Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day FOUR SDCC 2013 (Part 2) Celebrity Pics

Saturday Night after dinner I decided to head to some local hotels and see if I could catch some celebrities leaving. My roomies were tired and rumour was that it wasn't "like last year" where you could easily snap photos as people left the party.
I decided to try anyways... in my own hotel leaving I saw Daniel Gillies. He is from Canada and so I automatically love him, but he is also in Vampire Diaries, the upcoming spin-off the Originals and Saving Hope which is a show I absolutely love. His very pregnant girlfriend, Rachel Leigh Cook was also with him but I didn't recognize her at first and she was getting into the elevator and seemed slightly annoyed. If I was that pregnant and in heels I may be annoyed too! ha ha
Next over by Hard Rock Hotel (where I stayed last year) I saw a crowd of people. I saw Joseph MOrgan from Vampire Diaries and The Originals leaving in a hoodie and leather jacket with friends. I asked for a photo and he said "sorry love, I have to go" sad. It took everything in my body not to chase him and beg... but, I *try* to be respectful, as hard as it is sometimes with someone like "Klaus" gahhhh!!!
Here are a few photos I did get from near Hard Rock:

Adam Savage from Mythbusters

Nelsan Ellis from True Blood
Things were pretty busy by the side door to Hard Rock as autograph hounds, fans, paparazzi all crowded as celebs left. People actually ran towards Nelsan, but his handlers kept him safe. I asked for a pic right before he was getting to his car. Love me some Lafayette, but also love Nelsan as an actor, so much talent!

Robert Buckley from One Tree Hill and more recently 666 Park Avenue.

Aimee Teegarden, who I also met at my hotel the other night. Looks so different with brown hair. She was in Friday Night Lights and will be in upcoming Star-Crossed

Things were quiet so I decided to walk around to the other side of the hotel, before I could get around the corner I spotted some Once Upon a Timers. I love OUAT and they film here in Vancouver, so I have a special place in my heart for them all. Also, Emilie DeRavin of course was in LOST and Remember Me, so was really excited to meet her. She took a photo with me, then said we could do another one because the first one wasn't clear. We chatted about OUAT and Vancouver and it was a good amount of time just chit chatting. Very cool!

Also with her was Michael Raymond-James from OUAT (Neal) but also True Blood (Rene) who was looking very cute. His friend even took these pics for us. Apparently "Hook" (Colin O'Donoghue) had just left... bummer!
Then coming out the side door of the hotel I saw Sam Trammell who stopped to do a photo with a few fans before getting into this car. Super friendly guy.

I mentioned that earlier in the day I left Ballroom 20 prior ot the Arrow panel, but after meeting Stephen Amell, I wish I'd stayed! Wow! What an attractive guy! He was also had a small role in a show I used to LOVE (Queer as Folk) I don't know much about this man, but I think I need to learn...

 Now if you read my Preview Night TO DO LIST You will remember I wanted to meet Scott Porter. I did... Unfortunately the pic was a bit blurry, but I saw him again later in the night and asked to snap a new pic because the earlier one was blurry and he said, "Only if you are in it with me" SQUEEE! The few fans around said "oooooooh" heh heh it was awesome! He is amazing and if you don't know who he is, he is currently in Hart of Dixie, and the upcoming movie "To Do List" (he has long hair in it though) and he was in Friday Night Lights and has had numerous other roles

Finally, I continued to the front of the hotel, which was my mission pre photo opps as I tried to leave side of hotel... and I saw a bunch of flashing lights and people freaking out... I walked up quickly and saw Aaron Paul walking by and walked with him for a quick snapped picture. He was talking to his buddy saying "wait a sec" when I snapped this... I guess I should have waited, but I wasn't sure he would stop given how many people were around... he did sign a few autographs for people as he got in the car also...

I also saw a few other incredible celebrities:

Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf. I love him from 7th Heaven back in the day.

Brittany Snow from Pitch Perfect. I loved her in American Dreams.

David Lyons from Revolution. 'Monroe' He was also in ER and Safe Haven.
 When I saw "Daryl Dixon" coming out of the party I died. There were literally 6 people waiting as it was well after midnight and everyone leaving the party was stopping not just for photos with the few of us, but actually conversations. It was amazing. I was so upset I had missed the Walking Dead panel after so many hours in line the day before, this made everything better... gah!

Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints and Walking Dead. This made my life!
 Leaving with Norman was

Danai Gurira takes a quick pic with me and two other fans I met. The three of us got a lot of pics but when celebs were in a rush we teamed up.

I was so impressed that I spotted Ginnifer coming from the party. I am usually very slow to identify names (character and actor) and shows as my memory has some hiccups and delayed responses. Anyhow, I really love that I was able to get this photo of the two together...

