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Rob & Kristen Commentary on Eclipse dvd

Who has their dvd? Here are some highlights/spoilers from HollywoodCrush oln the Rob/Kristen COmmentary:


Scene: Xavier becomes a vampire
Rob: Xavier would make a wonderful hamburger... He's just dripping with spread.
Kristen: Ew, that's so gross.
Rob: Okay, how do we be serious about this?

Scene: The first meadow kiss
Rob: There's a lot of kissing in this film. I noticed that when I was watching. After a while, it made me a little uncomfortable.

Scene: Bella gets in her truck. Edward is waiting for her.
Bella (in movie): "You scared me."
Rob (in commentary): I was trying to. (low voice) I thought you'd like that. (lower voice) I'm Batman.

Scene: Bella goes to the Wolf Pack house for the first time
Kristen: She's allowed to have other relationships.
Rob (heated): Why? No, she's not allowed to have other
relationships! If I ever saw my girlfriend go around to this bunch of
guys' house with all their little shirt—with all their little bellies
out and their fake tan nipples and their iron-on tattoos...
Kristen: Edward is just a little bit more mature than you.
Rob: Mature?
Kristen: Yep.
Rob: Nah.
Kristen: He can handle it.

Scene: Boo Boo Stewart comes on screen
Rob: (in Yogi Bear voice) Heya Boo Boo!

Scene: An establishing shot of a beautiful lake
Rob: Have you ever gone to like the bottom of a swimming pool and just looked up at the top?
Kristen: Yeah...
Rob: Very scary.
Kristen: I think it's really cool.
Rob: (quietly singing) Doo doo doo doooooo

Scene: I don't remember!
Rob: See, your wig looks really good there.
Kristen: No it does not.
Rob: It looks like Anne Hathaway's hair.

Scene: Carlisle talks to the group about fighting newborns
Rob: Peter also uses his wig as a cereal bowl... He'll sometimes have some, like, Top Ramen in it.

Scene: The tent
Rob: God, he's so brazen. I really don't like Jacob. Look at him with his tattoo. Ugh.
Kristen: Look at him cradling, his little head tucked in there.
Rob: You look like you're milking him.

Scene: The fight
Rob: That's the sequel, Kellan and the wolf. That's going to be a magical relationship in the next one.
Rob (later): My mouth hole looks really black.

Scene: Edward bites Victoria's head off
Rob: Come on, eat it! Mmmm, yummy. Butterscotch.

Scene: The meadow, part two
Rob: God, what is Edward going on about half the time?
Kristen: Does it matter?
Rob: It doesn't matter.

BTS Eclipse DVD Stills

There are more and more BTS Eclipse Pictures surfacing...

Dozens more at TwiFans

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Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart fight over Bella leaving on Jacob's Motor Bike

5 Questions with David Slade

Entertainment Weekly has a new interview with the director of Eclipse in which they ask him 5 burning questions about the Eclipse DVD.

1. Why doesn’t he do a commentary track?
Slade is obviously well-represented in the feature-length making-of documentary and introduces and provides context for deleted and extended scenes, but he’s not on either of the two commentary tracks over the movie — he leaves those to Stephenie Meyer and producer Wyck Godfrey, and Stewart and Robert Pattinson (she’s in Montreal, jealous that he’s in L.A. eating In-N-Out). “It’s a choice I made after doing my first ever and last ever commentary on my first film Hard Candy,” he says. “I did a commentary for that and found it such an unsatisfactory experience, personally, that I vowed never to do it again, because I’m not very good at it. You work for a year-and-a-half, two years, however long it is on a film, and it’s a very personal experience as well as a very public experience. There’s so much catharsis that goes into it, and then you end up sitting in a little room and you reduce what was an intense amount of work down to a crappy, silly little anecdote usually. ‘It was raining that day.’ [Laughs] I just found it to be really disheartening, and, like I say, I’m not really good at it. I didn’t do one for my second film [30 Days of Night] either.”

