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Soundtrack Links

Here is a post with links to all the soundtrack information you need.

The most visited posts are first and include a scene by scene list of songs and artists according to the scene they appear in the movie.

-Eclipse Scene by Scene Soundtrack.

-New Moon Scene by Scene Soundtrack.

-Acoustic Eclipse Soundtrack Concert Video.

-New Moon Soundtrack details.

-Remember Me Soundtrack List.

-Top 25 Soundtracks of the decade.

Official Twilight Convention in Nashville

After attending the Seattle Convention, I can tell you how exciting the weekend can be.

Twilight Lexicon is there and has been tweeting all about the weekend.

It has been snowing... in NASHVILLE!!! But, spirits are high and those attending have reportedly had a fantasic weekend.

Despite the snow the convention started on time. Hillywood hosted the event as always and the following is a sumary based on the tweets of Twiligt Lexicon. **I am not there, this is all viaTwilight Lexicon Twitter

Gil Birmingham
-He thinks getting spinners on his wheelchair is a great idea!
-Taylor's great at catching grapes in his mouth.
-During Eclipse Bon Fire it rained so they had a tarp over them.
Mandy's Mind - I recall that evening, I didn't go to the set because of the rain but a lot of fans were there and the wolf pack all came out (multiple times) to do photos and autographs with fans!
-He's met tons of cool fans
-He reads the books as they film them, Twilight was his fave because of it's innocence.
-Music is a lot more personal than film making for Gil.
-He compared the pack of wolves to puppies.
-Says casting was amazingly done, great chemistry.
-Everyone needs to google Gil in a Diana Ross video apparently it took Alex Meraz 2 hrs to find it.
-He did a film with Joe Pesci about the 1st brothel owners, also an animated film with Johnny Depp.
- His main charity is Project Lighthouse for clothes and other help for ppl on the rez
-Fans are his fave part of the franchise.
-He is Team Alice
-Says Kristenhas the hardest job but no one handles the wheel chair like he does.
-Who would win in a fight - Jacob or Jasper? Then Drew (Hillywood Jasper) and Gil nearly fought it out!

Peter Facinelli

-Peter had fun at the airport he bought boots and a birdhouse.
-Peter didn't really study "vampires" but the human qualities a vampire can expand on.
-Peter wants to change his name to a good southern name. Billy Bob Hill. That's a good name! He loves women from the south (his wife is from the south)
-His hair turned red the first time he dyed it blonde. It took 2 days to get it right.
-They call taking their make up off the "de-cullenization" process.
-In New Moon when Jackson goes for Bella, Peter knocked J's wig off.
-Peter posed as a Cullen prepared for fighting... grrr... read to attack the nomads.
-His kids came on set for Eclipse when they were doing stunt prep work.
Mandy's Mind - He spoke about this in Seattle also, how his daughter did fake fighting with stunt guys and "threw" them across the room.
-The stitching scene was the most difficult scene to prep for.
Mandy's Mind - In Seattle he discussed his chicken breast sewing to practice.
-His favorite line didn't get into New Moon. He hopes it will be on the DVD.
Mandy's Mind - ooh ooh wonder what line it was?
-Says he takes his scarf off in Eclipse when Carlisle meets the wolves... And then no more scarf!
Mandy's Mind - R.I.P. Scarf
-He would choose Vampire over Wolf because they smell sweet.
Mandy's Mind - He also likes the eternal life as he has said in previous interviews and in Seattle.

-Gil took the stage to perform
Mandy's Mind - I really want to hear him live one day.
-Lot's of late planes due to snow.
-TwiMom's did a panel
-Twilight Trivia has a question that stumped everyone: Rose's friend Vera's son was just starting to do something when Rose was killed. What was he doing? Answer-Sitting Up
Mandy's Mind - I would have said crawling and been wrong too!