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Lucas aka Snow and Charming from OUAT

There was a calm. No one leaving, just a handful of us outside (literally like 6) and I spotted this attractive male waiting for his ride. He looked so familiar but I couldn't figure out how. Finally it hit me, Cyrus from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, I recognized him from the panel that morning. I wasn't sure so I said hello and awkwardly said "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" he said "yes?" I said "Are you in it?" he said "yes I am" (and seemed excited I recognized him) I said "I thought so, I was at the panel this morning and it looks so amazing" he thanked me, we chatted about filming in Vancouver and when the pilot was filmed and so on. We got this photo and continued to chat. I told him I had brought my daughter to watch the finale of OUAT film and that I hoped to check out OUATIW set one day so he should come say hi if he sees fans. He said he would and I told him I would remind him that we met at Comic-Con and he joked "you have the photo to prove it" bahahaha what a great guy, nice accent too!

Peter Gadiot from OUATIW He is so attractive! And he is so kind!

Here are some more awesome encounters I had:

Lauren Cohan from Walking Dead. She was also in Vampire Diaries, Chuck and Supernatural.

Steven Yeun from Walking Dead
 Last year I met Nathan Fillion and he didn't do photos, there was a huge crowd and he gave out an autographed card that apologized for not stopping, but said to tell all your friends we met and hung out ha ha. This year I didn't ask for a photo but instead said "Hey Nathan, last year you gave me a card because you didn't have time to stop for photos, so I won't ask you this time but it's awesome to see you again" and he stopped and said "why won't you ask for a photo?" ha ha ha so I got one with him... adorable!

Nathan Fillion from Castle and Firefly, also Candian!

As I have mentioned, a lot, I waited 8.5 hours Friday to get into Hall H and missed a ton of panels, uincluding GAME OF THRONES, disappointing, but I got this amazing photo with Richard Madden, aka Robb Stark. I was so happy about this even though it is blurry and it's a horrible angle for my chins ha ha.

Right after Richard, Kit Harington left, he rushed by and I asked for a photo, he said no, so I said, "no problem, thanks anyways, have an amazing night Kit" he stopped, turned, touched my arm and said "thanks love you too" gah! I die I die I die! He then ran into his car, I did snap a pic of him as he got in but it is a bad pic and I think posting it would be disrespectful so I won't. But it made up for missing the panel for sure!! JON friggin SNOW!!

Drew Roy from Falling Skies. Of course I know him from Hannah Montana, because I am a mom

This was an awesome encounter also.... Tom Hiddleston, who had appeared earlier in the day as LOKI at the panel was leaving the party. It looks like he still has some Loki makeup on his neck ha ha! He paused for a quick photo as he left the party. So incredible!

Tom Hiddleston aka LOKI from Thor, Avengers.

One of my fave pics... WARLOW.... He was super sweet, stopped to chat and wasn't in any kind of rush. He is so good looking in True Blood and I just love him. The next day I saw him on the exhibit floor and asked how he was feeling after last night, he said "refreshed" because he had showered and slept ha ha - I got a photo of him with my friend Amy since she wasn't there last night. She told him how much she loved Pacific Rim and we chatted a bit before going on our way. What an incredibly nice guy!

Robert Kazinsky from True Blood (WARLOW/Ben) and Pacific Rim.

There were many more people leaving the party. Seth Green, who I got a pic with last year and seemed in a rush so we just said hi to him. Matt Smith from Doctor Who left in a hurry also so didn't even ask him for a photo as I could tell he was in a rush. I also saw Candice Accola from Vampire Diaries but she was holding someone's hand (her boyfriend?) and didn't even look up when people asked for an autograph or photo, which was too bad because people were being pretty courteous when celebrities said "no" for whatever reason. Also saw a few people who I didn't know or recognize so I didn't bug them, though some other fans did get pics etc. It was nice because it was such a small group of us, most stopped for pics and were quite engaged with us.

There was a vehicle that came for pick up and a group of people ran to the car from the side gate, which was kind of ridiculous because there were only 4 people waiting outside now. Anyways, I wasn't exactly sure who was there a blonde girl (Jennifer Lawrence?) another gal with darker hair, two guys and a third guy who I knew for sure to be Michael Fassbender because he got in the car last and left the door open to finish a cigarette. I DIE. I did see him before in L.A. once at Haywire advance screening, but this was cool. I wish I knew who he was with. The vehicle said Lionsgate (taped on sign in window) which is why I hoped for Hunger Game cast and guessed the blonde to be Jlaw but I have no clue.

Overall it was a pretty amazing night. I didn't go out til nearly midnight and didn't get home until after 4am, meaning I was up for over 24 hours straight (as you can tell by how I look IN the photos ha ha ugh!) But it was worth it to meet so many awesome actors and actresses I adore.





Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sean Maguire to replace Tom Ellis on #OUAT

Robin Hood made his first appearance on Once Upon a Time last season during the episode “Lacey,” but TV Line reports Sean Maguire will step into Tom Ellis' role in season 3. Co-creator Adam Horowitz previously commented on plans to recast the role, citing scheduling issues for the change.
“Although we love Tom Ellis, unfortunately he wasn’t available. We remain huge fans of his, but because we have an arc planned for the character, we had to move forward.”