3. Why don’t we see all the deleted scenes described in the commentaries on the DVD?

Stewart describes the first thing she shot on the movie — a “fairly ridiculous” sequence in which she imagined herself in the fireside flashback as the Quileute elder chief’s third wife, who stabbed and sacrificed herself to distract the vengeful female vampire attacking the village. Meyer and Godfrey describe people laughing when they saw it. Understandable that they would choose not to include it. Ditto the scene Bella imagined after her kiss with Jacob on the mountain. She saw them having grown old together. “There were a lot of issues with prosthetic makeup,” Slade says with a groan, then a laugh. “It gives me a bit of a shiver, as a filmmaker. As an idea, it was wonderful. What happens with a film is it becomes organic and it grows, and it tells you what it wants, and it was screaming loudly, ‘I don’t want that!’ to me.” Another scene described in the commentaries never actually got shot. “Stephenie really wanted to see Edward as a young man again, and we had this vision scripted for a while where Bella and he are together in Victorian times, as a kind of reverie,” Slade says.

5. Why don’t we get a blooper reel on the DVD?

Kristen and Rob talk about how people fell a lot on the fake snow. That, for instance, we would have liked to have seen. “We had a blooper reel, but I think people were pretty potty-mouthed,” Slade says. “I think you can put that down to bad language.”

Read it all at EW

Mandy's Mind - I want certain deleted scenes and if they aren't on there I will riot!

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Reality TV Update December 2

It has been a while since I did this - real life has had me caught up.


I know it is over but I was glad that Jennifer won and not Bristol. I was also glad Brandy went home. I would have liked Kyle to win, but really Jennifer was the best and deserved it.


Last Night's finale was good. I liked them both but was hoping Ann would win, she was the ugly duckling who blossomed...


It's had it's ups and downs for me this season. I was upset Brenda was sent home last elimination, I liked her and the "team" she had going. She was pretty awesome from the get go. I am so sick of Naonka running her mouth constantly. She is a PE Teacher? Where? I was not upset to see her go and Kelly quitting as well? WTF? Good Riddance you wimpy quitters! I would never go on Survivor, I know I couldn't handle it, but these guys wanted to go on, they got on and they QUIT???

Holly often gets on my nerves but she showed she is a class act last night.

As for a fave....

I love Chase but Sash has potential too. Benry is the prettiest boy left in my opinion. I don't know just yet...

Skating with the Stars:

I have not watched, even though I planned on it. Real Life has just been too hectic

The Apprentice:

I had been rooting for the Canadian but was glad to see her go. I really want Lisa to go. She always says things in the boardroom and private interviews but as a group during tasks she is silent. It is ridiculous! I love Brandy and Clint is awesome too. I will be happy to see them in the finale. I liked Steuart also but he was too immature at times.

Hells Kitchen:

Last Night no one went home. At this point (and for a few weeks) I have been thinking Nona should win. I am still clueless how Trev is still there. Russell is just a dink. One of the ladies should win. I really was rooting for Jillian but then she started to get crappy... then she improved again! It was awesome seeing their families!

Reality TV RULES!

First Look at Water for Elephant - Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon

This is very exciting!

[Via TwiFans]

Behind the Scenes - Eclipse DVD Still

THis wasn't int he film, Jacob never got up (which was better I think) but here is the still:


Xaiver Samuel in GQ Australia


GQ: So what’s life been like post Twilight?

XS: It’s been kind of cool actually, I’ve been hanging around in Berlin. I skipped off and did a film over there.

GQ: Was that Anonymous?

XS: Yeah. And I’ve spent a bit more time in LA and New York as well. So I’ve just been kind of enjoying it. We’ve skipped off to all these cities for the publicity for the film.

GQ: Were you caught up in the Twilight madness to the same extent as the main actors have been?

XS: Well, I certainly was not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of those guys were. I played the villain of the film, and they’ve been involved two films prior to that, so I kind of entered at a
point when it was already severely popular. So it’s all been a bit of a
whirlwind really, but a good one.

GQ: Does your girlfriend buy you clothes in the hope that you’ll wear them?

XS: Yeah, sometimes. She’s got a quite good fashion sense.

GQ: What kind of stuff is she into?

XS: I don’t know, it’s kind of a mystery to me, but she seems to mix and match all sorts of things and make it look good and still be herself.

GQ: Do you buy a lot of things when you go shopping?

XS: No, not particularly, it’s sort of just like a shirt here and there. But I’m kind of amazed by all the stuff that I have accumulated accidently.

More of the interview and photos of Xavier after the break!

GQ: What will you be rocking this summer?

