Friday, July 20, 2012

Bachelorette Finale this Sunday - spoilers under the cut

Finally watched "The Men Tell All" episode from last week while I was at COmic-Con... wow!

Nothing totally shocking, I mean it is pretty much the same formula every season isn't it?

It was really hard to see Sean. In my dream scenario, Emily chooses Sean. Maybe with this "live finale" surprise, she changes her mind and takes Sean...?? I wish...

According to Reality Steve (as of July 3) Emily chose someone and they are engaged - still. But according to ABC there were some "unresolved feelings" after the show that will be addressed at the live finale... hmmm.... the rest of what I have to say is spoilery so only read if you want to be spoiled with the results and rumours around the twists....


I have never liked Arie... ok I lie. I loved him until I learned about his background (dating a producer, friends with Chris Harrison, likely coached by producers throughout show, kind of a player/dbag back at home)

But he is cute.

Luckily, according to reality Steve, he doesn't propose (Emily may stop him before he does, or maybe he just doesn't I don't know....) but emily is now engaged to Jef after teh show and and still.

Now this "live show" unresolved issues thing may be an Arie/Emily thing, but you have to know I am praying it is a Sean/Emily thing because I think they are THE most perfect couple... of course, I'd love even more to see Sean as the next Bachelor - but we have to endure Roberto for that role apparently - gah!!!

Anyways - if nothing has changed, Emily and Jef are engaged and happy but there was a little something since Curaco/finale taping that will be addressed on live finale.

So what do you think?

#BB14 Spoilers

HOLY DRAMA... some one is kicked off the show... Coaches Comp. (Do they save or trade a player?) who is nominated?


Apparently Dan and Boogie threw the competition and Janelle won. She chose to save Ashley this week and not do a trade. She also chose to put Brit's team as HAVE NOTS.

The feeds went down as soon as shit hit the fan but here is what went down:

After Willie already said no one would send him out the door, it seems he did excatly what he needed to in order to go home...

He got mad at Janelle for putting him as a have not, he threw pork rinds at Janie and called her names, then he and Joe had it out and there was some head butts and such.

Needless to say he went to DR and then was expelled from show.

also I believe JoJo and Shane are up / nominated...

Going to be a good week but not sure how it will play out with so few players left now.. obviously coaches will join or they will bring player(s) back.

MasterChef Top 8 and Top 7 Episode recaps

I am catching up on my shows after being away... Here is two in one Masterchef recap.... Top 8 and Top 7 up next...


Task - They are in the desert, the judges arrive on horseback.

Frank (Red) - Becky, Josh, Felix.

Monti (Blue) - Stacey, David, Christine.

Then Chef Ramsay had Monti and Frank swap teams... they were not happy.

So now Monti is Red with Becky, Josh, Felix while Frank is blue with Stacvey, David, Christine.

They have 90 minutes to prepare meals for 101 cowboys - first team to 51 points wins.

Monti and Red team discuss - Rib Eye Steak with mashed sweet potatoes and spicy green beans. Some fear peeling and mashing will be too time consuming. Despite team disagreements, they move forward with Monti's idea.

Frank is accepting teams ideas and they decide with NY Strip with garlic mash, corn on the cobb and Stacey's BBQ sweet, smokey, hot sauce.

16 oz delicious steaks ready to go. Red team is doing the dry rub while Frank takes control on blue and is pre-searing steaks. Monti assigns Becky to man the grill while she cuts veggies a point judges realize.

Christine is grilling corn, but the husks catch fire and her team mates aren't much help... I mean, she is blind... an amazing cook, but needs a little help with some things obviously.

Meanwhile red team has overcooked some steaks, they only get 105 to serve 101 so Monti is in a prediciment. Yet blue team is stacking steaks causing juices to leak and cooking to continue.

101 cowboys and cowgirls eat and rate the meals.

5 minutes into service red team is out of sweet potatoe mash.

Meanwhile blue is serving overcooked steaks.

In the end it is 36-51 with blue winning.

Back in kitchen it is pressure test and the Blue team is told to go into the wine room and pick one name to NOT participate in pressure test.

Monti says she is cooking regardless, she suggests Felix. Josh disagrees and says he did everything. Becky agrees everyone did everything. So Josh wants him, Becky wants her, Felix agrees with Monti that she (Felix) should be, in the end, no one can decide.

back in the kitchen cheg asks the chef to step forward, after hesitation, Felix steps forward, much to Becky and Josh's annoyance.

The test:

6 eggs, they must make one perfect of each egg: sunny side fried egg, soft boiled egg, poached egg, a 3 egg omlette. That means NO ROOM for error!!!

Josh, Becky, Monti head to their station ready to go. Monti calls eggs "big time bitches" needing to be timed to the second. She is right!

