Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twilight Saga New Moon Movie Companion Magazine

I thought it was so dumb to have a movie companion magazine/book come out BEFORE a movie.... but, with the release of Twilight Saga New Moon's Movie Companion Guide quickly approaching - I am so excited!!! Here they are - if you don't want my behind the scene, slightly spoilerish commentary go look at the pics over where I got them from TwiFans

Seeing these photos brought me back to when they were filming here in the Spring. I blogged then about my adventures but it was different then. No drama, No pressure, JUST FUN!!!!

Bella Cliff Dives

This was at a local swimming pool set. I visted this set last April during filming

It is neat to see the behind the scenes things

This was done at a local beach in Tofino. My Aunt has a house there but I didn't go visit during filming. It is so beautiful in Tofino though, I grew up spending weekends and summers there :)

Movie Theatre

Awkward Moment.... tee hee

It's funny that the inside and the outside of the movie theatre were shot at 2 different places but will seem in the movie to be one. It is funnier more that the outside shots were not even at a real movie theatre... oh my!

This set was the most amazing because we could watch LIVE FILMING right across the street. It was super cool to see happening. Lot's of photos from that set

Jacob Black's House

Inside the garage where they fixed the bikes. I remember my first time there

Brrr wet & cold.

He is soooo adorable!!!!

OMG - do you think they will kiss in New Moon? So Many shots make it look like they might!!! I think they should save it for the nose punch ha!

Bella Swan's House

Holy abs!!!

I thought all of Bella's House was shot over night - but I could be remembering incorrectly... either way it looks like daylight here.... lighting effects or did they shoot days? hmmm...

I remember when I first found Bella's House before filming

Forks Forests

There were three forests used... well four really (since one is huge enough they couldn't walk from one part to the other) I hav eno idea if the film will make it seemt o be one spot or not - time will tell. One forest area is more diverse and easily identifiable because of the moss and ferns that grow everywhere. While another one is easily identifiable to me because I go there often and recognize the trees.... though to most I am sure a forest, is a forest, is a forest...

I still can't believe I was *THERE* that night for filming. Though I thought it was just the wolf pack filming because I saw the wolf brought down

It better make the movie - omg - there will be so many deleted scenes and extra features once the dvd comes out *inner squeee*

I did NOT know Taylor was on set this day. I was there and saw Rob and Kristen (in separate cars) heading back to set after lunch.) I knew they filmed part of the break-up scene here but NOT that they did this scene!!! Crazy Cool!

That coat is pretty long - ha ha

The Cullen's House

AHHH I was out side for this !!!!!! I reported about my Cullen House Set experiences back in April. I think the last night must have been the "VOTE" because they were in different outfits than these shots of her "birthday scene" though at the time we guessed we saw them after teh birthday scene.... guess once the film comes out we will know.

That was such an amazing set because we met much of the cast in full costume. Peter even talked about us in an interview!

Port Angeles (One Eyed Pete's)

I remember this night, it is crazy how they made a "Bar" out of nothing for this shoot.

Forks High School

Not sure about this outfit. I did not see the school set during live filming

He is SMILING :)


When they filmed in Italy I finally understood how my lil ol' blog went from my friends reading it to people around the world. I waited for people in Italy to blog, tweet, post photos, stories, info on the filming... just like people had told me they did for me during filming in vancouver.

A lot of "Italy" was filmed in Vancouver at the film studio/sound stage.

Not digging ALICE'S outfit!!!

Interior Italy scenes were shot here in Vancouver :-)


The outside/exterior Italy Shots were filmed in Itally... I didn't go - but I would have liked to go!!!

Voturi History


Peter Looks HOT HOT HOT here!!!!!!!

Finally met Cam, haven't met Dakota yet though.

The Wolf Pack

Finally met these guys this time around.

More Outdoors

I have never been to this set - it is on private property.

Such amazing shots - I am so buying this when it comes out next week - - - I am so excited about New Moon!!!