XS: I don’t know. I’m not really a shorts kind of guy.

GQ: Do you think you look ridiculous in them?

XS: Yeah, I think I look ridiculous in shorts and I’ve also got these pale pasty legs that haven’t seen the sun in years, so I think it would be unkind to show the world my pasty legs.

GQ: So if it’s not shorts, what is it you love to wear?

XS: It’s always cool to go to those retro secondhand stores, they’ve always got great T-shirts and jeans.

GQ: So does your look vary depending on the seasons?

XS: I pretty much dress the same. I mix and match. I’ll just throw a jacket on when it’s cold. It’s not very complicated.

GQ: Are there any actors that you think are particularly stylish?

XS: I don’t particularly try to emulate anyone’s fashion. I haven’t really paid attention to it. Maybe it’s the people whose fashion sense you don’t notice, they’re probably the people that are doing it right. That sort
of seamless thing, you know?

GQ: Who do you regard as the iconic actors?

XS: Fashionwise or just in general?

GQ: Either.

XS: Philip Seymour Hoffman. I saw him at STC [Sydney Theatre Company] and he had like a Hawaiian shirt on and some shorts and a cap with a pencil in it. I thought, this guy is doing it pretty

GQ: Was he on or off stage?

XS: Ha! It was off stage. He is obviously an amazing performer and someone who I really admire for the kind of boldness and the decisions that he makes [which are] always creative and kind of against what you
usually imagine. And there are a lot of Australian actors I really like as well,
like Tom Wright and Mark Winter. I just saw Animal Kingdom, Ben Mendelsohn’s
amazing in that film, as is Joel Edgerton. They’re kicking arse at the

GQ: What about actors like Marlon Brando?

XS: Yeah, I always look up to those kinds of actors.

GQ: Do you think its sad that Hollywood doesn’t have the glamour it did during its early years?

XS: Yeah, I think that’s sort of what was cool in the ’20s — people getting all decked out whenever they went out. I think that would be a cool era to have lived in. Sadly, it’s sort of gone, but it’s also kind of
coming back, especially somewhere like New York, where you can never be too
dressed up.

GQ: When do you get dressed up? Is it just for film premieres?

XS: Yeah, usually, stuff like that. I don’t know. Sometimes I just feel like throwing a suit on for the hell of it, you know? But I’m probably not gonna wear a suit to the football.

GQ: Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses?

XS: I really like Ray-Bans. I actually own a whole bunch of sunglasses that I have acquired and they’re all very similar — with a classic Ray-Ban feel.

GQ: How many do you have in your collection?

XS: Not a whole bunch. Probably 10 or 20 pairs, something like that. It makes me sound really shallow when I talk about how many sunglasses I’ve got.

GQ: Not at all. Are there any actors that you think have matured really well?

XS: I think Clooney’s doing really well for himself, Matt Damon’s doing pretty good. I’m not kind of going, ‘Jeez, I hope I look like that guy when I’m older,’ but I think they’re doing alright. And Nick Nolte is doing

GQ: What’s your idea of a fashion faux pas?

XS: I don’t know whether there are many. I’m happy for someone to embrace the socks and sandals — I think they should bring it back. I think high-waisted jeans are fine — go for it.

GQ: Have you ever turned up to an event inappropriately dressed?

XS: That happens to me regularly. I go, ‘Oh Jesus, I should have put a shirt on.’ Or I go, ‘Why did I put a shirt on? Everyone else is casual.’ There hasn’t been a complete disaster, thankfully, but I’ll keep you
posted if there is.


Introducing Riley - Eclipse DVD Clip

Kellan Lutz on Jay Leno 11/30/10

Meskada Premiere

Look who else attended?

I am really starting to like them as a couple. I mean Ashley is always photographed dong boring things like shopping or pumping gas and of course on her cell.... now at least there is some boy toy on her arm... he was never photographed so much was he?

And I find him to be kinda "pure" and "innocent" and her... well... not.

But I do think she is kind of boring so together they seem to fit in an unexpected way - wonder how much longer it will last?


Digital Death


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I love Darren Criss of Glee and Harry Potter Musical

This is true - - - He is amazingly talented and sexy!!!

Darren Criss is amazing. He is hot... he is talented... he is awesome!!

Just look at him - - - totally sexy!

And his voice... and his talent... omg... rawr!