Gil Birmingham
-Gil does a mini-concert and more Q&A to fill time as other castmates are running late due to snow.
-Gil was in Into the West, Dreamkeeper, Buffy, Veronica Mars.
Mandy's Mind - Time to find those episodes ha ha
-Gil says that most of your time on set is spent waiting.
-Gil is the son of a Military dad and moved around a lot. Was a bit of a rebel in his youth, he wanted to be a rock star when he was little
-Thinks Native Americans are well portrayed in the Twilight Saga and says he went to his auditions wearing the hat and fleece (used in the film)and Catherin Hardwicke said "that is Billy! You're Billy Black!"
-Gil is Comanche, Italian, and English.
-He says there is a scene in Eclipse where he shakes Carlisle's hand
Mandy's Mind - This is obviously after Dr Cullen mends Jacob
-He says he didn't have time to jam on set but would love to have a jam session with 100 Monkey's

Then they did the auction, an autographed banner went for $2500. One of Seattle's went for more...

Bronson Pelletier
-Bronson arrived and commented on how it felt like BINGO with seat #s being called
-Bronson plays a ganster in the series Shattered.
-If Bronson had to be a non-wolf he would be Aro.
-If Bronson could be an HP character hed like to be Mad Eye Moody!!
-Bronson isn't musical but he plays a mean set of spoons!!
-He met the ladies who run his facebook fansite.
-He idolizes Meryl Streep and plays video games in his free time.
-He went into the audience for more Q&A
-He was embarassed when someone asked about his sexy eyes.
-Kiowa "busted in" and the crowd gave Bronson a standing ovation.

Kiowa Gordon
-Says his mom influenced him the most in acting because she has always believed in him. Awwww
-If you don't know by now, Kiowa would like to be Jasper if he couldn't be a wolf.
-Kiowa is a bit sick but did his wolf howl anyways.
-Fave colour is green
-Kiowa will be back in Nashville in May to film "Into the Darkness"
-Fave Eclipse Scene was the graduation party because they walked around like thwy could kill everyone in the room. Eclipse was his fave book.
-Says that Native American youth need to learn their heritage since so much is dying out.
-Likes pineapple on pizza
-Would love Chris Weitz to direct Breaking Dawn if it gets optioned.
-During Eclipse, when Jacob and Bella show up together, the pack is eating chicken, he says they got sick from eating so much chicken during filming.
-Took more Q&A from the audience.

And now, Saturday Night, is the Volturi Vampire Ball. Alphie, who is at the convention, has twitpict some of the centrepieces for the contest, and is keeping the twitterverse up-to-date on happenings.

Follow Twilight Lexicon (as if any twifan isn't already?) for updates tomorrow the final day of the Nashville Convention.


Valentines Day Clip - Two Taylor's "How did you meet?"

How did you guys meet.... Taylor Swift plays a valley girl too well ha ha ha.

Kellan Lutz hair talk

Kellan & PEter were at an event recently and many people started commenting on Kellan Lutz' hair. [in this photo] It is very Justin Timberlake, circa 1999, and I do prefer his straight, shorter hair or gentle curls, but sorry to say it, i think this is his natural hair.... I think he's a sexy beast and though I prefer the shorter 'do - I still find him hot with the curls.

A lot of people getting their hate-on for Kellan's hair here.... what do you think?

Edi & Christian our at 1st Annual Data Awards

Edi & Christian are sure friendly on twitter... it's nice to see them out together at the First Annual Data Awards. I love her high-high boots.



NCIS - Team Edward Video

Welcome to the Riley's Sundance Premier - Super Fans Attend and Kristen helps Haiti

Kristen Stewart on the cover of Vanity Fair


Leonardo DiCaprio talks about RPattz and fame.

I can't wait for Shutter Island, this interview also has Leo mentioning Rpattz and the amount of fame he's experienced. Look just before the 2minute mark.

LG Star Ambassador Taylor Lautner

Wow - hot!


Cake Company in Spain

A donut & Cake company in Spain uses Twilght references in their ads.


