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kristin scott thomas in mourning filming Bel Ami

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Robert Pattinson on Bel Ami Set April 9, 2010

And going to lucnh:

Robert Pattinson out on the town in Budapest - Fan Photos


Costumes for Bel Ami

Bel Ami Extra's pose with a fan. The costumes are so intricate and classic. I love it!

@Cimbora93 tweeted this photo of her posing with 3 filming extras from Bel Ami 4.9.10. The costume designer, Odile Dicks-Mireaux, has really outdone herself.

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Uma Thurman on Bel Ami Set

Uma Thurman Arrives on Bel Ami Set:


Christina Ricci on Bel Ami Set

Christina arrives on Set April 8, 2010

Holly Grainger on the Bel Ami set!

Holly Grainger on the Bel Ami set!


Colm Meany as Luc Rousset

First Look: Colm Meaney as Luc Rousset.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fancy Pants - Robert Pattinson Photos from Bel Ami Set for Wedding Scene

Am I the only one who is seeing "Edward" in this outfit, face, complexion?

Glad to see his security #1 dressed down a bit

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Have you read Bel Ami yet? I finally will be:

Uma Thurman on Bel Ami Set

Uma Thurman on Bel Ami Set April 8 in Budapest.


Holly Grainger on Set of Bel Ami

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"Silent Misery" by Candace Charee' on Eclipse Soundtrack?

I saw rumours that UK singer Florence Welch may be included on the Eclipse soundtrack and wanted to share Candace Charee's actual song with Twilight Fans so they can get a possible sneak peak into the soundtrack....

My fingers are crossed for Candace!!!

I know the soundtrack has not been finalized but is apparently close so hopefully she will get information soon.

Also here is UK singer Florence Welch also rumoured to have submitted songs for the Eclipse soundtrack.

Pre-Order Eclipse Soundtrack:
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack

I can't wait for this:

Taylor Lautner in Paris with his Poppa

Taylor Lautner in Paris

Love that Poppar Lautner is with him....


Kellan Lutz will be busy with movies undergoing name changes

Kellan Lutz is going to be busy squeezing in films before Breaking Dawn starts shooting. The roles range from romantic comedy to the gods.

According to ET, “Romantic comedy heaven is made when a ‘Twilight’ hunk and a pop star are cast as love interests. That is just the case in ‘Love, Wedding, Marriage,’ starring Kellan Lutz and Mandy Moore as newlyweds…James Brolin and Jane Seymour have been tapped to play the parents…Actor Dermot Mulroney will be calling the shots in his directorial debut… reports The Hollywood Reporter. Though the movie may take on a different name, ‘Keep It Together,’ it has sent out save the date cards for April 19 to begin filming in Louisiana.”

According to Monsters and Critics, “Relativity Media has changed the title of its Greek mythology film from “War of the Gods” to “Immortals,” and announced that John Hurt and Isabel Lucas have joined the cast. Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz, Joseph Morgan, Freida Pinto and Mickey Rourke have already been cast. The film follows the young warrior Theseus (Cavill), who leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek gods to defeat the gods of the Titans. Tarsem Singh is directing the film, which began shooting in Montreal this week.”


New Jackson Rahtbone Portraits by Phoenix Taylor

Texas photographer Phoenix Taylor is talented. The photos taken of Jackson Rathbone & 100 Monkey's Jared Anderson are amazing. Check out their site for tons of awesome photos.

[4 Walls Photography Via TwiFans]

Kellan at LAX

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Robert Pattinson arrives to Bel Ami Set April 8, 2010

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Bel Ami Live Filming right Now!

Looks like they were filming a wedding on the set of Bel Ami.

A twitter friend @Lara82 was at the Bel Ami set observing and tweeting.

Here is a summary of her tweets as of 3am PST (which I believe is about noon in Budapest non?)

Aprox 10:30pm PST (7:30am in Budapest)
Crew setting up lights for interior shots. Wedding set-up looks beautiful. Barocque style, a chandeliere, white flowers (mostly orchids) with green leaves and white bow ties. Lot's of paps.

Aprox 1am PST (10am in Budapest)
Extras in costumes standing outside set waiting and smoking. Holly Grainger is inside wearing a white dress (not a wedding gown though) with a blue shower cap on her head.

Aprox 1:30am PST (10:30am in Budapest)
Rob arrives in black troussers, white golden wedding jacket, bow tie. Smiled quickly at fans and went inside.