Here is "Teenage Dream" on Glee:

and "Hey Soul Sister":

The Christmas Album has him and Chris Colfer singing "Baby it's cold outside" and this video has a mix of clips of Blaine & Kurt.

I didn't even realize that Blaine is Harry Potter.

darren criss harry potter Pictures, Images and Photos

Darren Criss wrote and starred in the youtube famous Harry Potter Musical (Fan Production) It's an online sensation. Here is one clip. It has lyrics written and performed by Darren - omg can I marry him?

It paid off - here is an interview with him on the red carpet for the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Premiere in NYC:

Anyways I just wanted to announce my love for him and tell you to love him too - but I call dibs ;)

Which Twilight Saga Eclipse DVD do you buy?

I am sorry i did not post this sooner, but there are not many choices this time....

We are lucky that it is not nearly as confusing as New Moon's options were.

But I had a bunch of tweets and emails asking for it so here you go....


There is your basic dvd, a dvd & blu-ray combo pack and the special edition.

Some stores may have their own perks to lure you into buy (such as lowered price, discount on other Twi-merch, and so on) but overall there are only a few differences this time around (Phew!)

Different countries will have some different specizls (Like Australia has a 3rd disc option that includes stuff from the press conference held there with Taylor & Kristen)

As Twilight Lexicon posted a few weeks back:

We asked Summit a couple of months ago about this, and they told us that what is offered content-wise will be the same vendor to vendor on comparable products (ie: comparing single-disc to single-disc, two-disc to two-disc). The only thing that may differ are the packaging items. So a given vendor might have a specially stylized box, another one might offer a poster or a tee shirt as a perk, but the actual content on the DVD should remain the same within a given country.

What might happen is when it comes to foreign distributors, they might include some extras like if a press conference or a premiere went on in that country, they may have a few clips of that media event, but the studio driven content is the same. So, you don’t have to buy three different discs from three different manufacturers just to get all the Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Stephenie Meyer, etc extras that you want.

So here is what you should be getting...

2-disc standard edition

2-Disc Special Edition DVD
- 2 Audio Commentaries:
1. Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
2. Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey
- Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes
- Six-Part Making of Documentary (90 minutes)
- Eclipse Photo Gallery
- Jump To… Edward
- Jump To… Jacob
- Music Videos from Metric and Muse

Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

2-Disc Special Edition DVD
- 2 Audio Commentaries (Both dvd and Blu-Ray):
1. Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
2. Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey
- Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes (Blu-Ray Only)
- Six-Part Making of Documentary (standard and PIP mode, Blu-Ray only)
- Photo Gallery (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… Edward (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… Jacob (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… The Love Triangle (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… The Cullens (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… The Wolfpack (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… The Humans (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… Victoria’s Army (Blu-Ray)
- Jump To… Action Sequences (Blu-Ray)
- Music Videos (Blu-Ray)

Here are some specific store highlights:

2-disc standard edition, Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo as above.
-Combo pack including the documentary Destination Forks.
-Midnight release Parties with special gifts

Best Buy:

2-disc standard edition, Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo as above.
-Call local store for details, some are offering discounts on other Twilight dvds or special gifts like Bella's bracelet or dolls.


2-disc standard edition, Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo as above.
-special exclusive packaging
-six photo-cards

Then there are international versions but I will jsut include those casess and if you need specifics you can ask me or call your local stores.

This French Version is pretty awesome:

Special edition has special packaging and bonus bag and ring.
Le CD de la musique originale du film composée par Howard Shore
L’édition collector 2 DVD (film + bonus)
Un 3ème DVD avec plus de 2 heures de bonus inédits
o Entretien exclusif avec la scénariste Melissa Rosenberg

o Entretien exclusif avec les acteurs Alex Meraz, Michael Welch et Daniel Cudmore

o Scènes coupées et étendues commentées par David Slade

o Toutes les scènes d’Edward

o Toutes les scènes de Jacob

Un sac bandoulière “Twilight 3 : Hésitation”
La réplique officielle de la bague de fiançailles qu’Edward offre à Bella

[Source & Source]

Sparkly Monster

I love funny Twilight Comics...

[ Blastedgoose on devianart ]

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Eclipse DVD BTS Video - Facebook

Twilight Facebook posts a new Behind the Scenes Eclipse Video from the dvd coming out this week!!!!