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Remember Me - Ask Rob Video #2 - Working with Pierce Brosnan

If you missed Video # 1 it is here.

Also Video #3 is now available

Valentines Day Promo -

I can't wait for this movie

Remember Me Premier March 1 in NYC

Gossip Cop reports:

There has been a lot of Internet speculation about the premiere of “Remember Me,” starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan.

The film, which revolves around two people who fall in love as they cope with tragedy, was shot last summer in New York.

And that’s precisely where the premiere will be, Gossip Cop can confirm.

Gossip Cop is told that the stars will walk the red carpet in New York on March 1.

“Remember Me” opens nationwide on March 12.

Generally, premieres are closer to the film’s release date, but because Pattinson is working on “Bel Ami” in Europe and can’t go back and forth, “Remember Me” will have it’s big red carpet at the same time he’s doing its press junket in the Big Apple.

People Magazine's Sundance Buzz - The Runaways

People Magazine, February 8, 2010

[Via Twilightish]

Follow Welcome to the Riley's Twitter

Follow @Welcome2Rileys and help them with what they need to get this movie out there!

Peter and Kellan attended the Calvin Klein Collection & LA Nomadic Division Event


Since a few people were asking about Robert Pattinson in Vancouver


Here's the thing.... Robert Pattinson is in London, he is slated to start filming Bel Ami any day now, and if he was signed on to do a cameo for a television show, there would be far more hype and reliable sources saying so and it wouldn't be while he is filming or about to film a major ovie across the world...

So if you read information, that doesn't seem to jive with facts, it's probably not true...

That being said, I have no idea the merit of this claim, though it's my suspicion it's simply a load of crap. I won't bother sourcing or pointing fingers, but if you heard the rumour or asked me about it.... I am fairly sure it's false...


Xavier Samuel on Australia Radio


Robert Pattinson Comic Book

All I can say is W-T-F !?!?!

The issue, written by Kim Sherman and drawn by Nathaniel Ooten, with the cover created by Juan Mar Studios, delves into the star's music, modeling and, of course, those dreamy roles he played in the Harry Potter and Twilight movies.

"I chose to conceptualize A-lister Robert Pattinson from a unique perspective, immersing the reader into the life of the talented actor beyond his most famous role," Sherman says.

"It's our hope that even the most devoted fans will discover a fact or two that takes them completely by surprise," Bluewater president Darren G. Davis says.


New Remember Me Still


Peter Facinelli Magazine COver

[via Twilightish]

Percy Jackson Live Chat from Greece

The Live Chat with Cast of Percy Jackson went well.

It was at 11:25pm PST and had a chat open half hour before to submit questions and .... well... chat. The chat took place atop the Acropolis in Greece

The four main (young) cast members were there:

-Logan Lerman - Percy Jackson
-Alexandra Daddario - Annabeth Chase
-Jake Abel - Luke
-Brandon T. Jackson - Grover Underwood

The host asked questions that had been submitted by fans via chat, with a lot of comparison to Harry Potter.

The cast, wisely, responded that they can only hope it will be as loved and successful as Harry Potter, however, it was different completely in the way of plot. Percy Jackson deals with Greek Mythology, while Harry Potter, of course, wizardry.

The director, as you may know, is Chris Columbus, who also directed and produced Harry Potter (the first two) while also producing Prisoner of Azkaban. Columbus also wrote Gremlins, and the screenplay for Goonies (sorry I'm a sucker for classic 80s films).

The cast said the director was amazing and worked "around the clock" to make this movie fantastic. Jackson also complimented him on his ability to create a PG movie that will appeal to all ages.

Jackson talked about some challenges playing his character, Grover. He said he had to wear tights with markers on them for the CGI and he'd always have to beon tip-toe to make his "animal legs" seem realistic.

He remembered wearing ballet slippers and socks and tip-toeing through muddy forests all day.

I know the forests they used and it was Spring here in Vancouver, a rainy, muddy season ideed.