As of yet there are no photos or videos but I bet as soon as they wrap for the day they will emerge and I will find and post them :)

Till then - expect some fancy wedding attire on our fave non-vampire soon!

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Twilight Humans Evolution


Which is best? I think they've all improved, though SOME more than others ;)

Here's the rest of the cast.


Autographed New Moon Script $10k

Remember Casey Ray, the hairdresser who went dumpster diving at a St. Louis hotel and found a New Moon and a Remember Me script? Well, she’s back. Only this time she’s not suing Summit (which she later dropped)or complaining about getting into the premiere costing her oodles of money. This time she is selling the New Moon script that she found that was autographed by the entire cast, her invitation to the New Moon after party, and her ticket to the New Moon premiere.

Question: So what is the minimum starting price for all of this loot that is slated to go up on EBay?

Answer: $10,000 according to the St. Louis Business Journal (who have been following Casey Ray’s story all along.)

Just recently a group auctioning a Robert Pattinson signed guitar couldn’t get the $5,000 minimum asking price for it and the guitar alone was worth half that.

So, the question is $10,000 for a script signed by the entire New Moon cast, and a couple of add ons (granted unique). Do you think she’ll get her asking price and more, or will it go bust?

TY to RobPattzNews for bring the story to our attention.

Mandy's Mind - NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! No one should pay that!!! She seems like a con anyways, and why would you pay so much for a script to a movie you have seen (and can get for FREE) when you didn't even obtain the autographs yourself?

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Funny Twilight Cartoons

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Sexy RPattz on Bel Ami Set April 7

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He looks hot eh?


A few Bel Ami Filming Videos from April 7

Smiling Rob leaves set:

Twilight Social Networking Sites

So you want to talk to your fave Twilight star, see what they are up to, email them even? Twilight Examiner created a very comprehensive and complete list of the Twilight social networking sites.


Stephenie Meyer (Author, Twilight series books and The Host)
Official website -
Little, Brown and Company (Publishing group, Twilight series and The Host)
Official website -
The Twilight Saga -


Summit Entertainment (Film studio, Twilight series films)
Official websites -,,
Official Facebook Fan Page –
Official MySpace page –
Official Twitter page – @Twilight
Official YouTube page –

Melissa Rosenberg (Screenwriter, Twilight series films)
Official Facebook page -

David Slade (Director, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse)
Official Twitter page – @David_A_Slade

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Charlie Bewley ("Demetri")
Official website -
Official Twitter page - @Alchemission

Gil Birmingham ("Billy Black")
Official website -
Official Facebook page -
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @GilBirmingham

Jamie Campbell Bower ("Caius")
Official Twitter page - @JamieBower

Cameron Bright ("Alec")
Official Twitter page - @CameronBright

Billy Burke ("Chief Charlie Swan")
Official Twitter page - @Billy_Burke

Justin Chon ("Eric Yorkie")
Official Twitter page - @JustinChon
Official YouTube page -

Daniel Cudmore ("Felix")
Official Facebook page -
Official Twitter page - @DanielCudmore

Peter Facinelli ("Dr. Carlisle Cullen")
Official website -
Official Facebook page -
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @PeterFacinelli

Jodelle Ferland ("Bree Tanner")
Official Twitter page - @JodelleMicah

Edi Gathegi ("Laurent")
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @IamEdiGathegi

Kiowa Gordon ("Embry Call")
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @CircaKiGordon

Ashley Greene ("Alice Cullen")
Official Twitter page - @AshleyMGreene

Anna Kendrick ("Jessica Stanley")
Official Twitter page - @AnnaKendrick47

Tinsel Korey ("Emily Young")
Official Website -
Official charity page -
Official MySpace page -
Official YouTube Page - @TinselKorey

Rachelle Lefevre ("Victoria" in Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon)
Official charity page - Susan G. Komen
Official Twitter page - @RachelleLefevre

Alex Meraz ("Paul")
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @TheAlexMeraz

Christian Serratos ("Angela Weber")
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @CSerratos

Michael Sheen ("Aro")
Official Twitter page - @MichaelSheen

Chaske Spencer ("Sam Uley")
Official website -
Official Facebook page -
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @TheRealChaske

Boo Boo Stewart ("Seth Clearwater")
Official MySpace page -
Official Twitter page - @Mammarazzi1 (shared with sister and mother)

Solomon Trimble ("Sam" in Twilight)
Official MySpace page -

Michael Welch ("Mike Newton")
Official website -
Official Facebook page -
Official MySpace page -


Bill Condon front runner to direct Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Deadline.Com is reporting that Bill Condon will likely be the director for the two-part Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.
EXCLUSIVE: Bill Condon has emerged as the number one choice to direct the final two installments of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, I’m told. Summit Entertainment hasn’t signed him, but I’m told that after several strong meetings, they are negotiating. Condon was among a list of A-list directors approved by Summit and Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. That list included Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola and Fernando Meirelles.