It's so awesome to watch - I love the behind the scenes stuff because I remember them being here and the locations and - it's awesome!

See the video here

Some Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey Commentary from Eclipse dvd

Some people in Australia apparently got their pre-ordered Eclipse dvd's already and they have posted some of the fun nbitsw from Wyck and Steph's commentary...

Stephenie Meyer/ Wyck Godfrey Producer Commentary

OK I know many expected this to be pretty boring, but these 2 are actually funny and interesting, though not as entertaining as Rob/Kristen. They
did it before the premiere, so they wonder at the audience’s reaction to
certain scenes. If you can’t be bothered watching it yourselves, here
are the best parts:

• Supposedly a drunk friend was recording Xavier in his video audition he sent in.

• The title art was initially different. SM: It was boring.

• They chat about Bella having a voiceover at the start of every movie.
Wyck suggests Kristen’s voiceover for BD will simply be “I’m pregnant”.

• SM describes the wig being a “diva”. i.e. requiring attention

• They joke about how Charlie is always drinking beer describing him as
being the most alcoholic cop in movie history. SM describes him as the
unsung hero of the Twilight series. Everyone loves Charlie. Then Wyck
says he’s a “sung hero”. People have actually written songs about him so
lookout on the next soundtrack.

• SM: Kristen’s skin is beautiful.

• They talk about fighting over the music. SM wanted Florence and the Machine song in the Beck and Bat for Lashes scene.

• SM likes Jasper’s hair despite it changing every movie. She thinks they finally got it right.

• They love Sarah Clarke. SM concludes Charlie and Renee are getting married again.

• In the Bella riding off on Jacob’s motorbike scene they laugh about the windshield wipers on Edward’s car stopping right in front of Rob’s face
all the time.

• Imprinting: They decided the Claire/Quil story will be held until BD

• They call the wolfpack nudists running around in “jorts”

• A few people on set replicated the “spider monkey” scene in the Cullen house soundstage.

• The tribal story scene was the worst scene to shoot besides the baseball scene in Twilight.

Mandy's Mind - I recall this night, it was a Friday I believe and it was POURING rain.... a bunch of people I know went to set ALL NIGHT, in the rain... I stayed home, despite it being just down the street from me... brrrr.... the entire wolfpack came out multiple times for fans though!

• Kristen as the 3rd wife made the test audience laugh-unintentionally funny so they cut it.

Mandy's Mind - We knew they filmed this and wondered why it wasn't in the film! I guess they didn't want another unintentionally funny moment like New Moon Alice's vision of Bella & Edward frolicking ha ha

• SM talking about the books of the Twilight Saga: “Chris really gets the rough end of the stick. He got the weird one” LOL

• Like me, SM also loves the sound of Bella’s hand crunching Jake’s face.

• All the producers practiced the Jacob/Bella kiss.

• SM walked out of Wyck’s trailer upset after seeing Angryward scene. She
knew Jacob’s arm would be ripped off if Eddie ever tried to grab him by
the shoulder.

• SM/Wyck call Emmett and Rosalie jerks for not coming to the graduation of their siblings.

Mandy's Mind - I wonder if there was another reason they weren't there?

• Wyck wanted Jacob to come into the graduation party scene as wolves to make a more dramatic entrance, or wearing jorts.

• Like Rob, Wyck also jokes that Alice looks drunk walking down the stairs before the flashback.

• Wycke to SM: “ you’re a logic nazi!”

• SM: Talking about changing the style of the wolves between NM and
Eclipse: “It’s just like the hair. Next time the wolves will be

• Jacob wolf looking arthritic as he walks away from Bella

• Wyck doing a Tenessee accent (its terribly funny)

• Like Rob, SM also commenting about Jasper’s “They’re verr come in the south”

• SM on the kid Jasper killed in the flashback: “That kid was nice, it
was sad when we had to kill him. We should have picked some child actor
who nobody liked”

Mandy's Mind - Some extra's from that flashback have tried to create a name for themselves based on that LOL Like this guy ha.

• Talking about having a hot Rod party. SM : “the thing about wyck is, he lies a lot, and you can’t tell when he’s
lying or not.” Wyck: “Can we put Andy Samberg in BD?”