When the cast was asked how their movie abilities may help them in real life if they had them, Abel provided the best answer saying Herme's winged shoes would allow him to save money on airfare.

Fans asked Lerman if he would get a twitter and he said only if he had something worth saying, to which Jackson plugged his own twitter account.

There were no pranks on set but lot's of "jam sessions" as there was always a guitar around though they had very little spare time it was mostly spent with training.

The group talked about their bonding experience through pre-production and fight training and how that bond created trust for actual filming of the fight scenes. Daddario said she was cast quite late and less time to prepare for fighting but felt comfortable with the group.

The host asked about both the amazing Stunts and the fantastic SFX. Most of the cast chose the "hydra scene" as their favourite SFX moment and that tied in nicely with the "exclusive new clip" they showed after the chat which was the Hydra Scene.

For me, the scene was interesting because it opened with a shot of our own Vancouver Art Gallery, [but let's face it, what movie or tv show shot here hasn't used that landmark ha ha] but the transformation of the Hydra was, as the cast describes, detailed and amazing.

Though it was only the main "young" actors in the chat, I want those of you unfamiliar with this series to note that this is the first movie in the series and features top actors such as Uma Thurman, [also in upcoming Bel Ami] Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Kevin McKidd, Rosario Dawson, and more.

Be sure to check out Percy Jackson February 12 in Theatres.

Remember Me - Ask Rob - Video #1 from facebook

See video #2 Here.

Also Video #3 is now available

Channing Tatum a Male Dancer... yes THAT kind!

Details features the hottie Channing Tatum on the cover in the February 2010 edition available now.

The story that goes with it is - well - interesting... it talks about a penis injury, his past as a male-stripper and even links to this video of Chan stripping.

"I've been wanting to talk about this forever!" swears Tatum. "You have publicists and managers saying no, and I'm like, Mmm-mmm, it's gonna come out. I never wanted to hide it." Last September,, under the banner CHANNING TATUM'S SECRET STRIPPER PAST, posted a 1999 video of Tatum—billed as "Chan Crawford"—front and center on a Tampa stage, hoofing like a Backstreet Boy in heat, snogging some bachelorette in the front row, then peeling off his shirt, and finally, like an NBA sixth man yanking off his warm-ups, discarding his pants. "Thaaaat's right, ladies," barked the club's announcer. "Chan Crawford is here to pleeeease you!" Only a bulging jockstrap and a thin wall of dead presidents stood between the Sun Coast's horniest housewives and Chan's fantastic penis.

I think it's hil-larious," Tatum says convincingly. "I met some of the most insane characters." He hopes to do for male stripping what Boogie Nights did for the golden age of Valley porn. "I'm gonna make a movie about it. I've talked to a couple of directors." I ask Tatum if his handlers are happy about the prospect of his strapping on the ol' banana hammock again. "I don't care what they think," he answers quickly. "I'm happy I did it. I'm not proud, because it's not something to be proud of, but I had an experience that only one out of a thousand—a million—people can say they've ever had. I've been through this crazy sort of life, and I came out the other side fairly unscathed."

Read the whole story Here. It links to various videos and sites about him. Good & Bad.

Jackson's Ouchies

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have no idea about this photos... saw friends link it on twitter and ask what happened to J.Action....

Channing Tatum "Dear John" Press Tour

Channing Tatum has been busy with Dear John promotions... sadly, he isn't coming to Vancouver, or even the Pacific Northwest so I am s.o.L as far as seeing him - - - though I have begged @theellenshow so perhaps she will call me up and fly me down for his appearence February 10?!?! heh heh I wish!

'Dear John' promotion, which includes, but is not limited to, the following...

•Monday (February 1st): Los Angeles 'Dear John' Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater at 6pm

•Tuesday & Wednesday (February 2nd and 3rd): Hosting Two Nights of MTV from 7pm - 10pm Central

•Wednesday (February 3rd): Live With Regis and Kelly

•Thursday (February 4th): Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

•Wednesday (February 10th): Ellen Degeneres

Stay tuned to CTU to learn about any other appearances for the tour!

