Saturday, December 15, 2012

Side Effects Trailer

Can't wait for this movie, and not just because of Channing Tatum... it looks really awesome....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Terrible Things that must end in 2012?!

If this is true, I fail at life... Seriously? Mustaches *ARE* still cool... right? right?

According to these are some of the trends that need to end in 2013.... I disagree!

The article is wrong about....
-mustaches - NEVER! Mustaches are ALWAYS COOL!!
-saying "swag" WHAT?
-fan names (beliebers, directioners, monsters, etc.) *ahem* krisbians, twihards?
-one word tweet responses... still totally ok
-photos of food - shuddup i like to take pics of my food
-bacon - always cool

I do agree with some....

-ipad self portraits - seriously? it is like you are holding a baking pan?!
-skinny jeans
-expensive headphones
-face tattoos
-drop crotch pants - I like JB, but those pants are sooooo 1989.. MC HAMMER style!

They also forgot something....

-YOLO - no shit!
-bad grammar in create-your-own-meme's
-sepia/antiques instagram photos, sometimes it is cool, usually not
-sending mass emails on facebook (guilty!)
-inviting everyone to facebook games (guilty - at times)

What else???

Read article here