• SM has heard “imprint” and “battle” too many times, she no longer likes those words

• SM was there for the leg hitch scene (there may be hope for the BD sex scene to be hot?)

Mandy's Mind - Yes, I have been told by those who know Steph that as much as we fear SM will cock block she is actually "not a prude" PHEW!

• SM: “Kristen’s really authentic and vulnerable. “

• Kristen running down to talk to SM wondering if she could do anything else during the leg hitch scene.

• Proposal scene: Rob keeps the ring under the bed. The first time they forgot about giving him the ring.

• Leg hitch: They knew it was a fandom request

• Wyck talking about Bella trying to seduce Edward: “I thought she could
have had him.” SM: “If only she had you there to advice her wyck.”

• They were almost going to flashback to Edward courting Bella back in
the olden days in black/white. Would have been unintentionally funny.

Mandy's Mind - yes but so worth the laughs ha

• In proposal scene Rob stressed out a lot. In the end the scene looked effortless

• Scene where Riley/Victoria kiss. Wyck: “He bites her lip!” SM: “ooh yeh I think you would lose a bit of lip there.”

• Korts=khaki shorts, Wyck plans to make a new line. SM will make a swing dance commercial for them.

• Taylor dropped Kristen going up a hill when he had to carry her.

• They all bought parka’s for the mountain top scene. It was hot, they
didn’t need them. They send their thanks to producer Bill Bannerman

Mandy's Mind - ha no comment

• First take of tent scene, Jacob kept his distance not touching her at all. They reshot as SM insisted he be holding her.

• Edward/Jacob bromance is mentioned a few times

• They mention people having to shaking the tent outside to imitate the wind.

• For the tent scene Taylor emptied a trash can (everyone wondered why).
It was for Kristen to make her feel more comfortable because she was
terribly sick that day

Mandy's Mind - awwwnnnnn

• SM and Wyck commenting on Kristen not wearing her big jacket when walking out of the tent in the morning. They
suggest Kristen throwing down the jacket in the scene and saying “you
knew he was listening. i hate that coat!!”

• Jacob/Bella kissing scene: 2 different filming locations. SM added the last little kiss
between J/B. SM: This required more demonstrative kissing “everyone was
kissing everyone!”

• THEY FILMED JACOB/BELLA GETTING OLD TOGETHER. They had a grey bella wig and everything. But everybody laughed so they cut it out.

Mandy's Mind - this is the scene I was most waiting for since I knew it was filmed - I even talked to Summit rep (R) at Fan Site Screening in L.A. in June and he said it should be on the dvd as did David Slade during the junket soooo - - - it better be on my dvd damnit!!!

• OK i don’t get this. SM: “At least they cut the part where they then continued the hunt and they
leaped over a log and now Bella is being played by a very muscular stunt
man i believe. Also now bella is ripped. It was a very interesting
aspect of her vampire transformation.” NO IDEA.

• They had a nickname for a newborn whose make up stood out: The “neon newborn”

• SM: “Esme kicks butt. A lot of creative ways to kill people.”

• SM mythology issues. She believes it looks too easy to kill a vamp. They should have to work more to do it.

• There was a Bree/Esme scene that was cut. Its not on the DVD.

• SM “bryce’s face kills me” “crazy beautiful its unreal”

• SM: “Xaviers face is so noble.”

• Wyck: (joking about Xavier)We really did take his arm off for this shot. Method acting

• Edward trying to get Victoria to attack him and not run away. Wycke:
“Turn him into “ass” SM: “Oh wycke. These movies would be really
different if you were writing them. They would be funny!”

• SM about Bella/Edward running from Victoria: “Hide behind the tree, that would fool her!”

• Wyck: “Kristen should do an all out action film. She’s really really
athletic.” SM: “Oh she so should. I loved watching her run in
New Moon, in Italy”. Wyck: “Really?” SM: “yeh she looks so good”

• They sped up the speed of blood running down Bella’s arm

• There were shots of Riley’s disbelief as Victoria ignored his screaming that were cut out.

• SM on Edward: “i learnt this one in Italy!” as he bites off Victoria’s head.

• SM (funny voice): “Theres Leah. Screwing things up again!”

• W: “There was a shot where a wolf phased into naked Jacob, Ultimately too nudie.”

• SM: “I am always jealous of Jane’s outfits.”