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Edward Cullen vs Damon Salvatore

Charlie Bewley looking hot in this new photoshoot


Peter Facinelli as "That Guy"

Ashley Greene and Charlie Bewley in Italy - Old Video

Ashley Greene SOBE videos

Alex Meraz tweets his latest disguise - funny

Alex Meraz tweeted that he needed a disguise to go out nowadays.... ha ha Oh Alex, always the funny man.

Chat with the cast of upcoming movie "Percy Jackson"

If you haven't read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif, you should. I think it's the next "Harry Potter" and was thrilled that they filmed the movie here in Vancouver [at the same time as Twilight Saga New Moon" infact. I saw Logan Lerman in the movie "Hoot" (Another great young adult novel) and am trying to read the whole series of Percy Jackson.

It is about a boy who discovers he is the son of Poseidon, the god of water. He enters a world of demigods (Half human, half god) and ancient Greek myths beome realities. After being accused of stealing Zeus' thunderbolt he sets of on a journey to prove his innocence. The movie is based on this sotry from teh first novel in teh series and looks to be absolutely amazing. I am so excited and have been telling people to read the book for months now... I hope you will... Here's some awesome info about an upcoming event youwon't want to miss:

Chat with the cast and be the first to see a clip from the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox International upcoming action fantasy;


A live event from atop the Acropolis in Greece

29 January 2010

9:25 AM Athens/ 8:25 AM Paris/ 7:25 AM London
4: 25 PM Sao Paolo/ 5:25 PM Beijing/ 6:25 PM Sydney

Twentieth Century Fox International is inviting one and all to log in and meet the four hot young stars of PERCY JACKSON, Logan Lerman (“3:10 to Yuma”), Brandon T. Jackson (“Tropic Thunder”), Alexandra Daddario (“Bereavement”), and Jake Abel (“The Lovely Bones”). The three will be answering questions online, live from the international press junket in Athens, Greece. After the chat, participants will have the exclusive opportunity to view a never-before-seen clip from the film.

All are invited to visit to participate.

Based on the first of a series of acclaimed novels, PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF is set in a modern world where the twelve gods of Mount Olympus (perched 600 stories above the planet on New York’s landmark Empire State Building) are alive and are creating a new race of young mythological heroes who are demigods -- half mortal, half god. Percy, the teenage son of Poseidon, is suspected by Zeus of stealing his lightning bolt, the universe’s most powerful weapon. To prove his innocence and avoid a devastating war among the gods, Percy embarks on a transcontinental odyssey to find the real thief. Along his journey, he confronts fierce enemies determined to stop him, and attempts to save his mother from the deadly clutches of another Greek god, Hades.

Have you read the novel? Will you? I encourage you to see the movie either way, but if you are like me you will read the book first.

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Candace Charee' meets Newborn Vampire from Eclipse

The awesome Candace Charee' is in L.A this week for the Grammy's and met an up and coming actor from the Twilight Saga Eclipse.

Candace Charee' twitpict this photos:

Me with the super hot!!!!Jordn Lee! He is a new born Vampire in Eclipse! Gave him my CD! He is sooo nice!!! I am going to see him again at the House of Blues Grammy Party!

Super exciting, I hope Candace has fun in L.A. and gets her next big break.... she is such a talented singer and songwriter... Check out her Music Here She is hoping to get a song on the Eclipse soundtrack.... I vote for "The Smell of your skin" for Breaking Dawn Isle of Esme scenes ;) THOUGHTS?

Stephenie Meyer recommends Dear John

I am excited for Dear John. I bought the book today (finally in stock) and hope to finish it before next Wednesday when I am going to see Dear John in theatres.

