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Mandy's Post on Official Twilight Convention Vancouver

I have so many posts, pictures and stories to share, I wanted to have one "go-to" post with links to everything.

If you are thinking of attending a Twilight Convention I posted "The Basics" for you to read, hopefully it helps.

The whole weekend was hosted by Hillywood which was awesome fun!

Friday Summary.

-Bronson Pelletier's Q&A Session.
-Kiowa Gordon's Q&A Session.
-Friday Night Karaoke.

Saturday Summary

-Bronson Pelletier & Kiowa Gordon's Q&A Session together. *COMING SOON*
-Jodelle Ferland's Q&A Session.
-Cameron Bright's Q&A Session.
-Daniel Cudmore's Q&A Session.
-Volturi Vampire Ball.

Sunday Summary

-Catherine Hardwicke Private Interview.
-Sunday Brunch.
-Catherine Hardwicke's Q&A Session.
-Peter Facinelli's Q&A Session.
-Cameron Bright's Q&A Session.


-Interview with Creation's co-founder Gary Berman.
-Interview & Q&A Session with New Moon & Eclipse Make-up Artist Leslie Graham. *COMING SOON*
-Fan Photos *COMING SOON*

Overall I had a fantastic weekend.

I was able to more thoroughly enjoy the entire weekend than when I just went a couple days to The Official Twilight Convention in Seattle.

Additionally, it was nice seeing so many local fans who I talk to on twitter and email.

Next up is the L.A. Twilight Convention which will be extra special as it has appearandes from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and many more cast members from Twilight Saga Eclipse.

I have already started to plan my trip out there and look forward to meeting many more fans who attend also.

Creation's Official Twilight Convention Vancouver - Interview with Gary Berman

Gary Berman was only a teenager in NY when he and his friend Adam Malin, both sci-fi fans, decided to do fan conventions.

While in Vancouver, Gary Berman took time from his busy weekend to sit down and chat with me about Creation's Twilight Conventions.

Although there are a lot of fan conventions world-wide for a number of genres, Creation is celebrating it's 40th year of fan conventions.

What makes Creation Conventions stand out amongst the rest?

From my personal experience in attending two conventions so far with a third in June, it is quality, attention to detail and putting fans first. I asked Gary about conventions and why Creation's are so successful. He told me it's a tough job that requires a lot of planning and work, but also financial backing, "You can't rely on just ticket sales to make it work" which unfortunately many company's have tried to do leading to fan disappointment if the convention can't deliver what is promises. That is never a problem with Creation's conventions.

Creation started doing Twilight Convention's after years of experience in other franchises such as Star Trek, Stargate and Supernatural. Recently, Creation partnered up with Summit to become the "Official Twilight Convention."

Creation approached Summit about a partnership because they knew how fan friendly the Production Company was and hoped they could work together. Summit agreed making Creation Entertainment the designated partner for Twilight conventions, allowing them to stand out amongst others not only for quality events but official support.

Creation's Conventions allow fans to interact with celebrity talent from their favourite franchises. For Twilight fans, this means getting up close and personal with vampires and wolves asking questions, getting autographs and posing for photos. Each convention features multiple cast members from the Twilight Saga.

And how do they handle talent who are unable to attend last minute? (which was the case in Vancouver)

He says occasionally actors have scheduling conflicts but Creation Entertainment always tries to find a replacement and "do better" to keep the fans happy. He realizes everyone has a favourite cast they want to see so, if someone is unable to make it for whatever reason, they will try to bring in another big name or even 2 guests to replace who ever is unable to attend. "It's about keeping the fans happy" he says, and it shows in way the event is run.

Berman loves Vancouver and says he has had great convention experiences in our city.

For Stargate, the production team has given set visits where the actors greet fans in full costume to do photos.

Vancouver Supernatural conventions [The next one is August 27-29]always bring in more actors because it is filmed locally.

He says Vancouver is such a beautiful city it brings tourists from all over willing to come to a variety of conventions and to enjoy the city as well.

"Twilight Fans," Berman says, "are generous everywhere, here in Vancouver and all over."

I asked about how Twilight Fans compare to other sci-fi fans he has encountered through Creation's Star Trek, Supernatural and other conventions.

He says the enthusiasm is higher, it's often a younger crowd and it's exciting and interactive because often the cast is a similar age to the fans.

What he likes best about Twilight Conventions is that it is "new". After years of working with Star Trek and other franchises, Twilight is something fresh with new fans and new opportunities. Often there are mothers and daughters coming together and they bring a new excitement to the conventions.

After 40 years, it is clear that Creation Entertainment has mastered the art of fan conventions. For Twilight Fans, or fans of any other franchise they work with, a convention through Creation is sure to impress.


Vancouver's Twilight Convention was a huge hit. You can read all about it here.

If you are planning to attend a Creation Twilight Convention read my "Convention Basic's" Post here.

Hope to see you at the Los Angeles Twilight Convention June 11-13, 2010.

For a complete list of upcoming Creation Conventions in all genres Check Here.

Next for Vancouver is the Star Trek Convention June 25-27, 2010.

Catherine Hardwicke at Vancouver Twilight Convention

Perhaps the most controversial in the Twilight series, director of the first Twilight movie, Catherine Hardwicke attended Vancouver's Twilight Convention.