• Rob/Kris kept laughing off camera trying to get Dakota to laugh when she was in character as Jane. They succeeded.

• SM went around saying “Pity” a lot after seeing the movie. (imitating Jane)

• Bree falls to the ground screaming. SM: “She’s so cute.”

• SM talks about auditions for Bree: 250 people screaming. Many of them badly. It was a painful experience.

• SM on Bella talking to Jacob when he’s sick: “Everyones listening. And they all want to beat you when you come back out.”

• They say the Jacob/Bella scene at the end is a great scene!

• Then they complain about sheens of sweat, pillow sweat etc.

• Then they start joking about bad medical props. Wyck: Carlisle is to medicine like Charlie is to the police force. LOL

• Wycke: Kristen’s fantastic again.

• There was song before metric that was supposed to be in the final scene
that they got attached to. It was already released. They don’t say what
song it was.

• They talk about the score which was made in England. SM: “Maybe we should film Isle Esme in England. Because its
very tropical and warm!”

• SM on Bella’s final speech: “It feels like she’s made progression. She understands herself a little bit more.”

• Wyck on Edward giving Bella the ring at the end: “You missed the fight where she threw it at him. Oh yeh good offscreen!”

• Wyck had a fantastic idea for Bella when Edward wouldn’t let her see
Jacob.SM: “She storms upstairs. Theres a Picture of Joan Jett stuck by
her mirror. She nods to herself and pulls out the scissors”. W: She
looks in the mirror at herself and cuts her hair! Like joan jett. SM:
Then we would be done! W: Then entire movie with hair like joan jett.
That would have been fun. SM: No one ever listens to you Wyck.

• Wyck: “There are a few people we would like to thank....” SM thanks the
Craft services, they’re like set mums. They make grilled cheese
sandwhiches like no other.

• Then they get serious and thank the director, assistants etc.

I can't wait for the dvd extra's but I really hope those deleted scenes are included or I will riot !!!

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Back in Business

Well, I am back from a wild and crazy - busy weekend....

What have I missed? A few things here and there, but in case you ,issed them also, I promise to post all the news and fun stuff tonight...

My weekend was insane, if you care to hear about it - Click More...

Wednesday I took my kiddo to Disney on Ice - Fantastic Show! Anyone else in Vancouver check it out? If it comes to your city, I highly recommend it!

Thursday kiddo was feeling sick (too much junk food at Disney on Ice? Nervous for performance?) but she went to school and performed in CATS and she did fabulous - we are so proud of her!

Thern we hopped in our car, despite the heavy snowfall, and drove down to Seattle. My husband was a trooper handling the unplowed roads like a pro.

We got into Seattle a bit late to start turkey but hung out with family and enjoyed the evening until about 11pm when my hubby and I went to Black Friday Shopping! We got a ton of stuff and our lil girl will be slightly spoiled this year, but she deserves it!

Friday we were lazy and then we did our turkey dinner with family and watched the Criminal Minds marathon.

Saturday we went to Seattle Science Centre for Harry potter Exhibiton but also the butterfly habitat, the regular science exhibits and all sorts of fun stuff. After we went to dinner and the arcade with some friends and their kids.

We got home pretty late and were so tired!

Sunday was another busy day, my hubby and I went to the Seattle Seahawks game and after some tailgating enjoyed the game, even though we lost to Kansas City Chiefs.

We had such amazing seats, seriously we were practically on the field, it was so amazing!

Sunday evening we packed up and drove home.

I don't know how I am even at work today, I am so tired after that busy weekend... and after today's regular day I have a 2 meetings tonight so I will have worked 8-8 (with some breaks in between for lunch and drive to meetings)


That being said, I will try to update tonight but by tomorrow morning you can expect updates on everything i missed as well as some local Breaking Dawn news ;)

Check Back tomorrow - and thanks for your patience!

- Mandy

Billy Burke in Baton Rouge

I love that this is at KONA GRILL in Baton Rouge where I went through while visiting in October. Man, oh, Man, I was in all the right places, just a few weeks to soon eh?


Video: Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD Deleted and Extended Scenes

12 minutes of happy...