It;s an intense few minutes as they all cook and judges ask which egg they are most worried about, I am not a good cook and eggs even stress me out. My husband does most of the cooking - thankfully ;)

In the end, none of them do entirely well.... but Monti is safe first and then between Josh and Becky it is Josh that is sent home.

**Top 7 Compete**

Paula Dean arrives to do mystery box: A whole chicken, green tomatoes, collard greens, grits, blackberries, hot sauce, pepper jelly, bacon, cream cheese, and spices.

She wants them to put some "south in their mouth"

She also had letters and photos for each the homechefs from their families.

Time starts ticking and they are cooking like mad. In only 60 minutes it is interesting to see what they decide to try and make.


Three to taste:

-Becky - Oven Roasted Chicken with fried green tomatoes, biscuits and gravy with fried okra. - Paula loved it. The judges complimented her also.

-Frank - Chicken Roulade, pepper shutney and spicey potatoes. - Paula loves that he chose the dark meat which has most of the falvour, she thinks it is delicious but starts to choke after from spices. The judges compliment his technique.

-David - Pan Roasted Chicken with red pepper grits and shoestring onions. - Judges enjoy its flavour and Paula gives Ramsay crap for calling grits bland (he said David took a usually bland food and made it tastey ha ha) I agree, I hate grits, husband and kiddo love them though!

Winner of Mystery Box Challenge:

His advantage in next competition: He doesn't choose food, the judges have chosen Japanese food. (Sushi Platter) Frank's advantage is that he has immunity AND choose the pairs. (Yes, they will work in pairs for this competition)

They must make an exact replica - California roll, tuna sushi, yellow sushi, and many others....

One member of the losing team will be sent home. The pairs are:

-Becky & David

-Felix & Monti

-Christine & Stacey

60 minutes begins... however, the pair must not cook at same time and will switchw hen judges yell switch.

The pairs seem to communicate well at first, they need to tell each other what to do. David and Becky struggle the most, especially when Becky comes in and re does half of David's work.

In the end Christine and Stacey had the worst dish and Stavey goes home.

My Comic-Con Journal: Thursday

If you missed my Tuesday & Wednesday Comic-Con Journal READ HERE

Thursday we were up bright and early to prepare for Breaking Dawn Part 1 panel. We packed everything up and they condensed the line at about 8am. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as we all moved in closer together awaiting entry into the giant Hall H.

There was a lot of media there, as there had been over the past day or two and I did a few interviews wearing my giant shades in hopes of not being easily identified by co-workers back home, ha ha!

When it was time to move, we were reminded to walk slowly, not run and let me tell you, I have never walked so quickly. We got fairly close to the front, the whole weekend is a blur, but I seem to think row7 or so... regardless, it was my first time in Hall H and I was thrilled with my seats.

We had our 3D glasses and got to watch some trailers of upcoming movies.

The rules of Hall H are that you can not take photos or video tape footage on screens. So trailers, clips, etc are not supposed to be taped. I know some people do anyways, but security seemed pretty on top of this and I didn't risk trying to capture any of the clips or trailers.

The Breaking Dawn Panel was pretty awesome. Paul McDonald, Nikki Reed's husband and American Idol alum was sitting right behind me ;)

**will update on BD2 panel content in different post later today**

The panel itself was great with a huge table of guests:

From the left: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Foy, Stephenie Meyer, Peter Facinelli, Liz Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone.

I have more photos on Facebook (Search and add me: Mandy S Mind) but here is a sample:

The "new vampires" also came out at the end in what was one of the most awkwawrd moments ever... they all were introduced and came out, but then, that was it.. like no questions or anything, the moderater was like.... um... there you have them... LMAO... ah well.. Erik Odom got the largest applause, it was awesome! He is so sweet and deserves it!

after all that excitement I wanted to get to another panel, however, by the time I got there it was completely full (I think Teen Wolf was the one) so I went and joined TJ and Funmbie for Ballroom 20 pilots and panels.

It was pretty awesome we got to see Beauty & the Beast pilot and panel, Elementary pilot and panel and then I stayed for Dexter pilot and panel by myself (which was nice because as a single seat I moved right up front)

here are a few shots from Ballroom 20 that afternoon, more on facebook:

After a very long day a few of us went out for dinner and/or meetups....

That was my crazy Thursday... and with Twilight out of the way, things should have calmed down... but they didn't... us Twigals actually enjoy a lot of other shows and combined with nerd boys and geek girls from all over, the rest of Comic-Con was just as exciting, if not more....

***More Soon**

Tues & Weds Journal here

Big Brother Spoilers...

I have live feeds, so I promise to blog spoilers as often as possible.

If you didn't follow my blog last summer for BB13, I will post show/known Big Brother info here, then any spoilers/un-aired/live feed info below the cut so it is hidden if you don't want to know it.

If you do... click 'MORE' to read more....

