Saturday, November 14, 2009

Munich Press Conference Video

Remember to Cover when you Cough....

Karen sent me this while I was sick this past week - - Robert reminding everyone how to cough to prevent spreading infections - - - *sigh* Thanks Rob!!!!

Will it be a Twi-Christmas at your house?

It'll be a Twi-Christmas for some this Holiday Season.... More Twilight Christmas Things coming soon - I am told it's "too soon" to pull out all the Twi-Xmas-Gear.... but just you wait ;)

Thanks Karen for the heads up ;)


It is Saturday - - - - in 5 days I will SERIOUSLY be watching this film ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!


Ok - I am done now.....

How cute are Rob & Kristen here?

It's true - Robsten or not - it's adorable

Stephenie Meyer on Oprah

Now, this interview felt like a lot of stuff we had already heard, then the "New Moon had a different ending but I brought in the volturi earlier than I had planned" fine - yes, that was "new" but blah!

The screen kept saying "Will there be a 5th book?" and I was waiting and waiting and got no answer... luckily there was MORE interview after the show and posted on

Go See here

Can I also say how cool it was that Stephenie was wearing the same shirt she was wearing the 1st time I met her....

Shirtless Jacob Doll

Well on my birthday I may or may not have tried to remove pocket Jacob's clothes.... so this was exciting new .... however, I have a few complaints...

#1 - this dood is pasty white

#2 - he looks more like lil Ken doll than Jacob

#3 - NOT anatomically correct - - - and I am talking about the abs people, this dood is too skinny..and those legs... wtf?

Epic Fail in my books - Epic Fail....

Great Krsiten interview regarding Emotions of Bella/Jacob

Interview with Taylor Lautner - his fave scene is the bedroom scene

I am not a fan of this interviewer

t4 Interview with Kstew

See tons more here

Twilight Saga New Moon Promotional Event in Munich - Video

Interview with Kellan Lutz

If you don't know who Kellan Lutz is yet, you're not a screaming fan of last year's hit vampire movie "Twilight."

Lutz is the 24-year-old South Dakota-born actor who plays Emmett Cullen, one of the vampire siblings of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), the hunky romantic interest of human teenager Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart).

The "Twilight" sequel "New Moon" opens next Thursday, and unless you've been hiding in a coffin for two years, you already know that.

I saw down with Lutz, a physical actor in the Steve McQueen mold, to talk about vampires and taking on the new Freddy Krueger.

How do you approach playing an old vampire playing a human teen.

"It's really unique that Stephenie Meyer created vampires who are trying to portray and act like humans," Lutz said. "We found it difficult in the cast to wear the contacts and to show emotion. It's kind of hard to do that, especially when you can't really see the person right in front of you so clearly. It's definitely tough to move like a vampire."

What's so different about the Cullen vampires?

"We're not trying to show off that we're vampires, or that we have special skills, or that we're invincible," Lutz replied. "We're trying to portray humans, but we're vampires who've lived hundreds of years. We try to take that into account with the wardrobe we wear, how we move, how we speak. It's a lot to do.

"We're not just playing vampires who are 20 years old. We're playing vampires who are hundreds of years old portraying a 20-year-old human, or teenage vampires. It's definitely a unique spin on trying to be human and trying to fit."

How did new Director Chris Weitz differ from the original director, Catherine Hardwicke?

"They're very different directors," Lutz said. "The first movie no one saw it as a huge studio movie. With the budget she had and the time she had, she (Hardwicke) brought that artsy, beautiful quality she had, and that soft tone to 'Twilight.' I loved it. She had this energy that was so raw and contagious, there was never a dead or dry period on the set.

"There was a whole different vibe with 'New Moon.' With Chris, he's just a chill guy, he's super calm and collected, and he was prepared so much for 'New Moon' that ... it was a great weight off our shoulders. It didn't even seem like a job."

What do you enjoy outside a movie set?

"I'm very athletic," he said. "I like being outside. Roughhousing with my dog. Or with friends playing football. I like to swim and box."

When did you discover acting, especially since you attended Chapman University in California as a chemistry student?

"I ran into this lady at Ralph's, which is a local grocery store, and she asked if I was the guy from 'One Tree Hill.'(Chad Michael Murray). She said, 'You don't act?' I said, 'No, I'm a student.' She said, 'You should be an actor.' From that day on, my eyes were opened. I took acting classes. I was an extra. I found this passion I never knew existed. I just went along with it."

What are your thoughts about taking on Jackie Earl Haley as the new Freddy Krueger in the upcoming reboot of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise.

"Doing the revamp of this for a new generation, well, it takes a lot of stuff to scare our generation nowadays because there's so much guts and gore out there," Lutz said. "You've got to put a new spin on it. You've got to make it a psychological thriller more than just blood. To become a member of this new franchise is awesome. Jackie Earl Haley is amazing. And it's a Michael Bay film!"


"I grew up loving Freddy," Lutz confessed. "I felt he was the only thing that scared me growing up, because he attacks you in your dreams. If I don't have control, if I can't shoot something or fight something off, that's scary. Dreams are supposed to be happy. Then you've got this guy with the glove trying to kill you in your sleep!"

Speaking of dreams, what's your dream job?

"I would love to act for the rest of my life," Lutz said. "I'd like to be a new action hero. I'd love to play Matt Damon's brother in 'Bourne,' as in 'Bourne Ultimatum, Again.' I love action heroes who get shot and bleed, but then can still kick some butt.

