Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Donate to Mandy's Mind

I appreciate your donations to help keep the blog running. Real Life sometimes gets in the way, but I love doing this site and promise to keep it up, especially with Breaking Dawn filming!

I wanted to continue to do draws for prizes because the donations really help me out and keep this blog running and prize winners were really appreciative of their winnings.

To make it fun and to show my appreciation I want to once again have various prize packs and with your donation you will be entered into a draw for various prizes.

I love blogging but anyone who does it knows it is a lot of work. I thank you for your donations, it means the world to me and helps me more than you know.

Here are the Prize Draws:

Any donation amount - will get a thank-you email from me.

Donations of $10 - will enter you into a draw for great Twilight goodie bag [magnets, jewelery, stickers, buttons, etc.]

Donations of $25 - will get you the above PLUS enter you into a draw for a great Twilight prize pack [t-shirt, key chains, stickers, buttons, magnets, Movie Soundtrack, Movie DVD, Canadian Magazine's featuring Twilight Cast etc.]

Donations of $50 - will get you all of the above PLUS enter you into a draw for an autographed glossy from a Twilight Cast member. [Your choice from my collection]

Donations of $100 - will Get all of the above PLUS enter you in a draw for a custom tour of Vancouver to explore the sets and share stories from filming New Moon & Eclipse.

Donations $250 or higher - will get you all of the above PLUS I will personally give you a tour around Vancouver to explore past sets and share stories from filming New Moon & Eclipse, no draw needed for that. Thank-you! If you want to do a group tour - email me to discuss dates & details maliciousmandysmind@gmail.com [Breaking Dawn Filming in 2011 can be discussed]

**** I will do a draw for these rewards on the last day of each month and winners will be notified via email. I will ship prizes within 2 weeks of draw date.

* Autographs are all certified and were obtained by me at Official Twilight Conventions.

Thank-You for your Support!

Some Past Winners Here.


I have added a donation button to my side bar


There is no set amount 2 cents, 2 dollars, 200 dollars, anything is appreciated. [See above for draws and rewards for your kind donations]

Help Support Mandy's Mind:
Donations will help Mandy keep doing what she is doing

Please note if it re-routes you to Pay Pal Canada you can log-in as usual to the Pay Pal website in your country and type in buttercup_amanda@hotmail.com to donate.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy!I am a loyal reader, and I really like the way you write. I think it is a very good idea to add this Donation button for Help Support. I hope that people who can do it...then do it, because you've already spent your time and money just for keeping us updated, and for those ones who love reading your blog. I wish I could help you, but I live in South America, in an small country, and I have no way to do it. But I really think you deserve it. Good Luck and I hope you can get the laptop before your trip to LA. Thanks for your dedication.
P.S. My apologies if I didnt write correctly, my native language is Spanish.

KiMi said...

I agree with the person above. Thank you so much for all your time and energy that has gone toward updating us on all these events. I personally would love to thank you for tweeting all of Cameron Bright and Peter Facinelli's Q&A's. (It's alright that you weren't able to ask them my question) You don't have to do it, but you do anyway, and I totally respect you for that. I regret that I can't donate but this is my moral support :) I understand you have a family and that is your priority, and yet you help countless amounts of fans in the world through your updates.
Thank you so much and best of luck! I hope you have a wonderful time at the LA Convention and I look forward to your tweets!

Michelle L S-B said...

I just donated my part and I hope it helps! :-)

Emily said...

good luck mandy :D