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Ashley Greene on Jimmy Fallon - SoBe Photo Promo

TwiFans posted pics of Ashley Greene greeting fans outside Jimmy Fallon last night

Ashley was in New York City to promote her photoshoot for SoBe Lifewater’s New Zero Calorie Flavors in which she is wearing absolutely nothing but body paint as a skinsuit.

Ashley Greene in body paint for Sobe Ad

Um - didn't we all see her naked (with not even body paint) a few months ago? Still - these are cute, hot and sexy



Kellan Lutz and Paul Wesley Vamp it up for Cosmo


Hockey League Upset With Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz, according to Chief Operating Officer Josh Morin of the Rivermen Hockey team, has let down local fans. “We are extremely disappointed that we have to let down our fans, and fans of the Twilight movie series, in Central Illinois. We had a signed agreement with Kellan in October and again for January 23rd and both times he decided not to honor the contract. We exhausted every possibility to find a replacement (from Twilight) but were unable to do so…”

Chaske Spencer substituted for Kellan back at the October date.

Events like this always are with the stipulation that an actor might have to pull out due to work conflicts. Kellan had to cancel an appearance at an event in his hometown in North Dakota. In a follow up interview he stated, “I wanted to do the tractor-pulling contest so bad. I loved tractors. My grandpa used to let me drive combines and one of those tractors to cut the lawn, and I thought I was so big. It’s a bummer. It’s always tough, but I was focused on doing the work (shooting for “Eclipse.”) They get fearful if you fly out. My personal appearance guy and I were hoping for the best, and it’s tough when you’re not able to make it.”

Mandy's Mind - I can see how this would be disappointing, but I do understand things come up and it's a busy time for these actors... still once maybe, twice looks bad... poor Kellan, hopefully he can reschedule with them.


Billy Burke and his baby


Booboo Stewart loves TNA Wrestling....

According to TNA Wrestling Boo Boo Stewart is about to be write a wrestling column.

“We are excited to have Booboo aboard as he is said to be the next big thing and is also a huge fan of professional wrestling.

Since he was 3, Booboo has always been one who loves action as he began training in karate and several years later, he and his two of his sisters (Maegan and Fivel) went on to be inducted in to the Jr. Black Belt Hall of Fame as well as all three winning World championships in all Divisions two successive years.

Booboo found his love for wrestling when at the age of 5 he would accompany his father, former pro wrestler Nils Stewart, to a wrestling training center in Mission Viejo, CA. He was doing backdrops off the ropes by the age of 6.”

Check it out on TNA Wrestling.

[Twilight Lexicon]

Kiowa Gordonon MOViN 97.5 FM


Taylor Lautner highest paid teen star?

 ***"UPDATE! Deadline Hollywood seems to have gotten the story wrong on this one. We've been sent new information by a rep for David Ellison at Skydance productions. They say Tom Cruise is not going to be in this film and that there's no billionaire father involved in the storyline."
[Thanks Pam]

Original Post January 6, 2010:
It is being reported that Taylor Lautner snagged an amazing 7.5 million to star in Northern Lights opposite Tom Cruise. Nikki Finki has deduced that with this sum of money Lautner has sky rocketed to being the highest paid teenaged actor in Hollywood over Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus. Fans of Twilight might think he’s worth the price tag, but as Cinema Blend points out, Lautner hasn’t carried a film on his own yet which makes the paycheck that much more impressive.

“Given that Lautner hasn’t carried a single movie without the word Twilight in the title, that’s a pretty significant gamble. Robert Pattinson’s projects beyond Twilight haven’t really gone anywhere, though granted, he hasn’t been groomed as a new star by a studio in the same way. But can the Twilight effect carry on without Bella lurking somewhere in the frame?”

[Twilight Lexicon]

Rob & Kristen nominated for Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man/Woman of 2009

Heather sent me an email last week asking me to mention this in my blog...

Rob and Kristen are both nominated in the Grand Final of Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man/Woman of 2009. Rob won in 2008 and the Rob fans would love if he won again, but not many people seem to know about it.

So go vote TwiFans

The vote goes on until 20th January
Vote here for Rob:
and Vote here for Kristen:

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Another "Robsten" Pic from Isle of Wight ?

@JittzPattzing posted this on twitter:

Hell. I'll leak it. Rob and Kris holding hands from behind. From Sam's sister's FB acct.

