramsey returns in a couple weeks with a new season of Hell's Kitchen.

Of course it comes down to one American and One British model. I really love Sophie since forever and hope she takes it home!

Big Brother
It seems like just yesterday I had my wisdome teeth surgery and was high and bed-ridden and watching live feed for Big Brother *sigh* last summer... the good ol' days. I have heard strange buzz about this season... Thursday July 12 it returns, I will be at SDCC but will PVR it for sure!

Love in the Wild
This show was so bad, but I had to watch it, Jenny McCarthy is hosting, she is also apparently doing playboy again.... anyhow, it is on this summer and I will probably watch.

X Factor
Well there are some new judges, and I will watch.... but I am still bitter I didn't get in last year when I had tickets and waited in line all day... grrr...

What am I missing?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bachelorette - ReCap

Bachelorette, as much as I don't want to committ, I always do.... EMily needs love... I want to watch her maybe find it.. Here is my summary from tonight


The first date card arrives:

"Ryan, Be my King in the Queen City - Emily"

I do like Ryan, he is good looking and seems sweet.

Their first date is baking cookies at her house. Interesting. I do like the idea of having REAL LIFE dates, maybe Emily really will find REAL love?

Back at the house the men are discussing when someone will meet Ricky, her daughter. THey all agree it wouldn't be until near the end.

True to that, Emily drops off snacks and leaves Ryan in the car. She jokes the next part of their date is Chuck E Cheese. ha! Luckily they go on a real date.

There is a huge crowd outside their restaurant and they have a good dinner with some tough questions. Emily says in private that he reminds her of Brad, good looking, too perfect. In the end she gives him the rose. I think he has potential.

Group Date Card Arrives:
John "wolf"

"let's set the stage for love"

What a huge group! Most of the men are not overly thrilled with the idea of performing, but it is for charity and the Muppets are there, so it is fun. Charlie is having anxiety of doing stand up comedy and confronts Emily about his speech problems and insecurities surrounding his disabilities. Emily was completely understanding and he offered to dance or do something different.

The show was hilarious. YouTube it if you missed it. The men dancing, Miss Piggy stealing the spotlight, comedy and more. The first group of men danced ROUND Emily. THe next group did some very bad comedy with Fozzy Bear. Miss Pigy did a "Chelsea Lately" style interview with some of the men. Charlie was one of them. He was nervous! Aaron had to make up a poem, Jef had to propose on the spot to Miss Piggy, and poor Charlie was sweating bullets and Miss Piggy asked what he would do to impress a girl. He handled it well and was very honest and sweet. PHEW!

Emily and Kermie the frog flirted and then Miss Piggy interupted ha ha! Ricky came up on stage with her momma and helped wrap up the show.

In the end it was all about Charity and they raised a lot of money for a good cause. $20k - impressive!

After they go to dinner.

Emily tells Chris he is extremely good looking but not a "look at me" kind of guy.
Emily tells Jef that she had a hard time finding him today and has a hard time reading him and getting his attention.
Emily dances with one of the men, Stevie maybe, though his hat was off.
Charlie spies them and goes back to tell the men who all go to watch and make fun of the dancing pair. Kallon finds it immature to spy and criticizes the men. He then goes to interupt the dancing pair and chat with Emily. Almost immediately Aaron comes in and Kallon asks for 2minutes, Aaron refuses and Emily feels uncomfy so Kalon takes the high road and says "enjoy your conversation he is a good guy"
Kalon returns and reports what happened, then Stevie says he wanted 5 more minutes and Kalon interupted (aka "karma is a bitch") and they argue.

Emily returns and gives the rose to Jef, much to Chris' shock.

Back at the house a date card arrives:

"Joe, come close to my heart, Emily"

The hair bugs me with Joe... and there are other awesome guys who I would have prefered see spend one on one time with Emily.

Joe and Emily take a small plane (and without any monologue on how hard it is to fly after losing her ex) to West Virginia, her home town. They stay at Green Briar resort where Emily went as a child. THey have a nice date, but I findhim boring and awkward. He answered her questions with questions, I just didn't feel it, I thought Emily was feeling it, she was in tears, but it was because she wasn't letting him stay. Good choice.

Back at the house Kalon tells whats his name (dad) that he put being a dad on hold for this show, which could be interpreted as Emily putting being a mom on hold when she was the show with Brad. Needless to say, it doesn't go over well with most of the men and causes more tension between Kalon and the house.

Cocktail Party

Emily addresses the group and then the one-on-one brief convo's begin... Arie and Emily talk a lot about his hometown and what they like to do in their spare time.

Next up Ryan is alone with Emily, the men are upset because he has a rose and doesn't need time with her tonight. Tony comes in to interupt and witnesses Ryan giving her a gift...a letter... a novel.. she reads it outloud as Tony stands there... waiting... awkward!

Tony gets his time, talks about his 5 year old son and they seem to really connect as single parents.

Rose Ceremony
-Ryan & Jef have roses already

-Kalon - drama to come I am sure
-Arie - still intriguing
-Michael - still don't dig the long hair but in a pony it was kinda sexy
-Nate - still cute
-Sean - not too much from him this episode
-Chris - it wasn't the date rose, but he happily took it
-Doug - the dad I mentioned earlier but couldn't recall his name
-Travis - wasn't on this show much either, is it editing or what?
-Tony - as worries as he was, the convo they had helped
-John "wolf" - Still don't know why he is "wolf" I want to know then send him packing
-Alessandro - he wasn't seen much this episode either
-Charlie - he is adorable
-Alejandro - don't hear much from him
-Stevie - really? I don't see it!

I was glad to see Kyle (also from Long Beach) go, he didn't stand out to me one bit, but I was shocked Aaron went home, he is a bit older, his goofy glasses are a bit hipster, but he is a teacher and damn sexy. I'd date Aaron, he is from Long Island and a biology teacher, hot!

Next week: Arie one on one date? Dolly Parton surprises Emily, CHris gets a one on one and they have to rock climb the side of a building. Sean seems to get some more screen time, Alessandro speaks, someone thinks about leaving and "parenting" is discussed... in other words, as always it will be "the most exciting episode ever" ha ha

At this point I am rooting for: Jef, Ryan, Chris, Arie, Sean, hmmm....

Who are you favourites?

Magic Mike Premiere Details

June 29 I will be at my local theatre to see Magic Mike starring the very sexy Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey and more, get down and dirty as male strippers.

This movie is based loosely on Chan's real life before he was an actor, and all I can say is "DAMN, WHY DIDN'T I GO SEE MALE STRIPPERS IN FLORIDA!?!??!"

Good golly, I remember when the video of Channing came out from his previous career....

Anyways, my friends, who are awesome and know of my obsession intense love for CHANNING TATUM have been asking me about the premiere. I had planned to go, but I can't because of work and because they have selected it as the closing night filmn for L.A. Film Fest....

Magic Mike‘, which the Playlist says “is a big crowd-pleaser — for the ladies and dudes”, will have its world premiere as the closing-night film at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 24th. Individual tickets will go on sale on May 29th, but you can CLICK HERE to buy a pass to the festival.

So if you want to go either fork out money for the LAFF pass, or wait for the individual ticket sale May 29.

If you go I insist you tell ALL tell him Mandy in Vancouver says hi, he won't remember me, but I don't care, I met him 5 times in 3 glorious days in March and he held my hand and said my name and *sigh*

Let me know if you go!!!

Here are some links you may enjoy if you love Channing like I do:

See Trailer here

EW Magazine pics here

Link & Story from 2010 on his stripper past

SNL Stripper Channing here

Dirty Dancer

Channing 2012 Mission - accomplished ;)