Known for being a little off-the-wall and eccentric, I was really looking forward to seeing her because she was the only celebrity attending I had never met.

I first saw her going up the escalator while at Starbucks and thought how cool it would be to hear her Q&A later that morning.

When I went upstairs I saw Twilight Lexicon's Alphie and chatted with her. She was about to do an interview with Catherine Hardwicke in a room just down the hall and on a whim I asked if I could sit in.

Catherine came out and we all went into the room. It was Alphie & Something Blue from Lexicon, Catherine Hardwicke and me.

The room was pretty bare walled and dull so Catherine suggested doing the interview on the floor since the carpet was so funky.

You could quickly see how creative and unique Catherine was. She joked they could be sitting like they were in the meadow, then decided they could lie down and be filmed from above. Guess who filmed them?

Yup - me!

Here I am standing on a chair in heels, looking down at the three ladies lying there - - - I joked that I would die if I fell on Catherine and they laughed, what a great first impression eh? ha ha!

It was amazing to be "directed" by Catherine Hardwicke!! I joked I would be adding this to my resume ha ha!

After following her direction on where to stand and the angle to use we did a quick test shot and I showed them how it looked. It got Catherine's stamp of approval and so it began.

I won't share any of the details that were discussed but Twilight Lexicon will be posting the interview and I will link to it then. You won't want to miss it - she is such a neat lady to talk to and listen to!

Afterwards I shook her hand again and after she left did a giddy little happy dance.... HOW COOL WAS THAT?!?!

Off to the Q & A - I was sitting in the front and as you know if you follow me on twitter, tweeting all weekend. At one point she joked that when people were uninterested they'd be on their phone texting... I was SO embarrassed but told her I was listening more intently than most (since I was tweeting her practically verbatim) and she smiled - phew!

Anyhow, there were alot of things she discussed, many of her quotes were misinterpreted or used by magazines and bloggers as their own "Private interviews" but I can let you know that simply wasn't the case. Those quotes were in a public setting in front of a theatre of a few hundred people during the Q & A Session.

To my knowledge Twilight Lexicon was the only group to get an interview with Catherine Hardwicke because she was literally only available a few hours at the convention and had very little to no time for anything else while there.

Here is my summary (and often explanation) of Catherine Hardwicke's Q & A Session at Vancouver's Twilight Convention:

- Catherine says the whole cast was great. Kristen is so intense and Rob so wacky. Peter is amazing… She talks about how Peter Facinelli got the job because of a “book” (Peter told the story in more detail during his Q & A also)

- Catherine talks about bringing words in a book to life in a movie. “It’s a visual and musical experience brought to life”

- She asks fans how many times they have seen Twilight in Theatre. Highest is 15. She says there was once a girl who had gone 80 times and she couldn’t believe it.

- She isn’t sure what she would next like to turn book into movie and takes requests from the fans who offer up a number of novels they’d love to see her transform into a movie.

- When asked if she’d change anything about Twilight she says looking back she wishes Summit saw what she saw and had provided a larger budget. She had an underwater scene and more cool tricks for the baseball scene planned originally but the budget wouldn’t allow it.

- Her past work includes 13, Lords of Dogtown, Nativity Story.

- Her current projects include Red Riding Hood and Hamlet.

- Red Riding hood is the idea of Leonardo DiCaprio to make a modern “Little Red Riding hood” but in a gothic, dark way.

- Red Riding Hood will star Amanda Seyfreid, Gary Oldman, Julie Christie, Shiloh Fernandez who a runner up for the role of Edward. She says we will love him.

- They designed the Cullen Crest for Twilight (it’s not in the book) and she is thrilled fans picked up on it and loved it. The lion represents strength and power and it was based on a necklace she owned.

- If she created a superhero it would be an Architect superhero who hates ugly buildings. Catherine’s background of course is in architecture.

- Creating a movie is like painting a picture or a piece of art, you must be alive in every moment, she's an interactive director and tries to bring that to the screen.

- Casting was fun. She basically brought Kristen to her house and told her she was bringing 4 cute guys over to audition, or essentially make-out with. She promised to provide mouthwash and gum for her. She said Rob was the last to audition and got “a bit wild” and “out of control” making out with Kristen in Catherine’s bed (which she still sleeps on but imagines it will sell for a lot on ebay one day ha ha) She said Rob fell off the bed a lot during the audition and during filming for that matter. Afterwards Kristen says “it has to be Rob” and Catherine had to re-watch to be sure but agreed instantly after seeing the play backs. Summit wasn’t sure because Rob came in and he was a bit “chubby” and “messy” and they called Catherine to say “Are you sure you can make this guy look good?” ha ha

- She said that she told Rob “don’t you dare get involved with her, she is a minor” and explained that being involved with an under-aged girl was illegal.

- She shared full size Edward cut-out doll stories with fans.

- To aspiring directors she says start small, get an audience, and go for it. She says she never made money on her first film which took 2 years of her life to make happen, but it opened up opportunities. She recognizes Hillywood for their efforts in making a go at it and doing it all themselves.

- She says she enjoyed doing Lords of Dogtown because it is a fun skateboard movie with tons of cute boys in long hair extensions, Heath Ledger who was so creative & amazing was in it and there were tons of cool angles.

- Heath was a very creative soul, during party scene he really took on his character!

