Saturday, June 27, 2009

True Blood

Yes, I am late to hop on board, I have heard of this show but I really am not *usually* a vampire fan.... I mean pre-twilight, I could care less, and even post-twilight, I felt like Stephenie Meyer's creation was - unique....

But I saw it on hbo a few days ago and pvr'd it. Today I watched it. S2E2. I LOVED IT - So this evening I have been watching online from various sources (my computer is so crappy, it can't handle torrents or downloads) and I am just LOVING the show.

Anyways, If you haven't checked it out - you may want to - I didn't think I'd want to watch something about vampires, afterall, my love is more for Edward than vampire-life.... but this.... much more adult, scary, creepy, intense, awesome!

OMG - My New Love!!!

Little Ashes Ladies Night

It was a fantastic Ladies Night Last Night.

@erinbatt *My FanFic Fave* @sarahlj13 and myself skytrained downtown to Shark Club for some martini's

Soon the crew arrived and we had about 10 ladies there including some familiar faces and some new faces (I always *LOVE* meeting new ladies with the same interests as me :) so great!!!)

Marina pulled out pocket edward and I have to say it was *ALMOST* as exciting as if RPattz had sat down at our table.... and def. more fun... (let's face it RPattz may have said hello, pocket edward obeyed our every request LOL)

There were more photos but I will let individuals have them and tell me if it's ok to post them - pocket edward got *ALOT* of action ;)

We had some dinner (I had the very yummy penne pesto) and several martini's and laughs later we walked down the street to Tinseltown Theatres (Only theatre in Vancouver playing Little Ashes) and met up with some more friends. We took up an entire row at the theatre

We got settled for the movie, but not before posing with the movie poster ;)

Again, I have more but will save embarassment of others ha ha ha - I don't mind embarassing myself, it's kind of my thing LOL ;)

The Movie itself has been said to have a slow start, however, I really enjoyed the details in the start. By far, half way through it got more exciting right up until the end. I believed it was the story of Salvador Dahli's life, when in fact, it was the love story of him and Frederico Locra.

There were several moments of pure passion and devotion expressed in both actors and I really became attached to the characters and their love.

Robert did an absolutely STUNNING job as Dahli, especially when he started to go a bit crazy.... I really loved it and it proved to me that the vampire type-cast can't stick, because this man has some serious diversity inside him.

I have to say i shed a tear or two during the movie, and there were a couple scenes that shocked me (one word... eyelid!!! oh and also "self-service") but overall, an amazing film that I would see again and recommend to not only Robert fans, but Dahli fans and film fans...

The ocean scene was one of the most beautifully passionate scenes in a movie that i have seen in a while.

FYI - the tuck scene was longer than i expected and still caught me off guard....

I really enjoyed it and I think others will too, although it's def. a certain acquired taste of film.

Anyways - Afterwards some departed and a few of us went to Natalie's apartment patio for drinks and more laughs.

Overall a fantastic evening with the ladies :)

Thanks to everyone who came and to those that didn't or couldn't - - - I will def. have another get together planned VERY soon!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 16 on SYTYCD

Last Night-

  • Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero danced Hip-hop to the song “By My Side” —Jadakiss featuring Ne-Yo choreographed by Dave Scott

    I feel as though these guys may be bottom 3. I really liked the routine and it was smooth and slow as far as hip hop goes but quite enjoyable. It could have been harder hitting and the judges seemed extremely harsh... Nigel was in some kindamood eh? We shall see tonight.

  • Asuka Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune danced Jazz to the song “Heartbreaker” —Pat Benatar choreographed by Mandy Moore

    Well the clip for these guys def. helped them... we saw a softer side to an otherwise confident (even kinda slutty) Asuka and a caring side to Vitolio... as well as a funny side with him all dressed up... I really liked that we got to see more about them. I am still not a fan of Asuka but I do like Vitolio a lot more... I still see them in bottom 3 tonight

  • Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi danced Rumba to the song “Emotion” —Destiny’s Child choreographed by Tony Meredith

    I really liked this routine and I don't usually care for the slow ones. Ade was fabulous and Melissa really shone. beautiful outfit she pulled off too. I have a soft place in my heart for her because she is older and still following her dreams but I think they should be safe...

  • Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant danced Hip-hop to the song “What a World” —Common choreographed by Dave Scott

    I think this was my fave of the night. I loved the "juxtaposition" of the rocker and hip hopper (as the judges mentioned) and Brandon is absolutely amazing!!! Def safe this week!

  • Kayla Radomski and Kupono Aweau danced a Viennese Waltz to the song “Sweet Dreams” —Jewel choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux

    Really shocked at the instant chemistry between these two as a new pairing. Beautifully performed. I think they will be safe, Kayla seems to have a great following and Kupono is so charasmatic.

  • Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak danced Contemporary to the song “Koop Island Blues” —Koop featuring Ane Brun choreographed by Mia Michaels

    Oh Mia, She is insane... I tend to not like her routines, as far as insane I prefer Sonya... anyways, this was good, i love this couple together anyways and the botty focus was quirky and funny and I think although simple it will be memorable as Nigel said and they should be safe.

  • Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover danced a Paso Doble to the song “O Fortuna” —Mozaretum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux

    I love them both but I think they could have had harder hitting movements. I mean, the judges mentioned Jason needing to have his chest held high, and eye contact, and it hink even their stops and reversals could have been more exaggerated and strong. STOP, go go STOP... you know what I am saying? I think and I hope they will be safe.

  • Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb danced Broadway to the song “Moses” from Singing in the Rain choreographed by Tyce DiOrio

    I really love Philip and have learned to adore Jeanine and I really did like this routine. I know what the judges are saying about missing the mark in some aspects, but it was playful and fun.... I hope they are safe but I think they may be the last couple inthe final 3

  • I Won't Be Buying a Twilight Doll... Shopping as a Twi-Fan

    But if you want one...Mattel has Edward and Bella coming this October for about $35 each. Also they plan to create other Twilight characters in the near future. Of course we already know about the Small Action Figures of Bella and Edward for about $16

    Of course every good Twilight fan has all the books... hard cover... ;)

    With the movies coming out we get new book covers - New Moon's was released and I like it quite a bit, in fact, I wish it had been the movie poster!!!

    Lastly, HOT TOPIC has everything Twilight, New Moon and Harry Potter

    They just released some new Twilight products such as purses, shirts, back packs and more... as well as New Moon gear which is just coming in - - - awesome!!!

    Remember Me Kisses from Robert....

    Oh to be Emilie de Ravin right now....

    I love Panda's btw....but kisses... I love even more!!!

    More KStew as Joan Jett - So Perfect!

    SO many people are *NOT* fans of her mullet... but as my friend Crystal always says "It's business in the front and party in the back"

    And the clothes are *SO* fitting - again - I'm a HUGE fan or retro-wear, even the absurd!

    I can't wait for this movie - I think this is her PERFECT role!!!

    Dakota is also looking the part

    And here she is with the REAL Cheri Currie

    Keep Rpattz Safe NYC!!!

    I tweeted last night and I meant it - Bring RPattz back to VanCity ;)

    I wasjoking however, about how NYC is out to get him... although it is funny since he has been there he has had a fan choke him/attack him as he walked, a taxi almost hit him, buildings collapsing around him.... unsafe.... bring him back here so we can protect him ;)

    Thank goodness this is just make up eh?

    See more of a (fake) bloddied RPattz at Radar Online

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Alive and Well and Offering Lot's of Goodies as my Apology

    I know, I have not posted in a couple days, I am so very sorry, but I have been helping out a friend who started the as there has been an overwhelming amount of people coming to town and in need of their New Moon Set Stories and Sites.... I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a newlywed couple from London and a beautiful young lady from Australia and just yesterday a family from Arizon and Pensylvania.... I am amazed at how The Twilight Saga has brought people together and thrilled to be involved with showing them around and telling them the numerous stories I have from my experiences.

    That being said, I have been *SO* exhausted... as those of you who have been to the sets know they are very spready out and it is a lot of travel and talking - in addition to working a few hours here and there at one of my jobs and of course the reality tv obsession I have - - - My poor computer has had little action from me the past few days...

    Again, My apologies but let me offer you a little gift....

    I will sneak peak a few of the photos from inside Jacob's House... yes I have been sitting on them for a while, I figured they'd be a good gift once all the other news slowed down after New Moon.... but... as I am learning, it NEVER slows down.... while I am saving all the photos for a big blog soon.... I will give you a sample as my apologies for a fwe days of not posting ;)

    Cuz I love You all :)

    **Please if any other sites want to use this photo link it back to me and my page... it's respectful and I was given these from a friend who lived in Jacob's House prior to filming and went back to take these photos for me to share with you all**


    Here is a shot from the back of the house where Jacob jumps over the deck and runs to morph into a wolf.....

    And here is a shot of inside Jacob's bedroom. It was actually not a room but they added a wall to create it into a room. *swoon*

    Yes, I have more.... but again, I am saving them for a very special blog coming soon :)

    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Much Music Video Awards *NOW*

    Taylor in Canada once again *YAY* He was spotted walking around Toronto looking cute as ever.

    Tonight is the Much Music Video Awards. Taylor and Rachelle will present, Jonas Brothers are hosting... should be interesting.

    Earlier today during rehersals:

    There is a slew of stars performing, presenting and watching.... should be a great show.... Canadian Style ;)