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Celebrity Beach Bowl Photos of Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner

Taylor and Kellan at Celebrity Beach Bowl which I couldn't get on my tv BOOOO! Thank goodness for the internet eh?

See Taylor's Interview Here.

See Pre Party Pics Here.


Rough Hustle Stills and Behind the Scenes Photos with Michael Welch

Rough Hustle starring Michael Welch has some new stills floating around the internet...

and some behind the scenes photos too....

Ha Ha Ha is that make-up stubble? He has such a baby face, it wouldn't surprise me ;) LoL... looks like QUITE the different role than I'd expect from him after Twilight.... though Unrequited also looks to be completely "un-Mike Newton" :)

[Via TwiFans]

Alice in Wonderland Countdown - One Month!

I can't wait for this movie, I think I am almost as excited as I was for New Moon - almost I said, almost....

I love that Michael Sheen is the white rabbit, nice tie in - though I seem to find a tie in to Twilight through everything nowadays don't I? hey - it's what keep you coming back for more bloggalicious love from Mandy ;)

The Cat is soooo screepy - Hot Topic has a lot of merchandise and the cat just creeps me the heck out - and the queen of hearts is so - - - odd - - - it's prefect!!! Johnny, oh Johnny ..... still kicking myself fo rnot being at Comicon last year when he waltzed into the panel room *thud*


Baby Newborn frightens Demitri ;)



Kellan is committed to CK

too funny - the comment is hilarious - this was posted on TwiFans not sure who actually to credit individually, but it's great work!

Sarah Clarke Outtakes

Sarah Clarke, aka, Bella's Mommy, looks sharp in these outtakes from InStyle Magazine.


David Slade Tweets Eclipse Updates

Taylor Lautner to star as Stretch Armstrong

According to, Taylor Lautner will play the title character Stretch Armstrong! This has been posted on a few fan sites and I didn't know if it was true but it seems that it is.... here's what's being reported:

He’s already Hollywood’s highest paid teen. Pretty soon, he may also be Hollywood’s richest teen. He’s certainly Hollywood’s hardest working teen. Universal has just cast the 17-year-old Twilight Saga star Taylor Lautner to play title character Stretch Armstrong based on the Hasbro toy. The studio is giving Stretch superhero powers in the new 3D franchise that is scheduled for release in 2012. Universal Pictures Chairman Adam Fogelson and Co-Chairman Donna Langley think Lautner is “the real deal” and are undaunted by all the other projects which Taylor also is launching, including the Max Steel franchise at Paramount and the 3rd and 4th installments of the Twilight Saga for Summit Entertainment, and other films.

“In the past two years, Taylor has emerged as a real star at the global box office. He brings the perfect balance of energy and athleticism to the role of an unlikely super hero with a fantastic super power,” said Langley. “We couldn’t be more pleased that he has agreed to be our Stretch.”

Agreed Brian Goldner, President and CEO of Hasbro: “The addition of Taylor Lautner and the 3-D twist to Stretch Armstrong is sure to pay dividends when the film is released in 2012.”

The studio said Stretch Armstrong is moving to March 2012 “to allot time to shape the project into a 3-D superhero adventure and to accommodate Lautner’s existing commitments”. Stretch Armstrong is based on the iconic action figure made popular around the world beginning in the 1970s and re-launched in the 1990s. Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind, 8 Mile, American Gangster) will team with Hasbro to produce Stretch Armstrong to life. Steve Oedekerk (Bruce Almighty) has written the screenplay, and Hasbro’s Goldner and Schneir also produce.

Can you imagine seeing Mr. Taylor Lautner all stretched out... ha ha... After Thursday he is legal ladies....

Also Twilight Lexicon posted this:

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood broke the news that Taylor Lautner has booked another project. So not only does Taylor have Breaking Dawn, Max Steele, and an unnamed project to be shot in Cancun; he now can add Stretch Armstrong to the list.