- Catherine relates to Bella's awkward/clumsy demeanor, she thinks everyone can, She told a story about how at school she couldn't turn off water & flooded the school leading to being teased more. She just knows how it is to feel like an odd-ball and believes most people can and therefore relate to Bella’s character.

- She says that Kristen isn’t clumsy she’s actually an athlete (um, Catherine, who are you talking about? Sorry, I see Kristen as being clumsy and awkward as Bella. Maybe not tripping over tree stumps but dropping awards and stumbling over words…. But again, that makes her easier to relate to and lovable. Athlete? This is a surprise to me!)

- Catherine says she loves how actors brought characters to life and uses Anna Kendrick as an example of bringing so much more to Jessica

- A Fan asked if Stephenie Meyer disagreed with anything she wanted to do in Twilight. Catherine said Stephenie had been so busy writing Breaking Dawn and The Host at the time she only came to set about three times but she had certain rules for making the movie (such as you can’t randomly kill a character who isn’t supposed to be killed off) Catherine said Stephenie may have been shocked when she cast Edi Gathegi as Laurent but in the book he is described as having “Olive skin” and Catherine thought “there’s black olives” ha ha

- Catherine talks about auditioning actors and how sometimes people have such outrageous interpretations of roles and she actually bursts out laughing, though she tries not to. By the same token, those outrageous interpretations can bring a role to life or stand out and get you an amazing part.

- Catherine was talking about Kristen’s amazing acting ability and joked “We may hate her because she is with rob, but she does a great job” [I got a lot of angry tweets about this but it could be taken many ways so try not to freak out ok?]

- Catherine talked a lot about the movie 13. This was my favourite part of her discussion because I absolutely loved the movie 13 and have so admiration for Nikki Reed because of it.

- 13 was written in 6 days with Nikki Reed over school break based on Nikki’s life

- Nikki was having issues and Catherine tied to draw out her creative side by taking her surfing, to draw, go to museums, but Nikki wanted to act. There went to acting classes and read books on acting but there were no serious roles for 13 year olds and Nikki simply wasn’t the Disney kid type so they decided to write their own part for her.

- While writing about the distractions and the ebb and flow of teenaged life Catherine witnessed the real roller coaster of emotions that exist at that age. She spoke about how while writing Nikki’s phone would go off (as a distraction) from friends calling and she’d be happy and excited and then the next moment it would go off and she’s be enraged or in tears. They tried to capture that reality in the script.

- She thinks 13 worked because it was specific and reached out to a certain group. She says sometimes if you make a movie that is too general it may not appeal to anyone. 13 was specific and thinks Nikki Reed and her family were so brave to let it happen.

- A question came from a local tabloid writer / paparazzi who had bought a ticket to the conference. She asked about the rumored salary dispute with Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz.

It was high inappropriate to ask Catherine Hardwicke who has nothing to do with the project about that topic, especially at a fan event. What was worse was she mispronounced Kellan’s name.

Catherine was very diplomatic and kind enough to answer a question that has nothing to do with her. She explained that it was probably a complicated issue and often in movies things get messy during negotiations. She talked about how there are many people involved. Of course shortly after the event it was announced that everything was signed and done over the weekend anyways.

My thought is it was simply normal movie negotiations with some leaks to try and push people to settle quickly. I was shocked to hear such an absurd question at a fan convention and even more shocked to learn this lady was upset with people reporting on what was said because it was “her story” – some people never cease to amaze me at how cut-throat and insane they can be….

It was a public Q&A at a FAN convention, I wish they had a more thorough screening process!!!

Overall it was a great Q & A besides the last bit. Sigh

WTTR Trailer Update

I hope it makes the Runaways dvd - that would be awesome!

Eclipse TV SPOT -Destiny

Skateland Trailer

Billy Burke "Removed" Video

From Billy's website:

I’ll start this post by saying this… we here at the bb site have been nothing short of BLOWN AWAY by the overwhelming and sincerely adulatory response we’ve received since launching this project. I personally, want to thank each and every one of you who have put forth SO MANY kind thoughts, compliments and good wishes. From conception to fruition and everywhere after, this is now, and will continue to be a collaborative and interactive effort. I’m gonna do my absolute best to keep you current with everything we’re doing and everything that transpires along this dusty ass little road you’re walking with me.

In that spirit, we managed to throw together a little something while on location in Shreveport, Louisiana. Some of you might know that for the past couple months I was there filming a pretty groovy and I think, pretty bad ass (somewhat adult) 3D action road picture (directed by Patrick Lussier) with Nicolas Cage called “DRIVE ANGRY”. On one of the few days that I had free, I had the good fortune of being visited by my close friend and up and coming filmmaker Devon Gummersall. He and I both thought it might be a sweet opportunity to shoot some unplanned, guerilla style footage for an impromptu video for “REMOVED”. My super-cool wife and best pal Pollyanna Rose agreed to play with us and thus, we set forth on a one day into night excursion to see what we could come up with. As you’ll see we started out on the deserted streets of Shreveport and ended up literally, in the closet of the house we were renting.

Read more HERE.

Last night on his Twitter Billy also announced has something in the works that could win one of his subscribers 2 tickets to the June 24th Eclipse premiere!

Mandy's Mind - His voice = SEXY!!