And zoomed in:

I do not know if this is real. I doubt Grace would be silly enough to post this on her facebook, but I have no idea.... anyways - there it is - you be the judge :)

In the previous photo it seemes that Kristen was on Rob's left and the water on his right. Then this photo, taken from behind, shows Krsiten on his Left and the water on his left... then again, I don't know the area so maybe water was on the left in the first photo, though there are no rocks in the 2nd, they could just be away from the rocks closer to the water or whatever..?? I don't know - - - if it's really them, really holding hand, all robsten lovers are likely feeling all tingly and happy... for them, i hope it's real :)

Here is the other photo that circulated a few days ago. It shows a bunch of Robert's friends walking.

**For the record - I am claiming to be Switerland on this issue. I don't hate Kstew, or want Rpattz, I am just a skeptic and believe in facts, therefore I was not quick to jump on the Robsten train.... however, I will admist the recent discoveries have me leaning towards believing they are together, but again, I just hope they are happy... together or not.

Tribute Magazine Scans - New Moon Special Edition

Tribute Magazine had a whole issue for Twilight Saga New Moon - - - Here are a few scans, the link at the bottom takes you to see all the scans.

Pleae go see all scans in full size at RP Life.

Christina Ricci cast in Bel Ami

This is exciting, I've been an on-again / off-again fan of Christina Ricci...

She got way too skinny and I didn't like her for doing that...

I liked her curvy.

Anyhow, I think she's a great actress and I am excited to see her alongside RPattz.

Jackson Rathbone won't be in Lords of Chaos

Exclaim reports:

The worldwide black metal community, long divided by such burning issues as which bands are “true” and what bands are “cult,” can now finally unite: Twilight heartthrob Jackson Rathbone will not play infamous black metal trailblazer/recently released prisoner/Burzum kingpin Varg Vikernes in an upcoming movie adaptation of the Lords of Chaos book. [Citing scheduling conflicts].

The book — which looks at the ‘90s Norwegian black metal scene, with its church burnings, murders, and prison sentences galore — was released in 1998 and has become a point of contention within black metal, with some claiming it’s exploitative and inaccurate and others claiming it’s a definitive tome.

Um - isn't this old news? Remember the 100 Monkeys Interview in Vancouver?

Either way - sad but true...

George Clooney calls Robert Pattinson "Mr. Handsome" says Anna Kendrick

Twilight beauty Anna Kendrick said George Clooney teases her for starring in the vampire flick.

The 24-year-old plays Bella Swan's pal Jessica in the Twilight Saga movies and also stars alongside George Clooney in Up In The Air.

Talking on Ellen DeGeneres' chatshow, Kendrick told how Clooney, 48, was jealous of teen idol Pattinson, 23.

She said: 'George gave me such a hard time about shooting Twilight. Whenever I came back, it was like: 'Oh, sorry, this isn't the Twilight set. You're not working with Mr Handsome.' He called Rob 'Mr Handsome'.'


Oscar Talks

So there's talk that New Moon could be a candidate for an Oscar... really?

I mean I am a huge fan, yes - but an Oscar?

List is here

I feel like every movie that came out this year is on there ha ha ha - not all worthy of Oscars... I mean Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakel? (No, I haven't seen it, Yes, I want to see it, but an Oscar? doubtful!)

Anyways, I believe this list is to narrow it down to nominees right?

I love Twilight Saga dominating all awards shows, but I just don't think the Oscars is the place for it...

Bryce Dallas Howard Interview with ABC

100 Monkeys in Austin Tx Video

I can't wait until there are here next weekend.

Kellan with Fan at People's Choice Awards

The lucky brazilian fan Gabriela had the opportunity to go to PCA and meet Kellan Lutz!!!
She said:
..the indescribably wonderful (and friendly) Kellan Lutz. I'm dying inside, you realize [in the pic]. My legs were shaking.

[source via TwiFans]

Harry Potter and Edward / Cedric Chat

Saw this posted at RKL:

Too funny

Extended Cut of Jimmy Kimmel Live with Taylor, Rob, Kristen

Sneak Peak - Anna Kendrick on Ellen

James & Oliver Phelps (Harry Potter Twins) discuss Rob

Q: Which movie was your favorite to work on?
James: I'd have to say Goblet of Fire. Oliver and I were always the oldest out of the junior cast, but at that time there were guys our age there. It just so happens Rob Pattinson was in it who has now gone on to do Twilight .
Oliver: I didn't realize how big Rob was until we came to America and I'd say eighty percent of the magazines on there have his face on the cover.
James: It's quite surreal for us because Rob's a mate we know from here.
Oliver: We can remember going through the pub in London with him, and no one would say a word to us!

Kristen Stewart, age 13, rock climbing video

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Photo of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and friends in UK

I assume this is a fan pic because there is just one - a pap would get many.

I also don't know how authentic the photo is.

But here it is. Labelled and not.