According to Nikkie Finke, Donna Langley (co-chair at Universal) stated “In the past two years, Taylor has emerged as a real star at the global box office. He brings the perfect balance of energy and athleticism to the role of an unlikely super hero with a fantastic super power,” said Langley. “We couldn’t be more pleased that he has agreed to be our Stretch.”

Taylor will be 20-years-old by the time the movie shoots in March 2012.

That's a very long time away!


Chaske Spencer at Komen Foundation Benefit.

I have a new crush on Chaske Spencer ever since hanging out with him backstage at the Seattle Twilight Convention. He was just so down to earth and sweet and interested in getting to know us. Then his Q&A session made me certain of how amazingly awesome he is.

Anyways, here is some of what he has been up to - don't be surprised if you see a lot more of him on my blog.

Chaske Spencer attended the Guess by Marciano and Elle event to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation February 4th.


A Skateland Review

Chris Bumbray writes:

PLOT: In a small town in the early eighties, the closing of the local roller-disco causes the nineteen-year-old rink manager, and his friends, to re-examine their lives.

REVIEW: SKATELAND is a fairly sweet coming of age drama/ eighties nostalgia piece, that has more than a few similarities to films like THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, AMERICAN GRAFFITI, and ADVENTURELAND. While it’s certainly not operating on the same level as those films, I nevertheless found myself becoming awfully fond of SKATELAND as the film went on.

Part of it probably has to do with the fact that I love the eighties. Sure, it was a nightmare for fashion, but it was also the decade I was born in (’81 to be exact), so the nostalgia part of the film hit pretty hard. My fellow fans of the decade will find a lot to like here, from the retro Apple Commodore used by the hero, to the kick-ass soundtrack, featuring some of my favorite acts of the era, including The Police, Joy Division, and a particularly memorable use of ‘Electric Avenue’.

It’s just a fun, pleasant film, which was a sharp contrast to some of the heavier films I saw at the fest. The talented young cast, led by Shiloh Fernandez, and Ashley Greene is extremely likable, which is extremely important for a film like this. I’ve never heard of Fernandez, but he makes a solid lead. As for TWILIGHT-er Ashley Greene, I thought she was a wee bit too drop dead gorgeous to be playing a character that’s supposed to be a wallflower, but, alas, this is a movie- where everyone gets to be beautiful. She’s does solid work, proving that Kristen Stewart’s not the only TWILIGHT alum with acting chops.

However, the big standout in the cast had to be Heath Freeman, who plays Greene’s older brother. He’s the small-town hero that everyone looks up to (that naturally, isn’t all he seems), and he’s excellent. Freeman also co-wrote the film, so he probably saved the best role for himself. Imagine Matthew McConaughey, in DAZED & CONFUSED- minus the scumbag factor, and you’ve got a good idea of the type of character Freeman’s playing.
Hopefully, SKATELAND will be able to ride enough buzz out of Sundance to secure distribution, as I think a lot of my fellow Joblo schmoes would dig this in a big way. Time will tell, but if you get the chance, give this fun little flick a try. You won’t be sorry.

RATING: 8/10

World Wide Magazines



Taylor Lautner Interview Video at Celebrity Beach Bowl

TwiFans posted this video of the Taylor Lautner Interview at Celebrity Beach Bowl today:

First Photos of Robert Pattinson Details Photoshoot

[Click Here For HD]

[via RPL]

Celebrity Beach Bowl Pre-Party

Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz attended the Audi Super Bowl XLIV
Party at the W Hotel in South Beach, Florida on Friday night, February 5th. There are pics at Source. I am so upset I don't get the Celebrity Beach Bowl - I searched :( ah well thank goodness for the internet ;)

Kellan Lutz at the launch for the new Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport

Here are some photos of New Moon mega hottie Kellan Lutz at
the launch for the new Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport at
The Recreation Deck at The W South Beach on February 5, 2010
in Miami Beach, Florida. More photos at Source.

Michael Welch in "Rough Hustle"

Vancouver Shopping from Rob & Kristen ?!