Kellan Lutz and his Mom do PSA for Breast Cancer awareness

Friday, May 21, 2010

Q&A with Daniel Cudmore at Vancouver Twilight Convention

Q&A with Daniel Cudmore.
Daniel arrived looking sexy in his hat. He truly is so tall and sexy. A friend said he reminded her of Dane Cook in his hat and with all his quirky humour.

Charlie Bewley couldn't make it as scheduled and asked Daniel to tell us he was very sorry. I was sad that Charlie didn't make it, however, I had been tweeting Dan all week asking him to come so I was really thrilled to see him there, especially since he is local!

I remember in Seattle he and Charlie were SO funny together, but I enjoyed him solo as he didn’t have Charlie stealing the spotlight ;) ha ha!

Please understand he jokes a lot so it may not come across reading the words but I assure you in person we were all laughing and having a great time!

Here is a summary of what Dan talked about in Vancouver:

- He has done more movies and films than telelvision.

- His fave place in Vancouver is biking on the sewall, except for walkers in the bike lane

- He originally auditioned for the role of the “biker” Bella meets after the movies. He got a call back that he missed and so when he did go in he still had no idea he was doing a 2nd audition but for a new character, Felix. He did a cold read and the rest is history.

- His fave Twilight book is Eclipse because of the battle scenes. It used to be New Moon because he would read it and say “ooh sweet there I am”

- He loved seeing the fight scenes and the wolves. He joked about if he was a wolf he’s truly be a GIANT wolf

- He doesn’t have a favourite colour. He could say blue but then green would be all “what’s up?” He said rainbow before (It was in Seattle, I recall) and Charlie made fun of him (In Seattle this happened, of course rainbow is the symbol of gay pride, so Charlie pretended to be frisky with Daniel, I posted photos and story here) So now he just says he doesn’t have a favourite colour.

- If he could be a different Volturi it would be Jane. He’s sick of her always picking on everyone and would like to not be a giant vampire who always gets beat up by a girl.

- He said it was really hot in Italy and he feared he would pass out.

- Makeup wasn’t too bad it only took an hour or so but the contacts made it hard to see in your peripherals so he worried he would accidentally really hit Rob and knock him out.

- The stunt guy for Rob in New Moon was actually a friend of Dan’s and he had bruises from being thrown around a lot. He said there was a space just the right size for his head when he threw him down and was thankful he didn’t miss. Dan says they are still friends – phew!

- If he could go back and tell himself something he says he wouldn’t change a thing, then he jokes “maybe a few nights I should have just gone home” He then reconsiders “maybe to eat a bunch of junk food and stunt my growth so I would get more roles” Awwn… he mentioned in Seattle also that his height actually hinders him in acting because he is often told he is “too tall” for a role.

- He says he isn’t noticed too much and usually flies under the radar. Mostly people will just stare with that look like “Where do I know him from?” and if it’s in Vancouver, especially when his hair is grown out, they assume he is a hockey player.

- He won’t share any juicy stories about Charlie Bewley because he says it would only start a war and Charlie would retaliate with juicy stories about him and he doesn’t want that. He does say that Charlie makes him laugh, they get along great and he has a ginormous head, not necessarily in an egotistical way but in the actual size of his melon.

- If he could be a woman for one day he would go to naked yoga (Hey Daniel, you can come as you are, we won’t mind!)

- Any nicknames? “Cuddles” he says, though his brother got it too and he isn’t very cuddly. (It has to be because of their last name Cudmore) He says he used to be a short, chubby kid but then he started growing and didn’t stop. It was like his arms and legs were stretched and he was clumsy like a deer on ice (Awn Bambi)

- A Fan asked about White Spot (a restaurant) and he jokes about their “Triple – O sauce”

- Before acting his fave job was as a “petroleum flow engineer” aka gas attendant. He worked in Squamish which is a party town and he would literally work 3 hours shifts after school then go party at the lake with people he had met coming through on their way to party.

- Upcoming Projects? Indie Film A Night for Dying Tigers directed by Terry Miles. (I looked into this, he plays Dave and co-stars include L-Word’s Jennifer Beals and the original 90210’s “Claire” actress, Kathleen Robertson)

- He loved the cast, he says Dakota is 16 but so much more mature than he is, Sheen is amazing to watch because he is so professional and talented. He said Charlie and him are very close, Cam is cool Jamie is funny and always happy and Chris is a blast. He said the Volturi are like a “cool little family”

- When asked about where to shoot Breaking Dawn he said obviously he loves Vancouver but he doesn’t know or decide those things.

- He grew up in Squamish and went to Howe Sound Secondary. He says there were no sports because noone wanted to come all the way out to their small town for a game, so he took a lot of drama.

- His dream role would be a remake of Spaceballs or a wacky comedy with Jack Black or Will Ferell. He isn’t sure he could do it because everytime Will Ferell looked at him with his beady lil eyes he’d probably crack up laughing. (For the record, Dan is so funny I would LOVE to see him in a comedy!)

- When asked where he shops he says “Not Big & Tall, I don’t wear sweater vests” He says he loves Australian stores because they have stuff that fits him. He wants real jeans not capris but stores in Vancouver look at him crazy when he asks for 36 length or size 14 shoes. (Yes ladies, size 14!)