If you read the leaked script..... *SPOILERS OTHERWISE*

So my inbox received a nice gift yesterday that was the alleged leaked script of Twilight Saga Eclipse.

I did not read the New Moon script when it circulated, then again, I had Eclipse coming to town to film and entertain me.

Now, however, there is no news of Breaking Dawn public yet, no new information on anything Twilight, so this script was timed just perfectly... almost too perfectly don't you think? ;)

I do not have a link to the script, I advise people NOT to try and download from a link - there are many people out there who are truly Malicious (and not just using it as a nickname ;) tee hee)

You could end up with a vampire virus and/or get into trouble for downloading.... though I think enough people have copies circulating if you wanted it I am certain you could just ask someone to email it to you.

Ok, enough about that - on with the details...

There are 114 pages of the July version script.

When I list page #s below, it's based on the .pdf page # [if you don't have 114 page version - last page is blank anyways it may be a page ahead/behind from what I list]

Filming started August 17 and so there may be some minor changes from script to movie, plus of course FX, cgi, actors impromptu parts, ad lib and camera angles will make the movie - but for the most part I believe this script to be legit and accurate.

**All links in this post will take you to other photos and posts of mine from previous months when there was live filming here in Vancouver. Enjoy!

Here are some reasons why I think this script is legit:

Opening Scene - Riley in an alley being chased by a shadow after leaving a bar. (p. 2)

This was filmed in three locations in Vancouver. The locations filmed at locally suit the script description perfectly (down to the cobblestone and alleyways) and rumour around the set during filming was that it was going to be the opener, this is completely unlike the book so therefore seems accurate in this script.

Under the bridge - Riley and Victoria under the bridge kissing. (p. 71)

There were photos of them kissing. In the script this is exactly the same and it differs from the book also so it seems legit.

While filming:

PunkD Images Photo from Lainey Gossip:

My Photo the next day:

Upside down Car in "Seattle" - There was an upside down car, a fire and newborns going crazy as Volturi look on. (p. 55)

We saw the upside down car, fire and other fans photos on the scene of Dakota Fanning and Charlie Bewley at their dressing rooms. We deduced that it was a Seattle scene where newborns go nuts and Volturi observe. These very specific details are different from the book but seen in this script. They play out well in a movie as it's a very visual cue to the audience that the Volturi know what's going on now and aren't happy.


Upside Down Car:

Future Life with Jacob - Bella imagines a future if she chooses Jacob. (p. 95)

We saw the changes to the Swan house and props that included a rocking chair and children's toys. A neighbour reported there were children playing and filmed at the house. There was also the tweet about Charlie in old man make-up (A tweet quickly removed and then covered up as a "joke" between Billy Burke and David Slade) Fans are smarter than that and We guessed it had to do with Bella imagining having kids... perhaps a future life if she chose Jacob or how she couldn't have kids as a vampire.... The script proves this "life with Jacob fantasy" is indeed correct.

Back-Story Jasper - Jasper's History of becoming a Vampire and his experience with newborn armies. (p. 67-69)

The script clearly addresses this as Jasper tells Bella about his past. Casting information told us also that this was going to happen (Kristen Prout as Lucy and Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria.) We also knew he'd been filmed on horseback (the first day of shooting actually)as well as the interior of a barn, which is exactly what we saw and predicted was filming (Jasper's back story) though we weren't sure details of what in his past was shot, the script shows Jasper following orders from Maria, terrible orders (killing the boy newborn).

Barn Set:

Back-Story Rosalie - Rosalie's backstory and how she became a vampire. (p. 51)

Again, thanks to casting announcements we knew Jack Huston had been cast as Royce King II and therefore there would be Rosalie's backstory. The script discusses her desire to have children and the perfect life as human and also her attack from Royce and friends before becoming a vampire. We saw filming of Nikki Reed in high-class old fashion and the very jacket and brass buttons the script mentions.

Arrival of New Borns - The newborns led by Riley, emerge from the water. (p. 86)

This is not in the book but is in the script and there are photos in my blog from this scene being shot. The new borns all come out of the water and Bree is with them. Also when I met Xavier Samuel I asked him "was that you in the water the other day? Someone was trying to say it was a double" he told me it was indeed him in the water.

Trip to Florida - Bella and her mom talking in Florida. (p. 13)

In the book I believe she and her mom walk along the beach talking. The script however says they sit in lounge chairs in a bungalow, which is exactly what the photos show from filming. This continues to show this script and it's fine details match what we saw live in Vancouver, even the slight differences from the book.

Forks Police Station - Edward and Bella visit Chief Swan (p. 12)

We saw them filming Edward and Bella going to the Police Station and insiders said it was to bring up the trip to Florida. The script shows the same scene with both interior and exterior shots.