People Magazine, February 15, 2010

I love how it's their "favourite" - I am so sure they announced how it was their fave... no - they were spotted shopping there so we assume it's their fave LOL - - not saying it isn't but I love how these magazines assume stuff.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Remember Me - Ask Rob - Video #4 - Tyler's Journey

If you missed it (or just want to watch again and again and again):

-Video 3 - Working with Ruby Jerins.

- Video 2 - Working with Pierce Brosnan.

- Video 1 - The Script.

Kellan Kellan - he so fine...


Summit got YouTube

I wonder if they will sue themselves for posting videos ha ha ha

Subscribe to them (if you wanna) Here

Win Adventureland dvd

Win Adventureland dvd here

Kristen Stewart to host Help Haiti Dinner

Twiight Lexicon posted this:

Kristen is not the only twilight star with Haiti outreach in the works. As we said when the tragedy first struck “Haiti needs help now, but more importantly they are going to need it months from now when people don’t remember it as well.”

The Lexicon has several items that we intended for a Haiti relief auction that we wanted to put up in time for Valentine’s Day. We still fully intend to auction the items, but we just had an unexpected offer to make our items part of a bigger and more organized outreach being run by a major name in Twilight, and we jumped at it. Hopefully we’ll have complete details next week, and Twilighters will have a chance to help Haiti and get some really cool merch. That’s a win-win as far as we are concerned.


Cam Gigandet on set of 'Burlesque'

February 4, 2010: Cam Gigandet and Christina Aguilera spotted filming on the movie set of 'Burlesque' in Los Angeles, California.

[Via TwiFans]

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief Premiere

The movie “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief” held its premiere last night in New York City at the AMC Lincoln Square 13. In the movie, a young boy named Percy tries to avert a war between the Greek Gods in modern times. In real life, never mind the mythological gods and monsters in the film, “Percy’s” chief opponent may be far more daunting: the sci-fi film “Avatar,” which has been No.1 at the box office for weeks.

The showing drew the stars of the film, including Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Logan Lerman (who plays Percy) and Pierce Brosnan (who plays a centaur-teacher named Chiron).

The movie, directed by Chris Columbus, is a Harry Potter-style adventure that follows a fellowship of young adventurers who go on a quest, facing down creatures like Medusa and the minotaur. In the movie, Mount Olympus can be reached through an elevator in the Empire State Building and the entrance to Hades is located behind the Hollywood sign in Tinseltown.


It's a small world after all....

This has to be some kind of 6 degrees of separation or something...

While Robert Pattinson was in Vancouver filming New Moon, his Remember Me co-star, Pierce Brosnan, was also in Vancouver with Rob's Bel Ami co-star, Uma Thurman, filming Percy Jackson.

Sing it now... "It's a small world afterall.... It's a small world afterall...."

No, I'm not just putting this together, but it was brought to my attention that other's hadn't really thought about it...

Rosario Dawson talks about Percy Jackson

Daily Record visted the Vancouver set of Percy Jackson in the spring and spoke with the goddess Persephone a.k.a. Rosario Dawson.

SHE is playing the very embodiment of the Earth's fertility, and what hot-blooded male wouldn't want a piece of her?

Latina actress Rosario Dawson seems like the perfect choice to play Greek goddess Persephone in a new fantasy adventure, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

We visited the set in Vancouver to find out how she enjoyed shooting a film with a cast including Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean and Steve Coogan who, as Hades, makes her his queen in the Underworld.

In costume as Persephone, she is in a low cut, black and purple lace dress with a bodice, bustle and high-heeled boots.

Rosario said: "My chest is out there, the lust is out there, it's just dripping with sensuality and aggression.

"It has been really fun playing a goddess, I have to say. She's wild. It is full-on flirtatiousness."

Read the rest Here.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is out on February 12.

Dear John Premier in L.A and movie relase nationwide

Dear John is out finally. IF you haven't seen it yet you can read my non-spoiler review here. If you have seen it and/or read the book and/or don't care about spoilers you can read my SPOILER REVIEW HERE.