- He loved the wire work in Eclipse, he was floating around, which was cool but his feet would drag or get caught on everything, meanwhile Dakota would start floating sideways and just keep going so professional despite being spun around the wrong way

- He says Rob is funny and Kristen is a sweetheart, both are very cool and down to earth.

- He had a nice conversation with fans about toxic candy like the ones that make your mouth bleed but you are thinking “yum” (flying saucers) or the giant gobstoppers you used to jam in your mouth and suck on then wrap in tissue which would always lead to picking off bits of tissue before you ate it again, or eating tissue.

- He watched Friends, but he doesn’t own the box set…. So he had to think about his fave “Friends” moment – he chose Ross and the leather pants. It reminded him of his outfit in X-Men, to which a fan asked “wasn’t that spandex?” ha ha “No I don’t look good in spandex, it was leather”
- Dan (sadly) is not single… though he did say “I am not single but I am also not married” ha ha

-He hasn’t done stand-up comedy but would like to – or as he says “maybe sit down comedy” ha ha The crowd thinks he should do I t- he had us laughing the entire time!

Here he is after his dance at the Volturi Ball.

He was so nice at the Volturi Ball posing for photos and chatting with fans

See More from Vancouver's Twilight Convention Here

New Moon Brokeback Forest? ha ha

New New Moon Cover - - -


Eclipse Poster - Wolf Pack

True Blood at the Theatre?

I thought this meant a True Blood Movie, I was wrong but Gossip Cop reports:

Loyal fans of “True Blood” can get a bite before the Season 3 premiere.

HBO will host special midnight events for the vampire series at movie theaters across the country on June 1.

The night includes a screening of the Season 2 finale, an extended sneak preview of Season 3, and a live Q&A session with cast members and creator Alan Ball.

Tickets to the screenings are free, with VIP passes available through a variety of promotions and contests. The show’s official Facebook page gives fans a chance to win passes by “coming out” as a vampire, shapeshifter, werewolf or (ahem) “fangbanger.”

HBO explained the event as a reward to a passionate fan base that turned “True Blood” into a hit last year.

Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse, Stephen Moyer’s Bill Compton, and the rest of the Bon Temps gang return to television on June 13.

Hello?!?! Yes!!! Please!!! Me Me Me!!!

Q&A with Peter Facinelli at Vancouver Twilight Convention

Q&A with Peter Facinelli

Here are notes from the session with Peter. He took Questions that were submitted then worked the entire crowd answering questions going long after his end time much to fans delight. Sorry for my delay in posting but as you can see there was A LOT to summarize.


- Eclipse was almost always in the woods. Fight training took 6 weeks one day with trainer and one day learning fight-choreo. He had his daughter come to choero and push a stunt guy who flew across the room as though she had super power strength.

- Working out became an unspoken competition amongst ast to see who could get in the best shape so Peter would do all his fight training and choreo then go to the gym or yoga until one day he was in the elevator and the doors opened and there was Kellan doing pushups while he waited for the elevator “You win” he said.

- When asked who he looks up to he joked “Kellan Lutz” As a kid he looked up to Paul Newman. He has had a lot of actors who he looked up to over the years but "At some point you stop trying to emulate others & hope to do your own thing & inspire others"

- He told the story of how shy he was as a kid and in highschool he didn’t want to be around people so he would order a pretzel from the pretzel lady every day just to avoid the crowds in the cafeteria line.

- if he could be frozen at one age forever he wasn’t sure “somewhere in my 20s… 30s are good too” he randomly chose 26

- He decided to take off his jacket and then joked he was taking off his shirt too. Fans were excited and loud.

- Who’s the better doctor? Dr Cullen has years more experience than Dr Cooper. He says it is funny his two characters talk to each other on twitter. “don't doc block" but overall he thinks Cullen’s better doctor and Coop would be fun to hang out with.

- He says he would love to have a party with all the characters he has played.

- Most Embarrassing Moment? He has them Daily! Recently while coaching his daughters soccer team a fan asked for autograph & so he asked her to wait a moment and then when he sent his team out to play he signed an autograph and chatted. Then he saw his team gather in the field so he ran to join them only to realize it was the wrong team, same coloured uniforms. Oops! He joked the young girls said “Was that Carlisle?”

- Another embarrassing moment was when he was in yoga doing downward dog sweating and wiped his body with a towel and the lady beside him said “um, that is my towel” he felt bad but later during cool down he was laying on a towel and she said “um, that is my towel again” He felt so embarrassed and offered to clean it for him, she said “no I’ll just sell it on ebay” ha ha ha

- Peter talks about how even though Carlisle is a doctor he never seems to be around during the major crisis. A Fan asks where he is, Peter says “Golfing” Dr Cullen misses the dramatic moments, Peter predicts during Breaking Dawn he will come home from golfing and say “WHAT? You chewed out the baby?? I wou;dn’t have done that” ha ha

- Fan asks, “Dr Cullen how do you heal a broken heart?" Awnnnnn Peter says, "only time! But as a vampire you have lots of time" So Cute!

- Peter notices the Jane look-alike in the front row and says “She is giving me the Volturi Stink-Eye” ha ha

What did he whisper to Rob during the Twilight flashback where he turns Edward? The first time: "I'm sorry" then: "be reborn again my son" and the third time: "Rob you’re so sexy" haha Peter thinks they used that take because Rob laughed and in the film it looks like he is about to.