Season two of Once Upon a Time is available on DVD and Blu-ray August 13th and the show returns for its third season on Sunday, September 28th. It is filmed locally here in Vancouver.

Please check out my OUAT posts from SDCC last week:

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OUATIW Panel - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Sunday, July 21, 2013



Day 5 was my final day (Sunday) and after my crazy night, I slept in! (Which still meant only 4 hours of sleep, but that was the largest chunk of sleep I had in one day since I arrived)

The plan was to just do the exhibit hall, shop, see things we hadn't yet. We had brunch at the Mexican place, pina coladas and taco chip and salsa bar with burritos.

There were a lot of the "JESUS" protests going on, but some anti-protests also. I loved this one....

We missed out on some exclusive sales and releases due to lines and insanity. We did hit the Summit booth a few times to stalk up oin what they had left. I didn't get to do the walk through of Walking Dead or Once Upon a Time which I had planned but ran out of time. We did get a few cool items and saw Sean Astin at this booth and ran into Rob Kazinski from True Blood, who I had just met last night!

I got to enjoy a lot of cosplay around the hall, it was Kid's/Family day so there were a lot of awesome children dressed up and kid friendly outfits... and some not so much, but that is besides the point.

The worst part of the day, maybe of Comic-Con was during the marvel give-away. There was a huge crowd and we were waiting to get some free gifts from Marvel. It was packs and got worse as things were given out. I was squished and started to struggle breathing. I thought I was going to have an asthma attack and so I tried to calm myself but it wasn't working. I made the decision to get OUT of the crowd, I couldn't. I started to have a panic attack.

This is what it looked like.....

I pushed, and shoved and tried.... I felt stuck, I couldn't breathe and I was not in a good place. Eventually I fell, or passed out, I don't really know.

Luckily there was help there quickly and I was honestly fine instantly, once I was out and could breathe. I still had elevated heart rate and struggled breathing but it was more from embarassment than anything.

I was escorted by two very attractive EMT's and then went to my hotel to relax and watch True Blood with my awesome roomies. Then Amy and I went for a late dinner as our last night in San Diego.

That doesn't sound good, let's go eat somewhere else...

I will take a barrel of sangria please

Wonderwoman Cocktails and tappas

delicious lamb, meatballs, short rib and chorizo

It was a short flight home, I slept the entire time and was happy to return home to my husband, daughter and of course my puppy...

 Another Comic-Con down - I am of course sick... with no sleep, poor diet, more alcohol and trail mix than actual meals, screaming, and just overall bad habits, it is no wonder I get sick after SDCC, but ... so worth it!



Day FOUR SDCC 2013 (Part 1)

After yesterday's b.s of 8.5 hours waiting to get into Hall H and missing some key panels, we decided we had to do things a bit earlier, but still not camp out. I went to bed earlier the night before and slept until 330am at which time I got ready and went to the line for Ballroom 20.
It was worth it because we all got in and were row 7 for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Once Upon a Time Panels. THEN we got front row for the rest of the day as friends in front row left after OUAT panels. EPIC!
I will have blog posts on details of each panel and photos but for now here is an overview of my day:

OUAT Panel

What I really enjoyed about the animation panels was that everyone who asked a question got a prize, they really pack a lot of activities into the panel including the questions from fans, a table read, clips, games, big news on upcoming plot and projects. Family Guy and Simpson's are doing a cross over show, it is Futurama's last season (again) and we got a sneak peek at the Halloween special introduction for Simpson's this year! I am not a MAJOR animation fan, though I do watch with my hubby once in a while, but it is always great to see these panels as they are so engaging and I laugh so hard I cry!

Futurama and Simpson's panel

Family Guy and American Dad panels

Next up was True Blood..

The Vampire Diaries:



I left before Arrow panel, although I would love some Colton Haynes, I haven't watched Arrow and had to get some eats. I gave our front row seats to a mom and her kiddo then left to hit the exhibit floor and then meet friends for dinner. We got sidetracked from dinner when the crowd outside out hotel said Marvel Press was inside. So we waited. We saw Bill Nye the Science Guy which was pretty much awesome!

We then saw some Marvel people but my cell was in the room charging and my camera died after trying to take photos (it was dark by now so wasn't working) but we did see Tom Hiddleton wave from hsi car (I got a pic of his hand LOL) Scarlet Johansen, Samuel L Jackson and a few more through tinted windows and small waves. Still very exciting despite not getting any photos or interaction. Finally we went for dinner and drinks, exhausted and not as social as we had hoped... I wanted to nap but it was Saturday night, party night, and I had some celebrities to meet.... Stay Tuned for Part 2 of my SDCC Day FOUR - lot's of celeb pics and fun stories to share!!
Also coming soon I will add links to this post for MORE pics and panel details for each of them.... I am one person so takes a bit of time =)

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