After two premieres in Fort Bragg and Charleston, countless stops in Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago and San Fransisco, and launching a new website, the press tour for Chan’s romantic drama ‘Dear John‘ finally made it to the Los Angeles red carpet premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday night. See photos here

Here are videos from the premier in L.A.

I still think he should cut his hair, though i really liked it on Jimmy Fallon last night.

Chan will be on Ellen Feb 10, that's Wednesday... don't miss it / set your PVRs!!


Video - Behind the Scenes Marie Claire Photoshoot with Ashey Greene

Channing Tatum on Jimmy Fallon last night

I loved it.... his pants were a wee tight but that wasn't a bad thing.

Here is the 3 point shoot out (Valentines Day Themed) between Chan and Jimmy

Amanda Seyfried will be on tonight.

Watch Lainey Gossip as Olympic Torch Runner Tonight

Our very own local gossiper Lainey will be an Olympoic Torch bearer tonight at aprox 6:40pm in Whistler.

She blogged:

It’s Day 99 of the 2010 Torch Relay and I will be running the Olympic Torch tonight at 6:40pm in Whistler Village, the Host Mountain Resort of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Someone said to me the other day – there’s only ONE flame. I will be carrying That Flame. And it’s the flame that will eventually light the Olympic Cauldron in one week, February 12th, to commemorate the beginning of the Games. Canada’s Games.

Still don’t really believe it. They told me last Fall and I haven’t wanted to share it because I’m so superstitious, I thought I might jinx it. Then the package arrived from Coca-Cola in December with the Torch Relay uniform – pants and jacket and toque and the red mittens – and a comprehensive guide and little flags for my cheering section, a plastic sign for them to hold up, a night light in the shape of a Coke bottle, a marker, and a confirmation letter about my location...this is when it became real. As for the torch, it isn’t presented to you until just before you run. Afterward you can take it home.


Today I’ll be meeting with other runners, we’ll attend a briefing, then we’ll climb onto a bus, and rally each other as we get dropped off one by one at our stop points. The torch route is marked according to each runner’s segment. Every runner is assigned a number. So our loved ones will look for those numbers and wait for us to pass by.

You should go read her whole post Here.

You can follow the torch via live streaming video Here

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Who wears short-shorts - Kellan Lutz discusses Calvin Klein Ads with Antonia Sabato Jr

Who wears short-shorts?

Kellan.... til he goes to sleep.... then... he's nekkid ;)

"I sleep in the buff"


Sam Bradley Promotes "The Manila Diaries"

Sam Bradley's MySPace Page had this posted:

Hello again!

“The Manila Diaries” was filmed in the Philippines shortly after Typhoon Ondoy ravaged the country. We were witness to the devastating aftermath as well as met many who were personally affected by this tragedy. At times, we felt hopeless but promised we would do anything we could to help. The short-documentary will be on sale at as a download. It will cost $10 and half of the proceeds will be going to UNICEF- Typhoon Onody initiative.

Stay tuned for date of release.

I'm also going to share a poster for the documentary to try and raise awareness. Please put it up on your blogs, Myspace, Facebook or whatever thing you use to help me spread the word. It would be amazing to raise a lot of money for this cause.

I am also sharing a song on youtube called Manila that I had written while i was on my trip there. Pass that around too if you would like.

Life UneXpected Video - Crying on Set

Alex Meraz disses Taylor Lautner on Twitter - Taytay needs real friends....

I saw it last night... @thealexmeraz tweeted about how lame Valetines Day would be, and then started to back pedal to retract what he had just said to his 63,000+ followers.

I have met Mr. Meraz and I wouldn't say he's a bad person, though I did sense a bit of an ego, he was pretty kind to fans when I met him and saw him.... still these comments make me wonder what the heck he was thinking and how powerful / dangerous is twitter when celebrities can say anything, anytime, without running it by publicists and managers first?!?

E Online Writes:

He's not a member of a wolf pack for nothing.

Alex Meraz's Twitter teeth are sharp and he's out for blood…namely, his costar Taylor Lautner's blood.