Deleted Scenes
'It's not life or death' - Bella and Angela
'I can't wait to see what you're going to do next' - Charlie and Bella

Extended Scenes
'Just keep the window closed' - Edward and Bella
'From now on I'm Switzerland' - Edward, Bella, and Jacob
'Someone's creating an army' - Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett'
'Bella, I envy you' - Bella and Rosalie
'What did I say about a low profile' - Riley and the newborns
'Jacob's thoughts are pretty loud' - Edward and Bella

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jackson Rathbone to star and produce 'Aim High'

Warner Premiere and Dolphin Entertainment today announced casting for their forthcoming multi-platform teen action series Aim High. Jackson Rathbone, best known for his role as the scarred vampire “Jasper Hale” in the Twilight movie series, stars as teenage government operative “Nick Green.” He is joined by Aimee Teegarden, known to loyal Friday Night Lights fans as “Julie Taylor,” who stars as Nick’s charming love interest “Amanda Miles.”

“We’re thrilled to have Jackson and Aimee on board,” said Producer McG. “They’re incredibly talented, collaborative individuals with undeniable screen presence.”

Aim High also stars Rebecca Mader (Lost) as Nick’s sultry science teacher “Ms. Walker,” Johnny Pemberton (Megadrive) as the well connected best friend “Marcus,” Clancy Brown (Highlander) as Russian mercenary “Boris the Bear,” Jonathan McDaniel (That’s So Raven) as Amanda’s jealous boyfriend and swim team captain “Derek Long,” and Greg Germann (Ally McBeal) as the protective “Vice Principal Ockenhocker.”

About Aim High
Aim High is the story of a young man leading a double life – juggling his studies by day and serving as a government agent by night. This series chronicles the life of Nick Green, a junior who’s just starting a new school year as one of the country’s 64 highly trained teenage operatives.

When he’s not handling international spies, Nick is dreaming of Amanda Miles, the most popular girl in school who’s cool, intelligent and very alluring. Amanda mercilessly flirts with Nick, but before he can enjoy her advances he has to avoid Derek – her overly protective boyfriend who threatens him for even looking at her.

Aim High, a Warner Premiere and Dolphin Entertainment series, comes from Director/ Producer McG (Chuck / Charlie’s Angels), Wonderland Sound and Vision, and production services are being provided by Bandito Brothers. Peter Murrieta, who served as Executive Producer for the mega-hit Wizards of Waverly Place is Executive Producer. Mary Viola, Andy Shapiro, Jackson Rathbone, Bill O’Dowd, Jim Henrie and Philip von Alvensleben also serve as Executive Producers. The series is written and created by Heath Corson (Living with Abandon / Scary Godmother) and Richie Keen (Living with Abandon) who also serve as Executive Producers, directed by Thor Freudenthal (Hotel for Dogs/ Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and produced by Lance Sloane (Yucatan) and McG.

Full Cast for Aim High:

Jackson Rathbone …………………………..Nick Green
Aimee Teegarden……………………………Amanda Miles
Rebecca Mader………………………………Ms. Walker
Johnny Pemberton……………………………Marcus Anderson
Clancy Brown………………………………..Boris
Jonathan McDaniel…………………………..Derek Long
Greg Germann……………………………….Vice Principal Ockenhocker
Matthew Moy………………………………..Scotty Winelin
Natalie Lander……………………………….Marcy
Michele Glavan………………………………Trish
Chris Wylde…..………………………………Terry
Nick Swardson..………………………………Deuce
Deena Freeman………………………………Mrs. Green
Dakota O’Neil……………………………….Natalia Fender
Fred Cross……………………………………Mr. Anderson
Zita Vass……………………………………..Allison Morton
Stephanie McVay…………………………….Ms. Tudball
Kevin Brief……………………………………Security Guard
Curtiss Frisle………………………………….Friend
Massi Furlan….………………………………Joey
Hans Marrero…………………………………Tony
Michael Dibacco………………………………Sal a.k.a. Scottie
Anthony Lewis Vitale…………………………Vince
Omid Zader……………………………………Goombah#1
Ray Corasani….………………………………Goombah#2
Jonathan Avigdori…………………………….Goombah#3

To keep up to date on the latest developments with Aim High, follow Warner Bros. Digital Distribution on Twitter @WBDigitalDist.

[Via Twilight Lexicon]

"Someone's Creating an Army" Extended Scene from Eclipse DVD

DVD Extras from Eclipse