Shooting will begin in the fall, and I heard the plan is to shoot two films back to back. That was just what my colleague Nikki Finke reported. She also wrote that Summit was looking for a big director and Dreamgirls and Gods and Monsters director Condon certainly fits that bill.

Presumably, Condon would do this as his next project, and push back the picture he had planned to direct. That’s an adaptation of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which he was putting together to be distributed by Fox Searchlight. Casting had been difficult on that one, as Colin Firth was in and out, along with Rachel Weisz and Kristin Scott Thomas.

The Twilight job came open when The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz decided not to reprise, despite directing a film that grossed $707 million worldwide., almost doubling the Catherine Hardwicke-directed original's $385 million worldwide gross. New Moon also broke Twilight's opening weekend DVD sale record when it moved 4 million units to the 3.8 million of the original Twilight, which went on to become 2009's top DVD title with 9.2 million sales. David Slade helmed the upcoming installment, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which Summit releases June 30.

Condon is also going to direct the Richard Pryor biopic that will star Marlon Wayans and will be made by Columbia Pictures through a put deal held by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison, which is a producer on the project. Like Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, that is going to have to wait for Condon to finish the double feature.

Hollywood hasn't given Summit its due on the Twilight pictures. Like them or not, these pictures have been better than they had to be, given the ferocious fan base. They are exciting movies with a fresh contemporary feel. That Summit keeps pushing the envelope, where director quality is concerned, says a lot in how to keep franchises engaging for fans--something that studios now readying prequels, four-quels and reboots, would be smart to emulate.

Twilight Lexicon says:
Mike is a colleague of Nikki Finke, who was the person who previously broke the story that Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant along with Condon were in the running. Nikki tends to get things right, but she isn’t fool proof. Notably she got the Eclipse director wrong initially stating that Juan Antonio Bayora would get the gig.

Hoping that a decision is made and publicized soon and we can get into the details like when they will start shooting here in Vancouver ;)

What are your thoughts on Bill Condon as potential director?

Robert Pattinson's moonwalk April 6 2010 on set of Bel Ami

Robert Pattinson does a moonwalk (around 3:44) during shooting a scene in Budapest, 2010-04-06

Interview with Tyson Houseman

Film Yap has a great interview with Tyson Houseman.

Most actors toil early in their careers, desperately taking one job after another hoping to hit the big time. Not so for Tyson Houseman, who, in his first-ever audition scored the part of Quil Ateara, one of Jacob Black’s best friends in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

He is now starring in that film’s sequel “Eclipse,” opening this June, and Houseman is on top of the world. He took a moment to sit down with The Film Yap to discuss scoring the role, how Native Americans are portrayed, and meeting people who think he’s a werewolf.

The Yap: Hi, Tyson, how are you?

TH: Good. How are you?

The Yap: Great, thanks. So how did you get connected with the whole “Twilight” phenomenon?

TH: Well, “New Moon” was the first movie I’ve done, and it was the first audition I’d even ever been to. I remember I got the part, I was looking on the internet for a job on Craigslist, and I found this job that said there was an open casting call, and it didn’t even said for “Twilight,” it just said “a major motion picture,” for a Native American, age 15-25. I thought “I fit that description, so I’ll check it out.” So I went down there, and that’s when I first realized it was for “Twilight,” because there was a lineup from the open casting call like 4 or 5 blocks long, and it was just filled with “Twilight” fans with books and t-shirts and everything, and I thought, “yep, this is probably one of the ”Twilight” films. I didn’t really expect to get anything out of it, but I went and stayed at the audition all day long, and there was only like 5 of us left, and they filmed me at the end of the day doing a scene. The next week they told me I got a callback, and I went and I did the callback, and a week later they called me and said I got the part.

The Yap: So you were batting 1.000 right out of the gate. Quite an accomplishment. You have a theater background, right?

TH: Uh, yeah. It was really just like school plays and stuff like that, though.

The Yap: Wow, so they really did just grab you out of nowhere. Have you had any difficulty adjusting to this sudden fame? You’re not exactly doing an intependent film to start off, you’re jumping right into the mania of this franchise.