See, Alex (the packer on the far left of the photo) doesn't think too highly of our favorite 17-year-old's upcoming movie Valentine's Day, which also stars that other Taylor, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel,Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper and a whole bunch of other Hollywood bigs.

"Sorry Taylor but the movie Valentine's Day looks lame and desperate," the New Moon star writes. "It cries out, 'look we have all the biggest starz in 1 movie pleez watch!' "

Sound like sour grapes? Read on!

Alex sorta realizes he might be stepping on some rather hefty toes with that statement, so he tweets again to clarify his thoughts. It doesn't really help.

"P.S. it has nothing to do with the talented actors in the movie. I just don't like the producer & Directors' 'get rich quick skeem' nuff said."


We totally started to think the poor guy's account had been hacked, but an hour later he tries again.

This time he's starting to get it.

"Talk about biting the hand that feeds me...but I'm a wolf for crying out loud! I'll be careful next time I spill twitter all over everyone."
Something tells us Taylor and his V'Day pals aren't crying over spilled Twitter, but Alex may have some groveling to do.

Mandy's Mind - Geez, with "friends" like that who needs enemies eh?

Speaking of friends, the always-honest Lainey Gossip had this to say about Taytay's lack of peer influences:

Taylor Lautner turns 18 next week. Last night he was sitting courtside at the Lakers game. Seems like a normal famous teen Wednesday night activity, right? Sure, totally normal. Except he was with adults. Surrounded by adults. A 17 year old who never seems to have any friends his own age. Aside from being photographed on dates with Taylor Swift, how often does he roll with a younger crowd? Where are his friends?

Note to Lautner Management: must audition friends. Because while they’ve overmanufactured him on so many other fronts, creating a teen Tom Cruise in his painfully uncool earnestness, and sold him to us as a leaping, flipping, karate kicking hunk, they’ve also forgotten to give him a proper entourage, one that doesn’t include his agent and his publicist and his personal trainer and, sometimes, even his DAD.

That’s the thing about child stars, non? They spend entirely too much time with grownups.

Teen Tom Cruise will be heading to Miami this weekend for the Super Bowl. He’s participating in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl.

More Photos of Taylor at the Game here

Mandy's Mind - Please let's not allow him to get creepy like Tom Cruise.... Already Taylor is too media trained and as hot and rawr as my lil wolf-pup is, I'd LOVE to see him let loose.... go out with the boys, be crazy....

could you imagine sweet lil' tay tay after a few beers? man, would I love to be a fly on that wall (or a bubble in that lager) ha ha....

I will be checking out Celebrity Beach Bowl this weekend.


Oh Snooki - Grammy Interview with Phoenix

When cultures clash hilarious things can happen.

Exhibit A: Sunday night at the Grammys, where French popsters Phoenix won a statue for Best Alternative Album, Snooki, the overly-tanned queen of MTV's hit show Jersey Shore, approached the polite Parisian boys on the red carpet for the weirdest interview we've seen since Alexa Chung's show was cancelled by the network.

The funniest part: Despite Phoenix's ubiquity in 2009 (playing SNL,Letterman, and more) and Jersey Shore's skyrocketing ratings and penetration into pop culture, neither interviewer or interviewees had any idea who the other was! Thus comedy ensures.

"Hi. I'm Snooki. Jersey Shore -- do you watch it?"

Frontman Thomas Mars [in broken French]: "Oh, no, we are French."

[Staring at guitarist Laurent Brancowitz] "Oh my god. You know who you look like? Have you ever watched Twilight? You look like the vampire Edward!"

Brancowitz: "That's good, no? He's sexy, no?"

Snooki: "That makes you look really hot right now. Hey, I have a really serious question…. Do you have guidos in France?

Watch the video below:

Ashley & Kellan Kissing in Warrior Movie

The Twilight Saga’s Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are teaming up for the upcoming independent film Warrior, which is tentatively scheduled for a 2010 release. The movie stars Kellan as a star lacrosse player whose Marine father dies, only to end up at a lacrosse camp run by his father’s old friend.