Stephenie Meyer wrote:
Finally, a movie recommendation: Dear John comes out Friday the fifth of February. Thanks to my cool friend Wyck (who many of you have seen in various Twilight Saga interviews, as he is one of the producers on our movies, and who is a producer on Dear John) I got to see this one early. I will confess, I cried. Also, I discovered Channing Tatum, who I've somehow missed until now. Likey. Lots. Amanda Seyfried is entrancing as always, and the chemistry (chemistry is always the crux of a movie for me) between them is lovely. Though the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Richard Jenkins (who plays his father) was my favorite part.

Oh Stephenie, how could you have missed Channing til now - - - it's a shame... I too likey. LOTS!


I am thrilled to be going to see the screenin gon Wednesday February 3 with my hubby, who actually agreed to go see the movie, knowing very-well that I will drool, and sob, and bawl.... should he change his mind one of my bff's will come and I know for a fact he will appreciate Channing Tatum as much as I do ;) [We both adore him]

I am really glad to hear Ms. Meyer enjoyed the movie, oh to be friends with Wyck Godfrey heh heh ;)

New Orleans Vampire Baseball and my love for Louisiana....

Vampire Baseball in New Orleans has more stars signing on to its roster. Vampires, werewolves, and Saints are pitching in for funds going to American Red Cross and Hope for Haiti Now, the 9th Ward Field of Dreams.

Peter Facinelli-Carlisle Cullen

Chaske Spencer-Sam
Tyson Houseman-Quil 
 Alex Meraz-Paul

                             Kyle Eckel
                              Lynell Hamilton

I would *LOVE* to go to the Vampire Baseball in New Orleans [Where I have spent ALOT of time, I hold a very special place in my heart for Lousiana as I lived there briefly] and then the cruise... anyone have an extra $2500 to pay for my flight down, tickets, cruise and fees? [I wish]

Here’s a great video on what the Saints and rebuilding mean to New Orleans.

It gives me chills, it brings on tears, a part of my heart will always be in New Orleans.... and Superbowl Sunday I will wear my black and gold loud and proud as I cheer on the Saints to bring home the prize!!

Kristen walks away from reporter who asks about her offscreen love life.

OMFG this is too funny... I aw this interview before but not the "Are you Team Edward off-screen" - - her reaction is priceless I can't even exactly decipher what she says but just her facial expression and walking away - - - good for her.... ha ha they are so funny... if they spilled one way or another the enigma would be gone - but I respect their decision to not discuss it either way - it's personal and they have every right to say what they want.... including nothing....

Twilight Saga Song - parody if JT & TI's "Dead & Gone"

Funny "Dead & GOne" by TI and JT parody for the Twilight Saga....

If you haven't read the books this is a spoiler... I found this at TwiFans:

Can't get enough EW Outtakes

This is getting [almost] as good as Vanity Fair.. the gift that keeps giving... EW Outtakes are popping up like mad

*warning - jaw-porn*

More amazing EW Outtakes posted this morning.

Vanity Fair Rob Outtakes galore and also Here

And also the Rob/Kristen Twilight Outtakes Here

EW is catchin gup but I think Vanity Fair still wins... what do you think? Who has the best out takes?


First Director's Cut of Eclipse ready for screening...

Twilight Examiner posted this:

Despite what might've been murmured around the forum rumor mill, the first screening ofThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse - by "anyone out of editorial" that is - is happening now, according to a recent update issued by the film's director, David Slade.

According to him, today is a "big day" as the first "director's cut" is at "phase 1" with the studio's first screening of the film.

After months and months of reading Slade's countless updates about the post-production process (which seems, by the way, incredibly taxing and tedious), it seems that things are finally coming to a head and the editing process is nearing completion.

A director's cut of a film, of course, is not the final cut (and it probably won't even be made available to the public). The final cut is usually reserved for someone in the studio, who can make a few adjustments here and there to make the film more presentable in the box office. Those changes, for the most part, are not usually drastic. (Obviously, with varying studio interests and agendas, that statement is a heavily case-by-case matter. Who's to say how many changes will be necessary for Eclipse.)