-Peter says if he had to be a werewolf he would be Jacob but it is tough being the best friend who doesn’t get the girl and being in love with a baby gets you jail time in the real world.

-The first celebrity he met was Tori Spelling and he almost dated her. He claims he wasn’t a 90210 fan and he wasn’t trying to date the entire cast. It’s funny he is married to Jennie now and ha almost gone on a date with Tori Spelling.

-He loved doing running and wire work on Eclipse. One scene he said he was on a treadmill running and the treadmill was on a truck moving so it looked really super speed.

-He loved filming the Battle Scenes it was great seeing all their hardwork and training come to life and also to work with second unit which was a different director and crew and felt a bit more relaxed.

-Weirdest Fan Encounter? That morning – he let the fan tell the crowd how (at the brunch) she said “Pull my Finger”

-If he wasn’t an actor he’d work at Blockbuster for the free movie rentals. He loves movies. He considered being a lawyer, “You can’t handle the truth” but realized he liked the drama of a court room. Now he hopes to play a lawyer.

-He has lot’s of RV Stories, a fan suggests he writes a book or movie and tells all of them. He shares a few recent ones with the crowd

-He says he often gets confused with all his travel because family is in L.A. and Nurse Jackie in NYC and Eclipse was in Vancouver and so he had various different hotel room #s and time zones to try and remember and he would get confused. “Where are you going today? “New York!” “You are in New York!” He doesn’t get jet lag because he thinks his jet lag would get jet lag so he just take son whatever time it is where he is regardless. Sometimes he will be early or late for meetings because he has looked at the wrong time zone.

-He uses Skype a lot to talk to family and he would fly home 2 hours to see family from Vancouver because he thought it was the same as a two hour commute to work. Tries to spend every spare moment with his family.

-His “All the single ladies” bet was fun and he is taking requests for the next bet. Someone suggested Naked Bungee Jumping in Naniamo.

-When asked about his fave filming location he says he didn’t know where anything was, but somehow the fans always did – ha ha this made me laugh of course! He says he doesn’t remember set locations, it was like a kidnapping you have to meet at 5am so you wake up at 4:57am and stagger downstairs where you get into a giant white van and driven somewhere in the middle of the forest. He remembers the forests were beautiful and the food and restaurants very good.

-Twilight filming no one really knew them so they went out a lot, Rob would sing open mic and they all just had a great time. New Moon was better but there was paparazzi. Eclipse they couldn’t go anywhere there were so many paparazzi. Peter says he never minds fans, he will put down his fork during dinner to sign an autograph (very kind but I hope his fans let him eat and maybe ask after his meal?) but he doesn’t like the paparazzi who are intrusive and rude.

-During Eclipse they couldn’t go out a lot but Kellan went and bought games and He, Kellan, Ashley and Xavier sat and played the Twilight game. He thought he would win because he is the Twilight-wikipedia but there were a lot of questions about the humans he didn’t know. Ashley won. But he thinks she cheated because Alice can see the future.

-The blonde hair went orange when he did it at home for fun (he likes to change his look a lot) so for Twilight he spent hours in a salon expecting it would look great and he thought it did but it was still kind of orange so they had to do it again.

-He says he isn’t afraid of much growing up in NYC but Portland was scary and he thinks it might be because he had the blonde hair which means he spends a lot of time in the salon and is a sissy. He was walking one day and a guy came up to him “Do I exist?” and then wanted to fight Peter.

-If he could change his name he would want a good strong name like John Harley or Johnny Suave or something. His middle name is Alessandro, He thinks Alessandro Facinelli would only get him Soprano roles.

-Fave Muffin? Choco

-A little girl asked if Rob showers and Peter says he thinks he does shower but goes for the grunge look. Peter guesses it looks like he didn’t take anytime but really it took hours to make his hair look like that.

-As an actor Peter likes to make everything meaningful. In Twilight when he points the bat it’s an homage to Babe Ruth. He likes to think Carlisle came to America when babe Ruth was popular and went to games and met him. He imagines that it’s one of those things where Esme says “enough with the Babe Ruth again” ha ha. Lighting fire to the bowl in New Moon after sweing up Bella was important, not just to look flashy. The scarf he thought may hide previous bites and be a symbol. He takes it off in Eclipse and they decided to do it in a meaningful way so he takes it off before he goes to the wolves for the first time and it is to show he is vulnerable. Everything has purpose.

-Pregnant fan in crowd, her friend asks if he can deliver the baby, Peter says “Inn true Carlisle fashion I will be somewhere else, you’ll have to chew it out” ha

-@vivalamelika asked “Does Carlisle have rock hard abs like Edward?” HE grabbed he hand and put it on his tummy she says “YUP!” Ha Ha Ha

-Catherine Hardwicke inspired him to read Twilight, he really wanted to work with her.

-Peter tells the same story Catherine had about how he got the part in Twilight. He was not cast originally, he sent her a book “50 years of vampire making in Hollywood” when he didn’t get the part and wished her luck. When the original Carlisle couldn’t do it, she saw the book and decided to get Peter. He jokes he “bought the part for $20”

-Peter is Team Edward “He’s my son”

-Superpower he would like to have? Flying

-Even when Hillywood was wrapping it up “Two more questions” Peter kept going for dozens more walking through the crowd talking to fans.