TH: Not really. It was kind of a lot to handle at first. You’re right, it’s this big phenomenon thing, and it was hard for me to deal with it. I just had to tell myself, yeah, this is just crazy, but I’m still like the exact same person I was a year ago. I’m still Tyson, and it’s not really changing me personally in any way. I’m staying true to myself and staying grounded. But other than that it’s been really great, just meeting a lot of really cool people. All the fans are just so great and passionate about it.

The Yap: Have you had any crazy experiences yet? Mobs of girls, or people approaching you at weird times?

TH: Actually, there was this one time, it wasn’t even really a crazy experience or anything, but there was this woman, she looked like she was 70 or 80 years old, and she came up to me and said “are you Quil Ateara from New Moon?” It was really funny. You expect 13-year-old girls to be fans, but it ranges across ages.

The Yap: Something I want to ask quickly: being Native American, how do you feel the “Twilight” series portrays Native Americans? Do you see it as proper and respectful?

TH: I don’t know. I like the way it is portrayed. It’s portrayed accurately, and it’s very respectful. I like the whole idea that they stick to the traditions and the stories, and the ideas of how wolves came about. It’s really cool how that’s introduced. But just the lifestyle as a whole in the film and in the books, it’s accurate, and I was really proud to be a part of it.

The Yap: Speaking for your character in particular, you slowly build in to becoming a more regular presence. Can you tell me about how that has helped you?

TH: Yeah. There were a lot of similarities between what was happening to me and the character. I only had one day of shooting on “New Moon,” but I was still friends with all the other wolf guys because we worked out together so much. So it was really cool. The character himself, he was the last one to turn into a wolf, so he always felt kind of left out. They didn’t really talk to him that much. But when he turns into a wolf he’s glad to have all of his friends back. For me, I was always hearing about their stories on “New Moon,” all the fun times they had, and I kind of felt left out. So it was really cool in “Eclipse,” when I’m a wolf, I can hang out with all the guys again. It really felt similar to the character.

The Yap: Great. Your character is one of Jacob’s best friends, so I assume you spent a lot of time around Taylor Lautner, and now he’s this…I don’t want to say teen idol. My first thought was sex symbol, but I don’t want to say that either.

TH: {laughs}

The Yap: {laughs} But anyway, is that something that has happened to everyone, or more just him?

TH: As far as being a more muscley dude with the six-pack, I think that’s more affected him more prominently than the rest of us, but it’s still there for all of us. I do feel sometimes like I’ve become a symbol. There are a lot of that will come up to me, and they won’t see me as me. They’ll think my name is Quil, that I’m the character, and I’ve had some younger girls scared to come up to me because they think I’m a wolf, or something like that. It’s weird to think about it in that respect, that you’re kind of a symbol reflecting that character. But it’s still pretty cool. It’s for the fans, which is nice.

The Yap: There was something else surrounding your character and Jacob’s too later on, which is the whole issue of them imprinting on young children. It’s not as weird or creepy as it could come off. How do you see them handling that as the series progresses?

TH: I think they’re handling it really well. There are a lot of ways it could be seen as creepy and it could be misinterpreted. I get jokes all the time about how I love little kids or something like that. But the way they explain it in the books is really well-written, and they translate that really well in the movie too. The whole imprinting thing, you’ll get a really good idea of what it means, and how it’s okay that it’s a little kid when you see the movie. It’s really excellent.

The Yap: What’s the best and worst parts of being involved with this franchise?

TH: The best part is that it’s a great time. Everybody’s really friendly and nice. Me and the rest of the wolf guys are really good pals, so it’s nice we get to go to these conventions together, and see each other all the time, we get to work out together, and other films you would work with the actor, then you wouldn’t see them after that. But I get to see the other actors at Twilight conventions and stuff like that, almost every month. So it’s really cool.

The Yap: The worst thing, then?

TH: The worst thing?

The Yap: Or the most difficult thing if you want to do it that way.

TH: Well, I guess with the number of people who recognize you now it’s kind of hard to go grocery shopping or something like that.


Chaske Spencer in New Zealand for Armageddon Comicon Videos

April 6, 2010 - Bel Ami Filming Photos

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Love this pic

Love all the ladies checking out his... er... package?

"You got a lil boogie their hun, lemme grab it"

This looks liek a fishy face to me non?

Like Rpattz needs to suck in those cheeks and accentuate his jawporn....


My Fave security turns in his tie for a scarf, i likey

The ring on his finger gives me chills ha!

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