"I'd love to work with Sylvester Stallone. I'd love to work with Jason Statham and Daniel Craig. All these guys I look up to. I love shooting guns and blowing stuff up."


Photos from Jimmy Kimmel

I can't wait for this to air, I mean the media blitz is unbelievable... I am hating that I have been sick and unable to keep up but good news, I am healthy again and even so, going to fake being sick a bit more to rule the television ;) ha ha

Alex Meraz visits the Red Carpet

Last night @TheAlexMeraz tweeted:

"Saw online that fans are camping out for the weekend to see twilight actors on the red carpet I'm gonna pay them a visit tonight to show luv."

Whatta sweetie he is - truly!

Ellen talks to Ryan about New Moon

Thursday, November 12, 2009

MTV Special to air Twilight Saga New Moon Special featuring Vancouver Locals

MTV posts

As if the looming excitement about "New Moon" wasn't enough to keep you guys going every single day, now we have even bigger news: MTV is bringing you not one but TWO TV specials about your favorite vampire, his leading lady and all of their friends.

So, set your DVRs, Tivos and cell phone calendar reminders now! On Monday, November 16 — the same night the "New Moon" cast is hitting up L.A. for the U.S. premiere of the flick — MTV will premiere “Love Bites” at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. The exclusive, half-hour special will take a closer look into the subject none of you can hear enough about: the hot-and-heavy chemisty between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

If that isn't enough to get your pulse racing, keep your DVR recording after "Love Bites" for the debut of “New Moon Revealed” at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. In this 30-minute special, expect even more awesome access to the “Twilight” saga. The show, which will be be hosted by Kim Stolz and anchored from “New Moon” mall events in L.A. and Chicago, will countdown the five hottest, most burning questions fans of the “Twilight” series want answered.


I was interviewed for this, for the record it was presented as something that would look at fans perspective into the filming in Vancouver not as a "Robsten" feature. Although I am not silly enough to believe ANY media outlet is interested in ANYTHING except Robsten...

...for that reason, I doubt to see much of my interview on air as I didn't feed into the gossip ha, I only talked about my observations and 2 encounters (my 1st 100 Monkeys Concert & Sage & The Dills Show)

I know a few others who were interviewed also, so I am excited to see them.... and I've recently heard of a few others who I wish weren't interviewed on the same show as me ha ha...

anyhow, should be interesting to see how it's all edited together and what angle they take... I've been asked to do interviews before and have always said no, but since live filming was done and it is a USA show not Canada, I figured, why not...

ALSO, a friend of mine provided a photo of me, her and Rpattz .... it's a never-before-seen photo too - one neither of us posted on any blog or website... tee hee fun!

Tune in Monday.

Jamie Campbell Bower and Edi Gathegi in Mn for Hot Topic Tour

If there was one thing “New Moon” fans found out last night at the latest mall tour stop, it was that Jamie Campbell Bower and Edi Gathegi have nothing to hide. Edi admitted he’s never seen “Titanic.” Jamie has never eaten a Pop-Tart. Edi’s Kelly voice really does sound feminine. And Jamie’s favorite “New Moon” scene happens to be one of the more emotional moments—when Edward leaves Bella. “It’s incredibly heart wrenching, and a beautiful scene,” he said.

read more at MTV

New New Moon Still

Apparently this is new - - - I feel like i have seen it.... meh

New Moon Promotion in Spain

Seriously, shave and a hair cut time....

Kristen looks smokin'

See 70+ Photos here at TwiFans

R.I.P. Orange Pants


Q&A in Madrid from New Moon Fan Event

Madrid New Moon Event

Kristen kind of reminds me of a young Cortney Cox here non?


Entertainment Weekly Outtakes

Super Cute

Red Carpet Fan Qs for RPattz


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alex Meraz on Rachel Ray

London Red Carpet Photos

I love that Chris has a poppy on, but his pants.... and KStews outfit..... *sigh* I am not feeling it....

Rob looks hot

A tad Wolverine - esque again - - -

And Taylor - always looking good

See more At TwiFans

London Press Conference - Rob talks about driving, open mic nights and more

Entertainment Magazine features Rob, Kristen, Taylor



Twilight Weiner Toss


See Robert Pattinson EVERYWHERE - Optical Illusion

All you need to do is stare at the image for about 30 seconds and then look at a white wall, piece of paper or computer screen. To experience the strongest view of Edward focus on the red cross in the centre and try not to move your eyes or head.


Chuck the Movie Guy interviews Rob, Taylor and Kristen

Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley in Jersey with Fans

He is seriously such a tall guy!!!

Sucha Cutie!

More Photos over at TwiFans

Awesome Twilight Themed Nails

Aren't these amazing? My friend Karen emailed me this photo. She always has the most amazing nails - but HELLO - - - These Twilight Themed nails are AWESOME!!!

Karen will be sporting them all month for all the Twilight Themed Parties and events we are attending including the Vancouver New Moon Pre-Party Thursday November 19th before going to the 10pm show.

Thanks Karen for sending me the photos and I wish I could have gone to get mine done too but I am still sick and need to rest up - - - once I am healthy, and moved, I am so doing a spa day! Nails, Massage, The Works!

Anyone else have awesome Twilight Themed Nails they are sporting this month? Send me your photos!

Here are some more of Karen's amazing nails.....