-Peter worked the crowd and gave out tons of hugs

-Jennie is an amazing wife and mother

-Peter wrote a part for his wife and he was going to co-star but Jennie said he “wasn’t right for it” ha ha

-Peter’s final thought: Don’t act for fame, do it for the art

** Also Peter attended the Brunch that morning.

Twilight Cupcake posted about her experience at the Convention here.

People Magazine Eclipse Scans

From the People Magazine Eclipse Special via RPL

See More at RPL

Robert Pattinson on Water for Elephants Set

Rob as Jacob is my Fave so far - - - rawr!

These are because the slideshow wasn't working for everyone - and there are a few different ones also :)

[Via RPL]

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Convention in L.A. June 11-3, 2010

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE CONVENTION comes to Los Angeles on June 11-13 headlined by ROB PATTINSON, KRISTEN STEWART and TAYLOR LAUTNER and the cast of the year's most eagerly awaited film. You are invited to join the celebration as the countdown to the film's release of June 30th in theaters throughout North America draws ever closer!

Today, due to popular demand, they opened up sales of tickets for single days of the convention for those that can not make it the full weekend. They are also offering separate tickets to both of the super-cool Friday and Sunday evening Volturi Vampire Balls.

Make your plans to be there for this once in a lifetime weekend!

Mandy's Mind - I will be there! See more at the bottom of this post!

Ticket Options

HERE’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU GO CULLEN CREST (Group A or Group B) at The Official Twilight Saga: Eclipse Convention coming to Los Angeles:

1) Reserved preferred seating for daytime/early evening convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events, all THREE DAYS. The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) FREE in-person non-rushed autographs from four TWILIGHT celebrities in attendance! Awesome and if bought separately, worth a big portion of the entire Cullen Crest Price. The celebrities included in your package for complimentary autographs are (Group A - Saturday Morning) DANIEL CUDMORE, GIL BIRMINGHAM, CHRISTIAN SERRATOS, and TYSON HOUSEMAN. (Group B - Friday Early Evening) JUSTIN CHON, KIOWA GORDON, TINSEL KOREY and MICHAEL WELCH. Celebrity autographs included in this package are non-changeable and non-exchangeable. Celebrities signing are tentative and subject to change.

3) Complimentary hand-signed autographed photo of a TWILIGHT celebrity (our choice) who is not autographing at this convention.

4) FREE ADMISSION to The GALA VOLTURI VAMPIRE BALL held on Friday Night (Group A) or Sunday Night (Group B). PLEASE NOTE: The day of your party is not changeable or exchangeable. These parties have been enormous hits with audiences on the tour and here fans from around the globe congregate in their finest wear to raise the roof! Prizes for best dressed and best dancers! Show off your Twi-creative side by entering our Twilight themed Centerpiece contest. Here’s the perfect way to meet and mingle with fellow fans and there will be special unique appearances by popular Twilight celebrities. Hosted by the amazing Hillywood Show Cast, this party is fine for all ages. Come dressed to kill!

5) YOU ARE FIRST to get autographs for signings included in your package that are done row by row in the MAIN AUDITORIUM.

6) FREE ADMISSION to our special Musical Karaoke Concert (performers include tentatively Michael Welch). This event will not conflict time-wise with your Gala Volturi Vampire Ball. Come to have fun, come to sing, come to hang with fellow fans! Always super-fun! Keep your same great seat for this!

7) CULLEN CREST PRE-REGISTRATION: you get to register FIRST during a special pre-registration block of time. While not a necessity, just a benefit, you can get your credentials early and you are set for the full weekend.

8) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your CULLEN CREST coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don’t have to wait again.

9) Cullen Crest Package Collectible credential admission card for the convention

**Photo Ops must be purchased separately.


1) You get reserved seating for daytime/early evening convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events (behind and to the sides of CULLEN CREST Packages holders), all THREE DAYS. The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) FREE in-person non-rushed autographs from CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL and JUSTINE WACHSBERGER. You will also receive a complimentary hand signed autographed Twilight photo by KIOWA GORDON and one other Twilight celebrity not attending the convention. The in-person autographs and autographed photos are worth a substantial portion of the package.

3) VOLTURI WEEKEND PACKAGE PRE-REGISTRATION: you get to register EARLY during a special pre-registration block of time. While not a necessity, just a benefit, you can get your credentials early and you are set!

4) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your VOLTURI WEEKEND PACKAGE coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don’t have to wait again.

5) Volturi Package Collectible credential admission card for the convention


1) Guaranteed Reserved Seating in rear of theatre daytime/early evening convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events (behind and to the sides of other package holders), all THREE DAYS. The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your WOLF PACK WEEKEND SEATING coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don't have to wait again

3) Wolf Pack Weekend Collectible credential admission card for the convention


FRIDAY $49 (includes reserved seating in the main theatre, where all guests appear, to the rear and sides of our weekend package holders. Also includes admission to the vendors/display areas)

SATURDAY $49 (includes reserved seating in the main theatre, where all guests appear, to the rear and sides of our weekend package holders. Also includes admission to the vendors/display areas)

SUNDAY $49 (includes reserved seating in the main theatre, where all guests appear, to the rear and sides of our weekend package holders. Also includes admission to our vendors/display areas)


All times are tentative and subject to change, please check back the Wednesday prior to the event for final schedule.