First - aired info:

Willie was first HoH and nominated Frank and Kara. Veto was not used. Kara went home... Frank won HoH

Now the un-aired/spoilers:


-Looks like Frank will nominate Willie and Shane or Jojo (as of right now)

-Coaches Comp may happen today, winner can save one of their own players *OR* trade one of their players.

I hope Brit wins and saves Willie. I just want Willie to stick around. He is fun drama.

here are my thoughts on the cast thus far:

-Ashley - stoner? She always seems high, I hope/think it's an act.

-Willie - I love him. I loved Russell too... it's a Hantz thing (minus Brandon ha!)

-Frank - I did like him, not as much now.

-JoJo - She is interesting. I like that she aligned with Willie and Shane.

-Shane - He is kind of dull, but cute. Again, I like Willie so as long as they are teamed together I like him.

-Jenn - I am glad to see a non-Barbie-bimbo casted, I like her uniqueness, not sure on her game play yet.

-Joe - annoying. I don't like him at all.

-Danielle - don't know her well yet, her and Kara were kind of one.

-Ian - I liked, but he is proving to be pretty creepy... still it is endearing.

-Wil - so pretty. I am not entirely sure how I like him yet.


-Brit - still don't like her, but I do hate her less.

-Janelle - still love her

-Boogie - I used to like him, but he is kind of a cocky dbag

-Dan - still love him, but wish he could catcha break.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Comic-Con Journal: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday I left my place early, forgetting only a few items. I was excited for my first ever Comic-Con, but saddened by the news of TwiFanG's passing.

When I arrived at SeaTac airport I learned my flight was fully booked and I had to wait until the next flight three hours later. At least there was free wi-fi ;)

When i finally arrived to Long Beach, my friend Amy (@OhMyCarlisle) picked me up and we were off to San Diego. Once we were arrived and settled at our Hotel (Hard Rock) we went to the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel line up at the Convention Centre. Our other roomies (@Funmbie and @misstejota) were there along with @LuvsmeSumEdward and her sister.

Unfortunately, most fans were asleep or gone to their hotels for the night, but I did pass out pink glow sticks to those who were awake. It was a warm night compared to most I have experienced on camp outs (WFENYC, BD1, THG)

Wednesday, I was up early and back to the hotel after only a couple hours sleep. I showered and we went for some subway breakfast. I had planned to take advantage of the 24 hours subway, but this was the only time I ate there actually.

Back in line, most of my group went to explore, I hung out in the line and walked around to meet friends and fans in other areas of the line. It was so awesome to meet new people, put faces to twitter names and of course, see old friends again!

I have to say one of my most favourite moments of these trips, are the time I get to spend with my girlies! I never feel like I have enough time to do so.

Preview night meant getting checked in. Everyone got a giant swags bag, I got the Big Bang Theory, which was the one I wanted. I had planned to go to see the pilots preview night, but instead explored the GIANT exhibit floor. This things was so big, I mean, I knew it would be huge, but it was even larger than i ever imagined.

Here is me with my swag bag:

We went for some eats with Jen (@TwiredJen) who is very pregnant and adorable. She had made a shirt that said "Lil Nudger" which she wore ;ater that evening for our "surprise guests" in line.

Anyways, we all got in line and Summit reps came to hand out light up necklaces that said Breaking Dawn as well as glow sticks (which I also brought... ah well!) and posters. Soon we saw 30+ people walk by and we got excited. They went to the start of the line and worked their way down the lines. I assumed that with as many people as there were, the cast may split up and each take a line so we would all meet 5 or so cast... I was wrong! Almost all the cast went through and did almost every line... it was amazing and went on for over an hour!!!

I have so many photos of this. I have posted them all on facebook (Search for me: Mandy S Mind) under my comic-con album. All the new vampire covens were there, all the Cullens, Stephenie Meyer, I mean pretty much everyone except Rob, Kristen, Taylor, wolf pack and volturi!!!

Here are a few (don't mind my big red eyes, my contacts were dried out - I ended up in my glasses the rest of the weekend because of this)


Wednesday evening was Breaking Dawn Party at Hard Rock. It was awesome to see them setting up during the day. Our balcony had a great view of FLOAT the rooftop bar where many parties were hosted throughout Comic-Con.

Here is the view during set-up:

While I was not on the guestlist, many of my friends who run fansites were and had a great time. I very much enjoyed their drunk antics when they came back to our room after the party. They had a great time and I was happy for them, especially some of the awesome photos they got.

Some party highlights: Butterfingers everywhere (sponsor), Peter and Liz walking through a fire pit, drunk celebs, new vampires being flirty, great laughs, a photobooth and more.

After a crazy fun long day, it was time for a few short hours sleep before Thursday... Breaking Dawn panel to kick-off my Official comic-Con experience...

More to come!