For the meantime, though, this news means that things are progressing in the completion arena. While that doesn't necessarily give us any indication of when we should expect the first trailer for the film (though prior speculations may still be applicable), it does mean that the film is that much closer to being finished and ready for the theaters!

Very exciting, huh? Oh to be a fly on the screening room wall .


Interview with Candace Charee'

Team Edward POV Website did an amazing interview with the fabulous Candace Charee'. Candace and I became friends through Twilight when we met at the Creation Twilight Tour Convention in Seattle.

She is very talented with a bright future and I am thrilled for her. Here is the interview the Team Edward POV Website conducted with Candace Charee'.

Q. What urge you to want to be part of the Twilight Family?
A. I was brought to the Twilight Family as soon as I gave in and finally read the books. My sister in law tried to get me to read the books for 6 months! I however wasn't interesting in reading about vampires! I saw the trailer for Twilight one day and then I decided I would read the books after seeing Robert Pattinson (lol)

Q. Through lyrics you can pass a whole lot of messages and ideas. Some of the most rebelious stages started through music. To what extend do you agree and why?
A. I think if a people is feeling repressed, music is a great way to get your point across using a perfect platform. Many Artists such as Greenday have done just that.

Q. As a musician you probably like a lot of music. Can you tell us at least one of your favourite artists? And have they influenced you in any way?
A. If I were to say a female artist it woulg probably be Pink and Carrie Underwood. Pink has a way of writing that brings you into her world in a raw emotional way. Carrie has an amazing voice and writes incredible music. I have so many others but those 2 females have really influenced me.

Q. If you are given a chance to write a song to or collaborate with, which musician would it be and why?
A. Great question!I would collaborate with Justin Timberlake! He is probably my all time fav male artist! His music and voice is amazing! I hope to make that dream a reality soon.

Q. As an artist you must have some kind of anecdote that is worth telling, would you mind sharing one with us?
A. In high school I was in a badn and we had a performace and while on stage I forgot the song lyrics (we sang covers) so I sang the same line 4 times!!! I was so embarrassed! I think to this day forgetting lyrics is my biggest musical fear!

Q. If anyone from the Twilight Cast would like to pursue a music career, what kind of advice will you tell him/her? Would you be his/her advisor to guide them through?

A. I would tell them to write music that is real and vulnerable. Music that the fans can relate to and fall in love with. Yes, I would be their advisor if they asked!

Q. You write so many beautiful songs, where do you get your inspiration from?

A. My inspiration always starts with real life experience and then turns into a song that works with the Twilight Saga. I cannot write music related to Twilight unless I can personally relate to it.

Q. Would you want to write a song for Breaking Dawn?
A. Yes If Summit asked me too. However, many people think that " The Smell of Your Skin" is perfect for the Isle Esme scene.

Q. If you were given the opportunity to have dinner with one of the Twilight Saga Cast, who would it be?
A. Well I had the opportunity to have drinks (water for me) with Mike Welch and Justin Chon and that was amazing! They are both wonderful genuine people! So, other than that I would say Kristen. I think she is fascinating! I would love to sing with her. She has a fabulous voice.

Q. You have always love singing but since when you know that it's going to be a career more than just a passion?
A. I started to pursue a music career for the first time when I was 18 in Nashville. I was there for 10 months and had to move home for family reasons. I gave up on my dreams, got married and had a baby. It wasn't until I read Twilight that I felt compelled to write again. I wrote my first song released it and the fans loved it! I then knew I could possibly make a career living in Arizona. Since then things have just taken off.

Q. If music hadn't been your passion and you had decided not to pursue a music career, what would you have done instead?
A. I can't imagine a life without music. That has been my passion since I was 12 months old. So that is hard question for me to answer.