Pre-Registration (Cullen Crest Patrons) 11:30 am to 1 pm - Plaza Pavilion Foyer
Pre-Registration (All Patrons) 1 pm to 2 pm - Plaza Pavilion Foyer
Registration/Theatre (Los Angeles Ballroom) Open for all patrons: 2pm to 7pm (autographing will take place after 7pm)
Cullen Crest A Gala Volturi Vampire Ball 8 pm to 10:15 pm (Plaza Pavilion) This event is included on a complimentary basis for Cullen Crest A Patrons. There are limited tickets available for others, details to follow.
Musical Karaoke Concert featuring Michael Welch and others 10:30 pm to ? (complimentary for Cullen Crest A and B patrons, for others general admission tickets will be $20 available at the convention only)


Registration Open for all patrons: 9 am to 6 pm (Plaza Pavilion Foyer)
Autographing: 8:30 am to 11 am (Los Angeles Ballroom)
Vendors (California Showroom) and Theatre (Los Angeles Ballroom) Open for all: 11 am to 8 pm
9:30 pm: Celebrity Concert, separate ticket required for all, information to come (Los Angeles Ballroom)


Registration Open for all patrons: 10:00 am to 6 pm (Plaza Pavilion Foyer)
Vendors (California Showroom) and Theatre (Los Angeles Ballroom) Open for all: 11 am to 6 pm (autographing continues beyond 6 pm, please plan accordingly)
Cullen Crest B Gala Volturi Vampire Ball 8 pm to 10:15 pm (Plaza Pavilion) This event is included on a complimentary basis for Cullen Crest A Patrons. There are limited tickets available for others, details to follow.


Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!

Due to scheduling, Robert will not be available for autographing or photo ops


Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!

Due to scheduling, Kristen will not be available for autographing or photo ops.


Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!

Due to scheduling, Taylor will not be available for autographing or photo ops.


TWILIGHT’s Billy Black
Appearing Saturday


TWILIGHT’s Eric Yorkie
Appearing Friday

NEW MOON’s Emily
Appearing Friday

Mike Newton
Appearing Friday


NEW MOON’s Gianna
Appearing Sunday

NEW MOON’s Quil Ateara
Appearing Saturday


ECLIPSE’s Seth Clearwater
Appearing all three days

The Volturi's Alec
Appearing Sunday


Volturi Leader Marcus
Appearing Sunday


Embry Call
Appearing Friday


Appearing Saturday

Appearing Saturday

Autograph and Photo Op Tickets do not include admission to the convention. In order to receive your photo ops and autographs at the convention you must also be a convention attendee by having an advance admission ticket (bought on-line) or purchasing one at the door.

Gil Birmingham: $20 - Saturday

Justin Chon: $20 - Friday

Tinsel Korey: $20 - Friday

Michael Welch: $20 - Friday

Justine Wachsberger: $20 - Sunday

Tyson Houseman: $20 - Saturday

Booboo Stewart: $20 - all three days

Cameron Bright: $20 - Sunday

Christopher Heyerdahl: $20 - Sunday

Kiowa Gordon: $20 - Friday

Daniel Cudmore: $20 - Saturday

Christian Serratos: $20 - Saturday

Note: all autograph tickets will be $30 at the convention, if still available. Please note that Rob, Kristen and Taylor are not doing autographs at this event.


Gil Birmingham: $35 - Saturday

Justin Chon: $35 - Friday

Tinsel Korey: $35 - Friday

Michael Welch: $35 - Friday

Justine Wachsberger: $35 - Sunday

Tyson Houseman: $35 - Saturday

Booboo Stewart: $35 - all three days

Cameron Bright: $35 - Sunday

Christopher Heyerdahl: $35 - Sunday

Kiowa Gordon: $35 - Friday

Daniel Cudmore: $35 - Saturday

Christian Serratos: $35 - Saturday

"Friday Guests & YOU" Here is a great souvenir of YOU with FOUR of our great Friday guest celebrities: Justin Chon, Tinsel Korey, Michael Welch and Kiowa Gordon all surrounding YOU! Awesome! Limited availability: $89

"Saturday Guests & YOU" A beautiful photo of YOU with four of our wonderful Twilight celebrities: Daniel Cudmore, Christian Serratos, Tyson Houseman and Gil Birmingham! An unbelievable souvenir available in limited supply: $89

"Sunday Guests & YOU" A photo of YOU with Cameron Bright, Christopher Heyerdahl and Justine Wachsberger! Limited availability: $79

"Hillywood Show Cast and YOU!" (Saturday)
Here's your chance to get a professional photo with the amazing cast! $30

Note: all single celebrity photo op tickets will be $45 at the convention, if still available. Please note that Rob, Kristen and Taylor are not doing photo ops at this event.

Mandy's Mind

I am so excited for this. I will arrive in L.A. Thursday and stay until Tuesday. The convention runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I am hoping to spend Monday sight-seeing and/or set-stalking and perhaps get into Jimmy Kimmel Monday Night.

Once I know my seat I shall let you know so you can come say hi!!! I want to meet everyone while I am there so don't be shy!

If you want to read more about the Vancouver Convention go here.

Also I attended the Seattle Convention in January.

FUll Details & Tickets available at Creation's Website See you in L.A.!!!!!!