Trying to Catch Victoria - Victoria Jumps over a ravine. (p. 16)

We saw them prepare a massive "ravine" with fake trees on one side and harnesses for stunt work. Victoria's stunt double was in the forests for much of these scenes.

Outside Jacob's - Dr. Carlisle comes to help heal Jacob (p. 108)

I remember seeing Carlisle's car outside Jacob's house along with Bella's truck. I couldn't think of why Carlisle would be there with wolvesuntil someone reminded me of this scene possibility. Sure enough, Cullen's are allowed on to Quileute land at this point. Jacob's bones are re-broken and set correctly. Bella comes to visit.

Outside Highschool - Jacob arrives on motorcycle. (p. 18)

The script says Jacob wears a tight black t-shirt and no coat in the cold. We saw the exterior school with the motorcycle as well as school bus, and other vehicles. We also saw photos of Taylor Lautner in the same outfit looking super hot.

The Third Wife Tale - Bella joins Jacob and the Quileute at the bonfire. (p. 35 - 38)

This was filmed in the back of Jacob's house. In the books it was at the beach and we assumed they just filmed it behind Jacob's to avoid moving set, but in the script it actually says behind Jacob's house. Also the scene where Bella sees herself as the third wife (foreshadowing her actions later when Riley and Victoria show up at the tent (p. 104) to fight) was filmed separately (the first week of filming).

Graduation - Outside Party (p. 54)

In the books the party is at the Cullen's. It still is in this script, but while filming they had a "graduation party" outside the school (at a local park) and at the time I wasn't sure if they were using the park as the Cullen's yard or what. The script tells us that after graduation, everyone is outside the school.

Other bits I saw filmed / reported on:

-Angela and Bella doing graduation invitations (p. 31)
-The graduation (p. 54)
-The Cannery with newborns (p. 42 & 59 & 83)
-The woods (fight training, fighting, etc.) (p. 62 & 97 & throughout)
-The Tent Scene (exterior filmed on the mountain, interior filmed in studio) (p. 88)
-Lainey reported Bella piggypack on Jacob and blood drippings
-Highschool shooting (though this set I didn't go to in New Moon or Eclispe during live filming - too chaotic)
-Jacob's House and his Garage.

What surprised me/didn't know or anticipate:

-Bella's dream of Jasper with red eyes as Victoria appears beside him, tipping her off that the newborn army is Victoria's doing. I didn't know about this scene at all and think it will be awesome. (p. 70)

-Riley's parents at the Forks Police Station and the "missing person" posters were a nice edition to tie in the story, especially when he is in the Swan house and sees Charlie sleeping and his own photo in the file.

-Alice and Edward in the volturi chairs, showing the Volturi's goal of having them and their talents part of their team. (p. 41)

-The Cullen's have a television and watch CNN (p. 39)

Cool Parts:

-Bella punching Jake after the kiss, Charlie's response (p. 47)
-"Doesn't he own a shirt" from Edward about Jacob (LOL) (p. 34)
-Marriage/Sex Talk with Charlie (everything with Charlie is always great!) (p. 78)
-The almost sex scene including a "shirtless" Edward. "It's not old fashioned, it's ancient" ha ha (p. 80)
-The Jacob/Bella consensual kiss (p. 90)
-The proposal(s)
-Addition of Leah as a wolf and her transformation


-It doesn't "SAY" leg-hitch but I am sure it will be included by actions in the film.

-The newborns emerging from the water was filmed where my husband proposed to me <3 (p. 86) -I wanted more banter between Edward & Jacob and I feel like through filming and ad lib the final product may have more than the script shows (hopefully) (p. 88 & throughout) -Part of the fight scene has a log breaking (p. 101) and I remember seeing the fake log that was broken as well as giant boulders that were actually light as air... hoping to see them be thrown in the film though the script doesn't mention it. -In the tent as "sleep takes over" (p. 90) I would have preferred to see her "dream" of a future life with Jacob as opposed to how they have her wake up and have Jacob overhear they are engaged, chase him, kiss him, imagine future... I dunno... just me? -Most of the forest scenes were shot in three different forests and two of those were used in New Moon. Two of them were on private property so no one could get close to see but the circus (hair/make-up etc.) was away from the private property and fans often waited by it to catch a glimpse of their fave cast. Some had successes, some did not.

-The ending is rumoured to be slightly different than this script - I guess we won't know until the June release of the movie, but overall I think the script is fairly accurate.

-All my set reports for Eclipse run from August 17, 2009 - October 31, 2009. Go to my archives to view again and compare to script if you wish <3