Q. Lately in the Music Business we see more focus on the physical appearance of the performer rather than on the actual talent. How do you feel about that tendency? Do you think it affects performers with actual talent?
A. That aspect of the Industry bothers me so much! I hate that our world is so superficial and some people would rather see a beautiful person on stage with no talent than a person who can sing their butt off but might not be as "perfect"

Q. If you could collaborate with Stephenie Meyer would you take her opinion / suggestion in a song you would write?
A. Yes for sure, I would listen to everything she had to say! I thnk she would have great ideas!

Q. We know your cause (and support it) to enter Twilight Saga's Soundtrack. Next movie is Eclipse. What would be your reaction if you were part of it?
A. I think the first thing I would do is cry and jump up and down! Then, I would call all my friends and family, then If I was allowed to tell my fans I would

Q. What part of the Twilight Saga Inspired you the most for your songs (apart from Edward's abs)?
A. LOL! I would say it was the Love Story. The pain and sorrow from being in love and confused. That has helped me write songs that I feel everyone can relate too!

Q. These days you have a full schedule. You have been in several Twilight Conventions and met some of the cast but also Chris Weitz. What do you want to share with us about them?
A. The people I met from the cast are so amazing, nice and wonderful! They are very down to earth and humble. Michael Welch in person is much better looking (!) and he is actually pretty shy. You wouldn't guess that if you have seen him dancing on stage with me, but he is pretty timid. At least that is how he was with me.

Justin Chon is energetic and super funny in person! Very much like his charatcter. Chaske Spenser is very warm and chill. He is super nice and down to earth. Edi Gathegi is funny and knows he is a hottie !!!
Gil Birmingham is super genuine, warm, kind hearted and humble! I love Gil!
Some of the other cast I didn't actually get to speak with but I will tell you Peter (Facinelli) is super, giving of his time and so sweet and genuine! He introduced me in Seattle for my concert and it was like 11:30 at night. He was very tired but stayed up to do that! What a nice guy! Chaske was also with him introducing me!

Chris Weitz is amazing! He is so humble, sweet and genuine too! When I told him we wanted him for Breaking Dawn, he told me "Well you have to see New Moon first to make sure you like it." I told him "We have seen enough to know we will love it (from trailers)". He laughed and said "Thank you and that he appreciates the support".

Q. Looking back in your life, do you believe that now you are stronger to succeed your dream?
A. Yes!! When an young artist starts out they think I am going to be famous over night! One person will hear my music and will sign to me! I have learned not to be so naive and realized that you cannot trust everyone in the Entertainment Industry. Also you have to be strong and keep those you trust very close to you.



Ashley Greene on cover of Savvy February 2010

KStew's Fam and the hug on the runway

TwiFans posted these photos along with this:
With the candid pictures of Kristen landing in LA hugging a man everyone started to ask who the guy was. A lot of people said he wasn't her brother and that he was a friend. Other said that the man couldn't be Dana, her adopted older brother, because Dana was still in highschool.

Here we go, I do not know if the person who posted this is accurate or not... but here is her education to us.

Momma Stew:

Poppa Stew:

Bro Stew [Cameron, Older Brother, There are also pics of him with KStew on a boat when she had her pot leaf bikini on]

Bro Stew [Taylor, older, adopted brother]

Bro Stew [Dana, older adopted brother]

Cousin Stew [Miles, though it seems she likely has more cousins than just this one non?]

If I had to choose I'd say Dana.... similar features, the photos here was years ago and I think if he put on a few pounds this could be him non? If not... who? I wonder....

More pics of Kristen hugging mystery man here

For the record, I don't care that she hugged a guy, I'm not tryin to "disprove" Robsten... I am simply curious....

My comment on TwiFans
I don't think people (well I know I wasn't) were assuming because she hugged this guy it meant she didn't love Rob or was banging with dude.... I think (if there are others like me, if not then this is just my opinion for myself) people wondered who he was because he was someone she is close to that no one has seen.... I thought a cousin or brother... maybe a good friend or one of the girls boyfriends - who knows.... yes airport hugging is common... no it doesn't mean they're banging, though when Rob and Kristen hugged, held hands, etc the world assumed they were banging... ha ha...